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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 7

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 3, 2013
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Bob and Jack waded out to meet us. They were totally naked. Bob's long cock swinging between his legs, Jack's knob uncovered and starting to stiffen. They picked us up and carried us to the shore where we were given a proper Venusian welcome.

* * * * * * *



Jack and Bob had left for the cottage before lunch -- to 'set up a plan' was all they would say -- so I picked Judy up from work at five o'clock and we stopped off at my house to pick up supplies before driving up ourselves. When we arrived I found a note that said "The Earthmen invite the Venusians to their land. Come prepared."

We quickly went through the closet to gather whatever Venus attire that had found its way back to town, then sped to Judy's for the same mission. Getting away much later than we had planned, we were dressed again in our lycra suits with the zippers that split them into halves, and knee high boots. I had blue on the left, red on the right, with the black boots. Judy wore the reverse, of course, with the white boots. Zipped down to nipple level we set off for another adventure.

"Great looking tits Babe," I said to Judy as we drove along. "Your aureloa really push out nice now."

"Yeah, I'm pretty pleased. I only have to wear the molded nipple rings one day a week now so they will hold their shape." She pulled her zipper down further and popped the right one out. "Here, feel how firm the little mounds are getting."

Taking my hand off the gear shift I gave her a little tweak and told her how amazed I was at the solidness of her new bumps. My clit started to push out and I didn't want it to get bruised by my zipper so I just brushed my fingers over her nipple and took my hand away. "Let me suck on them later and I'll give you a better opinion."

"For sure."

We had to catch up time on the road, so we couldn't make a little trip into the woods at our stream side stop. That would have been nice as the sun was setting now. However, we did keep up a flow of 'horny' conversation and did manage a bit more fondling along the way. More importantly, Judy told me that it was entirely possible for us to get our prepuces' cut away, and that she had set up an appointment for us with a Dr. Mathews in two weeks time for an examination of our cunts and clits so a decision could be made. Just talking about it made clitty stiffer. I guess it did for Judy too, as she pulled her zipper down to her crotch and slid her hand between her legs for a while.

At the cottage there was another message, "Launch from the dock at 11PM. Watch for signals. Be prepared for tit inspection." We had less than an hour to get ready and launch.. uh take the boat, and to where What uniform to wear I wanted so badly to wear the thigh high patent leather boots, Judy's black ones if she would trade for the red -- but would they be of any use on a sandy beach Were we going to a beach I couldn't wear my pant with these boots nor could Judy wear her shimmering scarlet half body cover. As we freshly shaved (no telling how long before we could do that again) we decided that I would wear the high black boots with the red patent tunic, and Judy would wear the red boots with her black lace tunic -- the one with the U shaped opening down to her navel. In both cases, then, our cunts would be bare at all times.

We sat out on the deck sipping white wine, letting the moonlight shine on our slits as we awaited the appointed moment. God, these boots are beautiful things. I was struck once again, as Judy walked onto the deck, of how her torso seemed to float on it's own above the long shining shafts of her boots. The black ones seemed to disappear into the darkness when the moon when behind a cloud, leaving the V of my twat to appear as though it was perched on the lounge chair supporting the upper half of my body -- as though I could be picked up under the arms and impaled onto a long hot cock. Then the moon would break through and shine on the glistening shafts and I could see the delicious heels that bent my insteps so exotically.

Just before eleven we set off for the dock, clicking mysteriously through the dark and along the new walkway. I stepped delicately into the boat, unsure of how steady I would be in its rocking hull wearing heels. Jude clambered up to the bow and cast off. We headed in the general direction of the island, still not knowing what was ahead. Then we saw a flashing light and steered towards it. Would it be our earthlings, or some other night prowler on the lake Would we give them a flash of smooth white cunt as we passed, or would we scrunch down and motor past It was not another boat however and soon we were headed toward the shore. Judy was astradle the bow with the waves of water swelling over the front and washing over her crack, like the maidenhead of an ancient galleon, as we neared land.

