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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 2

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Author: Nancy
Published: 11-Apr-13
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OK, booby out. Oh that feels nice, the chill air had hardened my nipples. I looked a Judy and whispered "Nice tit babe." Ruth who was leading the way turned around with a brave smile. "Nice tit Ruth," I assured her. She took it in her hand and waved it at me.

* * * * * * *


I was sitting at my desk thinking about the great weekend and Ruth's cunt glowing in the sunset when the phone rang. I answered with my usual office routine.

"I'm putting my hand on that beautiful right tit," I heard Judy's voice respond.

"That sounds like a great idea, but first I'm going to close the door and then put my Ben-Wah balls in." Thank goodness I'd worn panties this morning. It's tough to keep those pleasure balls in without them. Plop, plop. Ah that feels good. "My bra is the little lacy white one. Now what were you saying about my tit"

"It's beautiful, and I'm slipping my fingers in under that lace. I didn't bother with one today. Ah, there's the little mound, and there's that delectable nipple. Goodness, it's already growing!"

"Two can play that game. I'm holding your left one ever so firmly. I'm thinking that maybe I'm going to pop it right out and suck on it until it gives me some milk."

"That might take a while."

"That's fine with me. Yes, it's coming out, right now, but I'm just going to play with it for a while as I rock in my chair."

"I've got that hard nipple between my finger and thumb now and I'm pinching and rolling it. My, it's growing darker."

"Watch out for the little studs on either side. The slits of light from the venetian blinds looks so lovely dancing on your tit, and as I massage it I'm moving your aureole in and out of the light. The bright white band is slicing right through it now."

"Don't worry, I'm watching. The jewels look lovely, but now I'm going to have to slip a finger into your slit to help you get off."

"How are you doing"

"I need a little help. I uh. Oh, that's good, that's enough. I'm on the edge."

"I'm getting close, I'm going to squeeze you harder, there, and I'm flicking your nipple with my twinky and... Uh..... Uh, closer now.


"Oh damn. There's my second line. Sorry, hold on. Hello"

"Good Morning Nancy, It's Ruth. I wanted to thank you again for a terribly exciting day Sunday. Sorry I couldn't talk longer on the phone yesterday."

"Oh, hi. Your welcome. Want to do it again sometime"

"Absolutely! Look, I've got Judy's shoes and top here. I'd like to take you both out to lunch and....."

"I've got Judy on the other line now. Hang on. I'll switch to conference."

We exchanged greetings again and Ruth expanded on her offer.

".....lunch and go shoe shopping. I want to replace my lower heels with high ones, and I know you two know all the good places. So.... how about it."

We set a place and time, thanked her, and switched Ruth out off the conference.

"Want to pick up were we left off Jude"

"Better not Nance. If I'm going to clear my afternoons schedule I'll have to go at it like crazy. But, you know, any opportunity to buy shoes...."

"Yeah, me too. Thanks for the call and the cuddle though."

"I'll finish you off another time, promise."

"I'll look forward to it. Same for you. Bye."

A quick trip to the washroom to slip my balls out and wash them, then back to the office to make time for the afternoon's fun. Noon couldn't come soon enough.

Ruth had picked one of those darker restaurants with nice quite booths, so much of our conversation was about the weekend, particularly the special moments that Ruth was involved in. Then she said to me "I loved the bit of your journal in that envelope you gave me Nancy. I'd love to do a 'walk in the park' some night. I've really gotten bitten with showing my cunt off, well, you know, under the right conditions. Would you and Jack do a walk with Doug and I"

"I just made a big promise to myself, the past weekend, that I was going to go more public too," Jude joined in. "Why don't we all go"

So, we made some plans as we finished lunch. By the time we left for the shoe stores I was pretty excited and horny. I just might fuck Jack before supper tonight.

"What kind of shoes do you want Ruth, and how much budget do you have" I asked her as we set out.

"I want the quality you both said makes for comfort, I want some as high as your lovely Charles Jourdan's Judy, and some just a bit lower for every day, colors to match my clothes, and I've got two thousand I'm willing to spend. After wearing your Charles Jourdans my old shoes seem low and tacky Judy, so where do we start Oh, and, I'll buy you each a pair of whatever you want. So if you see something special, just say so."

