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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 3

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 26, 2013
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Sitting for supper was delightful for me and tantalizing I hoped for the three others. With my dress worn sideways, everything from my left tit outwards fell bare. I should have put on only the right silver stocking, for the dress fell clear of my left leg. Whenever I raised my left arm to pass food guess what curved object made a brief appearance.

* * * * * * *


A terrible snow storm hit our area just as the holiday was about to begin. By noon of New Year's eve roads were still closed and we knew there would be no hope of reaching the cottage in time for celebrations. Jack and I discussed dropping the 'house rules' for the occasion and having the party at our place. Within moments of our decision I was on the phone to tell Judy of the new plans, that they would stay overnight, and could I borrow her lacy nipple rings.

They arrived about five o'clock, bundled up in parkas and heavy boots so I hustled Jude upstairs to get her into some decent clothes. Her party outfit was a dress made of very open white lace which fell open from the bust to the knee length hem. To cover her tits she had added one of her size 36 halter top designs in sheer white. I applied a rosy contour of breast makeup to her, noted that her aureole were developing a nice pout, and I told her how lovely it looked.

"Yeah, not bad Nance, but I took my brown rings off just before we left home. I sorta feel like Cinderella -- these shapes will be gone by midnight. Oh, here let me get your black ones out of my purse, both pair are in the same case."

"Thanks. Well, why not wear your brown ones right up until you feel like having your tits sucked. I mean, the idea of them being matte brown was so you could wear them under a blouse."

"But this top is so sheer. I never intended to wear these rings for show."

"Well, let's try them and see. I'll leave my gold ones with the diamonds in the guest room and you can always switch to them later in the evening." The brown rings went on, looked very good, and the pretty bump helped to fill the loose halter top just the right amount as the white was not as mysterious as black.

I was amazed at how quickly Judy could put the cup shaped rings on herself now. She had made a little hook from an old set of hanging earrings and fastened it to a thin handle. She just popped the hook through a nipple hole, slid the ring down the handle and pulled her titlet through until she could push the locking pin in beside the hook. With the hook removed, the job was done. Sometimes new gadgets are faster but not as much fun as the old way.

Very long gold earrings, russet lipstick with golden flecks, white seamed thigh highs, and our high heeled white lace granny boots completed her outfit. I told her how great she looked and leaned between her legs, french kissing her delicate smooth crack to prove my point.

My own New Year's gown was very simple. Sheer white material with a bit of lace at the ankle length hem, folded over for three inches around the top where it fit firmly under my arms, shoulders bare. It was open the full length from top to bottom, and was held together with a tiny silver clasp. I could wear it completely open down one side (as I would start the evening) or turn it to be open down the front. It just flowed over my body.

Judy applied shaded deep pink to rosy contours on the underside of each breast and as she worked I asked how she felt about her upcoming operations.

"Oh, it just can't happen soon enough. I was even thinking about bending my pinkies over and gluing them down with Crazy glue for tonight."

"That's a cute idea, want me to get some"

"No thanks, I realized that no matter how awkward they look, the excitement of seeing them gone will be even higher if I just let them stick out for now. See, I even put silver polish on them just like the rest."

Changing the subject as she put the bits of silver lace on my nipples, I said "Uh, how about after your last pinky is gone we let our hair grow until spring, then we can start all over"

"Yeah, sure. That'll be fun - doin' it from the start again."

"Ah, well for you maybe. I want to experiencing clipping and shaving my hair for the first time, remember. I don't want to go through again what I did to be bald the first time."

"Sorry, you're right. Let's do it."

I had bought white patent 5" heels with silver lace at the toes and heel just like the black ones I already had, and with silver thigh highs, long silver earrings and a bit of red lipstick I was ready.

We made the grand entrance to find our mates in white tuxedoes this evening, red cummerbunds and bow ties. White patent slip ons were a beautiful touch, and those super looking thin white tuxedo socks. The rental place had done their job perfectly.

