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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 8

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 5, 2013
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Judy seemed to be in a dream like state of ecstasy, moaning softly as I played with her engorged little member.

* * * * * * *



Jack and I kissed passionately as we parted on Wednesday morning. Tonight I would begin living with Bob for a week, Judy with Jack. Both Jack and I were telling each other of our love and desire to return when our exciting experiment was over.

I must admit I was looking forward to it, to several days of sex exclusively with Bob, and to fully making use of Jude's shoes and clothes.


I was so excited as we made our way to the cottage. Maybe I would get to fuck my husband for a change tonight, and get into bed with Judy too. This was the first time Judy and I had been able to have more than a couple of hours together since we had healed. I was so anxious for us to carry out a whole range of experiments with our clits. I wanted to get her skirt up and start right now. For that reason we were both, once again, sitting in the back of the wagon, together. There was no room here to have any real fun, but we could twink each other into a beautiful 'bursty' state, and we proceeded to do that once we were out of the busy traffic.

It was so easy now. A couple of twinks and either of us would stiffen right up. At one point my clit was right out of my lips and Judy flicked it with one of her red nails. It was kind of rubbery and sprang back when she released it. That was also right on the edge of pain, and I gasped.

"Is everything all right back there" Jack asked.

"Um, yes sweetheart. Having no foreskin just takes a little getting used to." I phrased it that way so he might understand. "Judy," I whispered. "Gently, gently. I... I... nice even pressure OK"

"Sorry. I'm just so excited myself."

She plucked one of her pumps off then (simple black patent) and placed the tiny heel tip onto my clit and pulled my skirt down over it. Yes, that put a constant pressure on it and it was sooo sexy, being it was her shoe. It also bulged my skirt up making it look like I was a guy in skirts with a hard on. That was a nice thought!

I took one of my shoes off (my red strappy sandals) and did the same for Jude. As I did that her shoe slipped out of place, but I quickly adjusted it back. Then we held hands, clamping the front of each shoe between our legs, and played stocking covered footsie with each other. As the car hit little bumps in the road a spiky heel would pulse against a clit. Jude and I would squeeze each other's hand when a bump brought increased pleasure.

Soon we were truly bursty, and all too soon we were at The Cottage and had to put our heels back on.

We bared our tops while we unpacked and had a couple of Scotch and sodas before turning in. I had a glorious fuck with Bob and fell off to sleep to dream of sucking on Jude's bare clit.


I awoke horny as hell and wanted to get reamed out by my husband. Slipping on nothing but my red sandals I tippy toed through the bathroom and into the other bedroom. I shook Judy very gently and when she awoke, motioned for her to change rooms.

Once in bed with I Jack took his cock in my hands and started to work it hard. His knob was already bare, the skin trapped behind it from his last screw with Jude. How long ago Would he get hard and satisfy my lust

I was not disappointed. As he woke up his rod was stiffening well. I moved around to sit on the end of the bed and clamped it between my feet, rolling them back and forth. The brilliant red straps bumping over his shaft. We watched together as he grew to magnificence. Then I dropped my cunt over it and came. I had three orgasms before he flooded me and we fell back onto the bed.

"Oh darling," I whispered, "that was so wonderful. I love you so. We must never do this again!"

"Never fuck again" he said impishly.

"No, no, silly. Never swap partners for days again."

"Yes I know. I love Judy, and she is fun in bed. But it's you I want. We can call this all off right now."

"No Jack. I made a promise and I'll see it through. I know how you feel. Fucking my sister's husband and knowing she's with you is great, but I don't want to live that way. It's you and your cock that excites me the most."

I reached for it. It was hard again. I should have known as I had the craving again already.

This time it was long slow delicious fornication as we enjoyed our bodies fully and I had two more warm satisfying orgasms.

As Judy and I shaved and showered she surprised me by asking "Do you want to call off the swap"

"Yes and no, Jude. It's not what I expected. Enjoyable, but not super. You"

"Yeah, about the same. Here let me wipe that foam off. I'll finish if you will, or stop now if that's what you want."

"No, it's been good Jude, and you know how much I love Bob. I don't want him thinking he's not a good lover. It's just that it's different. The thrill of a spontaneous screw with Bob isn't there when you're living together. Let me dry your boobies and cunt."

"Yeah, exactly. Oh that feels lovely. I mean, Jack fucks wonderfully as you know. It's just..... Well, if I finish out my promise I've been a good sport, and our special relationships won't be spoilt"

"Right. OK then, dry me, we'll get our heels and peignoirs on, and have some breakfast."


Judy and I decided that we'd just lay on the bed and play for a while. Later we'd have another shower and shave freshly, closely, before we dressed in our new white outfits which we would wear to dinner and the theatre.

I had her lips spread wide between twinky and thumb while I teased her into moistness with my middle finger. She was just stroking my slit very gently. From this position I could lean my head over and suckle her delightful right nipple. She was talking softly to me while I did this.



