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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 7

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Author: Nancy
Published: 18-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 20-Apr-13
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When we returned to the living room you could easily see how excited Judy was. She was caressing her right twinky, and through the front of her nighty and coat I could see her nipples bulging.

* * * * * * *

Sept. (4th Anniv.)

I don't think I've described the new bedroom that Bob and Judy had built onto The Cottage. It has become the new master bedroom for us, with two king sized beds that can be rolled together, just like at the cabin. It's located across the hall from the old master bedroom. The builder took away part of the deck (now that we have the landing that works out OK, but room for outside dancing is much smaller) and added the large room there. It has it's own bathroom, with an exit from there to the deck. There's both a shower and a large double tub. The room is decorated in a lovely shade of mauve rather than the old wood paneling. Four hooks are screwed into the ceiling and around them are a double set of lights that are recessed into the ceiling; one normal, the other mauve for atmosphere. And, of course, there's a wonderful large closet with loads of little racks for shoes. Once it had been completed, the four of us could truly feel it was 'Our Cottage'. Jack and I had been delighted that Bob and Judy could join with us in full ownership.


Judy and Bob had joined us at our house for a late supper. We were sitting in the living room afterward enjoying snifters of brandy, Judy and I in night gowns and peignoir coats and heels, when the phone rang. Jack answered it, then told me it was Dr. Johnson for me.

"Nancy, how are you I have the most exciting news," he went on before it could answer. "I received an invitation today to speak at a surgeons conference about some of my techniques. For part of it I want to show some video of how I worked when I removed yours and Judy's fingers. Can I have your permission to use the tape"

"You have a video tape of our operations" I exclaimed.

"Why yes. I make tape from a camera mounted on the ceiling so that I can review my own work later, to study how I can be better."

"My God Doctor. This could mean so much to Judy."

"Why is that Nancy"

"She still regrets never having seen the first one come off. I wish we'd known."

I heard the click of metal tipped heels, and in a moment Judy was beside me. "Look, Judy's here now. Tell her all about it."

Judy talked excitedly on the phone for a few minutes then said "Well, it's all right with me, but you'll want Nancy's permission too. My only condition is that we have a copy of the tape. Here she is."

I gave my assent too, and made arrangements for a copy of the tape to be delivered to us, along with release forms.

When we returned to the living room you could easily see how excited Judy was. She was caressing her right twinky, and through the front of her nighty and coat I could see her nipples bulging. All of us babbled on about Dr. Johnson's call as we finished our brandy. Jack and Bob were excited too. They told us now, that they had wanted to witness the operations too. In the end we decided that we would make viewing the tape a special occasion and watch it as a group. That would mean waiting a while, but a little longer wouldn't matter. It was obvious now that the topic had everyone horny. What would it do when we saw the recording Well, there was nothing for it now but to muss up two sets of bed sheets.

Later, dressed again and back in the living room, Judy said to me "Nance, wouldn't it be wonderful if this caught on" and she waved her left twinky at me.

"What do you mean"

"You know, women having their little left finger cut off, as a sign of loving another woman."

"Wow! I never thought of that. Mmn. Well, I could see it happening if the word got out, but I don't think that's going to happen from a plastic surgeons conference. Still, the idea is kind of sexy."

New Years Eve: Watched the video of having pinky finger cut off, with wet cunts and prominent erections while drinking Champaign. Fucked a lot.

January 15th: I was just setting out for work when the phone rang. It was not good news. Our mother had died during the night. Suddenly I had a flurry of activity. I called Judy. Her phone was busy. I called work to say I wouldn't be in. I called Judy. Her phone was busy. I called Jack on the car phone. He turned around to come back. I called Judy. She'd received the word, was trying to call me. We cried. I arranged for flights, she for accommodations.

I've not said much about our mother here in this journal, but we visited with her as often as possible. Judy and I would take turns, to help keep the flight costs down. As a result there was nothing about our visits that needed to be set down here. Yet, I realize at this point that it probably seems we didn't love her or pay much attention to her. The opposite is the truth. Since Judy and I discovered we were sisters, twin sisters, my bond with my mother had grown even stronger and I often relished in my mind the many things she taught me about being both a strong and feminine woman. She would want me to be both of those things now. Judy's bond had started the day we learned of our sisterhood, and I believed that it was as strong now as mine.

The four of us (myself, Judy, Jack and Bob) flew to the south west on the earliest flight available. Judy had arranged a hotel suite with two bedrooms for us, but I have to tell you that we all felt so sad, so 'crumpled' that there was very little sex over the four days we were there.

The major shock was that she had died so suddenly. Well, we thought that was the shock. The real shocker was that she died of cancer and had demanded that no one tell us until she was gone. Her doctor told us that from the time she learned of it, until she died was only a short seven weeks. She left wonderful letters to us both and 'instructions' that black kid high heels would be fashionably correct (how like mother) for her funeral. And of course we had the beautiful video tape she and Jude and I had made together. We must make a special night of it as soon as we're back home, and watch the tape again; I think this time with Jack and Bob there too. Now, I'm so glad she agreed to make that tape with us. Mothers and daughters should do this, make a family treasure tape, the same way we did.

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