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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 4

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Author: Nancy
Published: 13-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 15-Apr-13
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Judy was sucking that engorged clit hard between her lips now and Ruth started to tremble, then thrust, so Judy went back to simple long tongue strokes up the now widely spread gash and up and over the rigid clit.

* * * * * * *


I had just arrived home from work and was about to slip into some higher heels when the door bell rang. Special delivery. What could the package be I signed for it and once back inside tore off the wrapping. Underneath that was something in gift wrapping. I carefully undid that to reveal a box from the best lingerie store in town. Terribly excited now, I popped the lid.

Inside, sitting on top of the tissue paper was an invitation on elegant paper:

Dear Nancy and Jack:

You are cordially invited to the home of Doug and Ruth Mathews

to enjoy A Valentine Party and Dinner

February 14 at 6PM

Love Ruth

Wow, what a great idea! Next I lifted back the tissue to find a folded garment in flowing gold, with another note on top of it.

Dear Nancy:

This is just my way of saying thank you for the lovely red gown you and Judy gave me, and for the wonderful time I had with the two of you at your cottage. Together, you have given me a sexual openness I have never had in my life before. Our intimate evening stroll to the lake will always be treasured.

I must also thank you for giving me my Cunt. I know that sounds odd, but it's amazing what a difference a name can make. That little gift has given me great pleasure. I hope this gift will bring pleasure to you also, and I hope that you might find our little party a suitable occasion to wear it.

More love,


Setting the lovely note carefully aside, I lifted the garment out of the box and held it up. Oh my! The golden fabric unfolded into a wonderful sort of nightgown/evening dress. It has long cuffless sleeves almost totally transparent with little gold flecks on them, a scoop neck with a bodice only slightly denser, and a skirt which with my hand pressed behind it you could see my fingers and twinky clearly. A few inches back, however, they almost disappeared. The whole garment was covered in shimmering gold fleck, like the sleeves, but here they were denser.

I fumbled with my clothes to get them off and try on this exquisite garment.

It took a few moments to pull it on as if was made of some sort of slightly stretchy material that molded itself perfectly over my boobs, over my stomach, and clung at the hips. From there it dropped straight to the floor with flowing little folds around and between my legs.

I scampered to the bedroom to look at it in the full length mirror, and realized that I needed some much nicer heels. Oh yes, the intertwined gold ones. Of course! Ruth had bought the gown to match them. How thoughtful. Now at the mirror I was stunned. The gold speckled space age fabric so perfectly clung to my body that my tits were like one with it. The fabric curved around and under them, my aureole and nipples pushing out the front, gold tinted but perfectly visible. When I moved and they ever so slightly jiggled (for they were also compressed a tiny bit by the elasticity of the cloth) it was two golden orbs that moved. My clit was hard. I could imagine myself as one of those beautiful models walking down a runway, her tits visible, on show, to the large audience of men and women who were all examining every detail of her clothing and body, yet the same tits untouchable and tantalizing because of the gown.

I stepped back on my delicate wire heels for a different look in the mirror, a look further down. Yes, there it was. My cunt dimly visible through the hanging folds. A step forward and the golden filaments shifted to reveal a glimmering cunt, with a hint of my clit tip poking out. A step to the side and the garment swung to provide the slightest of cover. To the other side now, and there was a moment when my slit was visible again. I moved a chair in front of the mirror and sat down. Gold gossamer fell into my lap and draped over my legs, touching my flesh. Seated, my glorious glimmering golden cunt was there for all to see, to admire.

Oh God! So marvelous.

Then I realized I must hurry and put the gown away before Jack came home. Yes, I must save it for the party. That must be the first time he would see it. I reluctantly took it off and dashed around to gather up my clothes and change for supper. I picked up the gift box and realized it was not empty. There was more under the tissue.

The last item was the cutest little pair of gold fake leather panties. Well, more of an elastic string that ran around the waist with a wedge running down from it to wrap around my twat and up my butt crack. A note pinned to them said: 'Just a little something to keep the chill off when you are outdoors. R.' I wanted to see what they would look like on under the dress, but there was just no time.

Dressed now and with everything tucked away in my bottom drawer I picked up the phone and called Judy.

"Hi Sis. Did you get a special delivery parcel Yeah Oh tell me about it. No, come on, tell me something. OK, OK, I understand, come on, just a hint. Look, mines gold and clingy and you should see my tits through it, and my cunt's sort of hidden most of the time when I'm standing, but when I sit..... well you'll just have to see that for yourself. Now, it's your turn... at least a hint."

She briefly described a red gown with many criss crossing shoe string straps holding a sheer bodice that began just above her nipples, how it was held in at the waist by a shoestring belt, and how it flowed over her hips to form a red cloud down to her ankles, and yes, when she sat down it too fell in between her legs to show her pride and joy. Jude also told me it went perfectly with her red satin shoes that were mostly straps.

"But Nance, she went on, there was the most touching note with it, thanking us for giving her the sexual confidence to show off her cunt, that last word was in capital letters, in front of others. Anyway, it was beautiful and I'll let you read it.

"I got a really nice note too." I heard the front door opening. "Oh, Jack's home. Did you get panties to go with it

"Oh yeah, almost forgot. Yeah, tiny little gorgeous things in red velvet. Velvet panties can you imagine, and another note saying 'Stay warm on your way to the party'. So I guess I'm gonna wear mine there for the first time.

"Yeah, me too. Look, gotta go. I'm getting my tits massaged. Can't talk now. Love you. Bye.

"What was that all about, Jack said as he tweaked my nipples through my blouse, Jude buy some sexy panties I didn't think you two hardly ever wore them

"Darling, you'll just have to wait and see. Now, before we make something to eat, take me upstairs and eat me please. I'm so excited about the party we've been invited to." I told him about the invitation as we went.