As we sat down to supper Bob raised his wine glass in a toast. "A wonderful New Year for everyone, and to the success of Judy's upcoming adventure. She will never be more lovely than she is tonight, but may she have even more happiness after next week." We clinked glasses and cheered her on.

Sitting for supper was delightful for me and tantalizing I hoped for the three others. With my dress worn sideways, everything from my left tit outwards fell bare. I should have put on only the right silver stocking, for the dress fell clear of my left leg. Whenever I raised my left arm to pass food guess what curved object made a brief appearance.

Everyone helped clear up dishes. Jack put on some nice dance music and Bob poured ice cold daiquiris. We settled in for a pleasant wait for midnight. That is until Judy and Bob had finished a dance where she had followed his lead by his pressure against her pelvis. She sat him down on the floor, then sidled up on his lap, face to face. With her dress folded up over his belt she took his cock out and sat herself down on it, and snuggled in for a tight fit.

"My, my, I said to Jack, that looks really interesting. Let's try that."

I needn't have said anything, for he was already settling himself onto the floor and beckoning to me. As couples we sat that way for some time, rocking to the gentle music, talking back and forth, and generally making ourselves more excited. Perhaps twenty minutes later I felt that particular sensation inside of me that meant Jack was on the edge of coming. I stood up and lead him to our bedroom.

Sometimes the sex the four of us share is torrid, or even exotic. Sometimes the sex at home is the same. Most times though we have what some people would call 'plain old fashioned' sex. The special weekends at the cottage are intended for the exotic kind. I have no intention of boring the readers of this journal with all the regular, though deeply loving sex that we share with our mates. This bedroom occasion was one of those. A good time spent testing the mattress and durability of my husband, thoroughly satisfying, and with a great climax.

Returning to the living room as midnight approached, I had turned my dress so the opening was down the front. We poured Champaign in readiness for the turn of the year, and talked about good times at the cottage during the past year. At last the ball fell in Times Square and we toasted the incoming year. That led to kissing all around, up and down. I thought this was a bit unfair, so I unzipped Jack pants, bared his head and gave him a kiss there too. Next, I did the same thing for Bob while Judy kissed Jack a happy sex filled New Year. The words 'blow job' hit my brain, and I was on my knees in a flash working on Jack. A glance to my right. Judy was already nibbling on Bob's knob. Had she sent me a message I was busy now, I'd ask later.

Jack stroked my bald head, and I thought I would come just from the excitement of the moment, but I teased and teased his rod and sucked on it to get more of his pre-cum juice. Across the room, Bob gasped and I looked in time to see Judy gulp. No more fooling around now. Quickly I brought Jack to climax and he laid a thick coating of come all over my tongue.

"Happy New Year!" Judy and I shouted when we stood.

Judy took me to the kitchen to make Screwdrivers while the men retired to the bathroom for cleanup. "I love orange juice right after doing that," she said.

"Did you send me a message just before you went on your knees in there"

"Oh sure! And you obviously got it."

"Yeah, in more ways than one."

Returning to the living room Judy and I cuddled and fondled until we had the men in an aroused state again from watching us, then offered ourselves to them for the first fuck of the year. The matter was consummated right there on the living room floor. Thank god for my open front gown, I hate rug burns. It was our first group sex in some time, and I felt Judy's hand grope for mine. Soon her pinkies would be gone and I could touch twinky end to twinky end with her. I came then.

While shaving in the morning, Judy told me she had brought her little V bottomed bathing suit. She felt neither of us had had much use from our ultra skimpy suits yet. Would I like to trade and wear them this morning

Because mine was so critically fit it was a bit loose on the bottom of Jude's twat. I had to pull the straps up firmly and sort of 'squidgy' the cup around for a better fit. Other than that there were no problems. Of course, there wasn't much else to do. She put on the plastic sided shoes with the red front and heel and I put on the highest black patents I had in the closet. My new red enameled nipple rings were finished and I had picked them up, so I wouldn't have to use nail polish on my titlets any more, and since they would fit her perfectly, even help strengthen her shape, I put them on her. Then the black ones for myself.

