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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 8

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 20, 2013
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From almost the beginning of Ruth's thorough examination Jack's cock was standing rigidly at attention. No less so now, after hearing her description of the results of an oriental circumcision.

* * * * * * *


Early in the Month

We gathered on the first Saturday night to view our precious tape. Jude and I in nighties and heels. With a nice bottle of white wine we sat in the living room and explained to Jack and Bob how we had come to make the tape with Mom. They sat glued to the screen, watching and listening to our reminiscences. When it was done there was silence, then eventually Bob said "That was so beautiful and touching. You all looked so beautiful and it was so intimate. Done that way I mean. She was a wonderful woman."

Judy and I both had tears in our eyes.

"How wonderful," Jack said choking his emotions back. "Would she have minded us seeing her topless"

"I don't think she would have minded at all" Judy responded. "I'm sure she knew you would have gotten to see it."

"Well, whatever she thought, it was the most beautiful family video I've ever seen. The three of you were so open and sharing with each other. Joyful and intimate at the same time."

"I truly believe that it only happened that way because we bared our breasts to each other," I said. "God, our society can be so prudish and closed, even within a family."

Bob poured more wine for us all, then stood and said, "Then, here's to bare breasts and a wonderful mother."

We accepted the toast with appropriate glass clinking, then Judy and I bared our breasts and invited our husbands to bed.

February 12: It was five thirty on a Tuesday night when the phone rang. It was Bob asking if they could come over for a while. I invited them to supper, but he said no, they weren't hungry. He sounded troubled too.

I was right. I had never seen two so downcast people at Bob and Judy. When I asked what the trouble was, Judy broke into tears and tried to explain but started sobbing so badly she couldn't get the words out. I got them seated and was comforting Jude when she started again. "Nance, Nance, they've got to take my tit off."

"What" from Jack and I.

"Yes. My right one Nance. I had my appointment for a mammogram this morning, you know. I felt because of how Mom died that I had to go again, and ..." she trailed off with choked sobs.

"Darling, oh my darling sister. What happened"

"I got a call from Ruth this afternoon, sob, and I went over with my heart in my mouth. I......," she broke down again.

It was Bob who picked up the story. "Ruth confirmed that there is a malignant lump deep in Judy's right breast. There is no choice. They can't do the lump thing like they did for you Nance. Ruth said it has to come off, and we really trust her, so...."

"Oh Jude, when" I asked softly.


"Tomorrow" Jack and I asked together, startled at the immediacy of the surgery.

"Uh sob huh! The next opening on her and Dr. Johnson's schedule is next week, uuuu, uuuu, and she doesn't want to leave it that long, and uuu, uu, I don't want anyone else to do it."

"Oh God darling. I'll be with you. Let me make some phone calls and other arrangements, and I'll be with you for as long as they'll let me. Jack, please pour some wine or brandy even, whatever they need. I'll get started and be back quickly."

It was while I was reporting that I wouldn't be at work tomorrow that it hit me. I was just as at risk as Jude, worse maybe because I'd come so close before myself. I had to think about this. First, though, Jude had to be looked after.

I sat on the sofa when I returned and Jude came from where Bob was trying to comfort her to sit beside me. I cuddled her. I really wanted to cuddle her diseased tit, as though I could make it better, but this wasn't the time I was sure. I did place a twinky end against one of hers and try to absorb some of her pain. As I did that my own dilemma was going through my brain, a plan forming. Jude looked at me again and again with startled eyes and more weeping. I realized that if I was taking any of her anguish it was being replaced with my own thoughts. Then, I heard her voice in my head "No Nance! Not you too!" That did it. Yes, that was the only way.

"I'm having a prophylactic mastectomy!" I announced as boldly as possible. "My already damaged right one, and as soon as possible!"

"Jesus Christ Nancy. Why" Jack demanded.

"I understand," Judy said very quietly.

Both Jack and Bob were very distressed and I knew I was adding to the strain on Jude, but somehow it had to be addressed. I tried to explain about my years of concern that something would start growing in there again, my constant nagging worries. At last they began to understand, but I changed the subject because it was Jude who needed care and the morning would come early. My mind was made up, but I would discuss it more with Jack at a better time. Any distress I had caused was soon forgotten in our love for Jude, and the plans and arrangements that had to be made so quickly.

