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The Cottage - Year 5 Event 1

Author: Nancy
Publish Date : Apr 26, 2013
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Donna sat on the bench and Ruth moved beside her. Donna had plunked her cunt firmly against the board seat, the red top wafting over her tits and onto her lap, leaving her "infibulation" clearly visible.

* * * * * * *

SEPTEMBER (Fifth Anniversary)


Jack and I were going to leave for The Cottage after Club Aldo closed late Friday night. Bob's boss had demanded that he attend a company dinner, so Judy and he would come out in the morning.

I had worn my tuxedo outfit to the Club (with opaque black trousers with light gray stripes). With my black Alana top, the vest, and bow tie it was perfect. Underneath I had on a pair of black see through boxer shorts I had made, with the idea of taking the trousers off for the ride out. Thank goodness I had chosen the thick heeled Baby Dolls, for our Maitress 'D had phoned in sick and I took the second half of her shift. Alicia had the first half. I had to admit that standing up for over four hours required a sturdy shoe. I checked out a tone on tone white striped blouse from our concierge so I was more or less in uniform. I greeted a lot of lovely women during my 'shift', saw a lot of nice cleavage, and was very pleased to see that the number of our members who had lost their cleavage but not their beauty, was on the increase.

Back in my black top and just with my black boxers on the bottom Jack and I had a pleasant trip. He would often cuddle my cunt through the slippery fabric and I had his cock out so I could play with it like a little gear shift. Hope we didn't get stopped.

By the time we reached The Cottage the temperature had dropped and as I click clacked back and forth carrying packages the wind made my nipples rock hard while my cunt was pulled up so very tight. Once we were unloaded and had poured a couple of Scotches I pulled down my little shorts.

"Jack, I'm so cold. Eat me! I need warming there ever so badly."

That of course led to fucking right there on the furry rug. I was so tired from my long day that I could have slept there in his arms after we had exhausted each other, but as I drowsed off I felt him carrying me to the bedroom. In bed I realized I was still wearing my shoes. He'd left them on!


I was so anxious to get the day under way, for Judy and Bob to arrive so she and I could celebrate this anniversary in our own, special, private way.

Without question it was a special weekend: Judy, Bob, Jack and I were celebrating our 5th anniversary here; Judy and I were celebrating just being alive; Ruth and Doug were coming tomorrow for Ruth's 'coming out', and bringing Donna and Paul to share in Ruth's special night; and Jack and I wanted to share each other. Since I had worked a lot of nights at the Club our screwing had been seriously cut back.

After having a nude but shoes breakfast with Jack, a pleasant but too short fuck, showering and shaving, and stuff like that I got dressed in special clothes for a special day. I took the new pair of black kid pumps out of their box. Holding them in my hand I felt the beautiful leather and studied the removable double ankle straps. At four hundred dollars for the pair I expected a lot out of them.

First a brand new pair of the sheerest black seamed thigh highs. I rolled them carefully then inserted each foot in turn (scarlet nails glinted enchantingly through the nylon) and rolled them up each leg, enjoying the sensuality of the feeling, smoothness, tautness, as each leg became encased.

I slipped my feet into these towering treasures for the first time since the store and reveled in how beautifully they fit, how they caressed my arch, how they pumped up my instep adding that glorious curve there that only a high heel will do. I bent over to buckle up the double straps on my right side, experiencing the pleasure of a bound ankle, and feeling my booby press into my thigh as I did so, its already swollen nipple pressed back into the aureole. The left ankle was easier to do, but not as much fun. I tingled every where.

Next, I slipped into my flowered blouse from Paris, and carefully adjusted the angled front so as to nicely reveal my breast. To wear a nipple ring or not I decided for simplicity. Yes, that looked great in the mirror. Then the skirt. I wondered if the black one or the blue one was best.

I suppose that men who have the courage to wear women's clothing experience the same thrill I do when I have a perfectly designed skirt hanging from my hips. I don't know. I'll have to ask on the Internet. For me, I often marvel at how good a skirt feels, tight at the waist, firm on the hips, brushing the upper leg or thigh or ankle depending on the length. The two skirts were much the same style, except for the side zipper in the blue one. This morning I was already in a very sensuous mood. The black seemed more sensuous. I chose it.

Dressed now, I went to put on some lipstick and enjoy the feel and taste of it - a pretty deep red I think to match some of the flowers, and of course some long gold earrings. Walking around in these heels was just beautiful. Although they were so very high I felt like I was just gliding across the floor, my balance perfect, the appearance fantastically beautiful. I felt there would be no problem wearing them for hours. For something this erotic and comfortable the price was worth it. 'Quality always makes the difference,' Mother's voice came into my head, 'particularly with shoes.'

It was a cool morning, and although it detracted from the beauty of the outfit I threw a light gray cardigan over my shoulders and went to the main room. I thought I'd read a little from a new sex thriller I'd picked up, but found that Jack was already into it. Instead I picked up the latest 'shaved' mag from the table and sat back to study it for tight twat shots.

The next thing I was aware of was Jack caressing my ankles. I looked down.

"Fantastic heels darling! You've given me an instant hard on. Shall we do something about it"

I was willing, even though it would mean dressing again, but we never got the chance. The sound of a horn tooting from the front meant that Judy and Bob were here at last. We went out to meet them and help with the luggage. Jack and Bob are always telling us we bring too much, but with all the shoes and clothing we need to take back and forth, well...... Anyway, it's for them too.

Judy's legs swung from the passenger side door. Wow, a glorious pair of fuschia D'Orsay pumps with five inch heels. The back was practically no cup at all, more of a curvy strap up the back with a wide wrap around ankle strap. She was wearing the casual patterned gray gown she had bought and had had altered for herself, in Paris. It is almost like a nightgown, but was designed for casual evening wear. The top billowed around her boob, easily exposing it with any sideways movement. Then I caught a little flash of cunt before she stood up, as she had her skirt hiked well up to swing her legs. Fuschia nail polish and lipstick to match the shoes, and big fuschia earrings; just the perfect dash of color to offset the simple gray gown. I could feel my nipple expanding.

Before I could say anything she looked my way and exclaimed: "That is such a beautiful tit Babe! I missed you last night."

"Thanks, yours too Judy. I missed you too, but if you keep wearing those shoes and that gown I'll be making up for lost time fast," and I moved my tit to her mouth.

How easily I could brush the slippery gray material away from her mound and return the welcome. The men had seen us in these clothes before (well, not Judy's fuscia accessories), but were just standing silent, awed, I guess, by what they saw. Perhaps it was the shoes.

"Bob A little welcome kiss" That broke the moment and Jack was drawing Jude's nipple into his mouth as Bob frenched mine.

"Nancy, look, I got an electronic camera too! Please, let me get a picture of you in that wonderful outfit."

We exchanged picture taking and I found her camera was a lot simpler to use than mine.

"So, my secretive sister, those are pretty wonderful shoes. Will you be able to wear them that high for long"

"I don't know. Right now I can only tell you that they are super comfortable."

"Well, I'd like a turn in them if you change."

"OK. Were these fantastic fuscia shoes your surprise for me"

"Oh no, these were just something extra. You just wait till tomorrow. You just think you're the only one who can have a secret," Judy responded.

At that moment, I had a flash of something white in my head, then it faded as Judy changed the subject.

That afternoon I told Judy I wanted to try out something new - a new "look" for at The Cottage - and something I felt would be suitable for the early part of tomorrow. I pulled out of the closet a pair of light weight, yellow slacks, and slipped them on over tan thigh highs. I finished the outfit off with a pair of red backless open toed slippers (as much as I regretted taking off my new six inch pumps) and my red enameled nipple ring.

"You're suggesting we go topless all day I'm impressed with how you look. What a great idea, but what will the guys say" Judy asked.

"Well, that's the idea. I'm going out there now and ask them".

