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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 5

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Author: Nancy
Published: 28-Mar-13 Revised/Updated 02-Apr-13
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Judy's clit was certainly stiff. I probed around some more to find its little head and started to ease the skin back off of it, much as I do with Jack, while Monique lathered.

* * * * * * *


Judy had convinced me, somewhat reluctantly, that we should try the concept from her book "Total Body Cleansing". So here we were at six AM, not having had a bite of food since midnight, setting out for a weekend by ourselves at the cottage to try it all out. We are both sporting shaggy pixie cuts, jeans, and sweaters. Judy's tits look superb, now with their own distended aureole, and I told her so. She still wears the brown cupped rings two or three days a week, but the little mounds stand out well on their own and don't disappear any longer. It's just a matter of time now and they'll stick out permanently. Oh yes, Jude is wearing her zip back boots and I'm wearing my red patent hour glass heels.

Opening the cottage up is no longer a problem since Jack had the automatic system put in, but our first job of the day will be to lay out the path for the new board walk from the deck to the dock. More importantly the rest of the weekend was ours for Judy's program of cleansing, and what we planned to follow that. Judy and I had pledged that we would have no food, no sex, and no orgasms for eighteen hours. We did, however, have to drink as much water as possible, and white wine was permitted for nourishment.

I'd been sipping water continuously since we left, and an hour into our trip I had to pee, but couldn't find a place to pull off of the road.

"Did you bring your urine sample" Judy asked

"Yep. The little two ounce bottle is in my purse there."

Judy proceeded to dig it out and put a narrow paper test strip into my yellow offering. She made a few notes in a little book. "pH and sugar look about right, potassium is low." Then she raised the bottle to her lips and sipped. "Mmm, a flick of her lips, Strong malty flavor, kinda sweet, kinda salty!"

Holy shit, that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen her do! I quickly pulled the car onto a wide bit of shoulder near a path into the woods. Whipping my zipper down I thrust my hand into the opening, snagging Twinky Two on the way.

"Hey, hey. Hold off there. Don't get yourself all fired up yet." from Judy

"It's too late. You just got me fired up." I grabbed her sample bottle instead of my twat, popped the top off and took a swig. Oh my! What a unique taste. It was surely some kind of aphrodisiac, for my adrenaline started to flow and my heart raced.

"Whoa! I haven't tested mine yet. Here, give it back!

"OK, but I want it as soon as you're done."

While she did her tests I marveled at the newly developed bumps blossoming from the front of her sweater, and gave my own a little flick. Grabbing the bottle back, I raised it in the air and said "Here's to your health." Judy returned the toast and we sipped at each other until the last drop was gone. I could see her trembling slightly from the same thrill I was experiencing. I needed to wind down before I could drive and I still needed to pee.

"Wee, wee time." I stated.

"Yeah, me too."

We walked carefully in our heels back into the woods, and pulled our jeans down to squat and relieve ourselves. I dried Judy with a tissue, and then she me. I wanted to fondle her gorgeous newly shaped tits through her pale blue sweater and told her so. She said she could hear a stream through the woods so why didn't we get the water bottles and a blanket from the car.

I had never wandered the woods in heels before, but with care, it's exciting and feminine feeling doing little balance steps through the twigs and across the hard ground. We found the stream and a delightful secluded spot. Pulling our jeans down to expose our twats to the early morning rays of the sun we fondled each others tits through sweaters. Jude's beautiful thin hands kneading my sweater and flesh, along with the sight of the sun glistening beautifully off of my red patent shoes made me deeply aroused. I put my hand down to rub her cunt and perhaps twink her.

"Uh-uh. No orgasms for another ten hours Nance." so instead she pulled her sweater up and I sucked on her for a while. Her new tit shape made a pleasant little mouthful on its own. I never realized until that moment how that must feel for my lovers. I sure liked it. I hope they do. I gave Jude a turn sucking on me and then we decided we'd better get moving or we wouldn't get the cottage work done.

"Hungry" she asked me

"For you, yes. For food, I think I'm past that for now. "You need food"

"My stomach feels hollow, but I don't really feel like I need food."

We drank some more water though, and drove off.

The cottage was in good shape and the Spring dampness gone. We stashed all of our gear in the main bedroom and I installed the mauve light bulbs we had chosen for mood while Judy went for another pee. Kicking off our heels we dug out our Mary Janes and pushed our feet into them, scampering out to the sand to lay out the walk way.

First we staked out the place for a landing at the bottom of the deck steps. You cannot see much of the lake from the deck because Jack and I wanted the woods to provide seclusion. As a result the path to the dock is bent, so next, Judy and I marked the width and direction of the board walk over towards the wild roses, where we planned another landing big enough for four deck chairs or lounges that would sit on the landing itself, and a nice 'park bench' type seating spot just off in the sand. The type with hard wooden bars for the seat and back and wrought iron legs and arms. I just had to find one in some antique shop. From this point there was a lovely view of the lake and the bench would offer that even if no deck chairs were set out.

The temperature was quite warm now and we had discovered that driving all those stakes while swinging a big hammer with three fingers was hot work, so we stopped for a while and had lunch of white wine. We finished the route to the dock with our sweaters off, boobs jiggling attractively with each hammer blow. Oh how I wanted Judy to play with mine. I can tell you one thing. If you've got to wear flat shoes, Mary Janes look great with jeans, and miles better than sneakers (ugh) because they've got some class to them and feel good too.

We talked as we worked about the possibility of being cousins. "How do you feel about making love to a cousin" I asked Judy.

"Me I love you Nance. If it turns out that I'm your cousin, well, that's just a name to describe a family relationship. What do you think"

"Jude, I've been wanting to have sex with you for hours -- even just to play with your body until six tonight. Right now I want to come over and fondle your lovely boobies or slide my hand down into your jeans, but I won't risk spoiling our plan. I mean, so if we turn out to be cousins, well it's not like we're going to make some damaged baby or anything."

"Oh Nance. Please hold my tits for a moment if you like. I've wanted to kiss your nipples ever since we took our sweaters off. I love how they look bouncing as you work."

We took care of each others momentary needs, but when we started to meld at our zippers we backed off. Our cunts would get enough attention very shortly.

"OK Cousin, back to work. I'll happily have sex with you anytime tonight and whenever you like after that," I told her. She kissed my lips and returned to staking the path.

With the work finished we calculated that we had each consumed about three quarts of water and a full bottle of wine since dawn. No idea though of how much we had leaked out at the stream or in the woods here. Now our personal program could begin.

