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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 1

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Author: Nancy
Published: 22-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 25-Mar-13
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When it was my turn to dance with Bob I found that his long cock went on through my legs and if I reached behind me I could press the head of it up into my ass crack.

* * * * * * *



With both of us freshly back at work, we could not get the Friday of as well as the Monday, so we left suitcases for Jack and Bob to load and warned them of dire consequences should they were left behind.

At four fifteen I called Judy at her office to remind her we would soon be picked up and that I was about to go to the washroom and change. She said she was on her way. Taking my raincoat and carry all with me, I entered a cubicle and stripped. On went tan thigh highs and my bronze Baby Dolls. On went my gold see through wrap, struggling to get the back zipper done up, and on went my raincoat. Jack pulled up at the door at twenty to five and I slipped into the back seat of the wagon. Judy was already there and I could see her black stockings and Baby Dolls sticking out from under her blue raincoat. I bussed her on the lips and "helloed" the guys.

As soon as we were out of town Judy and I slipped our coats off and waited. Jack checked the rear view mirror and there was a squealing of tires as the wagon slewed on the road. With some fast breaking he eased it onto the shoulder. "Holy shit, he exclaimed, give me some warning next time will you!" Bob turned wide eyed to see what had Jack so worked up.

"Oh my god! Were you two walking around downtown like that"

Just from the washroom to the wagon we assured, and no flashing on the way. They whispered to each other and as Jack eased back onto the road and Bob said "How about stopping at a motel for the night"

Well, that wasn't in the plan, but it could be fun. On went the raincoats as we pulled up in front a very modern and brightly lit hotel/motel complex. We paid in advance for adjoining suites on the third floor and dropped our coats as soon as we were in the door. Judy scampered through the shared door, Bob right behind her, leaving the door open. I found myself being picked up by the crotch and the shoulders and dropped onto the bed, tits down. Was Jack going to spank me He had never done that before and I wondered if it would be painful. I looked around to see him shucking his clothes, then he slipped a hand between my legs and hoisted me up on my knees. I heard giggles and shrieks coming through the open door.

"This is something we've never done before, but I hope you like it."

I had a good idea who had taught this technique to him but had no time to ask a I quickly scrabbled to find a hand hold, because I knew what was coming, but there was only a smooth headboard. I tore the covers off of the mattress as he entered me and grabbed the edge of it. There was no foreplay, but I was ready and he knew it. I lost my grip several times, spoiling his thrust, but screamed my encouragement and joy back to him as my fingernails found a new hold. Judy whimpered in the distance. I thrust my butt back and back to him until he at last came and we rolled onto the bed side by side.

Judy and Bob were still humping it next door and the sound of it encouraged me on, for I had not come yet. "I thought you were going to spank me for being naughty," I simpered into his ear.

"Do you deserve that"

"Oh yes, I'm sure I do. I was a naughty little girl parading through the office almost nude under my coat.

I remembered my mother telling me that you could play "naughty little girl" with your husband, NO ONE ELSE! "You are a woman, and your dignity is a very important thing, but PLAY with your husband is very important too," she had told me one day. I didn't understand what she really meant until now.

He picked me up with his strong hands and laid me over his bare lap as he sat on the edge of the bed. I could feel his softening cock against my thigh. "You were a naughty naughty Nancy," he said as he pulled the thin fabric up to bare my ass, and I knew he had picked up the game. Then his big hand slapped down on my cheeks. It stung and felt good at the same time. "You were a naughty girl to walk in front of other men that way. If you do it again I'll take your high heels away." Slap. My cunt lurched "Suppose the buttons on naughty Nancy's coat had popped" Smack. I felt his cock hardening again. "What if some big man had asked you if you were a lost little Nancy" Smack, smack, sting, smart. My nipples are swollen again and I'm dribbling onto his legs.

"Fuck me now Jack!"

"Right!" he stated, and rolled me over onto my stinging butt. I came quickly this time and teased him on until he flooded me. As we lay beside each other again he told me I wasn't really naughty and he had been overjoyed by the surprise in the car. "Was spanking exciting for you Nance Did you mind taking it from the rear"

Yes and no, in that order. I told him he could spank me sometime again, but only if I showed him I wanted it. And that doing it on my knees was great, but that I had to be able to hang on to something or there was no way I could come. "So please dear, let me guide the way on both of those things, OK" He agreed strongly, thank goodness, and then we both realized there was no sounds from next door.

I tip toed through the door and found no one in bed. Then I heard a single splash of water from the bathroom, so way up on the round toes of my Baby Dolls I peaked around the corner. There, stretched back on the toilet seat was Judy, all lathered up. She was teaching Bob how to give her a shave. She spotted me and gave me a wink and I slipped quietly away, closing the joining door behind me. "Better order in some food, I said to Jack. They'll be a while."

After a nice meal of Chinese, with a little white wine, Jude and I put our raincoats back on and we left the hotel -- thick heels clunking firmly across the pavement -- to finish the drive to the cottage. We chose the back seat so the guys could finish their sports talk. "Naughty Nancy huh," Judy whispered. "How the hell was I supposed to keep Bob busy through that little episode. I didn't really need another shave you know."

"I really appreciate your quick thinking, but I did notice you got seconds while we waited for the food. I'll make it up to you," I commented as I cuddled her cunt with three fingers.

