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The Cottage - Year 3 Event 9

Woman showing boobs
Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 8, 2013
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I turned to stare right into the strapped but open skirt Barb was modeling. A tight little crack winked at me through the opening as Barb wiggled her hips.

* * * * * * *


Judy and I had made a joint appointment with the Leather Mansion to see about some 'just over the knee' boots to go with our safari dresses. We had arrived just at opening time and were shown to a private room to await Barb. A few minutes after nine she opened the door and stepped in. "Sorry I'm late! The rain made the roads slippery and the traffic was so heavy. I'll be right back as soon as I change. It's so nice to see you again, it's been months."

I don't know which was the greater shock; seeing Barbara wearing a flat low heeled boot or seeing the shiny metal rod where her other leg should have been. Suddenly we had a hundred questions.

Soon Barb joined us, wearing brown trousers of thin leather, a matching vest under which was a totally see through blouse in the palest cream (the no collar no cuffs type), and now a sleek brown boot with a three inch heel. To my surprise, the stainless steel pin leg actually looked provocative poking out the bottom of one pant leg. Combined with her smooth shiny head and dangling bar like silver earrings she presented a beautiful appearance.

In response to our jumbled greeting and initial questions she told us her story.

"It was a terrible car accident late last January. A huge truck rammed me into the car ahead. The engine came off the mounts, through the firewall and crushed my left foot. When I woke up in the hospital I was plaster from my toes to my knee, but they told me that they had fixed everything and that I would be walking again soon, but that was just the beginning of my nightmare."

"Well, I must say," said Judy, "that while it must have been dreadful for you, you seem to be getting around just fine, and you know, the steel leg, or whatever it's called, looks kinda nice."

"Thanks, but it was a long time getting to that. Oh, they call it a pin leg, which I learned is quite different than a peg leg - so I guess I'm not a pirate," she laughed. "The real horror started when they took the plaster off and my foot was all deformed. 'Well, that's turned out nicely. Your were really lucky. You could have lost the foot. Of course you won't be able to wear high heels again' were the doctor's exact words. 'I would never be able to wear high heels again' rang through my head for hours. Finally I called the doctor back in and told him to cut my leg off."

"Oh we can't do that Miss. It's perfectly healthy," he told me.

Barb was sitting now with her right leg folded demurely to the right side, the heel of her boot touching the carpet and about six inches of the exposed left side pin crossed over and resting attractively against the shaft of her shiny boot, nestled in by her ankle bone and arch.

"I got really surly and told him to cut the goddamned leg off. I screamed and ranted every time I saw a doctor, for days. Then I told them that if they didn't cut the mess off I'd tie a cord around it as soon as I got home until it turned black and then they'd have to cut it off. Finally they relented."

As she got angry again Barb paced about the room, light glistening off of her head and earrings. There was no trace of a limp, and the thin leather flapped softly, appealingly, against the stainless steel. The heel of her boot should be metal too, I thought vaguely.

"God, that must have been horrible, I sympathized. It gives me shivers to think about it, then add to that that I couldn't ever wear heels again."

"Oh that was just the beginning of the end. They took the leg off just below the calf muscle, and put a temporary pin right into the plaster and stuff. I was actually sort or walking in about three days, and the pin didn't look bad you know. Than they sent me to the hospital lab to make arrangements for an artificial foot. The technician there said 'You know, you'll never be able to wear high heels again.'"

"Oh shit!" from Judy.

Barb plopped down into the leather couch and crossed her legs at the knee. With her agitation at recalling her angry episode with the doctors and technician made the sparkling shaft wave about in the air, the soft leather caressing the metal. The scene was strangely erotic. I was getting wet.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" I screamed at him. "I rarely swear like that, but I was just so fucking angry."

"You mean I went through all of this and now you tell me I still can't wear heels. Your damned lucky this leg is stuck onto me or I'd ram the steel pin all the way up your ass and then push it a foot further with my stump." God I was mad. I screamed and hollered some more until two doctors came and tried to calmly explain the mechanics of the whole thing. What they didn't know was that I'd already tried to wear a heel, and although the pin leg was short and I wobbled around, I did OK. The problem, they told me, was not with a pin leg, but with an artificial foot."

Barb relaxed a bit now and extended her legs, crossing the metal one over the instep of the brown boot. I suppose I do many of these actions in a natural feminine way, but I was never before so aware of how sensual they look. The sight of Barb's leg resting against the glossy brown leather boot just made this typical female pose even more attractive, delicate, sensual.

"And was your boyfriend trying to help through all this trouble" Judy asked.

