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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 11

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 23, 2013
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Judy and I made a point of dressing in openly sheer gowns and sexier heels. We made sure too, that Janice got to see flashes of covered but obviously shaved crack.

* * * * * * *


This section isn't about the Cottage at all, and it isn't really much about Judy and myself. It is about Bonnie's sister and how we helped her learn she could still be beautiful as a one titted woman. I think we helped her learn a little more than that.

I got a phone call from Ruth early in June, just before the previous episode started (so, as it turned out I had two things going on at once). Janice (that's the sister of Bonnie, who we had met on our big walk in the park) had come to visit her, had been to Dr. Johnson, and had had corrective surgery to make her empty chest smooth, but was still very self conscious about herself. As Ruth put it "We've done everything we could for her medically. She needs help with her image. You and Judy can provide that I think. Would you consider taking her on"

I called Judy and discussed the situation with her and we set up a plan. I called Ruth back, and she arranged for Janice to come to my house at 5PM the following Tuesday. Judy arranged to go to work early for the next two weeks, and we informed Jack and Bob that they would have to stay at work late and pick up supper on the way here.


Judy and I dressed in some older opaque night gowns and heels, and then scurried around to get the mood right. Soft lighting, drapes pulled, wine chilled, subtle music. Sharp at 5 O'clock the door bell rang. We welcomed Janice, who was wearing a simple flowered dress and some pretty flats. She seem rather plain in appearance as she had no lipstick or nail polish on. It's always a shame to let pretty clothes down by not adding the finishing touches, even gentle ones. We just spent most of the hour explaining that we wanted a very informal atmosphere that we could all get comfortable in, and asking her simple questions about herself. Janice answered our questions quite willingly, but timidly. She spent a lot of time looking at our breasts, or where they had been. We weren't sure which.

Towards the end of the session we explained that we needed to meet every day for two weeks, starting at four o'clock, and that she would have some homework to do. Tonight's homework was to select a comfortable nightgown and some heels, not less than three inches high, to wear tomorrow. "You can bring them with you and change in the bathroom if you like," Judy told her.


Janice was on time again, carrying a little overnight bag. I directed her to the bathroom and Judy and I settled in the living room to wait. We wore different nighties today, but still opaque. Judy was wearing classic pumps, I a pair of open toed sling backs. Janice joined us wearing a burgundy nighty and black kid pumps. The shoes looked brand new and she seemed unaccustomed to their height, which was not a fraction over the required three inches. Under her nighty was her bra and prosthesis.

Again we used much the same approach, casual conversation along with a fresh white wine. From the conversation, though, we learned a great deal about Janice and her feelings. Not too long before the hour was up Janice asked "This is all very pleasant but what are we really doing Where are you going with all of this Do you have a plan How are you going to help me"

It was Judy who calmly answered "Janice, you can see both Nancy and I have been through your experience. From that perspective you have to trust us. You've had a long trek to get where you are. Seeking help was a big step for you. Leading you to be comfortable with your new body shape is not going to happen easily or quickly. Yes we have a plan, but if we reveal it to you it may be counter productive."

"I'm sorry. It's just that it's been so long since my husband and I had any really good....... Well, anyway, Dr. Mathews and Dr. Johnson think very highly of you both, and Bonnie say's she's sure that you're my answer. I'll try to be patient and co-operative."

"Don't worry about any of that Janice," I consoled her. "You are doing fine. Tell me, could you consider taking your bra off"

"Oh! I couldn't! My artificial.... my breast will come away with it."

We were silent. We waited her out.

"Well... well I could, but I'm going to look.... well you both look kind of nice without.... but I've looked in the mirror you know, Without.... well I didn't like what I saw. You both look better than that for some reason."

"I'll tell you what," I carried on, "as your next step in our plan why don't you go into the bathroom and slip it off, even if for only a few minutes. Then rejoin us while we all finish the wine and we tell you what you need to do 'til we meet again tomorrow."

