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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 6


Author: Nancy
Published: 02-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 03-Apr-13

Back in the bedroom it was Judy who ended the discussion by sliding the dildoe into her hole and buckling it on.

* * * * * * *

We flew to Nevada on the Friday so we didn't have to take too much time off work. However by the time we arrived at the airport, rented a car, moved our stuff into a motel and got to my mother's complex it was well after supper. Even with her severe arthritis she was dressed up to see us, right down to a pair of patent pumps. The heels were lower than she used to wear, but they finished her stylish outfit perfectly. That's my mother. I wonder where she got her desire for style from.

I introduced Judy and we all chatted about the weather and caught up on the news from this end. She was still very sharp and asked about our matching fingers. After hearing our story she said "Well, in my day it would have been considered a very strange thing to do, but I have to tell you that they look beautiful. Obviously you two have discovered a very strong bond. I would expect, Judy, that you shaved your head for Nancy, then the two of you found out you liked it. Would you believe that I did that once when I was young. My mother was so mad. It was in the summer, and she made me stay home every day until some grew back in. You both look lovely."

Eventually I got around to the reason for our visit. I explained very little, but asked Judy to take over. Taking the picture out of her purse, to start, she passed it over to Mom.

Mom threw a hand over her chest and cried out in anguish, then slumped into the chair. I thought she must have had a heart attack! I ran to assist and sent Judy to phone the complex office for a doctor.

By the time a nurse arrived Mom was conscious and mumbling. The doctor came shortly after and ordered Jude and I out. He came to the lounge shortly afterwards and told us my mother had just passed out, that she would be all right in the morning, that she needed rest now and we could come back tomorrow. I left our motel number in case we were needed.

By the time we got to the motel we were both exhausted from the trip and the stress that we just showered and shaved in preparation for a long sleep and early morning. Can you imagine -- the two of us alone in a motel and no sex.

When we arrived at her apartment in the retirement complex the next morning we found my mother sitting up in bed wearing a lovely nighty and bed jacket, with a large photo album on the bed next to her. "I want to apologize for my behavior last night," she said. "I've a long and painful story to tell you both. I thought about it through the night and I want to tell you both. You deserve to know, but I need to tell it in my own way."

Of course we had come to find out all about the picture, and were hooked on finding out all we could. It was obvious now that there was a much bigger story.

"I was pregnant, she continued, when my husband died and it appeared that he had no insurance. I was left with only the bit of money in our bank account. My sister, the other woman in the picture you showed me, and her husband had very little money also.

"So we are cousins!" Judy exclaimed.

"No dear, that's not the case. But, please let me tell my story in my own odd way. My sister Sarah could not have any children and she..... well..... well, it turned out she adopted a little girl. That was when the picture you showed me last night was taken."

Suddenly I felt very sad. I had believed Jude could be my cousin, and now I felt a deep loss. I looked at her face and could see she was crestfallen.

"It was not too long after that, Mom continued, and Sarah found out that she had breast cancer. Her husband couldn't deal with that. I'm so sorry to have to tell you this Ana, but one night he took off, with you, and just disappeared. No one ever found him, and we had little money to hire detectives."

What was going on Mom was calling Jude Ana and stumbling through her story. Her mind must be getting jumbled.

"Oh no!" Judy cried. "That can't be true! My Dad told me that my mother had died when I was little. That, in fact, is about all he would ever tell me. I discovered the picture after he died. I just assumed..... Well, when I showed it to Nancy, well we kinda concluded...."

"Kind of, dear, not kinda," my mother corrected, and I thought it odd that she would correct someone she had known for only a few hours -- well at least since many many years. "I'm afraid it is true, she continued. It's not very nice for you to find out, but it is true. It almost destroyed me and I'm sure it was the cause of Sarah's death, not the cancer. I never forgave the man, and when she died I tore my picture in two. Here, Mom said opening the album, is my picture. The one Nancy has told you about. I've been looking through this old album through the night as I tried to put this story together in a way I could tell you."

Sure enough, it was the one I remembered from my childhood days. It matched Judy's but was torn in half.

