The Cottage - Year 4 Event 6

Author: Nancy
Published: Apr 16, 2013
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Winter is just too cold for a bare head but I have not stopped shaving elsewhere...


It was Saturday afternoon and I was at Judy's. We were designing some new cottage clothes, so we were running around with our tits out, just in skirts and heels, trying fabric on, planning cutting angles and such, when the phone rang. "Hello," Judy answered. "Oh hi Ruth. How are you Uh huh. How was your visit with Donna Great! So, she's still there And, did you.... Oh that's so wonderful! And did she eat you too Oh fantastic!"

That's when I clattered away to grab another phone.

"Hi Ruth, it's Nance. I'm on the other line." I was sitting in the kitchen squeezing the phone to my ear with one hand and squeezing my left tit with the other.

"Oh hi. I was just telling Jude how much fun Donna and I have been having."

"Yeah, I gathered. You two waited so long. I'm really glad it's working out for both of you. I'm sorry though that I'm not there to be part of the fun," I laughed.

"Well, talking about eating, that's why I called. This is Donna's last night here and I thought that maybe the four of us could go to Club Aldo. I can get her in as a guest. Would you two come"

"Great idea, I'd love to meet her," Judy put in.

"Sure, but I'm over here. I just wore a skirt, sweater, and heels so I'll have to see what Jude's got that I can wear."

"All right! Meet you in the parking lot at six then, OK"

"See you there," we chorused.

We left messages for our husbands to make supper for themselves, dressed, drove to Club Aldo, and pulled in at six on the dot. Ruth and Donna were already waiting for us. Donna seemed really friendly and had a nice figure, best I could tell as she was wearing a light coat. I could see a nice pair of brown leather boots. The kind with really smooth glossy leather that just curves over the whole foot and disappeared up under a long brown flowered skirt. She had flaming red hair to compliment the boots. We hugged, kissed, and shook hands, then went inside.

Leaving our coats with the check girl (delicate but pointed 34B's with pink accessories) we joined the line forming for check in. The young woman ahead of us was the nineteen year old I had seen with her younger sister on our last visit. With her was a handsome young man in a tux. Tonight she was wearing a poie de soie skirt with a big satin tie belt, black four and a half inch patent heels with sheer black stockings (well, maybe panty hose, but that possibility seemed to spoil the concept) and topped off with a fancy full shouldered blouse with satin cuffs and collar with a wonderful shimmery see through fabric in between that draped loosely over her nubile pink tipped breasts. She recognized us.

"Hi, I'm Gloria. This is Brent, my dearest friend." Brent was avoiding looking us directly in the chest. "You're new members aren't you"

We agreed and introduced ourselves.

"This is Brent's very first time here at Club Aldo. I've been promising to bring him ever since Mum got me my membership." Brent seemed to be avoiding looking at Gloria's tits too, which was a shame. "Oh, here we go," she said as the Maitress d' called them forward. "Have a great evening."

"You too," and we watched her move, in her lovely outfit, to their table.

"So you didn't stay shaved, your head that is" I asked as we ate.

"No, Winter is just too cold for a bare head, but I've not stopped shaving elsewhere. I was hoping Ruth might do my head before I went home, but.."

"I didn't know you wanted to be bald again darling. Why didn't you ask. We'll do it tonight."

After we finished the wonderful meal Donna said "Does anyone want desert or should we all go back to Ruth's for a snack. "Not to put Ruth to any trouble, I was thinking of something that's ready now and with no calories at all."

"Oh," I replied, "I'm so full I couldn't eat another..."

Quick witted Judy caught on, and cut in "I'm sure you two have lots you want to do on your last night together. Nance, why don't we see them back, pick up our car and head on home. It's been a long wonderful day."

"Uh, sure." I said rather flatly. Donna had made me really excited and I had hoped for a taste.

"Thanks," Ruth picked it up, "and I'll do your clipping and shaving as soon as we're back Donna."

As Jude and I were changing to our car, and Ruth and Donna were saying goodbye, Donna dropped her skirt and stepped out of it, revealing fully her lovely boots and in the shadowy light a hint of a teasing cunt. I couldn't imagine it covered with red hair - no, just not right.

It looked like Donna had virtually no padding at her pudenda, just a firm oval, perhaps almond shaped, vulva that was slit maybe about four or even four and a half inches from top to bottom. I would have loved to have stayed and had a snack, but Judy was right. They needed the night alone. Maybe another time. Now Judy and I would go home and see what we could find for a late night snack there.

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