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The Cottage - Year 2 Event 2

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Author: Nancy
Published: 18-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 19-Mar-13
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It is now early June and my breasts are really coming back into shape nicely, but I still haven't had an orgasm with either Jack or Judy.

* * * * * * *


The next several months of this chronicle are often a blur to me and I have asked Judy to step in and fill in the blanks from time to time.

I know it started on a Monday afternoon in late December. I was in my office just before four o'clock when the phone rang; it was the hospital with results from my checkup. I dropped the phone, stunned, and redialed quickly to reach the office where Jack was on an out of town call, and while in shock but still reasonably coherent I gave him the bad news. Next I called Judy, and sobbed into the phone "Come quick, they're going to cut my tit off," collapsing onto the desk in an uncontrollable fit of sobbing.

When she opened the door some many minutes later, I was still sobbing. She got sedative pills into me and somehow got me home and put me to bed. I know some medical person visited briefly and administered more pills before Jack got home. When I came to again I felt drawn and fragile, but I put on a dress and grabbed the first pair of shoes I found in the closet (fragile little one strap, four inch white patent sandals with a wrap around ankle strap -- I've no idea why I made such a bad choice, or that this pointless detail has stayed with me) and joined them and Bob in the living room where everyone sat morose and staring blankly with tight smiles, trying to give me reassuring pep talks.

It was then that I ran in a panic to the bathroom and threw up. I gargled after that, and with a tight sick feeling making me crazy I tore off the dress and grabbed a roll of elastic bandage. I frantically wound it under one breast and over the other, around and around and over one shoulder several times and around again, the crushing pressure of it bringing another round of nausea. Then I remember marching into the living room and screaming "None of you understand! They are going to CARVE my beautiful right breast OFF OF MY CHEST on THURSDAY MORNING at TEN O'CLOCK and THIS is what it's going to look like!!" as I flung the robe open. Jack stood and shook me violently by the shoulders to snap me out of the hysteria. I slumped weakly from his hands and fell off my delicate heels and onto my ass, legs akimbo, buckling under me, cunt splayed for all to see. Then he gently picked me up and carried me to bed where he stayed with me until more pills put me to sleep.

JUDY: Jack returned about an hour after shaking Nancy. It was clear that she was almost in a nervous breakdown. I had found out on the drive home that she had received the call from the hospital and not her doctor which seemed odd to me. I had managed to get a hold of a visiting nurse who came and provided stronger sedatives. Now in the early evening I learned from Jack the name of her doctor and called him at home. He was most distressed about Nancy hearing from the hospital first, telling me that he had tried to call Nancy at her office about four thirty, but could never get the line (Nance had left it off the hook after calling me). He explained that a mammogram had shown a hot lump and that he wanted to have a needle biopsy done on Thursday. Yes, if it tested positive he would do a mastectomy, but that it was a tiny lump and he hoped the surgery would not be required. I told him of her present condition and he made arrangements to admit her to the hospital tomorrow morning.

NANCY: I was shaking when Judy took me into the hospital a day early, and several counselors and doctors and nurses visited me then put me off to sleep again. I know that Judy stayed with me and both Jack and Bob where there often too. By Thursday morning I was so out of it from pills and nerves I didn't know what was up until I realized they were wheeling me down the hall with Jack holding one hand, Judy the other.

JUDY: It was a long two hours but when the doctor came out he had both good news and bad news (sorry, I didn't mean to be corny) for us.

NANCY: When I came out of the anesthetic there was Jack and Judy again, and the right side of my chest was tightly bound. "Oh God, I remember thinking, what will life be like now." Then Judy told me the news. The needle biopsy had come back positive but it was not as bad as they had thought and so the doctor had performed a lumpectomy.

"You've still got your breast sweetie but its now got a dimple in the side of it about the size of a marble. I've got a plastic surgeon lined up to fix that in a couple of weeks. The bad news is that you've got to have chemotherapy" Judy told me matter of factly.

I was so thrilled that I still had two tits I didn't even think about the chemo, and started to cry.

They started chemo three days later and I was in and out of the hospital week after week for the treatments. Judy took a leave of absence from work and stayed with me most days, while I had Jack in the evening. I was so sick for days on end and just when the nausea would go away, it was time for another treatment.

Weeks passed by in a blur. We didn't have a New Years at the cottage.

Just when I thought it would end, they told me I would have to have another series of treatments -- radiation this time. Because I still had my breast its tissue could have cancer cells still in it, I needed the radiation to kill them off. Pretty poor choice, I thought.

JUDY: It's now April and while the radiation treatments are not making Nancy ill, she has lost twenty pounds. I'm trying to pump nutritional foods into her every day and get the weight back but she will often only pick at her food.