Janice reluctantly went to the bathroom. When she returned it was a very shy Janice that came into the room. However, her right tit swayed so nicely inside the nighty with just the slightest hint of nipple showing.

"I admire your courage," Judy told her.

"And I admire your breast," I stated. "That comment may seem offensive to you, but women do admire other women's bodies you know. You really do look much better in that nighty now than you did with a bra on under it."

"You're both very kind," Janice said with a little more happiness in her voice.

"Now let's finish our glasses of wine and Nancy will tell you about your homework."

"It's fairly simple Janice. You're starting on a new journey now. A new you will emerge but you have to work at it. Before you go home tonight buy a pair of black patent pumps with a four inch heel. The simple classic style is best. You are walking fine in three inch heels now so make them your regular footwear. Tonight wear the four inch ones all evening. That's not difficult is it"

"No, but why"

"That will become evident. OK, you can slip back into your bra if you want to, and change to go home. We'll see you tomorrow. Can you bring a different nightgown then too, and wear your new pumps, we'd both love to see them"

"Sure." and off she went to change and go shopping.


Janice arrived wearing black kid D'Orsay style T strap pumps on four inch heels , with a trace of pink lipstick. She changed again in the bathroom, into a still modest nighty and had to be asked again to remove bra. Today Judy and I wore night gowns again, this time a little more sheer, and of course nice heels.

Over wine, we asked Janice to relate to us how her homework went. "I never knew men would go so 'ga-ga' over pumps like these Nancy. I mean, he saw them and he was hugging and kissing me, and undoing buttons and everything!"

"Did you let him take your bra off" Judy asked.

"Yes I did! And you know what, it was like it didn't bother him. I mean, he didn't pay as much attention to my breast as he used to, but we had a good scr..., good sex."

We talked some more with Janice about cloths, shoes, makeup, and such and then it was nearly time for her to leave. Her homework; to go around this evening with no bra. a T shirt, a trim skirt and her new pumps.


Today Judy and I made a point of dressing in openly sheer gowns and sexier heels. We made sure too, that Janice got to see flashes of covered but obviously shaved crack. We had to lead her as quickly as we dared to a point where she too could feel comfortable showing any part of her body. Only then would she realize that two tits sitting on a chest were the only thing that mattered when it came to a great appearance.

We started in our usual way; getting comfortable, some glasses of wine, small talk as we sat dressed in pleasant nightwear. Today, though, Judy and I moved about more often, allowing our gowns to breeze back against our smooth cunts, allowing Janice to hopefully glimpse a little crack.

Janice tells us about her past evening, and is now wearing a nicer night gown. Lipstick and nail polish. Homework; to wear a sheer top and her highest heels tonight, perhaps a sheer gown, stockings and nice heels Saturday, and Baby Doll Pj's, stockings and perhaps Baby Doll pumps if she liked on Sunday, and to report back Monday wearing a regular night gown again.


Janice has bought Baby Doll pumps with ankle straps. Talks like she's maybe hooked on shoes now. Long story for Janice about her weekend, she's much more open now. We are open now too. Occasionally that is, as we started wearing peignoir coats and give Janice flashes of what we've got. A big part of our plan is to just set the example and encourage Janice to follow through questions and her own personal interest. If each step offers her a little success at home then she'll likely grab at the next offering.


"I've never been banged so much in such a short period of time." Janice reports.

After Janice left Judy and I discussed our patient and felt that she was progressing just fine. We were on target. I got on the telephone right away, because shortly Jack and Bob would be home and we were due to get a banging of our own. Tonight was my turn with Bob. I needed it after listening to Janice's story.

"Hi Bonnie, this is Nancy. Yeah, I'm fine how are you Good, listen, you said you'd do anything to help your sister, right Jude and I have been working with her for over a week now and we need your help on Thursday about 3:30 O'clock Uhuh, yep, good. You're still shaving Widgit aren't you"

"Certainly. I don't think I'll ever stop doing that. Why do you ask."