Judy's bottom was such a pleasure to wear and was just as skimpy as my own. The deep V did let me brush a finger nail over my lips from time to time and that always felt good.

We entered the kitchen to prepare some breakfast and when the guys joined us.... Well, they joined us alright. Deeply right into us. We've got to learn to stop wearing these outfits in the morning. Too many breakfasts are being ruined.

We traded back later and Judy wore hers home under her warm clothes and heavy parka. I think she had plans for another celebration when she got home. Jack and I certainly had another personal celebration after they left

JANUARY 8th Judy was really excited when we arrived at Dr. Johnson's. He detected this right away and gave her a sedative even before she sat back in his chair. He was very firm that he did not want the distraction of my being in the surgery with her, so I sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half. What was taking so long Was something wrong Could I breath now

At last he came into the room and spoke softly to me. "Nancy, the amputation of Judy's little left finger went very well. I think she'll..., both of you in fact, will be very pleased. However Judy was so excited I had to give her a second sedative. She is very woozy right now, and she should rest here for a while. You may go in to see her though."

I walked into the surgery to find Judy slumped in the chair weeping softly.

Oh shit!, I thought, this has all been a mistake.

"Judy darling, I'm so sorry. Was this the wrong thing to do"

"Wrong Oh no! Look," and she plucked the sling back. "Three fingers and an empty space. It's beautiful. No, I'm crying because I was so doped up that I fell asleep and missed the critical moment," she sobbed into my shoulder.

I kissed her repeatedly and tried to console her. When she was feeling a little more 'together' she slipped the first of her rings onto the finger beside her new twinky. I took her home and gave her her first pain pill. I got her into a peignoir, one sleeve on and draped it over the other shoulder, then slipped some nice shoes onto her feet. That always made her feel better. Dressing similarly, we both stretched out on the bed and I caressed her while she suckled on my Twinky 1 until she fell asleep.

In fact, I fell asleep too, and we were both still laying there when Bob came in and gently nudged me awake. "How is she" he whispered. I motioned to the hall and we tip toed out. Too late I realized I did not have a robe and started to pull the peignoir around me.

"Nancy, Bob whispered, this is me. You don't need to cover up."

"This is not the cottage," I reminded him.

"To hell with the rules at this moment. How is Judy"

I shared with him both her pleasure and her sadness, assured him the doctor had said all was well, then tip toed back in to dress and go home. Judy called the next day to thank me and let me know she was feeling fine now. "I've got nothing to do but lay back here and watch TV, read, and admire my hand."

JANUARY 22nd Judy was calmer today. Excited, but calmer. Dr. Johnson even thought it would be a good idea for me to sit in with her this time. "Just don't watch what I'm doing after the antiseptic is on, and keep Judy busy," he instructed me.

Her numb arm doubly strapped in place, her right hand dangling limply over the work space, we turned our heads. "Judy, I whispered into her ear, concentrate on your beautiful blue shoes. Think hard of what you'll wear with them for Bob, and Jack, and me." Then, holding her left hand I started to trace up and down the sides of two fingers with my Twinky 2, finally massaging their V and pressing hard with little wiggles and thrusts during the pause after we heard the doctor cut her cord.


"Mmmmnnnnnnnnuhh, Uhhhuuha, Uhhhuh." deep from Judy's throat. Plop, ping. "Awwmmm."

"Pain Judy" from Dr. Johnson.

"Pain Oh god no doctor. Joy. Ecstasy!"

"Mmm. OK, keep looking away, I'll be a while yet."

I interlocked fingers with Judy, wet between the legs, my clit throbbing to escape its home, our protruding aureole and nipples clearly visible. I noticed her eyes were sparkling. The TV seemed uninteresting but we stared at it, sharing thoughts.