NANCY: I've lost over twenty pounds and my breasts are sagging. Christ, I get to keep them both and now they look like shit. I've been having sex with Jack and he is gentle and all, but I haven't had an orgasm since that awful day in December. What is the point of attempting to look sexy, if I can't even come I've not a single strand of hair left now! Judy's great to take this loss in pay and help me out so much, but I don't know why she's studying that book on acupuncture all the time -- and she won't tell me a word about it.

JUDY: We are obviously not going to have a May weekend at the cottage, but I'd really like to get Nance back in shape for July. My plan is ready and she is about strong enough now to get on with it.


NANCY: One morning in late April, Judy cajoled me into wearing some heels and placed a creamy silk skirt around me that was slit to the waist and donned one herself. We sat on mats on the floor, cunts bare through the slit, and she started me pumping iron. Side by side we would sit, I with no hair anywhere, and she in her pixie cut which she had now bleached a soft blonde, thrusting dumbbells until I could scream. Then we would take a break and eat some soup Judy had created. Next a shower, where she would wash me all over, and I couldn't even get a nipple to rise. The top of each breast is no longer stretched tight like it should be but is sort of sunken. Putting the silk skirts around us again we would pump iron for another hour focusing concentration on the toes of our shoes, eat more soup with some sandwiches, and I would stretch out for a massage before another shower. We would nap in the afternoon, laying on top of the sheets in these curious exercise outfits and she would fondle me as I dozed off. I'm not sure why she even put up with me, but at least I could try to do as she wanted.

By now it is middle May and one afternoon while we were sitting on the bed with lots of pillows propped behind us, Judy took out an acupuncture kit, and drawing a seven or eight inch long but super thin needle from the kit she pushed it off center about an inch into the underside of her breast. A moment later she did the same to the other side of the same breast. I gasped loudly, stunned at the pain she must be inflicting on herself. Then she slowly rotated the needles between her fingers and thumbs until the nipple on that breast rose and continued outward for half an inch. She was laying back breathing slowly and deeply with her eyes glazed over. She sighed and then sat up. "Wanta try it Nance" she questioned.

Oh, wow, I wasn't into more breast pain, but I hadn't seen her wince as the super thin needle went in. "OK, if there is no hurt", I whispered timorously. Judy slowly slid one needle into my breast with no sensation of it entering, then a second.

"Now, just lay back against the pillows and breath deeply and slowly."

As I came to a relaxed state, she whispered to me to start the rotations. Gently, gently I spun the needles and began to feel my breast warming, and when I glanced at my nipple it was more than fully erect. Together we tried the other sides with the same success. Now came another exercise. With two needles inserted into each breast we lay flat back against the sheets and Judy made me "flinch" each breast's muscles until the long needles would waver in the air. At first I couldn't even make my boobs bob, then at last it happened and the needles began to shake. It became a game to see who could get the greatest movement. As the needles shook they stimulated the inside of each tit and the nipples would rise. What Judy was really doing, I guess, was getting my tits stimulated and firm.

It is now early June and my breasts are really coming back into shape nicely, but I still haven't had an orgasm with either Jack or Judy. This exercise/food regimen of Judy's is getting the weight back on me and my tits are firming up to the point I had a nipple erection in the shower yesterday. Now, this afternoon Judy asked me to put on my red patent heels, a red camisole, and dangly red earrings instead of my regular exercise outfit. She has donned a similar outfit of black. It was then that she showed me another "shaved" book. from Jack's and my collection, that I had long forgotten about. The story featured a beautiful model called Stevi, who looked almost the same as I do now. Then, Judy took me to the bathroom and shaved my cunt. "I know you have no hair to shave, she said, but it always feels so good doing it anyway, and so smooth afterward. This is just my treat for all of your hard work." When I was dry she pulled up a hard wooden chair, "for me to watch," she said. She opened the vanity, pulled out the clippers and started to run them up the back of her head.

"No, no, Judy, please, you mustn't do this to yourself, just because I'm bald now doesn't mean you need to be. What will Bob say"

The quick response was: "Fuck him! Well, I'll do that tonight."

And, I remembered her saying something like that one time before.

"This is for me. If this Stevi can shave every where, so can I. Now just sit there and watch!"

She was making me horny as I watched those clippers buzz naked paths through her pale hair. I had to help her with the back and then she clipped off the remaining fringe at the front. Next she lathered her whole head and even dabbed some on my crotch, and with her little pink plastic razor, shaved her head perfectly smooth. After washing her head and toweling it dry, she used a cloth to wipe her shining crown with a little hair bleach. This made the 'shadow' that remained from her darkening roots disappear completely. Another quick wash and then she leaned over and pulled my cami down and kissed each titlet, and I for her. As I wiped of the dab of lather, I wished it were my juices I was wiping.

