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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 5

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Author: Nancy
Published: 15-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 16-Apr-13
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They both came over, fell on their knees in mock obeisance and planted big kisses on either side of my slit, laughing all the while. OK, that was better. Our little soiree was going to be a lot of fun.

* * * * * * *


I phoned Ruth, and actually got straight through to her. After the usual 'hellos' I said, "Jack is away all this week on a business trip and I know I'm going to get lonely. Oh, this Saturday That's good, because Jack will be back by then. I've been looking forward to going to Club Aldo. Has Donna visited yet Ah, weekend after next. That's great, I'm excited for you. Look, I know I'm being forward, but did you get a chance yet to eat Judy No What a shame. I have an idea, is there any chance you and Judy and I could get together this week, maybe have a little pajama party OK, so you're free Wednesday night. Great! Maybe she has that night clear too, and you two can get together then. Oh, me too How nice. Yeah, give you a little practice before Donna comes. Do you have any Baby Doll pajamas Uh huh. Baby Doll shoes No, they don't have to have ankle straps, just round toes and thicker heels. No Oh yeah, D'Orsay's with the ankle straps would look great too. OK then, we'll get a little Chinese in and some wine and make an evening of it. I know you're busy. Thanks, see you then, bye."

Judy did have that night free too, and was excited about the idea of a pajama party with Ruth. It was all set. I hoped Ruth would let me watch if she got to eat Jude.

I left work early on the night of the pajama party so I could do a fresh shave. After that I put on pale blue thigh highs, pulled on my little pale blue baby Doll pajamas, and slipped my feet into my Patent Baby Doll shoes. I checked the mirror to see that my seams were straight and my cunt readily on show, then it was off to the bathroom to do my nails blue.

The polish was barely dry when there was a knock on the door. "Who's there," I called through it.

"It's me, Ruth."

I opened the door for her. She stepped in, still wearing her white office attire with her lovely white Liz Claiborne's. I popped a tit and made her welcome.

"Nice to be here. I've been so excited all day. I just closed the office early and drove over. I hope it's OK."

"I'm just happy we could get together again. I just finished getting ready myself."

"You look delectable, yep, even edible. I'd like to get out of these clothes. Can I use your bathroom for half an hour. There's a few things I want to do before I change."

"Sure, Can I help."

"Mmm. Thanks, no. I've got everything here," and she pointed to a little carry all bag."

"Still pleased with your twinky"

"Ever so. Wish I'd had it off right after I saw yours. OK, see you in a while." Her four inch Claiborne's clicked firmly across my kitchen floor.

I busied myself setting up a table on the living room rug. For Chinese, we put the top of our round card table up on four low blocks with a silk cover. That way everyone can sit on the floor oriental style. I'm not a traditionalist about it though. I just sit whatever way is comfortable at the time. I'm not locked in to the cross legged thing. With some dishes and wine glasses in place, I was wondering where Judy was. I hoped she didn't have to cancel. It had been so difficult for the three of us to......

Another knock. It was Judy, great, I was relieved. We hugged and kissed and I offered her a tit.

"Thanks, that's always nice. Lovely little jammies you're almost wearing. Your cunt looks lovely behind blue. Here, let me get my coat off. What a wait at the take out." She slipped her coat off to reveal her lovely tits behind a frosty antique gold bit of sheerness. "I hope the bronze Baby Dolls are here"

"Yeah, they're upstairs in my closet. I had my hands on them earlier. Almost wore them. You went to the restaurant like that"

"Yeah, changed in the office washroom. I didn't take my coat off, but I sure wanted too! Anyway, it got me hot and I'm ready for a great evening. I saw Ruth's car in the drive. Where is she"

"In the downstairs bathroom. Go on up and get the shoes, they'll look great with that bit of nothing and your glittery thigh highs. I'm sure she'll be out in a minute."

In moments Judy clunked down the stairs, her cunt in clear view as she descended in the lovely thick heeled bronze shoes. As she did so, Ruth came out of the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs, and glanced up. The sharp intake of breath and the "Ohhh," that came from her throat along with her wide eyes said everything about how she felt seeing Judy's cute smooth cunt.