I outfitted the bedroom and bathroom with lots of water and white wine in ice buckets, while Jude climbed up the ladder in her ankle boots to put two screw hooks into the ceiling over the bed. I moved the multiple disk CD player and speakers into the bedroom, and she unpacked her equipment. I put the clothes we had brought (not much) into the closet and arranged selections there. Together we covered the bed with a plastic sheet and another for the bathroom floor. Exiting into the guest room we had left the drapes closed, the purple lights on, and the CD playing soft moody music. In the guest room we stripped away the rest of our clothes and jewelry. I put on my pink open toed slings, and Judy a pair of white satin pumps.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this" Judy asked me.

"Well, I wasn't, but I think I'm ready now."

"OK, the idea here isn't to have any pain. The idea is a total cleansing of the body and mind. If at any time you want to stop a treatment just say so. We're not in competition or anything like that, but you should keep going as long as it makes you feel good."

"I understand, but since we've still got several hours before we can let ourselves have an orgasm, let me at least hold your tits again, just for a bit -- you know, just to get my courage up"

"Yeah, I'd like that too. I've only read about doing this, so we've got to help each other through it."

For a few moments, then, we groped and squeezed and sucked a bit. Hand in hand we ventured back to the bathroom door to face the next six hours.

The first part of the schedule was easy and exciting. I turned on the clippers and while watching myself in the mirror, clamped their vibrating body between my legs as I decided how to proceed. Slowly I buzzed away my newly grown hair. Bits of dark brown fluff falling all over my body, bits sticking to my nervously damp tits. My clit was swelling already, just from seeing my smooth head start to reappear. With each stroke of the clippers I was getting hornier -- could I hold out

As Judy did the same to herself I took turns watching her transformation and looking at the little contoured cap of dark fuzz I had left. That in itself was a 'turn on' and my nipples pushed outward a bit more.

We lathered each others heads and as I applied the first razor stroke over the top my juices started to flow from my hot cunt. I went to wipe it away and Judy told me just to let it flow, to get everything I could out of my system. We took turns stroking away with the razor until we were both perfectly smooth once more. How glorious I looked again.

"God, Judy exclaimed, I really do get excited having a bald head. I've missed it the last few months you know. Now my clit wants to burst," and with her twinkies bent upwards, she ran her fingers all over the exotic curves from brow to neck

"I couldn't believe how sensual it was just buzzing away hair Judy. Then, when I ran the razor through the stubble I started to ooze down my legs. How marvelous you must have felt that first time in my bathroom."

"I felt like I was going to come right there in front of you. I often think of you sitting there in that red camisole and long earrings. OK baby, Judy said, looking at my dripping cunt, we'd better calm down. We need to relax a bit and have a little more water or some cold wine."

After a few minutes I was ready to move on. Stretching me out tits down on the plastic covered bed, she slipped off my shoes. I soothed under the purple lights and gentle sounds of music mixed with surf swishing on a sandy shore. The cold water bottle was fitted with a long plastic tube and I sucked up mouthfuls of the refreshing liquid as she lathered every inch of my body that was exposed, running the brush deeply into my ass crack. Even the plastic sheet felt exciting as it crinkled under my boobs and pud. Soon Judy was stroking the razor the full length of my body in a both exciting and soothing action. An oriental conundrum.

All too soon she rolled me over and started to lather my front, and I took the plastic water tube with me. As she started brushing lather onto my boobs I automatically reached for my twat. "Unh, unh, Nancy. If you do that I'll have to plug up your hole." and she popped the handle of the shaving brush into my twat.


"Oh, you like that. Well then, out it comes." Pop "Now keep your hands off of it. We've got a long ways to go before you can come."

I almost did come when she shaved my tits. The idea Judy explained was to not only clean off hair, but to clean every single tiny inch of my body. I concentrated on those ceiling hooks both then and as she shaved my cunt lips -- pulling each one out and away from the other to assure not a single hair stubble was missed. My mouth was dry again with excitement and I sucked up some more water. Soon I could have some wine.

I needed to pee some more again, but as my total shave was almost over I held on until Jude finished it, and then ran to the bathroom as she took my place on the bed. When I returned I pulled my pink slings back on, but when I saw how luscious Judy's satin pumps looked as they shimmered in the purple light I decided I would not take them off of her until the last possible moment.

The air felt cool and exciting against my naked and freshly shaved body. Having my naked quim just inches from Jude as I lathered and shaved her beautiful body made me dribble more and when I reached her ass I wiped myself with a finger and worked that into her hole.

"Mmmm. That's nice. But, Nance the idea is to get everything cleaned out, not put new stuff in. You could do that for me tonight though."

When I had stroked down to her slim ankles I popped her pumps off and let them clatter onto the floor, and worked the razor all over her slim dainty feet as she had done for me. Next I rolled her over. I was not easy on her, for I lingered with the brush at her nipples and thrust hard at her twat. The soft music seemed to float around me and the purple light made each movement of her body glow. I felt almost totally relaxed, and yet at the same time my sexual tension felt like it would burst out of me. It was like the confusion I faced when sipping Judy's piss -- both bitter and sweet.

Finally I began again with the razor, making exaggerated motions as I swooped up over a breast bottom, curved around an aureole mound, and up the side of a nipple. I swirled the razor around the circle of her navel and went to work with elaborate effort on her cunt lips, using the now round end of Twinky 1 to poke each lip outward as I removed any vestige of stubble. Judy was panting deeply as I worked, sucking up water to wet her parched mouth.

When I was done we showered. The water hit my body and ran over all those tingling nerve ends. "Gotta pee!"

"Me too!"

We stood there watching each others streams, playing them against one another like limp miniature light sabers. I arched my back and splashed my stream onto her cunt, then we pressed our twats together until we had drained the last drop. I backed quickly away from her then, lest I do more than that.

Back in our heels, we sat in the soft bedroom chairs and lingered over a glass of wine.

Too soon it was time to start our regimen again. This was the part I was fearful about. Enema time. Fearful for both myself and that I might let Judy down.

Judy hung two two gallon bags of water from those hooks in the ceiling. Each clear bag was marked out in half pints, and each with a long hose dropping onto the bed. With me face down on the bed, she thrust her slim left hand into my crotch and boosted my ass into the air until I was on my knees, my pink heels sticking out behind. Then she showed me the instrument she would use for my deep enema. It was a tube of hard black plastic with holes all along its length, rounded on the front and with a big bulge about six inches further back, then a dip, and another bulge, and ending in a small valve with a coupling for the hose.

Putting on latex gloves, she lubricated the plastic, and lubricated the middle finger of her right hand. My clitty was strong enough to not burst open earlier, but now I felt it surely would.