Nance, do you get scared that you might loose a tit"


"Well, I guess we both do. But, um, what if.... What if it really happened"

"M,udy!" I stopped and sat up. "Judy Not now, not while we have this 'special' time."

"I know, I know, but what if..."

"I was so scared, and you helped me through it. If you or I are faced with mastectomies, well, after seeing Ruth I think I could face it. That's if it wasn't a double. I don't know what I'd do then."

"Yeah, I know. OK, OK, sorry. It's just..."

"Look, tell you what, our white outfits are designed with a very artistic unbalanced look. Before we dress to go out why don't we experiment a bit and see how we might look, you know, if it did happen"

"Yeah." And she grabbed my cunt and started a sucking and twinking game of her own.

Trading back and forth, alternately, we were in a heavy duty frenzy in about ten minutes. "Judy," I exclaimed, "I'm feeling really wanton. I mean really really slutty. Let's grab some sandals and go lay out on the sand beside the dock. Like this, totally naked but for heels, get our clits bursty, hang them into the cold water, stuff like that"

She was off the bed and into the closet in a flash. On tippy toe, so our heels wouldn't clatter, we slipped down the hall and out to the deck. I felt so wonderful strutting along the board walk with nothing on, tits on view, cunt on view, my sisters hand in mine.

At the water Judy and I just walked in 'till the water sloshed at our cunts. It didn't matter we were ruining a pair of heeled sandals. That was a wonderful feeling in itself, walking through water with heels on. Then I lay back on the sand, Jude beside me and we resumed our loving. The sun beat down on our breasts and onto our slits.

In no time our clits were full and very ripe. The water would cooly splash up and wash the inside of my dilated hole, but my clit would stay hard, purple, the blood trapped in front of the ever so tight ridge Ruth had stitched at the point of her incision. God it felt so good!

Judy seemed to be in a dream like state of ecstasy, moaning softly as I played with her engorged little member. Vaguely I became aware of a motor boat and jolted out of my own reverie. Together we sat up to see, about sixty feet away, a man and woman gently cruising by. Judy put one hand over her crotch and the other over one tit. She really needed another hand if she was going to do any good.

The woman waved at us and I waved back, then she began to pull her top off, and next her bottoms. Standing in the gently rocking boat she waved again, and I could see hair. He didn't seem to have any intention of coming ashore, so I stood to show my shaved twat and made shaving motions to her. First my crotch and then my head.

Her mouth went wide, a big smile appearing on her face, and she looked at him. He too was open mouthed. I glanced at Judy, who had let go of herself, and was rising too. Despite this interruption, her clit was still very visible to me, firm, purple. MMMn. Although I had 'bursty' sensations there, I felt for my own. MMMn nice. I twinked myself, it didn't matter if this guy was watching, I was that horny.

Now she was making shaving motions back to me and nodding her head up and down. She understood. The boat moved away then with a wave from the man. I hoped they were going in search of a razor.

"Oh Christ," Judy exclaimed, "I'm hornier than ever Nance. We can't screw each other out here. Come on. Let's go back to the bedroom!"

We didn't make it that far. Jude was running behind me as we reached the landing and she reached between my legs and grabbed my cunt. I was stopped cold and realized my feet were squishing inside my ruined sandals. I held her hand in mine then, pressing her middle finger into my clit. We collapsed onto the planking and I mounted her. Yes, it was possible now, to press our clits together. She lay on the boards, I lay on her. We bucked and humped, banging clits together, tits jiggling frantically. Then as I felt an orgasm coming on I nestled my burning, entrapped, yes bursting, female flesh into her. We came, a stifled screaming joy (lest the men hear and come running out). We lay then side by side, naked on the planks, sodden heels touching, breathless, our chests heaving, tits bouncing. WE HAD FUCKED AND COME USING NOTHING BUT OUR OWN BODIES!!


I know that to many of you, who some day read of our experiences, that it will seem that Judy and I go on and on about the possibility of having only one breast, of experimenting with that look, of talking about the fears around being a one breasted women. My journal is simply the place where I have recorded some of the wonderful sexual related experiences my twin sister and I have had since the day (when I didn't know she was my sister) that I shaved her cunt to glistening bareness and discovered my own joy at loving a woman as well as men. Tits are very much a part of sex for Judy and I, as I'm sure they are for you. Once you've had even the closest brush with cancer, it looms up in your mind day after day. It stays with you and invades into every aspect of your life, sex included. Sure we forget about it a lot of the time, but when you're playing with your tits, or your sisters tits, the thought often floods back -- of what it could be like if.....

Forgive me should the subject seems to take up too much space. Then again, the journal is really for Judy and I, though we know someday we will let it 'go public' in some anonymous way -- just for the fun of it, just because the idea makes us feel erotic, just because we'd like others to have as much fun and joy with sex, their bodies, clothes, and sexy heels as we do. To share that with us you must also share one of the tough things we also live with -- the fear that a surgeons knife will disfigure us.