Judy and I took a few moments to plan a route. We'd so many places to cover to make sure Ruth saw all the best and sexiest; La Toure for Charles Jourdan and Charles Davids, Cathedral Shoes for something really fancy as well as one pair of five or even six inch heels, Le Tapis Rouge for Liz Calibourrnes, Evan Picone, and Nina, Feathers' for some classy flashy Stuart Weitzman evening shoes, and maybe Clark's for some classic boots with a nice four inch heel -- just that touch of height, class and style that give you that 'extra touch' no one else seems to have.

We started with the basics. A pair of dark brown classic pumps in kid with four inch heels from Spain by Nina, and a similar pair in white by Liz Claibourne, then off to La Toure to finish the necessities with black patent Charles Jourdans with a slightly rounded toe and those special Jourdan heels that are about an inch thick front to back but only three eighths of an inch wide. Ruth could work comfortably all day in any one of them. I just loved watching her slender feet, clad in super sheer tan sandal foot stockings, nestling into the beautiful leather stylings, her toes adorned with an almost transparent hint of brown polish.

While we were there Judy found a gorgeous satin evening shoe in much the same chisel toe style that she had lent to Ruth. They were in burgundy though, with silver ties and a velvet four and a half inch heel. She offered them to Ruth who put them on right away.

"Perfect. Thanks for finding them," and kissed Judy full on the mouth. That made a few heads turn. God why can't women get over the idea that it's OK to kiss a man that way, yet it's a scandal to kiss a woman lips to lips, well, yeah, with a bit of tongue flicking tongue if you really mean it.

For evening wear, she found a delectable pair of silver sandals, narrow straps everywhere, with wrap around ankle ties and five inch super thin all metal heels. That was at Feathers, and I heard Judy squeal with delight from the back of the store. She came running up with the most stunning shoes. They had black patent sides that came up just past the toe tops, then became clear vinyl over the vamp with a large shiny silver disk mounted right in the center that had a glossy black stone in its center. The toe was open, but it was the heels that were the highlight. Five inches high, they were made up of stacks of silver disks. At the bottom, perhaps a quarter inch wide and high, then the disks got wider and wider until the reached the shoe, each one separated from the other by a quarter inch spacer. Each disk was polished to a dazzling finish. A thin patent strap rose straight up the back to support silver tie cords that went around the ankle. "Where were these shoes when we were doing our Venus bit" Judy asked no one in particular. These were real science fiction designs and sexy enough to give most men an instant hard on.

And there, and a display case nearby were shoes I had only dreamed were possible. Created on a thin gold sole that curved steeply to the top of the four and a half inch heel, the vamp was of clear vinyl over which ran thin gold wires curving up from the sole at the front and swirling over the vamp in 'S' bends to end at the sole near the arch on the other side. Woven through them was another set of wires from the opposite side. The front of the foot was held within what appeared to be a golden wire cage. The heel of this delicious shoe was made of solid acrylic that had a gold tap plate at the base from which sprouted left and right spirals of gold intertwined wire that ran up and around the heel to disappear at the sole. They looked like I was supported by delicate wire heels. They were held in place by a clear sling.

Ruth was examining a beautiful black lace sling back when we came to show her our finds. "But Ruth, these are two hundred dollar shoes. I think that's too expensive for a gift. I'll pay for them myself."

"Mine too," Judy added.

"Nonsense. I promised you any pair you wanted and I meant it. It's a tiny price for what you've given me. I'll be hurt if you don't let me pay. What do you think of these"

"With a black lace nighty, just perfect," Judy told her "Go for it. And Nance, did you know they've got little nipple hoods or cages with the same gold wire design as those shoes, at Madisons"

"No. Really. They'd be perfect. Want to go there on the way home Ruth"

"Sure. I might find something too. I wish they'd sell them singly."