It was after midnight when all the unpacking was done, and so we each had a nightcap and strolled off to bed.


In another 'shaved' magazine there was a page with one little picture showing two matched and perfectly smooth twats pushed forward probably by very high heels, side by side, framed by white garter belts that held up green stockings. That's all you could see, and Jude and I had fantasized what the rest was like. We had decided they must be wearing white patent six inch high heels, bald heads with long gold earrings and little green camis. That was our morning present to Bob and Jack. Hand in hand, balancing carefully on our very high heels (another last moment purchase, as we owned nothing that high), we tapped in tiny mincing steps, to offer our matched pair.

Swim trunks ballooned outward. Desire ran rampant and I got the stove turned off and Jack out onto the deck. I've no idea where Judy had dragged Bob by the cock head. The cool morning air tempered my already hardened nipples and clit and I lay back against the angled back of the lounge 'smooching' at him with bright yellow lips. He straddled the narrow lounge and dropped his cock into my mouth. Using my teeth I pushed the skin away from the head. I took his balls in my hand and licked and sucked and chewed and sucked some more.

I was frantic with excitement and for some reason neither expected nor desired him to plunge into me. I swung my ankles up toward my ass and grabbed the super high heels. This made my legs spread so wide I imagined my crack splitting open. A gust of wind washed over that open crack and across my clit like it had been caressed by a feather. Wham, bam, I was heaving my cunt out and back in the frenzy of an empty holed orgasm. One huge suckle on my part and he filled my mouth with cum. I had never let that happen before, preferring a deposit to my Uterine bank, but found that it was a delicate flavor, less salty and more musky than his pre-cum juices. I threw my head back and it dripped down my throat in creamy gobets. The remaining traces of cum did leave my mouth feeling sticky and I craved some orange juice to mingle with the musky flavor. "Jack you owe me one in the hole, I cautioned him, and soon."

At the table, with no sign yet of Bob and Judy (I hoped to hear all about that later), we breakfasted on bacon, toast, and I got my orange juice. God, I hate getting crumbs in my crack. I edged closer to Jack and took his meat in my hand, kneading it to a decent state. "How does that feel"

"Nice, but you've got toast crumbs all over your hand," he replied

"That's just my point. You lick me clean and I do the same for you"

On my knees, between his legs I performed the clean up job, then teetered to the couch where I stretched out for him to do some deep cleaning. Then I reminded him that he 'owed me', and as he mounted me I popped the cami down under my boobs. O God, I needed to be filled. The earlier orgasm had been rewarding, but as I once told Judy; "There's nothing like a long hard cock sliding into my hole." Afterward, I stripped and we showered together.

Although the six inch heels looked terrific, and made me feel wonderful I had rushed to buy them. They had been inexpensive and some how just didn't fit right. I decided to change. Returning to the kitchen in lower white heels and a pale blue peignoir coat I found Bob and Judy, her cami missing, having toast and coffee, both looking like that smiling cat with canary feathers fluttering about it.

Judy and I had been invited for supper and theater again tonight, to mark the second anniversary 'at the cottage'. Last years outing had been so delectable and we had added to our wardrobe so that this would also be a special evening, yet separate from the anniversary 'party'. With it being 'baseball afternoon' Jude and I cleaned up the lunch dishes. Somehow her bare boobies kept getting splattered with soap suds and I'd have to dry them off. She clicked around the kitchen with real style in those six inch heels, and I was tempted to put mine back on. But soon we were done and retired to the bedroom to gossip and prepare for a four o'clock departure.

I did switch shoes, and we both lay on the freshly made bed waving them in the air as we admired their long look. I egged her into telling me of her morning escapade. It turns out Bob had carried her over the sand to the beach and taking her shoes off, laid her at the waters edge so that it swished over the green stockings and lapped at her cunt. Then, popping her tits free he slid under her until his big cock was poking out between her legs. They both lay there being washed by the cool water, she grasping what looked like her own erection, while he massaged her breasts. She found that she could rub her clit with his cock this way and she brought them both to orgasm.

With shoes dangling from her finger tips, he then carried her to the boat and took it out into the lake. She laid back letting her stockings dry as he drove. When he stopped the boat they both lay back and she had traced all around her naked slit, and around each aureole with the tip of her heels until Bob became erect again and she swallowed him in her yellow mouth. He took her there in the bottom of the rocking boat. It was like floating in a womb, she told me.

Still enthralled with her green and white outfit Bob had motored to a rocky point on the island, and there she had posed perched on her six in heels atop a boulder, holding her green cami at the end of an outstretched arm. The wind had whipped it away. She posed again with her twat pressed into a pointed outcrop of the boulder, like a saddle horn, riding the rock with her long heels waving in the air. That had done it, Bob was ready again. After a pleasant sucking on her tits he had given her another good screwing as the water splashed the rocks below them.

During the last part of her story, I had slid my hand under the elastic of a garter, and over her twat to feel her excitement as she told of her adventure. Unconsciously I was probing her clit with my little stump.

"Oooo, that feels good. You've never done that before. Jeez that's super sexy." she exclaimed and I realized what I had been doing.

"Stop" I asked.

"No! But slower, please. Do you do that to yourself"

"Sometimes. I think its better than a full finger. You know, if you're not a typist, there's not much you do with a pinky."

"Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Huuuuunh! Mmmmmnn. Oh Jeeeeeez!"

"Nice huh"

"Oh yeah!"


"No, enough for now." Followed by a long pause.

"Nance, you'd really like to have the right pinky match the left, right"

"Yeah I really would you know, but its not likely to happen."

"Well, a plastic surgeon might pay more attention to appearance than utility like the regular doctors you've seen."

"That's a point."

"Let me eat you out"

"Sure," spreading my legs. I came with a deep spasm about four minutes later, and Judy joined me at my side again.

"How long 'till we dress'

"About fifty minutes. Want some wine A nod as she thought about something. I'll get it."

Back again and propped up with pillows behind us I fingered a little wine onto her titlets and licked it off.

That was returned by a cold trickle and a warm tongue into my crack.

"We better shave and shower soon." from Judy

"Yeah, I guess."

"Still gonna wear the purple gown, or do you want the cream one"

"I had the cream the last time."

"Yeah, right. Do me again. Like, with your tiny finger, please."

And I slid my hand under the elastic and again pulsed the remains of a knuckle against her clit. "How's that"


"Is that Mnnnn good, or Mnnn bad"

"Mmm Mmm good."

"Pleased with your new lacy nipple rings"


"Gonna wear them tonight"

"N...o, to...mor. More. morow."

"Nice tits Babe."

"Th.... thang.. ks."

"Like that" as I probed harder.

"Y...eah. Uhhh. Yes. Mmmmmnnn. Ahhhhhh!

I took my hand away, and we rested quietly for a few minutes. "Twinky," Judy exclaimed.

"Twinky Oh, I get it, it's tiny, wiggles, and is not a pinky."

"Very good! You got that one fast."

"Your thoughts come to me a lot easier these days. Come on, we'd better get to the bathroom." Dressing was fairly simple. Reddish purple nail polish for me, cafe au lait for Judy with matching lipstick. We sat side by side on the edge of the bed and rolled opera hose up our legs and over our hips, attaching them to their narrow belts. Mine, the slightest hint of purple, Judy's sheer white. I slid my feet into our purple satin Baby Dolls with the four inch heels and buckled them around my ankle as Judy eased into our halter shoes with the gold lacy nylon toes. Watching the Academy Awards this year it was obvious that ankle length night gowns you could not quite see through were the in thing for evening wear, and that is just what we had bought. We did open the sides up higher than the original, but otherwise they were un-modified.

Judy's was of an almost flesh colored (on the cream side) satin number with medium wide pleated shoulder straps that attached to the bodice on the outside of each breast, while the bodice itself just floated across the top of each nipple, with a little swirl of creamy lace along the top to hide the aureole. The whole bodice billowed about her breasts, giving the illusion that if she leaned over they would fall out (we tested them, they don't most of the time), while the back of the dress scoops away to just above her buttocks. You could quietly come up behind her and either slide you hands past the sides and under her tits (which I did) or in to stroke her butt crack.

My night gown come theater dress was deep purple in a matte silk. It clung at the hips and fell straight down to the floor while the bodice simply started at the back from the tight waist band and flowed under my arms and up over my tits with a collar around the neck to hold the front up. While the top was deliberately loose so that it would swing about, occasionally it would drape deliciously to show nipple protruding from the front of the Maltese crosses I had borrowed from Judy. Long silver and gold earrings, and we were ready. Would we make it to the wagon, would we make it past the restaurant again this year My clit was stiffening with anticipation.

The men were in their tuxes, red cummerbunds, and shiny patent shoes. They must have been satiated from their earlier exercises, for we made it to the restaurant with great compliments, some nice squeezing, but no rending of fabric.

Lobster with a nice four year old wine was our main course and while we ate we were aware that many other patrons were glancing at our table of beautiful women and handsome men. The women watching seemed to be running their hands through their hair a lot -- would it be because they were imagining what it would be like to have a smooth head They also seemed to be trying very hard to keep the attention of their partner. Judy started to lean back into here chair as she drank her wine, and taking a deep breath so that her aureole would start to show above the flimsy lace. Male heads would swivel back our way. Would she end up popping out Anyway, Bob and Jack were enjoying the intriguing looks their mates were attracting.

At the theater we discovered that Jack and Bob had removed one pocket each, so after the lights dimmed I had my left hand inside Jack's pants giving him a work out. Judy was doing something similar for Bob with her right hand when she leaned over to me.

"Twink me" Judy whispered into my ear"

"Sorry sweetie, wrong side," I whispered back,

"Oh, yeah, I forgot."

I was also a little busy, as Jack's hand was kneading my vulva. It would have been nice, maybe, if I had been working on Jack with one hand, Judy with the other, Judy on Bob, and somehow Bob on me and Judy. But, I just couldn't keep my mind on this little problem of logistics because I also had to concentrate on not having an orgasm. In that event I might have become the focus of more attention than the play, which didn't seem to be all that interesting in comparison.

After intermission I was sitting between Jack and Bob. I reached behind my neck and undid my collar band ( which was much too tight) and folded it down between my breasts. One little jiggle and the front of my silk gown would fall away. The thrill was in wondering if it would, if it wouldn't, when it might, and what to do if it did.

My mind went to other things though as Jack's hand again took its place between my legs and I slid a hand into Bob's pocket slit. I noticed he was busy pleasing Judy. There, we did have a complete chain. Was Jack getting excited feelings from Judy Some interesting possibilities.

