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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 3

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 11, 2013
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As I filled his glass and saw his gaze fixed on the top of the skirt slit - directly on my own slit, I saw too that his cock was growing already. I went down on him and gobbled at his head until he was rampant again.

* * * * * * *



My phone rang. Barb had called to tell me The Skirt was ready. She sounded friendly enough on the phone, but I was nervous about going to see her. First, I was still felt awful about how we had left her. She had wanted sex with us and ....., well you know already. Secondly I was a little concerned that I might still weaken. That leg looked so sexy on her. As long as she didn't wear The Skirt I'd probably remain strong.

I needn't have worried. Barb was dressed today in a long pink skirt again, a pink leather jacket that was firmly buttoned in place, and of course, one of the pink boots of the very thin leather. Albert must have changed the heel for her. It was now a shiny stainless post. I could see too, when she sat down, that she had had a pink boot top made to cover the top of her prosthesis. I couldn't help myself - the shiny pin still turned me on.

She was very cordial and we chatted pleasantly while I stripped off my skirt to prepare for what I hoped was a final fitting.

"Nancy, I'd like to talk with you girl to girl for a few minutes if you don't mind."

Oh god, I thought. I really got myself into a mess on this one, but nodded and said "Sure."

She reached behind her and snapped a catch, the delicious pink skirt fell to the floor.

Oh shit, my mind screamed to me. But, she just sat in a chair opposite to me and went on.

"It's OK Nancy. I won't take long. I just felt the need to clear some things up and as you're bare, well it's only fair if I'm bare too. Look, I really apologize for my behaviour on your last visit. I had no right to presume either you or Judy were into girl to girl activities. I......."

"Oh, but we are Barb. It's just that, well, it's just that we have a pledge. A pledge to each other and to our husbands, and well, it just seemed that to do it with you would violate that pledge. Um, what can I say... I'm very sorry too. I think I led you on."

"Oh. I didn't understand. Look, let's put it all behind us. I really thought ..... You've both become more than customers to me. I see you both as friends and I didn't want......"

I cut her off again. "Yes me too. Judy and I talked for ages about how we had hurt you. You know, before we came back that day." I was relaxing now, enjoying sitting across from her, enjoying the view, feeling much better. "I know we can't ever forget it. I guess I don't want to forget it. You were so very appealing that day. I wanted ever so badly to, well, to do something with you. Judy too, I know. And after we turned you down, and you mentioned a dildoe, I almost buckled at the knees. I did want you so badly."

A tear actually started to form at the corner of my eye.

"Hey, don't cry on me now," Barb said. "I was just starting to feel better." She pulled a tissue out of a hidden pocket in the pink jacket and passed it to me.

"I, I...." If I went on I was going to blubber.

"OK, I understand now. You're pledged to Judy. I think that's wonderful. I didn't mess anything up between you two did I"

"Oh no, not at all, but she feels as rotten about this as I do." I was regaining my composure. "OK then, we understand each other now. You're a beautiful woman Barb, and sexy as hell with your metal leg. Let's let it go. Tit cuddling yes, sex no, OK"

"Yes, friend. Yes, let's draw the line there," and she rose to unbutton her jacket to reveal little pink posts sticking out either side of her nipples.

"Hey they're nice," I said, standing, and brushing a finger over one set. "They're almost an inch long on each side. I like them." On her hard pointy tits the posts stood out well.

I unbuttoned the modest blouse I'd worn and put Barb's hand on my left tit. In turn I cuddled her right one. "You know," I said, "it was wonderful sitting here face to face, cunt to cunt, talking out our concerns."

"Yes, it was wasn't it. You just can't keep your defenses up when you bare yourself." She leaned over to give me a little peck on the cheek. I bussed her back.

We both looked down then. Our cunts were only an inch or so apart. I smiled to her and moved mine forward a fraction.

She moved hers towards me just a touch.

Slowly, gently, with great care, we edged closer and closer, glancing at each other's face, smiling, glancing back to our cunts as the gap closed. At last our lips touched, lingered ever so briefly, and withdrew. Silently we just watched the other's slit for a moment.

I was the first to speak. "That was lovely. You are a lovely friend."

"Thanks, you too. I'll call Judy and square things away with her. Are you ready now to try your new skirt"

"Yes, I think so. We'd better do that."

I had worn my black Evan Picone pumps, with tan thigh highs to compliment the skirt. A tribute to Barb"s careful measurements and the Leather Mansion's workmanship The Skirt fit perfectly. The high waist band contoured my tight tummy perfectly, the skirt clung to and fell over my hips like a glove. I tried the zipper in several places including full up with no strap. In each position it still draped beautifully and full open it fell to show off my cunt like a picture in a frame. As I looked in the big mirror I was turning myself on and I could see Barb's slit widening again, for she had not redressed.

Quickly, in case either of us lost control of ourselves again, I slipped out of The Skirt and put my black wool one back on. I handed this red patent wonder over to Barb when she had restored her skirt and jacket, and praised the workmanship. I thanked her too, for being so forthright and making us talk openly to resolve our rift. We kissed cheeks again and went out to the counter so I could pay my bill. We both promised to get together again soon.