"Well, they custom make, so I don't see why you couldn't request a standard design made up in one. Ask them, OK"

On our way to Cathedral we stopped back at Le Tapis Rouge for black kid pumps on four and a half inch heels that had in intricate design worked into the soft kid, by Evan Picone. His styles are always so elegant. Here Judy did buy herself a pair of shoes. A beautiful pair of red satin sling backs with criss crossing straps all up the vamp. I wanted to get Ruth to Cathedral because I wanted to see how her delicate slim foot would look in a pair of six inch heels. She didn't even want to try them on, saying they were away too high for her, so I pointed out a classic pair of black patent five inch heels by Nine West. Hesitantly she tried them on and walked around a bit while Judy and I immediately got our feet into six inch heels.

"Gee these don't look so high after all," Ruth said standing beside us. "They feel nice. A little high, but then, just for the evening. Do you think Doug would like them"

"Doug will love them. Men go ga ga over very high heels and then if they're black patent, well, expect to end up in bed," I told her.

"Matter of fact, Judy added, they turn me on too. What do you think of these suede six inch ones"

"Well, you know, they look better than I thought," Ruth said.

"Did Judy and I ever tell you about our little adventure with white six inch heels and green stockings" I asked.

Whispering in the back corner of the store we told Ruth all about the matching stockings and super heeled look, matching cunts, and the results.

"OK, OK, I'm convinced. Find me a pair in gold and I'll take them. It might take me a while to learn to walk in them, but I'll take them. And the five inch ones. They're no problem after you get the feel of them."

We made one unscheduled stop. Andrews. I sort of marched Ruth into their store. Andrews appears from the window to be rather outlandish but they do have one important style. "Ruth, trust me, you're going to need one pair of burgundy suede shoes on two inch platforms and six and a half inch heels. Uh, uh, no arguments. Put your feet into them and walk around a bit. Judy and I will help you get the feel of being gracious."

"But why..."

"I can't explain now. Please, just trust me, and believe me when I tell you that one day you are going to be glad you own these shoes."

Without understanding our request, she bought them, and then joined us at Madisons where I forked over a hundred dollars for little gold wire beehives that caged my nipples and locked onto them with a pin through the base and through me.

Next stop was back to our quiet restaurant for some refreshment, to babble a bit about all the gorgeous shoes filling the back seat of Ruth's car, and to try to make a basic plan for a walk in the park. As a result of trying to convince Ruth that this was one time she shouldn't wear really high heels ("But they make me feel so confident..."), the possible need to run ("But why, the guys will be there to protect us" She was right), and so based on the simple matter of not wrenching an ankle on a rough path in the dark, we compromised on height versus stability and went back to Clarks for three pair of black leather pumps with Mary Jane toes, solid soles, and high but blocky heels. Certainly not the sexiest of shoes, but better than flats, and suitable for the situation. The irony was that the one's we chose were called Janey by Park Lane.


We had agreed to take three cars and all meet at the parking lot. The park we chose has a small lake in the middle and an island inside that. The 'lake' is really like a stream running all around the island, but the island provides some areas of isolation that could let us stroll casually without having to constantly check on who was coming from any direction.

Jack and I had been the first to arrive, and I sat nervously in the car thinking about our evening adventure. First there was nervousness about a police officer making rounds, or some complaining old woman, or the like, coming down the same path we were going up. Next, I felt an offsetting great sexual thrill about ending our stroll with both my tits and my cunt totally bare, to at last take that step that says to whomever comes along 'This is me. Feast your eyes. I'm proud of what I've got.' And third, there was that exciting tension of 'what to do, how to act, if we made direct contact with a passerby'. Time for action now, Judy and Bob just pulled up beside us.

Judy and I hopped out of our respective cars, and flung open our raincoats for each other. Everyone had agreed that short peignoir coats with tie string belts would be the best choice, thigh highs of course, and our Janey's. The odd thing was that the Janey's didn't look too bad with the rain coat, but with the dainty gown like coat they were pretty heavy looking. Anyway, Jude was wrapped in a dark purple chiffon while mine was black. Ooops, a car was pulling in. We pulled our raincoats closed. Everything was OK, it was Ruth and Doug. The car was barely stopped and Ruth was out flashing her dark blue cover at us.

