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The Cottage - Year 4 Event 14


Author: Nancy
Published: 26-Apr-13

I could see how she got work as a model. Her whole chest was tiny, no muscle structure at all except for her delightful mammaries.

* * * * * * *


Today would test my judgement and people skills. I have to interview three college girls that made our short list for hiring as waitresses here at the Club. I'm really concerned with how I'm going to deal with Marita is she comes back still wearing her nipple ring. It looks lovely, but we just don't allow breast ornaments on the staff. I had told Marita they weren't permitted, but when she left I had the feeling that she had no intention of removing it. I've asked them all to wear black pumps, black skirts, and sheer blouses so I can see them as if I were a club member.

Our Maitress D' (Alicia and I have made the term official) just phoned to tell me they were all waiting, and I told her to send Marita in first.

As the door swings open I can still see the glint of gold on her left side.

"Hi Marita," I said. "How are you Here, take the chair in front of the desk."

"I'm fine thanks. What do we need to talk about today"

"Marita, my partner and I have reviewed your application and discussed our last interview, and we're really pleased. I did advise you though that we don't allow our dining room staff to wear ornaments on their breasts. I see you are still wearing your nipple ring. Are you willing to remove it while you're here

"I can't. I just can't! My boy friend gave it to me and it's like, well, to me it's like an engagement ring. He'll be so angry if I don't wear it!"

"I agree it's a lovely ring Marita. I have some lovely nipple ornaments too, but as you can see I don't wear them when I'm at Club Aldo. I have to follow the rules too. I'll tell you what. I think you have a lot of qualities we want and if you, or your boyfriend, change your mind then please come back to see me."

I handed her one of my cards and led her to the door with some other small talk. I thought I handled that not badly. Too bad too because she had lovely firm rounded tits that would have looked pleasant in the main room.

As Marita walked away I called to June to come in next. I was looking forward to meeting with her again. Her sister had worked for Alicia when she started the club.

I was just a little startled when June stood up and started towards me. She was wearing an almost perfect replica of our uniform: black heels just about three inches high, a black skirt to just over the knees, and a white tailored see through blouse. Her breasts were that delicious up-turned shape with full round bottoms and nipples on pouty aureole that point up slightly giving them an out thrust look even when they're not excited. My guess, 34C. Lovely muted red lipstick and nail polish added just the right touch of sophistication.

"How are you today June"

"I'm fine, and you" and she thrust out a hand to offer a nicely firm handshake.

"Great. Here have this chair." and I walked around the desk. The window light was coming from over my shoulder and streamed onto her blouse. Wow, did she look great. I was entranced with what she had on show. I reminded myself that as a partner I had to act one way, as a member, in the main dining room, I could study the beauty all I wanted.

"June, I know your sister worked here, but she's not listed as a member, or as far as I can tell neither is anyone else from your family. Is there any family concern with you working here"

"Oh goodness no Mam. Mother visited once when we all lived here and was going to take out membership, but our family moved. That was before my sister started work, and that was with Mom's blessing. No, the family moved west just after April began college. When I was ready I wanted to go to school here too and, well to tell the truth, from what April had told me I secretly wanted to work at Club Aldo too."

"I see. Please don't think I'm prying. I've only recently become a partner here so I never met your sister. Would you mind if I called my partner in for a moment"

"No Mam. Of course not."

"You don't need to call me 'Mam' June. Nancy is just fine." I reached for the phone and dialed Alicia.

In a moment the door swung open and Alicia clicked in. I love that white blouse with the double AA, and pair of D's underneath.

"Hi Nancy. Oh hi April... No, it's not April. I'm sorry. I felt I should know you. I'm Alicia Aldo," and she put out her hand.

"Hello Mam. How are you Don't be surprised. I'm April's sister June and I just started college here. I came last week to see about a job."

"My goodness," Alicia still sounded surprised. "Well I can see a difference now, but it's the tilt of your breasts that made me immediately think of April."

"Here Alicia, take this chair," I said as I pulled another one around.

"Thanks Nancy. Please don't be offended June. It's just that I remember things like..."

"Yes Mam. Well we're a pretty memorable family that way. Mom has breasts just the same, and Gram did too. I think mine will still grow a little yet, maybe get to a D, which I'd like. Gram said we were all Vargas girls. I didn't know what she meant for some time, then I looked up Alberto Vargas."