"I'm literally going to shove this up your ass," she said firmly. When this bulge here reaches your butt I'll stop. If you want to quit then, it's OK, but the next step is to push the bulge right into you so that your ring will lock into the dip and stop all the water from coming out. Ready"


She stuck her finger into my tight hole and lubricated the opening, then I felt the black rod go in. It actually felt nice and I could sort of feel the tip banging against my insides.

"Want to go on"


Judy pushed and pushed against me. I could feel my hole spreading wider and wider. Would it rip open


Wow! I can't describe the feeling. It was simply pleasurable beyond words. My ring burnt a bit from slamming back on the plastic but that was far overcome by a sense of joy I can not explain.

Judy moved around in the delightful mauve glow of the room and held out a mirror for me to look. I had this new black attachment to my body. It was like a bit of science fiction -- I was part human and part mechanical. My body was penetrated and I was about to be connected to devices that were part of the outside world. Devices that would rejuvenate me, then leave my body. I knew juice was dribbling from between my legs.

Pressure now against my butt as she connected the hose.

"Three quarts is considered a lot for a beginner according to the book, Judy said, but we can stop anytime you want. I'll just do it more times until you are all cleaned out."

She opened the valve at the bag and I felt coolish water begin to spray against my colon.

"One pint." Judy chimed. Then about thirty seconds later, One quart." She shut the valve off. "How do you feel"

"I'm all gurgly inside, I said as I wiggled about. It's nice. Its erotic. I feel a little like I want to shit though, but that's OK."

"Great! I'm closing the valve at your ass now, and I'll take the hose off, Then you do me."

We traded places. I could feel the water sloshing around inside me, trying its best to push the plug out of my ass, as I gathered up the equipment to do Judy. For some reason I had a heightened awareness of what a pleasure wearing high heels is, and thought about the beauty of my pink sling backs. Judy's cunt hole was wide open and all slippery as I hoisted her ass up in the air, so I pushed my middle finger in for a moment. With her other hole lubricated, I shoved the second black rod into her butt and wiggled it around so she could feel its length.


"Yep. Go for it!"

I wanted to be pushing it in with my twat, but shape prevented that, so gripping the valve firmly I twisted as I pushed. Stooook.

"Oh my God!"

"Are you hurt"

"No. It feels really really good. Like I could leave it there all day. If I'd known it felt that good for you I probably would have come."

"Wanna look"

I showed her the mirror and she wiggled her ass all around, making the valve and stem shake in the air.

"OK, hook me up and give me a shot of water."

I opened the valve too far and more than a pint shot into her.

"Ooooo, give me more. I like that, some more again." In that short time she was holding a quart and a half.

"What now"

"I'm going to hook you up again and trickle water in until you are ready to quit. Then you've got to get into the bathroom and let it all out into the toilet. Ready"

"Sure." I disconnected Judy and gurgled back onto the bed, laying down flat this time. Slowly I felt my insides swell and I broke out into a cold sweat.


"No, I think a can take a little more. Just hold me please."

With Judy on her haunches at my head, I put my mouth against her juicy twat. She reached back and opened my valve a little, then cupped my breasts as the pressure built again. Pressure, I'm OK, pressure, I'm OK, I'm full, no, a bit more, ooooh, maybe I can take just another ounce, oooh, just a dribble, sweat trickling down my nose, enough! I flicked my tongue into her and then cried "Stop!" After the hose was off I teetered to the bathroom holding my swollen belly, squatted over the toilet and pulled the plug. There was an explosion into the bowl. The truth is that the smell and look was disgusting, but I was rewarded by a wonderful feeling of cleanness and emptiness.

Cleaning up myself and the enema nozzle was no fun either, but when I was done I pushed that black cock back into myself with a satisfying feeling and clicked back to the bedroom. Judy's hard nipples pushed deeper and deeper into my palms with every few ounces of water that passed through her new black orifice. At two and a half quarts she asked me to stop. As I waited on the bed I could hear the swoosh of water and shit as she emptied, and unconsciously started to twink myself. I stopped short. With at least three hours to go I must try to last it out.

A soothing shower cleaned away the sweat of the last hour, and the steam from it billowed about the bathroom in sensuous purple clouds. We returned to the bedroom to put our heels back on, relax, and enjoy some more cold wine. With our black body fittings pointing upwards, we lay belly down on the bed and sucked white wine from the plastic tube. The wine hit my empty stomach and I started to feel giddy, but soon a satisfying warmth replaced the hollowness in my middle and I caressed my tits while enjoying the continuing music -- gentle classics and the sounds of loon calling in the wilderness -- and mood of the room.

Neither of us had eaten for fifteen hours, yet I felt no need for food. I dearly wanted an orgasm, but knew now I could hold that desire back. My clitty had been swollen for many hours now, and I know that if I pinched it I would go over the top, but I basked in the hot feeling it created between my legs -- like one tiny burning circle on the whole of my smooth silky body. Like the center point of my whole person.

Laying there in the wonderful glow of the room, the wine, the music, and with a new awareness of my whole body, Judy proceeded to cleans the remainder of that body. In fact, we took turns. First a scrubbing of the face with astringent. We cleaned each others ears, into the depths and around each and every curve and hollow. With another swab Judy worked up into my nose, then I her. Into our navels. Even soothing eye drops. Then, with a rotary electric tooth brush we scrubbed the inside of each others twat lips. I started to heave my hips when Judy came near my clit, so she backed off, and dribbled a little astringent onto it. Whooooa. That cooled things off briefly. Soon, though, the soft twirling bristles brought heat back to my lips, heat that spread until my whole cunt felt warm and glowing, my clit restored to a demanding firmness.

"Please Judy, let me give you some pleasure now." and we traded places. She was so firm in her resolve to see this to the end that I scrubbed right up to the tip of her clitty until she cried for me to stop. A little swipe with a swab of astringent to the now purple tip. It retreated and she lay back with a soft sigh.

Deep gulps of cold water gave us refreshment and another rush to the bathroom.

Holding out a glass to me, Judy said. "Give me a bit please." and I filled the glass up.

"Oh look! It's almost clear now."

"Yeah, and it tastes pretty watery too," taking a sip.

My cunt lurched in excitement again. "Come on, come on, it's my turn now!"

She cleaned the glass and squirted a couple of ounces of pale yellow piss into it.

"You're right. That's not near as good as this morning. Wanna fuck"

"Oh ever so much, but were so close now Nance. You're so tempting right now, just looking at your tits almost makes me come. But please let me finish the program. Then I'm yours for the whole night. Now go lay down on the bed while I get the equipment ready for the next phase."