Those of you who like to wear backless slippers - or slides- will know what I'm talking about when I say how absolutely free they feel on your feet. There is something ultra sexy about them almost falling off your feet yet staying on making your feet delicate looking. With practice you can walk rapidly in them. These red ones were nicely high and looked so exciting with slacks - should have tried this look before. We both trekked down the hall, Judy's heels clattering nicely and mine making that distinct click-flip, click flip sound that only slides can do. I marched into the living room, interrupting the sports on TV, and exclaimed "Well, what do you think For tomorrow, while we get things ready."

Jack's response was to stand and come over very close to me. "I think it's wonderful. I've wondered why either of you hasn't done it before". Then, quick as a flash, he had my zipper down, his hand inside and was kneading my cunt.

As wonderful as it felt, as much as I just wanted to stand on these lovely heels and enjoy the sensation (why is it that getting your cunt caressed while balancing on high heels feels better than any other way) , I couldn't let this go. I yanked down his zipper, yanked his cock out, and watched it continue growing in my hand. To think that I had ever hesitated over the idea of having the skin stripped off of it. It was a gorgeous cock, all veined, hard, shiny, the head wonderfully purple.

Bob and Judy were enjoying this scene. I heard Bob say "Way to go Jack - lookin good man - go for it." And Judy just applauding. I didn't let Jack 'go for it', I went for it! Pulling Jack's hand out of my open fly I simply went up on tip toe and slid my cunt over his pole. Then, I flipped my legs up over his hips and locked them behind him. He carried me that way towards the bedroom.

The problem was that that caused a lot of bouncing and I knew I was going to come. Neither of us made it to the bed. We kind of 'fucked on the fly' you might say. Anyway, there was some serious cleaning up to do and the slacks were stained all down the front with various love juices. Suddenly I was very tired and as busy as the day was going to be I told Jack I was going to snooze for a bit.

I woke up from an erotic dream in which I had grown a gorgeous eight inch cock between my legs. In the dream I had teased and fondled it until the head was shiny and very plum colored. When it was throbbing and aching I finally jacked it until I shot a load of cum into the air. That was when I woke up. Instinctively I moved my hand to my crotch. I did not find a big cock, but instead a very wet cunt.

Looking around the room I found I was the only one there. I was very muzzy from sleep and very very horny. I simply had to bring back the ecstasy of the vision.

I went to my lingerie drawer to get my strap on. I rammed the short end into me and thrilled at the feel of my lips spreading and of being full. I fastened the straps. Beside it in the drawer was a white garter belt. I hadn't worn a garter belt in some time, why not now Pulling it around me and fastening the clips just increased my horniness. Stockings Yes. White ones. Rolling them up, my arms kept bumping my new cock, pulsing the end inside of me, sending quivers of excitement up into my belly. I pulled each stocking firmly up my legs, fully enjoying the tautness of the nylon, then more quivers fastening the clips, nylon rubbing on nylon, my rod bouncing with each action. I was getting dripping wet.

Now I lay back on the bed to pay some attention to my cock. I started by stroking and teasing the long member, admiring it's size as it rose majestically from my crotch. Inside I could feel each push and tug, the clit tickler doing it's job, so I started to jack it with one hand, while kneading my tit with the other. When I was on the verge of coming, I became overwhelmed with desire to do something really naughty. I get these attacks to be very naughty from time to time and the only way to get rid of them is to carry out the desire so I eased off jacking as I formed a plan.

With lack of activity I soon realized that I was quite cold. A negligee or mini skirt wouldn't do. I pulled on gray slacks, my wang poking out of the fly front. Then a tight red sweater. As I adjusted my tit inside the sweater for full effect my nipple sprang forth once more like a bullet - nice. Simple black patent pumps with 5" heels and a black patent belt finished off my outfit. As horny hormones raged through me I still took a moment to admire the look of gray slacks, white stockings, and black shoes. God, white stockings with black patent shoes - so sexy!

When I get in one of these moods there are mixed emotions that go through me: the first is 'do it, do it, do it'; the second is a wonderful nervous tension that says 'are your sure'. 'Do it' always wins. I walked, with caution down the hall, because 'Are you sure' was rattling me. The tic tic of my tall narrow heels chased that away. My cock bobbed and tingled in me. That was all the assurance I needed.

"There, what do you think of this" I exclaimed as they all stared at me.

"My god, that is exciting," Bob stated, his wide eyed. "I mean," he said a moment later, "really exciting. I uh ...."

"Jeez, that looks almost as good as Jack's," from Judy. "Want to fuck me next And, great looking tit sweetie!"

"Love to, but later if you will, cause we've things to do."

Jack had sat there the whole time, his eyes riveted on me, totally silent, his jaw slack. Then finally, "I don't understand it Nance. I don't know how I can say this or even feel it, but ..., but, seeing a woman with a dick - and make no mistake about it, that's a big one - seeing beautiful you in those heels, your lovely tit, and with a big cock sticking out of your fly.... Christ Nance, Jesus Christ that's so beautiful. How can I feel this, me a man, and knowing too that your hole is full - is essentially gone for the moment - how can I be excited by this A girl with a dick! Shit, this is a whole new emotion for me. Never mind, just leave it at that for now - That is an INCREDIBLE turn on. See, I'm hard again."

"Oh my. I think I should try this look. To bad the head on those things is never the right color, still..."

"You'd better save this hard on for later Jack. I have some big plans to use your fine tool tonight. And I don't want you worn out for tomorrow night either," I laughed and slid my hand up and down the length of 'my cock' a couple of times, grinning as I did. My action was too much! The clit tickler on the inner shaft brought me over the top. I went stiff and thrust my hips, coming in front of all of them. I was ecstatic!

I knew they were watching me in awe. I had actually jacked off!

"T..talk about erotic," Bob stuttered. "That's enough to make a guy come in his pants."

"Don't do that darling. I'm always here when you need to come." Judy breathed.

"And are you going to wear that tomorrow too" Jack asked quietly.

"Uh Noooo, I won't wear the cock tomorrow, not with uninitiated guests anyway" I replied just a quietly, recovering.

"That's good," from both Jack and Bob at the same time.

Jack, turning to Bob, said "With Nance, you just never know."

I hurried away to clean up once again so we could get on with making the cottage ready for 'the big event'.


I was really in the mood this morning. After an invigorating wake up fuck with Jack, Judy and I met and made a plan for the day. Then we breakfasted with the men, in peignoirs before showering together. We played with each others cunts for a bit before shaving them. She was just as thrilled as I was about the events that would follow.

As I said earlier, we wanted to dress in something that would be very serviceable for all we had to do, yet be as sexy as possible without drawing all the attention to us on Ruth's special day. Obviously the men approved of my topless with slacks and high high heels idea, so I had no choice but to wear my yellow pants, with a black belt, as I wanted to continue to wear my new six inch heels.

"I don't how you did it Nance, how you kept those shoes a secret from me. They are fantastic." She smiled wickedly, opened one of her cases and held a pink box out to me.

Inside were gorgeous white narrow toed D'Orsay's on a six inch pointed heel, with an ankle strap, all of it raised on an inch and half tapered half platform. "Oh you little witch, you knew all the time and just tried to outdo me."

"Yep. I'm proud of me."

"Silly. You are a wonderful sister. The shoes are beautiful. You're going to make a bunch of cocks hard today. Were they available in six inch heels without the platform"

"To the part about cocks, I hope so, and some wet slits too. Yes, I could have gotten them without the platforms, but you know that sixers don't seem to work for me too well."

"I wore these all day yesterday..."

"I know, I was envious, but I wouldn't let on, to any part of it."

"OK, OK, were even. Anyway, all day and they are so comfortable. Tell you what, I'll buy you a pair next week."


"Of course. Promise!"

"Just kidding. I'd love a pair."

"I don't know what you are going to do about some slacks sweety. I really messed up the gray ones and these yellow are all that are left except some jeans."

"No they're not. There's a pair of pink ones in a drawer in the small guest room, at least I saw them there a year or two ago."

So Judy ended up in soft pink trousers with a white belt and her sexy platforms.