"Yes, yes June." Alicia was excited now. Yes, Nancy, that's it. That's what we'll call the new second dining room - The Vargas Room, and we'll decorate it with Vargas drawings. Oh perfect. Thank you for the idea June."

"Sorry Nancy, there was something you wanted to see me about," Alicia went on.

"Oh, it's OK. You really took care of it all chatting with June."

"Then I'm off do get some things done. Drop in when you're done and we'll chat about June's idea. Bye June."

"There is one thing Mam." June was addressing Alicia.


"There is a new artist, in the same style as Vargas. He draws breasts in the same way, you know, uptilted like mine, and with aureole that push out."

"Oh" "Ooh" from Alicia and myself at the same time.

"Yes. His name is Sorayama Hajime. Just look him up on the Internet. Any search engine will find him. His work is fantastic, and I think more modern than Vargas." She spelled his name out.

"Thank you June. I'll do that. I must excuse myself now, take care," and Alicia slipped out the door.

"Yes," I said to June after Alicia was gone, "the likeness is definitely there. How do you feel about being a Vargas style woman June"

"Oh, these" she passed a hand over her remarkable tits. "I'm delighted the heritage passed on to me Mam... sorry, Nancy. I guess that's why I don't mind showing them off."

"Well, the idea at the club is not that you're showing them off. It should look as though it's the most natural thing in the world for you to walk around the dining room with your breasts visible. Covered, but visible."

"Yes Mam. I know from my sister how to behave - from Mom too. She never minded any of us being bare topped at home, but boy she made us remember we had a public image too."

"How many of you were there at home June"

"Well, April and I. There was supposed to be a May as well, but Mom miscarried, then there was Mom, and sometimes Gram too when she visited. Our names are some kind of little family joke, but that's what we were called. I mean... were you asking how many there would be in the house bare topped"

"I guess I was. Sorry. What about your father How did he take all these women going around topless"

"Gee I don't know. I mean, I never thought about that. He's a pretty great guy and well, Mom often was topless and April and I just grew up with that being the natural thing to do. Gram must have felt comfortable in front of him. I guess everyone just took it natural like. Uh, I just never thought about it at all."

"It was none of my business. It just seemed nice. I guess your mother must have done it at her home too, growing up."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well then, I think it's settled. You may start next Monday. Come in early, though, just to get oriented, and I'll have someone work with you the first few nights."

"Thank you very much Mam."


"Yes Mam, uh yes, thank you Nancy."

"Your welcome. I'm sure you'll do good work for us." As she turned to go out the door I noticed that she had also worn stockings with seams up the back. This girl had a great attitude, good looks, a great shape, and also knew how to make all of that come together. It sounded like her whole family were a wonderful support and understood beauty.

Marylyn was my third interviewee for the day. She had made the short list because she had great manners and self presence, but I was concerned that she was just too frail (almost anorexic) to handle the physical load of delivering food to tables for five or six hours a day.

She came into my office wearing a nice black skirt and tan nylon covered legs. Her shoes were gorgeous, but not really suitable for waiting tables; black patent slings with a tiny open toe and raised to three and a half inches on a lovely thin heel. Her blouse is not what I had asked for, but never the less it looked beautiful. With no collar and a neckline that plunges half way down her chest I can see the sides of her tits. The matte mauve silk has been perfectly matched to her nail polish, while her lipstick is one complementary shade darker. My mind flashed to a shade of aureole I love.

Marylyn is a very animated person, her hands always moving as she expresses herself, and I'm mesmerized by the flowing and vanishing designs on the front of her blouse that are being sculpted by firm nipples waltzing across the back of the fabric as they move about. Certainly she was braless (as I would have expected) for the sides were clearly visible, certainly her breasts were not droopy for it was definitely a forward facing nipple that moved freely about, yet certainly they were not terribly solid as they moved about as though they were alive. They also were widely parted and pointed slightly outward, as Judy had one day taped hers to do, but not tiny. They must have been pushing her blouse out maybe four inches. Obviously, C's are being replaced by D's or even double D's with today's young people - maybe it's a better diet.

"Hello Marylyn. It's good to see you again."