"It's cunt cleaning time," Judy trilled from the bathroom a few minutes later. "Bring that cute little quim in here and Judy will clean it all out for you!"

With another two gallon bag hanging from the shower bar, Judy showed me another black rod, curving this time with a perforated knob on the end and about 9 inches long. She eased it up into my cunt and opened the valve and I felt the spray tickle deep inside. Pulling it out with a sucking noise she said "Just slide it in and out, in and out. Regulate the flow yourself until all the water is gone," she instructed me

Sitting on the toilet I pushed the douche back into me and flooded myself with the warm water, swirling the nozzle around and around as all the stored up juices flushed out of me and into the toilet bowl. Bringing the water down to a trickle I sprayed all over my clit and sluiced off my twat. Then for a final burst of cleaning I shoved it all the way back in and turned the valve fully open.

I refilled the bag for Judy and went to lay down on the bed. I thrust my pud up in the air, heels digging into the bed, so that my butt coupling wouldn't get rammed into me and saw that my hole was fully dilated. Wide open to the air. I couldn't help myself. I pulled off one pink sling and dropped the heel into the hole. Four inches of pink leather dropped in leaving the open toed body of the shoe to lay against my pudenda and lower belly. I just lay back and marveled at the sight, and let the music sweep over me until Judy returned.

"Shit, that's sexy Nance," and plopping down on the plastic beside me she did the same thing with one satin pump. She started to fondle my already seriously aroused tits, then said "But this makes our holes dirty again. Let's go back and douche one more time."

While in the bathroom we scrubbed under our nails, brushed our teeth thoroughly, and gargled with mouth wash. Very little was left now that was not completely clean. Returning to the bedroom, and keeping my butt off the bed with pillows under my back, Judy dipped a long thick needle into rubbing alcohol and pushed the blunt end through one nipple hole. She spun the needle between her fingers making it squeak against my flesh. My nipple shot out another quarter of an inch. A second needle and the left one did the same. I did her titlets and we lay there, backs arched, breasts thrust out, the steel needles glinting purple sparkles onto the ceiling as we wiggled them about.

From this position we entered into a half hour of relaxation exercises by listening to the soft music and letting our thoughts drift off to warm places where there were no worries or cares. To almost fall asleep, to just sense we were floating in a lilac haze.

I was so relaxed when I came out of the trance that a quart of pee must have flowed as I sat on the toilet. I caught a bit. It was totally clear. I ran to Jude to have it tested. "Yes! It's perfect. It's like water. Your kidneys are clean. Let me try now."

Coming back with a glass full, I watched excitedly as she put the little paper strip in. No reaction. She too was cleaned out. We literally jumped into each others arms with joy, yet one little bit of me wished for a sip of her strong yellow piss of this morning.

"Last enema Nance, and we can shower and dress."

With excitement this time I knelt for her to connect the hose, then with Jude on the bed and the plastic hose wiggling against my spine, part machine, part woman, I connected her to the second bag. We had decided to control our own flow this time and try to hold the water for fifteen minutes. The flow started and this time I could clearly feel it flooding all along my gut. We let it trickle in, holding hands, and glancing backward occasionally to see how much we had taken. Reaching for the valve from time to time we would send a gush pulsing in to make rocking waves. The urge to expel it all was much less now and I continued to let water flow into me at two and a half quarts. When Jude was at three quarts she shut herself off, and clasped her belly with her hands.

"You OK"

"Yeah, yeah yeh. I just need to slosh it around and I'll go dump. When is the time up"

"Two more minutes. I'm gonna try for three quarts. You go ahead." I trickled a little more in, but just knew I wouldn't make it to the toilet if I took any more. I heard Judy 'whoosh' herself empty and flush. I stepped carefully into the bathroom. Pop went the plug and I too was empty. I still had some tiny brown splotches in my water.

"Are you clean Judy"

"No, not yet. You

"Not quite. Let's clean up, have a little wine, and try again.

Half an hour and two more quarts each later we blew clear water into the toilet. That merited a dance around the bedroom and some very joyful tit squeezing. I felt so absolutely pristine. My mind had never been so clear. All of my insides and all of my outsides were glowing. My sexuality was at a tremendous high -- my clit had been stiff for hours yet I had control of it, but I also had a full sense of being a woman; my breasts, aureole, and nipples were firm and gave me great pleasure to just look at them. A touch to them could be felt throughout my whole body. I fingered my cunt, which was returning to its normal tight and firm condition, and felt a superb joy at simply having it -- a greater joy at the sensuality of its shape, feel, and hidden pleasures. My ass, thighs, ankles, bald head, they and every other part of my body right out to those beautiful twinkies looked wonderfully fresh and exciting. I was truly, deeply, joyful at being a woman!

I asked Judy what she was feeling as we took the final shower to our program. She told me of new feelings, new pleasures, new sensations she was experiencing. "This body, she said as water crashed onto her marvelous tits, my mind, and my soul are now experiencing completeness as a woman. WOMAN! What a joyful and exciting thing to be."

We briskly toweled each other dry, but were most gentle at our cute little slits, lest we cause a climax a moment too soon. I traded shoes with Judy and we clicked about putting away the equipment and plastic sheets. "Hungry"

"No, couldn't care less"

"Wanta fuck now" I asked.

"Oddly, no. I've come to enjoy having my clit hot and stiff for hours -- like it's the center of my universe. Tell you what, though, I've waited since February to use my other twinky on you. If you'll do me at the same time and eat me afterwards so I'll be stiff again, I'd love to do that now."

Stretched out side by side on the cool sheets, music still playing, purple shadows shifting over the curves of our bodies. Judy wiggled her exotic left stump into my crack. That alone was enough to bring me off, but with my new control I resisted. I gently caressed the smooth curved mound between her legs, then popped my own twinky into place.

We did not hurry. In fact I think we were both trying to make it last as long as possible. For me the experience of being twinked was as delightful, and more, than I had first imagined, and now stronger than the first time with our men watching. Each flick from her was hard yet tender. She would fold her little rod backward and pluck at the fold of skin where my lips join at the top, then return to my burning dot. I tried to match her movements and add some of my own.

With a deep moan, she arched her back, and I knew she was about to have release from eighteen hours of waiting. I wanted to do this with her, and let myself go. Two screams of joy pierced the air. I rolled her to me and sucked on her mouth with trembling lips. In a moment we were coupled that way, tongues lashing, teeth clicking, breath gasping, until we collapsed onto our backs.

"Eat me! Eat me quick. Eat me 'till I'm stiff and burning!"

