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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 7 - Doctor

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Author: Nancy
Published: 04-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 05-Apr-13
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So, Judy and I are going to get cut! We both signed forms for the 'Partial removal of clitoral prepuce' and I felt all tingly when the last detail was arranged, and started getting stiff as I signed my name across the bottom.

* * * * * * *

Dr. Mathews was able to see us with very little wait, and when we shook hands, insisted we call her Ruth.

"What lovely and interesting hands," she complimented us. "Will you tell me how you both came to have those cute abbreviated little fingers"

Taking turns, we gave her the whole story, right up to my recent rework on Twinky One by Dr. Johnson.

"Dr. Johnson does wonderful work. I've used him myself," from Ruth. I noticed that she was holding her baby fingers back with her thumbs and examining her own appearance. "Oh well," she sighed. They would look very nice, but I do need them to do surgery. Now, as I understand it, you are twin sisters and are both interested in having more or all of your clitoris exposed, is that correct"

"Yes." "Yes."

"OK. Well first, I can't help but notice your lovely heads. Do you shave them for pleasure or are you under treatment It wouldn't be possible to do even simple surgery if you were under treatment."

So, we also explained all about how we came to be smooth headed, and our recent return to being hairless after a winter of letting it grow.

"Well the first step is to see if you are candidates for this type of surgery, and to do that I'll need to examine you. If you want to do that privately, well then one of you can wait outside, and the other one can strip from the waist down. Otherwise, why don't you both get your skirts and panties off and we'll start with Judy."

"Just lay up on the table, she continued when Judy's quim was bare, and put your feet in the stirrups. If you have any questions as I work, please ask. In any case, we'll go over all the details in my office later."

Dr. Mathews took a large stainless steel instrument and inserted it into Judy's crack for about an inch, and then turning a handle on the far end she slowly spread the lips out. The instrument held them spread far apart. I could clearly see Judy's prepuce and clit under the strong light, and the doctor adjusted a mirror so Judy could watch also. After conducting an overall examination of the outer and inner lips and the prepuce itself she spoke again.

"You can help me with the next part Judy. I'm going to massage your clitoris into erection, so if you have a favorite fantasy, get your imagination going." I slipped my own hand down to my own bare crotch as I watched. When Judy's little head made an appearance Ruth said "Now that I know your normal erect size I can determine how much skin I can cut away."

Then the doctor took two shiny probes that looked much like crochet hooks to me, and inserted them one after the other into the space between Jude's clit and the skin covering it. Slowly, slowly, she worked the skin back and folded it over, exposing even more than I had in April.

"Oh" from Judy.

"It's a nice feeling with the tip exposed that way isn't it" Ruth commented. "That's about what it will feel like whenever you're erect if you go ahead and have the skin trimmed. I noticed a little tear in your prepuce Judy. I would guess that you've done this, or tried to do this yourself."

"I did it for her about a month ago, I said somewhat defensively, then she did it for me. That's what led us to search you out."

"Well, that's great. This kind of sexual experimentation is very healthy. Not only that, it's lots of fun. It's only too bad that most women don't discover these things until they are in their late twenties or even older. I encourage women of all ages to experiment and have fun with their bodies. While sexual joy is wonderful with another person, particularly of the opposite sex, a person should be able to experience that joy even if they are alone."

"Can you leave me this way," Judy asked.

"If you like. It will only stay folded back for a short time, of course but enjoy the feeling while it lasts. That's all for now then Judy. Why don't you trade places with Nancy."

Naturally my clit was already hard when I got on the table, and I was looking forward to having my lips spread and held open by Ruth's shiny instrument. My examination proceeded much like Jude's, who was watching me with lots of interest. Once my clit was bare, the doctor asked "How does that feel Nancy"

"It's a great feeling. Like I told Judy when she did me the first time, it feels all tight at the base and the front part like it's trying to burst. Sorry doctor, those are emotional feelings. You will want clinical responses."

"No Nancy. I want your honest sensations and emotions. What you two want to do cannot be undone, and if you won't enjoy the results after the operation, then why should we bother. Would you like me to leave you bare, that is, until you withdraw"

"Yes please. I am enjoying this Ruth."

"I can see that you both are, and that's good. Well, the news is that you are both candidates for at least a partial clipping. Why don't you get dressed and I'll tell you the options in my office."

