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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 9


Author: Nancy
Published: 20-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 22-Apr-13

Look at how she's got her legs spread as she lays back on that towel and displays her gash to the audience. Look how neat and trim her gash is...

* * * * * * *

The first night of my second week, the first week at home, I was dearly missing sex with Jack. What I needed most was a good screwing, even if we did it slow and gentle. I got out of bed and put on my black patent heels (oh my, I was a little wobbly) and my black sheer nighty. I had had no desire yet to start restyling those pieces of clothing that should be restyled. The right side of the nighty simply lay limp and wrinkled against my chest, but my nipple burst forth on the left side from the moment I had slipped my feet into heels. "Jack," I called, "Jack, I need you." He came running from downstairs, where he had been reading. "Jack, I need your cock inside me," I said softly as he entered the room.

He was just back from the hospital himself, and to be truthful I hadn't seen the results yet. He certainly had been in longer than I would have expected, but then, much of last week is pretty fuzzy. At the sight of my barely covered breast, aureole, and nipple, he had what must have been an almost bursting erection. My God it looked big. The twitching shaft was shiny and smooth most of the way back. An angry red line encircled his engorged rod at the base, and I thought it might rip open. The glans was over full, and purple, shiny and pulsing. They had removed every bit of surplus skin that they could. He now had pure cock. Nothing spare or loose, just pure rigid, throbbing, solid, shining cock with the veins standing out rigidly along the shaft like tree roots supporting the trunk. And as I put my hand around it, that trunk seemed longer.

"Oh darling! Oh, it's magnificent. It's so beautiful. Can you fuck with it yet"

He nodded yes. "I think so," were his words.

"Then put it in here," I told him, pulling my gown up so he could see my wet and ripened cunt.

It was awkward and a little painful for both of us, but we had both been without each other for so long it took very little for us to reach orgasm. Afterward we lay front to front, still joined, and I told him that his 'new' cock really was so much better than the old one, that not being able to play with the lost foreskin was a small price to pay for the gained pleasure I had just received. In my mind I wondered what Judy would feel with that inside her.

He, in turn, told me how erotic I looked in my gown, and he fondled my tit for a long time. "I know that Ruth thought this about herself," he began, "but there is no doubt Nance. Yes, you have only one breast now, but it truly looks, I don't know, more glowing, more inviting, more.... It's one damned sexy tit, and don't you forget it. I almost came from just seeing it, alone, inside your nighty."

Every morning for the rest of the week Bob would drop Judy off at our house and she would get into bed with me. Sometimes we slept, sometimes we played, and sometimes we just read or chatted.

That first morning she joined me I awoke to find her there, both of us in nighties. It was so natural to hold and play with her tit that I think we both started doing it automatically. Soon though the gowns were off and we were sucking each other alternatively with great abandon. This was our first time together alone for weeks and like my urgent need for Jack last night I also needed sex with a woman, this woman, my sister.

If we lay front to front, our tits interlocked nicely and we could play pressy twatty, and when they had grown, rub our clits together until they were bursty. Judy's chest was now spotted with tiny tiny stitches of the thinnest hair like fiber where Dr. Johnson had made little corrections to the surface. I was scheduled for the same work the week after next. The little stitches could be prickly but neither of us cared. The pure joy of holding another woman's tit in your hand and sucking the nipple until it was huge over came any other distractions.

Judy made a little lunch for us and brought it to the bedroom, so we ate there with bed tables on our laps and discussed each of our 'fancy' pieces of clothing and how to change them to best display our chests.

We made some interesting plans, but obviously I was too weary as I wrote the last part and didn't explain our planning clearly. I think I may have, instead, tried too hard, to describe the utter excitement that the beauty and sexiness of a single tit (and now I have learned, inside many garments) presented. I should have known well enough, for I had described Ruth's beauty several times. In any case, as you keep reading you'll learn of some the re-designed garments in later pages of this book.

By three o'clock though I was very weary and dropped off for a snooze. When I awoke, Jack was home and Bob was there to pick up Jude. They all came to the bedroom for a quick hello or good-bye depending on the situation. I sat up, leaving the covers over my lap, with my breast bare along with the chest beside it. There was so little need for the bandage I had left it off for the afternoon. For that I got a quick kiss on the nipple and then on the lips from Bob.

"Welcome to my bedroom," I quipped.