"Me too!" and I turned around on the bed so we could both lick and nibble at the same time.

It was mere seconds until I was restored. I was surprised at how quickly it happened. I'm often ready for Jack to bring me off again in two or three minutes, but seconds! Judy was hard under my tongue, so I turned back to look at her sparkling eyes.


"Just right thanks."

"Yeah, you did good too, and I plucked at my clit with a twinky. A little personal or shared care like that could make me last into the night. Your twinky is an incredible thing. I've had some fucks that weren't as stimulating as that."

"You really liked it"

"Oh yeah! I'm looking forward to feeling the other one go to work."

We put nail polish on each other, toes and fingers, in a deep burgundy, and sipped the last of the wine as the polish dried. Then matching burgundy lipstick. Next came thin lacy black garter belts. Sitting on the bed we began to roll very sheer black stockings up our legs. Judy tucked her feet into her Charles Jourdan evening sandals and began to tie the gold laces around her ankle. My mind slipped away:

Rolling up my stockings I had tingled to the feel of the nylon brushing against my skin, and realized again the pleasure of being a woman. The feel of the stocking pulling tight from the strain of a garter, the gentle tug of the belt as you walked about, the lacy belt itself against your flesh, perfectly straight seams running from heel toward your ass. The feel of that stockinged foot sliding into a delightfully designed high heeled shoe, how the shoe cupped and caressed the foot and toes, how the arch curved upward and made the instep taut and curving graciously outward, how the heels straightened your body and thrust the pelvis forward. The feel of a blouse cascading over breasts and sensitive nipples, then cinched in at the waist to pull the blouse against those breasts so the wearer sensed each breast movement. Even a bra was sensuous and brought an erotic feeling if it was well made. A bra held and cupped each breast from below, yet was soft and thin enough to brush against tingling nipples until they became erect and the bra took on their shape allowing the world to see your joy at being a woman -- it could feel like lovers hands supporting your treasures. The feel of a long skirt snapping at your thighs when you walked briskly, hugging your hips and butt when you sat down, the wind caressing your naked cunt under a short skirt. If you must wear panties, they cup your nakedness and brush against it, their lace tickling at your thighs and hips. The feel of hair brushing against your ears and neck like a lovers kisses, or even better just the air wafting across a perfectly smooth head is enough to make the skin tingle, to feel very erotic. You look in the mirror to put on makeup and see the majestic shining curves of your head and an alertness starts between your legs. The creamy smoothness of lipstick going on against delicate lips, its sensuous taste on lips and tongue. These and many more feelings occur to a woman each time she dresses, and continue to titillate her body throughout the day. We can be constantly aware of our femininity. What a pleasure it is to enjoy it, to let it increase your sexuality, and sense of being.

With anticipation of the results of a shared cleaning program we had decided a week ago that we would wear something of the others clothing immediately afterward. I had chosen Judy's paisley gown that was split up both sides, and dropped it over my body as soon my feet were caressed by my black crushed kid Charles Jourdans. The slippery material slithered all around my body, caught by the slimmer waist at my hips. The upper triangles floating around on my breasts. I could smell Judy's perfume gently drifting from near my mounds. The whole effect of black stockings, the extraordinary lines and curve of Mr. Jourdan's shoes, and the shifting flow of the gown as I looked in the mirror increased the pressure trying to push apart my twat lips. I pulled the front panel back to inspect and found an almost purple tip exposed to the air. I pushed at it with the pointed tip of a burgundy nail. "Mmnnnnn. Look Judy! Do you have anything like this"

"I sure do!" folding aside the skirt of my deep purple matte silk gown with the loose front held by a collar band. "Mine may be even bigger than yours."

"It's an incredible feeling, having a bursting clit, isn't it"

"Oh my, yes!. I want it to go on and on. The feel of your dress gave me an extra burst, and see how pouty my aureole look when I press them against the front.

I walked to her and circled them with my twinkies, "Beautiful tits babe," I said with feeling and watched her nipples expand a little more.

"I need some cold orange juice, I told her. Then I'm ready to heat the frozen Chinese food in the freezer. How about rum and Coca-Cola with that We can mix some Mai Tai's to get cold for later."

"Yummy. I'm really hungry now, and thirsty again. Let's go."

As we worked in the kitchen I enjoyed watching her beautiful body. My gown looked fabulous on her, a double bumped tit occasionally thrusting at fabric, her CJ's clicking beautifully, her almost bared foot curving sensuously. I hope she let's me wear them sometime. The flash of gossamer black clad leg through the side slit. My thoughts of her own delicate shaven slit that I wanted to touch. Her new bald head glistening so erotically and enhanced by long golden ear chains. All of these thoughts stimulated me as I worked beside her.

Frozen food is never the same as the original, but we ate hungrily, drank deeply. Robust vitality was replacing my ethereal hollowness, but there was no lessening to my heat. If anything, it was perhaps changing from firm satisfaction to lust. Crossing my legs I brushed a nylon covered ankle with Judy's thigh. Ohh sooo smooth, just like her cunt. Our eyes locked, and she began to slide a hand across the table top. I inched mine forward too. Hands slithering, tentatively and hopefully towards the other, to touch at last, twinky butt to twinky butt.

It was like an electric shock. I could hear Judy's voice clearly in my head: "..eed to fuck you so bad Nance. Don't want to wait any longer!" "Oh yes, now, now, now!"

Heels clattering to the bedroom, gowns coming off as we ran. We leaped onto the bed, nylon caressing nylon, heels connecting, twat to twat, clit to clit. We both exploded, yelling out our glory, rolling over to find myself still stiff, still wanting more.

Judy scrambled to find and strap on our dildoe. Crushing the 'nuts' between her hands her penis rose majestically and she entered me missionary style. We both came again. She pulled my butt up and re-entered. Again we climaxed. We traded and I buckled up. I thrust into her while we were standing and she flung her silky legs over my hips and rode me as I balanced on four and a half inch heels. At the thought of her quim pounding mine and the leather delights supporting us, I came, shouting, again.

On the bed again, I took her from the rear and stroked her tits with my fingers while flicking her extra bumps and titlets with twinkies. She screamed once more at her climax. Still our clitties were firm and erect, wanting more. I ate her out while she sucked on the rod that now belonged to me, and after she came again she unbuckled the harness and ate me while I sucked on one of her finger stumps. I went over the top once again.

Collapsing on the bed, we were physically exhausted, yet both had not yet lost the clitoral firmness we delighted in. Kissing and caressing, we spoke in whispers, sharing what we had each just felt, talking of our love, feeling the firmness between our lips grow even more. We decided to dress in something different, still something of the others, and work at keeping the stiffness to a peak. We would bask in that glorious hot, stiff, bursting sensation for as long as we could.