Bob and Jack waded out to meet us. They were totally naked. Bob's long cock swinging between his legs, Jack's knob uncovered and starting to stiffen. They picked us up and carried us to the shore where we were given a proper Venusian welcome. We hugged and cuddled and asked about why the big mystery, as they warmed our chilly quims by taking turns pressing their hot meat between our legs. We could get no answers to our questions though -- only that we had to climb the path to the top of the cliff.

"I recognize that cliff and rock," Judy said. "That's where I posed wearing the green stockings and white high heels."

"That's right babe, but it's too chilly for that tonight. Do you think you can climb in those gorgeous boots"

Actually, I enjoyed climbing in the boots. It really is fun to wear heels outdoors and to learn that you can master anything while wearing them. Most men never get to learn the thrill of wearing heels, and if they do, never get to wear them enough to become skillful in lots of different situations.

At the top we discovered a brand new cabin, well the start of one. After we were carried over the threshold into the main room, which was lit with candles that flickered off the patent of our boots and my tunic, we learned that Bob had bought the island and had the cabin constructed as soon as the snow had gone. We got a brief tour from our naked guides. Brief was fine, I had plans to have more than the outside of my quim warmed by their dangling pleasures.

The cabin was pretty rustic at this point, a roof and bare walls. But Bob explained that he planned to have everything finished all in varnished pine. A kitchen and bathroom were to be at one end, with the kitchen at the front with a window overlooking the water. Open to the kitchen was to be a long sitting area, which was itself divided from what I presumed were the bedrooms at the back. Bob explained that he planned on making one large bedroom. Ohh, what a lovely idea. Jack and Bob rarely appeared completely naked to each other, yet they had been now for some time, and now the concept of pushing two beds together for a common love nest thrilled us both. Had Jude and I been successful in bringing them further in common love

I plopped onto the big pile of quilts that would form our bed for tonight and took off my tunic and Judy followed with her lovely lace top. There we were, completely shaven, long dangly earrings, and boots. Soon everyone was romping around until Bob crawled over me and I caught his semi-erect dink in my mouth. He was COMPLETELY SHAVED! I hadn't noticed in the dim light. We rolled over without my letting go and I pumped my butt up in the air. Jack got the idea and entered me from behind. The next thing I knew Judy was kneeling over Bob and letting him lick at her crack. I kissed her wildly and deeply as Jack continued to drill into my twat, and let her take over nibbling Bob's knob.

I had been bracing myself against Bob's hips and when I released my hold one of Jack's thrusts drove me onto the bedding beside Bob. Jack was no longer connected to me. Judy shouted "Jack, you're shaved smooth. WOW! That's soo neat!" When I looked back to see for myself Judy had taken up her nibbling task on Jack's exposed, rigid, and wet cock. It was Bob who rolled me over and entered me. Now Jude was laying beside me. She grabbed my hand, intertwined one booted leg with mine, and linked a twinky to one of mine. I know I screamed from the pleasure filling my body, but that scream was joined and overpowered by Judy's voice as she too reached a shuddering climax.

After resting for a few minutes Jack and Bob brought drinks and a snack back to our nest. Bob apologized about not having electricity. The problem was that the generator could not been delivered and installed for some weeks. So rather than spending the whole weekend in this new love nest, we would have to return to the cottage in the morning. Judy and I loved the candles but we had tickets for the theater on Saturday night (this year we had decided to get them for the whole season) and a shower beforehand was kind of required.


About one o'clock in the morning, my drink finished, I strutted across the room and grabbed Jack's knob and led him toward "my side" saying "You never finished what you started earlier. I like a man who finishes what he starts!"

Soon we were all involved in another romp on the quilts. It was a real scramble and I'm not sure I would get all the details straight here. I do recall sucking on Jude's jugs at one point and telling her how firm her new aureole mounds were now, while Bob was taking her from behind. At the same time she was sucking mine and Jack was eating me out. I know that a little later I had Jack's foreskin stretched back so far it looked nonexistent. I got it back so far that there was just a narrow white tight band near the base of his cock, which I stroked and rubbed with wet fingers until his glans was a deep deep shiny purple and he almost came. When I let go his joint was so swollen the skin stayed firmly withdrawn. It was then that I went up on my shiny knees and dropped my twat over his beautiful engorged rod. We came together almost instantly.

