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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 2

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Author: Nancy
Published: 25-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 26-Mar-13
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I was so excited I could hardly eat lunch, and I just nattered on about how thrilled I was. I promised Judy to call her as soon as I got away from Dr. Johnson's office.

* * * * * * *


I had a lunch date with Judy the first week in November and she arrived at my office a little early.

"I've got a little Christmas present for you and I have to give it to you early," she exclaimed breathlessly, and put a little jewel box on my desk.

I opened it and my eyes went wide. The box held a wide lacy band of antique gold!

"Now don't say a word until I've finished," she went on hurriedly. "I've talked with Dr. Johnson, the plastic surgeon who did your breast work, I know you trust him, and he's willing to discuss doing your pinky. You know, to make sure this is really important to you and all. Well, so you'll feel really good about your right hand, and all that. So, I think he'll do it, and uh, this is my way of telling you how excited I am. Merry Christmas! Uh, do you like it"

I zipped around the desk and kissed her lips firmly. "Oh God Judy, how wonderful," I almost shouted, slipping the band on my remaining little finger. "When"

"You've got a consultation with him tomorrow at one o'clock, OK"

I was so excited I could hardly eat lunch, and I just nattered on about how thrilled I was. I promised Judy to call her as soon as I got away from Dr. Johnson's office.

I broached the subject with Jack at supper. "Nancy, I know this is so important to you. I have never felt odd about your left hand, in fact I think it is so slim and beautiful. When you hold my cock with it and thrust the short end between my nuts it's very very exciting. I know too, how much you have longed for both of your hands to be the same. I have no reason to deny you this exquisite pleasure."

The doctor was very firm about not getting involved in cult mutilations and he must have asked a hundred questions to assure himself that I really looked at this operation as a physical improvement. Then he held both my hands out, the pinky bent under, and looked at them from several angles.

"You know, Nancy, my main work is to make women more beautiful. I didn't like the idea of this at first, but now I can see how it would make both of your hands look equally long and tapered. I understand you have a special New Year's coming up, and there is Christmas to consider. Fine! The sooner we get started the sooner you'll be healed."

Oh Jesus, my cunt lurched right there in the doctor's office. I was speechless.

"How does a week today sound. I can do the work here in my office surgery, and you'll need to book a couple of days off work."

"Uh....uh.. oh YES. Yes, that would be so wonderful!"

I had to sign a lot of papers, and he seemed to take so long describing the procedure to me. Then a list of pain killers and medication. I wanted so badly to find a pay phone and call Judy.

"Yes, yes, yes!, I shouted into the phone when she answered. I was bouncing up and down like a little girl, and thought of my Mary Janes with short white socks that had frilly tops. "A week today! Will you come"

The week seemed to drag out so long, and I had this excited knot in my stomach all of the time. It was just like waiting for Christmas morning as a child.


Judy and I arrived promptly at Dr. Johnson's office, but he was firm that Judy could not accompany me to the surgery. Once inside I saw his preparations had included a TV set off to the side of the room, for me to watch rather than what he was going to do. I slipped off my jacket to reveal a sleeveless blouse (I had been through this once already under emergency conditions) and sat back into the tilted chair. He injected my right arm with an area anesthetic and I felt it go slowly numb.

When I could feel absolutely nothing, he picked up my arm and laid it in a raised stainless steel trough like support, the hand hanging limply over the end, and strapped the arm firmly in. Next he washed the whole area with disinfectant.

"OK Nancy, he said, this is when I go to work. Please concentrate on the TV show and don't look over here."

I did try to pay attention to the TV, but it was hard to concentrate on the show when I was so excited. I kept thinking too, of what Judy was feeling as she sat outside. I heard the 'swish swish' of the scalpel, heard the 'click-k-k' of clamps, and then the hard 'SNIP' of a cord being cut. Things were quiet for a while and I thought this must be when he would suture the cord to its new location so that I would still be able wiggle the remaining slim end.

Then I heard it. That significant crunch of cartilage that meant only one thing! He had separated the knuckle into two parts, followed by the 'plop, ping' of the discarded two thirds of my finger dropping into a stainless steel bowl. I felt my tits heat up. I looked down to admire the nipples that were jutting out the front of both my bra and blouse.

"Don't look over Nancy. Try to breath slowly and deeply. Your pulse rate is away up. This is sexually exciting for you isn't it"

"Yes! I am deeply thrilled. I'm sorry if that bothers you."

"No it doesn't, not at all. Part of my work is to make my patients happy. Now, this next part will take about half an hour while I close the end up and make it look round and neat. Just relax and keep watching the TV."

One whole TV show later he presented my numb hand back to me, the new little stump neatly bandaged, and my heart banged away. While he was putting my arm in a sling I snuck a glance at the table for a little bowl. I found it and saw in its bottom about an inch and a half of pale, pale flesh with a scarlet nail at its tip. Oh wow! It lay there, beautiful in its own way but now, thankfully, an inert and separate thing, no longer a part of me. Good-bye little pinky.

Out of the chair now, I fumbled into my purse left handedly and slipped Judy's gift half way down my right ring finger. Dr. Johnson reminded me to take the medications he had prescribed and told me to see him every week for the next six weeks.

Jacket and purse over my arm, I walked into the waiting room and smiled at Judy, who walked out into the hall beside me. "Nice tits Babe! How did it go"

"Thanks. Yours too. Great!" and I pulled the end of the sling back to show her.

