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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 1

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 9, 2013
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Without another word I lifted my pale blue gown to fully expose my twat and settled back in the lounge for Judy to put a touch of rosy blush on it. Glancing at Ruth I saw she was stroking her crack through the thin material, her clit rising again to meet her fingers. Then it was my turn to do Judy.

* * * * * * *

SEPTEMBER (Third Anniversary)


I didn't look like it was going to be a very promising weekend. We were late getting away and the rain was really coming down heavy. That made driving slow, and it was damp in the wagon even with the heater going.

Jude and I are wearing our new boots and safari dresses, which was just fine considering the weather. Our plan had been to go directly from the cottage to the cabin, but with the weather so rotten we might not be able to make the crossing safely. We had theater tickets for Saturday night, Ruth and Doug were coming Sunday. We just had to face it, we might not get to the cabin all together until the spring. With that realization, we settled back to make the best of the trip.

Judy had started the trip with her dress unbuttoned most of the way up to her crotch and as I turned in my seat to talk with her I got a good view of Bob caressing her vulva. "Ooops, pardon me."

"It's OK Nance. Just something to pass the time," and he took his hand away.

"Shit, Jude said, I was enjoying that.", but she didn't fold her dress closed, allowing me to view the sights. I asked my question and politely turned back to the front, while we continued to chat. It all seemed like a good idea to me, so I slipped open two more buttons on my own skirt, hoping we'd hit some dry road for a while so Jack could drive with one hand.

No luck! It just got wetter and wetter. The solution was simple. After giving Bob and Judy a little more time, Jack got Bob to take over driving while he and I got into the back seat. That was the second nice thing of the evening -- just like High School days.

Now our trip seemed to go faster, and I even dozed off for a bit on Jack's shoulder. His caresses seemed to lull me to sleep in the warm wagon. I awoke when we jolted into the cottage lane way. The boardwalk was a bit slippery under the soles of my new leather boots, but we made our way to the dock to find that there were no waves on the lake, just a persistent shower. The trip to the cabin would be safe, but miserable.

Jack came up with the answer. Everyone would pack the clothes they wanted to wear there in plastic bags, grab some other things from the cottage. Jude and I would get to wear the two rubber rain slickers with hoods that were kept in the boat, and the men would cover their clothes with plastic bags that had a hole for their heads to pop through. We'd make the best of it and get warm and dry at the cabin.

Without the men knowing it, we elected to go nude under the rubber coats, and wear our low blocky heeled vinyl boots. We carefully packed our good clothes and made our way to the dock again. Wow, my tits felt good slip sliding around under the slick rubber. The idea was sexy, but not very smart. In no time we got pretty cold. We ended up holding our slickers around each other, tits pressed into each other, and holding the others twat to share body heat.

We made the climb to the cabin about eleven o'clock, with teeth chattering, knees trembling, and cold rain trickling in and down between my boobs. Blaaaah!

Fire in fireplace, brandy, cuddling, group sex. The cabin is still fairly primitive with no inside walls yet. generator works, still no plumbing - contractor had union problems. Progress is dis-appointing


After another round of morning sex and some breakfast we decided we'd better get back to cottage. The storm has cleared into a beautiful day and the boat trip back was calm. The lake looked so peaceful and pleasant.

After a bit of lunch Bob and I decided to go for a walk along the beach. Jack and Judy were going to take pictures of the ducks that had gathered at our shore. I put on a pair of jeans, my MJ's, and a tee shirt with Judy's 'strap bra' on underneath. There was something about the bounce this bra gave to my tits that made me instantly horny. Once we were back on the property, I took off my tee and slipped out of my jeans while Bob stood, eyes wide, enjoying my nakedness. I walked to him, aware that the MJ's looked a little girlish, pushed his trunks down and took his cock out.

He fucked me right there on the shore, with the water lapping at our crotches, like a scene from "Here to Eternity" except I'm in these little girl shoes. I tried to kick them off, but the straps held them tight. I must pick the time to wear them more carefully. Still, it was exciting sex and I do love getting it off with Bob when we have the chance.

After getting our breath back Bob and I strolled over to our dock and then headed back to the cottage. As we rounded the bend and the deck came into view I could see Judy and Jack were sitting on the top of the back steps. Her skirt was rucked right up, past the tops of her white stockings and she has on a pair of tiny heeled pink pumps.. Her white blouse was unbuttoned down to the skirt and her tits were falling out. Wow! Well, they weren't completely out; her left nipple looked as though it had just escaped from bondage, the long collar trying hard to keep the rest of her breast prisoner. There was something deeply stirring about the sight. She looked more vulnerable, as though her left tit was really trying to escape, to work itself all the way out like the right one.

The two of them looked so happy, laughing at some shared happening. The simplicity of her outfit was so very erotic to me. As we came nearer I could see her moist cunt shining at me from under her short skirt. She looked so wonderful. My sister is so charming I thought, and with her physical charms fully on show as well it was almost overwhelming.

Judy waved to us, and as a kind of after thought, wiggled her hips at us as well. She was fully aware of what she was showing and enjoying every moment of it.

"Oh Jude, you're sooo beautiful," I called out to her. Then to Bob I said "Your wife is getting me all horny Bob. Can you get it up again"

"I can now!" he responded eagerly.

"Jack, please satisfy that hard on you've got with Judy. I'm going to get Bob hard and then soft." I told my husband. "Then I'll make some drinks for us all."


We had decided that we would dress each other during 'girl time', for our evening at the theater. This started with a shared shave and shower. I got a lot of pleasure cupping Judy's twat in my hand as I slide the razor through the lather and work carefully into and around her crack, then I lay full out on the bed, my ass crinkling the plastic sheet as I enjoy her making me slick and smooth. We did each other's head in the shower, then cleaned the other's tits and scrubbed the rest of the lather off of our twats.

After thoroughly drying every bit of skin with heavy terry towels, we kicked off our bedroom slippers and applied scarlet polish to the other's toe nails and finger nails. It's so tempting to have a little nipple suck or cunt lap while doing that job and occasionally we give in. While we waited for the polish to dry we stretched out on the big bed and slowly, gently, savoring it as long as possible, we twinked each other off. We had to be so careful now that our clits were always partially bare. Since our surgery I could bring Judy off in less than a minute. That wasn't really the idea, a great part of the pleasure was in getting there.

Sitting on the bed beside each other we rolled up black seamed very sheer opera stockings. I admired the tight curve of Judy's instep as she extended her leg fully to get a suitable tautness to the hose before fastening them to the sides of their tiny belt; but not as much as I admired that little split mound between her legs. I adjusted the inner side of her stocking so that they lay perfectly smooth in the little crease between that dazzling cunt and her legs. I couldn't help myself, I planted a firm kiss on it and flicked my tongue into the slit. The tip of it brushed over her engorged clit and she let out a little gasp, then stepped back into her backless satin heels.

My favor was returned and the stockings felt so perfect as they hugged my legs all the way into my crotch. I felt even better when Judy sucked my clit out of hiding and then ran her tongue sideways from lip to clit to lip and back again. I shuddered and quickly grabbed tissue to dry with.

The next part I really hated, but it had to be done. As I held my new black satin boxer shorts up at the front, Judy pulled them between my legs and closed the velcro fasteners at the side, covering my cunt. She had made these shorts so that we could wear the sheer trousers to the theater, rather than opaque tux pants. I called them boxer shorts and that's not quite correct. The legs aren't as loose, they taper more to fit the leg and not spoil the drape of the sheer tux style trousers. They are slashed right up the side to the fasteners so that a hand slipped into the trouser pocket slits can carry on into the shorts and reach its intended destination, a cunt crack. Sadly I fitted Judy's shorts onto her hips, giving her a tender but wistful pat between the legs when I was done.