Ruth was adorable in a skimpy white Baby Doll top, her tit just covered with a bit of lace and strap. There was a narrow pink ribbon at the waist of the ultra short flouncy skirt that tied in a bow at the front.. The palest pink stockings with lacy tops looked perfect as they disappeared into delicious white D'Orsay ankle strap shoes with five inch heels that flared wider at the bottom. Her twat, framed by a white garter belt, was still shiny from a fresh shave, as was her head. Pink nail polish finished it off. God, I could have eaten her all up right there on the stairs.

She and Judy had almost ran into each other, but stopped eye to eye, tit to tits. They hugged and kissed and aaaah'ed over each other's outfits, lifting each other's bitty skirts while the other wiggled her crack. "Hey, what about mine!" I exclaimed pulling my hem up. They both came over, fell on their knees in mock obeisance and planted big kisses on either side of my slit, laughing all the while. OK, that was better. Our little soiree was going to be a lot of fun.

"That's nice," I grinned. "Here, Judy, you pour the wine. Ruth, let's you and I get the food out while it's still hot. There's so much, let's do it in courses. Ruth, put some of everything on those plates and I'll put the rest in the oven to keep it warm. There's lot's more wine, so enjoy."

Pleasant music, three women in delicate makeup and delicate garments seated in a circle on the rug, their treasures on show to each other, great food. A splendid way to start an evening.

During the first course we finished a bottle of excellent white wine and babbled to each other about everything that had happened in our lives since Valentine's day. Satisfied for a while, then, we just leaned back on the big cushions I'd plopped down at each place and listened to the music. After a few minutes, Judy stretched her arms way back, making her boobies thrust out and pulling her bit of skirt flounce up.

"Would you like a between course snack Ruth It's not very filling, and low on calories."

"Oh yes. You look delicious. But... I've got to be honest...... I'm really nervous again. I mean I've waited weeks... we've tried to find a date... I.."

"Nervous about what Ruth, we're all friends"

"I just don't have the experience that you.... Afraid I won't give the pleasure you gave..."

"The pleasure is in the doing and in the getting done, not the result. It's in getting so sexxxxy hot. You don't have to make your partner come every time. You can stop any time and it still feels good, and if your partner wants orgasm, then just start again when you both feel hungry. OK Look, I know it means a lot to you to return the pleasure Judy gave you. Come over here and sit on my right side." I extended and hand to her.

"That's it. Now we'll both spread our legs a little. Just put your ankle over mine like that. Those white ankle strap pumps are so beautiful, the heels such a nice height and shape. I love the look of your pink stockings over my blue ones.

"OK, now give me your left hand, your twinky hand." I placed it over my pudenda and held it with my hand on top. "Close your eyes, just use touch. Tell me what you feel."

"It.. you feel nice. Smooth.... warm... wet."

"Good. And how does having your hand there make you feel"

"Mnnh. Nice, warm, the feeling is making me wet."

"Uh huh. That's always a nice feeling, I know. OK, now just slip that lovely little twinky into my slit. Come on, it's OK. I want it there. Wiggle it around, let it search out where it is. Just put all your doctor thoughts away. You put your doctor clothes away didn't you Now what do you feel"

"It feels.... my twinky feels good in there. It's warmer in there, and really smooth, and wetter. And your clit is hard."

"Right. And you feel..

"I feel, I feel.. between my legs I feel even warmer. I'm getting wetter, and.. and as I make your clit harder mine gets harder too."

"Exactly. Now open your eyes. Look at your nipple. Super big isn't it See, so are mine because you made them that way." I picked up her hand and put it on her own cunt. "Now, put your twinky into your crack and do the same thing. It really is OK. Look, I'm doing my own, and Judy needed to do the same from just watching us. Let your past go, your mother's messages, let them go with your work clothes. You have your fun clothes on now. What do you feel"

"My clit, it's responding to my probes. Oh Nancy, it's pushing back, it feels lovely."

"That's it! How hot do you feel."

"Oh really hot."