We arrived at the restaurant a little ahead of our reservation, and striding across the parking lot in my luscious silver heels and white pant suit, despite the exercise it had received in the past eighteen hours, my clit started to tighten again. I think the effect was partly from the pure sexuality of the outfit, partly from the tilt these shoes gave to my foot -- the tautness of the instep, and that single large earring bobbing against my cheek. Perhaps the cool evening air wafting across my freshly shaved head was also a factor. Then, too, was the fact that my tits were bare under the jacket, so the nipples were getting stroked by the silk lining with every step I took.

In any case, as we waited at the Maitre D's station the whole restaurant fell quiet and most eyes turned our way. Our beautiful outfits, and our handsome husbands had caused a little sensation. We were promptly seated, and Jack ordered the wine. Menus were being studied, when I realized that everything was still again. This time we swiveled our heads.

Jack was the first to speak. "Why that's Doug Mathew's over there. We played football in first year university together. I wonder who that absolutely gorgeous woman with him is"

Judy and I had seen the woman right away. The light sparkled off of her shining head, and her long silver earrings led the eye down to the most stunning evening dress I had ever seen. The design was pure simplicity, using the classic softly pleated skirt in a mid blue fabric. The magic was at the torso. Her right arm was bare, her left arm gloved in matching blue right up to the shoulder. The bodice of blue curved upward from the skirt, swinging up over a tight firm belly and then swept up and over a magnificently poised tit (contouring it like a misty blue paint) and continuing over the shoulder. The space between this demi-bodice and the gloved arm was bare. Yes, absolutely bare. The viewer saw a totally empty expanse, which only served to make you stare at the magnificence of the single covered tit.

"That's our clit doctor!" Judy answered acidly. "Her first name is Ruth, and as her last name is Mathew's I have to presume he is her husband!"

"OK, OK, I didn't mean you weren't gorgeous too, " Jack consoled. "How about I ask them to join us, then they won't have to wait for a table"

"That's a great idea. She really is a wonderful person. We girls can talk and you guys can reminisce on old football days. Here Nance and I are wearing probably the most stunning evening outfits we've ever worn, and someone aces us. At least it's someone nice like Ruth."

Jack greeted them at the entrance and Ruth turned again our way and waved. Oh my God, what a statement she was making, what a vision she presented, and as she tapped our way I could see that it was all topped off with a pair of exciting blue sandals raised on perhaps two and three quarters or almost three inch heels. The inner side of the vamp was solid, while the outer side was made up of three curving straps that met at a curvy centerline and presented a nice open toe. They were held in place with a halter of thin straps. Her white stockings (or perhaps panty hose) were so sheer that her sparkling silver nails were clearly visible.

Dinner was a delightful experience, not that I remember much about the food. I felt so 'alive' in my wonderful white creation, the exotic silver shoes, my smooth head, the long earring bobbing against my neck. I know Judy was feeling the same, as she would wiggle a twinky at me from time to time. It was a very sensual feeling that pervaded my mind and body when I looked at Ruth. What a truly exciting gown she wore. At the short distance, we were sitting at a round table, I could faintly see both the pink nipple and aureole of her stunningly curved tit. Three exciting ladies with shining heads sitting between their formally dressed and handsome husbands.

As we all arrived at the theater, Ruth and Doug invited the four of us to their cottage for the next afternoon and for supper. Her last words as they slipped off to their seats were "Do bring your bathing suits!"


The question was, 'What the hell were we going to wear to Ruth and Doug's' We didn't have one complete bathing suit between us at the cottage, and nothing we could readily convert into tops and bottoms for a bikini you could wear in public. In the end we drove to the small town between the two cottages. There we were able to scrape up two rather modest bikinis, one in black and another in yellow, a pair of matching sun hats and a pair of lacy white sun coats to provide a little more cover if it was appropriate. With our basic black and white pumps we could survive a polite scrutiny.

We changed in the car as Bob drove. I think two naked women shifting around in the confines of the back seat of a car, traffic coming, was driving him nuts. It was fun for us because be did a lot of body touching as we got naked and then got into the tight bikinis.

We were a bit relieved when we arrived and Ruth greeted us wearing a nice tie dye bikini with mostly a blue background and lots of yellow, red, and rose swirls. Well, if you can call her garment a bikini that is. I guess it can't be a monokini because that would be just a bottom, but the top was only one half of what everyone calls a bikini. She had a narrow blue ribbon that ran around her chest under her boob, and fastened to it was one single cup of matching silky tie dye material that was almost molded to her curves with another blue ribbon running from the top of the cup up and over her shoulder. Deep inside I wanted to cut the ribbon, I wanted her bare, I wanted to curl my fingers under the swell and twink her nipple. With a normal bikini top those thoughts wouldn't have occurred to me. It was lust, pure and simple.

The men soon went off to watch sports on TV, so we girls went out to the pool side with Gin and Tonics and chatted about how much fun the play was. I asked Ruth about the success of her head shaving.

