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The Cottage - Year 2 Event 3

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Author: Nancy
Published: 19-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 20-Mar-13
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With her laying on the hard carpet, her legs spread wide, I supported her cunt from behind with my left hand and razored away the lather and stubble leaving a foamy swath along her crack.

* * * * * * *



Judy had started work again in the middle of June, but managed to get this afternoon off (new boss) and we started to prepare at my place right after lunch. I was starting to grow hair again, but it was all stubbly so the most important thing to do was a total body shave, and that took two hours what with enjoying each others bodies as we went along. Applications of pearly nail polish took another half hour. Jude penciled my eyebrows in with waterproof color. We then powdered lightly all over and tugged on the new skin tight jump suits we had bought and modified.

These were made of lycra, mine in fuscia, Judy's in shiny blue, with zippers from the neck to the navel. We had added a new zipper that started at the back of the neck, ran down the spine, under the crotch and up to meet the other one at the navel. You could have any part you wanted open, and in fact, could switch left and right halves. When fully zipped up, it was like being painted fuscia. I left mine unzipped to just below my boobs, and then pulled on the white calf length boots with the two and a half inch blocky heels.

I helped Judy into her suit and handed her her black boots, then pulled my zipper down a bit further and popped my boobs out. When she stood up, I popped hers out too and we just rubbed our colored bodies together, rubbing nipples back and forth until they stood out prominently. Zipping back up some, we now had a nice display of bumps on bumps. Matching eye shadow, lipstick, and long ear rings were added to heighten the effect. The boots and jump suits would be our "flight suits" as we traveled to our favorite hideaway.

It was very difficult to keep the guys working as all four of us loaded the wagon. Yes, they were right, we were taking a lot of luggage this time, but it was our bodies that they couldn't seem to keep their hands off of, not the luggage.

Unpacking at the cottage was slowed down somewhat, because the guys (and Judy and I) kept pulling the large zipper rings, exposing a little more of us as the work went on. Finally I eased the last of Judy's zipper past her bare cunt and released her suit into two parts -- a narrow strip of bare flesh down the center of her beautifully curved body standing out starkly against the shimmering blue sides. Then I undid mine to match. We mixed a pitcher of Martini's and asked Jack and Bob if they wanted to go to the beach and enjoy the moonlight on the water.

The solid heels of these boots were great for walking through the sand, and the four of us settled on two large blankets at the shore. I eased Jack's tool out of his shorts and started to stroke it to magnificence. Jude was actually wrestling Bob's organ out into the moonlight. We followed this with our usual shared "petting" session, until Jack took the empty pitcher in one hand, and my hand in the other and led me back to the cottage, his wang leading the way.

I suppose this officially made my outfit a jump suit. Since my tits were already bare Jack had everything he needed at hand and truly jumped my bones, holding back his own climax until I had come three times before letting himself explode.


We had been told to be prepared to launch from the dock a half an hour before dawn, so when the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning I was not surprised to find Jack gone. I stumbled around and found Judy in the shower. I eased in and got some of the sleep out of my eyes as we briefly played pushy titty, pressy twatty, then she slipped out and I shaved and washed.

When I got to Judy's room, she was already dressed in her shimmering scarlet space outfit. Totally see through, it covered her completely across the shoulders (each of which had black patent shoulder boards with pointed ends that extended past her shoulders two inches), then from the right shoulder the sheer fabric angled across her right breast (exposing the side) and continued across her body just bisecting her cunt and disappeared to a point mid calf. It was held together with gold bands circling just under her breasts, around the waist, around the left thigh and the left calf. Standing straight in the short black boots she was putting in long golden ear rings that almost touched her shoulders as I walked in. This stance thrust her breasts out and through the thin scarlet my diamond studded circular nipple rings sparkled delightfully.

Although I had helped her make the outfit, I had never seen it with the boots and jewelry. It was stunning and I was anxious to get into mine. Pearly blue shear fabric formed a tunic that closed at the throat with a silver band and clasp. The front was cut away down the center, almost exposing each aureole in a long curving line that circled under my navel. The tunic was belted with an attached silver band and matching clasp, then flared over my hips ending mid thigh. The bottom part was a pant of matching material, gathered above the right knee with a silver band and ballooned out to the top of my white boot. That's right, a pant, just one leg, that was held up with a silver elastic band around the very top of my right leg. I finished it off with a pair of long crystal drops at my ears and a short pair hanging from my nipples.