"Well, just accept for now that it's part of Janice's therapy. You told me once that when you were little you both shared the same room right "

"Yeah, it was kinda neat cause we got to hold each other. Not just in our arms, but at night with each others little parts. That's how mine got called Widgit. Like, Jan called hers Gidgit so naturally mine was Widgit."

"That's cute. How old were you when you got separate rooms"

"Oh, let's see.... Our parents split us up when Jan was twelve I think, maybe the next year. She was already growing little tits and I got to squeeze them, but I guess it was when Gidgit started getting fuzzy."

"Did she enjoy sleeping with you Bonnie"

"We both cried when she got her own room. Unlike lots of kids we did want to stay together. One night she promised to join me for a cuddle, but Mom caught her sneaking down the hall so that was it."

"Tell me Bonnie, by that age I'd think the two of you would have been wearing fancy little nighties some time or other. What was Janice's favorite for you to wear"

"It was a little red one that came down to the knees and it had little white bows tied on the shoulders. I remember that clearly. Why"

"Well, Jude and I have a little plan. Here's your part in it," and I went on to explain the details.


"Tell us about what 'Gidgit' means to you," I asked casually.

"How would you know about..... Oh, I see, you're getting some help.... Well as you probably know Bonnie and I used to share a room, and we created Gidgit and Widgit so we had names for them when we played with them as we went to sleep. We could even talk about them in front of our parents and they thought we were talking about some imaginary playmates. Imaginary like hell. I haven't thought about that in years."

"Did you know that Bonnie still remembers the fun you had"

"No I didn't. Widgit was so smooth." Janice sounded very wistful. "It was such fun, and when my breasts started to come, well I loved her squeezing them. I could only rub her tiny nipples but she seemed to enjoy that. Anyway, Gidgit started to get furry and that's when Mom put us in separate rooms. So that was that, and I grew up and got married."

"Did you know," Judy interjected, "that Widgit is still smooth That Bonnie shaves it daily to keep it that way"

"Oh God." Her eyes were wide. "Really" She started to slip her hand to her own crotch, then held back. "How do you know"

We related some pertinent parts of our walk in the park.

"Oh my!" She paused, forming her words. "And both of you are shaved. I mean, obviously you don't mind me seeing either of you. And........ um, I've enjoyed looking. I guess I should say 'thanks', so consider it said. Um... do men like that better."

"They certainly..."

"Without a..."


"doubt." We trampled all over each other sentence in our excitement to make sure she understood how we felt.

"So you think I should do it" Janice asked.

I waited for Judy this time. "We highly recommend it. We'd even do it for you if you'd like."

"Um, no um thanks, but I will take your advice."

"Well," I went on with the thought, "Then, that's your homework for tonight. I'd suggest you do it as soon as you get home and report back tomorrow on the results."


Janice arrived wearing an all weather coat, but the first thing I noticed was her deep red lipstick and nail polish. Then I saw that her feet were encased in wonderful black patent round toed pumps on five inch slightly thick heels with an ankle strap. A little black satin bow on the vamp made the toe cup look so very short which increased the appearance of height. The heels were maybe a half inch thick. I had seen nothing like that in years and was so very impressed with them that I wanted to try them on. We brushed cheeks in greeting and I could see that one side of her long raincoat was filled out nicely. Obviously she had not returned to wearing a bra and falsie. Janice turned then toward the living room and slipped her coat off of her shoulders. I took it to hang it up and saw immediately that she had driven here wearing nothing else but a black see through peignoir coat. Her butt cheeks showing nicely through the thin fabric, and I felt my clit start to stiffen.

"Fantastic!" Judy exclaimed. "Oh Nancy, hurry and see how beautiful Gidgit looks."

I moved quickly around Janice who was now standing with her right hand on her almost bare hip, bare because of a slit running from hem to hip, her left knee bent, the round toe of that beautiful shoe touching the rug. Her so very prominent pudenda was being kissed by the sheer gown, pressed against it, showing me a slit of at least four inches in length that split her pudenda the same way Ruth's does. Her cunt was mounted high and well forward, so much so that it was pushing against the flimsy fabric she had pulled tightly across her pelvis. Her lips were full and firm, nicely rounded and flowed in a wedge that tapered to almost a point well down between her legs. I felt my clit stiffening even more, sure now that its pink tip would be peeking out of my own crack.

