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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 10

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Author: Nancy
Published: 22-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 24-Apr-13
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Her breasts held those sheer cups what looked like seven inches away from her chest. I don't know how I'd describe her bust size.

* * * * * * *


I went back to work the first week in June and found that the office had changed to an awful open concepts. As a result my office was gone and I had a desk out in the big open space. The other women in the office were very nice to me and some commented on my courage to not wear a false breast. I decided that this was a good a time as any to change a lot of things. For one, in this working environment, I wasn't going to wear 'office suits' or 'business shoes' any longer. I would dress with class, but with a shaved head skirts and nice medium high heels were the best choice.

It was a couple of weeks later the trouble happened. I was wearing a nice tailored white blouse, a black skirt, with pockets, that came to just below the knee, sheer black stockings and a pair of simple black patent pumps with 4" heels. The outfit was topped off with red nail polish and lipstick, with some dangly gold earrings. The phone rang as I was dictating some notes into my little cassette machine when the phone rang. It was my boss. She wanted me in her office right away.

I think I should explain that my boss (who does get an office still) is a dumpy, frumpy old broad who never wears makeup and wore lace up flats before the high school girls started wearing them again. I jammed the dictating machine into my pocket and marched down the aisle, my heels thumping on the carpet tile.

I was no sooner seated when she started in. "Nancy, when are you going to start wearing a prosthetic I've patiently waited two weeks for you to get your career back in order. And for God's sake get a wig! I don't care what treatment you've been taking. It's been a long time and going around here hairless is a real distraction for the men in the office, and those ridiculous high heels you're always wearing are another real distraction."

I wanted to scream 'Aren't you lucky I didn't wear my backless open toed patent heels I wanted to wear today', but there was no stopping her for anything. She continued without a pause for breath and was starting to turn purple.

"I want you to start using me as a model for your style and behaviour. If you are going to stay with this company and still get ahead you've got to stop looking like a common slut."

I started to protest, but needed to calm down. I put my hands in my pockets just to steady myself and felt that the little recorder still running. I'd been slandered, sexually insulted, the results of my operation made light of, my appearance belittled, and in general verbally attacked, and it was all on tape.

Without a pause she continued her onslaught "Starting now you will take time off without pay until you can return looking appropriate. And that's not until you show up here looking like you have two tits, do you understand," she yelled.

With a tight face, I nodded and left her office. Everyone's eyes were downcast. They'd obviously heard everything.

I had almost nothing personal in my new desk, so I slipped what there was in my purse and quietly slipped away like I was going to the washroom. Instead, I left the building. My first stop was to a audio store where I got the tape duplicated, then to a passport photographer who took my picture and notarized the date and time.

Then I want to our lawyer. After he listened to the tape I left one copy with him. The other one would go into our safety deposit box. Our lawyer felt that he could get a $400,000 settlement and package from the company with little problem. Their other choice would be a very public (he'd see to that) court case with possibly even higher damages.

Feeling much better, I left him to inform my employers of the case he was filing and that I would not be back. My next stop was Club Aldo.

I went to the concierge and borrowed a nice sheer white blouse. From there I dropped in to see Alicia. An hour later we had concluded a deal that I would invest my settlement into the Club and become a part owner.

This was one of the best things I ever did in my life. I guess that marrying Jack and falling asleep on the deck with my bikini bottoms off out do this new move in my life, but not much else. I started to work right away even though I'd not put any money in yet.

Over the next few weeks my working hours changed drastically, my work wear now often consisted of sheer tops. The staff Alicia had chosen were wonderful to work with and the members were so great. Membership was on the rise again because Ruth had consented to go on the board and was doing some wonderful work with the past members who had had mastectomies. I hoped she and I were serving as great examples for them, and Ruth was introducing them to Dr. Johnson Their self confidence was away up and I was so pleased about how we were helping them.

One evening I was absolutely stunned. A member I had not seen on any of my visits arrived with her husband while I was overseeing details on the dining floor. She was wearing dark blue velvet pumps with what looked like five inch heels and a matching dark blue velvet dress. The top of the dress was of the sheerest and most delicate pale blue cups edged in a darker velvet and supported only by narrow straps. These tiny straps had a lot to do. They held up the most awesome tits I had ever seen anywhere.