It was a thrilling sensation to walk from the safety of the cottage to the mystery ahead, through the dark with the cool pre-dawn breeze whispering the gentle fabric across our bodies, chilling sensitive areas into erection. Boots thudding firmly on the sand Judy and I strode to the dock with our nipples jutting, and I know with my clit throbbing gently, towards a day's adventure with our "guides".

As we stood on the dock, before stepping into the boat, I announced "We are from Venus. There, a woman's venus is kissed each morning as a mark of respect." We were both duly respected and I noted "This guide must be from France for I have just received a French kiss!" Judy chuckled appreciatively herself. The boat plowed through the water as we cruised closer to the island, the wind pushing our thin garments tightly against our jeweled globes, and we stepped ashore as the dawn broke. Jack and Bob were dressed in khaki flight suits and had already set up a full camp with large tents on either side of a clearing and lit a fire, to prepare breakfast, in the center. We were presented with small triangular camp chairs to perch our twats on as we watched them prepare breakfast -- lightly scrambled eggs and Champaign.

After we had finished the bottle of Champaign, Jack led me to his tent and told me he wanted to worship my venus in a more fitting Earth style. Under the eerie soft blue light from the tent nylon, he teased my clit with his glans until I was almost over the top, then spread my lips with his fingers and entered me probing, probing with his engorged prong, until it was fully embedded. Then he rolled me over on top of him, tugging tenderly and rhythmically on my exposed nipple crystals until I was thrusting up and down on his body. Shifting his attention to my ears he began the same little "tugs", and then caressed my bald head in his strong hands. I came in a giant spasm, my cunt muscles sucking his cock upward into me. Jack too, cried out and we lay side by side for a long time. When we heard Bob and Judy outside we went out to swim.

Our flimsy costumes were perfect for swimming as there was plenty of opening for the air to escape and when wet the material simply clung to our bodies. Later, laying in the sun to dry I slipped my tunic off and let the sun warm my body and sparkle off of my jewelry. It turned into a very hot day and I eventually put my tunic back on for a little protection for the Earth's sun. Jack and Bob then rubbed sun screen lotion over all the exposed skin, working their fingers into every little crevasses, then left to prepare lunch while Judy and I lay on a large blanket, legs spread, boots back on, holding hands, and whispered details of the afternoon plan.

Our plans were of no avail. No sooner was lunch finished than we were told we were going to explore caves on the island. Jude and I were given clear plastic raincoats to put over our 'uniforms' and led down a trail into the woods. Although our heels occasionally slipped on a rock or fallen limb, the patent boots were excellent for walking, and wading across shallow streams as we disappeared deeper and deeper into the islands interior. At last we came to an opening in the side of the one hill on the island and ventured inside, flashlight glimmering off of the damp walls. Letting a long cord out behind us we eventually came to a V. Bob tied a new cord to ours and he and Judy went to the right. I could hear her heels tapping against the rock between the heavier "thwack" of Bob's as they moved away into the echoing darkness.

Jack led me into a small 'room'. On one side was a flat rock ledge and in the pale light we could see rivulets of water cascading down the far wall to form a pool below the ledge. He took off my clear coat and laid it out on the rock, then laid me down on the coat. Releasing my tits from their tunic, and folding up the bottom of it, he took handfuls of the cold clear water and washed each breast (holding the nipple upright by their crystal drops), the water draining away across the contours of my body. He washed my cunt next and trickled the clear water through its crack. Icy cold from the rock depths, the water stung at my body yet made my clit and nipples pop fully erect. Sliding my hands into his unzipped flight suit, I pulled his organ to me and pushed the foreskin back over its head, guiding it in the almost total darkness to its destination. Deep inside the Earth I was having my cave explored, slowly, gently, and deeply. I could feel the cold rock under me and his warm body above me, his heat inside of me. There was little room on the ledge, and one of us knocked the flashlight off and we heard it clatter along the rock and splash into the water. No matter, now in total dark we continued our explorations. Then I heard an echoing cry of pleasure float down the tunnel. I tightened my quim onto Jack's cock and redoubled my thrusts until he gasped out, his juices filling me, and came strongly with my own cry returning to Judy's.

We lay back and still coupled, embraced strongly for several minutes, then carefully, very carefully I put the plastic coat back on and Jack located the ball of twine and we inched our way along until we met Bob and Judy at the junction. With a light now, we continued to explore (each others bodies this time) as we climbed slowly back to the sunlit world. There, Judy and I with twats pressing down on boulders, everyone had a lunch of simple sandwiches and wine.