Judy and Bob were involved in an enthusiastic sixty-nine. Then she mounted him and I stood behind fondling her beautiful tits. As I sensed she was about to come I twinked her nipples. Seeing that happen brought Bob over the top as well.

We all slept then, in pairs with our mates, Jude and I in the middle. But when I awoke about dawn I found myself holding Bob's cock. He and Jack had traded places sometime in the early hours. Gently, gently I kneaded him into full erection as he awoke, and with my other hand softly twinked Judy awake. When she was aware of the state of affairs she slid Jack's foreskin back and worked on the underside of his knob with a scarlet thumb nail. Naturally this concluded with one more good fucking. Bob for me and Jack with Judy.

Breakfast was prepared on a propane camp stove in the kitchen area and we ate in the large open area, ;egs stretched out on the floor. Then it was down to the lake for a skinny dip to freshen up. The water was still cold and it brought our nipples out hard and firm. As we lay in the sun to dry Judy and I took turns twinking them up for each other until we could put our boots back on. Eventually we returned to the cabin to tidy up and put our tunics back on for the return trip to the cottage.

On the boat ride back Judy suggested that if we were going to spend more time at this lovely hide away that she and I should invest in some safari dresses and over the knee boots with a high but more sturdy heel. "Oh Jude, what a lovely idea, I replied, in tan or blue or white with buttons up the whole front and a couple of those nice safari hats so we don't have to slather sun screen all over our beautiful heads."

"That's it! Maybe some shell necklaces with matching hanging earrings"

"Yes! Let's plan a shopping expedition to see what we can put together as soon as were back."

At the cottage there was a scramble for the shower because we had to get to the restaurant, the theater, and we all had little sleep. We were in the shower two at a time, whomever was ready when there was space. Of course everybody had to shave and Jude and I had make up to do. One by one we settled down on some soft spot for a nap until the alarm went off.

I awoke before anyone else, so I slipped into the bathroom and did my nails, all eighteen of them, a deep rose, put on my nipple rings with the diamonds and some long white earrings. A little eye makeup, and a light touch of rosy blush for the top of my boobs, with a hint of pearly rose for my twat. My nails were dry now so I slid into opera stockings that were almost white with just the slightest hint of pink. Then my glorious white pumps with the angular open toe, five inch heels, and delicate flower embroidery. Slipping my feet into them is always a pleasure. The final touch, my white leather dress with matching embroidery. I tiptoed out to the kitchen to mix a Margarita.

While I was sipping on my drink I heard various noises from the back. So, we might just get away on time. Then Judy appeared. I knew she had bought a black leather dress for this evening to wear with the black shoes I had given her, but I had not seen it yet. Stunning is too light a word. She stood tall and statuesque in those shoes. The five inch heels were cone shaped, that is, tapered, but round both at the back and under the arch, and red. From the angular slash at the toes red nails showed through extremely sheer black stockings and the three red petals that formed the vamp design rose up onto sensual and steep insteps. The dress was of the softest black leather and hugged her hips and waist, tapering inward to end just below the knees. Slits extended upward to almost the hip and the eye was taken from there to her breasts where there were half cups, which seemed to be molded into the shape of the leather. Three red leather petals flared from part way up each cup, curving over the bare top of each mound to match the design on the shoes. Sleeveless and strapless the dress was marvelous and Judy looked incredible.

I wanted to step over and pop those breasts out of their cups. Instead I told her how beautiful she was, and was rewarded with a hand through the side slit of my dress. "Nice, I said, but don't mess up the makeup.... yet anyway." Just looking at her in those beautiful shoes and dress made me start to get wet. I didn't want to have to redo any makeup at this late moment. Probably it was going to get smeared before anyone saw it, but it made me feel good to know my quim had a smooth rosy glow. I thought too, how our wide lacy gold rings looked so elegant -- the perfect accessories for such elegant shoes and gowns.