I got back from the hair dressers just in time to shower and shave my crack. I had insisted on dressing alone. Almost finished now, I slipped my feet, covered in delicate gold opera stockings, into my delicious gold wired slings. A quick check in the mirror told me that everything looked great. A bright gold splash of panties at my crotch flashed out, and the tiny gold bee hives on my nipples winked back. I put on my fur coat and the phone rang. It was Jude. Bob had seen her outfit. They would be a little late.

Ours was the longer route, and we drove slowly. Then we circled the block. At last their car pulled up and we parked behind them. By now, I could hardly wait to see Jude. I wondered, too, how much Ruth would show tonight.

We were greeted at the door by Doug. The men were shaking hands and Judy and I got a pleasant kiss on the cheek. Then Doug said, "Here, let me take your coats and panties and hang them in the closet."

Jack's eyes went wide when he saw our gowns. I lifted my skirt a few inches and through the fabric, hooked my thumbs into the elastic strap of my panties, sliding them down over my hips. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. Judy's tiny velvet V was in Doug's hands when I looked at the men. They all had very satisfying bulges in their pants. I wondered briefly what Doug's looked like.

Judy leaned over to me and said, "Niiice tits babe. That's fantastic.

"You look pretty nice yourself. I want to be there when you breath deep and pop your nipples."

"Oh hi, I'm so glad you're here." This was Ruth stepping into the room. "Here, let me make you properly welcome," she said as she pulled the black top of her gown down. She was stunning, her head shiny smooth, her feet in the five inch patent pumps she had been hesitant to buy, a hint of her cunt behind a patch of black sequins. Tonight she presented her tit to the men first and I was pleased that they responded properly with a nice little suck, not a tiny peck on the top.

"This gown is so delicious. Thank you so much, and it matches my shoes perfectly," Judy exclaimed, showing her strappy five inch heels. She took Ruth's breast and gave it a generous loving kiss.

"Me too! This is the most exquisite gown Ruth. I felt so sexy the moment I looked in the mirror. It makes my breasts look...., I don't know..., just exquisite. Thank you, thank you!" and I took her glorious boob in my hand, fondling it for just a moment before drawing its titlet into my mouth and flicking my tongue over its tip. Tonight it somehow felt even more firm and tasted just a little sweet, a little.. well something nice. It must have been my own excitement.

"And you look wonderful too. God, the black pumps look so nice, and those sequins scattered over the sheer nylon make it look so elegant, as does your dark red lipstick and nails, just perfect."

Ruth had returned her booby to behind her bodice and I just stared again, as I have so often, at its magnificence. The top of her gown was a peasant style with an elastic top that held it just under her arms. Made of ultra sheer black nylon scattered sparsely with tiny black sequins, it dropped to a denser but still sheer swinging waltz length skirt. Behind the top her tit, its pink nipple and ring looking out almost whispering 'suck me, suck me', sat like a princess on a throne waiting for a prince to come. Falling beside it, on a length of gold chain was the strangest little ivory amulet, about a half an inch long. It came to a rounded, creased in the center, lower end, a little more than a quarter inch wide. From there it tapered to the upper end, which had been drilled for a fine gold ring to join the chain, and became a narrow rounded tip. I had never seen anything like it before. I would have asked about it, but had something more important to do right then.

The skirt had more sequins than the top with a cluster just a her crotch. I stepped back for a better look and could see the outline of her gash. "I didn't use any makeup there tonight. Do think it's under stated "Not if making me horny is understating it," Jude supplied. "All together, you look so nice I could eat you," she whispered.

Ruth's face flushed and she turned quickly and marched across the rug towards the kitchen. The light glinted off of the shiny patent of her towering heels. The black seams up the back of her opera hose were a perfect finishing touch. Still, something was bothering me.

"....potatoes..." was all I caught as Ruth's back disappeared.

"Oh jeez," Judy whispered to me as we moved to the living room. "I think I've spoiled the party. It was only a figure of speech. I must apologize the first moment I can.

"I'd wait until you can chat alone," I whispered back.

But in a moment Ruth was back, all smiles, carrying a little tray with glasses of sherry. Nothing seemed to be wrong.

With sherry glasses in hand we sat down to chat. Yes, sitting down, Ruth's dress, like ours, perfectly revealed her bold crack. It was Doug who spoke first.

"Ladies, it is Valentines. Please let me toast the three loveliest ladies I've ever seen." The men raised their glasses and we all drank. He went on. "As Valentines and Sadie Hawkins day are almost the same thing...

"It's not leap year dear," Ruth put in.

"....close enough... on behalf of the men I want to say that after much discussion we felt we must tell you that we feel somewhat cheated. You get to present yourselves to us so nicely packaged. If a man were to wear such sheer clothing we would be considered queer. But as it is, well close enough, Sadie Hawkings day the ladies get to chose what they want.

"I think you're changing the rule a bit," Ruth added again.

"We had to work this out the best we could. OK, to get to the end, guys"

The men stood and dropped their trousers. Underneath they were all wearing boxer shorts with little hearts all over them. They looked so cute. And through the front slit was a glimpse of some nice peckers. Ruth, Judy and I applauded our approval.

"So, if you like it this way that's fine, but don't blame us if watching you in those lovely gowns doesn't cause more of an appearance. Then, as I said, Sadie got to chose what she wanted. If you want to see more then you'll have to come over and pick what you want."

Judy and I looked at each other. How would we work out this little dilemma I touched my twinky to hers. "Ruth is the hostess this evening. I think the choice should be hers. She should be the one to make the choice for all three of us," Judy reacted. "Don't you agree Nance"

"Yes, by all means."

"You mean, Ruth asked us, I get to make the choice for all three of us and take the appropriate action"

"Exactly," Jude and I chimed. I went on. "They're making the offer. Is our choice of one delegate satisfactory to all of you" I spoke to the men.