Back at the camp everyone stripped and went for a warming swim. My crystal bangles bobbed against my tits as I splashed through the water and I remembered again the shared pleasure Judy and I had the day of our piercings. Wearing boots again and with my pant back on and with Judy in her scarlet "uniform" we sat in the sun sipping on cool mint juleps and enjoyed each other company until hunger required re-lighting the fire. Reluctantly, I slipped my tunic back on as the air cooled a bit.

After supper cleanup we all strolled around the end of the island and then changing partners walked back to camp where I led Bob to his tent. Reaching into his flight suit I lifted his manhood out, released my globes to the air and tucked my frosty blue tunic bottom up under the belt. With my thumbs I brought my nipples to erection and slowly inserted a finger into my slit, while my eyes moved from Bob's eyes to his prick and back. As I continued to caress myself he had his own erection. I moved him back onto the open sleeping bags and held his cock in my hand, watching the knob turn a deeper purple, studying the sinews, veins, and muscles visible along its length. Then with pearly fingernails I traced all around his scar. He winced, and I asked if it was sore. He replied, no, that the sensation was bringing him close to orgasm. I eased off then and licked at his tiny tiny nipples for a while.

When I saw his cock start to droop a little, I held it again and licked off the blob of pre-cum juice that was coming out of his tiny slit. Running my nails up and down the sides of the tube where his erotic juice, piss, and cum escaped I watched his bare cock rise firm and strong again. Another flick of my tongue rewarded me with another salty-sweet droplet. Then I simply placed my knees on either side of his, the toes of my white boots digging into the sand under the sleeping bag, insteps taut against the shiny white leather, short heels stuck out, and lowered my cunt onto his rod. Instantly we both gasped and thrust tighter, and I collapsed onto him, both so quickly spent, his juices mixed with mine.

We went for a quick chilly swim and as we returned to the fire to warm Judy and Jack ran past to the water. Shortly, they too joined us and we sat on blankets in front of the fire sipping on brandy as the stars twinkled above and our jeweled breasts twinkled in the firelight . My eyes caught the gleam of Judy's black patent boots, traveled up her one bare leg and dwelt on the orange glow cast on her exposed vulva, onward to the twinkling nipples, then to the flickering shadows as they danced around her bald head. How sensuous it was, the shadows dancing around the long golden ear rings, over the thin dark eyebrows and across the smooth bare top. I could feel my own excitement rising as I saw that she too was appreciating the same effect on me. The sun set as we all enjoyed each other's company, the brandy, and the warm fire, but soon it was much too chilly to wear such diaphanous clothing as Judy and I had, and reluctant to cover up we decided it was time retire to our tents.

Jack had zipped our two sleeping bags together to make one large one, and slipping out of my boots and tunic I snuggled in with him. He removed my nipple ornaments and sucked on each brown dot until I was ready to again accept his rigid flesh inside of mine.


Our 'guides' remembered the Venusian ritual when Judy and I arrived for breakfast and we received our kisses. We breakfasted on pancakes and orange juice laced with Champaign. Then we were ferried back to the cottage, Jack and Bob returning to the island to take down the camp. That gave Judy and I about two hours to prepare for the day.

Stripping totally we took turns shaving the other's head and cunt, then showered scrubbing any remains of the island from our bodies. With a light dusting of talcum powder to our legs we donned our shiny new boots and strutted to the kitchen to fetch two glasses and a bottle of cold white wine. Watching Judy as she stood at the counter, I marveled at her appearance. Her torso seemed to be a totally separate legless entity which was perched on top of two long black shafts, with her cunt suspended in the space between them. I scanned upward along this shortened pale body and dwelt for a moment on her un-adorned tits, flashed upward to the hyper erotic shiny smooth crown of her head, back down to lock onto her dark eyes beneath the arches that were the only hair on her body.

We stepped towards each other and with panting breaths fingered the crack in front of us. Clutching the wine and glasses we clattered hurriedly to the bedroom. "Whoa, whoa, Judy exclaimed as I toppled her onto the bed, I brought something special for us. You pour some wine and I'll be right back."

When she returned I saw a short flaccid circumcised cock with two very large balls hanging between her black boots. "Now squeeze my nuts," she told me moving up close. As I squeezed, her little dink grew to be about six and a half inches long, getting harder with each application of pressure. "There is some kind of viscous liquid in the nuts and when you put pressure on them it flows up into both the dick inside of me and the one in front. I can feel it growing, in fact I can feel some reaction to everything you do with it. I can poke my finger up into the sack and between the nuts to press on a little valve that releases the erection. Do you like it" she questioned and I responded by sucking and biting the head. I could see her stiffen as she reacted to the matching internal pressure.