A few months ago I would have oozed all over the chair by now. Judy then penciled dark eyebrows in for me and glued short eyelashes to my lids, led me to the bedroom, and moved the mirror around so we could look into it from the bed. What I saw was two very attractive women enjoying each other's bodies. Somehow, with eyebrows and lashes now (they would be a 'must' from now 'till I got my own back) and a matching head beside mine -- one I had witnessed becoming smooth -- I thought we both looked rather stunning. I wanted to see Jack's reaction when he came home, and Bob's when her picked her up.

The needle exercises were next, and we both soon had the long shafts flexing wildly, nipples jutting, muscles tight. In the midst of this, Judy plucked a needle from her left tit and thrust it about an inch into the meaty part of her pudenda, straight below her navel. As she twirled the thin shaft I saw her lips part and her clit rise through her crack to a magnificent tautness. Without a word she took a fresh needle from the kit and slid it into me in the same place. There was no feeling of its entry, only a tingling as it vibrated. Slowly I rotated it, feeling warmer and warmer, and I watched in amazement as my own clit grew to a size I'd never seen before, juices flowing freely and abundantly to soak the sheet. Plucking the last of her needles, Judy leaned over and kissed my huge clit into orgasm. I screamed, and came continuously for what seemed like a minute.

"I came, I came, I came, I fucking came," I screamed in sheer joy. "Fuck me now Judy, quickly please," I begged. She produced the dildo from out of a drawer and I knew then that all of this was completely planned. We both came very rapidly and then slumped onto the bed in exhaustion. A little later we watched some more old movies as Judy insisted I do more breast exercises. This afternoon's movie was an old Buck Rogers, and in the middle of it I exclaimed "Judy, I want to go out and buy red patent high heeled boots that come right up my thighs."

"What, now you want to play Bitch Goddess, with the whips and chains" Judy responded.

"No, silly, you know that's not my style. No, I'm thinking of a space type outfit like on the movie here, and also a bit like that space women in the Star Trek movie about Veeger, or whatever, with the shaved head."

"Oh yeah, I can get into this. OK, tomorrow we go shopping!"

And I knew then I was cured.

We were preparing some supper, still wearing only camisoles (sort of around our waists) and heels when Jack got home. He stared at both of us, and then I saw his pants start to bulge.

"You'd better take Nancy upstairs and fuck her, Jack. She's ready for you now," Judy stated.

I screamed when I came, and I heard Judy rattle some dishes to let me know she had heard my success.

A little later, both of us still parading around the kitchen in ear rings, camis and heels, Bob arrived to take Judy home. He was stunned, his zipper almost bursting open. "You two will be staying for supper, I said, then as casually as possible, you'd better take Judy up to the guest room and fuck her Bob, before the food gets cold. I don't think she can hold out 'till later." Heels clicking across the floor, she turned and gave me a big smile.


Judy arrived early for our shopping trip. I noticed she was wearing four inch heels, which can be a bit much for a long shopping trip. "Come on in, I was just going to shave," I commented, and led her to the bathroom where I mixed steaming lather in a mug and proceeded to brush it on. Although still hairless, I felt I must get back into my daily routines.

As she watched my careful wrist action, she told me to make sure I wore underwear today. "I called a place that makes custom boots, she told me, and they are going to take measurements all the way up our legs. And also wear heels about the same height as you want on your boots because they said that will thrust your muscles out in the same way as when you wear the boots."

When we arrived at The Leather Mansion we saw several lovely leather dressed and booted young women moving about the show room. One young woman with short sandy hair, who told us her name was Barb, stepped forward and told us that she would be our 'consultant'. Not a flicker of an eye, did she make, about our bald heads. She was wearing a loose cream silk blouse and you could see her hard nipples butting against the fabric as she walked. She was also wearing a calf length skirt in a golden brown that was slit up one side to her upper thigh. From under the skirt came full length glossy brown boots, with five inch heels. These boots rose smoothly to over the knee and then were laced at the side to somewhere beyond the slit. Barb led us to a private fitting room with angled mirrors on one wall and several leather covered chairs on a soft red rug.

When Barb asked us what we had in mind I spoke up first (I think Jude was mesmerized with just where the brown gloss stopped) and described the boots I wanted. Red patent boots with a slightly pointed toe, that would curve prominently under my arches and fit my calves and thighs like a glove, with the tops coming higher into a tapering point at the front just at the tops of my legs. All of this on a thin three and a half inch heel.