"Some month later a lawyer came to see me and I found out that my husband had left me a large amount of money in a trust fund. It was just that the lawyers whom he had hired were slow getting around to it. They figured I was well off and would just settle the accounts up before they bothered me about it. That really bothered me because it was been the cause of everything. Damned lawyers!"

Boy, I had never heard Mom get as close to swearing as that vehement damn. Things were really getting confused now.

"Suddenly I had all the money I needed Ana, and could raise my child properly -- a good education, good clothes, a good upbringing -- everything I had longed to do."

"Mother, what is this bit about Ana"

It was Judy who responded. "Nance, my legal name is Analee Judith. Your mother is correct, and it proves to me that she is correct about everything she says, and knows who I am."

"Oh my God," from me.

"Now don't swear dear," Mother responded. If she only knew about some of the words in my journal she'd have another fainting spell.

"And my name is really Nantina Jean. I hated it and every body called me Nan, which was worse. When I went to high school I finally got the kids to call me Nancy."

"Yes dear," mother continued, "don't you both see One of you is Nan and the other is Ana. It was a silly little joke of mine to inflict on you both. You see, you are sisters."

"SISTERS, SISTERS, Omygod!" we both squealed together. Then it hit me.

"How can we be sisters Mom You said ......."

"I'm so ashamed at what I did, the way it turned out. No, no, one of you was not born out of wedlock. I had twin girls.....

"TWINS!" we again shouted together. "HOLY........ Oh my........"

"But my birthday isn't the same as Nancy's," Judy announced.

"I don't know when you think it is Ana. Perhaps your father, I'm sorry child, but damn his soul, may have changed your papers or something when you disappeared. I know when it was because I was there. You're not identical twins of course. And Nan is the oldest by a few minutes. But let me continue. You will think me awful. But I had no money and suddenly had two babies. I also had a sister who was barren and badly wanted a baby. I let her adopt you Ana. It would have been alright, I thought at the time, because you would grow up together and I would always see you. I was terribly wrong and I have paid the price for many years. Please forgive me."

We did forgive her and spent several hours sharing stories and filling in the blanks. Later, for the first time in our lives we took our mother out, as a family. We went to the most expensive restaurant we could find, and before the stores closed we told her we would buy her anything she wanted for a Mother's Day present. Her choice Charles Jourdan heels. I guess it's in the genes.

Back at mother's we started again to talk about the years gone by. Then I remembered a television program I had seen recently about breasts. Most of the women interviewed had agreed to appear topless, and they chatted about their breasts, some openly handling them for the camera. This was a top class TV show on PBS but I cannot remember it's name.

There were breasts of all sizes, including some immense droopy ones you wouldn't believe. The point is, other than that, it was very tastefully done. Two ladies, a mother and daughter, appeared several times throughout the show, and it struck me then how natural, comfortable, confident, and happy they were together.

I tentatively told Mom about it. I said, in part "Mom, I remember when you taught me about beauty, about how it's not just makeup and clothes, that it's personality, personal presence, how you treat yourself and not being afraid of your body; that it's making the most of yourself and having confidence. Mom, would you think about you and Ana and I sitting here like that mother and daughter, and we will rent a camera and talk about the past, and, well, whatever else you want. I really felt, Mom, that the mother and her daughters on the show had bonded even stronger for doing this. Will you please"

I saw Judy's eyes perk up.

"I don't have to think about it Nan. I'd love to do that. How wonderful. I don't think I've gone bare breasted since.... We'll you just go to the main desk, they'll lend you one of those camcorders I think they call them, and Ana and I will make us a little late snack, then we'll do it."

It was as simple as that. I thought she might even have been aghast. I should have known better, Mom was always progressive.

I was back in about five minutes with a camera, tape, tripod, and microphone. While I was setting it up Judy and Mom came in with some coffee cake and tea, both bare from the waist up. It was obvious now where Judy and I had inherited our mammaries from. I stripped my blouse and bra off to join them. Mom had exactly the same shape tits that we did, with a delightful bit of a jiggle when she walked. I expect the jiggle, or perhaps you would call it a sway, comes with age or maybe weight loss. I must say, for her age, still very very nice to look at. I remember her being about my size, but now I wonder if she hadn't been a 'D' in her youth.

