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The Cottage - Year 2 Event 4


Author: Nancy
Published: 20-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 21-Mar-13

The next day I went to the jewelry store to select some new nipple rings. I saw what I wanted in the show case, but knew they wouldn't fit right because of my distended aureole.

* * * * * * *


I was due to start back to work on the fifteenth and there were lots of things to do before the September cottage weekend. I had decided to get a little red leather bikini bottom made, so I made an appointment with The Leather Mansion for early in August. I arrived early, just after noon, and walked into the showroom and asked for Barbara. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Judy.

"Gosh, can't I keep anything secret from you, she exclaimed. I came to order the black V in patent, and here you are."

"Well, my secret is the little red cup, but I'm early, so you go ahead."

Just then Barb came into the room. She was truly what is so often dramatically called a "vision of loveliness". Beautiful, beautiful soft pink leather caressed her feet -- which were raised on three and a half inch heels -- in a boot that slid smoothly up each leg to just below the knee. A pink calf length skirt of the same super thin leather was slit perfectly up her left leg and belted at the waist. A hip length coat with no collar fell from her shoulders, curving deeply past her solid tits to button just above the navel. Auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders. Holy shit, this was the sort of thing that you used to see in great movies and made a woman's knees go weak at the thought of wearing it. Some guy must get his balls drained fucking her.

Barb seemed to glide across the room, the wig bouncing off of her shoulders, the coat billowing slightly to reveal the side of a breast and perhaps a flicker of nipple. "Good afternoon. Since you're both here at the same time do you want to share the consultation"

We agreed and followed her to a private room where she asked if we would prefer her to remove her wig. Simultaneously Judy and I shook our heads. In different words and almost at the same time we assured her that there were some outfits that needed a head of hair to set them off -- this was one of them, and the wig was perfect in both color and style.

Judy next described her desire, and asked for the clasp to be on the left side. Barb assured her, that since her measurements were on file they would start work on it tomorrow. My bottom was to be a little different so I described it as Barb made notes and a sketch. Seated across from her, her leg left leg passed neatly through the slit in the skirt (without disturbing the flow of the garment) and crossed over the right knee, I could see that she was wearing the sheerest of white stockings and that the boot leather was so thin there was a partial outline of her toes under the softly pointed tips. I think the feeling I had was part admiration, part envy.

"I'd like the little cup design in red patent leather, I described to get back on the subject, but just the bottom portion of the cup and the waist band are to be red. I would like the waist band joined in the front with a large gold ring, and where the cup starts to taper up into the support strap, I would like that part and the strap made of clear plastic. The strap should run through the ring and be held with a snap so I can easily remove it. How does that sound"

"Absolutely delightful, but you are aware that you can't wear that on a public beach in this country aren't you," Barb asked and I nodded a smiling agreement. "Would you like matching tops" and we both shook our heads.

"But, after hearing Nancy's design, could you shape my V right down to the bottom" Judy requested.

"No problem, Barb said making a note. We'll just put a fine nylon bone in the hem so you can't wiggle out of it."

Then Judy asked if Barbara had the only shaved head at the store. We learned that they all needed to shave between the legs because they modeled the fashions as required. "But, of course, I think most fashion conscious women do that a lot these days," Barb replied, sliding her crossed leg back through the slit to cross ankles near the chair leg, and went on to tell us that the head shaving started with the dark skinned woman called Jayne -- spelling the name out for us. Jay, we were told, had seen a bald women in a 'shaved' magazine and came in one morning that way. She had looked so splendid that Barb had been the next and some others followed. Over the months they had formed a sort of club and often went to lunch or out for the evening together. It was the owner who had asked that they mostly wear wigs as he was afraid The Leather Mansion would get a name of being a kinky place. "My boyfriend really loves me totally bald though, she concluded, and I really get off with it myself. You can pick up your little bottoms next week. I'll give you a call."

With that, we paid a deposit, and parted on the sidewalk, but after a moment I slipped back inside to place another order.

The next day I went to the jewelry store to select some new nipple rings. I saw what I wanted in the show case, but knew they wouldn't fit right because of my distended aureole. They were two circles of silver with a black enamel band between the circles -- like a knight's shield with a hole in the middle. The inner circle just fit over the nipple while the outer circle was intended to cover the aureole. I asked for the lady who had helped me previously and she assured me that there would be no problem. She would make a mold so that my rings would perfectly fit my jutting aureole rather than lie flat like the rings on display, but that it would take about an hour.

Since I could stay, we went to the piercing room, where she asked me to strip to the waist and lay back in the chair. Placing a clean sheet to just under my boobs she said "Oh, I remember those nipples, and closely inspecting their little holes commented "They turned out really nice. Are you still pleased with the rings you chose"

I assured her I was, and described a couple of the outfits I wore them with, as she started to paint this red goop onto each breast. She then told me to just lay back without wiggling until it dried and she would be back in about fifteen minutes for another coat. Two coats of latex later she plucked at the edge of the mold and popped it off each little mound with a slight sucking sound.

"Black japanning in the middle, right" she asked and I agreed. "We should be able to finish these for you in about two weeks. Why don't you give me a call just before then and I'll set up an appointment for a fitting. Thanks for coming in, it's always a pleasure to make custom jewelry especially for breasts as lovely as yours."

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