"Yes." "Yes." "Yes."

"There you are Ruth. It's up to you."

She stood, and I sadly watched her cunt almost disappear behind the sequin patch. She strode across the rug and reached into Doug's shorts. I was going to get my wish. She extracted a nice plump cock, beautifully circumcised . I felt that with the right treatment it would probably grow to about six and a half inches in length. The glans was a deep pink, short and wide, and it would probably feel really good inside me. Next she stepped over to Bob and brought his already semi hard prick out into the light. His fully circumcised shaft was already starting to shine. Jack was seated next to him and with her left hand Ruth probed into his shorts and pulled out my favorite pecker. I was absolutely thrilled to see it quickly grow to full size in her three fingers.

In her three fingers!

My God! Ruth only had three fingers on her left hand! That's what seemed different earlier. "Oh Ruth. How wonderful. Jude, look, Ruth has a twinky!"

"Ruth! That's incredible." Ruth was showing it around now. Jack and Bob were Oohing and Awing. "I thought you said a surgeon couldn't do without her pinkies"

"Well, I got really thinking about it. The right one is invaluable, but I never use the left. It was Doug who pointed out to me that it is often in the road, particularly when doing the Harding procedure which I have to do often. Do you want to see a bit of magic"

She walked over and touched it to Doug's knob with her new twinky. His penis swelled immediately to its full size. I was wrong. I'm sure it didn't exceed six inches in length, but it must have been more than two inches thick. No wonder Ruth enjoyed the size of her gash. His knob was a deep shiny purple now, and I wanted to get my hand to my crotch.

"May I try my magic on you Bob"

He glanced at Judy and she smiled. "Oh yes. Do it to me," he replied

Again the effect was immediate. Quickly swinging from a droopy state to a full eight inches quivering in the air, the head and shaft glistened. "Oh my, said Ruth, that's rather nice."

With Jack next, I slid to the edge of my chair, making sure my gown fabric was well back against my cunt and pointed it straight at him as my way of showing approval and encouragement. Ruth burrowed her new twinky into the opening of his foreskin. To my amazement, his already extended member quivered and swelled a bit more. I was also amazed at how much Ruth had developed in such a short time. She was clearly enjoying playing with other men's cocks. Bravo!

"I'm sorry to end our little bit of fun but dinner is ready and I must put it on the table." Judy and I went to help.

She had prepared a delightful meal, and sitting at the table, with the romantic candle light and gentle music, it was again an exotic pleasure to enjoy the sight of almost bare breasts. Judy's looked like they might pop from the sheer bodice into the red lacing if she reached for the potat au gratin too quickly. Ruth's tit looked shy and coy behind her loose top, and I knew my golden mounds were well displayed, the twirled wire beehives twinkling in the light. From time to time I would reach over and cuddle Jack's cock. It was so nice that the men had joined the spirit of showing what they had also. Too bad Jack couldn't get a finger into my slit.

"Ruth, Judy asked," your twinky, when, how, tell us all about it"

"It was my Christmas present from Doug. Do you mind if I tell the whole story dear"

"Sure. I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear. Tell whatever parts you like best."

"Well, it was Christmas Eve and I decided to shave my head. I wanted to wear my lucious purple nightgown when we opened presents and my hair was just too shaggy to look good with it and a wig just didn't seem right. Doing that got me pretty aroused, and when I joined Doug to open presents my appearance really turned him on so we had a slight delay."

"Anyway, the last present was a tiny box for me. It contained a small golden broach in the shape of a left hand and the pinky finger had been shortened. Under it was a little note I will always remember: 'Merry Christmas Darling. Whenever your ready I'll make your finger match the broach. Love Doug.' What with my smooth head, my gown, and my super high satin heels I was pretty much into what I call a J and N mood. That's what I call my new feelings, when I'm so sexually aware of myself that I can feel a constant tingling in my breast, my cunt, my feet, whatever."

"My little left finger got that way and I threw myself into his arms and then told him when was now, but where He got my coat and guided me to the car and we drove to his surgery. You know how it's done so I won't go through that routine. I've had to do amputations myself and even for the doctor there is a shock as you see the member moved away from the body. Ooops sorry, were eating. Well, I expected that shock. Instead I felt at that moment an exquisite sexual elation that grew even more as he closed the end and I stared at my finger lying on a sterile cloth. I had painted my nails purple only a few hours before and it was the tiny purple nail that kept drawing my eye to the curled finger that was no longer mine."

"As soon as the last stitch was in, I couldn't even wait for a bandage, could I Dear I pulled my gown off and climbed onto his examining table with nothing on but my satin shoes. The rest was nature taking its course, but it may have been the best damned sex anyone ever had."

I reached for Jack's cock. I think it was ready to push the table off the floor.

After dinner Judy and I offered to help Ruth take the dishes to the kitchen. There we examined her hand again and both gave the new twinky little kisses. As we were stacking plates Ruth said to me, "Nance, you should encourage Jack to get his wick trimmed."

"Oh, but I love that extra bit of skin, and anyway I understand it's pretty serious for an adult to get it done."

"No, not cut off that lovely prepuce!" Judy exclaimed.

"Well, you had yours off didn't you" Ruth retorted.

"Yeah, I see your point. Well, if it came off we'd see Jack's point a lot more often," Judy giggled.

"But why Ruth" I asked.

"The world and how we live in it has changed so much faster than the human body has evolved Nancy. Sometimes we have to do things to help it along. Jack is fucking both you and Judy, right Your juices plus his own collect under there. Like blood types, some don't mix without serious problems. Cut off the foreskin and you can really reduce that problem. Also foreskin is the greatest cause of yeast infections and other vaginal problems in women because of all the pre-cum that collects behind it, then starts to 'ferment'. Did you know that hundreds of men are having it cut away every year".