I started the recorder, and we all sat on the couch, Mom between us. As I did, Mom gently brushed her finger tips over her nipples. They started to swell. How nice.

"I might as well look as good as I can," was her comment to me. "Go on both of you, let's do it right."

Then she said "I am so proud of you BOTH! You both have made wonderful accomplishments in your lives, and I couldn't have wanted two daughters any nicer. Ana, I'm so sorry, but in the end it seems to have turned out wonderful..."

"But Mom," Jude spoke, "It's all right. I told......"

"I know, I know, but I just had to say it one more time. Here, sitting with you like this, everything seems so open. I love you both, always have, and you both look beautiful too. What more could I ask"

We gathered two hours of memories, and experiences. We ended up with an arm each around our mother's shoulders. Then we started to rock gently singing a song from our childhood, her growing up years. We were nestled so close then that her breasts were just swaying enough to brush and touch one of Judy's, one of mine. How intimate, how wonderful, for a mother and daughters to enjoy this as adults. An almost electric tingle ran through me when we touched breasts.

It had grown very late, and Mom was very tired and emotional, and we had to make an early flight back. "It is late girls," she said as I packed up the recorder. "Give me a hug - both of you, and then you better put your blouses back on and let me get some sleep." We hugged her (and when I did and my nipples touched her breasts I almost lost my breath) and assured her of our love, prepared to leave, putting our bras into our purses, and reluctantly parted. What news we had for Jack and Bob.

Jude and I were pretty silent, in the car, on the way back to our motel. Later as we showered together we started to talk about our new found relationship and discussed again, now as sisters, the intimacy we had developed when we believed ourselves to be cousins. I shaved her as we continued to talk it through and in turn she took the razor to me.

"She's a wonderful women Nancy. I wish I'd grown up with her. So human, so lovely, in every way," Judy said in the middle of some other pretty serious stuff.

"Yes she is. I'm sad that she lives so far away from us, but tonight was a very wonderful experience."

"Very much. I'm still thinking of us though."

"Did you feel something special when we hugged her" I asked quietly.

"Oh Nan... it was... it was so intimate... so bonding, so...

"I know! It was electric Jude, and when I stepped back my nipples were rigid - and hers too! My own mother, and it made me feel like that."

"Yes, electric describes it perfectly, and I felt so... so sad putting my blouse back on. I think women were meant to touch each other that way - a very very intimate bonding.

"I agree. And I only feel it that strong when I touch or kiss you."

That started us back on our own personal relationship.

Back in the bedroom it was Judy who ended the discussion by sliding the dildoe into her hole and buckling it on. "Nothing has changed a bit Nancy, unless you believe it has changed. The difference is that now we understand why we are so close. Why we react the same to many things. I love you no less, more I think. If the sex is all over for you -- if you think you can't have a good fuck with your twin sister -- then tell me now, otherwise lay down and let me make love to you!"

I lay down. Joyfully!

After a glorious climax we reversed roles, then fell into bed side by side, cuddling like babes, like the sisters we were.


Because we had found out that our mother's sister had died of cancer and because of my own brush with it, Judy made an appointment the day after we returned for a mammogram. She was rightly concerned and took the first booking she could get at a nearby clinic. I dropped by her house on my way home to find her fuming mad and deeply distressed. She told me that she had explained to the doctor on duty about finding out new family facts, and what they were.

"I'm so godammed steamed Nancy. When the doctor came back to her office with the results of the mammogram, she told me that my tits were just fine, that there was no trace of any problem. Then she said 'But, you know Judy, with your family history, you should be thinking about taking them both off.' I was stunned! I just stared at her. She said it like I could just unhook them or unscrew them or something and lay them on her desk, and go about my life. I said as coolly as I could 'What So you or some other anti-sex feminist can make some big bucks slicing them away and leave me like some titless little girl. Go to hell. Would you do that to yourself' And you know what that stupid bitch did She took her two thumbs and flicked them against her boobs. Her thumbs actually went 'plonk' against plastic and silicone, or whatever!"