"Oh, gee. Sorry I've got to go. My wife is with me you know," he shot back.

"Well, some other time then. Or better still, you can both fit in here."

Jack saw them to the door and when he returned he said to me "You really seem in good spirits Nance. That's great!"

"Darling, aside from getting tired quickly I feel so good. The nagging worry is gone. I truly love the look and apparently so do my lovers. Like you said last night, inside a nighty it looks erotic, and you all seem to love it bare. Look, I'm going to put some clothes on and come down for at least a little while, at least while we eat supper. Besides that, I want to show you something I tried out today. So, shoo. Make us a bite to eat and I'll see you in a minute.

Blue jeans with a red belt, red patent heels, a pair of red earrings, and something I hardly ever wear; a simple white tee shirt. I went down the stairs so delighted with my appearance, but certainly some fear as to Jack's reaction. However, if I was going to go the rest of my life, as I planned to do, with no false breast, then this was the time to find out if any of the people I cared about objected.

The more I descended the more my nipple swelled. I had lost about seven pounds (besides the loss of my tit) while recovering and my breast swayed now. I liked the look, a lot. It reminded me a little of how Mom swayed that night we made the video. I don't mean I was droopy, not at all! Just not, well, solid. My nipple still forward and upright. The stairs and my heels made my breast move gently from side to side inside the tee, and watching it got me so horny my clit grew. I simply don't know how to describe the ecstasy and sexual desire the sight of my lone breast pushing out only one side of the tee, the aureole and now steely hard nipple making their own extra thrusts forward with each step, gave me. It swayed, bounced, and jiggled inside the shirt and yet the shirt molded every contour. I think I will try to stay at this weight - this is so nice.

(A little note prior to publication: Ruth told me my tit had weighed almost two pounds - interesting. Apparently the hospitals weigh things like this after removing them.)

As a reader, you'll know how very aware I've been, in the past, of my tits. On this night it seemed to have come alive. I almost wept. Not because I had a single tit, but because I didn't have it sooner. All you women with two just can't know how arousing this looked and felt. I had been warned that huge depression often follows the removal of a breast. It just doesn't have to be so. I had never been so erotically aroused by a tit since the day Jude and I pierced Ruth. Perhaps, looking at it now, this was even sexier.

I came out of my reverie to see that Jack was watching me descend. His hand was on his zipper and he was prying his cock out. It was already so large it was shiny again and I imagine it was pretty uncomfterable trapped inside his trousers.

"Oh baby, that is so damned erotic. Holy shit, I could never have imagined that you would look sexier now than before. That's the wildest..... well just look at my cock! If you didn't hurt too much last night... well I'm willing if you are."

He didn't really need an answer as I was already dropping my jeans. I did say though "Just remember darling, tee shirts and jeans are not really my thing." I wear them only for something like yard cleaning. "But if you think this looks great just wait until you see some of the changes Judy and I are going to make to our decent cloths."

The last words were really lost behind his kisses, and while he must have had some serious pain (I know the shaking was making my chest tight and sore) we fucked right there on the stairs. His cock slipped in so easily now, and I swear his head was growing.

I know, too, that when we did sit to eat, he kept looking at my tee shirt with its new exciting shape. A check under the table with my hand taught me he had another hard on. I hated to leave him in that state but I was practically dropping asleep at the table. I'd just have to make it up to him another time.


The next morning Judy arrived with her whole collection of nipple rings. We spent most of the morning just sorting her collection and mine, dividing them up into two piles in the center of the bed so we each had one of everything. Of course, we had to help each other (though perfectly capable of doing it alone) try each one on, admire, fondle to get the best light, and so on. Naturally this led to some titlet kissing and then on to some lip kissing, and we just couldn't help ourselves, some cunt lapping. Well, what's a sister for

The one problem was Jude's tit bar. I had never got to wear it, and now neither of us could. We discussed having it made into something else, but in the end we just set it aside until we could come up with a really good idea.

This morning Jack and Bob had moved the computer up to the bedroom so that Judy and I could play on the Internet if we wanted to do something not too strenuous. We discovered the Feet and Shoes on the Web chat line. What a great place to discuss shoes and sex, and one of the "rooms" often has some super pictures of shoes and the women wearing them. We could chat with people around the world, tell them what shoes we were wearing, what we were or were not wearing, and what we planned to do for each other. There were some people on the line that had trouble believing there were two of us, sisters, who would be in bed with each other, while others though it was great. Not one person we chatted with was disturbed that we were both single breasted, when we told them. Not one! I really recommend this chat line to anyone who eventually reads this journal and loves heels and sex.