"I'm not telling everything, she chuckled, but I will tell you I went home early the day of our anniversary and buzzed and stroked away until I was smooth and shiny. I also got fantastically horny doing it. Then I put on my good patent heels. They've got three inch heels you see, so they are really high, and slipped into a black night dress I made. It's sort of the reverse of the one you saw last night. It's all tight and smooth up across here, and bares my breast on the other side. Well, anyway, I met Doug at the door when he came home and the rest of the night was spent in bed. Every time he'd stroke my head, well..., he'd be ready again. As you can see, it's four days later and I'm still shaving. How successful were your little operations"

"Well, were not telling everything either," Judy and I started out in unison, our thoughts tied together again. "But I'll tell you that I'm coming three and four times a ....."

"And the same for me. We do a lot of ...., we do it a lot on the weekend. I don't know if it's OK to come that much in what, forty eight hours.

"Oh, don't worry about that," Ruth replied. "A woman can have orgasm as often as she wants. If they are over taxed, it just won't happen. Men, well they can injure their b.. testicles."

Was that a clue that Ruth didn't always talk in proper medical terms. I thought I would feel a little more comfortable with her if she talked a little more normal.

After a bit Ruth commented "I always see you two in high heels. I guess you really like them"

"I think we only have two pair of flats," Judy said.

"Our mother told me when I was small that little girls wear flats, and big girls wear high heels and women wear higher heels, I responded. Judy and I have heels from two and a half inches high right up to six inches. If they're well made and fit properly they are a real pleasure to wear."

"I've always wanted to spend more time in heels, Ruth replied, but so much hospital work requires low heels, you know, standing so much. How about I go inside and get the high ones I wore last night, as they're all I've got here, and I'll freshen up our drinks on the way back."

She returned, clicking across the tiles, with our drinks on a tray and her top dangling from her hand. "By the way, she said, I usually go topless here at the cottage. If you'd like to join me feel free, or if I'm embarrassing you I'll put my cup back on."

Judy responded immediately by shucking her lace coat and unhooking her top. I got tangled up in a coat sleeve or I would have beaten her in getting bare. When we had settled down again in the deck chairs I thought we were a pretty attractive group. Three women and five good looking boobies on show.

"I also brought out some sun screen, just in case you did enjoy going topless," Ruth said as she squirted from the bottle to her hands and then passed it to me. I felt my nipples swell as I started to coat my tits, then I turned to rub some lotion onto Judy's mounds, while she in turn finished getting me covered.

"Hey, Ruth called out with a laugh, just because I only have half the work to do doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy a little help too!"

Instantly twelve fingers were busy massaging one tit and her back and smooth chest. My hand just slid down that bare expanse and I felt my clit stiffen. What a strange reaction I thought, but those thoughts were cut short by Ruth.

"That day at the hospital, after I took your prepuce off, you said to me, Nancy, that my breast looked inviting. If it won't embarrass you, would you mind explaining your nice compliment a little further Inviting, in what way"

"Well, I meant, I uh, I... oh hell." I felt myself starting to blush. "I wanted to kiss it," I blurted out.

Ruth cupped her hand under her tit and said, "Well then Nancy, please do it. I think I'd enjoy that."

I was very startled, but pleased too, and leaned slowly toward her precious mound and gave it a firm kiss with a little French touch of a tongue flick over her luscious pink nipple.

"Judy" Ruth asked.

Judy tapped graciously toward her, made a moue with her red lips and planted them directly on the now hard pink titlet. I saw Judy's cheeks hollow in as she gave a little suck.

"Thank you both, Ruth said, I have always wanted a woman to do that and I could never ask anyone before. Here, let's sit down again. Doug and I learned, when we were in India, that when a good friend comes to her house, it is customary for the woman to greet the guest at her door with one breast bare The guest leans over to the breast and kisses it. I think it is a wonderful custom. Welcome to my dwelling! I know I'm being very forward, but when we first met, Nancy, you told me you had had chemo and radiation treatment for cancer but you never told me where the cancer was."

"Oh, here, inside this breast, I replied as I brushed my fingers over it. It was a lumpectomy and afterward Judy arranged for Dr. Johnson to do plastic surgery to fill the hole and remove the scar."

"Oh my. May I examine it I see no scar."

"Yes you may. He does such wonderful work, as you are well aware."

Ruth took my right breast in her hands. They felt pleasant and dry as she palpitated me and I felt my nipple harden under her palm. She quickly located the spot because there was scarring on the inside, of course.

"Not a mark," Ruth said quite professionally. "Not a trace of a scar, not even a thin line. And how he has filled the empty area -- truly wonderful. I can feel his work quite clearly, yet he has melded the tissue so smoothly."

I could feel it quite clearly too, as she rolled the inside of my tit between thumb and forefinger, and I was just as aware that if she didn't stop I'd be oozing into my cheap bathing suit bottom.