The second half of the play was better than the first and we all got wrapped up in it, our own caresses diminishing to tender touching. There was a dramatic ending to the last scene and we all stood to applaud. I was so wrapped up in the ending I was quiet unaware that my dress had fallen away to the waist and applauded vigorously until I wondered why Jack had turned toward me.

"Naughty Nancy," he said and put me back together as the applause continued. He made his own personal adjustment to the position and security of my boobs. I don't think anyone other than Bob and Judy had noticed my little goof. On the other hand what could have happened -- well maybe they would have thrown us out of the theater.

These super Baby Dolls are great to walk in and I clacked my way merrily to the car, with comments of "what a great show, yours too Nance," and "Nice tits babe," and "I love those nipple rings." We were no sooner in the car, Bob driving with Judy beside him, than she popped the front of her dress down. The bodice now pushing her tits up, the lace just cupping the underside. Jack undid my collar again and we rode back to the cottage with light from the other cars flashing across our breasts.

Judy and I walked into the cottage bare breasted and chatted about the show while wine was poured. Bob handed Judy her glass and said "Naughty Judy riding in the car with her boobies bare. You know you were naughty don't you"

"Yes... I know I was a naughty little girl. I was a show off." With a pouty lip now "But Nancy was a naughty girl too."

"You certainly were Nancy. That big man in front of you could have turned around and grabbed your titties. You both deserve spankings," Jack stated.

"Naughty naughty Nancy deserves a spanking," I whimpered as I wiped a non-existent tear from my eye.

Whereupon we were taken to the couch, put over their knees and our butts bared. I watched Judy's lacy shoes wave in the air as she 'protested'. Whack. "Uhh." from Judy. Whack. I felt my clit start to stiffen. Whack. "Oh Bob." Whack, whack. Sting "I was a naughty Nancy." Smack. "Naughty Judy likes having bare tits." Smack, smack, smack. With my butt stinging and Jack's bulge pressing into my thigh, I cried out "Naughty Nancy wants to be fucked!"

With Judy being carried ahead of me, I watched those muted gold Louis XIV heels kicking out in mock protest. Did I say I wanted to be fucked I was fucked, and fucked, and fucked some more until dawn broke.

The pink light of dawn cast purplish shadows around the room making a dreamy atmosphere. Still wearing my pale purple opera hose and darker purple ankle strap Baby Dolls, I just lay back on the bed, my cunt at the edge, and luxuriated in the womblike misty glow. Jack entered me while on his knees, and I floated in a dream world caressing my own breasts until, at last, I felt my venus heat into its own glow. I imagined clouds of fuscia vapor rising from it to surround Jack. Almost over the top, I dug my thick heels into the rug to let his next thrust take me there.


It was after noon when the first of us ventured toward the kitchen. I had grabbed the white peignoir coat because I thought it was the only good choice to match the purple satin Baby Dolls -- they are so nice I though I'd wear them just a little longer. Jude came clicking down the hall in my 'crystal' heels that have the white fuzzy puffs on the vamp. She also had some little white bows made out of ribbons stuck to each tit, and nothing more -- probably something she created in the middle of the night. Champaign and scrambled eggs seemed to be the best idea for some quick food, and of course the guys wanted to be ready for the afternoon game on TV.

Not feeling so woozy after some food, Jude and I made the guys clean up while we shaved and showered. then we retired to the main bedroom to curl up in each others arms for a snooze. I set the alarm for four.

Rrring! I found my left hand in Jude's crotch and her knee in mine, her lips bumping my left nipple with each slow breath. Rrring! I got my hand free and shut the clock off. I gave Judy a kiss to help her awaken and then she went to fetch us some white wine to sip on while we prepared for the evening.

Scarlet nail polish was first and while we waited for it to dry, I lay on the bed beside Judy. Carefully placing my fingers over her twat, I twinked her. I made it slow and got myself wet in the process, as we talked softly about the early morning hours.

After she came, sucking in short little breaths, she said "I'm sorry I can't do that for you, but I'd love to eat you."

"Please do," was my response as I spread my legs. When I had had my own gasping climax we cleaned each other up. We placed lacy little belts around each other's waists, then sat side by side on the bed as we rolled up black opera hose. I slipped my feet into those delicious little black patent heel and toe cups and watched with delight as Judy tapped across the room on those thin metallic heels set off by the lacy silver toe caps and heel decorations.

Her new nipple rings surrounded her nipples, giving her lacy silver aureole. I plucked each nipple through the center hole with my scarlet nails and popped the pins through her holes. Judy had not seen my newest ones with their concentric rings of silver separated by a half inch of black enamel. After I had matched left to left and right to right and turned them to perfectly fit the contour of my distended aureole, Judy sucked each nipple through its hole before securing them.

Other than those details, we planned to dress identically. Trousers were next. Made of sheer black nylon, they had a tuxedo style stripe of shiny black ribbon running down the outside of each leg. They were cut with the same taper as tuxedo trousers, but feminenized with a black patent belt. Over the black opera hose our legs look very dark, enhancing the pale shadowy triangle of twat. These trousers had no pockets, only pocket slits trimmed with narrow black ribbon.