"Thank you Nancy, your looking well."

"Thanks. Marylyn, I've been reviewing your application and some notes from your first visit. I'm always interested in family ties. You've listed that your mother is a club member. I hope you realize I can't make that a factor in hiring you"

"Oh no, I meant that since Mother is a member, I've been here as a guest, that I know what is expected. I'd love to be a member myself. I just can't afford it while I'm going to school. My part time modeling brings in a little, but most of that goes for school costs."

"I see. OK. Um, I had asked that you wear a see through blouse for this interview. I need to assess how you will look to our members. Is there a problem"

"Well kind of. I don't own one that's not all frilly and fancy, and I can't really afford one if I don't get the job."

"Ah, well that easy to solve. If you go out to the concierge I'll phone her to sign a uniform out to you. You can change there, then come back her. OK"

"Oh great. I did want to meet your request, and I was even prepared to take my blouse off for you, but you see..."

"Marylyn, that's not at all necessary. This is not a physical examination, nor am I personally interested in your breasts (that was a lie), it's simply that when we hire someone for the dining room we have to know that they will look presentable, pleasant even. As a private club we can be choosier in whom we hire than a normal restaurant."

"Oh yes Nancy. No problem. No, it was just the expense, and I'm prepared to buy whatever I need if I'm hired."

"OK, I understand now, and don't worry, Club Aldo provides your complete uniform except the shoes, and we do expect closed black patent pumps that are not more than three inches high."

"Oh! How helpful."

I reached for the phone. "Well then, off to the concierge and I'll see you back in about five minutes."

As she was away changing I wondered how it was that she was so mobile behind that blouse, and then forced myself to stop thinking about that. I couldn't be sitting here wet between the legs while I finished the interview. Still I thought about her and a fresh idea popped into my head.

Click, click, click. "Hi. How's this now"

I could see how she got work as a model. Her whole chest was tiny, no muscle structure at all except for her delightful mammaries. Most of their mass was at the front, they were not full but were tight skinned that pulled them sideways, outwards, and gave here exceptionally wide cleavage. She would have to be careful in later years or she would develop a severe droop. Meanwhile, she was rather exotic. I could see now how they appeared to be so fluid. With no strong muscles to her chest, and the bulk of weight in each booby at the front, each movement of her body caused that weight to swing the front of each tit about rather wildly. Later in life it would be a problem, now it was possibly sexually exciting for her, all that movement. I pulled myself back into focus.

"You're very attractive Marylyn. I can see why you're wanted for modeling jobs. Would that be a problem if you worked here"

"It might be sometimes, but I presume I could get someone to cover my shift. It's not as often as you might think."

She was seated again, and I personally was struck with how innocent and how free moving her underweight tits were.

"Perhaps," I said. "But while you were changing I had a new idea. Part of my purpose to being a partner here is to bring some additional features to Club Aldo. One of these is a 'forties style second dining room. Another is to bring some special evenings for the members each year. I've been thinking about a series of fashion shows...

I noticed Marylyn's eyes widen, her mobile tits wiggle.

....that would present gowns designed for wear at places like Club Aldo or for intimate dinners at home with friends...

"You mean see through tops for at home with a husband or lover"

"Yes, and I mean see through tops to wear while with a number of male and female friends as well. It can be a most pleasant way to spend an evening. It may seem a little avant gard, but remember this is for members of Club Aldo." I was explaining more than one might for an interview, but I wanted her reactions. I was rewarded with excitement, on her face and chest.

"So," I went on, "As you can clearly see there are some of us in this world, and the number is growing steadily, who have one breast and believe that look to be beautiful. There are those who don't feel that way, but could with the right clothing. I also want a series of fashion shows here at Club Aldo that will accomplish that."

"You do.... Uh, I didn't want to sa... I would never have thought...."

"It's alright. Don't be uncomfortable. Tell me straight out. Does single breastedness appeal to you or not Your answer has no bearing on getting the job."

"I wouldn't have believed I would feel this way before I came in here, but yes, it does look incredibly beautiful. I had no idea that... Your answer is; yes it is appealing."