"Oooh, you've had your nipple pierced!" Ruth said this at the same moment that Judy remarked that Dr. Johnson had also done our fingers.

"Yes, those beautiful little stumps with their beautiful lacy gold rings," and turning to Judy she took both of Judy's hands in hers and stroked the quarter inch of rounded flesh that peeked from the end of her rings. I was delighted to see Judy's titlets swell even more.

Our twinkies often reminded me, when we wore the rings, of nipples popping out. Ruth must have had the same thought for she said "Such perfect work again," and kissed each of them. Judy's dark nipples jutted out a even bit more in response.

"Please tell me all about your piercing. Who did it, where was it done, you know, everything. Doug has often hinted that I should have it done, but, well, I've never quiet gotten around to it."

So we told her. About Madsons, and all we could remember about how the lady did it. And Judy showed Ruth her Maltese crosses, as she had them in her purse.

"Oh, these aren't like I'd imagined. I thought they'd be just simple rings dangling from my nipple. These're special and exotic."

"Here let me show you how they look," Judy said as she reached into her purse to take out her little hook. As Judy pulled her hooked titlet through the ring I saw Ruth's pink delight blossom and harden. Judy fastened her ring and jiggled her tit around. "What do you think"

"It's beautiful, and I thought it was inviting before."

"Why didn't you tell me right away" Judy quickly slipped the ring off and presented that tit to Ruth who gave it a good firm suck.

As she hooked her nipple out again and remounted the ring, Ruth said "That's fascinating how that design holds your nipple out so far."

"Yes, Judy told her, and you can design your own styles and Madison's will make them. I've just gotten these back from being adjusted to fit my new...."

"This is so exciting," Ruth exclaimed. "I have all the things needed in my medical bag. If I told both of you exactly what to do, would you pierce me Right here, right now"

Judy and I went through a lot of 'if you're sure' and 'if you really think so', but we did really let her convince us and Judy promised the loan of her crosses.

"I only need to borrow one, thanks," Ruth said, clicking hurriedly away, and then back with her black bag, Ruth then stretched out on the deck lounge and started to instruct us in what to do. I admired her body as she lay there. Her bald head, now with her hat off, curved sensuously and I applied sun screen with caressing fingers. As I did I saw Ruth's pelvis make tiny thrusts while I anointed her. Her lone tit was its own marvel of beauty, and Judy, following Ruth's instructions was swabbing the nipple and aureole with 'freezing' by means of a cotton swab held in the jaws of a scissor like clamp.

I had noticed earlier that Ruth's pudenda was remarkably prominent and now, with her laying almost reclined in the lounge, I could see again the mound it made across her pelvis, and how it held it's firmness right down to between her legs. Barb would be much more accurate, but it looked like Ruth was a full two inches across the bottom, almost flat there, with a nicely centered crack. I should have realized this because I had seen her pictures, but here in the sun and with it pushing against the thin silk bottoms the beauty of this style of cunt was very obvious. Judy and I were both quite tapered there, I being less than an inch across, and Judy just rounding nicely to nothing. The problem with little tapered cunts is that, while very demure, they have such short slits. Judy and I do enjoy having cute little twats with neat cracks (although, sometimes, as you know, we enhance the length with a bit of makeup) but there was something to be said, too, for a nice gash that closed with firm rounded lips.

Her beautiful stretched out form was finished so nicely by those beautiful blue halter strap sandals. Looking at her sensuous and relaxed foot, I could see that she could easily wear a heel at least four inches high, from how it arched from the ball to the heel. I would have to teach her how to measure her natural heel height.

"OK, Judy, now you come and kneel behind me and hold my breast up and out firmly. That's it, now squeeze a little to thrust the front out so Nance can work on it. Oh, and Judy, you can lower your left forearm. It's not going to bump into anything there. Squeeze a little more. That's great, and it feels good too."

"Now Nancy, pinch my nipple very firmly from side to side with your thumb and finger. Good, I can't feel anything. Now squeeze the whole length of it hard so that it's really flat, as thin as you can make it, good. The nipple should stay really flat for the next few minutes because of the freezing. Next pick up those larger clamps and being very careful to just apply them with one click so you don't crush the poor little thing, clamp them onto the tip of my nipple."

With slightly trembling hands I moved the jaws of the clamp up to that beautiful pink flat titlet. Trembling, so as not to injure Ruth's precious bump in any way, and because of the anticipation that soon a sharp needle would enter and exit this exquisite bit of flesh. Click!

"Good Nancy. Just let the clamp hang freely for a moment. Now you and Judy trade places."

I let my arm rest on her empty chest, and again felt a quiver in my quim. Jeez, I thought, why do I find that erotic

Tighter Nance. You can hold on tighter. That gives Judy a steadier working spot and besides I still have feeling in the back half of my boob and I like the feel of your slim hand. Don't be afraid to squeeze even tighter. The truth is you don't need to, but I love the feel of you doing it. Doug is usually too gentle. I'll let you know when it's not fun any more."