At last the doctor folded her right hand over her left breast and put on the sling. I slid her second lacy ring to its temporary home and kissed her softly on the cheek. Then I willed Judy to look for the little dish as she stood up. She did -- we both did . There it was! A pointed, shiny royal blue nail crowned a slender shaft of severed whitening flesh, a rounded bit of glistening bone peaking from one end.

An audible "Ooooooooooohh!" of awe and pleasure escaped from Judy's lips.

The doctor heard it, and caught us looking. "Does that disturb you Judy"

"No I'm not the least bit disturbed doctor, very much the opposite."

After taking us to the waiting room, he asked Judy to sit for a few minutes, saying he wanted to examine my stumps. However, his first words once we were inside were; "I saw how you massaged Judy's fingers as I completed the amputation. Did she have an orgasm then"

"I believe so doctor."

"That's most interesting. You two have an extremely strong bond don't you"

"Yes we do. I believe I have described to you how we are almost like twins."

"Does she shave her head for you, or is she under some treatment she didn't tell me about"

"She shaved the first time for me, now she does it for herself."

"Uh huh. Do you both sometimes share the same thoughts"

"Fairly often. Not always, but often.

"And if she is ill, are you ill, and vice versa"

"If you mean the flu or something, no. But, every once in a while one of us will get a terrible migraine, and we'll find out the next day the other had it as well."

"Mmmm. And what about your menstrual cycles."

"Well, we weren't the same, and my cancer treatment threw mine all off, but when that was over I started to shift later in the month and she earlier. We're both locked in on about the tenth of the month now."

"Incredible. Nancy, I think there is a possibility of an article for the medical journal here. That is, if you would both be willing to come in for an interview."

"I'll ask her, doctor."

"Oh and before I forget Nancy. I can do some work for you to remove those little scars that remain from your first amputation and round the end of it like the right one, if you'd like."

I told him I would like that, that I would call to set a date, and shook hands with him to go.

As I turned away, he spoke again. "Nancy, I also want to tell you that you now have a most pleasant, delicate, handshake. Thank you for letting me be part of creating that."

I thanked him, and returned to Judy who was concerned that something was wrong. So, I discussed the interview, and gave her all the details. "Any pain" I asked as I took her to the car.

"No, not at all, and I'm so happy inside," she said wiggling three finger tips at me from the end of her sling. "Gloves. Its cold this time of year. What do you do about gloves"

"I poke tissue down into the finger hole to stiffen it up," I told her.

"Nance, were both special now. We should have special custom made gloves just for us. Can we go to The Leather Mansion"

A little uncertain about getting in because we had no appointment, we were told on arrival that Barbara would be available in a few minutes. We spent the time looking at the selection of beautiful garments in the showroom.

"Hi. Judy, what happened to your hand" Barb asked thoughtfully as she came up to us. She was again wearing her white lace up bodice and skirt, with the high white boots.

"Oh, I just finished having it made the same as this one." Judy commented, waving her left hand in front of Barb, the little bandage flashing about.

"You just had..... The same as..... Nancy, your left......" her head swiveling back and forth between Judy and I.

"Not just my left hand Barbara, both of them now," I said with a big smile, and held them out for her to examine, and I hoped admire.

"Oh my! That is sooo beautiful. They are sooo delicate, feminine, and.... exciting. I mean, I'm getting excited down um, oh you know." And as we walked toward the private rooms, "Judy, is it awful to go through. I mean, I can see it would be worth it, but how bad is the pain"

"Oh I'll have a couple of days of nasty pain once the freezing comes out, but I've got pills for it and all, and the rest is umm kind of interesting," and Judy offered her left hand for Barb to inspect.

"Jeez, I can't get over it! Your hand looks slimmer and your fingers... well, they look delightful. And I guess the little left over bandaged bit will look all sexy like Nancy's"

"It's called a Twinky, Barb, and yes they will be all smooth with rounded ends, and I sure hope my husband thinks they are sexy. What we came about, though, is to have some special gloves made, can you do that"

"Of course. We can make anything you want in leather."