White collars with pointy tips and held closed by black bow ties made our outfits stunning on their own, yet we were not done.

Placing a sheer black halter top over my head and tucking the band under my collar at the back, Judy adjusted the cups under my boobs before fastening the wide bottom band at the back. Looking in the mirror I was fascinated by how the size 36 halter floated around my boobs. The pleated neck strap fanned into a single see through layer as it reached the top of each breast and the extra sizing seemed to make each titted mound look coy and shy behind the loose black film. Yet, when I breathed deeply there was nothing shy about those nipples trying to bust out of the now tight front. Without the confinement of a perfect fit you could clearly see each lovely breast jiggle behind the filmy halter cups, Judy's silver lace dancing like will-o-the-wisp. Right away I planned to wear the halter as an outfit of its own, with heels of course.

"I'm glad you kept these a secret, I told Judy, squeezing her tits as I fitted her halter to her. Your judgment on size was perfect."

"We're not done yet," she said, as she positioned a black bustier over the halter band and under my boobs, fastening the hidden hooks and eyes up the back. She had added black velvet to the bottom of each bustier to form a vest with the two bottom points flaring over each thigh. This added even more attention to the almost bare V of our mounds.

The last item was a simple jacket in black broadcloth, with shiny lapels that barely covered the halter top. It nipped in at the waist where it was held closed with a single button, and flared out like the vest but just covered it.

The completed result was so elegant and yet stunning at the same time. With opaque tuxedo trousers you could head to the grandest of theater. With the sheer ones, attention focused on cunt, you were headed for bed. No top hats for us, our smooth heads with large teardrop shaped silver earrings were a fitting topper for this evening wear.

We sat in the padded bedroom chairs, legs extended and crossed below the knee, ankles provocatively angled and insteps taut in that manner that only women do naturally, and silently sipped the wine to a finish (each caught up in her own thoughts and expectations). I marveled at how beautiful and stimulating, how erotically attractive the curve and line of our shoes were. How the patent and the lace became one with the leg. They altered the foot from a rather stubby device for walking to a sensuous complete curving line that started from a smoky curving calf and ankle appearing out of an even smokier cuff. This curve flowing down to the heel cups, swooping along the arch, winding up over the ball of the foot (giving even that small area its own prominent curve) and curving frontward to offer a hint of cleavage at the toes. The toe coverings gently tapered, started their own line that ran backward to behind the toes, then arching sharply upward, completing their path at the crown of the heel spike. The eye is then carried along a plunging five inch line to the conclusion of its trip at the tiny tip poking wickedly into the air.

I slipped my thin left hand through a pocket slit and watched it creep over to caress my cunt. The three fingers performing their well rehearsed solo as though they were not connected to my brain. I love the feel of them gliding over the silky smooth skin of my vulva. The fingers do not intend to fuck or masturbate. No, they are simply feeling and enjoying the shape of my most special body part. My fingers brush over the smooth skin, then stumble over the crack before reaching the far side, then stumble across the crack again on the return trip. Each trip takes them lower and lower until there is nothing but crack. Then they grasp and hold the entire shape, kneading my twat until it becomes slightly juicy. Releasing their hold, my fingers trace along the outside between my legs and return to where they started, and may pluck at the little fold of skin at the top the crack, or start their trip again.

As this gentle caressing continued and I slipped in to blissful reverie, I thought to myself, if I were a man and had seen these same legs and shoes I would probably have my meat out in the air doing athletics on it with a heavy hand, athletics that are far better performed by a delicate piece of female anatomy. When I looked up I could see that Jude was also admiring our shoes, fingers rubbing smoothly over her own crack. Great minds again, and all that....

A fresh slash of scarlet lipstick and we were off to join the men, picking up our black walking sticks tipped and crowned in lacy silver.

Boldly tapping our way to the eating area we made the 'grand entrance' to find the table completely set including flowing white table cloth and candelabra. Our husbands were also decked out in full tux style including those delightful patent slip ons. "Good evening ladies, we are your waiters, Jack, he said, and Bob, he said. We are at your service this evening to provide to your every need."

"Please be seated," from Jack.

"Would you like some wine to begin" from Bob.

With a flash of memory to an evening many months ago, from a movie Judy and I watched together, I replied "I think I would like my cunt lapped, and some Champaign to sip on while I enjoy that, thank you."

"Oh, I've never had that combination. Yes, I'd like that too."

After delivering our bubbly, Jack and Bob crawled under the table. Jack, I think it was, undid my belt and slipped my pants down over my knees, then went to work with his tongue as Judy and I sipped and chatted about possible evening events. It was most interesting to sit and talk with Judy, enjoying tongue work from below the table and at the same time having a perfectly normal, almost casual conversation above the table. All the while knowing your table partner is probably having as glorious an experience as you are.

"I've finished my champagne waiter and am ready to move on to the next course now," Judy commented.

With that we were requested to stand up, and our handsome waiters wiped our twats dry with clean towels and re-belted our trousers.

"And what would the next course be madam" Bob asked as he finished with Judy's buckle.

Now feeling highly erotic and remembering the movie, Judy replied "I think I would like a nice appetizer of circumcised cock and a little more Champaign to clear my pallet afterwards.

Obligingly, Bob lowered his zipper and pulled his already bulging prong out for Judy. She took only the knob into the scarlet gash of her mouth at first, then sucking in a little more she started to press the head into her cheeks making them each bulge out in turn, and flashed smiling eyes at me in Barbara Broadcast style.