I loved the feel of it in my hand too, and did as she asked. Judy smiled down at me and I pressed a little bit harder making the skin behind the delicious pink aureole go shiny.

"Lovely, that feels so good. OK Judy, here comes the big moment. Pick up the needle and clamp the thick end very tightly with those smaller clamps."

Click, click, click click.

"Now sterilize the needle with a swab and the alcohol. Perfect. Nancy, hold and squeeze just the way you are. Judy, hold the large clamps in your left hand and pull my nipple out as far and as tight as you can. Pull, pull,... stretch the aureole out. Right, like that. Now take the small clamps in your right hand and bring the needle tip up to just the right spot. You know where that is. That's it. When you push the needle through, twist it at the same time, OK" A nod from Judy "Ready Uuuuuhuuh. OK, PUSH IT THROUGH!"

We heard that beautiful squeaky crunchy sound and the needle came through the far side. We also heard Ruth go 'Uuuuuhuuh' again and her pudenda heave.

"Umm, that's wonderful," Ruth said. "Let me have a look. Oh, my nipple looks lovely with the needle stuck through there like that, maybe I'll just leave it. No Judy, I'm joking. Well Nancy, how about you take the needle out and help Judy put the nipple ring on"

Judy undid the big clamp, and I twisted the needle as I withdrew it. We were rewarded with a 'squeee' sound. Then I moistened Ruth's nipple with my lips and rolled it between my fingers to make it round again. Judy placed the ring and sucked the main attraction through the center hole and slid the pin into place. A success even though the ring fit Ruth a bit loosely.

Judy held up the mirror Ruth had brought along and Ruth jiggled her booby around to get the light. She also looked at it from different angles, obviously very pleased.

While she was doing that, I pulled a red enamel ring from my purse and held it up to my left tit. "Ruth, would you suck my nipple through the hole" She did with a look of delight, and I popped the pin into place.

"Uh, Ruth said, I think we had all better take a dip in the pool. All of our bikini bottoms are soaked through."

We splashed around in the pool for a while and Judy and I played a bit of pushy titty.

"Can I join in that game" Ruth asked.

"Sure." "Why not" We chorused.

It was when Ruth nestled her tit right in between mine that I realized this would have to stop. There was no way I was going to get to have sex with this woman, yet, as the guys would say, I was going to need to get my rocks off -- not that I had any rocks like they do, thank God, but the need was there just the same. I splashed to the edge of the pool and climbed out.

"I want to go and show Doug, as soon as I'm dry" Ruth exclaimed. "Do you mind if your husbands see me topless"

Judy and I grinned at each other. "I don't think it will hurt them a bit. Besides, as my sister has been known to say 'Fuck them. No we'll do that later', I said." Ruth laughed heartily, and I had thought she might be offended by the use of the word fuck. She always seemed to use the correct and proper words -- not very descriptive, but polite.

"And I need a few minutes help with supper, she went on. Do you want to go in bare, or shall we all top up"

"How do you feel about Doug seeing us" I asked.

"Oh, he's seen plenty of tits you know. He and I even have to take some off from time to time."

My mouth went dry. "Oh."

"Well, you'd be surprised Nancy at how many mastectomies are done, because so few women will talk about it, but I remove about one a month or so. Sometimes I even have to do a double, and that's the only time I feel regret. But Doug and I both now work with Dr. Johnson and we can provide the woman with a chest as smooth as mine. Some estimates are that by early in the next century one in eight adult women will have one breast.

"Oh." from Judy.

"Yes, Oh is right. I wish I could find a way to show them all the falsity of trying to disguise their new appearance. To find a way to let them see that being single breasted is also very beautiful. I suppose it's the men that have to be convinced first."

"Did Doug do uh yours" I asked around a thick dry tongue.

"No he didn't. By law a husband or wife cannot perform surgery on their spouse. And, of course we have our own practices, and can't tell the other anything about a patient, but I do know that like myself he averages seven a year."

"I had this real scare, Judy related, because of our family history, and I went to this clinic for a mammogram, and while I checked out fine, this bit.. broad there told me I should get mine both off, and the sooner the better, and she plunked her plastic falsies with her thumbs to show me that she had done it, and I was devastated, and panicky, and uh, like you can see I didn't do it, and..." Judy rambled, some of the panic returning. I put an arm around her.

"And perfectly right that you shouldn't have. She should never have told you anything like that. And you were right the first time. Only a bitch would have said that to anyone. You have gorgeous tits Judy and you should enjoy them, and let others enjoy them. Today, we can often get the cancer out with a lumpectomy, like you had Nancy, and restore the breast to its full beauty with plastic surgery. If there is a re-occurrence then a clean removal is the best choice. Sometimes the disease has progressed too far or is too deep and then we take the whole breast away, as was my case. There is one kind of cancer that far too often shows up in the second breast after the first is gone. Unfortunately the best way, if it is that kind, is to do both at the same time. The removal of a healthy breast, or one where there is an indication that a re-occurrence is likely, is called a prophylactic mastectomy because it is for disease prevention. A prophylactic should only be done when there is every indication, and I stress every, that disease will occur. I'm sorry. I'm going on, and I've spoiled our beautiful sexy mood with serious talk."