"My God Janice, but that is so gorgeous. Gidgit is a wonderful sight to behold. I'm so glad you shaved her!"

Feeling my knees weakening I handed her a glass of wine, asked her to be seated, and quickly sat down myself.

"Thank you, both, having Gidgit bare makes me feel so daring. I can even wear my silk pajama bottoms now. I am so full down here," she motioned, "that I used to push bristly hair end out through the silk, and that looked uh ugly. I put them on last night and they look so good. Why you can even see Gidgit's shape now."

"And the outline of her slit I bet," Judy piped in.

"Yes! It looks so, I don't know, refreshing is maybe the right word," Janice replied. "Anyway, it when the fabric brushes over it it feels so nice, and my husband just loved seeing me wear them. I only wore the bottoms by the way."

"Congratulations Janice," I warmly replied.

My own gown and shoes, the dark blue see through nighty and open toed blue sling backs, along with my burgundy nail polish and lipstick, were no match for her beauty today. She had that glowing look that all well fucked women take on.

"Gidgit is gorgeous!" Judy said proudly. Proudly, like she had done the shaving and this was her masterpiece of art.

"You bought five inch heels" I asked. "They're ever so sexy, but we didn't ask you to go that far. Where did you buy them I'd love to have a pair like them myself."

"Well, it's a long story, but the short version is that I bought them when I was about eighteen. My mother wouldn't let me wear them though. She said they made me look like a hooker. I don't look like a hooker do I"

"Of course not," Judy and I chorused.

"They're beautiful, and you look elegant in them. Some Moms can be like that though," Judy went on.

I wanted to say 'Not ours' but it didn't seem to fit the conversation somehow.

"Well, so, she took them away and put them up in her closet. When I got married I remembered them and took them along. By then they were out of style, so I just put them away. Then the other day you said something about the Baby Doll look and I remembered them. So, here they are," and she stood up and did a pirouette, flashing cunt and tit to us both again.

Her gown wasn't really a peignoir coat, I could see now. It was a wonderful combination of a bodice top full to the neck and a skirt that wrapped over the front and tied at the side to form the slit up to the hip as I mentioned earlier. The empty side of the bodice clung to her, enhancing her tit with its excited nipple on the other side.

"Well, I'd love to have them. Anyway I guess you can give us your report." I said all of this rather hurriedly as I was afraid of my own responses. I wanted to touch, no taste, all of her. I needed to calm down and get on with what I had promised to do.

Janice described with a fair amount of detail of the three times she was fucked the previous night. It started when her husband came home and found her beautifully heeled and pleasantly polished and made up. She even went so far today to describe how he had 'sunk all seven inches into me so that I thought his balls were going in too'. "We've never had sex that wonderful. Ever!" she concluded.

"So you shaved before he came home" I asked.

"Yes, right after I got home. Doing it made me feel so sexy. I feel so sexy now, sharing it with you! In fact I'm so horny and I'm ready to take him on again tonight, for the whole night," Janice exclaimed with a beaming smile.

"I think you're in for another exciting night," I told her.

"Janice," Judy interjected, "I've been watching you for half an hour now debating whether to say this nor not, but here goes. Janice, Gidgit is really really beautiful. Her wedge shape and long slit are so entrancing. I love it, and looking at her makes me very excited. I hope you're not offended."

"Thank you so much. No, I'm not offended. It's nice to hear. I've been looking at you both for several days, and you both look lovely, well everywhere of course. I mean, I'm torn between your breasts and your crotch. You two just look so gloriously sexy with a single breast bouncing behind thin fabric, but what I really meant was in the crotch." She was sort of both babbling and blurting it all out. "I got to sit here every day and see your bare, your shaved, little mounds and cracks peeking out at me through your lovely gowns. They look just.... well each night, that lovely sight, just drove me onward. I've got to rename mine though, I think. Gidgit sounds a bit girlish don't you think Do you have names for yours. What do you call them"

As I usually do when this comes up, I replied straight forward "Cunt."