I thought for a moment she was going to say the magic word 'inviting'. Then what would I have done

"Well Marylyn, I honestly think that you don't have the strength or stamina to carry food around for hours. I'm sorry if that disappoints you, but I have another offer if you're interested. How about you take on the job of organizing these fashion shows. You'd have to work with me on them, but you'd be in charge of all the arranging and seeing to them coming off professionally and in good taste. Would you like to do that"

"Ohhh! That'd be incredible! Oh I'd love that. I'd work very hard you know." Her tits were wiggling up and down, sideways, and even making little half circles as she bounced with excitement.

We spent the next half hour working out details for a six month contract that would fit her school schedule and could be extended if it worked well.

As we wrapped that up she asked "Nancy, would I be working... well in uniform"

"You'd be part of the office staff," I replied. "In the office you have the choice. It's strictly your preference. If it's cost that's a concern I can issue you a uniform, it's just that then people will think you are dining room staff, not part of my task group."

"No, no, with what you've offered me I can buy some sheer tops that aren't as well, 'silly' as the ones I have. No, I just meant could I work 'see through'. I love the idea and besides with what you want me to do I think it would be very appropriate."

"It would certainly be appropriate, and lovely too. Yes, feel free to do that, and in your role I don't see why you couldn't wear blouses with frilly collars, or whatever. Colors would be good too, no confusion then."

She got up then to leave, and I noticed her nice sling pumps again. They made me wonder if, with maybe a little thicker heel, they would have the support needed for our waitresses. The open toe, which of course looked so good with a sling, would look nice, more open, hospitable. Patent of course. I'd need to discuss that with Alicia.

Marylyn and I shook hands again before she went back to the concierge. Her cute tits once again bouncing. She caught me watching them, looked up, and gave me a beautiful smile.

She was no sooner gone than I heard Alicia's heels running down the hall. She bounced into my office exclaiming "Nancy, you've got to come and see this Sorayama's work. I've got it up on the screen now!"

(For those interested, the site is: ftp.sunet.se/pub/pictures/art/Sorayama.Hajime/ Enjoy)

Back in her office I was astounded as we looked at image after image. This man drew in lifelike detail, shoes so real you wanted to put them on, breasts that were so beautiful you'd think they could only be from an artists imagination if you hadn't seen June. He even occasionally included a cunt if it enhanced the image, and when he did they were usually shaved. I was in love.

"Oh, oh, stop!" I said abruptly. "Sorry, that one. Yes, with all the soap bubbles on her. We can put that in the ladies rooms now. If we can get a large print and frame it." I added.

"Maybe we're wrong about the Vargas art Nancy. Maybe we should drop the forties look for our new room and go right up to date."

"Both Vargas and this man have done timeless work Alicia," I responded. The major difference is the shoe styles. They just didn't have the technology to make shoes then as they do today. Some of the forties shoes are pretty great you know."

"But the credo of Club Aldo is about the female breast, I don't see how the shoes come into it."

"That's my point. The female body and breasts just have no time period in their beauty. The present dining room is in an elegant style of European estate house, which this building is designed after. It gives the perfect ambiance to the evening gowns that most of our members wear. But, the forties offered another equally elegant style that offers our members an alternative. That warm comfortable decor would be disturbed if the art had shoes that didn't match."

"Look," I went on as I strode over to the blueprint of our plans on her wall, "we both love classic thin heeled pumps and their variations and this Sorryama guy has captured them as well as he does the female body. I think we can do both if we just move the staff room upstairs across the hall from us. If the Vargas room works and makes the room we need for the expanded membership, then next year we convert the staff room into something modern. The orchestra won't work there though."

"Hey you're right, and that would be better timing. I don't want to over extend ourselves. And your right about the orchestra too. I don't want any rock type music to spoil the Club atmosphere either. No orchestra if we add a third dining room!"

"I agree!" and we went back to looking at breast art. I noticed that Alicia's nipples, usually so soft, were expanding into hard knobs as we scrolled through over a hundred selections, many of which I hoped would appear on our walls. First though we had to make the Vargas room a success.



I got a call from Judy. "You're keeping something from me," she said.

"Yep, I'm surprised you don't know, but since you don't you'll have to wait till the weekend."

"Shoes," she said, "I know that."

"Yes again."

"Well, what are they like"

"I'm not telling, except to say they're wonderful."

"You're a creep, you know that. But I love you. You just wait, I'll fix you." and she hung up.

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