Long gold earrings for both of us and we were finished. It would be a totally topless afternoon.

It felt wonderful to be going topless. I've done it before, of course, but with company coming it was very exciting. It was also very comfortable, and seemed to be perfectly suited to a comfortable afternoon with our friends - both men and women. I wondered why I hadn't done it before - for company. With the slacks and heels it seemed not at all brazen, just comfortably casual for cottage wear.

I have always enjoyed my breasts (breast now), how they (it) jutted out from my chest, loved their look (and yes, their feel) and I have often just gazed at my tits (as I did now at my gorgeous left one) concentrating on the curve, the flow of the flesh, the delicate shading ending in rich brown, until my nipples would erupt. I wanted to take my wonderful breast in my hands and knead it to excitement, but resisted. Instead, I just stared at it and enjoyed the sensuousness of it, enjoyed knowing how proud I felt of having it, the delight I would have in letting others enjoy it today, until my nipple rose on its own. Satisfied it would stay that way for a while, I suddenly realized Judy was talking to me.

She was saying, "......... we just went about the cottage with no tops whenever we wanted Nance. Nance, don't you agree"

"What Oh yes! Sorry, I was doing a little self contemplation."

"So I can see. Nice tit babe!

It was probably the end of wearing tops here at all, unless they were part of an outfit - for a special look or reason. Time would tell.

We presented ourselves to the men and were rewarded with kisses to all the bare areas. No time available for screwing as Ruth, Doug, Donna, and Paul were due to arrive.

Not very much later Ruth and Doug pulled in. We went out to meet them. Doug looked delighted that we were topless. Ruth was in her Paris outfit. I'm always in awe of her tit, even though I guess Judy and I look much the same. Still, seen through the sheer blouse it was a treat and I wished it was me that was visiting her. From out of her skirt, black sheer stockings that had black french style heels tapering into black seams. Gold open toed sling backed ankle strap sandals caressed her delicate feet. They were the shoes and stockings I had brought her back from Paris.

We all kissed and hugged. "Wow you two look great!" and she kissed our nipples. Ever so delicately, but so sensuously. I was tingling again.

Judy and I presented ourselves to Doug. He cupped my breast in his hand and lifted it toward his mouth. God that felt good. Ten he kissed it, a more solid, sucking kiss, but still very thrilling.

"These shoes and stockings are not the ideal match for this outfit, but I wanted to show you everything I had from Paris. The shoes are wonderful, thank you again. As you two are casual, and I thought you might be, I'd like to change if I may."

"And," Ruth went on, "I have a couple of pictures for your album. She held out a couple of her that I had not seen before. A lovely shotof her with a faint line of her mastectomy scar. I felt myself getting wet.. "The black and white." She said, was snapped when I was in med school. I was contemplatring getting my inner labia sliced off. I was in my dorm room, by the window when my roomie walked by and snapped it. I wore low heels a lot them. Awful aren't they Sorry about the shading. I botched making the copy. I'm not with using my scanner yet. " Awful shoes or not, I was thoroughly wet now, kissed her fervently and slipped into the bathroom for a wipe.

We helped her carry her luggage in, and left her in their bedroom. She reappeared shortly, still wearing the gold shoes and sexy stockings, but now with gold flared trousers that were just slightly transparent. Transparent enough to see that she had gold panties on under them. Bronze lipstick with gold flecks and gold earrings completed the outfit.

"I was going to wear these with my Paris blouse, but as neither of you..."

"The blouse is lovely," Judy exclaimed, "but this is better. Hey Nance, let's wear the little jewel nipple decorations Ruth gave us."

"Yeah, great."

"I didn't bring any. Can I borrow one," Ruth asked.

We went to the big room, where I found a selection in the drawer. We tried to color match our clothes.

"Any idea where Donna and Paul are" I asked as I 'pinned' Ruth with a glimmery stud.

"Well they were coming from their new place. It's across town from us, so they might be a little longer."

"OK. I know she was so looking forward to your 'coming out' tonight. I'm sure she wouldn't want to miss it. As long as they're safe. What would you like, white wine or Mai Tai's"

"Any cocktail would be fine with me," Ruth said grinning.

We mixed drinks, and went out to the landing, heels sounding so lovely on the board walk. For a while we just chatted and caught up to date on things, avoiding tonight's ceremony and celebration. Naturally, the conversation came back to heels.

"Look at us," Ruth said. "We must have the most exciting shoe collections in town. These gold ones are a treasure Nance, but I love the ones you're both wearing. I wish we were the same size, I'd....

In the middle of her sentence we heard the back door close and the sound of heels on the steps. Donna had arrived. She was walking towards us in red open toed halter backed 4" heels and red stockings. She also had a pixie cap of jet black hair (she must have died it) that went better with what she was wearing then her own red hair, but surely wouldn't be as nice as if she was shaved. The rest of her was covered in a black silk dressing gown. "Hi everybody. Sorry we're late. We got lost. I didn't know if this was a 'show it off' afternoon or not. I can see it is. Paul and I just threw our stuff in the big room for now. Then I changed. OK"

She went to Ruth first and they kissed passionately, then Jude and I received a pleasant peck on the cheek. Judy was first to respond, reminding Donna that we had the same tradition that Ruth did. Judy was appropriately rewarded. Mmmnn! Donna drew my nipple in between tightly pressed lips and scoured its tip with her tongue before releasing it. Nice!

"Come on Donna, show them what you got!" Ruth exclaimed and started to undo the belt of Donna's dressing gown. Donna finished the job. A red Alana type top fell over her prominent breasts and down over her hips, a few inches past her cunt. Oh my! How to describe what I saw Judy took care of that.

"Donna, you're all tied up!"

"Yes. Do you like my infibulation" she asked with a smile.

"How do you do that" I asked back.

"Come over and have a look."

Quickly I was on my knees inspecting her slit, Judy at my side. She had been pierced from left to right, both near the top and at the bottom of her crack with bar bell type ornaments. The round ends shone brightly in the light. Around them she had wound a ribbon; across the bottom, around the end balls, criss crossing over her slit, then around the top balls, and then back to be tied in a bow. She looked tightly tied as her lips were quite compressed. It looked both very erotic and somewhat disturbing - disturbing that she could not open up.

"Ruth did the piercing for me," Donna was saying as we studied what substituted for panties, "and I tied me up with the ribbon."

Donna sat on the bench and Ruth moved beside her. Donna had plunked her cunt firmly against the board seat, the red top wafting over her tits and onto her lap, leaving her 'infibulation' clearly visible. We listened to the rest of the story from our lounge chairs.

"We were talking one day about the infibulation they do in some African countries," Ruth said, "you know, how they sew women's sex organs up. We'll we talked about how awful that is, but at the same time it did seem kind of erotic. So, Donna said, 'Well, what about a simple piercing that could be undone any time' We worked on the idea for a while, you know, in between our own loving, and this is what we came up with."

"Sometimes I just wear the bar bells, but I found that it felt really nice when I tie it up tightly. Then, I guess, it's more like a real infibulation. Anyway, both Ruth and Paul think it looks good too."

"Certainly does," I found myself saying.

"Oh yeah!" from Judy

"And, it's so easy to undo. The ribbon just undoes like this...," Ruth demonstrated.

"And it takes only a moment to take the pins out."

"Would you tie yourself back up and let me take a picture, please, just for us," I pleaded.

"Oh you can show anybody you want as long as they can't tell it's me. I'm thinking it could cause problems where I work and such," Donna replied, to my pleasure. "Call it my starting to go public." I watched with heat building in my loins as she tugged the scarlet ribbon around the pins and pulled firmly on the ribbon ends..

"Tell us, Donna, what's your favorite name for your slit It's a little game we all play, and we'd all like to know. The three of us favor 'cunt', what about you"

"Oh, for me, it's Snatch. It just sounds right, like 'I'm going to snatch his pecker'"

"Well, you've got a beautiful snatch Donna, and I like what you've done with it."