"No" I said quietly. Than I added, "Oh but I've never had any infections and I always figured it was because I shaved my cunt."

"That's one of the most hygienic things a woman can do, and it looks great too, no question. But did you also know that circumcision is so important and even very popular today that there's now a professional, perfectly safe circumcision kit, called a TaraKLamp, that you can buy and do it at home You put the TaraKLamp over his glans, then close the levers and it crushes the skin and blood vessels so there is no bleeding. The kit even comes with a scalpel, so you just slice the skin away. After a few days he can take the clamp off, and his prick will be as neat as can be".

"Really" I said, my voice quavering a little at the idea of Jack's foreskin going, and more than a little at the sexual excitement I was feeling at the thought of taking a scalpel to that same foreskin.

"Anyway," she went on, smiling "I still think that putting it in the hands of a good surgeon is the best way. If you've never had any infections Nance, then I wouldn't rush about it. Just thought I should mention it. Anyway, give my tit a squeeze and let's go back to the living room."

"What is the significance of your little pendant Ruth" Judy queried. "It looks like ivory, and you can't get that anymore."

"When Doug and I were in Mexico in November we found that in some of the small towns amulets like this were sold as good luck charms by the native people. Doug remembered that and had this one made for me. He gave it to me tonight before you came. Probably only a doctor would recognize it though, but it now has special meaning between the two of us."

"My God!" Judy exclaimed. "It's the tip bone of your finger isn't it Oh God that's sooo sexy."

"Thanks, I think so. But it might revolt some people, so it's just our secret, OK"

"Mn," I said. "May I touch it" Ruth passed it as far as the chain would allow and I held it briefly, getting hot in between my legs. "How does it make you feel, with it bouncing against your booby."

"The answer is 'ooooooo' and she quivered all over. Here, come close and I'll do it for you. Judy and I took turns.

I must admit I went a little rubbery in the legs. I thought about having her amulet hanging around my waist, her little bone bumping my clit. I caressed her smooth head and kissed her mouth in thanks. Enough! This had to stop, at least for now.

"Your head looks so nice, and your gown and shoes too. Truth is, you're stunning. Have you gone bald since Christmas then"

"No, I stayed bald until after New Years, and I've got to tell you all about that, but it's just too cold this time of year, so I grew it back in until today."

"It looks so great!" Judy added. "I wish I had taken my hair off for tonight."

"I'd do that for you when were done here if you like." Ruth said with a big smile.

"Ruth....," Judy began hesitantly, "At the door, tonight, ... what I said, I didn't mean..."

Ruth turned and looked Judy square in the eye. "Yes! I know what you said. I've given it a lot of thought..."

Judy cut her off. "I only meant it as a figure...."

Ruth, in turn, abruptly cut Judy off. "I've given it a lot of thought for several weeks. I said 'Yes' a moment ago. I meant it. If you are willing Judy, I'd like you to eat me. Would you Tonight" She went on hurriedly, "I realized after the night we walked in the park I had wanted to be eaten. I just couldn't work up the courage to say so that night. It's been on my mind an awful lot. I know I'm ready for it now and I'd like you to be the one do it to me. I get so horny and a bit shaky thinking about it, so I don't want to put it off until God knows when. So... would you"

"Oh god! I'd no idea when I said... Of course I'll eat you. You could have asked me any time, just any time. I'm so flattered you asked me! Would you like to do it now"

"How about after we're all shaved" Ruth answered in a shaky voice.

"Perfect!" Jude replied and stepped forward to give Ruth a big hug and kissed her mouth firmly. It was interesting watching them both standing on tip toe to kiss. Girls are so used to doing that when they kiss a guy, I guess. Anyway, they both went up on toe ends and balanced there while they poked tongues. I was getting horny too.

"Tell you what then, Ruth went on, let's ask the guys to finish the cleanup, I'll clip and shave your heads, and tell you all about my wonderful New Year's. I've wanted to phone so many times and share my excitement, but I knew I could only really tell you face to face.

Judy was obviously excited about getting shaved and the reality, now, of eating Ruth out. I had wanted to wait until our April 'clean out' to go bald again, but if I might get a turn lapping her gorgeous gash.... well, I was turned on enough now, so I said yes.

Ruth marched into the living room and I watched those lovely seams running from her heels to her ass."

"Guys, we have to do some girl stuff for about forty five minutes, stuff for you. Would you mind cleaning up the kitchen and make yourselves a drink while were gone Don't put those lovely peckers away. We'll be back to play," she rhymed.

We retired to the large bathroom with a bottle of wine and a hard chair. First Ruth pinned a large towel around Judy's neck, then took out the clippers and started up her neck. Seeing the first swath come off was enough. I was horny for sure now and anxious for my turn.

"So, we left for my cousins early in the afternoon for New Year's. I've known her since we were little and she's a dear friend, but somehow we don't get to visit enough cause it's about a four hour drive. I was a little scared of what she'd say when she saw me bald, and of course there was a bandage on my twinky. Anyway, I wore a wig and didn't say anything. Of course she had to know what had happened to my finger, but I told her she'd get the whole story later, I was 'fine' kind of thing. She wasn't much satisfied though, so I took her aside and took my wig off."

"'It's not cancer again is it Ruth' she asked and I told her no it was my new style. Well that did it. Just bend your head a bit this way Judy. She was enthralled. I thought she might be upset, you know, but she was rubbing her hands all over my head and her nipples were popping out. 'But what about your finger' she asked next, so I told her it was a long story and I told her about meeting you two, and your twinkies, and about the day at the cottage. Well I was expecting her to get angry, which would have hurt, but couldn't have taken away what we shared or changed my mind. We're so close she would have understood in the end."