It was agreed that I would be the most comfort to Jude, so after a private visit with her in the bedroom Bob went to the guest room. I had a desperate but passionate fuck with Jack on the sofa, and went to crawl in with Jude in the hope that she might fall asleep that night, if she were with me.

We all went to the hospital with her in the morning. It was while Ruth was cutting away that lovely mound that we talked more about what I intended to have done. I stated my arguments again, deliberately, to keep us from getting weepy about Judy. Anyway, Jack and Bob were shocked for Judy, and caught in their love for both of us. Slowly though, they came around and realized that what I had to do was right, that it was the only choice. It had taken several hours but both men, because of their love, agreed with me, and then Ruth came into our secluded room to tell us Judy was fine, yes they'd gotten it all, no she wouldn't need any chemo, and yes her chest would end up looking as good as Ruth's. Judy would be able to see us for a moment that evening. We all hugged and cried, thanking Ruth for taking good care of Judy. I walked Ruth to the door and said "I need an appointment with you! Tomorrow if you can squeeze it in."

"Yes, I thought you might," she said softly and kissed me on the mouth. "Call my office. Tell them I said they were to fit you in. I'll be there for you, somehow." She mouth kissed me again, stronger this time, and was gone.


Judy was in the hospital for a week and I was with her every day. By the fourth evening her bandage was reduced to a heavy pad and when Bob and Jack were visiting that night she asked them if they wanted to see how she looked now. I had seen her wound from the beginning as I insisted on staying when the nurse changed the dressings. I had to be there for Jude and I had to know for myself.

She was permitted to wear her own dressing gowns by now, and when Bob and Jack swallowed and nodded she undid the belt and folded it open to reveal her remaining tit and then slowly removed the pad. The flaming red, curved, stitched scar did shock the men, I could see it in their faces. Judy explained that there would be two more rounds of "touch up" surgery, by Dr. Johnson, over the next few weeks and then she would have only a slight line that would fade with time.

"I don't care," Bob exclaimed, "It's nothing as bad as I had imagined. You're a beautiful woman Jude!" and in a flash he leaned over and sucked on her lone nipple.

"Oh Bob darling! I love you. I need more of that."

"I'll take over when you're tired Bob," Jack interjected.

"Not-for-a-wile, u-won't," came Bob's mouth filled reply.

I'd had my turn earlier in the day. It was obvious that we were all on the road to recovery, to some degree.

"Oh my God," Judy exclaimed, "We missed the Valentines party at your house. What did Ruth say!"

"I think she understood Judy. She was a little busy you know. We all had a few things on our minds."


I visited Judy daily all through the second week, often arriving as Bob left for work, then slipping into a nighty and crawling in with Jude for a while. Of course, she was still feeling weak and had pain, and was sometimes drugged from the pain killers, but I was there for her. In the afternoons, while she slept, I made telephone arrangements around my own mastectomy. The closer I got to it, the faster I wanted the time to go. Prophylactic! At some moments it sounded almost sexy.


They doped me up as soon as I awoke this morning. I remembered, in a blurry sort of way, that Judy would be at home in bed, convalescing still. Jack and Bob were allowed to see me for a moment, but I asked them not to walk down the hall with the gurney. I was afraid, even yet, that they might try get me to change my mind. Somehow, though, I knew in my mind that I must do this. I blurred out again.

The gurney was moving, oh! I let go of Jack and Bob's hands, and remember seeing tears in their eyes. Hmm, lights going by, rubber soled shoes squitching. I felt alone and scared. Click, click, click, click, coming faster and faster, it must be all in my mind. Not possible.

Yes it was possible. Judy was walking beside me, high heels clicking encouragement, as they wheeled me down the hall to the operating room. She had dressed and come from her own sick bed just in time to be with me. She slipped off her little jacket and smiled at me. She was wearing an almost see through blouse. I could clearly see the shape of her tit underneath it, the pouty aureole pushing out the front with the tiniest little bump of her soft nipple. It almost 'swam' behind the flimsy fabric as she walked along, and the fact that it was alone seemed so erotic. Soon I would look like that too. Just before the big swinging doors she touched a twinky to one of mine. "Love you!" Then I was on my own.