The guys were really supportive of our adventure and had been in on the last bit of our planning so they knew every step of our route, and the details of when we would bare what so they could be the most help. We gathered briefly in a huddle for last minute thoughts, then we were off.

The first leg of the trip was three blocks on the city sidewalk around the park to the far end. We were pretty silent most of the way, our heavy heels clunking along. Part way there I undid the buttons to my coat and just let it fall open. I had reached the point I now felt daring, I might as well start showing off. I guess Ruth and Judy felt the competition and undid theirs too. Up ahead was the first bridge, well lit. We were to hand our coats over to the men as we came off the bridge, and then as we started down the first path, bare a boob.

Over the bridge, clunk, clunk, excited breathing. Coats off, were really on our way now. OK, booby out. Oh that feels nice, the chill air had hardened my nipples. I looked a Judy and whispered "Nice tit babe." Ruth who was leading the way turned around with a brave smile. "Nice tit Ruth," I assured her. She took it in her hand and waved it at me.

"Sure hope so. It's the only one I've got," she giggled nervously.

We exited the first wooded area, where I was to take the lead. "Watch your step," Jack said. "It looks a little muddy ahead."

As we reached the center of this open area I was to take out my other booby if the situation was OK. I looked around, wishing there would be someone besides my friends and lovers who would see my exposure. No luck, but there was still a long way to go. Hand into top. Cuddle booby. Ease it out. That was easy, and felt so wonderful. The quarter moon cast a lovely glow over my tits. I stopped and brushed my tits over Ruth's single beauty, then over Judy's, offered one to Jack, Bob, and Doug in turn just for the fun of it. We quickly had a pleasant round sharing titlets and lips. Time to move on.

Part way through the next wooded area, Judy was in the lead, she heard a noise and signaled a halt. Peering down a short side path into a small bird watching area with a bench, she waved me to move forward quietly. There stretched out on the bench was a young woman, maybe eighteen, wearing patent Mary Janes, jeans, and a red sweater that was open on one side. Her boy friend on his knees, back to us, was busily sucking at her bared breast. She had her fly down, a hand inside, enjoying her sexuality.

I waved the others to creep forward. "Oh doesn't that look darling," Judy whispered "He seems awfully intent on that one tit. I wonder if we could do something to help her get a little more satisfaction"

"No, this may be enough for them," Ruth put in. "They look like they're young teenagers, so I doubt he's had a vasectomy or she's had...... Well, my point is, let's not push them too far."

"Well, OK. But I'm going to walk through their little circle and out the other entrance. I said I wanted to show off my cunt to more people and this is one way I can do it," Judy stated and set off. She was barely twenty feet into the enclosed circle when the girl saw her and raised a hand to her mouth. Quickly Judy put a finger to her lips and made a gesture to the girl to reveal her other tit, which she did with a smile. Judy waved back and walked on.

He whispered something in her ear, and we were close enough to hear her answer: "No, you forgot the condoms"!

Up to this point the young man had no idea of what was happening around him. Unfortunately, Judy stepped on a twig in her heavy shoes. It snapped, and the young man looked up and turned around. In the first moment he seemed upset that he and his girl had been disturbed, but ever calm ever cool Judy simply whipped the front of her sheer coat open and closed, waved back and moved on.

Bob had already moved to where the second circle path joined ours so as to meet and provide security to Judy. The rest of us left our observation point and joined them. "How did that feel Jude Where you scared" Ruth asked.

"I was scared when I started out, but once I knew the girl had seen my breasts and wasn't going to scream it was really exciting. I was really into it in seconds. That's why I flashed the guy. It was fun, but I'm afraid that he's horny enough now that he'll screw the girl and you were right Ruth, they have no protection."

"There are condoms in our medical kits in the car Ruth. I'm going back to get some for them," Doug announced.

"I'll go with you," Judy said. "If they still want to screw when we get back they might accept them from me. It was stupid of me to possibly work them up more. I just wanted an audience. At the same time, if that's all that's holding them back from having a good fuck, well we can sure help them out."

