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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 12

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Author: Nancy
Published: 24-Apr-13 Revised/Updated 25-Apr-13
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Here, I wanted so show you both something. With that she opened her wrap around skirt. It wasn't a teddy she was wearing, but a short half slip. What do you think Her forward mounted cunt was mostly visible.

* * * * * * *

Middle of July

I was so pleased to hear Janice's voice when I answered the phone. "I'd like to have another afternoon visit with you and Judy please", she asked.

"Certainly", I responded. "Are you having problems again"

"Oh quite the contrary. But I would appreciate it if you two could find me some time. Let's call it one last bit of therapy."

I then called Judy and called Janice back. We settled on a week Thursday. "Oh, and," she asked, "would you both please wear those open front gowns, you know, the ones that you usually wear over a nighty. You wore them on one of my last visits." I assured her it would be a pleasure to do that. This was sounding really exciting.

On the afternoon of her visit Judy and I awaited her arrival in the asked for peignoir coats and some matching heels. We saw her car pull up in the lane way, and I went to the door to greet her. As I opened the door a breeze blew open the front of my gown, pleasantly wafting over my cunt. "Oh, cute," Janice cooed as she stepped in.

"You like" I whispered.

"Uh huh!" she grinned back. "First time I've seen it totally bared. Show me again later"


Once again, she was wearing a raincoat, black this time and I could see, as she had come up the steps struggling with a large gift bag, flowers, and a couple of bottles of wine, that she was wearing black stockings with an almost ankle length black skirt and also some exciting black patent lace up oxfords. I'd been tempted to buy some similar oxfords from time to time, but never had.

I took the flowers and wine Janice had brought, thanked her profusely, and set them on the table. By the time I had turned around she had set down the gift bag and removed her coat, revealing an calf length black skirt over a luscious teddy. My eye was drawn immediately to the left side where the teddy breast cup was empty. So intriguingly empty, some of the open lace actually folded in on itself, crushed by the raincoat. That side of her chest was hauntingly vacant, nothing, absolutely nothing, to push the cup out. My breath gave a little catch and a tingle ran through my crotch.

This, of course are the impressions of an instant, because in the very next instant my eye went to her beautiful right breast which was filling that cup. More than filling, it was pushing it extremely out, the flesh of it mounding past the sides and her nipple was practically oozing through the lace.

I led the way to the living room, where we had usually held our meetings. As we entered Judy exclaimed "Oh Janice, how simply stunning. The skirt and top are so lovely, and those shoes! What an incredible look. I'll bet that outfit gets your husband randy in an instant."

"It sure does, but, what's it do for you"

"Um, well, the simple truth.... you're really turning me on, OK"

"Glad to hear it." Janice responded with a nice smile.

"You know," I said, "I think it's time we taught Janice about the welcome from India."

"Yes, yes," and Judy was on her feet in an instant, pulling her gown open.

"Nice gidg... cunt," Janice exclaimed as I explained about the welcome ritual for very good friends, and opened my own peignoir.

"Who do I do first, and yours is lovely too"

"Whomever you like," Judy offered.

"You were here first," and Janice suckled Judy so nicely while I waited jealously. I needn't have felt that way for after a few moments I too was getting gloriously sucked. This wasn't the timid Janice we had met not so long ago! "That's a lovely custom. I must visit more often, or you must come to my place."

"Here, I wanted so show you both something." With that she opened her wrap around skirt. It wasn't a teddy she was wearing, but a short half slip. "What do you think" Her forward mounted cunt was mostly visible.

"So nice to see you're st..still shaving," Judy stuttered, and I caught her tongue flicking across her lips.

"Oh, I'd never give that up now, but this is what I meant," as she raised the slip bottom and pointed a scarlet fingernail at a tiny little red tulip tattoo right at the top of her slit, the stem appearing to grow out of it.

"Wow," Judy and I said at the same moment. "That's so cute, so nicely done, and ...." I was at a loss for words.

"And so much fun getting it done too," our very newly confident Janice finished.

"Where....." Judy whispered, still a little choked up.

"At a place here in the city, it's connected to the BME web site."

"Oh yes," I responded, "They have a very good reputation. Be right back. I'll pour some wine."

When I returned, with the flowers in a vase and a tray of wine glasses they were in deep conversation about Janice's lovely oxfords.