Sliding onto the bed beside me, the delightful member rising and bobbing into the air above her, she said "Lay still now, because before I fuck you , I want to tell you about the day I bought it. I had seen it in a store near where I work about three weeks ago and went back last week at lunch to buy it. I was pretty excited about the idea and when I got back to the office I went to a cubicle in the washroom and put it on. I made it go up and down with no trouble, but I couldn't quite bring myself to take it off. So, slipping my panties into my purse I pulled my skirt back on and walked back to my office feeling it thump against my thighs. That was kind of interesting, you know, certainly a new experience, but I just didn't see that it was better than bare twat or how a guy can get worked up about one dangling between his legs."

"Anyway, just as I reached my office someone told me I was supposed to be at a meeting in Room B. I hurried to the room and plunked down in an empty chair, banging the balls as I did. Now I had a mild erection bulging my skirt under the table. I couldn't get my finger in to the valve, so I sat there pressing down on the cock and that just made it harder (like a real one I guess). What the hell was I going to do I couldn't just walk away with this hard on -- someone would see it and think I was really a guy in drag. At last I commented that it was getting warm and slid my jacket off and laid it over my lap. Then a few minutes later, I excused myself, and carefully holding the jacket hurried past desks to the washroom. Walking fast bangs the balls together and guess what happens then By the time I got to a cubicle I had a hard on that was pushing the front of my skirt out like a tent."

We lay there laughing at her experience, then I grabbed her rod and started exercising it until her eyes glazed. She mounted me and I must have squeezed those balls to the size of peanuts as we rocked and thrust on the ever growing member we shared. By careful control of my muscles I made her come twice, then let my uterus explode somewhere up inside myself, wrenching and grinding against Judy as it did.

Judy washed and put away our new toy, and because we had no intention of taking our beautiful boots off we scrubbed our bodies clean with wet wash clothes and dry towels, then finished the wine, our bare bodies each nestled from the butt up in the upholstered bedroom chairs, shiny shafts extending outward to end in long tiny heels resting on the rug.

With about twenty minutes left before our husbands would return we put on our new tunics. Mine was red patent with a collar that wrapped around my neck and connected to pointed shoulders extending well beyond my arms. From a line that extended from shoulder to shoulder a wedge was cut out of the front narrowing down to a gold belt, then flaring out over the hips and forming two points on either side of my cunt that almost touched the points on the tops of my boots. To prevent my nipples from inadvertently popping out of the wedge, a removable gold chain held the out thrust side panels in place. Scarlet lipstick and long red earrings completed the uniform.

Judy had purchased what was supposed to be a Victorian bodice, but was surely more suited to the twenty-first century than that tired era. It consisted almost entirely of black Chantilly lace over flesh colored lining. Judy had removed the lining that covered her breasts. The neckline started with two points that thrust up towards her ears (obsidian bangles hanging from her ears down past the points) and was completely open in a U that ran along the inner side of each aureole, exposing almost one half of each breast and their delicious curves, right down to her navel. Held in place with a black patent belt it too flared open around her pudenda like a vest. Her lips we slashed with scarlet.

Tap, tap, - tap, tap, we returned to the kitchen to mix a special concoction to drink with supper: several ounces of Grand Marnier went into the pitcher, along with apricot brandy, and the balance of sweetened pineapple juice. While putting this together we had been standing at the counter fingering and plucking at the bare twat beside. I was now feeling wet and with a devilish smile, I firmly inserted two fingers into myself and pulled them out to shake two drops of my own juice into the brew. "The secret ingredient" I said to Judy.

She immediately added two drops of her own, with the comment, "A special aphrodisiac. Stir rapidly and chill."

We had steaks on the grill when Jack and Bob arrived. "Greetings Earthmen, I smiled (but it wasn't those lips they were watching) please use our decontamination shower and join us here for some nectar of the goddesses". Judy and I held court over preparation of supper, serving our seated guests the special nectar (with secret smiles), and continually moving from kitchen to deck on our high heeled long shafted boots, flashing smoothly shaved cunt right past their eyes. Their shorts bulged and strained. They showed wonderful restraint in neither attacking us nor leaving to whack off.