Shortly, the men appeared in their tuxes and black patent shoes. It was barely seconds from when Jack saw me until the front of his pants bulged out. Bob, with his large cock, was trying to move it around inside his tight tux pants. "Oh Judy, he exclaimed, let's not go. We could stay here with the place to ourselves."

"Bob, that bulge sure looks inviting, but I'm not going to miss the opportunity to show off this beautiful dress and the gorgeous shoes Nance gave me. Come on, I'll make it up to you later."

As we walked to the car Jack whispered in my ear "Nancy, whenever you wear those shoes I..........., well you know, and that leather dress is so lovely. You are so beautiful, and when you wear beautiful shoes and clothes I get so horny."

"Baby, I whispered back, you just wait until we get back. I'll get you so horny you'll think you're going to come before you slide that lovely rod into my crack. Did you like it when I pulled your skin back so tight and stroked your bare shaft"

"Oooh Yeah! Shit Nance, we'll never get away if you keep this up."

At the restaurant Judy and I held the total attention of the crowd for a few moments when we all walked in. The wine waiter kept trying to get a look behind Judy's petals, and I think he deliberately dropped the cork so he could get a side view under my white dress front when he picked it up. What the hell, I obliged him by leaning forward to say something to Judy so that the front billowed forward and he had a clear shot, if he was quick, to one nipple ring. I would have loved to undo the clasp at the back of my neck and just drop the front while I sipped my wine -- but I expect the restaurant had some rule about the patrons doing that sort of thing.

The play was an uproarious comedy and we were so caught up in it that there was little time for fondling. However, at one point in the third act the action settled down and I was able to get a hand into Bob's pants and twink his knob while at the same time give Judy a good twinking with the other hand. She too was busy working in my clit while doing something sensual to my husbands penis. I thought about the doctor's visit she and I would soon make to see if we could have our clitties bared. When I just about came, Judy withdrew her hand. Letting go of Bob's hard on I took his hand and put it into my skirt, then resumed my stroking of him. He softly stroked my crack for about five minutes until we were all laughing so hard again that maintaining any sexual arousal was impossible.

After the play, when we neared the car I heard a soft ripping sound. I turned around to see what it was and found that Judy was peeling away the center petal covering her left tit. The right nipple was already exposed and starting to harden in the cool air. These petals were held in place by some tiny bits of velcro or something like it. When the left one was bare also I said "Nice tits babe!" Jack and Bob whirled to look.

"That's very naughty Judy," Bob said.

"Yes, I know," Judy replied, "but it's so much fun. What's the point of a dress like this if you can't show your boobs off to the fullest"

"Oh they look lovely pushing their way out the front of that fantastic dress Jude, but it's still very very naughty. You know what that means when we get back

"A spanking" she asked excitedly.

"Yes darling, and good and hard this time because you've been warned before."

"Oh how nice, and will you fuck me afterwards"

"You could get spanked and fucked right here in the back seat if you're not careful."

"I haven't had it in a back seat since I was in college," Judy replied.

I had to do something before they got carried away. There were other people going to their cars. This just wasn't the place to be banging someone. I did the obvious. I had wanted to do it for hours. I calmly rolled up the front panel of my skirt and held it at my navel. Damn! In a flash of light I saw that my makeup was indeed smeared. I'd just have to fix it in the car.

"What gets into you girls" Jack asked. "You both get into the mood to flash and there's no stopping you. You're so naughty tonight Nancy. I'm going to put you over my knee and smack your bare butt the first chance I get."

"You guys are what get's into us," I replied smartly "Jude and I promise not to behave if you'll get into us when we get back." I was in for a surprise.

Once in the car I sat beside Jack and with the front of my skirt still rolled up I took out my eye shadow kit and re-rosed my cunt right in front of his eyes. About half way back Bob pulled of the main road and turned down a lane. Soon he pulled up at a grassy clearing. Taking two emergency blankets out of the trunk, he and Jack made a place for everyone to lay down. With the stars twinkling above and the moonlight glowing off of our boobs we were fucked like two young college girls who had just gotten pinned by the football heroes.