I, of course, have sucked on Jack many many times before and I always enjoy it, but I have never watched another couple do it, so I just stared at Judy's face and lips as Bob's cock got harder and thicker, the knob turning into a shiny purple plum and enjoyed Jude's 'flirting' with me at the same time. It would seem the men had discussed this very possibility for they certainly weren't bothered by it. "Waiter, that looks delicious. I'll have the same, but I prefer mine un-cut. I like to peel the skin off myself."

We brought them as close as we could judge to climax, without quite reaching it, then Judy asked if I would like to exchange a bit of her appetizer for a bit of mine. We traded for a few quick juicy licks, then thanked our 'waiters' and asked them to join us for the main course. A feast of various seafood delicacies was placed before us and Judy and I slipped our jackets off to present our own lightly covered delicacies. I must say again that Judy's design of oversized halter tops was a great idea. I really enjoyed the feeling of utter lack of restriction, yet could also feel the wispiness of the fabric brushing across my nipples as I moved about. That light brushing was enough to keep them fully erect -- that and the constant attention Jack and Bob gave to our new nipple rings which lay in the shadows created by the black gossamer.

With the meal finished, I stretched back into my chair and breathed deeply to deliberately make my tits expand and press out against the halter cups. Quite deliberately, too, I slid my thin hand into Jude's halter and bounced her right booby forward to fill the fabric. She snuggled it further into my hand, and herself plumped the left one. "What do you think Bob, I asked, didn't Judy do some fine work on our evening wear"

"You certainly have beautiful outfits, he replied, but it's what's behind them that appeals to me most. However Jack and I have a desert surprise for you both and to give you that you have to remove those luscious tops." As Judy and I fiddled with our hooks and clasps the men completely cleared the table of everything except the white table cloth. Jack and Bob then undid our belts, removed our trousers and assisted us to the top of the table. We lay there, trusting, stretched out full length, holding hands, as we waited for the surprise. As I looked past my tits I could see the tiny patent tips of my shoes.

In a few moments the guys returned with cans of whipped topping and proceeded to coat our tits (rings too) and our puds with swirls and swirls of the foamy confection. It about doubled the size of my mounds and felt cool and oozy as it started to soak into my crack. When they had completed their decorations they placed a cherry, with a candle stuck into it, on top of each nipple and one in each crack. I chuckled to myself thinking I hadn't had a cherry there since high school.

Then, with dash and style, they lit our candles. Judy and I were like two, three year cakes. Yes, this was our third September that we had been at the cottage together. I lay there beside Judy absolutely inert, afraid to move lest a candle topple, and watched, fascinated with the flickering flames that sprang out of my special parts. What a novel and sexciting idea; for Jack and Bob to make us feel so special, to become a living part of the celebration.

Without much waiting, they blew out the candles at our cunts while Jude and I did the ones on our tits. Next, we were given one brandied cherry at a time to suck on as they licked the whipped topping away. When the last bit of cream was gone from Judy's body she grabbed Bob and ran with him to the bedroom and I heard her tell him "Hurry Bob, hurry. Fuck me now!" I didn't have the will power to wait. I dropped Jack's pants and pulled him onto the table with me. I came almost the instant that his head rubbed past my clit, but continued to thrust with him until his cum mingled with the cream that had leaked into me before he got there.

Rolling him onto his back, I rode him slowly and with long deep thrusts while he held me in a sitting position, his hands supporting me by my tits. We stayed in this deeply sensual position until we both came again.

When I stepped in to the bathroom I found Judy in the shower soaping Jack, and Bob waiting. When Judy popped out Bob jumped in with his back to Jack who was now rinsing. Judy slipped into satin bedroom heels and I toweled her thoroughly. Jack was out now, so I jumped in with Bob and he soaped me up as he rinsed down, his big tool bobbing against my leg and starting to harden again. I pushed him out then to dry. What a circus. The next thing I knew Judy was back in for a little pressy titty, pushy twatty. I told her she'd need drying again. "Yeah, well it's worth it just to feel you all wet and slippery against me and besides, you get to dry me again."

"Was Jack getting hard again so soon" I asked her.

"Yeah, that's why I jumped out. The night is still young."

We helped each other re-dress in our full tuxedo outfits, well, that is I left off my vest/halter, my jugs barely covered by my collarless waistcoat. Judy left off her sheer trousers. I was tempted to do that too, but the lead in our dance would need them, so I pulled mine on and cuddled her bare cunt with my hand as we clicked our way back down the hall. Putting on a selection of CD's of slow sensual music and took turns dancing with our men, sometimes just sitting back, sipping on Manhattans and chatting about past visits to the cottage. Sometimes we took turns in what my mother would have called 'making out' or petting. After one of these sessions, Jude clamped Jack's cock between her legs, and with her legs bent back, silver metal heels flashing behind, he held her with one hand under her butt and one arm around her back, and danced her around the room.