Once seated in her office, Dr. Mathews took three life sized 8 by 10 photos out of her desk. The first was of a cute, firm, twat, which I presumed had been fully shaved in preparation for surgery. It was already spread open by the same kind of instrument that we had just enjoyed.

"Now, what you're looking at here is an aroused clitoris, but you can see that it is still covered. Even the head is not poking out. This is what we call a 'hooded' clitoris. Simply cutting across here (she drew a V with her fingernail) just behind the head removes the hood and bares the head when it is erect. This doesn't really apply to either of you as you can achieve that state naturally. By the way, please disregard these faint scars on the inside of the labia majoris, uh outer lips to you. They are from a different operation entirely. Any questions"

"No OK then. The second choice is to cut higher, or further back if you like, here. That is the point that I had your prepuce folded back to, where it joins the clitoris itself. Let's look at the second picture."

We could see the same twat just after the scalpel had sliced away the prepuce, which was also visible, but some inches away still in the jaws of a clamp. Just a small bit of skin, not much bigger than a dime. The woman had been trimmed very neatly and you could see the tiny, thin, open wound across the sliced skin quite clearly, but there was very little blood. I've cut myself worse in the kitchen. The beautiful part was looking at a newly bared clit.

"This option is the one that will leave you feeling much like you did on my table, or even a little tighter along the shaft if I put a single stitch in here to narrow the opening. A second benefit of a tight opening is that it tends to keep the front of your clitoris engorged, feeling full and hard, longer. Normally there is no need for any other stitches to close off that little slash. It's clamped for a bit before I cut to keep the incision closed. I could do it all in my office but I really prefer to do the work in a hospital and have you stay a couple of days. You should not indulge in sex for about two weeks after the operation."

I expressed concern about developing 'Lackanooky' in that time.

"Oh don't worry about that," Dr. Mathews said. The first week of exposure you'll get erect just walking around and likely have several orgasms from casual stimulation. Now let's look at the last picture."

This one was obviously the same person. You could tell from a single freckle on the left lip. But, this time we saw the entire prepuce removed, the full length of the clit exposed.

"In this case, you can see that the cutting is much more serious. It includes cutting away whatever part of the prepuce is attached to the clitoris and involves this wide deep V shaped incision that would have been much longer had the previous option not been taken a year earlier. It involves several days in the hospital and no sex until everything is perfectly healed."

"Ruth, Judy said, these pictures are obviously of the same person. Why would she take the second option, and then the third later Is the second choice not effective, or does the effect wear off, or what"

"Actually, these are my own pictures so I can tell you everything you want to know, feelings and medical. Dehooding just wasn't going to be enough for me. I couldn't have an orgasm at all with the hood there, but during testing my doctor determined that the nerves in my clitoris were very insensitive and recommended option two if I were to ever have regular orgasms. I took that surgery, and sex was a lot better, but I was still only getting off about once in five or six times and was feeling very frustrated all the time. So, later I went all the way, to get the stimulation I needed. As I was already a doctor at the time I insisted on the pictures so I could help my patients."

"By the way, she went on, the thin scars on the inside I mentioned before When I was a medical student I had my inner lips, the Labia Minoris, removed. From my early teen years they had always hung out and I felt it looked ugly. I still think that when I see patients that way. Students were encouraged to volunteer to let other students work on them under supervision of the senior surgeon. So I thought I'd ask this cute student doctor to do the work and of course it was free. Well, I guess he liked my vagina rather well because I've been married to him for six years."

"One other thing. I'm really pleased to see that you both shave regularly. I'm convinced it is the best thing you can do to keep vaginal infections to a minimum. There is no hair for any germs to grow in or juices to collect, or anything like that. Just the air being able to flow freely over the vulva is a deterrent to infection. I've never had a yeast infection since I started shaving in my late teens. On top of that, this operation we've been discussing eliminates one more area for 'yeasty beasties' or germs to collect. Enough about me. Do you want time to think about this"

Judy looked at me and winked. "I don't need to think about it," I said. "I want option two with a tightening stitch."

"The same for me," Judy exclaimed.

"OK, I'll call the hospital and book time, and we can fill out the papers."