I hurried home, stopping only once on the way. I had some preparations to do before Jack got there. A shower, a fresh shave (not really necessary, but just in case a trace of stubble had appeared), fresh makeup, and repaint all my nails scarlet. Then my favorite nipple rings and a nice pair of tan stockings. I finished the outfit off with a tailored white blouse, blue hip hugging skirt, and my closed toe red patent pumps. I prepared a simple supper, poured wine and laid the table, including candles.

When Jack arrived I could see he was tired and encouraged him to take a shower. I set out his silk black kimono and finished our meal.

Sitting across the table from him, after our first glass of wine, I slid my left patent heel up between his legs, then unbuttoned my blouse. I could feel his erection growing against my shoe. I simply reached across the table and we held hands.

"I love you darling," he said to me.

"Feeling a little better now"

"Mmmn," and his cock twitched.

"I have a little surprise for you, but I'll save it for another night if you like."

"Knowing your surprises I think I'd like to see it now," he said with a big grin.

"I'll be a few minutes then. Why don't you take the rest of your wine and sit on the couch. I'll be back as quick as I can."

I knew he was over being tired when I saw his cock poking out the front of his kimono, the foreskin already pulling back from his head.

Off with my blouse, off with my skirt, on with The Skirt (unzipped all the way, but the strap in place), and on with a red Alana type top that had long sleeves.

I stepped into the living room and gave him the full frontal view, my cunt crack, I was sure, winking at him from the upper opening. The reaction was immediate. His cock grew more before my eyes, and as it did, his foreskin slowly riding back over his dark purple (and ever so shiny) head until it nestled firmly behind the ridge.

"What do you think" I asked as I stood in front of him slowly gyrating my hips.

To answer me he rose silently and placed his rigid member into the upper opening, and slowly eased it into my lower opening. I had to stand away up on the tip of my toes, my heels well off the floor, but I assisted him until I was fully impaled on his weapon. The little cross strap popped at the strain and The Skirt fell fully open. Good! I flung my legs up and around his hips. The two of us were one.

We didn't speak, but simply gazed into each other's eyes, and while he stood supporting both of us I rocked gently on him until we were both loosing focus, our eyes starting to glaze. I kissed him then, and we were almost ferocious in our passion. Then he started to tremble, I to quiver. We came, together, with great shuddering orgasms, a great feeling of unity.

I was afraid he would fall, so I let my legs down and supported myself on toe points again, still joined at the pelvis.

"Oh my god Nancy!" he exclaimed. "Oh god. I love you, I love you, I love you," his breath coming in huge gasps. I told him of my undying love as we separated ourselves and collapsed on the couch.

When my own breath had returned I stood to pour us some more wine. As I filled his glass and saw his gaze fixed on the top of the skirt slit - directly on my own slit, I saw too that his cock was growing already. I went down on him and gobbled at his head until he was rampant again. Then I lay down on the rug and we coupled in the traditional fashion. He made me come twice before letting himself go.

We rested there, on the floor, until I felt I must go to the bathroom and clean up my crotch. As I walked back into the living room, The Skirt still wide open, I was amazed to see his member start to firm up again.

"Jesus Christ Nancy! That skirt is just about the sexiest god dammed thing I've ever seen. It certainly is fantastic. And with your lovely tits on show, well look at me, I'm almost ready again. "

I led him to the bedroom where I removed my top. That completed another erection for him and I promptly made it go away by immersing it in my cunt again. I rode on top of him this time, enjoying the feel of the supple leather floating over my hips and down the backs of my legs.

I'll admit now that I was concerned about overdoing it, of injuring him, yet Jack was still passionate after we came again. Was this the fifth or sixth time for me I wasn't sure. Still, he seemed to want more. I took a chance and went to the closet and took down my latest purchase, slipping them onto my feet - more red patent, this time with wide, slashed, open toes and on a five inch heel that looked much higher because of how the instep was curved. Jack was watching me from the bed and when he saw the open toes and followed up the open front of The Skirt there was a stirring of his cock again. I sat on the bed, my legs crossed, toe cleavage, cunt cleavage, breast cleavage fully visible and just let him grow at his own pace.

He sat up, legs wide and sidled up to my ankles, his cock resting on them - well not resting much now. Then he fondled my breasts until I was once again breathing deeply. My eyes closed I slipped a hand down and found he was fully hard once more. Not a word spoken between us, I rolled over so he could enter me. We bucked and humped, flesh crashing into flesh, my nipples on fire, his breath coming in gasps again. I was nearly over the top and wrapped my legs around him, the smooth surface of the patent squeaking against his skin. He came!

I was but a moment longer, and we lay entwined once more until we parted to cuddle and express our love verbally. We were both totally exhausted and decided to sleep, leaving the table and dishes until lord know when. As I dozed off in his arms I glanced at the clock. In just over an hour we had fucked four times. The Skirt certainly seemed to have almost magical powers.

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