Just after eight o'clock they put me to sleep and I went under with an image of Judy's tit and her smile in my head. Sometime between then and ten o'clock Ruth sliced my right breast away and Dr. Johnson closed the wound. When they were done I was a twin again.


Like Judy, all went well for me. My scar, even from the beginning, was minimal. Ruth came to tell me there was good news. She sat near the side of the bed and took my hand. Although she had said 'good news', I actually feared it was bad because she looked so solemn.

"Once I had your breast off Nance, I sent it to the lab..."

"Oh," I gasped. It must be bad news, I thought. For a moment though I was angry that someone could handle my breast without my letting them, perhaps to squeeze it or worse, play with my nipple by flicking it with a finger or putting a ring into its hole. Then my thoughts cleared, like my pinky it was gone, it no longer affected me.

"...and they discovered a new cancer growth behind the old scar tissue. Had you not had the feeling that you must have it off, the growth would never have been discovered until it was too late. You would have died Nance. It really was the right thing to do."

I let my breath out in relief.

"I saw your reaction a moment ago," Ruth went on, "I felt exactly the same thing once. You were concerned about someone in the lab.." I nodded. "Well, it's OK Nance. The first thing I did in the operating room was to excise your beautiful aureole and nipple and set it aside safely so you'll never have to worry about what somebody might have done. As soon as the lab work was done I had both cremated..."

I winced momentarily, then realized she had been right to do that.

"...... well, it's gone, completely."

"Yes, it's gone, and I'm glad. And thank you so much for absolutely everything. Lean closer, I want to kiss you." I must have almost bruised her lips in my love and lust for her. Tongues flicking, lips sucking on lips, we at last parted. I returned the look in her eyes that said 'Oh I want to fuck your body. Maybe I will soon'.

When she had left I thought for a moment of my nipple and its ring, sitting aside of their mound. Sorry little nipple, I thought, you'll never get sucked again, then dozed off to sleep.

I didn't get to see Jude every day as she was back in for correction work. I did let Bob nibble my only nipple as soon as I was strong enough for it to ripen readily. Jack was in the hospital himself.

In recent months he had been dribbling pre-cum juices more readily and it was building up under his foreskin, turning into clots of smegma (I think Jude and I were just getting him horny too often) which could cause infections for Judy and myself. He felt it was time to take Ruth's advice and have his cock cut. During the week after Judy's surgery he told me the arrangements for his circumcision to take place would happen while I was in the hospital. The timing was best that way, we'd both be 'out of commission' at the same time.

I lay back on the bed, wondering how he was doing, and remembered a discussion in Ruth's office before the final plans were made.......

........"so Jack what I really recommend is what is called an oriental circumcision" Ruth had said. "The technique is to make your penis reasonably erect, then pull the foreskin back as far as it will go. All of the surplus skin is pulled fully to the base of your penis and marked with a surgical pen. During surgery all of this skin is cut away in a band all around your shaft. What remains is then stitched to the skin where your shaft joins your body. When you become erect," she turned and smiled at me, "your penis will look like it 'crawled' out of it's skin - which is really what it is doing. You will be shiny and smooth about two thirds, or more, of the way back and heavily veined. Do you both like the sound of that"

Jack was just smiling and nodded. I answered a firm yes.

"Good," she went on, "I thought you would. At that point there will be a tight band around your shaft. It will be white for some time, but will eventually turn pink. You see, that band will be what is now the tip of your foreskin. The shiny part will be the inside of your foreskin turned inside out."

God, I was getting wet.

"Is that why Doug is so shiny and beautifully veined" I asked.

"Yes. He was circumcised as a baby, but it was poorly done with some deformed skin still hanging over his head, so he had it redone as a man. Of course he researched all the methods and we both love this way. Still pleased with the idea" Ruth said looking at each of us in turn.

Of course we agreed.

"The real beauty of it is that the harder you get Jack, the more erect, the more your penis extends and the more the skin is stretched. When that happens your shaft will get even shinier. The pull on your head will be so strong that it will turn so shiny it will look like a ripe plum, and the heavy veins on your shaft will stand out and throb. You will feel the tension on your skin as no other method can do, the tight band will feel like it is 'grasping' your shaft. Doug says it is an incredible feeling."