"Well, you can get much much hotter than that. Now Judy's going to take my place here and you put your slender shoes next to her Baby Dolls. Then you give all that heat back to her through your probing twinky, and she'll show you how to get hotter yet."

We changed places and Judy took over guiding Ruth forward.

"I love the ribbon stitched in and out around your waist. It and your nails are a perfect match to your pink nipple. Was it fun putting it all on"

"Yeah. I felt so light and airy, like a weight had been lifted at the end of a heavy day."

"Great! You can usually let the day's stress fade just by dressing like this. Now I'm going to put your hand on my cunt. Just like that. Slide your twinky in, oh yeah, and do the same thing to me that you did to Nance. That's it, move all that heat over to me. What do you feel"

"I feel your clit, and it's starting to push back just like Nance's did."


"And I'm getting even harder too."

"Yes, you see, your feelings don't go away, don't leave you and come to me. We both get them, and yours grow."

At that, I put my head between Ruth's legs and started to lick.

In a moment Jude asked "Now what do you feel In your belly"

"Inside it's tight and warm and spreading down into my loins. Tight and.. springy. Kinda coiled, and oh the heat in my cunt... that's so goood! I feel wanton."

"Perfect! Now roll over and give me that same feeling."

Without another thought Ruth started to eat Jude. It was a glorious sight. I lay back and put a pillow under my butt. Jude started to quiver under Ruth's attentions.

"I'm there now Ruth. That's enough for now. Give Nance what she craves. Look, she's waiting for you."

Soon I felt Ruth's tongue probing my slit and it began to loosen more, spread, ripen. I wrapped my legs over her back and let her work until I was deep down hot.

"Great Ruth. Thank you. Leave some for later please."

"Don't you want to come" she asked.

"Oh yes. I want to come very much, but later, in a very big way."

"What Nance means, Judy explained for me, is that this wonderful feeling we all have now will last for some time. It's not likely to go away without orgasm or sleep. It'll just stay there, coiled, waiting, lusting for more, anxious to be let free. More wine Yes, we can have a second course of Chinese while we savor the feeling, and have a second course of cunt after that. I'll get more from the oven."

"You see Ruth, the longer you can sustain the heat, the inner tension, the greater the orgasm you're going to have later. Jude and I have kept it high for sixteen hours."

"Sixteen hours!"

"Yep," Judy said as she returned with three steaming plates, "and ended up feeling our clits would burst. We did it again a few weeks ago and with your bit of surgery it felt even greater this time, and the end, well I can't describe how explosive it was. Here take these plates."

"Look at my clit Ruth. See, it's locked outside your tight incision, and will wait for you to give it more pleasure."

"We've got all night" I told Ruth. "We're not anxious. You can eat us more whenever your ready. You did a lovely job. I'm going to make us a Planter's Punch each, be right back."

As we had our second course Ruth would caress her cunt occasionally and get her nipple jutting again. Wonderful, we had her on track now. She would become a superb lover for Doug, and for Donna.

As the fried rice disappeared Ruth said "I wanted my twinky because yours looked so great. I had no idea it could give such pleasure."

"Yes, they are great aren't they, and you enjoyed seeing it come off. That was the amazing part to us too. The joy I had when I saw it laying in the little bowl will stay with me always. Perhaps the style will become popular. Maybe in the next century, mothers will start having their baby girl's little fingers excised just the way they get their boys circumcised."

"Now that's a fine bit of fantasy," Jude exclaimed. "It should be an adult decision and the young woman should have the pleasure of wanting it, of planning and anticipating it, of seeing it happen as we did."

"You're right, of course, but then boys should have the choice of getting cut when they're teenagers. Well, anyway, it's just been such a pleasure having them, I have trouble now wondering why there aren't more women with twinkies."

"Doug loves this little stump, Ruth added, as she pulled it from her cunt amd waved it about. I think he did a pretty good job don't you"

"Uh huh." "What did Dr. Johnson say the next time he worked with you, was he upset"

"I think he's resigned to, perhaps even admires, what you started Nancy. He offered to remove the tiny stitch marks if I wanted. I probably will, someday."