"OK," Bob said. Here's your raincoat. You'd better cover your boobies if you're going back to the car park."

Doug and Judy set off, with an agreement to meet us at the band shell, while the remainder of us moved forward. The band shell provided an opportunity to sit down in a sheltered area while we waited, and because we had stopped walking, tucked our tits back into our peignoirs. Ruth and I found the metal audience benches far too cold on our delicate twats, so we all moved into the shell itself and onto the wooden musician chairs. Even though the chairs had been bolted down and wouldn't tilt, they were more comfortable than the metal benches.

Being on the wooden chair reminded me of Monique and I showed Ruth how Monique had perched herself, her twat right at the edge, of such a chair, showing off her tight and natural beauty. Ruth stood back for a good look, twinked herself for a moment, then tried various poses on the chair next to me. Jack and Bob had shifted back to the dim light around the benches, and were now enjoying our performance.

It was a few moments later that I noticed some movement at the trees at the back. It was a different young man than before, and with him a pleasant looking young woman. They were perhaps twenty three or four. Ruth waved. I was nervous.

Upon her wave, they started to move forward tentatively. "Hi," the girl said nervously. "Um.. Ah, I guess the four of you are together. Uh.. you look like nice folks, but um.. well... um... it's unusual to see people our age, or about, um having sexualfuninpublic. Jeez, I'm blowing this. Um.. look.. I shave just like you do and I love it, and so does my husband here, and well we saw you and you looked so entrancing, and I said to Wayne here, that I'd uh like to join you, so... uh... well, may I I don't have a lovely gown, but my shirt is pretty long if I take my skirt off

Ruth and I looked at each other, then at Bob and Jack who nodded perceptibly. "Wayne, do you understand that these men here aren't blind" I asked.

"Bonnie knows what she wants to do. Yeah, it's OK."

"And do you like what you've seen"

"Well, the truth is, you don't look as good as Bonnie does, but yeah, you got me interested enough to stop and let Bonnie talk to you about her fantasy."

Bonnie walked down the center aisle and I noticed she was wearing some low but pretty heels that made mine feel clumsy. As he approached the stage, she slipped off her long jean skirt and panties, handed them over to Wayne, and joined us on the hard chairs, while he took a front row seat.

I explained to Bonnie about Monique and our copying her pose. "Oh I saw her. Yeah, that looked so nice. Yeah, I buy that book whenever it's out. She's so natural isn't she I love being smooth down there, and Wayne, well it gets him off pretty good, and I get ideas, from the books, you know."

Bonnie got comfortable at an angle that was obviously best intended for Wayne, and we chatted a bit more. She had a lovely tight quim that seems to be normal for young women. Tiny, neat, with a tight small slit. Obviously Wayne did not have a thick cock or her slit would not have been so neatly sealed. We were, in fact, checking each other out. Shoes, cunts, tits... It was then that she noticed Ruth's chest. "My God that's beautiful," Bonnie blurted. "Uh, sorry, uh but it's true. I hadn't noticed that you.... I'm sorry, I don't want to embarrass you, but you look lovely."

"Thanks," Ruth said simply.

"My older sister now has just one and she's, well it's like she's ashamed, and I get scared because our grandmother died from it, and uh well I'm scared it could be me too."

"Bonnie, I'm a doctor. A woman's doctor, and I know all about the problem, obviously. Indications are that one in ten women are going to be shaped like this in the next fifteen years, so I think all women need to learn that having more does not mean you are more beautiful. Wayne, do you have something to write on"

Ruth gave them her office number and added "Bonnie, please bring Wayne and you both visit me, no charge. I'd love to help you, and your sister too, if I can."

"I'd do anything, just anything, to help Janice. We had such fun together as girls. We even shared a room for a while."

"Now, Bonnie, do tell us how you feel, sitting up here showing off your nice little, uh..."

"Widgit," she giggled. "It was Janice who named it."

"Well, that's a new one," I said.