A few days later we told Ruth, Donna, and a bit later Barb, about this chat line. They've all been on several times and report back the great conversations they've had and the great pictures they've been sent.


Thursday: The morning was devoted to further planning, which included making some sketches of clothing changes. Judy also had an idea for a new dress with a band from the left shoulder that floated down over her tit and connected to a flowing skirt with an ultra thin belt. The skirt would really fasten to the belt only at each hip, with the front scooped so slow it just covered the top of her pudenda, and scooped in the back to just reveal the top of her ass crack. The breast band would be fastened to her nipple with an external ring worn like a broach, and as a result could reveal everything but the nipple. The band would come down and under the belt, fastening to the front scoop just to prevent it from billowing open.

I asked her why she couldn't put a hole in the breast band so that, with the right ring, her lucious titlet would not be exposed -- so she would have the option of a selected public gown, as well as a gown for private showings.

I had an idea for something new too. I asked Judy what she thought about having my left side pierced at breast height and wear a slim ring there. That way I could have a slim strap running over my right shoulder to my left waist with a skimpy triangle of silk over my breast and fasten the triangle to the ring so that there would be no need for a band running all around my chest. We decided to give it some consideration.

After lunch we went back to bed, and while I thought we might nap, I found out that Judy had brought her needle kit. The idea of sliding those thin and springy needles into her tit or my pud chased away any drowsiness I was feeling.

Judy lay back on the bed naked but for our heels, (mine white slings, Judy's the gold mesh) and I straddled her. I selected the longest and thinnest of the needles and with her encouragement slid it into the side of her breast on about a forty five degree angle, spinning it between my finger and thumb until it was about an inch and a quarter in. As I continued to spin it her nipple began to rise and continued to swell until it was over half an inch long. I had never seen it stick out like that. Perhaps it was compensating, taking on the work of two. Now a second needle into the other side of her beautiful tit. Jude's deeply distended titlet was protruding even more and we watched it start to curve upward. It was so unique now that I had to suck on it. "Oh, oh, ooooh," Judy gasped. "It's so sensitive Nance. It feels like a clit right now."

With the two needles bouncing about in the air Judy mounted me, pressing her cunt into mine, then inserting two needles into my boob. My nipple sure stuck out, but it didn't take on the curve or length that Judy's still maintained. I could just feel the tips of the needles as Judy spun them inside my orb and the tingling sensation just rippled through my body.

On our backs now we simply lay side by side, my hand on her precious cunt, hers on mine, gently twinking each other and moving our bodies slowly so that the long whippy needles oscillated in the air, each movement of them being passed along their length and on into my tit, then on into my body giving it a wonderful glowing feeling. I stared, mesmerized by my feelings, at how Judy's nipple had taken on such an erotic curve. It was like the top just couldn't extend any further and the bottom had continued to swell pushing the blunt end upward. My own nipple was burning with the need to be sucked or played with and was no little thing itself.

We did this for perhaps half an hour, then Judy suggested we enhance the feeling with a couple of needles in our cunts. I heartily agreed. Judy selected a somewhat shorter needle and skewered it into the fleshiest part of my pudenda. Then she passed one through my left lip and on through the right one. There was no sensation as this needle was extremely thin, but God did it look great. My clit was on the rise and I was sure it was going to reach 'bursty' proportions.

"What can I do for you" I asked her, my voice trembling.

"Do you think you could try sliding one in, oh for maybe an inch, so that it's length is just under the skin, starting where Ruth put the stitch in"

I started slowly spinning and pressing the needle up towards the top of her crack. She was wiggling frantically, but urging me to keep going. Her clit swelled and turned from red to purple. I was worried about hitting a nerve or something, but she told me to twist more in. A second inch and her clit was now trembling and I had to take my hands away as she started to thrust her cunt up and back.