So, Judy and I are going to get cut! We both signed forms for the 'Partial removal of clitoral prepuce' and I felt all tingly when the last detail was arranged, and started getting stiff as I signed my name across the bottom. The charming Dr. Ruth Mathews will do us one right after the other. The date of the cutting is June the eleventh.

I realized as we babbled excitedly on the way home that by us getting cut on the same day, that Jack and Bob would also be without sex for two weeks. I told Judy that if we had chosen different dates I could have satisfied Jack and Bob while she was incapable, and then she could have returned the favor. "Do you want to change the dates," I asked.

"That's a great idea Nance, but if we do that, one of us will still be incapacitated by our July weekend. Do you just want to put it off until after then"

"Oh no. I'm looking forward to experimenting with a bare tight clit that weekend. I can feel it now under my white leather dress at the theater, all bare with Jack's finger or your twinky on it. Oh no, I don't want to put it off."

"Well, I don't want to delay either. So, it was a nice thought then, satisfying them both, but the guys will just have to take matters in hand if they get horny."

"Yeah, I guess that's the only way. Besides, I'm excited about us being done almost the same time. Hey, let's go to my place and make plans to modify our tux outfits and check out how they are going to look with black Baby Doll heels."

JUNE 11TH We had arrived at the hospital at seven thirty in the morning and now we were on two gurneys waiting for our trip to the operating room, the excitement building. Judy had won the draw to go first and when they wheeled her away I felt lonely, but I lay back and thought about the increased joy we would soon experience. In what seemed like no time at all I was being wheeled down the hall. I passed Judy, who was coming back. She winked and wiggled a twinky at me. I waggled back.

On the operating table they placed a green curtain across my stomach, but I could see a little of my exposed twat in the domed overhead mirror as busy hands applied antiseptic. Then I felt a sharp pain as the needle went in to my pudenda, followed by a steadily increasing numbness. I saw too the lip spreader do its work.

"I'm ready to begin Nancy," Ruth's voice came to me from behind her mask and the curtain.

I closed my eyes then, but I could hear her giving instructions and making comments to the trainee that was observing about how she was trimming so that the result would be very neat. I watched intently as Ruth picked up what looked like a tiny pair of vice grip pliers, like Jack has in his workshop, except the jaws were fitted with stainless steel points. One with a triangular plate and the other with an open thick wire frame to match. She worked the plate well up into me, between my clit and hood. I was wishing I could feel that part. Then she closed the jaws so the open frame crushed my hood. "Relax Nancy, we'll wait about five minutes until the layers of skin bond".

"I'm going to cut now Nancy, if you want to watch". I saw Ruth take her scalpel in hand and trace the inside of the open part. Then she opened the 'pliers' and I was bare! "Just one little tissue cut under your clitoris Nancy, to free the underside from you body so it will stand up nicely, just another moment now". A flick of her knife and I heard her clear voice say "Suture." and I knew she was almost done. It had taken so little time.

"Do you want to see what I've taken away Nancy"

"Sure," excitedly.

She waved a pair of clamps past the curtain that held a snippet of skin, one short wrinkled edge, and one long curving edge that was an open raw slice. I wiggled with delight, and tried to imagine what I looked like down below. Soon I was on my way back to our room.

When the local anesthetic came out Judy and I were pretty sore, but quite mobile. We wanted to look! We removed the sanitary pads that had been taped on for dressing and presented ourselves to each other from the side of our beds, prying our lips open.

"Wow!" "Wow!

"Nice huh"

"Yeah! Permanently exposed clit heads. Wow! I mean the black and blue color at the incision looks odd, but the stitch is kind of cute, and all that will all go away soon enough. The important thing is that clitty looks really cute. I wonder if a guy thinks 'Wow, a permanently exposed pecker head' the first time he sees it, you know, if he gets cut when he's a teenager or older"

"Well, he should. This is a special moment. Clitty bare forever!"

"I wonder if Jack would really like to have his cock bare headed all the time I'll have to find out."

"I'm too sore to make my clit big right now, but what do you say that if either of us gets stiff we let the other know and we'll compare how they look again"

"You bet."

Jack and Bob came to visit at noon, and they took turns guarding the door while we showed off, and of course there were lots of hugs and kisses (not both up and down though, unfortunately). We let them do the work of removing the dressings and parting our lips, well Bob took off the pads and they did their own inspection of both of us. These were two really excited guys -- like having new toys at Christmas. When Judy saw that they were bulging their pants out she warned them about not getting too horny 'cause they'd have to wait for us if they wanted real satisfaction.