We didn't have to rush today so we sat on the bed for a while, smooth legs intertwined and played with each other's tits for a while. Too soon they would have to be covered as well. We discussed a choice of nipple wear for the evening and finally decided that none was what we wanted for tonight. It would be a little chilly and a good firm nipple mounted on a pouty aureole that was pushed out by a size 34 tit just didn't have to have a decoration to look good. I commented on how well Jude's aureole were staying out on their own.

"I think the effect is permanent now Nance. They've been like that for almost a month now with no help. I'm so pleased. Here, push that one all the way in, then let go. See, it bounces right back out. I just love the looks I get when I wear a sweater."

That led to a joint sucking session. Those extra bumps felt so good between my lips and I know just how great that must make her feel for I really enjoyed having my own aureole clamped between a pair of firm lips while a tongue scoured my captured titlet.

Well, time was passing. I stood then, in my patent backless bedroom heels, and glanced back at my lovely seams running right from the heels up to my ass, ooooowa, nice, and stood patiently as Judy fitted the loose see through halter over my neck and adjusted it around my boobs, making sure the band was flat, smooth and pulled well down. Next I pulled up the sheer trousers with the satin ribbon up the side and made them lie smoothly over the boxer shorts before doing up the patent belt. A glance in the mirror told me that my evening outfit was shaping up very nicely. In the reflection I looked enticing already -- long and dark in the lower body, torso pale curvy and smooth right up to the top of my head, my boobies hidden in the loose folds of the halter top yet clearly bare, curvy, bumpy, and ready. In the reflection too I saw the baby doll pumps we had set out. I turned and admired their lines briefly then took Judy's tits in my hands for a moment before covering them with her halter.

She fitted me then with the velvet bustier, seating it firmly over the band of the halter and snuggling the curves gently and excitingly up into the small crease at the bottom of each breast, giving me a touch of up lift, making me feel bouncier. The V'd bottom of the bustier/vest pointed down each leg and focused attention on my crotch. Too bad about the satin shorts. When I had her bustier in place we were standing almost tit to tit. She looked so beautiful I reached behind her, grabbed her ass and pulled her twice covered twat into mine.

"Oh god Nance. Oh god not now, not now please. I'm so horny from just looking at you that I'll come in a second. These satin shorts are slithering all over my cunt and even brushing clitty to a fine peak. I'll come and flood them with goo. We'll never be ready in time then."

"Sorry baby. I want you so bad. OK, we'll just make up for it later, with interest."

We fitted silver earrings that hung to almost our shoulders and clicked to the bathroom for a light touch of makeup. Then with Judy laying on the bed again I applied her lipstick with pencil and brush. She looked incredibly beautiful laying there, a flash of scarlet here and there amidst the shades of black and darkened pink. I always loved it when someone else put my lipstick on with a brush, the effect is so very sensuous.

We had red bow ties on white collars this time and with them in place we could at last step into those beautiful shoes. I know that I've described pretty much these outfits before and the effect they had on Judy and I as we sat looking at each other. The angles, curves, and line, along with the shading. The shoes too have been well described, but as I watched Judy slip her feet into them, watched the sheer pant leg slide over the black heel cup to leave the straight shiny and thick heel extended from the hem, looked at the short round shiny toes peeking from the front. I knew they were the sexiest style we could have worn with these handsome tux outfits. I waited not a moment longer. My foot slithered into my pair, the opera stockings gliding my foot into place perfectly. The arches of the shoes pressing firmly up into my own, my instep curving exotically. The tiny round toe cup made my feet look so delicate, the toes so short, yet the thick heel gave a definite boldness.

Judy handed me my collarless jacket and I slung it over one shoulder, holding it by a single finger. I paraded in front of the mirror, the thunk thunk of those heels ringing out. Incredible! Of all our outfits (with the possible exception of the sheer 'Alana' tops, or just maybe The Skirt, but I didn't have that yet) I've never had anything else that is such a sexual turn on as these tux outfits. I can get my crotch hot by looking at Judy in hers, or from the look and feel of my own. And, the pieces went together in so many combinations. I was so pleased that we were at last wearing these outfits to the theater. Judy and I strode down the hall. My boobs felt so nicely firm, yet with each step I enjoyed the delicious bounce of their delicate under curve against the rib of the bustier.

Jack and Bob were waiting for us. Like a jumbled chorus we heard "Oh Jeez Nance Holy shit Jude Ohmygod oh you look fantastic oh god what a difference those shoes make so much better stunning oh jeez do we have time for a quick fuck."

Both of them had immense bulges. "No, we don't have time for a quick fuck. Besides when I fuck I want it to be a long one," Judy said.

"There's only one answer," I replied, looking her in the eye. She dropped to her knees and I caught a glimpse of her round toes against the floor and those remarkable heels sticking out of her pant legs as I dropped down also. She knew my thought. We pulled their cocks out and sucked them off on the spot. At least that way they could drive into town and be comfortable. I gulped first, the whole load had gone almost straight back to my throat with no chance to savor it, then Jude. She must have had a bit of a taste as I could see her tongue cleaning up the inside of her cheeks. A quick clean up, too, of our guy's tools and we were on our way.

The staff at the restaurant were accustomed now to very well dressed bald ladies visiting them on holiday weekends, but did we ever cause a hush to fall this evening as we were shown into the dining room. I felt so elegant in my tux, and I could see, when I looked at Judy, that they were utterly feminine tuxes when seen beside our handsome husbands. I wanted to whip my jacket off right then and there, but it would have caused a stir, I'm sure, and this wasn't the time. We passed a long mirror on the way to our table and I caught another glimpse of shiny thick heels and round toes. Whether they were mine or Judy's did not matter. I realized at that moment, too, how glad I am that I shave my head. We certainly were the most elegant party in the room.

We danced a bit after our super meal. There is one drawback to these shoes, I dance much better in thin high heels. Judy mentioned the same thing back at the table. Well, there is a time and place for everything.

The other diners watched us on the dance floor though, so we must have seemed pretty fair dancers. It occurred to me that some of them may have had thoughts of Victor/Victoria with her wonderful tuxedo scenes. Well, if so, it was pretty clear who were the men and who were the women tonight. All too soon it was time to leave for the play.

I felt so good in this outfit that part way through the first act I slipped my jacket. When she noticed what I was doing Judy did too. At the intermission we all decided we'd go to the lobby bar for a drink. What the hell. I just couldn't put my jacket back on. I know the high fashion in France is now sheer tops for evening wear. Why couldn't I bring that fashion here I whispered my plan to Judy and she nodded agreement. Jack and Bob were a little more cautious, but I quietly argued my fashion point and they finally agreed to go along with our plan. Well, we got some good looks in the lobby, and one lady came over to Judy, asked where she had bought her shoes and gave her a compliment on her classy evening wear. Judy reported later, that just before the lady walked away she had whispered, "and I just love your head. I'm going to give my husband a big surprise next week.

I must say that everyone who looked smiled warmly at us, and we didn't get told by anyone to cover up. I'd call that a success! So we stayed jacketless until we got back to the car after the play ended.

Of course, the open sides of our black satin shorts came in very handy. Jack and Bob took turns teasing my own slit, and I could see that Bob had his other hand busy with Judy.

I thought I'd hear about being a Naughty Nancy, but instead Jack said to me, once we were on the main highway, "That was truly beautiful Nancy. I mean, in the lobby," and he slipped my hand over to his crotch.

"Yes, you too Judy," Bob added. "I was so proud of both of you. Breasts are such beautiful things, and you both looked so natural. If this is the formal evening style in Europe I hope it comes to North America soon."

"I guess it's already here now. I doubt we were the first to do it though. It felt good too," I interjected.

"Well, I'm not so sure I want to rush it here," Judy said. "I kinda like not being part of the crowd."