"OK Judy one last buzz at that lock in the front. Good, now you move over to the mirror. You'll find my shaving stuff in that drawer there. Nance, come on over to the chair..."

"Ruth, I'm all wet from watching Judy, I need some tissue."

I was wet from more than that. As Ruth got wound up on her story, her clit started to swell. And, of course, as it has no surrounding skin it just slides out between her lips sticking out like a little cock. It's about as big around as a pencil and about two inches long, so a little more than an inch can stick out if she's aroused enough. I could see it faintly through her gown from where I was sitting.

"Here, let me do it for you. Just pull your skirt up." She swabbed me dry and went on. "The point is, it was quite the reverse. 'Oh, can you do it for me' was her answer. After I was sure she meant it I took out my shaving kit and we went to her bathroom. OK, if your ready now Nance, I'm going to start at the front and go right over the top."

The clippers clicked on and my nipples filled their little cages."

I clipped her first, just as I'm doing you, and then shaved her. She was so excited and then I wondered if she was still shaving her cunt. She told me she had stopped when she was in college. I offered to do that too and she was so excited she went for it. It was while I was wiping away the lather.... Oh yes, Jude, there are fresh blades in that case. ...the lather and she was marveling at how good her slit looked this way again, that she confessed to me that she had wanted so bad to go to bed with me when we were teenagers, how she had always longed to enjoy a sexual relationship with a women, but could never tell anyone."

"I was overwhelmed. I had wanted the same thing and neither of us knew how the other felt. I wonder Nancy how many women want to share their bodies with both men and women and our society makes them hide it. Well, I just blurted out how I had desired her for so long too, and I dropped my slacks and panties and pressed my cunt into hers. We fumbled with blouse buttons and groped at each other's tits. I ended up with mine nestled in between hers. We didn't need another word. That's looking great Jude. I'll wash it off for you when you're finished. Now I just need to buzz this little bit at the back of Nancy's neck. We ended up full mouth kissing and getting all wet between the legs. There, off to lather up at the far sink Nance and I'll wash and dry Jude."

"Oh please, I asked, cuddle my tits first. This gown is spectacular but I can't get them out easily and I'm so excited now I need..... well, just cuddle them. Real hard!"

"Certainly. I didn't know.. it's those sexy little cages, they hide the clues. Is that hard enough"

"Yes, that's lovely. I'm fine now. Go on with your story."

"Where was I, oh yes, 'OK I told her, we've simply got to hurry and get tidied up and go show the men. Well we did. Paul went absolutely nuts about our heads. I don't mean nuts angry I mean nuts excited. Big bulge in his pants. He had to stroke both of our heads and he and Donna ended up excusing themselves.' "

By the time they were back it was time for dinner and we had planned to open late Christmas presents after that. When everything was cleaned up I suggested to Donna that we put on the fanciest nightgowns we could find to sit around the tree."

"Donna's response was 'you mean see through nighties' and I assured her that was what I meant. 'I mean it's pretty clear to both of us that were not lesbians, we just want both, so let's make sure we get some of the other', 'yes, see through nighties so that they will see our cunts and want some', was what I told her. 'Ruth! Your mother would never have approved of that language' she giggled to me. 'But you don't mind Doug getting a look at mine, what if he got so excited he wanted to fuck me' "

"Here, Nance, let me get that little hollow in the back of your neck for you. So, I said 'Would you want him to, would you let him' and she answered 'I often had the 'hots' for him after you started dating. Sure I'd let him' "

"Donna, I told her, 'if it turns out you both feel that way then I'd be happy to have him fuck you whenever either of you wanted. It'd be the greatest gift I could give you. There Nance, all done. I couldn't believe my own ears, but inside I knew I really meant it. She didn't believe me at first either then she saw I was sincere. 'OK' I said back, 'now there's the little problem of how you feel about Paul having a look at my cunt. I don't mind showing it off to him, but what if....' "

" 'Darling, show him anything you want, that's OK with me, and he's a wonderful lover, and if you'd share Doug with me well then I can return the favor, but do you have any interest in Paul. I know you wouldn't do it with just any man.' and I replied 'Confession time again. I had the 'hots', as you say, for him in high school and almost decided one night to give up my virginity to him.' Here, use this big towel Nance. So I cooked up a little plan with her."

"Oh look at you two. You're just radiant. Now those gowns look just perfect, and I'll lend you some of my long long earrings. So, to shorten the story up we put on our night gowns and heels. The highest heels she had were only two and a half inches and pink, so she wore them with an all pink nightgown. We wore them to open presents and gave the men a pretty good look at our cunts as we sat on the floor around the tree, which they obviously enjoyed. As it neared midnight we danced and I could feel Paul's cock hard in my crotch. At midnight we popped Champaign corks and toasted the New Year, danced a bit while we finished off the bottle, and it was off to bed. Doug and I had a wonderful screw and at One O'clock precisely I just bluntly asked him, 'Doug would you be upset if I went next door and fucked Paul I've got Donna's blessing.' and do you know what he said, he said 'Ruth Darling you've become so wonderfully light and sexually liberated. Of course I wouldn't be upset. I'd be pleased for you if you found good sex with Paul and if you have Donna's approval, then go and enjoy. In my university crowd it was pretty clear that there's no real reason, particularly these days, that married couples can't have sex with other people as long as everybody involved knows openly and up front. Just look at Judy and Bob and Jack and Nancy for example.' 'Thank you, thank you, I love you so much, I told him. There's one other thing. Donna's asking Paul the same question right now. If I go out into the hall and she's waiting, then she also has Paul's blessing to come in here and fuck you. Would you do that, please, for me' and he said 'Well, obviously you're not going to be jealous. The truth is, I wanted to do that since the two of you showed up in nighties.' "

"I went into the hall holding my breath. I had to wait for what seemed ever so long, but was probably only a minute when Donna came into the hall smiling I pressed a hand to her cunt and she to mine and I whispered 'luck'. 'You too' she said and was gone. In the morning we exchanged delighted stories. Paul was a tender lover and I really enjoyed my first real time with another man. My only regret is that Donna and I never got another chance together. But they are coming here in the spring."