When the plates were cleared away we all sat to finish the nectar. Then, quite rapidly, the sky darkened and opened to pour huge raindrops down onto the sand and deck. Very impulsively I tore my tunic off and ran out onto the sand. The large drops splattered onto my baldness, ran behind my ears and onto my shoulders, cascading down and over my breasts, streaming off of my fully extended nipples -- it coursed down my cleavage and ran over my now out thrust cunt, flooding its crack. Thunder boomed in the dark and I lost my balance in the soft sand to fall backward. I lay back, legs spread, arms outstretched while lightening flashed and my body was pummeled. I was next aware of Jack standing above me naked, rain streaming from his already exposed purple knob. I thrust my cunt at him and he entered me. We fucked with the noise drowning out our sounds of endearment, the flashes mirrored in the rivulets pouring over our bodies. I would like to say I came with a roll of thunder and a flash of lightening, but it actually happened when he knelt and thrust his hands under my ass, raising my cunt to meet his cock and re-entered me. Knees bent, I dug my heels into the sand for more support and saw his eyes go ecstatic. With a heave I plunged to him with a smacking sound that made water fly from his body and we both exploded.

Spent then, we ran for the deck where I saw Judy's ass, water pouring through the crack, lunging downward during a flash of lightening. "Quick Jack, around to the front door" I shrieked through the noise. Quickly we were inside. I took off my boots and wiped them dry while Jack started the shower running. Soon I was in it with him. We soaped and fondled some as the biting hot spray returned warmth to our bodies. He dried me and talced my legs so I could slide my boots back on. Gathering two down quilts, we made for the living area as Judy and Bob padded naked to the already steamy shower.

Jack built the fire and poured four large brandies, and I found and dried Judy's black boots for her, leaving them and my blue see through tunic in her bedroom , where I also borrowed the scarlet and gold 'uniform' she had worn yesterday. With the fire blazing, Jack and I cuddled under one quilt. Shortly Judy and Bob joined us on the couch, pulling the second quilt over them. Our boots, sticking from under the quilts, glistening in the firelight while we wiggled the toes and admired the long heels occasionally during the first of two Star Trek movies.

I was massaging the head of Jack's cock with my cute bare little stump, under the quilt, when the bald space women appeared in her silver blue tunic. I felt his cock go completely rigid as he realized the significance, then he looked lovingly at our bald heads and began to caress my right tit. Soon I pushed the quilt down to our waists so that Judy and Bob could see how much my nipple extended past its pouty aureole -- delighted to be able to share with them the excitement of Jack's caresses. The video tape was stopped for about forty minutes.

When everyone returned, the room was very warm and Judy and I stripped our tops off and sat on the center of the couch, she beside Jack and I beside Bob. I so badly wanted to fondle her body. When I would glance at her boobs the nipples would stiffen. Her hand would stray to the top of my boots. I would lay my head on her shoulder and gently rub the side of a breast. When the first movie ended and while light scotch and sodas were made she whispered in my ear. We scrambled to find the CD of Space Odessy 2001 and when the music started I announced "Intermission show!"

We thrust our bodies together, tit between tit, as though they were melded into one and we danced with four shiny legs flashing underneath us. Making the dance fit the music as we went, we twirled and swirled, our long heels never touching the floor. When the music reached the quiet passages before the dramatic ending I was riding her left leg, my twat pressed into her glittering boot top. I slid off and we locked twats and now joined as one at the groin we folded our bodies back like a flower blooming, bald heads outwards like shining petals and danced fingertips over the erects stamens created by the others nipples. I knew I was going to have an orgasm and felt Jude shudder, her breasts bobbing with the spasm, so I let myself go over the top with her. Then as the final cords of the music sounded we folded upwards to again lock breast to breast, lips groping into lips, tongues searching hungrily.

I found myself in the air, in Bob's arms, legs dangling from the knees over one arm, his hard cock banging against my ass, and was aware that Jack was carrying Judy behind us. In the bedroom I knelt on the bed, my butt supported on the shanks of my boots. I bunched a pillow against the top of the bed and buried my bald head into it while tightly grasping the brass swirls of the head board so he could enter me from behind. As I braced my arms with all my strength he plunged inward bouncing me forward and back, forward and back, making my suspended titlets brush the bed cover. I had come once during his assault and now thought I felt him gush into me. I came again and cried out. He backed away and when I rolled over onto my back I saw he was still stiff. "Come on Bob, one more time," I encouraged him. He plunged in again and this time I could feel the heat of his cum and we parted to lay gasping beside each other.