"Well that was great food. Any more anyone No Then it's fortune cookie time and off to clean up. Here, you first Ruth."

"What does it say" I asked.

"You have a big event about to occur in your life."

We all had a good laugh at the one.

"Well, mine says 'You will enjoy many pleasures', I guess that's true. I'm looking forward to some shortly. Jude"

" 'Your wit and charm are not your only good features'. Hey, I hope not."

"I know of one feature that I really admire," Ruth grinned. "I intend to enjoy it more soon."

It took but a few minutes to clear up the plates and bowls and stack them in the washer, but we made the most of the time bumping tits as we passed, giggling and laughing like teenagers at a pajama party, but this one was so much better than the one's I remembered. We even spent a few moments pulling up our tiny skirts and pressing twats, wiggling, nestling them together.

I rarely wear blue, but I've been growing more fond of it. Tonight it seemed to be perfect. It made me feel so girlish, and Jude's gold was a real turn on, but it was Ruth who finally seemed to be letting her child out to play. She must have felt almost like a virgin girl when she selected this frilly item for the night, yet there was no mistaking it, those five inch flared heels of her white ankle strap shoes clearly stated 'I'm a fully grown woman and don't you forget it. I come with everything a grown woman offers'. I turned to her and removed her tit from its lacy cover and sucked the nipple to ripeness.

Ruth turned and ran for the living room and we followed in fear she was somehow offended. No, that couldn't be, she loved titlet sucking. She had thrown herself over the silk covering of the low table, legs spread, like a virgin offering. What else was there to do but accept.

I was first there and brushed back the lace at her cunt and sucked on her smooth wet flesh. As she started to shake I stopped and lifted her up. Signaling for Jude to take her place, I turned Ruth around and eased her down to Jude's cute crack. Without any hesitation this time she started to eat, nibbling on lips, flicking her tongue over Jude's clit, her long earrings brushing at Jude's thighs. With trembling hands, Judy gently eased Ruth's smooth head away.

"No more, not now. That'll hold me nicely for a while. Thank you so much!"

Ruth looked at me with pleading eyes. "You want desert don't you" I said teasingly as I pulled my blue hem upward.

"Uh huh!"

And I lay down on the 'alter'. It was no sacrifice, for I enjoyed every moment of her tongue probing and licking. Then I felt myself start to come and I called out "No, no more, I want you to give me a great climax later, not just a good one now. Please."

After washing up we returned to the living room and I suggested we run a movie. "Have you ever watched a triple X rated movie Ruth"

"Well no, but I feel so wanton now I'd give anything a try."

"I rented Barbara Broadcast. Jude and I have seen it before, but it is one of the more interesting ones. It's worth seeing again."

During the restaurant scenes Ruth said, "Oh she's lovely, and look how she handles herself while she's getting eaten" Later she was just adding "Oh, Oh my, Awwh," and such comments as the scene unfolded. "Did he pee on her salad"

"That's what he did. Is that harmful in any way"

"Well, in small quantities no, if he didn't have any disease. But remember, I don't have my doctor identity on, don't want to. I'm in my play clothes, OK"

"Atta girl!"


"That's OK."

"Some reports claim it can be an aphrodisiac. Maybe it's yummy."

Jude and I grinned at each other and returned to watching the movie. When Barbara's friend gets screwed on the buffet table Ruth started to twink herself. No reason not to, Jude and I were. It's just that it was nice to see her so relaxed now.

I never liked the 'kitchen' scene, but I was looking forward to the 'office' scene when the girl in blue gets fucked right on the desk. It was during that scene, while I was thinking how lovely the blue silk dress looked and the white high heeled sandals (maybe I would buy the white platforms I had seen with the open toe and sling back wrap around straps) that Ruth started to moan softly.

"Are you OK"

"Mmnn. Uh yeah, sure."

"Don't do it Ruth!" Judy exclaimed. "Don't take yourself over the top."

"I'm so hot now, Judy, I can't go much longer."

"OK. You've come so far. Let me take you to the bedroom for a late night snack."

"Can Nancy be there too"

"I certainly hope so. I want a bit of her cunt too."