"Him," she spit out. "As soon as I had my leg cut off the jerk split. A couple of months ago though I met a new man. He is wonderful and you know what, my leg actually turns him on, not the reverse."

Barb was calming down again now and in one graceful move eased her right leg up onto the couch, sort of tucked it under her butt, and at the same time swung the pin back along side her hip. Sitting this way, the side of her vest slid well back over her left breast. I could see the full luscious side of it, hard and pointed, and the hint of something shiny at the nipple. The soft brown pant leg had slid upward revealing about ten inches of shiny steel. Absentmindedly she plucked at it as though it had an ankle that was itchy. Her ankle, hell, my twat was getting itchy.

"I can see, or maybe I should say I can feel, how it would do that," I told her.

"Well, to shorten the story up, I told the doctors to just make me a shiny steel pin leg. So the one I'm wearing has a flesh colored socket that slides onto my calf and I pump a little air out of it and it sticks on. The pin can come out and I can put different lengths in depending on the shoes I choose. This morning I did wear a flat heel because it was slippery out, but as you can see I'm up to three inch heels now and I'm practicing at home with four. It was Albert from our boot department that saved the day. He's been making shoes and boots for forty years, and he told me it was the boot on my remaining foot that was important. It had to have a sole that perfectly fit my foot so that all my weight was spread evenly over the entire foot, and that it had to be perfectly solid to be steady. He made a mold of my foot and made me boots with two and a half inch heels. Then with a pin of the right length I was walking gracefully in no time. Maybe it's just me, Judy, Nancy, but I think it looks rather sexy - with the right outfits. Anyway, when you made your appointment you said you were looking for some boots" Barb said rising again.

"To be honest, Judy spoke up, your making me kinda wet watching you stand there firmly planted on one beautiful boot with your shiny pin holding your balance as it peeks out of your left pant leg. Yes, we were looking for some boots, dark blue for me and brown for Nancy. We were talking about a chisel shaped toe, perfectly smooth all the way up, a narrow sole under the arch so they look delicate and not clumsy, but with a thick heel perhaps two inches wide so we can walk over rough ground, and with a flare of leather that comes up over the knee."

"Why that sounds almost like our Spanish Conquistador boot without the knee cover - but we could add that for you. Your size is the show size so I probably have some in stock. I'll be right back."

"Before you go, I jumped in, I saw a long red skirt with a sort of hip hugger waist and then straight down to the ankle, out in the show room. Would you model that for me"

"I'd be delighted," and she moved gracefully away.

Judy and I looked at her leg as she went, then at each other. What some might have thought a disaster had turned out to be very attractive, even erotic, on this confident young women.

In a few short minutes Barb returned carrying the boots and wearing the shiny red skirt and a two and a half inch heeled black boot. She had left the vest behind, I suppose because it was brown, and her sheerest creamy see through blouse was tucked tightly into the waist band of the skirt. This pulled the fabric tightly against her smallish but hard tits making them look really out thrust. Each nipple was encased in a silver tube with a glistening black onyx stone in the foremost end further pushing the blouse out and enhancing the pink ring surrounding them. I wanted to hold them for just a moment, but said nothing. Instead I thought of our recent lovely supper at Ruth and Doug's, enjoying the company of friends and being almost bare breasted - of how lovely everyone looked and how lovely it felt.

The skirt looked fantastic! Barb had left the front zipper up a couple of inches from the bottom. I'd better describe the skirt in a little more detail. From a good solid waist band lovely shiny leather contoured down over the ass at the back and hugged the hips down over the thighs. From there it curved up the front like inverted petals to end in a point about four inches below the crotch. From this 'molded' top a straight skirt of even thinner leather dropped to just above the ankle. It was terribly attractive and I could see that my red patent shoes, the ones with the hour glass heels would be perfect with it. Barb's pin kept drawing my eye to the hem and then her tits would make my eye run up the almost full length zipper. I forced myself to concentrate on the lovely boots she had brought us.

"How far up would you like me to put the zipper" Barb asked

My breath caught for a moment at the thought of what I would like to see, but I answered "I don't suppose the skirt hangs right if the zipper goes above where the upper and lower parts join."

"Our designer put a little horizontal strap on the inside right at that point, so, yes, it can be unzipped right to the top and still stay close around the hips yet slightly open at the front. Or, if you like, the strap can be removed and the front will fall fully open and still hold a nice line."

"Ssfffh," I sucked my breath in. "Well, for now, just go to the join and I'll admire it that way as we try these exquisite boots."