Janice looked serious and turned to Judy.

"I call mine a cunt too Janice. We know that's a pretty standard name, but we've talked about it lots of times and we just feel that the word cunt, in it's real original meaning, is wonderful and is actually a bit of a turn on for us. So 'cunts' they are. If I were you, though, I wouldn't change Gidgit's name just now. If you want a more mature name why don't you give it some serious thought for a few days. Nancy and I'd be happy to talk over possible names with you. Wouldn't we Nance"

"That'd be a nice thing to do. Yes, I think we might have a few good suggestions for you. Talking about alternate names for a pretty cunt would be an interesting way to spend an hour or two."

I looked Janice straight in the eyes. "Could I kiss Gidgit please"

Janice got up from her chair and started to walk towards me, her hips swaying so nicely because of her luscious pumps, her fingers fumbling to undo the knot in the tie that held her gown closed. Her nipple was hard and sticking well out. As she stood in front of me she stopped what she was doing and asked "You two are lesbians, aren't you"

Oh shit I thought, we've lost her now.

"No Janice," I answered very calmly "We're actually bi-sexual. We have a wonderful sexual relationship with our husbands. In fact with each others husband, and yes, with each other. If that is a problem for you then we'll end our sessions now and say goodbye."

"A problem No, of course not. Just the opposite. I feel myself inexplicably drawn to you both. I just wondered what I'd be when I did what I'm gonna do," and with that she pulled her gown open and thrust her pelvis forward presenting her cunt right at my mouth. I gave her a pleasant peck on that long slit desperately holding my tongue back. Then Janice turned and stepped towards Judy.

Janice exclaimed "Oh. Oh my! Oh that is so nice. I could let you do that all night."

I knew that Judy had not held back.

"Well, I would do that for you, but another night perhaps. Tonight there is something more important.

"Like what" Janice asked softly, hesitant to withdraw from Judy.

"Congratulations," I answered, "You've just graduated. We have one more thing to ask before we celebrate."

"Certainly," Janice smiled. She was still standing, holding back the front of her gown so that it was wide open down the front. A very pleasant view.

"We've left a graduation outfit in the bathroom for you to wear. We're having a sort of graduation party for you and this is the official outfit, so would you please change into it. As lovely as you look now, it's, well, it's special for your graduation," Judy told her.

I thought Judy was going on a bit to get Janice changed, but...

There are some sheer black seamed stay up stockings, a nice pair of pumps, although I think the ones you wore today are much much nicer so do wear them, and a pair of seductive black pajama pants and jacket. Would you put them all on while Judy and I pour some Champagne, then come back and join us"

"How thoughtful of you both, a special graduation outfit, and a party. Thank you. I'll be right back"

I sighed with relief.

A few minutes later Janice walked back into the room, her tit bare and swaying beautifully with each step on her very high heels, the nipple erect, dark, and inviting. The black outfit completed her stunning appearance, the slit of her wedge pleasantly visible through the thin trouser fabric, the effect heightened because of the stockings. Her cunt was the highlighted feature. "I can't find the jacket. Did you..."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I forgot. It's still on the bed. You look fantastic just as you are now though, really beautiful. But, yes, wear the jacket for the ceremony please. You can always take it off afterwards if you like. Just go on up the stairs and go into the room on the right.

A moment later we heard the door open and Janice exclaim "Bonnie! Oh my God! What are you doing here"

"I'm your graduation present Jan. Come to bed with me."

They must have spent an hour together, and judging from the sounds they enjoyed every moment of it. Gidgit and Widgit were back together again. We weren't eavesdropping on them, it was just that Judy and I were busy having our own celebration in the room next door.

Later we all sat bare breasted sipping our Champagne. Bonnie was easily 38DD and for a double breasted women, looked lovely with her tits bouncing pleasantly when she laughed. It was a nice graduation party.

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