Judy told Barb that she wanted a similar boot, but with a four inch heel. She also wanted the boot top to cling to the inside of her thighs, but to flare out on the outside and come up to a point just below her hips.

Barb asked me to step out my skirt and Judy out of her trousers, and was soon taking measurements of foot length, around the instep, ankle size, and at many points all the way up our legs until she was working just inches away from where my teddy concealed my shaved treasure. "We also sell custom designed and fitted leather bikini tops and bottoms if you're interested," she remarked.

"Do you take measurements for those too" Judy asked.

"Oh, certainly, Barb responded, it is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit. But, to measure for bottoms, we prefer if you shave the area first as you would definitely need to do that to wear our designs."

Without a moments hesitation Judy replied "Could you model some of the bottoms for us"

"Sure, just as soon as I'm done with your measurements," Barb told us.

A few minutes later Barb strode gracefully in on her long heels and dropped her skirt. I could see that her beautiful boots reached fully to the top of her thighs, ending strait across like a pair of stockings. Barb paraded past us what was almost a thong in light brown calf, with a little cup for the bottom of her venus. From the cup, the thong curved to a narrow strap that went straight up over her slit and then flared into a strap that passed around her waist. The smoothly shaved sides of her venus were clearly visible, and her butt cheeks were pressed gently apart by the returning strap. I felt my crotch begin to heat up.

One very nice item was a panty in black calf, deeply V'd down to the top of her crack and form fitted everywhere so smoothly that it appeared to have it's own slit. I thought Judy had gone bonkers when she said "Barb, I'd like to be fitted for the model you're wearing."

She stepped out of her little red panties as Barb requested and then in a very professional and straight forward manner Barb made measurements of all the tiny parts of Judy's twat and on up to her waist. "I think you might fit the one I'm wearing, or at least be able to try it before ordering," Barb told Judy, and unclasping the waist, just stepped out of it. She momentarily stepped to a desk and reaching into a drawer, exchanged the little plastic liner and then handed the bottom over to Judy.

Barb had a beautiful little cunt, and although she was an inch or two taller than myself, her crotch measurements seemed to be similar to Judy's. She and I watched carefully as Judy slid the tiny covering up her legs, pulled the V firmly between her legs and attached the waist band at the side, which rose in a sharp angle over her hip bones. Barb and I made very nice comments about how good the little bit of leather looked on Judy, and Judy twirled in front of the long mirror admiring the molded fit.

Turning to me, Barb asked if there was anything I would like to try and I told her that while I wasn't ready to buy I would like to try the little cup arrangement if there was one in red that would fit. I undid the crotch of my teddy and Barb gently made all the needed measurements, then commented that it was a pleasure for her to work with freshly shaved mounds. "It is always so much easier to properly serve the customer when they take this daily care," she told us.

As it turned out there was nothing in red that would fit, but I did try the light brown one. I was a little bulgy at the top of the cup, but I got the idea. As we put our clothes back on we told Barb we would think about the bikini bottoms, and to please keep our measurements on file. What a nice thought -- somewhere in the world the measurements our little twats would live for years in a computer file. We complimented Barb on her boots and her nice venus, and she thanked us and told us our boots would be ready for a final fitting in about three weeks.

Just as we were about to leave the store Judy spotted a pair of smooth black calfskin cocktail boots, with a four inch heel, that zipped up the back. "Would those be a seven and a half" Judy asked Barb. It turned out they were, and Judy bought them on the spot, having her shoes packaged instead.

That purchase led us to three hours of shopping at two different outlets that sold discontinued, but very high quality, styles of women's shoes. We bought classic white and black patent pumps to replace the ones that stayed at the cottage, we bought a pair of purple satin Baby Dolls with an ankle strap, and on quarter inch platforms (though neither of us know what we were going to wear them with), a pair of yellow patent pumps with three and a half inch heels and with black velvet bows on the front, and red strappy sandals on four inch heels. Judy found a pair of white lace "granny" boots that laced up with white ribbons, and a pair of blue lace pumps. A key item in my search was a pair of patent pull on boots that would come mid calf and have about a two and a half inch heel -- even if it was blocky. A clerk found one white pair in my size stored in the back. "I think they called these 'go-go' boots," she commented. I took them.

At the second location two young women (perhaps in their early twenties) came over to tell us that they liked the look of our bald heads. Did we do it ourselves or did we have a special hairdresser, etc. We told them it was the latest style for evening wear, that you could do it yourself, and that you should have a snatch to match. "Totally awesome," and "What a great idea" they exclaimed, thanked us and walked off talking excitedly.