As we lay resting I slipped off one of my pumps in a moment of erotic thought and slid the open toe over Jack's softening cock. The sight of my sexy shoe surrounding his rod brought an instant full erection and I could hardly tug the shoe off of his swollen member to put it back on without hurting him. I moments he was back inside of me and I watched Judy try the same experiment. Bob's long rod swelled and almost filled the length of her shoe. I came again, this time at the same exciting moment as Jack, then watched as Judy tried to extricate her shoe. At last it was free and they were coupled again. Jack and I quietly fondled each other as we watched them reach orgasm. Both men had returned to full erections in minutes. The thought of their organ inside a very sensual high heeled shoe was obviously very erotic to them. What a lovely evening -- so much fun under the stars.

Back at the cottage Jude and I had to face the music, playfully downcast but inwardly with excited anticipation. As Jude was about to bend over Bob's knee he pulled his soft but stiffening dink out and she folded the front of her skirt up to place her quim over top of it. Then Bob folded up the back of her skirt, baring her rump. As she lay over him her beautiful breasts fell out of the top of her gown. As I was not yet receiving my paddling I knelt and cradled them in my hands. Smack! They bounced in my hands.

"Naughty naughty Judy. You looked so lovely with your nipples coming out between the petals. What if some horrible mugger had come up behind you and fondled your titlets

Smack, smack! Bounce, bounce.

Judy wiggled to get her crack over Bob's hard on.

I felt the back of my skirt go up over my bum. I went on my knees and thrust it up, while still cradling Jude's boobs for her.

Whack! on Judy. Whack! on my own rear. It smart nicely and made me involuntarily squeeze Jude's boobs.

"Naughty Nancy!" Whack. Smack on Judy. Whack again on me. "I love you when you are so naughty."

Smack. Whack. Judy had Bob into her now, and I felt her tremble as her orgasm built. "Jack, take me from behind. Quickly!," I ordered.

He was in me in a flash and as I felt Judy's jugs swell with her lust I tightened my quim with all my strength. Jack came. I came. Judy came. Bob came! One simultaneous group orgasm that left us all panting and exhausted. I know Jack had come five times that day. He was going to have to rest or he'd never make it through tomorrow.

We all had a night cap, and Bob was going to lead me to bed.

"I'm sorry Bob. Not tonight. When I wear these shoes I'm Jack's alone. Please ask me tomorrow though."

Judy snuggled into his arms, pressing her nipples and petals into his chest, and I actually saw him start to stiffen up again.

"We can make the same pact when I wear these shoes if you like," Judy told him.

"Oh baby, I love you so. That's a great idea. They may be the sexiest you've got" and they went to the guest room.

I was already surrounded by Jack's arms. I thought of sleeping with him while wearing the shoes he enjoyed so much. I asked him if he'd like that. With an affirmative kiss we went to our room and snuggled naked (well, I was in stockings and heels -- that's close enough to count) under the sheets.


I awoke to Jack's lips sucking a nipple.

"Good morning darling. I woke up with your stocking rubbing my leg and there you were wearing those fantastic shoes and look what happened again." He slipped my hand over his engorged organ.

I led it to my widening crack and guided him in. It was one of those languorous, lingering, and totally enrapturing fucks that only two people so deeply in love can share.

I met Judy at the shower and as a treat we shaved each other. While we were doing that pleasant task we decided to wear the black and red sheer tops with the black patent heels and hat, and the white heels and hat, as we had the day I first shaved her. We'd talk the guys into doing the brunch dishes and we'd lay out on the deck with a couple of cool drinks until their game came on TV, then we'd go to the bedroom for 'girl time'.

Again the guys were going around naked and as we all worked in the kitchen getting brunch ready it was so nice to just turn around and bump your cunt into another cunt or a dangly dink. We even made a little game of it. Of course those dinks turned into solid pricks when the game got too active so we sat down to eat and cool off a bit, though I wouldn't have minded getting eaten from under the table. Jack was sitting beside me and I did tweak his knob a couple of times just to let him know that I was looking forward to using his tool later.