"Look, Ruth went on, let's go inside and have some more wine while we finish the chicken l'orange. I want to show off your work to all the men if that's OK with you two, and then we'll decide how we're going to dress for dinner."

"Ruth, Judy stated, I'd love for Bob to see your breast, I believe that men need to be able to see some variety from time to time, and I'm sure he'd be delighted to see it, but I think you should know that your titlet is starting to swell and turn purple, and it's going to start to hurt soon. I know."

"Well it is a lovely shade of purple, I'll say that. Here, daub a bit more 'freezing' on it." I did that. "Nance, is it OK, can I show your husband my tit"

"Certainly. You're proud of it, even more so now that it's pierced. Why shouldn't you show it off if you want to. I know he was trying to see right through your dress last night so I'm sure he'd enjoy having you show him how it looks decorated," and we then made a delightful clatter across the cement to the house.

Judy and I stayed in the kitchen, sort of staring at each others' tits, in awe of having heard the truth. I held Judy's hand, twinky touching twinky and thought "One in eight women before two decades had passed."

Ruth clicked boldly across the floor to the TV room and introduced her spangled titlet to the men. "Better to use them and show them off while you've got them," I heard Judy respond. My answer was to kiss her full and hard on the mouth. Then our minds were snapped back to the present.

"Oh Ruth, you finally did it," we heard Doug exclaim. "Oh baby it looks marvelous! That's stunning! I'm so glad!"

"And you, Bob, Jack, what do you think"

"Aw Jesus," we heard Bob say, "that's not fair." "I know Judy and Nancy are in the kitchen listening, and they always look wonderful when they wear theirs. They look great when they don't wear them. Aw shit, I'm making it worse. What the hell..... Ruth you look fantastic."

"I'm awed at how confident and lovely you are, of how well you present yourself Ruth, and right now you are presenting yourself both with a beauty I did not know was possible, and with enchanting dignity." That was from Jack, and I was so proud of him, and so pleased he could see the beauty of Ruth's single breastedness. I was starting to get a hot twat again, my feelings of pleasure returning.

Ruth returned to the kitchen with a heavy blush, but her boob was thrust out proudly. We worked around the kitchen for about ten minutes putting the sauce on the chicken and putting it in the microwave, then setting the table. We got Ruth playing 'bumpies'. It wasn't fair of course as we had twice as much to bump someone with but we all had some fun doing it, and we were getting back to happy sexy feelings.

"I think we should dress up a bit for dinner," Ruth announced as she flicked her nipple over one of mine. "I love the bareness, but it is a bit of a fancy supper as you're helping us celebrate, so a touch of elegance would be appropriate. How about you two just slip your lacy coats on Is that all right I think you'll still show well through the lace. That is, unless you'd rather completely cover your beautiful tits No Well good. They are so nice it would seem a shame. I certainly plan to show mine off. Come on down to the bedroom and help me pick something."

Ruth had a lovely collection of exotic night gowns and a couple of evening gowns at their cottage. We learned that she had made most of them herself.

"I enjoyed sewing even as a girl, she told us, and really got into fashion designing as a teenager. Fate brought it about that I had a need for specially constructed clothes, so now I have an opportunity to please Doug and put my hobby to an enjoyable use."

We explained about our sewing and designing, but her skill as a seamstress was impressive. After trying several gowns Ruth chose a sheer rose peignoir coat with a tailored collar of satin on the left and a creamy lace collar on the right that folded back onto the bodice and spread into a paisley shaped burst over her breast. Judy's Maltese cross winked at us through the lace.

At the table, with soft music in the background, it was so comfortable, elegant, and delightful to sit in the flickering candle light with my breasts openly visible for my friends to see, a sign of my openness to and trust for them -- yet with each lovely mound lightly shielded with delicate and feminine lace. Lightly shielded, yes, but with every curve and nuance, every delightful change of skin texture, from smooth hill to brown ring to erect bump, visible for the eye to revel in, marvel at, and the hand, tongue, lips to desire. Judy was desirable. Ruth was desirable. Why couldn't women go to a good restaurant and dress this way My reverie was burst with the popping of a champagne cork.

Doug announced that the Champaign was home made in their own cellars, one of his hobbies. It was delicious and heightened my sensitivity to the beauty around me.

It was a wonderful evening, but all too soon it was time to drive back. I hated to leave. Even sitting in the main room, enjoying after dinner coffee had been delightful. Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the ladies lace covered breasts (we ladies included), and that just seemed to make the atmosphere so much more friendly and intimate. The side effect was that it also made me horny.