As midnight neared our chosen CD began, and I picked up my walking stick and went over to Judy. With exaggerated bows (taking the normal male lead) I invited her to dance. To the strains of "I'll be seeing you" we performed a very formal and elegant fox-trot. At one point, with her at the end of my arm I twirled her around and still dancing front to back I released the catches to her bustier, discarding it as I twirled her back. Now with my walking stick clamped between my legs like an exaggerated cock, she danced up to the tip of it and 'flirted' around it with her cunt. On a musical high she too straddled it and we rocked back and forth on our high heels as though we were fornicating at a distance. Slowly she worked her way along my pole until we were separated only by fabric, grasping at each others bottom lip with our own scarlet and trembling pair for the final chords.

The music changed to "Smoke gets in your eyes". I unbelted my trousers and stepped out of them, obviously taking a female role, and we again invited the men to dance. When it was my turn to dance with Bob I found that his long cock went on through my legs and if I reached behind me I could press the head of it up into my ass crack. Well, for a moment anyway, as the whole thing went rock hard and poked straight out.

As that selection segued into "Begin the Beguin" Jude and I thrust them away from us and back onto the couch, running across the room to crush twats together for the opening bars. She flung her waistcoat away. I pulled her halter strap over her head to at last reveal her luscious tits and lacy rings. Her metal heels tapping busily on the hard floor as the music picked up tempo and she whirled around me taking my waistcoat away from the rear -- my black and silver aureole now acting like a bulls eye to the target.

We were now wearing only heels and hose, ear and nipple rings, and bow tie collars. I swung her to me and we clashed metal to metal, swung away and back again to mate crotch flesh to crotch flesh. The music ended and we interlocked tits and sucking red lips.

Jack's prick was still out from the last dance and well it was, for it would have likely busted his zipper otherwise. I strutted over to him, heels clicking determinedly, and lowered my cunt onto it. "Don't come, don't come," I whispered into his ear. As Jude and Bob ran for the bedroom, I locked my fingers behind his neck and said "Now grab my heels and hold me on." We rocked back and forth totally coupled in time to the beat of "Harbor Lights" and I felt it start from away up inside me and move inch by inch towards my vulva like a giant wave moving across the ocean to reach its inevitable goal. I could tell by Jack's eyes that his orgasm was building slowly also. Our mutual rhythm became slower and yet more insistent, my cunt muscles tightening on him with each thrust and his cock swelling wider. He flicked his tongue at my nipples which were bursting from the front of their metal and enamel aureole and I screamed long and throatily as his hot cum flooded my uterus. I went on screaming as my body was shook from cunt to lips by wave after wave of orgasmic tremors that left me so exhausted I couldn't raise my self from Jack's lap.

We simply remained coupled until we had the energy to go the bathroom and clean up. From there we could hear Judy and Bob, perhaps on their second or third round. Jack's cock began to harden again from the sounds of their sexual pleasure, but I suggested waiting a moment or two and using the bed.


I awoke to the sound of kitchen noises, so I walked through the closet and slipped into bed with Judy. We talked about the night before, our plans for the day, and I mentioned that it would be getting cold soon and that we should buy some wigs to wear when outdoors.

We knew that breakfast would be ready soon so we shaved and showered and slipped into our new bathing suits. Judy tugged on her black patent V, pulling it firmly up over her hips, then put on a pair of black patent shoes much like sling backs but the sling changed into a tulle ribbon at the ankle which crossed behind the heel and wound around the ankle to tie in a bow at the back. I was already wearing the heels with red patent toe and heel cups and all clear plastic in between. We discovered that the black nail polish had gone gooey so I offered Judy my shiny black nipple rings.

"Won't fit me, she said. They are made to fit your special bumps."

"I know, but I think with a little work we can get them on you."

She squeezed her tits from behind and I sucked from the front. At last I had a nipple through the hole and grabbed onto it with red nails, tugging as Jude squirmed until I had a hole clear and popped the locking pin into it. The second one was easier, and I asked her how they felt.

"Wow, she said wiggling her tits in front of the mirror. My nipples feel really pulled tight. I can feel them straining against the pins, but it's exciting, not uncomfortable and they really look great sticking fully out from the hole."

She grabbed a sweater and pulled it over her head.

"Great tits Babe." I offered.

"Yeah, aren't they. Jeez look at those extra bumps! Holy christ, that makes my tits really beautiful. I want......"

"Breakfast is almost ready," Jack called from outside the door.

"Ten minutes please." we called out together as Judy tugged the sweater off, and we went to work to get me ready.

I carefully fitted my little red cup to the bottom of my twat and clipped the clear plastic strap that held it in place to the red waist band. Judy adjusted the rear strap up between my butt cheeks and then started to paint my aureole red. While we waited for me to dry I commented that her slit looked a little shorter because of the bottom of the V -- did she want me to draw it longer with a makeup pencil. We ended up doing both twats, adding about three quarters of an inch to their appearance.

"Come on girls, breakfast is spoiling." Bob through the door.

"Coming!" and I swung the door open.

"Ooooh Jeez. Oh my god. Jack, forget breakfast. We're going to be a while. Get down here and help me. This is more than one man can handle."

Jack came running like it was an emergency and stopped short when he saw us. They picked us up and deposited us on a bed, both bathroom doors open in the rush and we could hear each other clearly. My bathing suit was off on a flash. I think that may be the shortest time I've ever worn anything. Jack ate me until I was all juicy and then shoved his cock all the way in.

Rocking and thrusting, squirming under him one moment and bashing my cunt against him the next. Jack plunged into me with greater urgency at each thrust. He exploded, then I cried out. As he withdrew I heard Judy's wail of joy, then her heels clattering my way.