We made our way up the stairs to where I had prepared the king sized bed earlier with black satin sheets. Ruth lay back on the bed, a real vision, her white and pink body against the black, and presented her cunt to us.

"Not yet Ruth. I want you to eat me out first. Don't worry, doing it to me won't be enough to make you come, but you'll get just a bit more hot doing me. Then, I'll take you up on your promise! After that, Jude will get your best because you'll be thinking about doing her all the time you wait." I lay well back on the bed, tucking a satin pillow under my ass, and spread my legs. Taking the narrow blue skirt by the hem I folded it up towards my navel. "There you are Ruth. I hope you enjoy me." I had chosen this position so that she would be on her knees, her tit hanging to excite her further and where I could cuddle it if she kissed my mouth.

Ruth was a quick learner and started teasing me with her tongue, in, around, up and down.

"Suck on my clit." "Now slurp up some of my juice. Is it good" A violent nod of her head, and she kept eating. Soon she was chewing at my lips, then poking a curled tongue into me. I almost came then, but wanted a little more. It was when she touched the end of my clit with her twinky while I was watching, and then gave me one giant bottom to top slurp that I let go. The spasm started from deep inside, ran up and down my spine and exploded up inside my cunt. I was flooded with juice, and Ruth continued to lap it up. I wrapped my legs around her while she did and admired the reflection of her shining head in my patent shoes.

With a great sigh I went limp on the bed, drained. In moments though, I rolled her over. Jude, who had been watching from a chair, twinking herself, put the booby she had exposed back into her gold BD PJ's and climbed onto the bed. She positioned herself so that the shining crown of Ruth's head was right up into her crotch, then started massaging Ruth's neck and shoulders. I started then to eat Ruth's cunt with a giant bite right into her lips. No teeth in the bite of course. She pulled back momentarily than thrust it at me and I licked it softly. From firm to gentle, fast to slow, deep and just brushing the outer skin, I alternated techniques for almost twenty minutes, bringing her to the point her clit would go purple and twitch just before a climax, then I'd ease the excitement.

Judy knew what I was doing and just continued to massage, never going near that lovely tit that just bobbed so that the nipple was stimulated by the lace over it. Ruth would never be more ready than now. I placed my lips over her clit and drew the full length of it into my mouth and touched my teeth to it. Wham out went her pelvis. If I hadn't expected it coming I could have had my jaw broken. Her pelvis thrashed over the black satin, her cunt flashing before my eyes, her breast shaking. Magnificent. Then with one more shudder she screamed. A joyous, trilling, and throaty scream. She looked up, wild eyed, then grabbed my head and kissed my mouth so hard I was afraid it would bruise.

As she regained her strength I slid off the bed to pick up the little rectangular purse make up mirror I had placed on the dresser. Back on the bed and with the mirror hidden in my hand I said, "As you collect your breath, would you think a moment about the decor here." She gave me a "what, now" look, but I continued. "I know you know an awful lot about art and I saw this beautiful piece of art a few weeks ago. It is very hard to describe the beauty I saw in it, but it was a swirling blend of the most beautiful shades of pink, purple, and red that melded in the lower center to disappear into a dark tunnel. I could see it in an ten by twelve size framed in gold here on the bedroom wall. What do you think"

Now Jude was looking at me strangely, but I did have Ruth's interest. "It sounds very modern, even a space theme. Do you know who the artist is It would go nice with your color scheme and your modern style furniture. I think I should see it first before giving a real opinion."

"I have a tiny version of it right here," I said and held the mirror between her legs, just in the right place to show what I had envisioned."

Judy ran around to behind us for a look, and Ruth responded "OH! Oh. Oh my. That does look so... so modern, so interesting. Are you saying you'd like to put a picture of my cunt on your bedroom wall I mean..." She started with the fast breathing again.

"Not any picture, but this beautiful open version, framed so that the viewer doesn't know what it is until they study it, just see the beautiful colors and patterns, the flow."

"Yes, Uuuuu, uuuuu, yes, OK, and you'd uuuuu, uuuu, be looking at it every night, Oh, oh!" and she reached for Judy.