It seemed too late to start the second movie, so we went off to bed with our spouses. I lay there for a long time thinking about the glory of our dance, and then heard heels clicking down the hall. Pulling my boots back on I tip toed out to find Judy making a hot chocolate. "Make one for me too," I whispered and she jumped, flinging one hand over her crotch and the other over a boob.

"Oh god, you startled me. Why am I doing this silly thing. I wandered out here naked in the first place."

"You're all goose bumps, I replied, let me fix that," and I caressed all the startled parts. While Judy made our drinks, I put the two quilts on the floor, one on top of the other. We lay on them, tummies down, bending up on elbows with our tits out, and swinging our legs up in the air behind us as we watched the second movie.

As the movie played softly, we talked quietly about our relationship and its development since a year ago September. "I love you Nance," Judy whispered.

"And I you. I never thought, what seems ages ago, when I told you I wasn't into girl/girl stuff that I would ever truly love or have sex with a woman. Has it diminished your love for Bob"

"God no, I think it is stronger than ever. He and I love in a different way than you and me, different but no less strong I just love him more, and the sex is maybe even better. And you"

"My bond with Jack is deeper than ever. I think my cancer had something to do with that too, but it is just a deeper and stronger relationship that he also expresses and shows me -- even though I share him with you and enjoy Bob as well. Does this make us Lesbians, Jude"

"I don't think so, at least not completely. I mean, I always thought lessies were just stuck on women. Maybe we're switch hitters, you know, AC/DC."

"Well we do switch, but our main focus is men, our men."

"Yeah, maybe we are something unique. I mean the whole group of us. We seem to simply enjoy sex with mutual partners that we are bonded to. Like, I don't mean casual sex with a passing relationship. It's sort of like we had all come to love each other in a gentle way, and the day I started to shave and we switched partners with complete understanding and willingness a lasting bond was formed."

"So, you're saying that this unique relationship exists because everyone in it has a loving bond and expresses that bond with sex."

"Yeah, something like that, but this is getting a little deep for me. Do you want to get your labia pierced"

"Ooooooh! On second thought, no -- I like to keep my cunt as slick and unadorned as possible. Like the wash off tattoos are kinda nice once in a while, but natural is best I think. I'd like to go through the experience of piercing again though, but noses and tongues look just plain stupid. What about you"

"Well I was toying with the idea. You know, like a built in chastity belt," she laughed. "But I guess, like you, its just the excitement of getting it done that intrigued me. And you're right, it would spoil the look of a great twat."

And that is the last I remember until waking up to see snow on the TV screen and bright embers in the fireplace. I turned the TV off and curled back up on the quilts with Judy.


We both awoke to the sound of crockery from the cooking area. There we were sprawled on our backs, hip to hip, Judy's arm across my chest and one of my hands dangling over her left leg. "Ooops, I cried.

"Don't hurry on our account," came Bob's reply

So we snuggled ass to cunt, my hands over her tits, our shiny legs intertwined for a few minutes until we were fully awake. Making our leisurely way to the shower, we collected a Venusian morning welcome as we passed the counter.

With my brush and mug of hot lather, I quickly coated Judy's head and snatch, and a couple of dabs to each tit just for the fun of it, and did the same for myself. Slowly and smoothly I stroked over her brow and along behind each ear, ending low on her neck, and then stroked out the center. With her laying on the hard carpet, her legs spread wide, I supported her cunt from behind with my left hand and razored away the lather and stubble leaving a foamy swath along her crack. Slipping a wet fingers inside, I pushed each lip out and away from the other to carefully slide the sharp blade around the rounded edge. I finished with a couple of quick dabs just above her clit at the apex of her slit. Mmm, Mmm, squeaky clean, and I gave her my own Venusian recognition. With my years of experience this took just a few minutes, so I quickly stroked myself off clean and we both dashed to the shower.

With the smell of bacon drifting to our noses, we talced each other to get rid of the last dampness and we pulled on our lycra jumpsuits. That is, I had the left half of mine (fuscia) and the right half of Judy's (blue), she the other way around. We didn't zip them together. Pulling on our long boots and adding long earrings we clattered out to eat. It turned out that everyone had slept late, it was past noon.

Judy and I did the dishes, boobies exposed so we could play our little kitchen games, while the guys started to pack the wagon. We then packed what we wanted to take back and reluctantly zipped our suits up to just under our now covered boobs. After a mid trip stop, Jude and I took the back seat and got some much needed sleep leaning against each others shoulder.

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