Jack and I were grinning at each other with delight.

"Oh, there is one thing more. Because your penis is straining against what was once it's covering, now inverted, the pull on your head may want to make it bend forward. The best way to solve this is to also cut the frenum.

From almost the beginning of Ruth's thorough examination Jack's cock was standing rigidly at attention. No less so now, after hearing her description of the results of an oriental circumcision. Ruth bent near it and pinched his frenum between her neatly trimmed index finger and thumb nails. Jack's cock did an involuntary jerk and his head took on an almost patent shine.

That's this part, that looks like a cord connecting your head, just below your urethra, to your shaft. It isn't a cord, just skin. The surgeon will want your permission to cut that too if she feels it is required. OK"

"Your not going to do it" Jack asked. If he hadn't asked I would have.

"No, I've never done this, and I want it to be just right for you both of you, Jack, and I will complete arrangements with a surgeon I know who specializes in this method. Still OK"

Nods from us both again, and Jack said "Certainly." I was disappointed, but I understood Ruth's point.

"She's very qualified and experienced in penis work. She's a specialist in penile surgery. On very special request she has even done urethural subincisions, head splitting, and of course, she has even take a penis off."

"C c cut one off" Jack squeaked, "For god's sake why"

A quick glance told me his cock was rapidly wilting - what a shame.

"Oh, well there are diseases where we must remove the penis," she told us, "and there are people who do want them removed you know."

Silence lay heavy in the room for several moments, until Ruth said, "Anyway, we are going to make yours irresistible, incredibly beautiful, well to a woman anyway. How does that sound Shall I make the arrangements then"

"Yes please," Jack had said, but didn't sound completely enthusiastic.

"Jack," Ruth said softly, "I sense that you'd like me to do some of the work on your cock, am I right"

"I would, yes, wouldn't you Nance"

I assured them both that I'd be really pleased if she did.

"Yes, it would be wonderful if you'd do at least some of the cutting Ruth," Jack responded, somewhat pleadingly.

"Tell you what, I suspect that your frenum must go. Let me check on that, and if I'm right I'll do it right here, right now."

We were now both beaming.

Very smoothly, but with some force, she pulled his foreskin well back along his shaft. His cock came to full life as she did, but his head pulled severely forward.

"Yes, you see," Ruth noted, "that's what I was afraid of. I can cut that for you right now."

Her heels clicked exotically across the tiled floor and she returned from the autoclave with a scalpel and a styptic pencil.

"One of you pull that foreskin back as I did, but stretch it as far as seems possible," she instructed.

"What, no anesthetic" Jack asked.

"No, you'll hardly feel a thing. This is like getting rid of a hang nail, and with the same improved appearance."

I did the honors, pulling back as hard as I could until his ripe head was bent well over and my wrist started to hurt. Jack, who was fully enjoying this now, humped his pelvis up, pushed forward, and moaned softly. His eyes on Ruth who approached Jack's now twitching head with her shiny blade and made a quick but tiny swipe. His head reared upward, my hand went back another inch, and a tiny droplet of blood oozed out of Jack's glans. Ruth dabbed at it with the styptic pencil.

"Now what do you think Better looking already, right And now you'll have more exposed shaft."

I let go as Jack's cock was starting to pulse just as it does before he cums.

"Incredible! Thank you Ruth, I'll always remember this moment," was his excited comment. He beckoned to her to lean over, and he kissed her hard on the mouth.

I was laying there dreaming about a big shining pulsing shaft that I could watch his heart beat in the winding purple bulges when I realized I was day dreaming. Keeping that thought in mind I rolled onto my side and went to sleep.

When I awoke I was still thinking of it and knew now that he was right to respond to Ruth's earlier advice. It was Ruth too, who came to tell me a little later that day, as she put it, "'It came off well.' Of course it wasn't big, when I checked it out thoroughly but it's going to look fantastic Nancy. By the time you're ready for some serious sex, he will be too." are the parts of the conversation I recall before drifting off again. So much happening all at once, and sometimes I'm still blurry.

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