Each vibration of the needles in our tits made our bodies tremble. My own clitty was in a tremendously engorged state, now throbbing with so much desire that I thought I might come just from excitement alone. I grabbed our dildoe from the drawer, pulled out my two lower needles and the one I had inserted into Jude, then thrust one end of the dildoe into me and mounted her without even strapping it on. Held only by my twat muscles I banged it into her twice and we both screamed our release. Slowly then, we removed the rest of the needles and curled up to each other and slept for the rest of the afternoon.


Friday: By Friday morning I had much of my normal strength back and I think it may have been the needle therapy. However, after a quick snack of Judy's twat, and she of mine, we were sitting up in bed reading. I had a book about half way through the twenty first century, where the women have all the executive roles and the men are there for clerical work, household chores, and of course stud service. During their teen years the males are assessed for what they might do best. The basic workers are castrated, wear from then on simple dresses and heels of no more than two inches. Those who will perform the task of providing sperm for the women who will wish babies are housed in central lodges in each city and treated in the finest manner. Women, whose time is ripe and want children may spend a week at these "exclusive clubs" at no cost and enjoy all of the services of both the lodge and a selected man.

Between those two limits are a group of men who serve as "play mates" for the women. They too are castrated, but wear much more exotic clothing and heels from 4" on up. They are also circumcised as a mark of there status, and given hormone tablets that will produce erections on demand.. This chapter was about one such young man, and it got so erotic that I had to stop and read it to Judy. I felt I should include that part here:

"I received my letter this morning. YES, I had been selected to serve as a Sex Friend. Now I could legally wear the heels and dresses I had been practicing in for months. They would also cut off the ugly hanging piece of skin on the front of my cock. On my eighteenth birthday, the letter went on, I was to report to the Conversion Clinic on Franklin St. where my testicles would be removed along with my foreskin, by surgical methods at the hands of a designated staff surgeon. From that day forward I was expected to dress in female fashions at all times, and after my recovery I would receive a monthly allowance. Other income would be based on the extent of my services. I was so elated! I had made it!"

"It seemed to take ages for my birthday to arrive, but on that morning my mother presented me with a pair of very expensive black patent pumps (I don't think she knew I had been hoping for this and already had a modest wardrobe) and sent me to the clinic in her limo."

"I was treated wonderfully when I arrived and soon was laying naked and alone on an operating table. The surgeon entered, her high heels clicking nicely across the tiled floor. "Hi," she said, "I'm here to take your nuts off'", just like that. "'This is pretty routine nowadays, and baring your knob will only take minutes, so there's nothing to worry about.' 'Now let me see what I'm going to work with here.' I watched her tits swaying behind her white shift, and she worked my cock into a hard rod with her delicate hands.

"'My my, nine inches. No wonder they selected you for this job. Well I'll trim that up so it looks real pretty. Now, I have a question before I inject you and start work. Do you want your testicles preserved and save them as a souvenir, or may I take them home for the cat'"

For the first moment I was startled, but in an instant the thought of a cat eating them stiffened my tool even more. "'No, feed them to the cat! But I have one request. Can I be there and do it myself'"

"'Why what a great idea. Yes, I think I'd like to have you over for an evening, and feeding the cat will be part of the fun.'"

That's where I had gotten when I stopped to tell Judy about the story. "Your nipple is really stiff, she said, and my aren't you wet down here," her left twinky sliding into my slit. That felt good, so I outlined the story to her and went back to read it aloud to her.

"'I was a little nervous as this would be my first time in my new role. I dressed carefully in an above the knee black skirt and a tailored white male blouse, sheer and not too dark black stockings and the patent pumps my mother had given me (just for good luck). The 4" heels felt OK but I had practiced for weeks before my operations in 5" ones so this felt kind of casual. I just didn't want to show up with higher heels than Dr. Katrina.'"

I filled Judy in on how women had stopped using last names, as there was no longer a need to track families.

She met me at her door dressed in a shimmering silver skirt with silver heels (higher than mine thank goodness) and silver stockings. A shimmering transparent patch at her crotch revealed her womanhood and clearly defined her status for the evening. A blouse of the same silver material revealed two lovely orbs that I would never have.