We managed to find a pair of pull on boots much like mine in black for Judy. I discovered a pair of pumps in black Chantilly lace on a four inch patent heel, then topped it off with a pair of black patent pumps with a five inch heel, the lower half of which was in silver metal only an eighth of an inch wide at the end, and with silver metallic lace over the toe tip. Judy fell in love with a pair of pumps with black patent heels and toe cap, with everything in between of the sheerest black nylon, while I chose a similar pair in red, but with clear plastic between the shiny ends, and I added a gorgeous pair of goldish evening shoes that had a four inch Louis XIV heel, a halter to hold them on and with a toe covering of fine swirly lace and nylon. By the time we went home we had three shopping bags packed with shoe boxes, had spent a small fortune (considering neither of us was working) and Judy was still marching around in her trim bootees.

Back at my house we stripped and put on peignoir gowns, then proceeded to try on all of the new shoes (having agreed to split the bill and share the wear) and talked all about what our "space attire" would be like. In fact, we decided to make "Space" a theme of the whole July weekend.

With one week left to go before the holiday weekend, we returned to The Leather Mansion for a trial fitting. My boots were a perfect fit. They were lined with the silkiest nylon so they slid smoothly over my legs as I pulled them up, and I strutted around the shop while Barb made some adjustments to Judy's. The flared top of her boots was the problem, but Barb said it was only a matter of placing some little ribs at just the right place in the flare so that it would stay just where Judy wanted them to, and that they would do that in the next hour -- perhaps we would like to try on some of their other leather garments while we waited.

This morning Barb was wearing a thin white leather bodice perfectly cut to fit her boobs, and which laced up between them, her long dark brown hair hanging half way down her back. Her matching skirt hung below the knees and laced up the right side, along with a pair of white boots of the same soft leather on a four inch heel. I could see from the open lacing of her skirt that the boots stopped mid thigh and I could detect no trace of panties. Red lipstick and earrings finished the outfit. God, I thought, she would look fantastic bald. Then it struck me -- her hair couldn't have grown that long in three weeks -- she was wearing a wig.

I asked if I could try a bodice like hers. "I am sorry, she replied, but this is the only one. It was made just for me. I don't think it would fit you perfectly, but I'd be more than happy to let you try it, and we could make one that would be perfect for you. Would you like to try it"

I thanked her, and slipped off my blouse, as she unlaced her bodice to reveal exquisite, if a little smallish, very solid breasts featuring pink nipples and aureole. Judy undid the clasp on my bra, releasing my tits from captivity. "Oh, Barb exclaimed, I'm sorry! I didn't realize your bra held you in so much. I'm afraid my bodkin won't fit those lovely breasts."

"I would still like to get the feel of it if you don't mind, I went on, by the way, you look gorgeous, and I think you'd look even better with your wig off -- if you don't mind my mentioning it."

"How could you tell" Barb asked, lifting the hair to reveal a beautifully shaped smooth head.

"Just a keen eye," I told her as I slipped the bodkin over my shoulders and she started to lace it up quite obviously admiring my diamond studded nipple rings. It was clear that the leather gave the appearance of adding a couple of inches to Barb's bust line as she was not going to fit me in without some squishing or bulging, so we stopped trying and just let the soft garment flow over my tits with the lace dangling. What an exciting feeling, being surrounded and brushed by that supple garment as I walked past the mirrors. I noticed Barb's little titlets expanding as she enjoyed my pleasure. I knew as soon as I was back to work I would have something made much like it, and told her so.

I also thanked Barb for the pleasure, and told her how beautiful I thought she looked wearing that outfit with a shaved head, as Judy laced her back up. I commented that the brown outfit from our previous visit would be perfect with the long wig, and how stunning she was today without any hair. Judy's boots were now ready and she gave them one more try. "Perfect," she exclaimed, and we paid our bill leaving a smiling and smooth headed Barb, promising we would see her soon.

"What are the odds, I asked Judy as we drove home, that we would find someone else who was totally shaven."

"Well, she replied, I think there are a lot more women out there who shave between the legs than we've suspected. It really is the cleanest, nicest way to be. When you think about all the close fitting exercise outfits and bathing suits, there must be a lot of twat shaving going on. As for her head, well maybe with all the super leather she gets to wear everyday it just may be she feels horny a lot and a shaved head is just part of that scene. I know I feel horny more often now that I'm bald. You know, not one of the consultants blinked an eye as we walked through the show room -- I'll bet there's more than one smooth head working there.

"Judy, I don't know how you could feel horny more often than you did before you decided to be bald! Anyway, why don't we ask her when we go back for bikinis"

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