I quickly slid up to the head of the bed, with my legs tucked out of the way, sitting on my black Baby Dolls, for a good view of my sister getting her cunt eaten until it exploded. Judy had been crushing her tits between her hands for the last few moments and I thought to myself 'she's trying to get her brain to focus there, to not focus on her clit. The picture idea has gotten them both really excited and Judy doesn't want to come too soon, she wants to give Ruth as long a meal as she can'.

The first few minutes told me that Ruth was now clearly confident and tremendously excited. First she placed Judy's ass up on two pillows and carefully spread her legs to present a good working area. She didn't try to gobble up Judy's cunt immediately, but stroked and fondled it with her surgeon's fingers until the crack spread ever so wide, just dabbing at it with her tongue. While she stroked, Ruth was cooing softly to Judy things like "nice cunt, nice soft gentle cunt, pretty little slit, warm wet cunt, so nice to have, hidden pleasures." I started to play between my legs, stroking and twinking in time to Ruth's chanting.

Only as the lips became very relaxed and wide open did Ruth begin any serious tongue work, and then it was only teasing, tantalizing. As more juice flowed, Ruth scooped it up with her tongue and savored it, telling Judy of it's precious flavor. Then, obviously avoiding any contact with Judy's now rod like clit, Ruth started to chew the wet lips.

Judy started to moan more loudly and with that Ruth returned to soft little licks around the outside only returning to chewing when Judy became quieter. Of course, Judy would return to her pre-orgasmic state. They played this game three times, then in a surprise action Ruth ran her tongue full and hard right up the center of Jude's ripe slit, plunging into the hole, then on upward to squash down hard on the purple clit. That was followed immediately by her lips sucking it back out, devouring it, and I expect, thrashing it with her tongue. The scream rose from far inside Judy (probably from the same point her orgasm began it's path to her love tunnel) and came into the world as a strangled throaty "Oooooooohumyyyyugodddddd!"

I quickly twinked myself over the edge and slumped back against the ebony headboard.

When our breathing had returned to normal I suggested some ice cream for a late night snack.

"I'm so tired now I don't think I should drive," Ruth said. "I think I should get Doug to come and pick me up. Could I leave my car here and get it in the morning"

"Don't be silly," I told her. "We can't have you on the road if you're going to doze off. Just call Doug and tell him you're too tired to drive and I've told you to stay over. No point getting him out, and another trip in the morning to pick up your car."

She phoned while Jude and I dished up ice cream, then well all went up and sat on the big bed cross legged with our bowls and spoons. We talked about the evening and its particular pleasures for each of us. Ruth came back to the topic of a picture. "Were you just making me more excited, Nancy, with the idea of my picture, a view of my cunt, on your wall"

"No, I was serious. If its done right it would be truly beautiful, and highly erotic for those who knew. I saw the vision at your house and know what I want. The problem is I don't know how to get it taken and developed."

Judy spoke. "I think you gave Nancy a 'Yes' and an 'OK', but that was in the heat of the moment. What do you feel now"

"Well, I agree, it has to be done just right, like all inside while it's still wet and blood enriched from pleasure, with no more than a hint of lips in just the corners of the frame, but yeah, I like the idea of my cunt becoming a work of art."

"If you find some way to do it, would you honor me with a copy" Judy asked.

"Oh doing it's not really a problem. Sometimes things that are supposed to happen just seem to fall into place, don't you think Doug is a really good photographer and he has all the fancy lenses and stuff, and a darkroom he does color pictures in down in the basement. I'll just have to get him, and myself, in the right mood. It might take a little time, but I'll see what I can do for you. One other little question."

"Uh huh."

"When you ate me at my place Judy, when you asked if I only wanted to get eaten until I felt good, you said if that was the case I could go and pick one of the men to 'screw me to a finish'. And Nance you didn't protest. Did you both really mean that That I could have picked either of your men if I'd wanted to finish with a pe.. cock instead of Judy's lovely tongue

"Sure, why not I mean, they'd have to want to, and I can't see why they wouldn't, but if you wanted one of them, why not."