"Thanks. Well, I'm ready for a picture," she said as she reefed the ribbon into a tight bow.

I got Donna to stand alone in front of the bench and snapped off what I thought would make a nice shot. I think she was talking a little braver than she really was because her left shoe kept wiggling in the sand and the pose seemed a little coy, a little nervous. When we looked at the picture later though, that coyness seemed to add to the beauty of the picture.

"Those are nice heels," Ruth commented. "I haven't seen them before."

"Oh they're new for the occasion. I know it's a special weekend for you. I bought some other new ones for later on, special evening shoes with 5" heels and a pale blue dress. You'll see them all later. I almost bought some six inch heels, haven't worn anything that high in years, thought they'd be too much for tonight though."

"You can wear six inch heels" Jude exclaimed. "Wonderful! I find the ones I have get uncomfortable if I wear them for more than an hour."

"Judy, you've just got to get a pair like mine. I've been wearing them for five hours now and their just great!"

"Well those are sixes you've got on aren't they Judy" Ruth asked.

"Yeah, but the platform height doesn't count, so these are really about four and a half. How did you get into wearing super heels I've never seen you in them."

"Oh, I studied ballet well into my teen years, but I had to stop when my boobies got too big. I've even worn what they call ballet boots with the eight inch heels. You know, the ones where only the tip of your toes touches the floor. It's just that when I met Paul we were just coming out of those ugly heavy clunkers that were so popular with the groupies. You just couldn't find hardly a thing with a delicate high heel so I got into lower ones and they seemed to turn Paul on OK, so I never switched back until now. Too bad too, as I found out the other night that the higher ones get his pecker up real easy."

"My sixes are here if you'd like to try them Donna."

"If they fit, yes, I'd love that." Judy clattered off.

The conversation turned then to the evening. "Are you nervous Ruth" Donna asked.

"Well, an excited kind of nervousness, yes." "Look, why don't you slip that red top off and let me rub sun screen on you"

"Sure," she said, tugging the flimsy cover over her head. Ruth started massaging the two orbs now in front of her.

"My, I love those little studs your all wearing," Donna said as Ruth worked.

"Oh Ruth gave us those a while back. Yeah, they're tiny and delicate and just sparkly enough to draw the eye."

"So Ruth told me what she has to go through tonight. It sounds so exciting, her 'coming out'. I'm all keyed up inside for her. Actually I'm a little uncomfortable down in my stomach. We stopped for some breakfast on the way here and I don't think it agreed with me. Anyway I think it's really wonderful how she will pledge herself to me and my husband, and to Doug too of course. I... I'd... I was w.."

Judy was back. "Here, try these," she said handing over her white six inch heels.

Donna stood and bent away over to unbuckle her straps. Her ribboned twat showed clearly from behind. My tight little cunt never pushes far enough back to show like that, but hers sure was nice to look at. She had to sit down to slip on the white pumps. "They're just a little snug, but if it's OK I'd like to wear them for a bit."

The white heels with the red stockings was entrancing, but my eye just kept going up to the red ribbon which she proudly flashed past our eyes as she walked up and down the board walk enjoying the shoes. They certainly made her butt wiggle, but she walked straight and tall, obviously enjoying the thrust they put on her insteps and pelvis. At last she rejoined us, slipped them off and handed them back to Judy. "I love them. Thanks. They're just a bit small and I'll spoil them for you, but first of the week I'm going to buy some. I should never have given that up."

"I wanted to ask," she went on, "I wanted... I wondered... would you.. could I 'come out' too"

"Oh, could she Oh that would be wonderful. Oh Donna how wonderful!" Ruth exclaimed, and they were up embracing and kissing.

"There are some criteria that you have to meet Donna," I explained seriously. "Let me list them: You have to have a twinky..."

"Yes," she waved it about.

"...you have to eat other women and get eaten yourself..."

"I'll attest to that," Ruth stated.

"...you are obviously committed to high heels, and you'll obviously show your cunt, or snatch rather, to a group of women. You realize though that you'll be showing it fully exposed to everyone tonight if you go ahead"

"Yes! I know that! I want to show it, really, I want to go all the way, for Ruth and Doug!"

"Well that just leaves one little matter," I went on. "You have to have pierced nipples."

"I'll take care of that if you want Donna, right now," Ruth told everyone. "Do you"

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh great. Will I be terribly sore tonight" Donna asked, then sort of doubled up and clutched her stomach.

"What's wrong darling. Are you OK"

"Oh it's just this bad food we got. I'll be alright. You're all so wonderful and I'm so excited. Will my titties be sore, please tell me straight, and tell me how bad it will be"

"What you need is to get it all out of your system. A good trip to the bathroom. It won't be any worse than when I did your labia, so if you feel that you're sore after the freezing comes out I'll just put a dab more on. I can't keep doing that, so tomorrow you might be sore, a bit anyway."

"Well it don't matter if it hurts. I want it done so I can 'come out' with you."

"If two of you are going to let your cunts out tonight, then we have a lot to do. We'd better all go back and start your preparation," the ever organized Judy proclaimed.

We decided that the big bedroom would be our 'headquarters' for this operation. Ruth went out to tell the men that they would have the old guest room and bathroom to change in for supper. The first step was to get Donna's bold tits pierced and we needed Ruth for that. She was gone longer than I expected. Perhaps she just wanted to show her tit off.

Donna had removed her ribbon, pins, and stockings. With only the red heels on she lay stretched out on the bed waiting for our and Ruth's ministrations. While we were waiting Judy had hopped up on the bed and was giving Donna tender little kisses on the prominent bits of flesh we were going to punch holes in. Without the pins and ribbons Donna's lips lay perfectly even, but as Judy attended to her she started to get excited. I watched as her lips started to swell into two ridges that would be obvious in a tight bathing suit bottom. I remembered, then, a black lycra one piece bathing suit I had seen that went semi-sheer when it was stretched. I told her about it. That only made her lips puff out more.

At last Ruth came back with her little black bag. "Sorry, I had to go out to the car, and of course I wanted to tease the men a bit as I went back and forth." Boy, our shy little Ruth had come a long way.

The operation went smoothly, but as the three of us played with Donna's tits, to prepare them, we discovered that she excited quickly and had thick juices. Perhaps I would find out tomorrow how yummy they were.

Soon the clamps were in place and her nipples flattened. Ruth was ready with two needles, each in separate clamps. She leant down and kissed Donna on her snatch and said "Ready"

"Oh yes, yes! Do it!"

"Twice more we heard that beautiful 'squeeeee' sound as the sterilized needles screwed their way through Donna's nipples."

Donna stared down at the stainless steel shafts, shook those lovely breasts and watched the needles shimmer in the light and gasped in delight. I watched as her cunt lips became even more swollen. I heard Judy's heels disappearing across the hall, then back.

"Donna," Judy said softly, "I didn't know what you were going to wear in your holes, so I brought you something." She held out the bar she had loved so much, the bar none of the rest of us could wear now.

"Ohhhhhh," Donna sighed. "Oh, thanks, and leaned up to kiss Judy's titlet.

I helped Judy take the clamps off and roll Donna's nipples round again, then Judy fitted the precious bar in place.

Donna was breathing so heavily and rubbing her snatch when she looked at herself in the mirror I thought she might come.

"Just lay back on the bed for a while sweetheart," Ruth told her. "Rest a bit. We've got to move some things from across the hall."

The three of us went to make selections from our luggage and closets for the evening. For one thing we had to have my russet gown and platforms.

When we got back, Donna was on the bed, but she had put on greenish blue stay up stockings and wonderful cream shoes with five inch heels that were partly metal. She was also curled up in pain.

"Oh baby what's wrong" This wasn't the professional doctor tone I knew, but deep with concern.

"Bad cramps," moaned Donna.

Ruth looked at Judy and I. "She needs an enema, and badly. It's the only way I can see to have her ready for tonight. Clean her right out, then rest a while. I don't have anything in my kit for that." Professional again.

"But we do!" Judy exclaimed and ran across the hall again. I love the thunk click of her new white heels.