"Holy Jeez, she said a little too loudly, I'm getting wet."

"Yeah, I know how you feel."

"I sat out there for an hour with my pinkies tucked into my palms, just looking at them and thinking how your right hand would soon be as beautiful as the left."


"Any pain"

"No, not at all, yet. Let's celebrate! I'll buy you any pair of shoes you want."


"Jourdan," I finished for her.

Judy selected a stunning pair of black poie de soie shoes in the D'Orsay style. They had chisel shaped toes that curved over the instep and down to the arches. From the tiny heel cups, strands of gold cord wound around the ankle to tie in a bow at the back with tiny tassels.

My present to myself was a pair of pumps of the thinnest black kid. A nice point up the back of the heel, scalloped along the side to meet in a deep V that showed toe cleavage and matched the pointed toes. Both pair had those fabulous four and a half inch Charles Jourdan heels. That was a thousand dollars for the finger, and two hundred for each pair of shoes. Not a bad price at all!

Back at my place, I took my first pain killer. Then Judy slipped my new shoes onto my feet and helped me into a peignoir coat. Borrowing a similar coat for herself, she stripped and donned her new shoes. Both of us stretched out on the bed and I dozed off.


On my fourth visit to Dr. Johnson he removed the last of the stitches and told me I wouldn't need bandages any longer. There was still some red marks where he had re-joined the flesh, but he assured me that they would be gone for Christmas. I slipped my ring from one finger over to my delightful new stump and flexed it up an down while holding both hands out to observe their slim beauty. Then I had a question

"Would you consider doing this for my friend"

"Please sit down Nancy. I must ask you what is going on here I told you in strong terms that I will not be involved in anything to do with cults and their mutilations. I informed you that my goal is to make women more beautiful. Now that I have finished your hand you want me to remove two more fingers and you tell me this is not a cult your involved in! I'm astounded."

"You make me sorry I asked, I replied evenly. I assure you that there is no cult. My friend would only go through this of her own will and desire." I went on for half an hour describing our relationship and how that we were almost like twins, our hearts and minds often working as one. If she wanted slimmer looking hands, if she wanted sexually desirable tiny outside fingers -- as I truly believed she did -- then could he not be the one to satisfy that desire. He listened to me with no interruptions and at the end said "I didn't mean to insult you. I now understand better your intentions. I don't know the ethical answer, but I'm going to make some inquiries. Come and see me at this time tomorrow.

I returned to his office with great trepidation. Was I wrong Dr. Johnson greeted me warmly though and took me into his office. After some more lengthy questions he told me he would now consider (he stressed consider) making Judy's hands the same as mine, but only after a thorough consultation with her. And, she would have to sign a special document indicating that she wanted it done for 'cosmetic' purposes. I asked if he would be in his office between Christmas and New Years. Yes he would, just for one day. I set an appointment for Judy.


Jack and I joined Bob and Judy at their house for some Christmas Eve cheer and after we had our coats off she took my hands in hers and admired aloud how beautiful and slim and delicate they were. "Bob, tell Nance how beautiful her hands look now." I think I blushed, I know I juiced up, but I thanked her for the lovely Christmas present. When we had settled down to chatting I handed Judy a little present. "Oh Nance, you know we don't do this sort of thing."

"Yes, I know, but I really wanted to do this. Please open it."

Ripping off the paper she discovered a velvet jewel box and popped the lid to find two wide gold filigree rings. "Merry Christmas Judy!"

She gasped, and her eyes filled with tears. She rushed over and throwing her arms around me, we kissed with quivering lips. "Oh Nance, they're beautiful! How did you know This means......"

"It means you have a consultation next Wednesday, that's all I can promise."

Turning to Bob, her face wet now, she said "Do you understand the meaning of my gift"

"I certainly do sweetheart. You've been almost pining for the last four weeks, going around with your pinkies tucked in, just miserable because you were different than Nancy. You have my whole hearted support and love. Nancy and I discussed this you know, and Nancy wanted to pay for having both your fingers done. But I insisted I would pay to have the second one cut off." She threw herself into his arms and they embraced for a long time in the silent room.

Freeing herself, Judy flung herself into my arms again and squeezed my tits in thanks, then she turned to Jack. "What do you say Jack"

"Me Well, from the time of the accident I thought Nancy's hand was somehow more interesting. Don't ask a mere man to tell you in what way or why, just that it was. It was simply more beautiful to me, and as time passed I too felt as she did, that her right hand would benefit from severing most of her other little finger. Now, that her right hand is finished I have to tell you I'm delighted. If I was a doctor Judy, I'd slice them off for you myself, right now. The important thing is, do you really want to do it."

"Yes, yes, I do want to have them cut off! I don't know how Nancy knew, but yes I do! I want her to come with me though, and share the experience." I held her and kissed her cheek. "Bob, she went on, take me upstairs and fuck me! Our guests will just have to amuse themselves for a while."

They went, and Jack poured more wine as we talked about the success of my present. My clit was stiff with pleasure and I wished Jack could fuck me right there on the floor. Later, I thought, later.


Judy called me on Wednesday. She was practically shrieking with joy. "He'll do them, he'll do them Nance. The first one the week after New Year's, and the other one two weeks later. Oh Nance, he asked me so many questions and I thought with every one that I'd 'flunk out', but he's gonna do them. They are going to come off! Please, please come and meet me and we'll celebrate."

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