"Yes, we're all being very open with our bodies to each other, so sure, we'd 'lend' them to you for a need like that."

"You really are both so wonderful. Yaaaaawn! Oh pardon me. I'm so tired now. Who's sleeping where"

"We're all sleeping here if that's OK with you."

"Yeaah, yaaawn, that's perfect. I'll just get my bag and brush my teeth."

Soon we had stripped off our BDPJs and were all cuddling in the big bed. Ruth in the middle, she and Jude tit to tits, and me with my twat against Ruth's butt. As I started to drop off I heard Ruth say "Thank you both for a very wonderful night!", then in a whisper "What should I do next, what should my next goal be"

Judy answered quietly "I think it's time you learned how to strap on a dildoe and properly fuck another woman. OK"



Doug had been able to get us an evening reservation at Club Aldo, as prospective members. I was amazed, when we arrived, to find how elegant and 'old world' the atmosphere was. Chandeliers, crystal goblets, velvet wall paper with Victorian designs, flickering 'gas' sconce lights, elegant rugs, lots of old oak and a few old paintings here and there featuring bare breasted women. There was nothing old about the staff though. The busy waiters and waitresses were college age and were all dressed in pinstripe trousers and patent shoes with white shirts and red bow ties. There were two differences in the uniforms though, the girls had high heels and see through shirts. Yes, it was an extremely elegant and tasteful place.

We did have a short wait in the foyer until the Maitress d' (how do you describe a Maitre d' when she's a she) cleared that we were prospective members. That gave me a chance to admire the clothing that had been chosen for this evening. The men, of course, were in proper tuxedoes. Ruth was wearing a full topped dress tonight, a Royal blue with a see through top that had a matching bolero opaque jacket. The skirt was also opaque with many swirly pleats and was waltz length. The outfit was completed with tan stockings, matching blue evening sandals, a silver choker and earrings.

Judy, like myself had chosen a pant suit, but had no jacket. Rather, she was wearing a white silk blouse with a loose pleated collar that ran down to the only button, which was just above belt level. Under the blouse was a translucent pearly camisole. With her black trousers, patent heels, and gold jewelry she looked very elegant.

I did have a jacket. That, in fact, was all I did have on top. It was charcoal gray collarless pinstripe to match the pants, and I too had black patent pumps. The jacket didn't button, but was held loosely and open at my waist by a gold watch fob chain running from side to side. If I turned very quickly I could expose one booby before the jacket fell back into place. A pearl choker and matching earrings completed the outfit.

The Maitress d' returned and showed us to a banquette, which gave us some privacy, yet we could look out onto the main dining floor. The Maitress d's thin nylon blouse held a pair of pointed 34B's. The main dining section held about fifty couples. Both scenes looked lovely. A waiter soon brought complimentary Champaign. Ruth slipped off her jacket and I could see she had altered the dress top to emphasize her lovely right breast and presently bumpy nipple.

As we were chatting and sipping a friendly looking woman, about five feet eight I would think, if she slipped out of her four inch heels, came over to our table. She was wearing a trim black skirt and a very tailored white see through blouse with opaque collar and cuffs. I've never been very impressed with large tits, although I've got to admit that I see a lot more 36D's now than I used to. Perhaps it's in the genes now or maybe it's a result of birth control pills, so in the norm of things 36C's probably aren't large. Anyway, that's what's looking me in the eye right now, a pair of D's. I've got to say that they are beautiful tits! They've got nicely rounded bottoms, tightly sloping tops, lovely dark brown aureole, and while the nipples are not erect just now, they look firm and nicely textured. Well, one of them does. The other one is partly hidden behind a monogram of inter-entwined double A's in a fancy script.

"Hello. I'm Alicia Aldo. I though I'd drop around to your table and get to know all of you. No, don't stand. I'll just slide in the end here. Do you mind if we talk for a few minutes"

We did a round of introductions, and chatted about the ambiance, then Alicia handed us some literature she was carrying.