She returned with our new large black prong and the water bags.

"Oh my!" breathed Ruth.

"Holy Jeeze," gasped Donna.

"Baby, this is the only way. I know it's big, but I'll lubricate it well. We'll get you cleaned out soon."

Donna was now up on her knees, her asshole presented to us all, a deep look of concern on her face. I could see she had returned the shiny pins to her snatch. She was breaking out in goose bumps so I went to the bathroom and returned with a big towel which I placed on her back. I guess partly to warm her, but more in case there was water leakage from above. Cold water falling on my back makes me really shivery.

"Could I take your picture again, just for my album"

"Um. Sure, anything, let's just do this," and she shivered some more.

Judy had filled the water bag, and Ruth was poised, ready. "That's not really the best position. Lower your butt a bit and relax best you can."

"Um, sure, yeah, relax"

Obviously she was very concerned, probably about the size of the rod about to go up her tight ass, but I could see too that she was very very excited about getting an enema from Ruth. Her cunt lips were pulling hard against the metal pins, and were in fact open in the space between them. If the moment hadn't been so serious this view would have been exciting for me too.

In a moment the big black rod spread her ass cheeks and went 'phhhploot' as Ruth pushed it in. Donna moaned softly. I turned on the bottom valve and on Ruth's instruction Judy monitored the flow while Donna writhed. Ruth cuddled her tits as the water flowed in.

"A quart and a half now." Judy eventually reported.

"Off." Ruth ordered.

After a few moments we disconnected Donna from the bag and Ruth took her to the bathroom to release her contents. Those metal heels clicked wonderfully on the hard tile floor, and I could hear Donna gurgling as she walked. Then we heard the explosion.

Once she was cleaned up Donna came back to rest on the bed. She looked fantastic laying there breathless, her tits (interlocked by the gold bar) rocking as she sucked in air. Judy and I got Ruth to strip and lay on the bed beside her as we prepared for Ruth's body shave.

I'm always amazed at how wonderfully clean, smooth, delicious, Judy's body feels to my hands when it's shaved all over. Ruth's was no exception. I lingered at her tit, savoring the curves and bump as I moved the razor over it. I got excited again when I shaved across her chest. I knew now not to think of it as empty, but rather as smooth and natural. I saw Judy play with Ruth's cunt as she wiped lather from it, and I saw Ruth enjoying every moment of it.

All too soon Ruth was off to the shower. I felt it was too bad that Donna couldn't be in there with her.

"How do you feel now Donna"

"I'm much better thanks. Watching you two shave Ruth was fantastic."

Her slit was still trying to pull the pins apart.

"Do you think your ready for that" Judy said as she waved her razor about.

"Oh yes, yes!"

"Well you'd better get undressed then. By the way, you were a little premature with the lovely heels and stockings," and I went on to explain about the ritual of the russet gowns and platform shoes.

"That sounds so lovely," she exclaimed when I had finished, "I didn't even know about getting shaved."

"How about shaving your head too" Judy asked, "We've time still."

"Great. I don't really like this black anyway."

The buzzing of the clippers in Judy's hands, and watching them make a swath across Donna's head was getting me more horny. I slipped out of the room to bring us all back some wine. I realized how nice it was to be walking around the cottage topless, in trousers and heels. I didn't always have to have my cunt on show. My rattling in the kitchen caused the men to look around. I waved back and got smiles.

"Don't forget to put supper on soon and set the table please. We'll be ready to join you for drinks in about an hour OK We've something extra special for you tonight." I said stepping into the main room. My tit bounced nicely on my chest as I walked.

"OK. The game just wrapped up Nance," Jack said. "Come on guys, we've a bunch of things to do. Nance, do you want the big table here pulled out"

"Yes please sweetheart."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Dear this is Paul, Donna's husband. I don't think you've met. Paul, my wife Nancy."

Paul took my hand. "Hi. Ruth's told us a lot about you," he said and made a point of looking at my face.

"All good I hope." Then I told him about our welcoming custom.

"Yes, Ruth taught Donna about that."

Obviously he had gained some experience, for he then took my tit in his hand, almost bowed, and gave me a delicious kiss right on the nipple as the other men watched. There's a lot to be said for being topless.

"Welcome to our cottage Paul. Do make your self comfortable. Anything you need, just ask. Bye guys, I gotta go." I paused then and said "You haven't met Judy either have you Paul"

"Uh, no."

"Hang on then, I'll get her." I turned then and strode back to the bedroom on my wonderful six inch heels.

Returning with Judy, I felt wonderful. I thought we both looked so great. Fabulous heels, matching belts with nice looking slacks, and bare but for makeup and earrings from there up. It was a special pleasure for me to walk along side her, to share the experience with her of greeting new friends dressed as we were.

"Hi Paul," Judy said offering him her tit. "Welcome to our cottage. It's nice to meet you.

The man looked so surprised. I don't suppose he'd ever had two different breasts presented to him to kiss in such short order.

Judy looked pleased with his gesture, and we excused ourselves.

When we got back to the bedroom Ruth was out of the shower. I took over the shaving of Donna's head while Judy assisted Ruth in getting dressed. First Ruth took the suede platforms she had been saving out of their box and set them on the floor near her feet.

"Oh Nancy. They're fantastic. Are yours like that"

"Just the same Donna. Can you wear platforms gracefully"

"Oh yes, ancient history."

As I moved around to better position the razor my tit brushed Donna's cheek. She turned into it, realized what had happened and turned back.

"Hey, it's OK. Did you want a little suck"

"May I"

I nodded.

She latched on like she was nursing. Then just as quickly let go.

"A little nervous, huh"

"Yeah, but I'm feeling so much better now. I'm actually getting hungry."

Ruth was now holding up her russet gown, twirling around totally naked, modeling. Her gash looked so lovely, shiny smooth in the bright spot lights. Judy was unfolding glittery gold stockings from a box of special hosiery Ruth had brought. Ruth would look so special tonight. I hoped whichever man she chose after 'coming out' would appreciate her properly.

"You know Judy, I think I'll change my mind. I'm going to wear these stockings and heels. You folks bought them for me and I think they'd be nice to 'come out' in them."

"Is the gown I'm borrowing like that too" Donna continued the conversation.

"Exactly the same. I'm just afraid that it'll be too tight. Your much better endowed than I was when I first wore it."

We watched Ruth put on her burgundy platforms and then I got Donna stretched out on the bed. Judy would help me complete the shaving. By then Ruth should be done dressing and could help Donna. Judy and I still had to get ready too.

As we slicked the lather off of Donna's body I grabbed the towel I had covered her with earlier and began to wipe up all the excess lather that was slopped about, while Judy began working on her almond shaped snatch. First the pins had to come out.

"I think you should leave these out while you're wearing the dark gown, OK"

"Whatever you say."

Ruth called over "What about makeup, uh, down here," she asked.

"You'll be fine. It's quite a dark russet when it's on."

"Good, I'd prefer not to wear any." I remembered her scrubbing clean one night.

Working up and down Donna's four inch slit, in and around the firm lips, which were now swelling again, was tricky, but not as tricky as my job of sliding a sharp razor in and around the bar between Donna's boobies. The solution was to pull up on the bar making her already large nipples stretch, and then shave the space between. I was thoroughly wet between the legs, and afraid of soaking my yellow slacks before I got finished.

We sent Donna to the shower then, and Judy and I stripped to get in there right after her.

Ruth was now walking around, getting the feel of her platforms. "You two are both so lovely. I'm so glad you ended up choosing me to cut your hoods. You've given me so much confidence and we've had such good times. Thanks."

"Thanks yourself. You're special too," Judy returned the compliment. "Do you think you could eat the two of us at once"

"I don't know, but I'd love to try."

We'd gotten as far as Ruth running her tongue up our cracks and kissing us to heat when the water went off in the shower and Donna stepped out toweling herself. "Oops, am I interrupting something"

"You can stay and watch," Ruth said.