"...Widgit, then, showing your widgit to us and your little audience"

"Oh neat! Just like I always imagined. I've dreamed about doing this for years, and you know what Now that I've actually done it, it feels right, it feels natural, and I had no reason to fear showing my widgit to other men." She stood, and with her shirt front held high in one hand, bowed to Bob and Jack. They and Wayne gave her a little round of applause, and she continued. "And of course I'm all excited too now, so I think Wayne and I should be going. Thanks so much for letting me join in. I've always wanted to do that, but probably never would have if I hadn't seen the four of you. Um.... did I look OK, um, nice like" Bonnie said as she wrapped her skirt back on, doing up the top couple of buttons.

"You've got a lovely little widgit," Ruth chuckled. "I mean it."

"I think I know some other beautiful names, I added, but with a widgit as nice as that one, you should show it off more, and do visit Ruth's office. She'll be a wonderful help to you."

Bonnie and Wayne had been gone only a few minutes when we heard soft crunching along the path. It was Judy and Doug - no need to scurry into the darkness.

"Well Jude, what happened Did you upset them" Bob asked.

"No," Judy explained, "It was kind of beautiful actually. When we approached Doug just stayed at the edge of the clearing. She still had both tits out of her sweater and her boyfriend was taking his jeans off, so we were not to far wrong in guessing they would screw no matter what. I just drifted in with my shear clothing floating in the breeze looking like some fairy godmother I guess."

"Were they surprised" from Jack.

"Well, you know," Doug interjected "she looked pleased. I think she was really into showing off her firm pubescent breasts. The guy looked irritated though and I was worried for Judy."

"I was fine. He just wanted to get on with getting it into her, and naturally didn't want to be disturbed."

"But Judy," I questioned "you're about to hand out condoms. I mean isn't he going to be really upset that you're butting in. It's sort of like the AIDS society rep," I giggled "wandering through the woods doing little on the spot commercials."

"Well yeah, I know, it was all a little weird. But it was the girl who made it all come off so easy. She popped off the bench, planted her Mary Janes firmly on the ground and strolled over to me with her cute young tits still on show and said 'Andy, this is wonderful. Don't be angry. This wonderful lady has just brought what you forgot. I'll happily let you do me now." Then to me "Thank you," and then whispering "I've wanted to make love with him for weeks but the first night he tries neither of us have any protection. Then you come along. Your a miracle.' and she kissed me on the cheek".

"It makes me feel good that we were able to help". Ruth commented. "I mean, they wanted to fuck and you helped them do it safely. People should be able to fuck when they feel the desire, but you know, with care and respect for each other."

There were nods of agreement around the group.

"Did Andy ever say anything" Bob asked.

"No, but he did look relaxed at last. I could see he had a ferocious hard on inside his shorts. I think Doug and I did a good thing. My other little reward was feeling one of her warm tits push against mine when she gave me the little peck."

"Feel nice" I asked Judy.

"Young, firm, well, I'll admit it, yes. But not as nice as you or Ruth."

We had been strolling along on our way back to the car as we talked. At this point Ruth and I took our tits out again and bumped them with Judy. It was time to go back to Judy's place for some warm drinks and maybe a little warming sex. My brain produced a flitting image of my screwing Doug. No, that'll never happen.

We were within two hundred feet of the car, coming up on the little curved bridge. I was really enjoying having everything bare even if it was chilly. Neither Jude nor Ruth showed any signs of wanting to get covered, so I figured we'd go the whole way. Unfortunately, the curve of the bridge blocked our view of what was on the other side. It was a gamble, pure and simple.

Just as we stepped onto the bridge and old lady and an old man leading a dog came over the rise. It was too late, and even though it was dark she couldn't miss our bareness.

"Herman, you close your eyes! How disgusting these young un are today. Young woman you should be ashamed of yourself, strutting through this public place showing of only what God and your husband should ever see," she admonished Judy who was leading the troop. "Herman, I'm calling the pooleece when we get home! Come on."

Herman who was trailing behind by now, winked, tugged the dog and gave us the 'thumbs up' and a big smile. He was probably going to stall her from calling anyone. We girls blew him quick kisses before the old lady caught him and hurried on to the car, safety, warmth, and sex.

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