I heard a zipper from the back seat, then Jack said "Oh, I doubt there'll ever be a crowd. Only a special group of women will recognize how beautiful thinly clad breasts look, and fewer will have the nerve to show theirs that way publicly."

I agreed with him, but there was no comment from the back. Then I heard the distinct sound of velcro undoing, followed by Bob, "Uh, look, how do the rest of you feel about finding a nice hotel for a few hours"

I turned to answer him and saw Judy pulling her satin shorts out of the top of her trouser band, her cute cunt visible in the light from a passing car. I looked at Judy's eyes and she spoke up. "No, not for me. Let's just get back to the cottage as quickly as we safely can. Nance"

"Yeah, we'll have a better time there," and I let out a trembly but excited breath. Then I pulled my own shorts off. "Quickly dear," and I squeezed Jack's big dong through his trousers. "You guys came before we left. You can wait just a little longer. Please"

Jack pressed down on the accelerator a little more.

I ran from the car to the cottage, barely noticing the sandy soil and stubbly grass it grew under my firm heels. Breathlessly I got the door unlocked and Judy scurried up behind me, Jack and Bob right behind. I was only three steps into the room when Jack had me in his arms, and then started to remove the rest of my tux. Very soon I found myself on the floor getting thoroughly screwed. From somewhere across the darkened room I could hear flesh on flesh and Judy whimpering with ecstasy.

Still in my heels and stockings, Bob led me to the bedroom where I got him erect again, and before the heat of the first session faded we fucked until I had two more orgasms and Bob one.

Taking turns in the bathroom, we cleaned up and redressed. Well, partly redressed. No jackets for anyone. I had gotten a run in my stockings since we'd returned, so I changed them. Mom had taught me that a well dressed woman never appears with a run in her stockings, and I still believe that is a good rule.

When I got back to the main room Bob was already pouring nightcaps and Jack was putting on some nice dance music. Judy and I went back to find some thin heels. It was then that we made plans for later.

"Are you all screwed out Jude," I asked her.

"Oh god no Nance, what about you"

"The way I feel it's going to take a lot to get me unhorny after wearing these tuxes and going almost bare at the theatre. Wanna get together by the fire place later"

"Sure! I'd love that. Yeah, you know, it felt wonderful walking around that lobby showing off my boobies. Well not really showing off. I mean braless, visible, well sort of visible.... I don't know... Bob's right. They are dressing this way, well sheer tops, for evening wear now in Europe. I don't see why it can't be done here in North America. I heard there's a bill being worked up for the legislature that it's unconstitutional for women to have to cover their tops when men don't. We may get to go topless in public if we want in a couple of years."

"I'll believe that when I see it," I returned. "And you know what I'm not sure that totally bare is more alluring than the Alana look."

"Oh no, I agree with you on that. But, think of it, if the law was changed then dressing like this would be 100% OK."

"I'd love that, you know. I really would - for special occasions anyway."

We returned to the main room now wearing lightweight patent pumps with high thin heels. We sipped, danced, sipped, kissed, and fondled, until each with our husbands, we returned to our rooms. I don't know what Judy and Bob did, but Jack and I had a wonderful long slow fuck filled with passion and delight. I fell asleep in his arms, my mental alarm clock set for three AM.

What could I do that would be special for Judy I toyed with the idea of putting on the long black boots, and changed my mind to the red patent pumps then remembered they were back in town. At last I decided to wear Judy's backless satin pumps. With them and my white collar with the red bow tie, I tip toed out to the main room. Judy was waiting for me, in a thin nighty and the heels she had worn dancing, a gentle flickering fire in the fireplace to take the chill of and give us a little light to talk by.

The truth is we didn't talk much at all. We were soon exploring each other's bodies. She looked so delicate, so tender, so feminine in her nighty that I immediately felt dominant and took the lead role that led us to sixty-nine each other before being finally feeling satiated and slipping back down the hall to our husbands.


Jack was surprised to awake and find me in heels and tie. He gently woke me and I found him fully erect and ready to once more consummate our marriage. Of course I let him. I love him, and I enjoyed it immensely myself. I got him into the shower with me, and this morning let him shave my cunt smooth. He loves doing it, but this morning I shouldn't have suggested it, because he really was pretty tired and probably would have been exhausted after another fuck; had he been able to get it up so quickly.

The problem was solved by Judy calling through the open door "Come on you two! That's enough of that for now. Breakfast's ready and we've got company coming, remember!"

We had finished cleaning up from brunch and were waiting for Doug and Ruth out on the porch. I had dressed in the yellow patent heels with the black bow, a black hip hugging skirt and a yellow blouse with black trim, which I had unbuttoned down to the waist. The guys were in casual slacks, shoes, and shirts. Judy had chosen a blue denim wrap-around skirt to wear with the red patent heels and a white nylon blouse that wrapped over each tit and fastening on the left side with a little strap and buckle.

Ruth stepped out of their car and the first thing to catch my eye was her lovely tan lizard pumps, followed by a soft creamy cotton shirtwaist dress. There was a large patch pocket on the left side, and her tit seemed to be 'swimming' around in the other side.

We were waving and 'hello'ing, but as they stepped up onto the porch I popped a breast out and said "Welcome to our cottage." Ruth leaned to it, flicked my nipple with her tongue, than gave it a suck. Bob, Jack and Doug were doing the hand shaking bit when I, now holding my breast, turned and said "Doug"

"Uh, oh, yes, nice to be here!" and he planted a soft peck on the upper skin.

Judy was easing an already excited tit out of her blouse, "Doug, I think you can do better than that. Come here and let me welcome you."

Blushing a bit Doug leaned again towards her upper curve. Judy simply tilted her tit until he had no choice but to warm her nipple with his lips.

"You don't mind the more intimate welcome kiss Judy"

"Of course not, Doug. This seems like such a nice custom. I like to enjoy it to the fullest." "Welcome Ruth." Ruth joyfully took Judy's bare tit in her hand, tilted it to her lips and give it a good firm kiss, drawing the nipple into her mouth.

Once we were inside the guys got themselves some icy beer and we made a large pitcher of cold Mai Tai's.

"Have you got your bathing suit on under your dress" Judy asked Ruth.

"Well, the bottom, yes."

"OK then, let's leave the skirts, blouses, and your dress on the deck and head for the landing."

We had chatted for a few minutes when I said to Ruth, "Ruth, Judy and I go around outside here a lot almost starkers, well except for heels, and if you're inclined we could all do that. But if that's not your style, would you consider lounging with us, all wearing nighties, possibly a sheer one. You know, so we could all get in that wonderful girlish sexciting mood we enjoyed at your place. I think we've got some night gowns that would fit you. Now as I said, if you think even that's a bit too baring then we'll just keep........."

"Oh I love the idea!" she cut me off. Sitting in the sun with my friends wearing nothing but a nightgown, sort of a pajama party in the yard. How delightful. If you meant not showing my vulva off, well I keep that for Doug you know, except for the pictures you saw. But shadowy and partly hidden by a somewhat sheer night gown, well it sounds nice and a bit naughty. That's how I feel today, a bit naughty." She stroked her shaved head. "One condition though, I do want to leave my tit bare so if you will both drop at least one side of your tops I'd be delighted to join in. Now that I think about it, what the hell, even very sheer would be fine with me. Would you mind if Bob or Jack saw my vulva that way, you know, if they came out here Would you mind if Doug sees yours

When Ruth mentioned dropping one side of my gown, my mind flashed up an image of the night my dress fell away baring one tit and the nightmare that followed. I no longer felt superstitious about that, I realized, and that way we would look a bit like Ruth, making her feel comfortable about lounging semi-naked. "Ruth, Judy explained for both of us, we think that a beautiful well cared for quim is a thing of beauty, and there is nothing really nicer to see than a very enticing crack. We are proud of ours. Our relationship with our husbands is, frankly, that we share them, but only between us. They know we enjoy showing off our bodies in a classy sort of way, and even encourage us. We know that they are not lewd about the human body and won't leer at a woman because she shows what she's got, up top or between her legs. They will admire her, probably very openly as they did your exquisite breast when we visited with you, because they know that when a woman shows part of her body, she wants to be admired. As to Doug, we'll happily let him see our cracks behind a wispy shadowy veil." Judy looked at me and I nodded my affirmation and desire. "Doug might be upset with you though."