"You can stay and help," Judy said.

"We shouldn't have started," I said. "I'd love to go on, but..., times short. Judy and I ran to the shower.

We're pretty experienced and together we can do a shared shave and shower quickly, if we must.

Returning to the bedroom we saw both Donna and Ruth dressed in russet, heads smooth, long dangly gold earrings, black patterns at the heel of Ruth's stockings, plain black sheer ones on Donna, and the very very long heels on the suede pumps. They were lounging elegantly in two of the new cream satin bucket chairs. I wanted to go back to being eaten.

Instead I started to put on my black seamed opera stockings, then changed my mind. I had a black pair in the drawer that came from Paris. They would be perfect for this evening. Very black, yet wonderfully sheer in the fine denier they use in France for their best stockings. These had no seam, but a dark pattern running up the sides, and elastic tops. I carefully rolled them up my legs, as Ruth and Donna watched (well maybe it was my quim they were watching) and slipped back into my six inch heels. This time I used both ankle straps - classier I thought for the evening. I turned to see how Judy was making out. She had put on her skimpy blue panties.

"Do you really need those"

"Tonight's really for Ruth and Donna, so I thought..."

"You're right. In that case my blue skirt with the full side zipper will be better than my tux trousers. Thanks for reminding me. They should be the center of attention tonight." Then I had an inspiration: I slipped my sheer black shorts, the ones I wore up on Friday night, on before I fastened my skirt.

I finished off with my black striped blouse from Paris and my gold and black surround ring. I stood in front of the mirror and admired how beautiful a single breast could look. It looked full, swayed ever so gently, and the fabric brushed delightfully over the curves. The round black and gold nipple ring was a perfect counterpoint. Now, a touch of chocolate cherry lipstick and I'd be ready.

The purple satin Baby Dolls with the ankle strap were perfect with Judy's striped Paris gown. She could make me so horny. I wished the four of us could just stay here and have a nice girl type orgy, but I knew the men had been waiting all day for this special evening.

There was still time for a glass of wine, and now Judy took advantage of it to apply a coat of lustrous metallic purple nail polish that closely matched her shoes. She and I sat back as Ruth and Donna did a little fashion show for us, swirling the long skirts as they glided around in those wonderful suede platforms, providing hints of gash and snatch for our eyes to feast on. Donna was practically bursting out at the top, the gold nipple bar giving delightful syncopated bounce to her tits and the titlets themselves practically oozing through the fabric. That did not outdo the wonderful beauty of Ruth's stunning breast. The autumn russet seemed to enhance it so! She saw me watching her and slipped closer to whisper to me.

"Lord Nance, these incredible platforms and this gown make me so excited, no more than that, absolutely horny. I could just hike the hem up around my waist and walk out there now. Show everyone my cunt right now. I want to do it so bad, and I wonder why I never did before."

"I know," I whispered back, "I think it's the shoes. Just be patient, if you think this is exciting, just wait until the ceremony. You'll feel your knees going weak from the heat you'll feel in your cunt."

Our wine done, we went to dinner. Judy and I led the way, the 'novitiates' behind us, the combination of different heels beating an exciting cadence as we marched out.

We were met with applause, a standing ovation really. Paul rushed over to Donna and gushed over how beautiful she looked, how delighted he was with her piercing and the golden bar. But, no less so than we other three were fussed over. Hard bulges in the front of their pants that we would satisfy later. They had each chosen a different shade of high style dinner jacket and bow tie to go with their black trousers and patent slip ons. This was going to be a first class evening.

"Darling," Paul said softly to Donna, "does this gown mean.... are you going to show everyone... tonight I mean.."

"Yes, dear. Isn't it wonderful"

He paused and I feared he might spoil the evening.

I wouldn't have thought she would have been so bold at this point, but she beckoned Ruth over and then took Paul's hands, placed one on each of their cracks, then let go.

Paul lingered a moment, then said "Yes, yes I guess it is time you made the commitment. I love you."

"I love you too," and she kissed him.

The tension passed, but a void existed.

To break it, I twirled in front of them. "Well, what do you think of Jack's gift to me from Paris"

While I was getting great comments back, and explaining the shoes were new Bob kept things moving by serving us a pleasant sherry and Jack moved the sectional furniture into a big circle. That gave everyone a nice view to enjoy before dinner.

Donna sat rather demurely with her legs crossed, one of my platforms dangling from her delicate foot, moving about as she studied it - Paul too. I just love the sight of a dangling pump, I should do it more myself. Ruth, being more comfortable with this group, had crossed her legs at the ankles. This still displayed her platforms to good advantage, but from the right angle you could faintly see her gash through the fabric at her lap. I was sure that Jack and Bob would like to get into it. Perhaps tonight one of them would. Mmnn, I was getting heated.

The men served dinner and we all moved to the dining table. Soft flickering candles provided the lighting, which could not have been better for enhancing the curve and shadow of all the breasts on show tonight. Judy's breast, almost hiding but not successfully, behind her gray/blue and purple gown soon had me forgetting the gourmet oyster, clam, and shrimp feast before me. If there was any truth to the rumor about oysters I'd never know. I was already full of desire for a man, a women, or both. Desire is wrong. I had lust! There was nothing so beautiful as this at Club Aldo. It was, of course, because we were all friends. Maybe, too, it was because there was a chance of seeing a beautiful cunt. I wondered if the board at the club would consider a closed night, just for interested members, to dress sheer below the waist

While Alicia and I own Club Aldo, the Board that Ruth is on makes all the decisions about what the members expect. It saves us a lot of time, and assures that the membership does operate a "club". Alicia and I have a veto if we feel some idea will not be in good taste, while the board also assures that each member is chosen because they are truly interested in the "Appreciation and Dressage" of the female breast, and no other nefarious reasons. The scheme has worked well.

As if I had wished it Donna stood to make a toast. "To the dearest friends I know, to beauty wherever you find it, and to love."

I was right across the table, and thought about beauty as I watched her lips firm up when she caught my eye. Then the lovely view disappeared as we all stood to clink glasses.

We spent a pleasant hour over our meal and the conversation moved from new fashion trends (the men expressed their delight at the changes too), to Club Aldo, to breasts and their millions of shapes, to politics, back to breasts; possible ornament designs, even breast surgery.

"Ruth has told us all at one time or another about the odds," Donna spoke firmly, "and I can see that a time will come when it becomes a choice, becomes elective surgery. I look around the room here and I see how beautiful Ruth and Judy and Nancy look. How perfect and natural, how delightful an image they present, I can see that some women will want to choose that style. Am I wrong What do the men think"

Naturally our men agreed with her, but I watched Paul (who had both choices open to him). He didn't seem all too sure about this. Then, Paul seemed to take his time making up his mind about most things.

Judy moved the conversation on to high heels - to the delight of the men.

Bob extolled his appreciation that thin high heels were again the rage in Paris when we were there, and Doug said how great it was that the four of us had been able to keep finding thin heels.

It was Paul who surprised me by saying "Your platforms do seem to allow some extra heel height that looks good. Do you like platforms Judy"

"The only platforms I've worn other than the new white ones you saw earlier, were the ones you have on now Donna. I wore them first when I 'came out'. There do seem to be some lovely new platform designs out now. I don't know, they're not my regular choice Paul. What do the rest of you think about that"

"Yours are fantastic. I've been envious all afternoon." Ruth said.

"I saw some classic black patent pumps with a platform that didn't look all that bad." This from Donna.

Jack was on his feet. "I'd love to hear more about heels, any style," he said. "Better yet, to see them being worn on lovely legs, but we seem to have finished dinner and desert is waiting."

The men moved to the kitchen and came back with what I think was a little joke on their part. A small china bowl with one half of a pare sitting round side up, a small hole in the center with a cherry sitting in it. It was all soaked in brandy. It looked and tasted beautiful. It was interesting to watch how each person proceeded to eat their brandied booby - who started with the nipple and who worked up the sides, taking tender bites.