"Here is a booklet for each of you that tells all about Club Aldo and there are application forms inside. I always like to go over the basics with applicants though, just so there is no confusion. The purpose of the club is for the 'Appreciation and Dressage of the Female Breast'. The prime rule of the club is 'no nudity', and semi nudity is limited to above the waist. The second most important rule is 'good taste'. While you can show your breasts off to the extreme and still be within the law, it can be done in tasteless ways. Beauty and good taste always go hand in hand."

To give you an example of our norm; Ruth, your dress is the sort of style that most of the ladies wear at Club Aldo. Judy, although there is no requirement that female members, at the club, show their breasts, it is usually done, so it's perfectly all right for you to take that splendid blouse off. Nancy, on the other hand, while your outfit is really high fashion, and personally I love the look you chose tonight, but if one of your breasts came out, even by accident, the law could close the club."

Judy stood and undid her blouse button and set her blouse over the padded seat back. The dark brown circles and their dark centers shone through the translucent gray. In the beautiful club lighting she looked even more elegant now.

"For the ladies, we do keep a large selection of freshly laundered see through tops in many many styles and colors. This is done, so that if you dropped in for lunch direct from the office, or for a spur of the moment dinner with your partner, and were in the mood to join our select atmosphere, then you would just borrow a top you liked, and return it to the dressing room concierge before you left ."

"Lastly, while female members may come to Club Aldo at any time we're open, men may only come when accompanied by their registered spouse or as a guest of a member and her spouse. We are not looking for the club to be used for secret liasons. Your membership fees, which might appear expensive, guarantee you twelve evening's reservations a year, and two guests once a month. Up to fifty percent of the membership fee covers your meals, but not bar, charges. After that you pay for meals as you go."

"Based on Doug's authorization when he requested membership for all of you, I have done some background checking, and I feel very confident that the board will approve your membership. Ruth, if you chose to join Club Aldo, I would be interested in having you consider joining the board. In the past two years several of our members have had mastectomies, the numbers just seem to keep growing," she sighed. "They just haven't come back after that. You're obviously not hesitant about showing a single lovely breast, and you're a Doctor as well, so I thought you might be able to help them, convince them to return to their friends, to their club. There are additional benefits for board members and we could discuss those after you've thought about it. Thanks everyone. The wine tonight is on me, and I'll send the waiter right over. Do enjoy the evening." And she clicked away, her nice butt wiggling inside her skirt.

I went then, to the concierge, where I found a cuffed and tiny collared blouse in the sheerest white material I've ever seen with very thin gray vertical stripes about every half inch apart. I traded that for my jacket, pinched my nipples until they were hard and jutting, put the blouse on, and went back to the table with more showing than when I'd left. And I felt proud to be walking back through the crowd with my tits on show!

It was a very pleasant evening, A great meal, with dancing to a ive band. When the coronet section played they stood up to show off their open lace topped evening gowns.

I feel I must write something about the many many shapes and sizes of breasts we saw that evening, the visibility of none of them seemed the least over done. One six foot woman (plus her six inch heels - don't tall heels look so good on tall women) may have had tits that were 38DD, but they seemed fully proportioned to her size. They had firm bottoms that flared almost straight out to the round fronts. She was with her partner, who was surely six foot six tall. Together, on the dance floor, the man and woman seemed perfectly matched, and I must say that 38DD looked perfectly natural holding the flimsy top of her black evening gown out.

It would take pages to describe fully all the beauty on show, but I will go on and describe a few of the breasts that attracted my attention. There were some breasts on veiled show with a little droop or softness, yet that too seemed lovely, even tender in the surroundings. One lady had attractive mounds that curved about halfway forward then stopped, to start into a second mound, the nipples right on the front, but her treasures must have been very hard for the outthrust was magnificent. One tall and thin women had no mammaries at all, just darkish nipples and rings on a slight swelling, but was obviously proud to show them. Two girls, who it looked like they might be just at the bottom age limit for membership, which is 18, appeared to be enjoying themselves tremendously. When she dropped by to see how we were, I asked Alicia about them. I learned that they had received their memberships from their mother as birthday presents, the younger just last week and this was her first visit. I thought they must have a great family.

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