"No, it'll be OK. He knows I wanted to do something naughty this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure he'll understand. He probably thought I meant going topless again though.

"It comes down to this Ruth; if you'll show yours, veiled of course, we'll show ours the same way. What Nance and I wanted to achieve is for the three of us to get back to those wonderful feelings we had when we pierced your nipple and when we shared supper. OK, do you still want to borrow a nightgown"

"Yes! I think I'd love to spend the afternoon doing that with you. I hope that my split pudenda, or a hint of it behind some gossamer, will look nice for you. Please tell me right away if it doesn't."

We strode purposefully to the bedroom, heels tapping cheerfully as we went.

Jude and I had bought several new night gowns just so that Ruth could make a choice that would be comfortable for her. That choice was red with breast cups. Jude promptly cut away the right cup and shortened the strap on the left side so that it fit snugly. The soft folds of the gown nicely shadowed her twat -- you knew it was there, and naked but the details were foggy.

I took the light blue for a change, and popped on my silver shoes. You could certainly tell my cunt was behind that fabric, but it was lightly shadowed and I was pleased with the effect.

Jude went for the black, which of course hid her more so, but still you knew. Black patent pumps set off her feet. The scissors were applied to both of our gowns so that our left breasts were exposed. Ruth certainly couldn't wear her tan lizard pumps with a red gown so I asked her what size shoes she wore as I opened the large closet.

"Oh, uh, I'm an eight, but narrow. Oh my! What wonderful shoes you have. I thought my three inch heels were high, but some of these are so tall and simply gorgeous."

"Thanks. Well you're a half size larger than we are, but........" I thought about what might fit and look good too. "Why don't you try these black patent bedroom slippers" I handed her my black backless open toed slippers. "They've got three inch heels so you should feel good in them."

They looked pretty sexy with the red gown as Ruth clip/clicked around the room. I could feel my nipples hardening and I could see that Jude's left one was blooming. "Well, what do you think" I asked Ruth.

"I feel real good. You shouldn't have cut these lovely gowns just because of me, but I've got to say that I feel extremely alluring and you two look just wonderful. I never thought I'd feel like this, or be sharing an experience like this with other women."

"We know how that feels," Judy slipped in.

"Well it feels great, and naughty too. What I'd like to do though, is slip out to the kitchen and call Doug. I want to show him, you know, just to make sure he won't be upset. I don't want to spoil the day." I handed her a red peignoir coat and she flip/clicked down the hall.

It was some minutes later she returned, looking pretty pleased. "Do you know what he said He said 'Darling you look incredible. Men are used to seeing women in night gowns Ruth. I'm sure Bob and Jack won't mind seeing you in one. Buy yourself a pair of those slippers when we get back, they look so good, just like this does,' and he put his hand right here," she indicated by placing her own hand on her cunt. "Oh God I felt so thrilled with his reaction. There is only a hint showing isn't there, just a hint" she said as she handed the coat back to me. We nodded because it was true. "Well then let's get back out to the landing and enjoy the sun and have some fun."

First we stopped for some more ice, and I carried a kit of things I had put together in case our plan worked out. It had.

At the landing we helped each other put on sun screen (I love the feeling of Ruth's trained fingers massaging my boobies) and then we all stretched out in the lounge chairs, sipped drinks and chatted for a while until everyone was feeling relaxed.

What had been shadowy, almost hidden, in the soft light of the cottage was now very visible in the strong autumn sunlight, and I was enjoying a look at Ruth's mound. The full almost square top of her pudenda, the roundness of her lips, the length of her slit (I recalled then what I had thought in July, that 'gash' was more appropriate), the single freckle, all showing through a crimson glow. I certainly had that sexy glow I wanted, now.

"Well, what do you think" Ruth asked as she vaguely waved a hand in the direction of her crotch. "Not much is hidden in this light, so do I look nice, that is, does my vulva, uh, to keep me away from my medical terms, what's your favorite name for it Nancy"

"There's no contest there," I replied. "Cunt! I think cunt is the nicest name. I know there are some unpleasant connotations to the word cunt for some people, but to me it is a really sexy word and it rolls off the tongue nicely, and I also think the word cunt is cute, and that my cunt is cute too, so that's the word I use the most. Twat is also nice, you know. Twat seems right when you say something like 'My twat was balanced on the edge of the hard chair', I don't know, it just fits the situation. I also use Slit and Crack sometimes. But you must have heard them all."

"No that's not true. Sure all my work is with female surgery, but these words were never used at home, or at the private schools I went to. My patients are either very polite or very vague, so I guess I'm naive about some of the popular language. So, what is your pet name for it Judy"

"I always thought Beaver was a great term until I shaved, then it didn't apply. Quim sounds neat and trim, while Box sounds ugly. Like Nance though, I like 'Cunt' the best. I put my hand on it and it feels like it should be called a cunt. I don't know why that is but my brain tells me it's a cunt!

"Well from what I can see sitting here, they certainly do look nice, so... then, does my cunt look nice too, this way, so visible in the sunlight'

Judy was the quickest to respond. "It sure does! I'm fascinated by it. It's bold, yet pretty. It looks firm, yet tender. Tight, neat, smooth. Those are all words flashing through my mind."

"You have a very attractive cunt Ruth. I'm reluctant to use the word 'inviting' again, but yes it is that too, shining in red as it is. The length of your slit is what gets me. I was admiring it in July, through your thin bathing suit, and to be truthful I thought of it then as a 'gash' -- a very very attractive gash I hasten to say. It's so unlike mine," I demonstrated by standing and pressing the fabric of my gown back so she could see more clearly. "Mine is short and I think cute. The lips are tight...., but then you've seen it on the operating table.

"Oh yes, but on my table and here in beautiful gowns is two very different things. Here I can fully admire it, which I am doing, and I want to tell you what a very lovely and delicate thing your cunt is. When a patient is on the table I must think only of the work I have to do. Judy, would you give me a better....."

"I'd be delighted," she said bouncing up and pulling the gown tight behind her ass so the light shone clearly through the delicate black fabric. "We're pretty much alike, as we are twins, but my crack is just a bit longer don't you think And yes you're right, here is different, here is intimate. I enjoyed what you did to it in your office, and I'm enjoying the results of your work at the hospital. But here, here I'm really enjoying showing it off to you. I hope you like it, and I'm so pleased you joined us in this little adventure. I'm feeling warm inside, and sexy, and excited."

"Oh dear," Ruth said. "Oh dear, my clitori... clitty, is poking out. I hope that doesn't embarrass you. Because it's fully stripped of it's casing it does that sometimes."

"Not at all," Judy chimed in. "Not at all. Look." Through the black gossamer she parted her lips to show a rigid pulsing clit of her own.

"I'm in the same state," I told them. "I'm also ready for another drink if you are Yes Good." Opening my kit I said "I brought along some shaved magazines. I thought, since we are all shavers, we might want to glance through them as we sun ourselves. You never know what new ideas might strike you."

"That's sounds like fun," Ruth said as I handed her a magazine and filled her glass.

With Jude's glass topped up and mine refreshed the three of us lounged in the sun, our breasts and twats getting warmed, flipping magazine pages. From time to time an excited "Oooh" or "Mmmn" would come from Ruth, or Judy or I as we would discover something fresh, and when we shared scenes with Ruth.