"First she tells me I'm perfectly all right and then she tells me I should actually ask them to cut my tits off! Shit, she probably only had 28A's to start with and gets her jollys de-sexing women. I just turned on my heels and walked out on her. I mean, if I get cancer in one of them and it has to go, then I'll deal with that at the time. But that woman is mentally sick to even suggest having them carved away just because she thinks something could happen. I could get killed in a car accident too, am I going to sell the car And you know what, if it ever happens to me I'll never never NEVER wear plastic tits! Come on, let's go buy some super nipple rings or some delicious heels, or better yet, both! I'll buy!"

Our first stop was Madisons. As we browsed over the display case my eye was caught by an interesting pair of nipple ornaments. They were simply little pins that went through your nipple hole, and from either end a cluster of fine gold chains hung down for about three inches. They brought to mind some gorgeous heels I had seen with gold chains that formed a halter strap. That was it! I'd made my selection.

Judy was looking at a nipple bar that was about nine inches long. Pins on either end of the thin gold rod pushed through each titlet and were held in place by small gold snap on balls. We went into the piercing room so Judy could try the bar. She pulled her sweater up and I sucked on each titlet to bring them fully out, then carefully inserted the tiny pins and snapped on the fasteners. With her tits joined now, I gave her a couple more quick kisses before restoring her sweater.

"Oh my. Look what that does to my sweater," Judy said as she looked in the mirror. "Look! You can still see the side of my aureole mounds and the bump from each titlet, but the front is pulled tight right across. It makes my tits look bigger. No, not bigger, fuller somehow. I've never really wanted bigger tits. I do like this though, and there is still a trace of cleavage showing under the sweater.

"Walk around," I instructed, circling my finger.

It was curious how she jiggled as she walked. One boob's bounce was transferred to the other a moment later creating an interesting syncopated double jiggle. I described to her what was happening.

"Wow! OK, I'll keep it. I'll even wear it for the rest of the day. Do you want one too"

"Well........ I'm really tempted, but I've got an idea about some shoes to go with the chains I picked. If I can't find the shoes, then we'll come back OK Otherwise, maybe I could borrow your bar sometimes"

"Sure, if Bob ever let's me take it off," she said laughingly. "When he sees me wearing this, I'm going to be in bed for a while."

It was getting late, so before hitting the shoe stores we phoned home to leave messages that we would be out for supper and what restaurant in case Jack and Bob wanted to meet us.

Next stop was at the shoe store with the black patent baby dolls. I was lucky. I got the last pair in our size. Now both Judy and I had identical pairs. The round toe and very high very straight thicker heel was just right to wear with several outfits where the classic high thin heels with pointed toes didn't suit the style of the outfit --where the designer had probably intend low heels to be worn. Of course, we aren't into low heels. These shoes were my own idea, so I wouldn't let Judy pay for them, but I would take her up on the shoes I wanted to match the nipple chains if I found them.

We were walking down the street to where the shoes Judy wanted were (Judy's getting all kinds of glances at her sweater), and in a back corner of a window I spotted my desire. Black patent toe cups that were pointed and came back to the arch at a nice curvy angle, a four inch thin heel and a halter to hold them on that was made out of thin gold chain. Bingo! And on a close out sale for $29.95. Perfect.

Last stop. Judy bought a pair of magnificent Liz Claibournes in white leather on a four inch heel. The front was much like the ones I had just bought, but instead of a halter there were two very thin straps that crossed over the vamp and ended at the sides of the heel. The straps were joined by a narrow leather band that went around your heel to form sling backs. Mmmm Mmmm nice!

Jack and Bob were at the restaurant when we arrived and had been able to get a booth rather than an open table. You'd think that by this time the eye popping-jaw dropping routine would be over, but that's just what they did when they saw Judy's chest with that hard tight line right across the front of her sweater from titlet to titlet with a each of them making a prominent bump at each end. I admit I was a bit jealous, but I was going to wear my Baby Dolls with not much else when I got home, so I'd get my turn. Judy sat with her back to the crowd and plucked up the front of her sweater to quickly flash her tits and bar at the guys, then we picked up menus to order. I could tell -- there would be no desert, at least not here.

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