"Jude, I whispered, I could hear your voice in my head when we touched cut off finger ends. Was it my imagination, my desire, or was it your desire I heard your voice tell me of your need to have me fuck you!"

"No, no. I heard you too. You thought 'Oh yes, now, now!' I'm not mistaken. I'm sure of it, and that was exactly my thoughts to you. That's astounding. How could we do that"

"I don't know. Perhaps our new awareness from today's cleansing. Let's talk about it later. I'm growing soft from wondering about it. Harden me up and we'll clean up the kitchen and watch some of those XXX movies we brought. OK"

"Yeah, twink me up too. That's a good idea."

Choosing only our little bolero jackets, we traded them and our shoes. The squared off toes of her evening sandals reminded me of my shortened finger ends as I tied the gold strands around shapely ankles.

In the middle of dishes, Judy came around behind me and pressed her bare quim into my ass, arms around me, delicate hands cupping and caressing my boobs from under the bolero. "Oh Nance! How I delight in remembering the day I first saw your shining slit, how you shaved me and gave me one too. I love your tits, your body, your cunt. I love you!"

"Oh baby, I love you! I love all of your parts and deep inside you. You restored my soul after they tried to take my tit off. You found a doctor to restore my shape and give us these sensuous hands. I will love you always and will fuck with you forever, cousin or not."

We turned and kissed then and plucked at each others lower lips with fingernails. "You go get a couple of quilts for the living room floor, and I'll put the last of the dishes away."

XXX videos have some really great parts, but they spend far too much time on lengthy screwing sessions. We all know how that is done, it's what leads up to it that's exciting, or some of the special touching during the screwing that gets you hot. The first movie was like that, lots of time to chat while somebody kept poking their pole in and out of a hairy slit. Big deal.

"Jude Did you ever think of having your prepuce cut away"

"My what"

"Your prepuce." I rolled her over to show her. "This little bit of skin here..... Oh my, you've gone soft."

"Yeaaah. It happened about five minutes ago. It made me sad for a moment."

"Here, let me get it back for you," and I traced the area where I had been pointing with a long fingernail until she started to bloom again.

"Up until then, I've been firm to hard to bursting since......."

"Since about seven this morning, in the car, when you tasted my sample, right"

"Right. So, its coming up to nine now, so that's fourteen hours. Take away maybe an hour for those short times we faded. That would mean.... What do you say we try for a total of eighteen hours of clit splitting tension as a reward for eighteen hours of no orgasms"

"Wonderful! And I've got an idea that will help." I got two scotch glasses from the cupboard (ones of clearly different design) and returned. "Come on, off to the bathroom, for a little shot."

"Oh Nance, you'll give me a little more of you"

"If it's strong enough by now to be worthwhile drinking."

We were both rewarded with piss that was returning to a rich yellow. We traded glasses and returned to the quilts.

"To your health," together clicking glasses.

I watched Judy sip first, and I cupped her breast to feel her heart quicken. With smiling face and a lick of her lips I know I had pleased her. "Come on, your turn."

I sipped and felt the thrill again. Strong, bitter, and yet sweet. Yumm, and that wonderful after taste.

"Hard like me" she asked.



"No, bursting again."

Taking tiny sips every once in a while, we finished that movie. Each sip would start the thrill again. Excitement spread from my chest downward to my loins. The most powerful aphrodisiac, chemicals from each others body.

At one point I lubricated a finger with my juices and slid it up Jude's ass to fill her earlier request. She wiggled under my hand and remarked about the nice feeling. I asked her to do me. It certainly was a different sensation and it kept me nicely hard. I liked the idea too of getting her juices inside a different part of me. She slipped her finger out and lay down beside me. I rolled over so I could hold her twat.

"Prepuce what"

"Prepuce here," I touched just inside her slit and was rewarded with the feel of a stiff clit. "This bit of skin here that folds over your clitoris, that your clit head, nice shade of purple by the way, has to poke out of. Sometimes doctors cut that away to free the head, to expose more. It's sort of like a circumcision for a man. Definitely not what they do to women in some countries, cutting their clit off. No, this cutting just exposes more clit."

"Oooh, that sounds nice. But would it mean clitty here would have nothing to press against -- I wouldn't feel it trying to burst out"

"Well, I don't know. I wouldn't want to miss that feeling, but feel here Judy. You're really hard and your clit tip is out and so full it's gone from pink to red to purple, and yet your prepuce is not strained. I think it's the clit shaft that's stretched really tight, giving us the wonderful near to bursting feeling."

"So if they cut that bit of skin off, my clitty would hang free There'd actually be a bit to suck on, not just lick over the tip"

"I think so. Why don't you do a bit of your usual great research and find out. If it's gonna be good for us I'll have it done."

Our conversation had done one thing at least: kept us stiff and hot a little longer. The future would come when it came.

We nursed our last ounce of piss for almost an hour. Near the end of the second movie I felt myself fading again and remembered something I had brought with me.

"Oh, I forgot. I've got a gift for you, well one for me too. Be right back."

Returning from the bedroom and my suitcase, I presented her with a small velvet box about six inches long and three wide. I lifted the lid to show her the two perfectly smooth balls it contained, one in white and one in black.

"What are they," she asked.

"These are Ben-Wah balls. Here, hold the white one and bounce it in your hand. It has some kind of weight and springs inside. See how it keeps moving on its own." Opening my own box I took the white one in my finger tips. "Now you push the white one up into your quim," I demonstrated "and follow it with the black one which will hold the white one in place."

Getting the idea right away, she popped them up into herself, with a certain glee.

"Now, come on, let's stop the movie and put on some dance music." As I walked to the CD player (back where it belonged) I could feel the white ball bouncing off of the black one, up and down my canal. Judy's eyes went wide with delight and she pranced about the room.

Bust to bust we waltzed and whirled about the room. "It's like getting screwed on the move!" she exclaimed. Now I'm hot and stiff again. Are you"

"You want to bet. And we can wear these at the office too. Think of the possibilities."

Back laying on the quilts, up on our elbows, butts moving forward and back to keep the balls in gentle motion, our tits hanging and enveloped by the sheer fabric, we sipped on Mai Tai's and watched the rest of the movie. Not much new there. Some guy with a long curving cock, some girl with oversized knockers. He looked like he was trying to rock them off of her chest. All very overdone.

"Let's go and screw for a while," Judy suggested.