After some talk about my operations and a drink she asked me if I was ready for the 'ceremony'. I assured her I was looking forward to it. At that Dr. Katrina pushed a button and a few moments later a young feman came in, dressed in a French Maid outfit with 3 and a half inch white patent heels, carrying a silver tray and what looked like a silver cream and sugar set on it. A very large white furry cat was walking along behind, on a leash. "This is Bobby," Dr. Katrina said. "Bobby is a live in servant and I got special permission for him to wear higher heels as long as he is in my place. I also modified Bobby so that his urethra comes out between his legs now, where his balls were. Just a special treat to make him feel a little more feminine. He still has his uncut penis, of course, but it's rather shriveled and of no use to him now. Bobby, show my friend here what's left of your manhood." I was surprised to see this little delicate but wrinkled bit of pink flesh between the garter belt straps when he held up his skirt. I was now more glad than ever that I had been among the chosen.

Judy had been gently twinking me as I read along. I set the book down for a moment and put my own twinky in to soak. "Jeez, Judy said, what a concept, what a change in society. I love you twinking me, but please read more." Her nipple was ripe and I really wanted to suck on it, but did as she asked.

When Bobby left, Dr. Katrina lifted the lid of the sugar container to reveal my balls, ends of the cords and tubes sticking out. They were glossy white with red lines that made them look blood shot. "They've been thawing all afternoon. Do you want to go first or shall I"

"No, please go first," I stated.

She lifted one out by a stump of a tube and dipped it into the cream pot, then to my surprise licked the cream off herself. My cock, which had been semi stiff since I arrived now hardened and pushed my skirt up into a horrible tent. Dipping the ball into the cream again, she threw it out to the cat which hungrily crunched into it. It made a squeaky snapping sound as it split open, parts falling to the rug until the cat could finish it all.

"Now it's your turn. I see you took your hormone pill before coming over. Good!"

"That's not quite what I had in mind, about feeding the cat" I said. "Could you have Bobby bring me a sharp knife please"

Judy, who had been quiet as I read now asked "Nance, do you think Bob and Jack masturbate"

"Oh god, I certainly hope so. I mean, what's Jack to do if he gets a nice hard on and he's on a trip or something, or I'm having my period What a waste, I'm sure, to just let a nice erection dwindle out to nothing. How do you feel about it"

"Oh sure. It must feel good. But maybe they think, well you know, I think it was taught when they were kids that it's wrong. I think it would be good exercise to help maintain a nice strong tool. Anyway, please read some more, the thought just crossed my mind that's all."

I picked up reading where I left of, wondering how it felt to a man. Certainly different than twinking yourself, but the ending must be much the same. Yes, I hope Jack 'pulled his wire' from time to time.

The lovely Bobby came, went, returned on those nice shoes with one of the Dr.'s scalpels, and at last went back to wherever he waited for the bell to ring. I watched the seams of his stockings disappear down the hall.

I took my other ball and placed it on the tray, then using the scalpel carefully I divided it up into thin slices. With each slice, juice oozed out and onto the tray. When I had about nine slices prepared I dipped the first nubby end into the cream and then offered it to the cat. Dr. Katrina was enthralled. I suppose this was in part due to my joy at slicing up what had once been part of my manhood and in part that I was sharing it with a beautiful woman, and her cat. After the third slice had been devoured by the fluffy creature she pulled my skirt back over my engorged shaft and started putting cream all over it with her hands. I studied my cock seriously now, for the first time since it was pared clean and really marveled at the beauty of the thing. Smooth and shiny even before the application of cream with a large and pulsing purple knob sitting on the top of the turgid shaft at an aggressive angle. I was afraid that she planned to let the cat start eating on my cock. No, much better than that, the beautiful doctor sucked the cream all off herself and when I could hold off no longer I gave her some of my own cream.

"Oh that's lovely," was her only comment. Then after a moment she said "Shall we finish feeding the cat while your prick has a chance to restore itself Then, I'd like you to try out my handiwork. If you did take the risk of doing it illegally and had a fuck or two before your operation I'm told that you will find it's even better without balls. You can get it in deeper apparently."

Together we took turns dipping each delicate slice into the cream, then letting the cat take it from our finger tips. After the last bit, a slice with a tube attached, had disappeared and the cat had cleaned the tray, she led me into her bedroom. It was a beautiful room with an early twentieth century four poster bed and satin and curtains all over. I lost my virginity, our high heels intertwined as I thrust into her, and had no idea whether no balls made it better or worse, only that my wonderful new career had begun. (reprinted with permission of the author.)