Shortly we started to clean up. Ruth and Donna slipped away and I saw they were whispering off to one side having a serious talk. As one of the hostesses this concerned me, and while I wouldn't have normally done so, I tried to listen in.

" ... it just ..... seem fair." This from Donna.

"I see..... mean, but.." Ruth.

"But we really should....." Donna

"I had......Jack, and...." Ruth

"I mean it! That's what I believe we should to do." Donna, clear as a bell. Ruth nodding then in surrender.

"But...... 'coming out' alone.... Jack's new..."

They saw me watching and stopped talking,

"Is everything OK," I asked as the girls walked toward me, my eyes flitting from theirs to see if there would be a glimpse of slit.

"Oh yes, great. Sorry, we just had to sort out something. Here, we should have been helping," Donna exclaimed, changing the subject. " God I love that ring Nancy. I must get one like it."

Soon we we're back in the main room. The furniture now back to normal, to make a little 'stage' for Ruth and Donna. Soon the ceremony would begin. The lights were out, candelabra at either end of the long couch, the fireplace burning for back light to the russet sheers. Bob served a round of liqueurs.

With everyone seated, I began: "My dear friends and lovers we are gathered tonight to witness the solemn pledges of two wonderful women, two very dear friends." I thought I should be in high suede platforms, I was up here again making a speech. I went on. "Pledges of their love and commitment to each other, pledges to their sole mate, and their lover's sole mate of their desire for life long shared love. To open their hearts, their souls, and even their bodies to all of those assembled here.

Donna wiggled her pumps nervously, Ruth was serene, beautiful as always.

"As you all know now it was not expected that we would have two ceremonies tonight. Ruth was to have a personal 'coming out'. Donna made her request only this afternoon and she has been suitably prepared." I glanced at her nipple bar, then at her crotch. With perfect timing she uncrossed her legs and spread them a tiny bit. She was probably getting hot. I thought of four inches of moist slit.

"Because there are to be two ceremonies," I went on," the ritual will change slightly." A slight breeze made one candelabra blaze brightly and I caught a beautiful glimmer of Ruth's tit, nipple already hard with excitement.

"Ruth first, then Donna will make their pledges here in front of you, and in the ritual gowns they have worn through the evening. Gowns that reveal a hint of what will 'come out', what they will soon show us all in their full glory. In a moment they will turn and make their pledge to each other and to us. Then they will briefly leave us to change from these 'novitiate' gowns into 'coming out' gowns of their choice. Several years ago we started calling this a coming out. We should have called it a 'baring beauty', but we are stuck with it now. Sorry, I'm rambling."

"In many societies," I went on, "there is a ritualistic 'cutting' to mark some special event. When they return that very significant cutting will take place. Ruth." She stood up and I took her seat, so conscious of my wonderful six inch heels as I walked over.

Ruth stood so proudly, so firmly on those splendid platforms, and with the fire behind the space between her legs was clearly visible. The French stockings were a perfect choice. The flickering candles cast a glow over the front of her gown now revealing to us the shadowy beauty of her cunt, her breast. She began.

"I came here believing I would be alone in my commitments tonight. A wonderful thing happened. My cousin, my lover, decided she would pledge to me and to my husband as well. Therefore I pledge my utmost love, for ever and ever, as I have before to my wonderful husband Doug. We have a love so strong he has given me his full support, and joins with me in this pledge and the future it brings. I now extend my love officially to Donna. Donna, I love you so. I did for many years even though you didn't know. Also to Paul with whom I found a very special relationship. May I be as good for you as you have been for me. Tonight I also pledge my love and trust, open myself fully to my special special friends Judy and Bob, Nancy and Jack."

She glided to one side and Donna came up to stand beside her. They kissed, lips fluttering nervously. I could see faintly Donna's swollen quim lips, even a slight parting to them, despite the bindings. The setting was so beautiful, so exciting that I was ready for bed with any one of them.

"I never expected... Ruth has been special to me for years. She just didn't know I felt that way either. We learned that, and on the same night I learned to love her husband too. I'm not good at saying things, I'll be short. To Ruth, to Doug, and particularly to my treasure, my Paul, I pledge my love, my body, my soul, as I do to you all. She turned then, to face Ruth. Together (and in unison) for they must have planned their wording (I hoped side by side, naked) they looked deeply into each others eyes and said:

"My dearest cousin, dearest lover, I pledge to you my heart, my sole, my body."

They were at each other lips again, sucking and flicking tongues. Then with their loins pressed tightly, both bodies intertwined. The applause began, the rest of us standing. They eased apart and quietly departed for the bedroom. As the applause died the sound of strong heels and platforms padding down the hall filled the silence.

The rest of us sat quietly sipping our drinks, each caught up in their own thoughts. Mine were of ecstasy - the pleasure, no the joy I had had while sharing my life with Jack, Judy and Bob. I wouldn't have it any other way. Slowly we drifted into idle conversation while we awaited they're return. My shoes were one topic, how perfect they were with this Paris outfit. Jack added to that how beautiful I looked in the see through striped top. I jiggled my breast seductively for them all. Paul asked where Judy had gotten her white platforms and she gave him directions to the store, all the while wiggling the satin ones about getting Bob harder than ever. Soon she could slip off her blue panties. Time passed slowly. Then we heard heel clicks, very hard heel clicks.

Donna presented herself back on the 'stage' wearing the cream five inch metal shanked spikes I had seen earlier. The green/blue seamed stockings were a perfect match for a gauzy dress that was practically all ruffles. Ruffles just riding across her nipples, the bar so visible across the cleavage. Ruffles at the cuff of the short sleeves, at the hem, and up the front, just off center where the fabric overlapped. The ruffles were almost as sheer as the rest of the dress, and there, still shrouded, but more visible was her long almond shaped snatch with it's four inch slit and sensitive lips pinned closed. Four shiny dots visible to my eye at this distance. She stood silently waiting for Ruth whose steps were now audible.

Another visual sensation joined Donna in the firelight. The gold open toed shoes she had worn earlier, with the sling and ankle strap started the vision. God I'd love to wear them! Her gown was of the lightest cream, but warmed, made richer by the flickering candle light and the fine gold chain around her neck which supported the creamy bone pendant. She must have searched and searched for the fabric. It was almost invisible where it started at the top of her breast, growing denser as it went lower. Not hiding her luscious mound one bit, but dense enough by the time it reached her cunt that you saw only a hint. Fully opaque at the calf and with a scalloped hem.

I glanced at the men. Judy and I were forgotten, they're cocks, all of them, about to burst out of their zippers. If this hadn't been a ceremony, we girls would have been busy hauling them out. Only a short time now and they could have their freedom.

I was poised with the scissors, but handed them to Judy as she and Ruth had developed an extra special bond. I slid the side zipper of my skirt up to just above the knee so I could easily kneel on the floor in front of Ruth and hold the hem of this fantastic dress taut. Without hesitation Judy cut into the hem, then with a rapid swish swish of the scissors cut right up one leg, across and around just below Ruth's navel, then down the other leg. We slipped back as the flimsy fabric fell.

The men gasped, even Doug. Ruth's incredible cunt was on show to us all! Creamy white in this light, the gash moist and parting, a hint of her fully bared clit showing inside it's pink cave. It was magnificent, truly magnificent, and my own clit was now about to burst. Ruth brushed her fingers lightly over her slit and stood aside for Donna's moment.

Judy, still on her knees, just reached up and gently slipped her right hand between Ruth's legs and cupped Ruth's cunt in her three fingers. The room fell absolutely silent. Judy seemed to be supporting Ruth's cunt as though it was a fragile little bird or a beautiful flower - studying it, appreciating its incredible beauty. Then, with the tip of a shimmering purple nail from her other hand, traced a line up and around the firm roundness of Ruth's lips. Ruth was trembling slightly and her clit pushed all the way out then. I tore my eyes away from this magnificent scene and glanced up. Ruth's nipple was like a bullet, her excitement so high. Judy stood up and kissed her on the mouth. Ruth faced the group and bowed - the utter silence was broken with first breaths taken in some time.