"This one is fantastic," Ruth exclaimed jumping up to show us, her nipple large and firm, a deep pink. "This sheer black top is so exciting." She had opened a Close Shave to a page I had turned down a corner on.

"Yes, isn't it That's Alana," Judy told her. "It was her pictures that started us on being more open about our bodies. I'm plan to wear a top just like that one, well without the decorations, over this gown for dinner tonight. And, we've got a red one just like it for you, if you like. Are you game to wear these gowns to dinner"

"Oh god. Really I can picture it, soooo nice," she said as she stroked her tit. Red and filmy, and delectable just like this black one Oh god, how will the men ever stand it"

"I'm sure they will, somehow. You like the idea then, these gowns with gossamer tops over our tits at dinner The idea of you making a debut, so to speak, by appearing at dinner wearing a nightgown." I asked seriously.

"Yes, I'm game. A debut! That sounds so beautiful. You know, do bare your other breasts, if you want. I loved seeing them in July."

"No, no. Not today. Today and tonight is for one tit. We want to be this way today." from Judy.

"Well, I love the ones I can see. Would you let me suckle them for a moment, and then do it for me Please I enjoyed it so much at my place."

Our suckling, as Ruth called it, went on for much more than a few minutes as we took turns, and since we were enjoying it very much, we repeated it all over again.

"Ruth, Judy mentioned Alana and us. I keep a journal of our visits here to the cottage and I started it the day Alana joined our lives. I don't use real names other than ours, but I have some of it here in my bag. If you'd like to read the first Friday and Saturday, you'll understand about her and the little red top cover you'll wear tonight." I handed her those pages.

As she read I could see the excited expressions on her face, her pink nipple ripening again. Whenever it bloomed it looked all granular, textured, with a tiny dimple in the very front. I wanted to put it back in my mouth.

"This is really powerful stuff Nancy. I'm really turned on by the sound of these tops. If the rest of the journal is as good as this you should think about publishing it some day. You know I feel that people should enjoy their own natural sexual feelings and these few pages sure stimulates mine."

"I'll leave you out from the July and now part Ruth, if you're concerned."

"Hell no. I'm part of it now. Use my real name if you like. This is exciting stuff. Look at my nipple, that just proves it. Oh by the way, that reminds me, I have a little present for both of you, to thank you for doing my piercing." Reaching into her purse, she laid six lovely jeweled pins on the table. "The little jewels pop off one end and you stick the other end through your nipple, then pop the end back on. It looks like two little stones embedded into your aureole, and of course they'll keep your nipple pushed out."

Two were fitted with sapphires, two with diamonds, and two were brilliant topaz. "The stones are not expensive," she went on. "Take which ever ones you like and I'll keep the last set." It was the yellow stones for Judy, I suggested that Ruth keep the diamonds (they would go well with her gown), and I selected the sapphires.

"Thanks so much Ruth. Would you put one of the sapphire set on my titlet now" Again we helped each other and again settled back to read. I was looking again at Ruth's twat, comparing it with one in a magazine, when I realized that her foot was relaxed and the heel of the sexy backless slippers were well away from her own heel. I had two rulers in my kit (just in case we got to measuring particular body parts). "Ruth, will you do something for me Just kick off one of your slippers, then wiggle your foot all around, get totally relaxed. That's it. Now Judy and I are going to measure your foot, so don't move a part of it. No, you bent a toe. Just wiggle it all around again, relax, that's it."

With one ruler flat along the bottom of her big toe, and the other ruler running from her heel to meet the first one, we discovered that the space, with her foot in its most relaxed and natural position, was three and a half inches. "Three and a half inches Ruth. Do you know what that means It means that when your foot is in it's most relaxed position your natural choice of heels should be that high. You could easily wear a four inch heel, like some in our closet, for hours." "Your foot is just a bit longer than ours. Judy, would you let Ruth wear your Charles Jourdans with the gold laces -- they would adjust to fit her"

Judy went on the run to get them, came clattering back, and fitted them to Ruth's feet. Walking around on the landing, Ruth was Oohing and Awing about how she had never worn anything so high and how comfortable they were, how beautiful. We delivered our little speech about good shoes never being painful, and returned to our lounges to watch her delight (and her almost naked body) at walking in what for her were very very high heels, as she went back and forth up and down the walkway. At last she settled down with us again, obviously very pleased. She should have been, the CJ's were absolutely stunning with the red gown, and although she had never even noticed, we had cheated a bit on her. The heels on the chisel toed Charles Jourdans were four and a half inches.

"What an exciting day you're making this for me. Thank you so much!"

"The day's not over yet," I stated.

"How do you feel if we all paint our nails to match these gowns and do a little subtle makeup for the evening" suggested Judy.

We did Judy in scarlet with lipstick to match, royal blue for me with a touch of neutral red lipstick, and we suggested burgundy for Ruth to not fight the gown. We spent about an hour on that and when the polish was dry Ruth slipped back into the CJ's and walked the boardwalk again enjoying their feel. As she would turn and walk back from the east the sunlight would clearly show, to our delight, her prominent cunt, in a red hazy glow. Every once in a while I could see the single freckle she had.

When Ruth settled again, Judy was busy applying a little rosy blush to my breasts. Finishing that job she lightened my aureole so the sapphires stood out. "Would you like a little blush Ruth" Judy asked. A smile in response. "Yes How about a light coating of burgundy In the end she also wanted her nipple made dark purple, the color it had been after we pierced it.

"That won't look too brash under the red top will it" she asked.

As we expected, she was growing a little shy about appearing semi-nude below the waist. Soon I would get the 'glow' back for her, encourage her a little further along.

"The whole idea," I told her, "is to be ever so subtle. The idea is to decorate your body so it looks lucious, but not to ever ever have makeup look obvious or thick. It's the same concept as face makeup Ruth, except that you are putting it on other attractive parts of your body. The small dark dot of your titlet will look lovely" Then, I did Judy's tit with the lightest coat of pale blush that had the tiniest of gold sparkles in it.

Without another word I lifted my pale blue gown to fully expose my twat and settled back in the lounge for Judy to put a touch of rosy blush on it. Glancing at Ruth I saw she was stroking her crack through the thin material, her clit rising again to meet her fingers. Then it was my turn to do Judy.

"Oh god, this is such a sexy experience. Oh please can I do you Judy" Ruth almost begged.

"I'd love it Ruth. You've worked down there before and the results were wonderful."

When Judy had the barest hint of gold bits dusted onto her cunt we sat back and sipped on our drinks again.

"Aren't you going to color me"

"Not without you asking," I replied.

"I'm asking, I'm asking!" and she pulled the hem of her nightgown up to her navel.

"This will be your first time, your debut, showing your twat, uh slit... Did you decide which name you really like the best"

"Well, I uh. You know, I agree with you. I really do like the sound of 'cunt'. Like you said, it has the nicest ring of all the names I heard. Yes, please do call it a cunt. That's so much sexier than vulva. Don't you think that sounds like you have a car between your legs. That's not appealing. Yes, as of today my vagina and vulva are gone and now I.. have.. a.. CUNT!"

Wow, she was really getting into this. "So, as I was saying, as this will be your first time, your debut, showing even a hint of your cunt off to a mixed group people Ruth, and since you said you want to be subtle not brazen, I suggest we do it in burgundy. Darkish, so it looks like it is in shadow and well blended at the edges and at your lips. That way you can be sure that it will be only barely visible behind the red -- you'll feel more confident this first time. I want the experience to be enjoyable for you and I hope you'll want to show it off many other times." I picked up a brush to start.

"Um, before you begin, you sort of said a while back that my cunt, oh I like saying that name now, was inviting." This was all said in a hesitant voice.