I put the book down and without a word Judy rolled me to her. We were nestled, tit to chest, tit to chest, cunt pressing into cunt. That lasted less than a minute and she was eating me. I came very quickly and returned the favor.

"That just wasn't enough," Judy stated. "Let me take a turn on the strap end of the dildoe"

We used every bit of it; twice each. At last satiated, we slept.

************************** Jack didn't let me get lonely for Judy on the weekend.

Monday: Judy was back this morning, and with boxes of shoes. "I thought we might sort through both of our shoe collections and get rid of some we don't wear much any more." I kept a few of hers, and she some of mine, but by lunch we had two cardboard boxes to go to charity. Needless to say, Charles Jourdans, our open toed pumps from South Africa and our round toed pumps stayed. Some of our collection was at the Cottage so we'd sort through them next time we were there. Of course we had to try most of them on to make a good decision. Two naked girls in heels did get us seriously turned on so some of the time was spent in bed. After lunch we decided to throw out some clothes too. Trying them on, watching each other and how lovely some of the garments looked enhanced by one tit led to some more bed time. That was tiring so we followed it with a nap.

Tuesday: Judy went to have her stitches out, so I read on with my book about the twenty first century.

Wednesday: Judy looked really really great now that the stitches were all out, and there was only a tiny bit of work for Dr. Johnson to do yet so she would be perfectly smooth, scarless. Before going to work Jack and Bob came to the bedroom as usual to kiss us both goodbye. Jack put a couple of books on the night table as he kissed Judy and then me. "To read the morning away, " he said. One was coverage of the Miss Nude North America contest, the other wasn't a totally devoted to shaving mag but Bob said there were some great pictures inside. "Enjoy," he said and kissed my nipple, then Judy's, then her lips passionately, and the two men were gone for the day.

Judy was reading about the Miss Nude contest while I was leafing through the other magazine. She drew my attention to some of the pictures and I quickly got engrossed in them.

"Oh look at this one," Jude exclaimed. "Look at how she's got her legs spread as she lays back on that towel and displays her gash to the audience. Look how neat and trim her gash is, I mean, that's the only word for it, a gash."

"Yes, and it's nicely open too, with no loose extra skin. It just opens up and presents a very attractive valley. What's her name..... oh, Delila, OK. That's great if you can spread your legs almost a hundred and eighty degrees. I'll bet that's what's pulling her slit so far open. I'd love to be able to do that."

"Well, look at this one. You can't see her cunt, but those women and men behind the low fence rail are sure enjoying her show."

"Jude, what do you think about us entering the contest next year. I'd love to be there just to see them first hand. Would you go"

"Well yeah, I guess we could go, but I don't know about entering the contest. I mean after all we've only got two boobs between us."

"That's not the point and you know it," I scolded. "We could be in a category all by ourselves."

"Oh, oh, don't you love this group shot. Look at all those different shapes of beautiful tits on the girls standing there, and the one in the center sitting, the one in the bootees; she's really enjoying spreading and showing off her crack. Wow! And aren't the shaved ones the loveliest"

"I think I like this one up in the top corner the best, the one with the long red hair. Her tits are just a nice size, like ours, and her gorgeous shaved slit. Not too long, not too short, just firm and tight. Jeez, she's making me horny."

"Mmmn, yeah, she is nice. There she is again, down in the bottom row group shot. Yeah, I could crawl in bed with her. Sorry, just joking."

"Well then, come on, what do you say we go. I mean even if we didn't make it past the preliminaries we'd have a lot of fun. And we'd sure have a great opportunity of 'going public'."

"Jeez Nance, I just don't know. Let me see how I feel about being a one titted woman in a few months, then we'll make a decision, OK"

Ah, so Judy was having some concerns about her operation. OK, I'd have to help her over that for sure. Then maybe we could join in to the lovely scene we were just reading about.

I replied "Boy, Seka used to be a lot trimmer. She used to be 42, 28, 40, if I remember right, but she was so firm that her 42 triple D's just seemed big not hanging on her chest like this shot. I used to look at all of her pictures and some of her videos. I'd say she's put on about forty pounds. Her boobs seem a lot wider and they sure hang down now. In the last picture I saw of her they just stuck out proudly."

"That's true," Judy noted, "but you sure got to appreciate her getting up there bare breasted at her age to host the show."