On the road back I had my bikini bottom off and was gently finger fucking myself when Jack pulled off of the main road where we had turned off the previous evening. Soon he pulled onto the shoulder. "Up from where we were last night," Jack said, "it looks like there's a nice flat spot part way up the hill, and with the moon light shining directly onto it it might be a good spot to take some blankets.

"Can you girls climb there in heels" Bob asked.

I whipped down his zipper and yanked out his cock. Holding it firmly, and leading the way, I replied "Just follow along and see how well I climb."

At the flat area I could see that Jude had also shucked her bottom, for when Jack spread out a blanket for her she pulled back her lace top and pointed her cunt right into the moonlight. It took only a moment or two for Jack to get Jude really juicy and then he entered her. Bob and I just sat on our blanket and watched then partake of the centuries old mating ritual. It was a beautiful thing to see in the moonlight; Jack's pole shussing in and out of Judy's cute and bald little hole, her tits jiggling gently back and forth on her chest with her hard nipples thrust out from the little mounds that surround them.

I cuddled to Bob and knew from his soft whispers to me that he too was enthralled with the beautiful and sensual scene. When they had both come, I rolled back onto our blanket and guided Bob into me. Caught up in the beautiful atmosphere he made long slow thrusts into me, extending the time and our pleasure as long as possible. I was in fact holding myself back, avoiding the growing hotness at my clit. But I caught the moonlight glowing on my nipples and looked towards them. Past Bob's rising and falling chest I saw Jude snuggled against Jack, the both of them watching us as we had watched them. How wonderful, I thought, to be able to share your most intimate actions and your spouse with your sister and dearest friends. The thought was too much and I came with a great cry of pleasure. My action in turn caused Bob to have an explosion. I kissed him passionately while his spasms continued and his ejaculation drained away.

I looked at Judy, to learn from her expression how she had enjoyed what I had, the mutual beauty of a passionate moment. Her expression told me how deep her pleasure was. She was also kneading her tits, pinching her nipple and I could also see that Jack was again erect. "See what you can do to help that girl in her moment of need," I instructed Bob and waved Jack towards me.

Without a word, I reached for his joint and pulled him down towards my hole. As he went in I felt my clit again turn hot. This time I was intent in holding back an orgasm until Judy had restored Bob to some reasonable state of action. She was working on that now, with him in her mouth, the three fingers of her left hand pumping the skin of his shaft up and down while she sucked on his knob.

Jack and I where whispering to each other about how to make it better, to give more pleasure, when I saw Jude put her butt up in the air and Bob enter from behind. "Like that Jack, like that!" I said. He withdrew and I sat up and gave his glans a huge suck, tasting the tangy mixture of his, Jude's and my own juices. Then over onto my knees I went, grabbing two large tufts of grass for support. Jack re-entered and I felt the joy of my suspended tits shifting to his thrusts. I felt him trembling inside me, the way he does before an explosion and flipped the lower part of my legs up, placing my heels on the sides of his hips. The feeling of the smooth leather and sharp heel tips against him caused him to go over the top and for the second time in a few minutes I felt a flood of warm cum inside my body.

Soon muted cries of joy came from my sister and her husband that made my clit stiffen again. Quietly in the dark, I slipped a twinky into my wet crack and brought myself off once more.

I was asleep when we arrived at the cottage and was only dimly aware of Bob carrying me to bed. Obviously I was exhausted. I had no idea at that moment of how many time I had achieved orgasm during the weekend, that didn't matter; I slept with dreams of walking through the best fashion shops in town with my breasts covered only by a bit of lace.


I awoke about noon with Bob by my side. I played with his cock back until its puny little pink head began to ripen, then as he woke up I sucked it into a large purple plum. I could surely get one more fuck in before we had to pack and return to the city.


Nancy: I promised myself I would write some description here about my experiences of living with another man, in another woman's house. Well, the truth is that it was little different from living at home. Sure, Bob and I tried to get more fucking in. I experimented with Judy's wardrobe. Many of her shoes are great. My first attempt to get Bob really turned on was wearing Judy's black leather "tulip" dress with the black and red opened toed shoes I gave her. The outfit was exciting for me, but the truth is that Bob just didn't see me in it the same way he sees Jude.

The weekend at the cottage was fantastic and most of my time in bed there was spent with Bob, but back in town, well, it was pretty much the same as being at home: good sex, but nothing spectacular just because I was with my sister's husband.

Judy: ditto. Loved a couple of Nance's nighties (for late in the evening, of course, not for bed). Her rich yellow satin one with her yellow patent pumps, the ones with the black bows, made me all tingly and excited, but you know, I really wanted to wear it all for Bob. An interesting experiment all in all. To me it proved that Bob was the man for me, that it was still important to experience shared love and sex with another man, and I had no intention of giving up sex with my sister!

A really interesting thing is that we all get into the wild sex at the cottage. In town, things were pretty normal, regular. Jack seems more interesting to me at The Cottage. I'll have to puzzle that out someday.

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