".....they are so classy." Judy finished.

"And they are made of one piece of patent leather..."

"Yes," I butt in, "the ones made of patches just don't cut it do they"

"I couldn't resist them, wore them out of the store."

"Those look like six inch heels, right" Judy asked.

"Yes, well almost six, and I didn't know at first if I could wear them for a long time, but they are soooo comfortable, and solid feeling."

"I would never have imagined that high oxfords would look good with anything but slacks, but they are really striking with your slip and black stockings, and perfect with the long skirt." I enthused.

Janice was seated again, her skirt under her, but still open. I suppose to protect my upholstery from wetness. With her legs open, her cunt was on view to both Judy and me. We too were sitting again, and obviously there was no need to pull our peignoirs closed.

"Your lips look so nicely rounded and firm. Were you endowed with them being so forward from when you were little or did they develop that way after you entered puberty" I said softly.

"I was always and 'up front' girl Nancy, but I filled out more once I started having sex. Oh, almost forgot until you reminded me". Janice was up and running to the hall, leaving her skirt in the chair. In a moment she was coming back. Her cunt leading the way so to speak. I wanted to go to her and cup it in my hand, but didn't. She was carrying the gift bag and took out of it two familiar shaped boxes, handing one to me and one to Judy.

We quickly hustled the wrapping off and opened them. A pair each of gleaming heeled oxfords!

"Incredible", I exclaimed.

"Gorgeous", Judy inhaled.

I held one of my pair up and appreciated the curves and flow of the design, ran my finger over the almost squeaky patent delighting in the smoothness. I traced a line from the lovely pointed toe, along the high side all the way back past the high and curving arch to the heel seam, then down the glorious thin and super high heel. How bold, how sensuous! The shoe was almost wicked and yet at the same time so exciting. I could feel my clit harden from the thrill. Judy was already snaking a foot into one and lacing it up. I continued to enjoy just gazing at the erotic spiked treasure in my hand.

"My! You do have a beautiful clit", Janice said ever so softly. "It stands right out."

"Oh yes. I had it circumcised," I returned casually. "Judy too".

"You what"

"Circumcised," Judy replied, "As in we had them dehooded," and she showed her's as well.

"Wow! What a delightful difference! It looks beautiful poking out like that. Was it painful"

"Nothing to it," I said, now slipping my foot into an oxford. "But, Janice I can't accept these. They're away too expensive".

"Of course you can, and will. No getting out of it. Both of you have given me so much, given me my sex life back again, given me my confidence back. These presents are so little compared to that. I won't hear of it any other way". We accepted gracefully.

Soon Judy and I were walking around the room. The oxfords were not only beautiful, but firm under foot, and my insteps felt captured as they do in a great pair of boots. The whole experience, the feel of them, the exquisite look, was truly erotic. Judy went to Janice and kissed her mouth to say thanks. I was there right behind her, and Janice and I tongued for a moment to complete the kiss.

Just as we sat down again Janice said "I have one other present for you both, if you like". She again pointed a scarlet nail at her slit. "I'd love to give this to you. I'd love it if you'd eat me. Will you"

I sat stunned, my desire offered to me just like that. It was Judy who recovered first. "With incredible pleasure, but only if you promise eat me this afternoon".

Janice looked at me, her eyes questioning.

I choked on my words, "Oh....my god. Oh...yes, and yes...you must, just must, eat me too, oh yes", I forced out between gasps of breath, my heart pounding wildly.

"So will you Will you also eat both of us" Judy asked.

"Of course I will. My way of returning the pleasure".

"The bedroom is this way," I directed, but Judy was off and running. I watched the gleaming patent flash by.

"No, not the bedroom, there's much more room right here". She returned quickly with two heavy quilts and spread them out on the floor one on top of the other.

The next hour was spent taking turns, doing doubles and even a triangle of eating delicious cunt. Finally, exhausted from coming we just lay on the quilt for a while. One last glass of wine and we would have to wrap up the afternoon.

I decided that I would keep my lace up oxford spikes on, add a gray skirt and red sweater for when Jack came home. We'd just see what happened then.

As Janice prepared to leave there was much tit cuddling, kissing and a lot of thanks from Judy and me for the wonderful shoes and fun afternoon.

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