"Oh yeah, I do. Don't get me wrong, those are impressive headlights staring out at us. It's just that she looks a bit, what'll I say, overpowering now. I mean, are her boobs really huge now or what Did she have them enlarged and I missed it

"No I don't think so. If she'd had them artificially enlarged then they wouldn't be spreading so impressively. They'd still be poking out. No, they must have always been natural. I mean, you've got to admit, droopy or not, on her frame they are awesome."

"Yeah, it's weird, you know, how I feel seeing this bold picture of them. Yeah, they're really awesome, on her," I whispered. "Her nipples look really hard though so she must enjoy being the MC for those lovely naked women."

"I bet the audience and the participants went wild though when she dropped her dress top and jiggled those big jugs to start the show. They must sway wonderfully."

"They are beautiful, really. Would you like a pair like hers Sis"

"Oh Nance, some days I'd like a pair of any type. I mean it happened so fast for me. I know I'm still adjusting. Then like last night, I'm so proud of it. Bob's cock was like a steel rod, and that was just because I was walking around topless. I'm beginning to understand what Ruth meant when she said her one was special to her. Well, Seka's knockers are magnificent, even hanging there as they do now, but I just couldn't carry them on my little frame, and this one's just the right size for me," she said offering it to me for a suckle. "Probably couldn't stand up straight with them on my front," she laughed.

"Do you think I'll get Bob steely hard now Jude"

"Oh I sure hope so Nance. Why not give it a try one night soon Drop over, I'll stay covered, you go topless. I'll bet you he's ready to fuck in less than a minute."

"Anyway, you're right about one thing," Judy went on. "These pictures are getting me horny too! Yeah, maybe it'd be nice to go, just to show off, like you said 'go public' in a big way. Look at this girl in the audience. She looks entranced by all the bare women. All the women in the audience seem to be enjoying it."

"Oh, look, there's Delila again at the bottom of this page. Yeah, that is a gorgeous cunt she has, she's really lucky. The tattoo is a bit much. It covers so much of her leg. It kinda puts me off, but her tits, they're a nice size and they must be kinda soft and cuddly 'cause in the first picture they were spreading gently back on her chest. Oh my!"

"Yeah, and in this shot you can clearly see that she has a good sized firm clit. She's really beautiful!"

"And if we entered," I went on, we'd probably be allowed to stay on site for the whole event, you know, even if we got eliminated early. What a wonderful array of fantastic high heels we'd see too. Just look at the beautiful ones in this group picture."

"What do you think of this tight shaved cunt with the printing across her pudenda Don't you love the wording 'If you don't eat it, you don't need it'"

"I think we could do better than that. How about ' the more you eat, the sweeter the meat.'"

"Or," Judy added, "'eat it or lose it,'"

"Hey, I think we should do that up at the cottage. I mean, write on our puds like that! What do you say"

"Yeah, great idea. We'll have to think up some really good lines."

"Anyway, to answer your first question. Yeah, double yeah, it is gorgeous tight little cunt. I mean, that could be either you or I," I said as I put my hand onto her treasure and slipped a twinky into it. "But overall the long haired redhead is the winner for me."

"Nice, but Delila with her big gash spread open is my favorite. Look, OK, I'll do some research for us. I think we've got some classier heels than I see here, so yeah, I'll look into it. I'm not saying yes I'll go, just maybe, well, probably, if.... we could get in, OK"

"That's my sister!" I said with enthusiasm.

I went back to my magazine as Judy continued to study the contest feature. I found a section of amateur photos and one of them made my eyes open wide. "Holy jeez Jude! This one is really beautiful. She's better than any in the contest."

Judy looked over and her eyes popped too. It was a picture of her taken at the cottage the day she wore the pink skirt and white lace granny boots. Under the picture was a note saying only that it was submitted by her brother-in-law.

"Wow!!" Judy shouted. "My God that's beautiful. I didn't know I looked that good that day."

"Well maybe it's the big smile on your face, or then again it could be the big smile showing under your skirt," I teased.

"Oh Christ! Nancy, you're upset that Jack sent the picture in. Oh, I'm sorry!"

"Sis, don't be so silly. What you and Jack do is just more pleasure for me. He's something special I've been able to give you. You are beautiful in that picture, and I remember seeing the real thing, which was even better. No. I was just thinking about all the wonderful implications around our relationships that a brother-in-law and sister-in-law could have such intimacy and trust, that my husband could submit a sexy picture he'd taken of my stunning sister to a world wide magazine and know that I'd enjoy seeing it in print. Christ, the whole thing, picture and concept has me super horny."