"Yes" Me, questioningly. "Yes" Judy, excitedly.

"Well, uh, well, you told me that once about my tit and I asked you later to kiss it. You know, I'd always wanted another woman to do that, and uh, well, now..."

"Yes" Me again, with a touch of waiting. "Yeaaahs" from Judy.

"Well, umm, before you color it, my cunt that is, wouldyoubothgiveitabigkiss" she ran the words hurriedly together.

"Of course," we answered together. "We were only teasing," Judy replied. "Just making sure you wanted what we thought you needed." I told her.

It did start out as a big kiss from each of us, which clearly Ruth enjoyed, so it progressed to a good licking and a few nibbles on the lips. Ruth was clearly super horny as I dried her off and began darkening her mound. Super horny was what she would have to be, to want to make her first 'public' appearance in only a nighty and heels. Judy and I had worked hard to lead her from showing off her single beautiful tit, through lace, and in the comfort of her own dwelling, to wanting, even desiring to show her whole body through a sheer gown, to her friends of both sexes. We wanted her to feel wonderful about it, to desire doing it, to enjoy the whole experience. Surely she was a candidate for this kind of open relationship -- she had shaved her cunt for years, and cared enough for its appearance that she had had the protruding inner lips cut away, she was delighted to show the world her empty chest and her friends the remaining breast, in the right circumstances. Also she had gotten excited about having a smooth head. At this moment, it was clear that Ruth really wanted this.

I brushed on a base coat and Judy carefully worked coloring along Ruth's crack with a cotton swab, Ruth squirming with joy. Then, together, kneeling between her legs, we built up a shadowy appearance before applying highlights.

She started giving us advise on the look of her cunt, vacillating between hide it and show it all, as she lay on the lounge, exposed. "Darker please, they're going to see everything.

Define the lips a bit, if they do see it then let them see that there is a crack.

Could you put a little sparkle on it, I do want to catch their eye even if what they see is blurry.

Can we bunch the gown up in front, you know, increase the shadows.

Not too much makeup. You should all know that I do have a cunt, that I'm not neutered.

It should look clearly like a beautiful cunt, mysterious and yes Nancy, an inviting cunt," were some of the comments as we worked and as she grew even more excited about her debut. It was exciting for us making her precious mound just right for her, and as a final touch I put a black dot where we had covered her freckle.

The time had come to go inside and finish dressing. Supper was on the timer and the men had instructions to set the table and light the fireplace. Tip toeing (and Ruth was having no difficulty doing that in Judy's high CJ's) unseen to the bedroom was a tense moment or two. Once inside I put on the blue bolero, then as Ruth watched I handed Judy the black top, the 'Alana top', and watched Ruth's excitement mount even further as Judy slipped it over her shining head and past the long earrings to let it settle over her bare boob. A little gasp of pleasure escaped Ruth's lips as she saw the magical transformation it produced.

I passed the sheer scarlet top to her. Her eyes widened, her nipple bloomed, then she raised her arms above her head to slide them into the top and through the sleeves. Her wonderful tit tilted majestically upward and she let the flimsy top fall to rest on it, prevented from falling further by her now extremely hard and jutting titlet. Ruth turned to the mirror, looked in it for a reflection of her cunt, saw it, hesitated, smiled, then pulled the top down letting out another little gasp of pleasure at what she saw. Cupping and squeezing her breast in her right hand for a moment, she said. "I'm ready for this now! It's 'show time' and I want to do it real bad! Lets go! For the first time six heels clacked down the hall together.

The men had taken the new fur rug up from the living room floor and moved the kitchen table in there. The only light was from the fireplace and candles on the table. It looked so cozy. They stood and applauded as we entered and I was proud of Ruth for carrying it through. A moments hesitation and the day would have been spoiled. As Bob served the wine I looked around the table and admired the three boobs on display, mine included. Little flicker of firelight waved across our three almost bare tits, flashing off of the tiny yellow, blue, and white jewels -- shimmering across our bald heads. It could only been nicer had we been sitting in an open circle with glimmers of the warm light reflecting from our bald twats.

Tonight I could not help myself, I commented on why there couldn't be a nice restaurant, a place where women (with their man of course) could go wearing a fine see through top (not bare) and enjoy with others the openness and hospitality that indicated, to enjoy seeing good looking breasts while sharing yours with others

"But there is," Doug replied. "Let me tell you about it once dinner is served."

A bright yellow twinkle drew my eyes back to Judy's little jewels and the nipple between them. Oh I intended to suck on that sometime before dawn! I glanced next, to Jack's crotch as he served shrimps onto my plate. No bulge! Was the one breastedness putting him off When Bob brought the wild rice he was in the same state -- that is, nothing. Shit! I was so horny from the afternoon I was getting quim contractions whenever I saw either Judy's or Ruth's almost bare tit, I could have laid on the floor and gotten fucked. Preferably by Jack or Bob, but if they'd have let him, I might even have let Doug do it, I wanted it so bad. Now it was likely they were only tolerating us, not turned on by it. Oh well, I thought, I might as well enjoy the atmosphere, the company, the sights.

Bob and Jack made a dual toast in celebration of our third anniversary, which was very charming. Of course Ruth and Doug were interested in learning more about our three year success as 'double couples'. Judy and I explained a bit about how it worked, and I led the conversation back to Doug, back to the restaurant I was interested in.

"Oh yes, where was I, Doug started again, Yes, well there is this lovely little restaurant about three blocks from Maple and Truscott. As I understand the story, the owner's wife believes as you do, as we do I guess, that the female breast should be seen and enjoyed as long as it is all done in good taste. He already owned a restaurant with a great reputation -- I'm sure you know it, The Castle Aldo. She insisted he build another restaurant where her guests could appear such as you do now. Her friends passed the word to their inclined friends, who sought out the special invitation required to enjoy an evening of tasteful exposure."

"Aldo himself enjoyed the sideline, but he was footing the bills for his wife's guests. The result It's now a club, Club Aldo. With membership you are permitted to make reservations. I was there myself.."

"Without me!" Ruth asked sharply.

"Darling, I didn't know where I was going. It was that night that the County medical officer insisted I join him and his wife after the conference. You were out of town at your own conference. I did tell you about the experience, but he was such a blowhard and so political about everything. He made me so out of sorts I probably didn't describe the surroundings, when I called you."

"Was his wife showing....."

"No, thank god, but I think she liked looking more than he did. Anyway, it really was a lovely place -- soft lights, waiters in tuxes, good music, that sort of thing. I even think there were a couple of ladies on the dance floor who may have had bare vulvae..."

"Cunts," Ruth, a hand beside her lips, mouthed at me across the table.

"...under their thin gowns. It was all in the best of taste and the food was excellent."

"So when are we going" Judy asked.

"Would you like to Would you go barely bare" Bob asked in turn with a smile.

"Of course, to both questions. Who else, we could make it a party"

Everyone put up their hands. We found there was no time that worked for everyone before Christmas. New Year's was out. Judy suggested February, but Ruth vetoed that -- something else she was planning, she said. March was a bad choice because of the weather. April, Judy and I were taking extra time for a deep cleaning weekend but May was just too long to wait. Late April, we agreed. Doug would see about membership.

As I finished my meal I thought that we had our own little Club Aldo. A delightful atmosphere, with close friends. Handsome men and lovely breasts to look at. Delightful clothing and beautiful shoes. Fine food, and yes again lovely tits and hard cocks within reach. Yet the idea of a public place, well a private club, that was exciting too.

With the dishes finished, Ruth mentioned she hadn't seen the view from the lake. Judy offered to put the finishing touches on the evening's snack, if I would walk with Ruth to the dock.