At three o'clock Ruth dropped in to see how we were and to make her own inspection. She was wearing nice brown lizard pumps, a dark brown narrow skirt, and I could see a bit of a beautiful creamy polished silk blouse under her lab coat. Very pleased that we had zero bleeding and very satisfied with the neatness of her work, she thought we could go home tomorrow.

"Well that's my last round for the day. I'm off duty now. My husband Doug is picking me up at four for an evening out," she said as she slipped off her lab coat. "I'll just stay and visit for a few minutes if that's OK" as she sat down.

I looked to check out her silk blouse and was startled to see a single tit bobbling gently against the delicate silk. "I... How nice.... Oh that's gor.... I never realized how beau.... Um, you look...."

"I think what Nancy is trying to say is 'What a beautiful single breasted blouse you're wearing.' I agree with her. When was the decision made to adopt that style" Judy rescued me.

"Yes," I found my tongue. "I've never noticed. I guess I've never seen you without your lab coat before."

"Well thank you, both of you. I'm very proud of it. I was pleased with both of them before they found the cancer, of course, but I feel now that this one is really special. The decision, Judy, was made for me just over two years ago. There really was no choice, and I deliberately chose not to ever wear a 'falsie' because I can't stand being phony. This is me, and I always go braless for special occasions. More often if I can. As you can see I don't intend the evening's fun to end until long after Doug and I are home tonight."

"I've never had the chance to see a single breast before, that is, alone by itself," I said. I'd always imagined it would look so, you know, unbalanced or something. You don't look that way. It actually looks inviting some how, if you'll pardon me saying so."

"Not at all, I hope it is inviting. I think I told you that Dr. Johnson had done some work for me. Well, he assisted my surgeon and then did some tidying up afterwards so there is absolutely no scar. Would you like to see"

She clicked to the door on her lovely heels and put out the No Disturbance sign, closed the door, then opened up her blouse. She was right. There was no scar, no bulges, no nipple, and no breast on her left side. Just a totally bare smooth chest on one side, with a beautiful breast, the pink nipple starting to rise out of its surrounding delicate pink ring, capturing your full attention, on the other.

"Mnnn," I said, inadvertently touching my tongue to my lips. "That is both attractive and inviting."

"I always understood that having a breast removed was terribly disfiguring," Judy added. "That is certainly not the case for you. In fact, you look sooo natural, like that was the way you always were and meant to be. Oh I don't know! Your chest looks to me..... NATURAL.... BEAUTIFUL. I'm terribly surprised that I'm saying this, but I really mean it. I can see why you feel special about your breast. I feel, that it is in its singleness extraordinarily beautiful!"

"Thank you very much," Ruth repeated as she buttoned up, I'm glad I could give you that feeling." "But that's not why I stayed for a visit. I wanted to ask you about head shaving. I know how to do it properly, I learned that in pre-med. What I mean is, do you think I'd look good like that. I admired your heads that first day in my office, but didn't want to ask more than I had to until we knew each other better. Our anniversary, Doug's and mine, is coming up and I'd like to do something special for him. My problem is that if my patients think I'm taking chemo they'll be uncomfortable coming to me. I didn't need chemo when my breast was removed, the total removal eliminated the need in my case. To shave or not to shave my head, should I or shouldn't I Can you help me out."

We told her she had the right shape head, oval looking being better than round. That long earrings are a must, to buy a really good wig for at her office, and to go ahead and try it. We both expressed interest in seeing the result. Ruth was concerned that wearing a wig was being phony again and we had no solution to that other than to remind her that often women wear wigs just to be different on some days just the way they wear different heels.

"Well, it's almost four and Doug will be here in a moment, so I'll say thanks once more and be on my way. Have a lot of pleasure and happiness from your trimming, and call me if there are any problems. I'll sign your release papers on my way," and she clicked out.

I stayed at Judy's for two days while the preliminary healing took place. I'd like to tell you that we did much more than play with each other's tit's, but it just wasn't possible. Too much pressure could bring on instant and wilting pain. But, wow, Ruth was right; during those first few days just walking around rapidly could bring on an orgasm. Surely Judy and I needed to do more walking, you know, just for our health.

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