As she slid the zipper up I noted that from the top of her glistening pin to her knee was covered with a black leather boot top just like her right leg, except that it was shaped to fit around the socket with a hole in the bottom just big enough for the steel rod to slip through. What a great idea. The style of the skirt seemed to change now, from utter elegance to sophisticated evening wear. It shouted for my Evan Picone kid sling backs with the four inch heels and pointed toe.

"Oh look at the shape of the toe," Judy exclaimed. "It angles sharply down from the toes to a nice little square front, and the same from the sides, just like we talked about."

"And look at these four inch heels! They're even tapered a bit, and certainly wide enough at the bottom."

"They're actually an inch and three eighths wide," Barb joined in. "Not as wide as you asked but I do think they look so much nicer than a heavy block."

"And the shaft, Judy exclaimed as she slid a stockinged foot into one, perfectly smooth with no zipper, and it stands straight up on its own just like a riding boot. Oh I love them!"

I too had one leg booted and there was no way I was going to part with them. They fit like gloves over my foot, instep, and curved delicately around the arch to the steep curve of the narrow sole we desired. "These are sooo classy Judy. Sooo delectable. Uooo. I think I'll wear them home."

"I love how the stacked heel on yours compliments the golden brown leather, but this blue is perfect for me." She was now fitting the second boot, and she was right, her legs looked like she could take on the world and stun them with her beauty at the same time. A perfect color match for her blue safari dress.

zzzzzt. From somewhere beside my ear.

I turned to stare right into the strapped but open skirt Barb was modeling. A tight little crack winked at me through the opening as Barb wiggled her hips.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed

"Oh my, oh my........ Oh!" The front of Judy's sweater was swelling

"Oh God Barb. Oh I've got to have that skirt. It's way over my budget, but you've got to make one for me." The skirt had taken on another distinct look. Now it demanded D'Orsay style five inch heeled pumps, the style with only heel and toe cups and a couple of criss crossy straps over the vamp.

"Oh yes Nance, go for it! I've never seen anything as wonderful at that!" Judy pronounced.

"And here at the top of each boot Judy," Barb coolly commented, "we'll put a pointy knee cover that will curve away at the rear." Barb was standing right in front of Judy now, her cunt inches from Judy's lips. I wouldn't have been a bit surprised if Jude had leaned over and flicked her tongue through the skirt slit and over Barb's crack. She didn't, but the front of her sweater was simply bulging with tit, swollen aureole, and hard nipple. I think Barbara noticed because she then said "I was thinking of your V'd bathing suit bottoms Judy. We have a new design in a top for women with pierced nipples that would look good with that bottom, that you might be interested in. Nancy, if you would just slip out of your skirt and panties I'll measure you for the skirt and while your doing that I'll fetch the top for Judy." and she clicked through the doorway, zipping the skirt down as she went.

She clicked away The bottom of her pin had a black rubber like bumper inserted into it, to prevent slipping I'm sure. How could that click

I went directly to the washroom attached to the client room to dry myself and returned to see Jude walking around in her new boots too. She looked fantastic in them, with her wrap around jean skirt and tight sweater and bald head. "Nice tits babe, that was exciting wasn't it She nodded thoughtfully.

The boots were so superbly comfortable. I decided not to bother with the knee cover, I guess just so I could take them right away. I was out of my skirt when Barb returned with the 'bra' and her purse. There were no panties under my skirt and it felt good to have some cool air wafting over my cunt. I had heated up a lot.

"How can your leg click like heels do Barb As you stepped through the doorway onto the hard floor I distinctly heard the double clicking like heels."

She turned almost away from me and bent her leg at the knee so I could see the bottom of that sexy pin, the luscious leather draping around it. Right in the center of the hard black bumper was a tiny metal tap. "Albert did that for me. That's the kind of fine detail he thinks of. He made your new boots, of course."

As she was talking I heard another soft zzzzzt, and she put down the pin and spun around on it to show me again the top of the skirt, no longer held together by the short strap, open about three inches wide to reveal two tight rounded lips forming her sex slit. My own titlets expanded again. I grabbed the tails of my blouse and tied them tightly under by boobs with a big knot. The better for Barb to be able to measure my hips and thighs I told myself. The truth was I wanted to feel my nipples pressing ever so tight against my blouse.

My breath was coming in short bursts, my throat was dry. Barb's tits on show through that almost nothing blouse, with their extraordinary ornaments, her erotic pin leg swishing under the skirt and peeking below it, and then the ultimate, her smoothly shaved cunt crack offering itself. I could hardly stand it. I looked at Judy who had now peeled her sweater off in anticipation of the bits of leather "bra" Judy had given her in a clear plastic bag. She looked me straight in the eye, nodded, and I heard "I'd really love to. But Nan, we just can't."