"And I've made it public in a really big way. What's a little contest with a bunch of naked women after that. I could go and do that! Jeez, want to use our dildoe


The four of us were walking the two blocks from our hotel to the high fashion district. This part of Paris was beautiful; lovely streets and shops, nice houses turned into apartments with their entrances set above the sidewalk. What caught my eye next was an incredible pair of shoes descending short stairs to the street. Silver gray patent, long squared off toes, and heels that must have been five inches high. These were clearly special heels as they were thin when you saw the side and yet when I looked up into the arch they were wide across. In the few moments it took for them to step down I also scanned my eye up to see a beautiful woman in a silver gray silk like sleeveless dress with wonderful tits. Beside the left tit was the tantalizing remains of an arm. It had been removed about three inches above the elbow and rested neatly beside her prominent breast. Not really sleeveless I realized, the dress tapered past her delightful tits to gather in a band around her neck.

Feeling self-conscious, but desperately wanting to know where I could find these delicious shoes, I stepped toward her and said "Mamselle, pardonez moi, parley vous Anglais."

"Certainmaint, I speak English. I can help you please."

"You have such stunning shoes," I said. "We have nothing like them in our country. Would you tell me where you bought them."

"Ah, they are not for sale yet. I have done much modeling you see, until..." and she waved her short stump, "but I do some still for the wonderful McQueen, he will still use me. I go there now. These are from his new show collection. I don't know, maybe next year they will be sold." She shrugged her shoulders and her short arm bobbed. I am not sure why, but I kept watching it - not staring you understand, but intrigued, and yes, a little excited by it.

I introduced Judy and our husbands, and learned her name was Nicole. I guess I showed some sadness that we would not be able to purchase such unique shoes, for she looked disappointed for us, with another delightful shrug. And then I asked if she had been in an accident.

"Oh no Madame, no it was the cancer. But I see you know something of that. You are both so courageous to go about and not hide your loss, and I say this as a French woman can understand, you, (Should I say each or both) have the lovely breast. You are exciting to see this way," and her little stump waved at our titties, "how much pleasure it is to me to see how special you look to me."

I thanked her, but she went on "But Madam Judee, you still look sad. Why is this, it cannot be just the shoes"

Judy explained how our surgery was recent and she had not really adjusted.

"I too can understand, but when you have the beautiful breast," now Nicole lightly touched her right breast with her fingers and pressed her shortened arm into her left one, "you know, you should feel excited, proud perhaps. You are not less a woman, you have become more of the intrigue, the fascinating, the sensual, you understand"

As the rounded end of her remaining upper arm nudged her tit I felt my cunt heat.

"The shoes certainment also excite the woman," and she smiled at Jack and Bob, "and also the man.

The two of them were simply entranced with Nicole and smiled gently back.

"You both have the beautiful pumps today, the stiletto so delicate, you show the breast so, um I think the word is tastefully," and she touched her tongue to her lips, giving the word two meanings, "you should feel so feminine, so sexy hien What size shoes do you fit"

Judy told Nicole we wore seven and a half.

"Yes, they are the perfect size for beauty and height. I must go now to the couture house for the practice, rehearsal I think you call it. Please to give me where you stay. I should like to perhaps chat once more."

I told her our hotel and names, exchanged addresses with her, then asked if I might take her picture with my new camera, to which she readily agreed. Then we watched her beauty and those lovely wide heeled elegant pumps walk away.

As we turned to go our own way Bob's first word were "How could any fashion house not want to use someone a beautiful at Nicole""

But it was Judy who captured this experience, "So, I am intriguing, fascinating, and sensual now!" she exclaimed as she thrust her breast out. She was beaming with pleasure and excitement, her nipple prominent.

"You certainly are," the three of us told her. Jack went even further: "You are both so extraordinarily alluring and beautiful and you will wear whatever new dresses you find today with such special style you will stun everyone who sees you!"

We all babbled on about the excitement of Paris as we went in search of designer gowns. Later in the week we went to a topless beach and made a single breasted debut. We were accepted with no stares, and wanted to take our bottoms off, but it was not not permitted as were pictures not permitted.

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