"Darling Ruth. That's wonderful. What a shame you didn't know how your cousin felt years ago. You could have enjoyed each other so much over the years. You've come such a long way and I'm so proud of you," Judy told her.

"Oh yes. Ruth, you've crossed another wonderful milestone, two of them in fact."

"Well, I'm feeling so excited now from shaving your heads and seeing them naked, and we've about twenty minutes left until I told the men we'd be back so there is one more thing I want to do, one more milestone to cross. Judy are you hungry"

"Uh, oh. Yes, you've left me terribly hungry. In fact I'm famished."

"Nancy, you don't mind that I've chosen Judy for my first..."

"Of course not, as long as there's some left for me another time."

"Certainly, and I know I'd love to return the favor if you'd both let me. Nancy Maybe you'd enjoy watching"

"Yes, I'd like to do that. We've helped you get this far and I'd like to be there when you reach your next goal.""

Come on then, let's go to my room and get those earrings, and..... and go from there."

Walking down the hall, Ruth hand in hand with Jude, she was taking little gulps of breath and wobbled seriously on her lucious heels. She was so excited I thought she might faint so I took her other arm and helped her into the bedroom. She seemed less breathless as she hooked gold and silver earrings into our ears, but then asked in a trembling voice, "What should I do to help Should I take my dress off"

"We'll do this simply the first time," Judy told her. "Just lay back over the side of the bed like this" And Judy eased Ruth back so the her cunt was at the edge of the side.

Her clit was sticking out again and, now that she was on her back, made a tiny tent like peak in her skirt where it fell over her cunt.

"Now just relax and lay back, nice deep breaths now. I think we can just fold your skirt back over your tummy and it'll be fine. There, doesn't that feel good, bare to the air"

It was bare to the air, and the lips were already parting, moist and tender, looking delicious.

"Do you want me to eat you until you feel really good, and then you can go out and chose one of the men to screw you to a finish, or do you want me to eat you until you come"

"Oh yes, of course, until I come! Please Judy, eat me until I come. I never dreamed it any other way. Eat and eat and eat until I come!"

"OK. Just relax. It'll be my pleasure too remember, and since you want to come on the very first time you do it with a woman, then you may want to help by thinking of a fantasy or to concentrate on an image of those so very sexy shoes you're wearing, or do whatever is good for you. That new twinky is just the right thing to slip into your crack and provide a little extra arousal."

Judy started by caressing the inside of Ruth's legs, spreading them gently further and further apart until they were almost horizontal, giving a lovely wide view of Ruth's smooth cunt. Then she just ran her tongue into the crease between twat and leg, then circled around Ruth's pudenda. I could see clearly this time that Ruth's gash was so long because it ran up past her clit in a blind crease that ended in a nice circular dimple like top. A little dimple hole at the top, nice. The tongue work continued down into the other leg/cunt crease then started to dance over Ruth's lips. Anywhere but near that red clit that was trying so hard to find the source of excitement. Then Judy plunged her tightly curled tongue right into the center of Ruth's slit. In and out, in and out, up and down the length of it.

I knew Judy would be getting wet herself so I walked around behind her, raised her flimsy skirt and with two tissues reached between her legs and wiped her dry. I continued around to the other side of the bed, and down on my knees too, cradled Ruth's smooth head in my hands. She was moaning softly now as Judy was alternating between nibbling on her lips and flicking her long clit with a hard tongue. I knew the technique well.

Soon Judy was chewing on Ruth's lips, then sucking in the full length of the now purple clit, back to the lips, back to the clit and Ruth was quivering nicely, but she was not yet at the edge, there were no wanton cunt thrusts. I realized Ruth was either trying too hard or the insensitivity of her clit was the problem. I put my head near her ear and crooned, "Easy baby, easy. Slide your twinky down there and put it to work, it's OK for you to do that. Your cunt looks so nice. I'd love to be doing this for you. Nice firm lips. Your clitty is nearly ready, deep slow breaths baby. Beautiful cunt. Do you know that Judy's nipples have popped out into the strapping Your own nipple is so far out, mine are pushing out of their cages. Your long thin spikes are so sexy. I'd like to slip one up into my cunt."

Judy was sucking that engorged clit hard between her lips now and Ruth started to tremble, then thrust, so Judy went back to simple long tongue strokes up the now widely spread gash and up and over the rigid clit.

I slipped my hand into Ruth's bodice and started kneading her tit. I crooned on, "You're almost there baby. Doesn't it feel great getting this hot Beautiful shoes, beautiful legs, beautiful cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, beautiful tit, beautiful head, beautiful tit, tit, cunt, cunt." That and one more swoop of Judy's tongue from the bottom of Ruth's slit, up through the wide open center and hard onto her fully bared clit, did it. It seemed to start somewhere just below her navel and ripple through her whole body like an earthquake, then back to explode at her cunt with tremendous heaves and thrusts. She put her hand across her mouth to stifle the scream. I exposed her tit and sucked the hard and jutting nipple. Again I tasted that sweet something.

The climax over, Ruth looked up, tears streaming down her face. "Ju.. Judy.., sob, won... sob, wonder... ful, sob, th.. thanks!"

"You're really and truly welcome Ruth. I'm so very very pleased to have been the first woman to make you come. I'd be ever so happy if you'd let me do it again some time, and I'd be delighted to bare my cunt for you, anytime you feel ready to make the next step," and she walked into the en-suite, tears running from her own eyes.