"Tradies Nancy, come on, quick. Please."

"Oh yeah! Good idea!" and I clattered to the guest room, tiny bits of red heels and tits flashing in the air.

Bob's cock was all slippery and going a little soft so I sucked it clean, enjoying all those mingled flavors then worked on it with my slim left hand until it firmed up. With scarlet lips I sucked on his knob and wiggled the slim stump of my former pinky between his balls. That did it. Instantly he was erect again and I guided him into my own juicy hole lest I lose an inch of his long pole. Pumping slowly at first, then with ever increasing vitality we worked toward a mutual climax.

The shower was busy for a while again, then Judy and I made a second breakfast (it wasn't fair to ask they guys to do it again), back in our ultra skimpy suits and clicking about busily in our almost bare heels.

The day had warmed up very nicely, so at the peak of the sun we all headed to the lake for a swim. I told Jack on the way that we really need a board walk from the deck to the beach as Judy and I cannot walk in the sand in thin heels. He told me perhaps it could be done in the spring, but first he wanted the local contractor to set up year round plumbing and heating. Something that would stay above freezing most of the time, and then he could signal from the car phone and it would automatically bring the temperature up before we arrived. What a super idea. That would be worth a little financial juggling.

It was too cold to stay in long, but the sand was warm and we stretched out. Judy pulled on the sweater she had brought along, and lay back admiring the new shape of her tits. With one hand caressing each boob through the sweater, she slipped a finger under my plastic strap and plucked at my lips. All too soon it turned very chilly and we returned to the cottage to pack.

As Judy and I folded clothes away and put shoes into a carry all, I retrieved my nipple rings. When they popped off we found that her tits held the shape of the rings for a while. She asked me when my aureole started to take on their distinct shape. I told her that when I first started to get my tits that I imagined, somewhat naively, that I would be able to get milk out of them. How each night as I went to bed I would squeeze them in the hope of seeing at least one little drop appear. Then, one day while searching the attic for some summer clothes I had found a little box labeled 'breast pump'. Inside the box was a small bell shaped thick glass horn with a rubber bulb on the end. The instructions had told how to place it over your breast and pump on the bulb to collect milk in a bubble on the lower side of the horn. I had taken the pump to bed each night and pumped all the air out until the front of my tit was sucked into the horn. Each night I traded sides and fell asleep with the dream of seeing a little milk in the morning.

Of course it didn't work. But it felt really good and I did it most nights for months. "So, I think that's what did it Jude. Maybe, maybe not. It didn't matter, I really liked the result, however it happened. Lot's of women have the extra bump and I'm proud of mine."

"I was really proud of mine too, while they lasted."

"Look, they've got my mold at Madison's. Why don't we see if they can make you a pair of these rings in dark brown and if you wear them enough maybe your aureole will change shape."

"Tomorrow at lunch"

"Sure, meet you there."

That evening, after Jack and I put away our luggage, had some supper, and cleaned up, I prepared for a special treat for Jack. I put on sheer white thigh highs, long silver earrings, and dark plum lipstick. I slipped my feet into my open toed white pumps with the 5" heels, and then slithered into my secret purchase: a calf length dress of the thinnest white leather. The skirt was embroidered with a swirl of tiny pastel flowers to match the shoes that I had first danced in with Jack, and was laced down to just above the knee on one side. The bodice simply scooped up from the back of the belted skirt and Barbara had designed it to cup and enhance my breasts.

With light from the candles I had lit before dressing flickering off of my smooth and shiny head I walked in to the living room with two hollow stemmed glasses of Champaign. I sat back on the couch, playing the sophisticated hostess, and crossed my legs so as to best display both legs and shoes. Jack was obviously awed with my outfit. He put on some music and asked me to dance. The heat of his cock radiated through his pants and the thin leather of my dress as I pressed myself to him, and I remembered that same heat from another night long ago.

"The dress is as exquisite as you are Nancy, and those are the most gorgeous shoes you have ever owned. I remember you wearing them the first night we danced together. Do you remember what happened after the dance"

"I certainly do. Want to go and do that now"

And we did.


As Judy walked toward the jewelry store where I waited, I noticed she was wearing a tight sweater, as I thought she might. We discovered, once inside the store, that dark brown nipple rings of this style were the most popular. They came normally with gold edge bands, but Judy requested a total covering in a matte finish enamel -- and made from my mold. Judy looked disappointed when she was told it would take two weeks, so I asked if we could use the piercing room for a few minutes. I had brought my own rings in anticipation of her need and whispered in Judy's ear that I would fit them for her and she could wear them in the meantime.

Again we did the pleasant little job of squeezing and sucking to mount them. Judy pulled her sweater down and paraded in front of the angled mirrors, looking at her tits, which were visible from several directions. "Holy Geez Nance, those extra bumps between my breasts and nipples are sure a turn on. I mean, I've been in awe of yours since I first saw them, but to see my own tits look like that...... They're magnificent.... What a delicious improvement. Thank you, thank you Nance." and she kissed me while thumbing my own bumps and titlets.

We thanked the sales lady, whose eyes popped at Judy's transformation as I ordered a pair like my black ones but in red this time. We left the store with Judy proudly displaying her tits all the way to the restaurant.

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