Strutting down the hall, each step on these delicious heels made my Ben-Wah bounce up and down inside me. I was in a fiery state when I reached the bedroom. With Judy against the sheets I pressed my clitty to hers and joined that way, we rocked against each other. The Ben-Wah balls did the rest. At first we were slow and gentle, juices building, then flowing freely. I watched her boobs bobble under the sheer bolero, mine brushing against the sheerness. I sensed my eyes glaze, vision soft and blurry in the mauve light. Judy attacked from under me, her rigid and protruding clit burrowing against mine. I could hardly stay in contact because of her violent thrusts. Then I heard a scream. It came from deep inside my throat and was joined by another.

The pleasure was incredible, yet, instantly I wished to be stiff and burning once more. "Judy, quick, twink me up again!"

"Oh yes, oh yes. Get me back. I need it too."

Again, that glorious sensation of inner motion as I clicked back for a third movie. We had washed and the cold water had made my slit tight once more, yet right at the apex the dot of life burned strongly. I wanted to push it again against Judy's. Instead, when she lay down, I rolled her over and worked a pointed burgundy nail all around her bright red tip and plucked at the prepuce that surrounded it. Each motion made it throb a little. When she was fully extended I stopped. My actions had caused a similar reaction to me, but Judy insisted on giving my engorged organ a few flicks to ensure its rigidity.

"This one is not even X rated," Judy said as she put the tape in the machine. But I was told it has some really horny scenes in it. It's called Mascara."

In the opening scene we saw the female lead, Gaby, come out of a small mansion, and walk across the dark lawn to her car. She was wearing a white designer pant suit, and probably 4" heels from the way she walked. As the scenes unfolded we saw that her belted jacket had a high collar on one side that curved up and past her ear. The other side is scalloped low to curve along the very top of a breast. She wears only one earring. It hangs low and is very large and white, designed to fill a bit of the missing space. Her shoes are silver.

"Judy, stop the tape and back it up! Let's see that part again. Can we make pant suits like that for a theater evening"

We looked at those scenes a few times, and discussed what we could do.

"Yes, that's possible. It's so elegant, yet instantly erotic for some reason. It must be the curves, otherwise the elegance is simplicity itself."

"We don't need to wear anything under the jacket."

"Perhaps a silver chain sewn on the inside just under the tits so we could wear them unbelted yet not have it fall away." from Judy.

"And we could have the high sweeping collar on opposite sides from each other."

"Yes, and only slits at the side of the pants instead of pockets."

"Oh yes! And we must get some curvy high silver heels. Four, maybe four and a half inches"

"Even five if we can find them, oh yes."

"But we'll never find the earrings."

"I'll make them from the same fabric, with stiffener in the middle. We'll need silver belts for the pants, for when we take the jackets off."

"Talking about stiffener, I could use a little. Twink me a bit."

When our plan was finished we returned to the movie. There were some very good transsexual performers, and we talked about how much they would have gone through to achieve being a woman, how much they must have desired to be what we were born to. Later, we saw a brief but exquisite scene of Gaby, her tits bare. They were probably 34's and definitely C's, with luscious curves at the bottom and a beautiful bobble. There were also stunning scenes during a stage performance of about twenty men in erotic costumes wearing round toed black patent pumps with very high heels, descending wide stairs during a dance number.

"How do you think Bob and Jack would look dressed as women" I whispered

"Aw, they'd never go for it. Women dress like men all the time, but men just can't seem to get into that."

But the most entrancing scene of all was when Pepper, who we believe to be a transsexual, removes her costume while in a large dressing room. We see her first from a distance and she walks slowly toward us on white heels. Her breasts are perfect for her tiny body. As she comes closer you realize that they are too perfect because they were created for her, As the light shifts we see that she has a small semi firm uncut penis. The image of the melded female/male body is so sensuous. I grabbed my twat and enjoyed its feel and released my Ben-Wah to slide in a finger.

It was Judy who ran to the bedroom and returned quietly, with the dildoe strapped to her, its penis bobbing gently. I was overwhelmed with her beauty, and spread my legs to receive her.

Pepper, unfortunately, is murdered. It seemed a waste and rather spoiled the plot, but the musical scenes in the transsexual theater made up for that.

We had about forty minutes left of our self imposed rigidity. I did not want it to end, but we had been awake for close to twenty four hours. Sleep would take over eventually.

The Razor's Edge was the name of the one video tape left. "This is only a shorty Nance, with 3 different parts. I watched it at home. There is one section though about a woman named Monique that we should watch.

Monique was stripped to long thigh highs and black heels. Her left tit appeared to be a bit smaller than the right, but they were both so 'natural' looking with their soft curves and gentle movements. Her aureole stretched into ovals when she moved her arms behind her head, and the nipples were the kind you want to run a tongue over just to make them a little bigger. I even tried for a moment to mentally erase the image of the smaller tit, wondering if a woman could look beautiful with only one. I decided that a single tit could look good, if the surgeon just wouldn't leave any scars. It wasn't having just one tit that was the problem, it was that the bare chest had to look good. With properly designed clothes you could look like that, and wouldn't even want to wear a false boob, just be you and show the world. I had a few years yet of waiting until I was given the 'all clear' from my brush with cancer. The thought often intruded into my mind that I could still end up a one breasted woman. Was this tape making a change in my attitude, or was I just recognizing my acceptance of reality

I tried to carry this unique, even sexy, image of Monique forward and put a mental T shirt over her. That image looked kind of good -- one side full with a nipple pressing out, the other loose and empty -- but it faded as she reached for clippers. Monique had a short haircut that looked like it had grown in for a couple of months. Buzz went the clippers and she started to run erotic bare swaths through the dark hair.

Nancy and I were sitting on the floor, our backs to pillows propped against the couch. I saw Nancy's chest rise against her bolero as she took a deep breath of excitement. My soft kid pumps looked so good on her and I scanned upward. Her little cunt crack was just visible between her legs. I probed it and slipped a finger in. She never stopped watching the clippers work.

Judy's clit was certainly stiff. I probed around some more to find its little head and started to ease the skin back off of it, much as I do with Jack, while Monique lathered. With Jack, of course, my twinkies can do the job. In this case I worked with two finger nails. Pressing the skin back, prying a little, tweaking at the once again purple tip, Judy moaning gently, but still watching Monique over my shoulder. I had her prepuce held tight between two fingernails when Judy heaved with her pelvis. There was a tiny tiny pop and her clit shot forward about a quarter of an inch, exposed like an un-cut cock when you've yanked the skin far behind the head. She moaned deeply and fingered the protrusion.