"I know, I know," I sent back sadly.

"Barb," we echoed tremulously. "Barb you look so... We want to uh touch... " My voice cracked, Judy's continued "...your body is so very appealing to us. We just can't do what we want to, do you understand"

"Oh! I was hoping so much that you'd ask me. I just didn't know if either of you would consider going any farther than holding a tit, or a gentle kiss. There's a dildoe in my purse. Would you change your minds, I'm so worked up"

"We both want to do it with you, Barb. Really badly, but were just not going to. OK Personal reasons, OK"

She nodded her understanding and acceptance, yet we knew she must feel as hollow as we did. Then Barb once again became her professional self, and said pointedly "Then, I'll take your measurements instead." I could understand the hurt in her voice.

Trying to be calm now because I badly wanted the skirt, I let Barb make all the measurements up, around, and across my hips, thighs, from waist to cunt, cunt to knees to ankles. By the time she was done Barb's normal friendly tone had returned and she told me how much she was amazed at the size of my newly exposed clit, still somewhat engorged, and I was afraid she might kiss it. This would have driven me wild and I might not have been able to resist this time.

While this was going on, Judy was trying the "bra" top. It consisted of a narrow black belt that strapped right under her boobies and another that strapped under the armpits and ran across just where the top of each breast joined her body. From the bottom band a strap perforated with something bigger than quarter inch holes ran upward. The idea was to find a hole at the right place, stick your nipple through it, and anchor it in place with a plastic ring and pin. There was a selection of leather covered or shiny metal caps that would pop onto the ring to give a smooth look, or caps shaped like a very prominent titlet if you wanted that look.

Judy was adjusting her boobs up and down, trying them way down as flat as she could get them, and also hiking the nipple well up the line of holes until she had a lot of under curve with the nipple tilted away up as though it was aimed at someone's mouth. She was having a lot of fun playing with her tits and I was hoping she would buy it, so I could try it later. Finally she settled on a near center hole and pulled her sweater on over it. I was impressed. She certainly wasn't wearing the smooth caps, the protrusions were definitely her own, and I guessed she was going to wear it out of the store.

Redressed, we all kissed firmly on the mouth. Barb said it would take a month for the skirt to be ready. The Skirt, I thought. That describes it perfectly. I didn't mind waiting that long for something that beautiful. The important thing was that Judy's boots would be ready in time for the holiday weekend.

As I walked away in my new boots I felt good, and still excited, but part of my mind kept screaming "What did we nearly do" I needed to talk deeply with Judy about that. How did she feel about it Could we ever return there again How far would we go

We picked a booth in the back of a quiet restaurant. My first words were "God Judy, I think we've become lesbians. What are we going to do about this" For an hour we sat and talked softly about our experience. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we were simply overwhelmed with the situation. Starting with the exotic and erotic combination of leather and Barb's (we both agreed) beautiful new leg, the fantastic skirt (with its many moods) that I would soon have, and would share with Jude. Then there was our own almost constantly sexy mood since having our prepuces sheared, Barb's size 30 hard pointy tits with the extra length the tubes gave her nipples, and the practically nothing blouse pulled over them. Finally the almost hidden yet at times quite visible cunt. Oh yes, that cunt, that was the ingredient that put me over the edge, and Judy too.

How would we deal with it We must go back to the Leather Mansion and assure Barb that we thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon we had with her, but that we could never get that close to having sex with her, that it was a 'one time' happening, the heat of the moment type of thing. We could never do more with Barb than we had in the past - a little tit holding or buss on the cheek. We could not deny to ourselves that with the right woman we could easily be tempted again. We must not go in search of that women. The future would bring what it would bring. Que sera sera.

We returned to find that Barb was distressed too, but more so because she felt she had led us into an uncomfortable situation. We were apologetic all around and parted with everyone feeling good about our understanding, and with a stronger bond.

On the way home I said to Judy "Cute tits babe. They're nicer without the straps though, but it sure looks like it's fun playing with your tittys, getting all those crazy angles."

"I agree about the natural look. And I was having a lot of fun, but the real interesting thing is how if feels to have your tits pulled up a bit and just hanging by the nipples. Each step, each bounce, and it tugs on the nipple keeping it constantly alert and erect. These are my own nipples that have been poking out for almost two hours now Nance, not the buttons that came with the kit. It's just too bad that the strap shows a bit through a sweater. It spoils the 'natural' contours, damps the bounce a bit. Still, and you know I go 'no bra' as much as I can, I like the constant tug, tug, as I walk or as the car rolls over a bump."

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