"Well, we don't want them to be just like normal gloves with the ends of the little fingers cut off square, and they should be of very thin leather to keep the delicate appearance. What I thought was that the gloves should taper up from the side of the hand right past a twinky to form one sleeve for it and the next finger so they look like three fingered gloves. OK"

"Perfect," Barb assured us and made a little sketch for our approval, then made her usual painstaking measurements of each finger and twinky.

"The right one is still numb, Barb, you don't have to be afraid of hurting me." Judy commented.

We choose black, brown and tan in wrist length, and cream, white, and black in over the elbow style for evening wear.

"How does your husband like your long white leather dress" Barb asked

"Oh, I'd say he was more than delighted," I answered tentatively.

"Long white leather dress You did manage to keep a secret from me! When, why, how, and when do I get to see it" Judy questioned.

"All in good time I answered. I'll tell you all about it when I get you home."

"Now I've got something to show you," Barbara told us.

She quickly unlaced her bodice to present two sapphires, each perched on the end of a nipple. "I saw your rings during one of your visits Nancy, and wanted some for myself. What do you think"

"They are marvelous. May I" as I extended my arm.


I cupped her firm little left breast in my right hand, gently shifting it about to make the light flash off of the stone, my juices starting to flow as my clit stiffened. Each jewel sat in the tiniest of gold crowns that in turn sat over the end of a nipple. Narrow hinged gold strips ran down the sides of each nipple, where I imagine little pins on the end of each strip were embedded into her holes.

"Did you get your nipples pierced at Madison's. I think I saw these in the display case. They are really stunning," I said.

"Yes I heard they had the best selection and made your holes most professionally. The jewels add a bit of length to my tits too."

When we paid our deposit, I noticed that Barb had her pinkies folded back, her palms pressed against the counter, looking closely at her hands as she waited for Judy's charge card to confirm.

"It's getting late Jude," I said as we walked to the car, "how's the pain"

"My hand's almost 'thawed out', I've got feeling in the fingers, but Twinky 2 is just pulsing mildly."

"OK, time to get going and get you a pill and some sleep.

As I undressed Judy, and helped her prepare for bed I told her all about my long embroidered white leather dress, of Jack's swift and hard reaction to it and how he had remembered the night many years ago that I had first worn the five inch high, slashed toe pumps that set my new leather dress of perfectly. I also told her a bit about the torrid sex that followed -- until I saw her cunt start to relax and open slightly. This was not the time to increase that condition. I did, though, describe the black shoes with the tulip designs that I had found stored with the white ones, and promised to give them to her on my next visit.

Bob arrived as I was about to undress and crawl in beside Judy, so I let him take over and left, but when I called the next morning Judy was bright and chipper. She told me she was having almost no pain and was sitting up in bed with her boobs bare reading a book called 'Total Body Cleansing'. "When I've got it all doped out I'll fill you in on the details," she said and we 'smootched' good-bye over the phone.

Thinking of Judy sitting bare breasted in bed I raised my hands to cuddle my own breasts and wondered for the countless time: Why did women start calling their tits boobs. That is a real mystery to me. Boob means mistake, and these lovely mounds are certainly not a mistake. They are the third most beautiful of God's creations and provide great pleasure to the woman who owns them as well as to the man or woman she shares them with. Even covered, they give pleasure to all the hundreds of men who see them each day pushing out a blouse or sweater. I'm sure too, that many women enjoy watching the shape and bounce and style of other women's breasts -- I certainly do. In short, they bring a lot of happiness to the world.

While driving home that afternoon I had a sharp pain shoot through my right twinky. It hurt so bad that I could hardly hold the steering wheel, but it did slowly subside. It certainly scared me. Dr. Johnson had told me I was perfectly healed now, but still, I wondered if something was wrong inside. I pulled off the road and squeezed and probed at it, yet I could not cause any pain -- well, perhaps it was just one of those strange things a severed nerve will do for a while.

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