As we went down the deck steps Ruth asked "How did you become 'double couples'"

"Well, it started as you read from my Journal. From there, I'm not sure. It just seemed to evolve. Jack and I had talked seriously before our marriage about commitment for life, but we were both honest enough to recognize that in a long life we might also want to enjoy sex with someone else. We recognized it could happen. So had Judy and Bob. Strangely, when it did happen, it was the four of us that it happened with. The love just grew as we were together. It's the love, Ruth, that makes it work, that it isn't casual sex, that it's completely open to all of us."

"It seems to work well for you. I admire the four of you for making it work. These are lovely shoes Nancy. I never thought I could wear anything so high, yet they feel better than my lower heels. That's partly why I wanted to go for a walk, just to enjoy them while I could."

"I'm glad. They are a bit more your natural height, you know. Probably the lower ones are putting the wrong angle on your arch. We do have our fights and arguments you know. It's just like any single couple but we work them out, and we really do understand each other. But away beyond that is the love that Judy and I share. We felt that way long before we knew we were sisters, before we found out we were maternal twins. I can't explain that bond. I can only tell you it is nothing to do with sex and how we first bared ourselves, as you read. It goes so much deeper. It may be stronger than my love for Jack."

"You mean you knew each other and didn't know you were sisters"

"That's right. It's a very long story, but we discovered quite by accident, and only recently, that we were twin sisters. That caused us some concern because of our involvement with each other."

We were at the dock now, the sun gone, but a beautiful red sunset remained behind it that made my silver shoes glitter a rosy shade. The breeze was pressing our gowns tightly over our bodies and back between our legs. Our nipples taut and fully expressed into the night air.

"What a lovely view," Ruth commented. I wish we had a lake at our cottage. How lovely you look in that gown, your curves emphasized. "What happened then"

"We worked it out. We simply, in the end, realized that our love had existed for a long time, and how we had chosen to express it was another joy we both shared. How could that be wrong Ruth, you commented a moment ago about the lovely view. You have no idea how lovely the view I have is. Look down at it Ruth. Look down at your gorgeous cunt glowing in the last rays of the sunset and try to tell me that's not one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen."

She lowered her head and tightened the flimsy fabric over her hips. Her eyes moistened and her lips trembled. Flinging her arms around me she whispered in my ear, "Thank you. Thank for everything."

With her tit nestled against my bare one, she momentarily pressed her groin into mine, like a brief kiss, then stepped back. "You're very welcome." We stood then, side by side, silently watching the sky go black

The temperature dropped suddenly then and my quim began to quiver. "Perhaps we had better go back, I'm getting chilly now."

"Yes, me too. So, it must have been so exciting to discover you had a sister."

"Oh it was, but it's a very long story. I'll tell it to you another time. How are you enjoying your debut"

"The whole day has been wonderful, but actually showing my cunt off in a group setting, that's made me feel lighter somehow. I know that doesn't express it properly -- I mean, there's been both a nervous excitement and a sheer joy at the pleasure I seem to have given, but I feel so much more 'open' about my emotions. Hell, just take my word for it, it's just really nice."

As she spoke, I listened too to the sound of our heels ticking over the board walkway, to their syncopated click and clack as we walked in the dark. "You almost didn't go through with it did you"

"No I didn't. I was so excited when you were coloring it, then I got nervous. Would you and Judy have changed clothes it I had backed out"

"Of course."

"Well I got pretty convinced that in the inside light I'd be mostly hidden -- so that would have been just naughty, wouldn't it -- but when we were all dressed and ready, and I looked in the mirror... Well, I could see much more than I had expected, and you know what I liked what I saw, I got this really tight excited feeling just below the pit of my stomach. I wanted to go and show off. I wanted your husbands to see what I have between my legs. I wanted to show it to them! I even thought of completely baring it and walking down that hall shouting 'Look world! I've got a cunt!'

"Oh Ruth, that must have been a wonderful moment! I'm so happy for you. Judy and I wanted so badly for you to enjoy the experience, because as you now know, it is a wonderful feeling. Not being afraid to show our slits, well a hint of them, publicly, in fact the desire to show them, and then doing it in some constrained way has brought us a lot of pleasure. Would you do it again"

"With the right friends like you, certainly. Now, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to be dressed this way. Come on, we'd better get inside. One thing is bothering me though. Your husbands must have excellent control, but I would have thought Doug'd've had an erection he couldn't hide. There's just been absolutely no sign that we're doing anything for them."

"Let me tell you, that if seeing your cunt and your lovely tit through that gown, let alone what Jude and I are wearing, hasn't turned them on, then they've suddenly gone queer. The three of us sincerely want to believe that hasn't happened! Something's going on though. Perhaps Bob and Jack are felling shy about your semi-nakedness, and Doug the same about us. I'm sorry if that's happened, but to know you've had a great experience is worth one day of them feeling uncomfortable." I swung the door open and we returned to find the men seated in comfortable chairs, and Judy starting to serve her lovely peach almandine desert.

With the ladies up and walking around it did become obvious that Doug was feeling uncomfortable as he was avoiding any straight look at my crotch or at Judy's. Jack and Bob though had no hesitation in appreciating Ruth's bold mound. I could see their eyes, I could tell. But no wonderful erections.

"Doug, I said as I handed him a second plate, It's OK Doug. It's OK to look. If I didn't want you to see it I wouldn't have it so barely covered." He glanced up and away. "Come on, please have a good look and make me feel better."

"Go ahead darling," Ruth encouraged. "Nancy does mean what she says, and the twins have really lovely little slits, I'll attest to that."

Doug looked me straight in the crotch and he beamed. "I have been peeking to be honest, and loved what I saw. I just didn't want you to be uncomfortable. I thought you thought you were barely showing and I would have embarrassed you by bringing it to your attention."

"You mean like the king's new clothes" Judy laughed.

"Yes, exactly."

"We knew full well what we were doing darling," Ruth chuckled. "Look, I've just decided we're going to have a contest. Nancy and Judy and I will stand in a line here.." We stepped into place. "..and Bob will walk along and put his hand over one of our heads and you men will applaud to indicate which cunt.." Doug's eyes opened wide and he smiled again. ".. you like the best. The loudest applause wins."

Obviously these gentlemen kept the applause the same for us all, but the contest broke that last bit of ice, and we were then all open to dancing with each other. The evening went too fast. The mood, the firelight flickering over our bodies, the dancing, and a little brandy were the cause I think. About eleven o'clock I made strong coffee as Doug and Ruth would soon be driving back to their cottage.

Almost an hour later Doug whispered something into Ruth's ear.

"Judy, Ruth asked then, would you let me wear these lovely shoes home, and the gown, and the top I'll get them to you on Tuesday. It's just that I think I'd feel a little like Cinderella after the ball, if I had to change back."

"The gown is yours, but I would appreciate the top back. It's more emotional value than it's real worth you see, and sure, enjoy the shoes a little longer. They look lovely on you," Judy assured Ruth.

"Come on then, I added, let's go to the bedroom and find something to pack your day clothes in."

"Great, and I'd like to use the washroom too."

I put Ruth's clothes and shoes in a garment bag and took an envelope containing pages from my journal, about my walk in the park, from my kit bag. When Ruth rejoined me in the bedroom I noticed right away that she had washed away all of her lower makeup. I thought how much better she looked now. Obviously she had crossed one more line towards being less inhibited, more open.

As we walked down the hall, I slipped her the envelope and asked her to read it after she got home.

There were pleasant farewells at the door, made even more pleasant when Doug said to me "It's been a great day Nancy. Would you permit me to compensate for my clumsy greeting this afternoon. Could I kiss you good-bye instead"

I parted my bolero in response, and he took my exposed breast firmly in his hand, tilted it just sufficient to meet his need and at the same time giving me a wonderful feeling of 'uplift'. Then he ever so gently placed his lips over my nipple, while at the same moment, sucking it in and sliding his tongue over the tip of it. His kiss was over in two seconds, yet it left its impression long afterward.