She was a tiny women, perhaps five foot three if she were out of her heels, maybe 120 pounds. Her breasts held those sheer cups what looked like seven inches away from her chest. I don't know how I'd describe her bust size. Each tit was not huge. Not at all. They were smaller around than mine, but like miniature watermelons that stuck straight out. Seven inches sticking out, I was sure. That would make her DD+, or would that be an F. I must admit I really don't know how it works after double D. They were incredible tits, and they were tipped by pouty aureole like mine, and a nice firm nipple completed the extension of the delicate fabric. My pulse started to race.

Once their wine and been brought and I had calmed a bit I went over to their table and introduce myself and told them the wine would be 'on the house'. Then I hesitantly and nervously but quietly asked if perhaps she would let me take a picture of her for our club album because of her beautiful dress. We hadn't started an album, but then, why not really do it and make this the first picture.

I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed. In many ways she seemed to be timid and hesitant, yet to show off boobies as magnificent as those in the way she did certainly meant that underneath her shy exterior there must be a torrid woman lurking. I took her to the staff lounge, where I felt she wouldn't feel singled out and would be comfortable in the well lit area. I ran to fetch my camera from my office, my heels tapping delightedly beneath me.

As I set up to take the picture I commented on how fortunate she was to have such alluring breasts. She quite confidently and openly told me that she had developed them herself. She went on to talk of having tried to extract milk from them with a breast pump, as a teenager (which quickened my pulse again) and of how she had even tried a vacuum breast enhancer. No milk, but her breasts started to reshape. She had become entranced with their shape and growth, and had simply continued expanding their length until about a year ago.

"I felt then that they were perhaps too long, and I was acutely aware that when I'm older I'll have trouble keeping them up," she told me shyly, "so I stopped making them longer. Sometimes I think maybe another inch would have been nice, but then maybe not. I certainly don't regret doing it, in fact I love them, but in some ways making them this long is a problem because I have to make my dresses myself or have them custom made, which is expensive. And I have to wear special bras every day to keep the muscles in tone. That's partly why I love the Club so much. It gives me a regular chance to go braless and show them off. And," and she lowered her eyes, "I admit that I love holding them, and I do love others looking at them."

"What size are you, if you don't mind my asking."

"Not at all. I'm a 34 triple D, sort of. Actually I'm a full six inches bigger here," she brushed her nipples again, "than my chest is around. Do you think seven inches would be better"

I'd been wrong in my guess, but it didn't matter. Their narrow width increased the apparent length, and the results were superb. "No," I replied truthfully, "but I want to tell you they are incredibly beautiful."

"Thank you," she replied, demure again.

"Did you make this dress," I asked.

"Well, I modified it. The cups are replacements for the original velvet ones," she told me, brushing delicate hands over the pale blue sheerness and her already firm nipples.

"It really is lovely. It's perfect for wear at the Club and if you won't think me rude it enhances your breasts wonderfully. Had I only been told how you looked I wouldn't have understood your beauty."

"You're lovely too, and I wouldn't have imagined that either until I saw you and your friends. Now some other women like you are joining us. I think it's wonderful. May I ask you a question"

"Sure," I said, probably a little too quickly.

"Am I, uh, turning you on" she asked very quietly, hesitantly.

Just as quietly I replied "Honestly, you've been turning me on since I saw you come in. As part owner here I truly don't want to offend. You asked a fair question and I'm being honest in my response. I sincerely apologize if I've caused you any discomfort."

"Oh God no. I'm sorry if I implied that. Having a woman admire my tits, uh breasts, is turning me on, and I just had to know how you felt. I have a feeling that I could easily let myself be bi-sexual. Why am I talking to a stranger this way Well, honesty deserves honesty. Frankly, your asking for my picture started to turn me on, and well your lovely breast caught my attention. I wanted to see more of it. Sorry. I'd better get back to my husband. He can't be enjoying himself, being alone at the table." She got up to go.

"Thank you so much for your compliment. I've loved every moment of our chat, and if I may offer a teensy bit of advice..." She nodded. "Being bi is a wonderful thing. If you have those feelings and find the right friend...... well, take my word for it."

"Oh! Then, you mean,......" Then in almost a whisper "But my interest is in my sister."

"So is mine," I reassured her. "Is your sister interested"

"I think so."

"Then, if you continue to feel this way do approach her. You may be pleasantly surprised. Would your husband approve" I asked as I led her back to her table.

"I think he just might, you know," she confided as we walked.

As we reached the table her husband looked up admiringly at her. I apologized for keeping his wife so long, thanked him for be patient and told him the meal was on me.

I also decided that Club Aldo would start an album, she would be the first picture in it, and that I too would get a little album together to go with my journal. She would have a spot in there too.

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