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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 4

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Mar 28, 2013
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"Go ahead and take them out. Play with them if you like, but have them ready because Jude and I are going to have work for them just as soon as we're done here."

* * * * * * *


Bob had phoned Jack a week ago to invite us over on the nineteenth for a 'viewing' party. Judy's last bandage was due to come off that day. Bob told Jack that Judy and I were to wear something open, house rules were dropped for the night. I went straight to the bedroom to lie in the dark and thought 'white New Year's clothes'. I wanted to see if Judy would get the message.

That evening it was awfully cold so I wore my fur coat over my gown, which I had put on open fronted. When we pulled into their lane way I took my coat off and tossed it into the back seat.

"You're not going to go in that way are you" Jack questioned. "You'll freeze your......"

"I sure am. Going in I mean. I want to make a spectacular entrance!"

Ten feet to the steps, four steps up. The smooth bottoms of my white patent heels slipped on the wintry lane. Each step was slow and deliberate so that the high metal heel would dig in. I hope I was giving some nosy neighbor a thrill. I just might enjoy some 'Naughty Nancy' when we got home. The wind blew fabric up baring my ass and twat as I pushed on the door bell. I felt my nipples stiffen from the cold, then Judy opened the door.

"Wow" she said. "Niiice tits babe!"

"Wow yourself. Let's see those hands. Oh Judy, they are beautiful. Oh baby, they're more than that, they're extraordinary!"

Palm to palm, we matched hands and compared twinky lengths. Releasing my hands, I fondled each bare little twinky and then kissed each one. "Just beautiful! How soon can you twink me"

"Any time you like. Did you want me to wear this I felt that you did.

"Yep, I sent you a message."

Jack joined us then, and he marveled at the results of her surgery. Bob was as delighted with our comments as he was with Judy's hands. Once we were all inside, Bob uncorked Champaign and we toasted Judy. Then he slipped one lacy ring onto Judy's right twinky and I put the other ring on the left.

We started talking about her recovery days and Judy remarked that the only time she was really sore was the day after the second amputation.

"It was just after five in the afternoon," she told us. "I had to go to the bathroom and I whacked my new stump on the door jamb. Holy Geez, I almost passed out, and I sat on the floor for about fifteen minutes until the pain passed and I could get to the toilet. Then I took some pain pills and went back to sleep. The rest went smooth as silk and now you see the results," she exclaimed, waving her newly sensuous hands around.

We all had some goose bumps when I related about my experience in the car. After that we just talked for a while, then Bob said "Judy's been mumbling a lot in her sleep. Something about 'Twink Nancy' then I heard Nance use the word at the door tonight. Want to tell Jack and I what it means"

Judy looked at me with a coy grin. "Do you think they deserve a demonstration"

"Sure. They've been good boys, and I've been waiting a long time."

I took cushions from the couch and put them on the floor for our heads. Then Judy and I lay side by side. I placed my hand onto her bare twat. I'm sure it was freshly shaven just for this moment -- just as I had shaved after supper in anticipation. Her right hand came tentatively over my pudenda and she made her first attempt at putting a twinky into my slit. Oh, it felt good searching its way in, and her search to find my hot spot was delicate and slow.

Laying on her back I could see how nicely her bare aureole were developing. "Nice tit bumps Judy!"

"Coming along great aren't they"

I glanced at the men. They were sitting, just staring, and unconsciously I'm sure, holding the bulge in their pants.

"Go ahead and take them out. Play with them if you like, but have them ready because Jude and I are going to have work for them just as soon as we're done here."

Neither of us hurried. We lingered at this special shared moment, and I wanted her to have the pleasure of bringing me over first. I came with a gasp and a shudder. My emotion was enough to climax Judy. Then we each grabbed our mate and ran off for a good fuck and to relieve their tensions in the best possible way.

When everyone had returned, Judy served some celebration cake, and coffee. I raised the subject of growing back the hair on our heads. The guys were really disappointed that we would think of doing it at all, but Judy pointed out I had never had the experience of clipping and shaving it away. So, it was agreed we would start that night and go bald as soon as the weather warmed up.

All too soon it was time to leave. Jack went to the car to get my coat and I put it on as soon as he was back. Judy's face went all white, her mouth open, eyes wide, and one hand on a tit.

"What's wrong Are you OK

"Nancy, with that coat you look just like my mother! I don't mean my 'Mom'. My real mother! Sit down. I'll be right back." and she ran off.

Judy had told me about her mother and her 'Mom'. Her mother had died when she was very little, and her father had remarried. She called her step mother 'Mom', but her father would never talk about her real mother. I was surprised she even knew what she looked like.

"I found this picture in some of my father's stuff after he died," Judy said as she returned. "Look, on the back it says 'Sarah on the left, her sister, and our new babies'. Sarah was my real mother's name.

The picture showed two women in fur coats, each holding a small baby. I was dumbfounded.

"J..Ju..Judy, the woman on the right is my mother! This fur coat is really her old coat. My mother has the right half of the same picture. The left side is torn away. She told me years ago that it was a picture of her and me!"

We just stared at each other. Everyone stared, then Bob took the picture and asked, "These ladies look like they could be sisters. Could you two be...."

"Cousins!" Judy finished

Everyone talked for an hour about the possibilities, but we had no solution. I agreed to call my mother in Nevada first thing her time in the morning. Judy and I would fly there with the picture and try to get the answer. First though, I had to get some sleep for I had an appointment with Dr. Johnson in the afternoon for reshaping of Twinky One, along with my part of our interview for his paper and a blood sample for possible genetic links. I had startling new news for him on that score.


Dr. Johnson asked his questions while he worked. He had to open up the end of Twinky One and move some tissue around to achieve a matching round end for me. He also sliced tiny narrow slivers of scar tissue away and stitched it all back together.

He had interviewed Judy on her visit yesterday. He felt, at this time, that there were too many indications of 'telepathic' communication for there not to be some close genetic tie to aid our personal bond. I added too my history of how I had felt pain when Judy had smacked her fresh stump, and then told him about the picture. The first brought surprise while that last news confirmed his feelings. I left again in a sling and with a little bandage, but this was simple compared with the first and second times. In a few weeks the stitches would be out.

When I got home I called the retirement village my mother lives in. She has very bad arthritis and needs a warm dry climate like Nevada, as well as nursing care some days. As a result I see her only when I can make the trip there. I was surprised to learn that she had gone on a four week bus tour of the southern states and into Mexico. Of course, her letter arrived the next day. Anyway, that would mean that Judy and I could not fly out to see her until after the early April weekend we had planned just for the two of us at the cottage.

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