We had toast crumbs in our cracks from getting stroked during brunch, so when Judy and I went outside I pulled the garden hose down to the sitting area on the new walk and set the nozzle for a solid stream and I hosed down Judy's little crack for her. Then she did me. The feel of the water pressing my lips apart and gushing over my clit was wonderful. We'd have to get a flexible pipe for the shower. Judy started playing around with the nozzle between her legs like a chrome cock pissing a clear stream.

I sidled up to it and gave the nozzle a twist until that little bump in the center pushed out and the water went all dribbly. "There, I said, your circumcised."

She giggled and came toward me wiggling it like it was throbbing. Then her wet heels slipped on the new planking and she went down on her ass with the chrome cock still sticking out. I ran over and lowered my twat right down until it was almost in me. Judy gave the nozzle a twist and shot water up into me and I fell over beside her. We laughed almost as much as at the play, and we tussled there, rolling around and spritzing water all over each other. Our sheer tops were now soaked and clinging around our boobs. I stopped laughing then and sucked each of her titlets until they pushed the wet material out and I smoothed the wet fabric until it was a perfect mold of her breasts, aureole, and nipples. When I was done she had these inviting red mounds on her chest. They looked like tits, felt like tits, but were glistening red.

Turning the hose on myself, I started to shape my own mounds to a shimmering black. Then Judy took over and completed the job. Pressing my black tits into her red ones, and rubbing my wet crack into hers I kissed her full on the mouth, sucking at her lower lip as I did. She started to stroke my slippery wet head with her fingers. We were soon in a passionate frenzy.

"God Nancy, if my clit was just a bit bigger I could touch yours with it. We could bring each other off that way."

"Maybe if we're able to get our prepuces clipped we might be able to do that. Come on. This has been fun, but lets dry out on the deck and then we can go inside and give each other a good screwing without the risk of getting splinters."

For the evening I had plans to weary my new shoes with the gold chains. I was anxious too, to find out what Judy was going to wear.

After some girl fun on the bed we showered and I put on a deep red polish to all my nails. Then I fitted cone shaped circlets of black patent around the front of my breasts and inserted the little pins of my nipple rings through my titlets. These were the rings with the three inch fine gold chains dangling from their ends. The black patent had just a nipple sized hole in the front, so the chains were set off nicely and dangled down into open space below the dark background. I added similar gold chains at my ears, each with a little crown of shiny onyx at each lobe.

I paraded in front of the mirror in my patent slippers, appreciating the bounce and jiggle of my breasts with these erotic adornments, and at the sime time admired Judy while she dressed.

Some weeks back we had discussed creating a sort of harem look for the night and I hadn't gotten any sort of telepathic clue about her outfit. So far she had only a gauzy skirt with red and gold trim at the waist and about nine inches below that, at the hem. In between she might as well have not been wearing anything. At this point she was fitting a jewelled spiral around her left tit and trying to make the back 'circle' stick to her chest with some sort of glue. Beside it, the right one bounced beautifully with each attempt to position the left spiral.

"Here, let me help," I offered.

"Um, yeah. This is trickier for some reason than when I tried it at home."

"It's got to be the glue."

"No, it's the same stuff, and this is a fresh tube."

"Oh," I said as I held her delicious tit and decided if I was going to suck it or not, "Your skin is still damp. It must be the humidity."

"Shit," she retorted, "if these spirals fall off it'll spoil the whole look."

I carefully and thoroughly dried her tit, then tried a new application of the sticky velcro glue she had bought. With Jude on her back I placed the gold and sparkly red spiral round her booby and pressed it to her. Her booby jiggled deliciously inside it's cage. I held it there for several minutes and gave her an occasional twink up under the nothing skirt. When she at last stood the cage stayed put.

As I worked on the second one Judy leaned up several times and flicked a tongue over my prodruding nipples. Mmnnn nice. She was wearing gold nail polish and I had a deep urge to paint her crack with it.