Just as they reached their car, Ruth turned towards us, the light from the porch streaming against her gown. Should anyone have missed it at the door, it was clear that Ruth was showing everyone her 'natural look'.

As the door closed I found myself swung up into Jack's arms, and on my way to the bedroom, aware that Judy was being carried to bed also. Jack put me gently on the bed and while he removed his trousers. I shed the bolero and pushed down the other side of my gown so he could have unfettered access to both tits.

"You buggers," I said looking at Jack. "You buggers were all wearing jock straps weren't you I worried all evening that seeing us with one tit showing was turning you off, and you guys were all strapped in."

"Bob and I knew you and Jude would be up to something today. It was only fair to Doug, to tip him off, you know."

"Never mind that now darling. I've been ready for this moment for hours."

He plunged into me and I came three times in the first two minutes. I was left gasping for breath, gave a convulsive thrust with my hips and was flooded by Jack's warm cum.

Afterwards, I lay beside Jack and whispered into his ear "Ruth does have a nice cunt doesn't she"

"Nice, yes, but not as nice a this little thing," he whispered back, kneading it with his hand.

I slipped my three fingers around his shaft and felt it start stiffen again. With a little help from my lips and tongue I soon had if fully erect again. I lowered myself onto it, rhythmically pumping it while pulsing my vaginal muscles. I saw his eyes glaze. That was enough to put me over the top and we groaned blissfully together. Still I needed more.

Laying side by side, I placed his hand on my right breast. "I was serious, I said, about Ruth's twat. I think it looks really nice. She seemed to come out of herself by the end of the day, and enjoyed men seeing her too. Do you think we did a good thing, teaching her to be more open with her feelings and appearance"

"I think you're getting a little too deep about it all Nance, but yes, why shouldn't Ruth show what she has to her friends There are more people today that feel as we do. She obviously wanted to join in."

"What about Doug Did you learn how he felt"

"Well, Doug was part of our same group at school, which was very liberal minded about relationships. I think he was pleased that Ruth was prepared to share all of her beauty. He was shy about looking at you and Jude until you encouraged him, but when you and Ruth were out and Jude was making desert he said 'I've got to say that this is a new and exciting experience. Do you guys get this kind of treatment all the time'"

"So you do think Ruth looked beautiful" I retorted as I bared his head again and kneaded his knob.

"Sure she did. There is something magnetic about seeing her one tit, and while I could see the mound of your right one I had to work at not fixating on your left one as the only one. Yes, she has a longer slit than I like, but a smoothly shaved cunt is a pleasure to see. My dick was kinked up inside that jock strap most of the evening because the three of you dressed as you did. Did you and Jude shave her this afternoon too"

"No, she's been doing that for some time, not that I wouldn't have minded doing it. But I did shave mine this morning just for you. Why don't you slide that big hard dick that's returned back into it, and work out the rest of the kinks it might have."


At two in the morning I was still awake and still horny, when the bedroom door opened a crack. "Hi," Judy whispered. "I thought you might still be awake."

I slipped on the patent bedroom slippers, still on the floor from earlier, and met her in the hallway. She was totally starkers except for her satin heeled slippers and earrings.

"Do you want to go out to the living room and make 'nice-nice' I've been too horny for hours and hours, and I just can't work it off"

Trying not to let our backless slippers clatter on the hall floor we tiptoed out to the big furry rug and stretched out in front of the fireplace, now just glowing embers, to let the warmth spread up our legs, over our twats and warm the curves of our breasts. Comfortable with our legs spread we started to gently twink each other.

I said to Judy "We know there are a lot more women who shave than we thought there were, and we know that women as well as men enjoy reading 'shaved' magazines, and we've learned that there is certainly enough women who like to appear in public with their boobies showing even if they are shrouded. Right Oh, that's nice, slowly slowly now."

"Right. So"

"So, I think there are probably a lot who'd like to show off their shaved slits to at least their friends, of both sexes. I mean, you know, from behind something sheer or from up under a skirt. It's not like we've got this piece of dangling meat there, is it"

"Firmer, deeper, Uh, uh. That's it, oh nice. So you're saying, if it's neatly presented, and gives pleasure to the owner and the viewer.... It's like a sign of openness and trust between friends, much like kissing your hostess's breast. Is that what you mean"

"That's what I mean. I'd like to walk up that beach at sunrise wearing only some heels and earrings. Mmnn, faster strokes now please. What do you think"

"I think I want to go show mine off in public, like buy a new blouse and wear it out of the store. Just it and some heels and walk proudly right up the street. Hunnnh, oh real nice, oooh." She started to thrust her pud into my hand. "Well that's my little fantasy. But I'm serious that it's time for me to at least go even more open than I've done 'till now. Maybe start on something simple. How about we do a walk in the park together"

"Oh that's a lovely idea! What do you want to not wear" and I rolled on top of her, clit to clit, and we brought each other off.

The fire was now almost out and it was getting chilly. Judy suggested we go back to bed, to each others bed. It'd been a while since I had slept with Bob, and the thought that I might get his long trim cock implanted in me right up to the hilt was appealing. I kissed Judy goodnight at the guest room door and slipped inside.

Once under the covers I felt for his bare knob and slowly brought it to life and Bob awake. "Hi Nance," he said sleepily. "That's nice, you want a little"

"No, I want a lot, but that'll come. Give me time," and I offered him a tit to keep him busy. Once his rod had stiffened nicely I reached to the floor for one of my slippers, then I jammed it on where my foot would go until the knob came out the open toe. His eyes went wide, he obviously liked the look of a high heel surrounding his cock, and it went so rigid and his glans swelled so much over the toe opening that I didn't know if I'd get the slipper off without making him come.

I worked the slipper farther along his shaft so that the knob and about an inch of prick was now coming out the front, perfect for me to direct the attention of my tongue and lips. In a short time delicious pre-cum juice was flowing steadily. I couldn't catch it all and some was dripping down over the black patent band that entrapped him. Thank god they were patent and easy to clean. While I continued to suck, I found I could grab the slipper heel and jerk it left and right, giving his shaft a thrill at the same time. I had never seen Bob's prick so swollen.

With great care, I eased the slipper up and by compressing his ever so swollen head with my lips, push the head down into the slipper foot with my tongue. With the slipper off I put myself on. He rolled me over and we began the slow rhythmic traditional coupling where each person tries to bring the other to just the top and no more. His extra couple of inches are always a treat to have up inside me, and as I thought about that my orgasm started. Damn, I could have lasted longer. Bob felt me spasm and he blew his load into me.

At first we just slumped together, exhausted, then we cuddled, still joined, and whispered to each other about the pleasures given and received. When he at last naturally withdrew we still cuddled and he sucked gently on my left tit until we both fell asleep.

Sleeping in is lovely, having to rush to pack is not. As we helped load the car Judy and I re-affirmed, much to the men's disgust, that there would be no more head shaving until April.

As we were driving back to the city, and I decided to call Ruth to make sure that she was still feeling all right about her experiences yesterday. I switched the car phone up onto speaker so everyone could hear. It took about six rings to get an answer from a breathless Ruth.

"Hi, it's me, Nancy. How are you feeling after your sunset walk last night"

"Best thing that's happened to me in years. I feel so good about my self, so super about my cunt."

"OK, just wanted to make sure your weren't having next day regrets, that you had a good time, you know."

"It was great, I'm fine, Doug, stop that, I'm on the phone. I enjoyed it immensely and I'm ready for more. I'll call you tomorrow. Gotta go now, I'm wearing the red gown and I'm about to get laid again OK"

"Good for you," Judy piped up from the back seat.

"Hi Jude, Bye Jude," and Ruth clicked off.

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