"Did I hurt you"

"Oh god no. You've made me feel wonderful. Well, yes it did hurt, but only when something popped. Then there was this glorious feeling of release. Now I feel ever so swollen. I'm hard like I've never been hard, and tight, oh god Nancy, so tight, and bursting. I thought I knew what 'bursting' was, but this is five times as wonderful. Thank you, thank you!. Can you tell me how to do it for you"

"In a few minutes."

I stopped the tape and got her a mirror so she could inspect her glory from all angles. There was a tiny spot of blood where a bit of skin had torn when she heaved, and I licked it away. "Aaawwhhhh," she gasped as my tongue moved over flesh that may never have been exposed before. Judy poked and prodded to get good mirror angles and from her grins and excited eyes I could see she was obviously enjoying her condition and the mild torture she was giving herself. I watched her push her clit over just to see it spring back.

We returned to Monique and watched her shave both her head and between her legs. Her twat is a very beautiful thing. It practically disappears between her legs when she's standing. Only the curved edges of a short slit shows, yet laying on the bed with her pud jutting up, her slot barely open, and her welcoming smile you get the feeling she is inviting you not just to her room, but to enter her body. It was an intriguing tape and I increased my clitoral pleasure to see her bald and smooth, willing to display her beauty.

When the tape ended Judy was still firmly erect and protruding. I wanted to look the same, feel the same thing, and have her do it for me. Instructing her through each step started when she eased my lips apart.

"Take your pointiest nail and circle my burning tip with it, trying to separate it from the skin around it." Oh, oh, oh. I may come before we get this done. "That's it! That feels good! Can you feel a space, skin separate from clit" Yes, my clit is in the inner curve of her nail. There is loose skin there. "Use two nails, or even four and push back on the surrounding skin, on the prepuce. Yeah, like that, and I'll push forward. Oh god, if one of her nails slips..... I'm pushing, I'm pushing! "Now catch loose skin at the opening between two nails and thrust it backward on three. One, two...... three!" PUSH Clkk Holy Jesus! Oh my God! I'm free! The base of my clit feels like there is a tight band around it. The front is super tight and swelling more with the excitement of escaping from its prison. "The mirror. The mirror please Jude. I want to see."

"Your bleeding Nance. Oh god I'm sorry."

"No, look, it's just this little tiny bit here at the edge. I probably ripped it myself when I pushed against your nails. I don't think I'm a virgin any more," I laughed. Then, with the mirror, I reveled at my exposed bit of pleasure giving flesh. I watched it swell and expand and grow richer in color just from my looking at it. The more it swelled the more I was amazed, the more I was amazed the harder it got. The harder it got the tighter it felt at the base and the tight base seemed to trap the hardness.

It was well past two in the morning, but we poured a couple of glasses of scotch and soda just so we could sit there and glory in our new state. A bigger clit and the immense sexual pleasure of it trying to explode.

Near three o'clock Judy drained her glass, turned to me and said "Take me to bed and fuck me 'till this thing is little again. I need sleep and I won't get any if it's there for me to play with."

We both came at my entry, and then watched as both big clit dragons withdrew into their caves. Curling up together we were asleep in moments.


It was afternoon when we woke, curled up like two kittens in a basket, still wearing heels and stockings. I love sleeping with heels on. I don't do it very often, only when I fall asleep with them on, but it's always lovely to wake up and find them there. I guess it goes back to my first pair, and not wanting to part with them.

We had time for a bit of wake up fondling, a shave and shower. Judy needed to put her aureole rings on because she was starting to flatten out. Then we dressed in jeans, heels and sweaters again (god, I love the look of our tits in sweaters -- I was getting horny again) for the trip home. A little food, some cleanup, and we were on the way, and we had the surprise of smoothly shaved heads again for Jack and Bob.

"Can we 'clean out' again next year" I asked Judy. "Just the two of us. A special weekend together"

"Oh I sure hope so. I feel so good, and I'm so glad I could do it all with you!"

MONDAY MORNING At ten in the morning I'm sitting at my desk because I've got to get some work done. Walking around is just getting me more excited. The phone rang. It was Judy.

"Hi, it's Jude. Guess what I wore to work this morning"

"Your Ben-Wah balls, just like me."

"Yeah. Are they working for you like they are for me," she whispered.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I came while I was walking across the parking lot and once more here at the office. I must have hit every traffic light on the way. Can you imagine what they feel like ricocheting around in there when you pop the brakes on Then, here, I was talking with one of the data entry people and heard my phone. I ran to my desk. I should have walked. So the result was that I picked up the phone and had an orgasm just at that moment. There I was, not able to get any words out, and stifling a cry of joy."

All of this I'm telling her in hushed tones in case someone comes in. "How many for you"

"Just two. One on the elevator. You know, I was all worked up from the stop lights like you, then the elevator would just get moving and it would stop. I was in the back corner, thank god, so I could hang on to the rail. Somewhere around the tenth floor I started to tremble, and by the fourteenth it hit. When I let out a gasp and tried to stifle it, I think the man beside me thought I was going to throw up. I wonder what he would have thought if I'd told him I'd just come Anyway, I'm sitting here rolling my chair back and forth, working up another one. Just thought I'd enjoy having it with you."

"Yeah, I like that idea," I said as I started rolling my chair. "Are you wearing panties today"

"Yeah, the little black lace ones. You know, I didn't want anything popping out."

"That's good. Well I'm sliding my fingers up to the top of your stockings and across your thigh, and now I'm slipping them under the lace to stroke your slit." And I did this to myself.

"Mnnn. What blouse have you got on"

"My white silk one and a little lacy half bra. I've got Twinky Two over your crack now and I'm getting ready to plunge it into you!"

"Slow down a bit. I want to cuddle your left tit. I'm unbuttoning your blouse right now. OK, I'm inside and I'm lifting your beautiful tit out of the bra cup. It's such a gorgeous tit. I always love playing with both of them. Wow your nipple's fully out now!" With my other hand I cuddled myself as she instructed, and enjoyed the self caressing.

"You're really juicy babe. Here I go with twinky. Oh, that feels good, just letting it soak in there. Your clit is really pushing back hard. I'm almost there myself Jude!"

"Yeah, OK, OK, a little harder, almost there.

"Squeeze Jude. That's it, try to milk me. Mmmmmnnnnnnnn! Awww! Unnh.

"Uhuhuhuh uhuhuh Ohhhhh. Awmmnnnn!"

"Oh wow that was good. You too"

"Oh yeah. We gotta do this again some time. Better go now. Love you!"

"Love you too babe. I'll phone you tonight about our trip. Bye."

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