Finished with her tits now she slipped out of her stain slippers and went to the closet to select the gold high heeled sandals. Wow, this was looking more exotic by the minute!

I went back to my own dressing now and slipped on my next item: a black patent belt with a gold buckle that had bold gold chains hanging from it to form a sort of skirt. A heavy cluster of chains fell down over my pudenda and as I walked about some of them banged into my crack and onto my clit. I thought again about getting sheared and that made me wonder what it would feel like with those chains bumping into a bared clit. Jeez, now I was getting wet.

Judy had now placed a band of gold and red jewels around her fore head that matched her hem and emphasized her bald head.

I slipped into my patent open toed shoes with the halter straps made of gold chains. I was ready. I sat back, sipping wine, and wondering how the men would react. This was turning our more hooker like than harem, but then we hadn't done that look either. Well tonight I'd find out if I could play hooker. Then my eyes went wide as I watched Judy lift a wedge shaped delicate gold cage out of her overnight bag. It was like a string bikini but made of gold colored heavy wire and had two medium weight gold chains coming away from the top of it, one much longer than the other.

"I need help with this part Nance, please."

"What on earth..."

She raised her bit of skirt and snuggled her cunt right into the cage. Oh my God...OH! My breath caught, but I managed to help her slip the chains around her waist, hook them together, and run the longer one down her ass crack and secure the back of the cage in place.

I was just speechless. Seeing her cunt held prisoner like that was starting to drive me wild. If I wanted to tear it off, what was Bob, or Jack for that matter, going to do.

"Well I've never dressed like this for Bob before," Judy said in a dry voice. "But, hell, just making it got me horny, so lets go do it. I love your chains Nance, and nice tits too babe."

We downed the last of our wine in a single gulp and stepped into the hall.

"Fantastic tits Sis," I whispered as we clicked our way along. I watched her unadorned nipples wandering around in their cages looking for a way out. God I was super horny, and the chains bumping my clit weren't doing anything to make the feeling go away. Good!

I soon found myself on the main room floor getting fucked by Jack, while Bob was still fumbling with Jude's cunt cage, his dong waving about in the air so frantically I though he might come and shoot a load all over Jude, but as I came for the first time he plunged into her. She grabbed my hand and touched twinkies. Oh god, I was coming again.

I know Jack had come inside me, yet he was still hard when he withdrew and started licking my cunt. Then Bob came as Judy writhed under him for the third time.

"Come on Jack, switch with me, I still want more." Bob asked of Jack.

I received Bob into waiting arms and crack and joyously rolled over on top of him, pounding down on top of him, waist chains clicking around his balls, nipple chains dangling against his chest. His long cock was huge again inside of me and I watched his eyes glaze then his pelvis convulsed up and his chest heaved as he come once more.

I had been so intent on fucking Bob I had not glanced at my husband and sister. I turned now, just in time to see Jack stick his tongue into Jude's left tit cage and flick her nipple. They both thrashed and rolled over. In mid turn, on their sides they exploded. Jude stifled a scream and Jack groaned in his ecstasy.

We all lay on the floor exhausted for several minutes. I studied my shoes and red toe nails while I got my breath. Pretty slutty I thought, but god what fantastic fucking. Well for cheap shoes they were good fun. I wondered if Jude was going to put her cunt cage back on for supper. Then I felt myself being scooped up and all four of us were on the way to the shower.

Supper, obviously was late. It was at supper that Judy, and yes she put it back on, asked if she and I could trade lives for a month -- shoes, clothes, house, love mate, the whole works. (Yes, the hole works, but this was something else). I was amazed that I hadn't 'felt' her thoughts on this. Were our powers fading Were we growing apart The idea was exciting though, and the four of us had a very involved discussion while we ate.

In the end it was Bob who vetoed the idea for several very good reasons, but he did suggest we might be able to give it a trial by making the swap on a Wednesday after work so that we would have two night in town with the other mate. Then we would all go to the cottage together on a Friday long weekend and return with the alternate spouse on the Monday, swapping back after work on the Tuesday. Sort of a week long trial. Everyone happily and excitedly agreed to this approach.

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