I wiped Ruth's tears away, and she said "Thanks too Nance. Without you talking, sob, me through, it might, sob, have been a failure."

"My sincere pleasure. Just stay there until the trembling ends. I'll get a wash cloth and clean you up." In the en-suite Judy and I caressed each other's tits, hugged and kissed over our success.

Back at the bedside I washed Ruth's still quivering and open cunt and marveled at the wonderful shades of red and pink and purple intermixed, flowing down into her deep dark tunnel. What a great picture it would make, blown up, to say, ten by twelve and framed in gold, on our bedroom wall, hmmn. A really tight close-up, so that at first glance you didn't know what you were looking at, just saw the beauty of the wet color. Then I told her "I was watching so closely when Judy began Ruth, and I just have to tell you how beautiful your bare cunt looked, framed as it was by folds of your black skirt and your black stockings. I wanted, still want, my own turn another day. May I"

"Just ask and it's yours. I mean it."

"I'll look forward to it." Then I asked "Do you have as much trouble coming when Doug does this for you"

"Oh Doug has never done that. Perhaps a little nibble from time to time. This was my very first time ever."

"No wonder you almost hyperventilated with concern as we began," Judy said from behind me. "And you wanted to come on your very first try. You are marvelous. I'm so glad we had Nancy with us. Without her encouragement you might have been very disappointed."

She was settled and sitting up now, but her crack, steadily closing, was still bare, drying. "Ruth, I'm puzzled about one thing. I sucked on your titlet twice tonight and it tasted kind of sweet, kind of different, nice but different. Is it a spray cologne or something"

"No I didn't put anything on my breast tonight. Oh, I know, it must have been the first hint of my milk. Was it good"

"Milk! You didn't have a baby. How.. You mean you put some milk on your nipple Yeah, it was nice, but I don't understand."

"No Nance, Ruth said, her voice still trembling a little. "I'm on the ninth day of a ten day Prolactin regimen. I do it about once a year to give Doug a treat. I proscribe Prolactin to women who serve as wet nurses for mothers who want their children to be breast fed and can't create the milk themselves. It allows these women, the wet nurses, to produce milk without having been pregnant. I give my self the smallest amount for ten days, and on that day I can produce about half an ounce of milk. My breast has started to swell some, she said as she felt it. Since I'm not going to really nurse, I limit my self to once a year for one day, other wise the hormones in the Prolactin wouldn't be good for me."

I had been holding my breath throughout her whole explanation. "You mean, I gasped, I could give milk"

"Of course. It's just that if you're not going to feed babies and clear the milk out every few hours you can do yourself a lot of damage, and like I said before, your hormones become all mixed up. It something you have to give a lot of care and attention to."

"But I could give milk, even for a short time, one day"


"I wanted so bad to be able to do that from the time my tits started to grow. When I had my tubes tied I figured I'd never see it happen. Can you give me some Prolactin"

"There are tests to do so I could know just the right amount Nance, but yes, we could do those at my office some day."

"Great. I'd love to do it just once."

"You might let me in on the fun too Ruth."

Before Judy could go on, Ruth was on her feet embracing Judy. Their lips met and the next thing I knew their bodies were melded. Ruth's arm around Judy, Judy's hand on Ruth's ass pushing their cunts together. They shimmied around until Ruth's tit was nestled between Judy's and were busy poking tongues and sucking lips. I felt a little like a voyeur and a little jealous too. I thought I should leave the room as there was every indication they would be back on the bed soon. As my heels clicked on the floor they broke apart.

"Wow!" Judy exclaimed. "God your good." They were both breathing heavily. Finally it was Judy who spoke, "Could I have a touch of your dark red lipstick I don't want to walk out there to get my purse with no lipstick on."

"Sure. Oh my gosh, we'd better all fix our makeup, get out there and get the party started. Thank you both ever so much again. Now that I know what to do I hope you meant what you said, that you'll let me return the favor."

"You can count on it."

"You owe us one."

I asked "Is there a vacuum in that closet near the bathroom I want to clean up my fifty dollar hair-do."

Like a trio from space we walked into the living room, shaved heads shining, making our gowns look even more alluring. Naturally the guys had been watching sports on television. Well, there were other sports that were more important tonight. Despite being caught up in the game we were met with gasps of pleasure and three cocks rising to meet us. Well, Doug's was caught under the fabric of his shorts. I walked over and freed it. It's hard plumpness felt good in my hand.

Ruth suggested a game of Sexual Trivia, so we gathered around the table and set up the board. I had never played it before but it was a great game. The questions covered things like: What is the longest medically recorded penis, the answer was 22 inches (I was awed imagining where I'd put all of that); Has there ever been a woman with two vaginas, yes; Can a man be un-circumsized, yes, there is a method of stretching the remains. With personal attention the glans can be recovered. Some men chose to have it cut off again and then start over. Bob had the best score and as the game wrapped up the conversation led to "What really constitutes a fuck." That is, does the man have to come, is a simple insertion with no orgasm not a fuck or must there be multiple thrusts, stuff like that.

"So, Ruth commented, from what I hear, you think that if it's straight in with no orgasm and then straight out that's not a fuck"

There was general agreement around the table.

"Then why couldn't people have a sort of test," Judy asked.

"What do you mean" Doug wanted to know.

"I mean, without a girl's boyfriend or husband getting upset, why couldn't people sort of just test out what a cock or cunt was going to feel like, you know, to help chose a partner" I interjected. It was just a sort of 'blue sky' conversation. Nobody knows where it is going, but everybody enjoys the speculation.

"Well, Jack spoke up for the first time, that could mean that it'd be alright for young people to have testing parties. Teenagers, for example, testing each other out to see who fit who best."

"Exactly!" Judy exclaimed. "What a great idea."

"Well, there'd have to be a time limit. Like, how long can you go without wanting, needing, to start thrusting on a hard cock" Ruth wanted to know.

