The Cottage - Year 2 Event 5

Author: Nancy
Published: Mar 21, 2013
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I got some nice compliments on my head along with a lot of "welcome backs" and really felt kind of erotic knowing there was a dick and balls between my legs, and knowing they couldn't tell.


For my first day back at work I chose a pinstripe skirt and collarless jacket with a black cami and some three and a half inch patent heels. I just couldn't see wearing low heels with a bald head. Judy and I had discovered that a smooth and shiny head needed long earrings to look right and low heels just don't go with long earrings. In fact, I decided that I'd probably never wear dumpy shoes to the office again. I'm me. I wasn't going to go on being what some boss wanted me to be. I also wore our soft little cock. In the car it was in the way when I had to push pedals, but strolling from the parking lot to the building it felt rather nice bobbing against my stocking tops with each click of my heels. Just remember, I told myself, don't sit down quick or walk fast.

I got some nice compliments on my head along with a lot of "welcome backs" and really felt kind of erotic knowing there was a dick and balls between my legs, and knowing they couldn't tell. Back in my office, I pumped it up a little and sat in my chair reviewing the work I had to do as I fondled my semi-hard on through the skirt. I could see how a guy could get pleasure out of that. However, I couldn't play with myself all day so I went to the washroom and put the dildo away in my purse. Now I had another experience that I could share with Judy.

Two evenings a week I went to Judy's to discuss, plan, and make new anniversary outfits. Jack was a little disturbed about my spending so much time with Judy, but I made that up to him as I came home very horny each night. I got a call from Judy one morning asking me to pick up two black bustiers from which she promptly cut away the straps and lace, that evening. Find bow ties, was my task a few days later. Without completely revealing the details of our designs, we made tuxedo like evening wear with several variations that could be intermixed.

Late one afternoon Judy called and asked me buy a pattern for a halter top. "Size 36," she instructed.

"Thirty six"

"Yeah, trust me."

I anguished for three days over whether I should wear the black patent shoes with the ankle ribbons, Judy's black Baby Dolls, or my open toed black patent sling backs. She solved my problem so simply when she told me she was going to wear our black patent pumps with the five inch half metallic heels that had the silver lace on the toes and at the heel cups. "I got new nipple rings made of lacy silver circles, she told me, that match those shoes." Well, that was that, very high closed pumps with special toes and heels were the order of the day. The shoes with the black patent toes and heels and sheer nylon mesh in between fit the bill, so I would wear them. Their four inch heels would set Judy and I at the same height.

Several lunch hours were used up over the next weeks for final fittings at The Leather Mansion (Barbara was again wearing the cream and brown outfit, this time with the long dark brown wig that fell to her mid back) and to pick up all the items we had purchased, as well as buying two long nightgowns. Some more evenings were used to make adjustments to these nightgowns. At last all was ready for what we hoped would be the best weekend yet!

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