Some more general discussion resulted in the idea that soaking a cock for more than thirty seconds would cause that need and so the test feel would automatically become a fuck, which would not be permitted for a testing party.

"Let's do it!" Ruth exclaimed. "Anybody object to trying out our little theory"

There was a moment of silence while everybody looked at everybody else, then the men started to grin and then we all broke out laughing.

"Why not," Bob asked "I didn't hear anybody say no"

"But," I said, "we've got to do it in a way that you can't actually see bare cunts. Ruth hasn't joined our show and tell club or been initiated. If that's OK then I'm game."

"OK then, the guys sit on hard chairs and we girls will pull our skirts up to our thighs and just slip down on it. We'll need a stop watch."

"There's one built into my wrist watch," Doug said taking it off.

We got everything organized and Judy went from man to man, giving their cock a little roll between her hands to get maximum firmness. I made little slips to draw for turns and Ruth made six simple score sheets so we could compare experiences.

I got first choice, so I decided I would do Jack first. It was really tough hiking my clinging skirt up, but I stepped over to Jack and brought my cunt down on his rod as Ruth started the watch. I clamped my muscles together hard so that I would force his foreskin back upon entry, then relaxed and dropped the rest of the way down. Those old familiar feelings started and I know how hard it was going to be not to break the rules. All too soon Ruth called out "Twenty five seconds", and I had to pull off. Jacks head stayed bare and I thought of Ruth's earlier comment.

Ruth was next and she elected to try Bob. She just stepped over to him and flipped her flowing skirt over his lap, then lowered herself until his head was touching her lips. I started the watch and said "Go." She was about an inch on when one of her spiky heels slipped on the rug and she plunged the whole remaining seven inches. Bob's eyes went wide and I thought 'My god, he's going to come, then she'll be fucked, and she's not supposed to be. Maybe Bob or Jack will do it for her someday - if she joins the club, but she's got her own playmates.

Before I could think that through any farther I heard Ruth coo "Mmnnnn." She squirmed against him and I knew he wasn't going limp. It was OK.

"No moving!" Judy warned. "And eight seconds to go."

Now it was Judy's turn. She took Doug for her first turn. She seemed to have trouble getting on and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to either. Then she was seated properly and her left nipple popped into the thin straps of her dress as she arched her back slightly. I figured that Doug had suddenly grown harder and was filling her more. This testing game was going to be tricky if we were all to stay within the rules.

Judy also had first turn, second round. She let Bob penetrate her fully right from the start and enjoyed a full thirty second soak. From their eyes it seemed they would just as soon head to bed.

My turn now, and I wanted badly to feel Doug in me. Thank goodness we were both fully lubricated. Glancing down at his cock as I hiked my hem up I saw that his shaft was all shiny and wonderfully veined almost two thirds the way down, no surplus skin. What a great circumcision. I slipped on without much trouble but boy could I feel my cunt spreading from his girth. My tight little cunt and his thickness weren't the best match but it was a very nice experience.

Ruth tried her husband next, and was obviously pleased, but with two in a row it must have been tough on Doug.

The third round was also pleasant, but if everybody was as horny as I was it was pretty clear that a testing party would have to have breaks in it or be limited to not more than six people. To stay a game and not become a gang bang, yet also become a popular party event the rules had to be strictly observed. To my delight, Jack seemed really pleased with how Ruth felt and I think he was kind of mesmerized with her single tit so close to his face for so long.

Hearing the scores and the comments brought it's own excitement. Bob got high male score with 29 points, Jack next with 27, and surprisingly Doug had 26 points. Ruth thought he was the best, of course, but Judy and I simply felt he was just too thick for us. A lot of fun to feel his tool in there, but we'd need to work up to a full fledged fuck. I think it was Ruth who provided the extra points for Bob to win. Her surprise at how filling he was, when she fell onto him, gave him an extra point.

"Wow, she said, your wonderful prick just plunged in and I could feel it throbbing with pleasure. I just had to give you an extra point for that."

The men were gentlemen all the way with an even score for all. Obviously not true, but nice just the same.

Doug reported that Judy and I were really nice and tight , but Ruth is perfect for him. Jack said he liked the way I could strip him bare, and Bob commented that Ruth felt all cuddly inside, that entering her was a different feeling than he was used to. He didn't know Ruth had had her inner lips removed. Anyway, we had fun telling each other about all the feelings we had.

Then Ruth said "If your all as horny as I am you need some of the real thing. The guest room is across the hall from our room, and the couch here pulls out. I'm taking Doug to the bedroom, anybody else want a proper screw"

Judy grabbed Bob's hand and headed down the hall. "A couple of pillows out here and we'll be fine on the floor," Jack advised her. Ruth was back in a flash with the pillows but I was stuck with stripping my dress right off here in the living room or getting it up over my hips. I was in one hell of a hurry, so up over the hips it went. Giggling and crooning and muted cries soon filled the house.

Afterward Ruth served a delicious desert mousse along with coffee and tea to wrap up the evening so we wouldn't be driving home after a stiff drink. It was then that Judy asked "Oh, Ruth, did Bonnie, the girl at the band shell, did she and her husband ever come to see you"

"Why yes, they did. Her tits are perfectly healthy I'm pleased to say, but I showed her, as I did you and Judy, that if that tough day ever comes, she has no reason to not go on feeling beautiful. They both went away happy and I think her sister will see me too."

(Now, as I edit this journal I remember that I chimed in with "Oh yes I'd like to help her if I could." I had no idea at that time what that comment would bring to my future or how it would happen that I could really help her.)

At the door we all kissed goodnight, and when Doug returned our coats and panties, Judy and I decided that we would just carry the panties through the dark to the cars. There were other ways to keep our slits warm on the way home.

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