Judy knelt again, resting on the squared toes of her purple satin pumps, the high heels pointed toward the men and grasped Donna's hem, pulling it down tight and taut across. I quickly crunched through the hem ruffle, slithered the sharp blades up one side, circled past the top of her slit, slashing through more ruffle and back down the other leg. Judy and I stepped back.

More applause and little exclamations of joy and surprise. Before I could touch her cunt and give her some immediate pleasure Donna placed her hands on her hips and wiggled her snatch provocatively to the men as though to say 'see what I've got -wanna play with it'. She was really enjoying this.

Doug had brought some of his own Champaign to celebrate Ruth's big event. He and Jack popped corks and poured glasses of bubbly for everyone as we milled around so all could have a closer look at, and enjoy, the beautiful fully exposed cunts we had been presented with.

Bob made the toast. "May your lives be as truly enhanced as ours have been." We drank to the toast.

Judy and I realized that everyone had had quite a lot to drink, so with the Champaign we decided to gather up what was left of the Liqueurs and take the little glasses to the kitchen. From there I looked out to see that they had gravitated into two groups.

Ruth was at the fireplace talking to Jack and Paul, Champaign glass raised to drink. She looked so elegant and sophisticated standing by the fire. Perhaps she felt she needed her slit warmed (although I can't imagine why) or probably she felt the light was better to show it off. Anyway, her initial nervousness had surely gone for she was still parted slightly but ever so nicely, and looked so beautiful, mostly naked, the firelight flickering on her body, making glints on her beautiful gold shoes. I saw Jack ask her something, and at that Paul moved to sit by himself at the dining room table. In response to Jack's question she took his hand and placed it briefly on her cunt. Then, setting her glass on the mantel, she held his belt buckle with one hand and smoothly slid his zipper down.

'Oh!' I thought, and my heart raced. 'Oh yes Ruth, do it. Do it, do it, hold my husbands cock, squeeze it as hard as you like, yes, even pull it out of you want, just do it' my brain screamed across the room to her. Everything today had led to this moment, with a lot more to come, but it had made me so horny my senses reeled and craved just one more bit of sexual stimulation, and one more, and one more. She must have sensed something because she glanced into the kitchen, and into my eyes. I smiled.

I watched, aware of my nipple hard as could be, as she slid her hand into Jack's trousers. In a moment his bulge was even larger. Then, just as smoothly Ruth slid her hand out and zipped him up. Retrieving her Champaign, she again moved his hand to her cunt, and smiled warmly at him. With his fingertips he stroked the smoothness of her vulva, traced the outline of her slit, as he often does mine. Then he lifted his hand and she kissed his finger tips. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed her ever so gently on the mouth, both he and Ruth looking so very happy. I was pleased for them both too. They had clearly reached the point where they would fuck each other if the situation was right. Ruth would be wonderful for Jack, I was sure, and he for her.

As these happy thoughts settled into my mind I shifted my attention to Donna who was standing behind the end wing of the couch, where Bob and Doug were seated, turned around looking at her beauty. Bob's lips were mere inches from her bare smooth and tightly laced cunt. I finished unzipping my blue skirt, slipped it off, and strolled toward them and tuned in on their conversation as I drew closer, aware that Judy had gone to sit with Paul.

"....so, was it very painful Donna" Bob asked.

"Oh this," and she brushed her hand over her snatch, "No, not at all. Three days later it itched something awful though. But up here," and she tapped on the gold bar, causing one nipple to appear, "this is starting to tingle pretty good."

No wonder, that titlet was hard as a rock and deep purple.

"You'd better get Ruth to look at it in a while," I interjected.

Heads swiveled, to end up staring at my own crack, slightly visible through the filmy black material of my shorts. I thought my impromptu post ceremony outfit looked pretty good. The sheer, striped top clearly showing my breast and its ring, with it's ruffle at the waist just sitting over the top band of the shorts. From their hem my legs curved down along the side patterns of my special stockings to my lovely shoes. All black.

"What do you think Nancy About Donna's infibulation, isn't it lovely" Doug asked me pointedly.

Well, on her I think it looks wonderful. She has the length of slit to support something like that. As for me, well, you can see for yourselves that my own slit is only..," and I held a thumb and forefinger apart appropriately, ".. about two inches long - the part that's visible from the front anyway. Judy and I talked about doing something like that , oh maybe a year and a half ago, and decided we both like the absolutely smooth unadorned look, so..."

Ting, ting ting. I turned to see that Judy was signaling for everyone's attention by clinking her glass. I saw, too, that she had removed her little blue panties. The pinkish line of crack I had seen in Paris showed faintly in the firelight.

"May I have your attention everyone Thanks. The formal part of the ceremonies are over and I am so pleased you have all had a chance to see how lovely Ruth and Donna are. There is one more step to carry out though."

"Ruth. Donna. You may now both choose any man in the room, but your husband, to spend the night with," Judy exclaimed. The room fell silent.

Into the silence Ruth's soft voice grabbed everyone's attention. "We, Donna and I, would like to take the others..."

"..husband," Donna added, "but you see, we both feel that..."

"That it's very.."

"..very very.."

"..unfair to Bob and Jack who've never had.."

"..us, so we were hoping that..."

"..hoping that they would consent to.."

"..to eating us. Eating us right to the edge."

Bob and Jack were so wide eyed I thought their eyes might drop out.

"To the uttermost edge," Ruth added, "and then we'd get screwed to a glorious finish by Paul and Doug.

"That way we're sharing as much as we can," Donna ended.

Jack and Bob looked to Doug and Paul, who nodded their agreement.

"And," Ruth put in, "we want all of you to watch as our cunts are gobbled."

My breath went out of me with excitement. Bob and Jack were in for a real treat.

We all made our way, chatting excitedly, to the new bedroom. I whispered to Ruth on the way, "I really thought you were going to choose Jack"

"I was. I really wanted to do that. But Donna talked me into being fair to all, so this is OK," she said softly. "For now anyway."

Judy switched on the mauve lights and I flipped back the bed spread so that the caramel colored satin sheets were exposed. We watched as Ruth and Donna arranged themselves on the huge bed and Donna unlaced and took her pins out, like a ritual act of opening herself for a man. My heart was beating wildly again.

Ruth lay back, the cut sides of her skirt flipped back. The pale flesh at the top of her stockings, the whole area of her cunt in fact, were so exciting to look at, set off perfectly by the rich caramel background. Her cunt had bloomed from the excitement of the moment so that you could see the beautiful pink of the inside of her lips, shifting to the deeper red and then black of her love tunnel.

The view of Donna was just as beautiful, confirming my belief that a shaved cunt is the most beautiful part of the female body. She too was ripe and waiting, the inside of her hole shining with juices..

Both of their clits so inviting - Ruth's hard and pulsing with each heartbeat. As hers is fully bared and free it was poking out, its tip purple, like a little penis. Donna's clit was bulging from the slit in her hood, and because it had never been cut loose on the underside its tip made little spasmodic twitches as it awaited a warm tongue.

The two of them looked so happy, so open, so inviting. I realized then what I had seen for years but not recognized. I had seen it with Monique, on her bed writing letters. I had seen it with Delila on the contest pages, again I had seen it with Judy on our second clean out weekend. Probably I had seen it many times. But now, the light lit. A cunt is very special, but never as special, as glorious, as when it comes with a wonderful smile, when it is presented with happiness and pleasure. When it is presented by a woman who knows how beautiful it is, wants to joyfully share it (whether that be a glance, a touch, or for those she loves, an entry), and does so as though being bare between the legs is as natural as putting on lipstick.

I wanted so badly to bare my own cunt. Yes, I know it could be seen through the sheer material of my shorts, but there is nothing to match that feeling of having it "out". 'Out' as in totally bare, thrust forward, exposed, available to be touched or even kissed, the real meaning of a 'coming out' ceremony. But, as this part of the night was just for Ruth and Donna - I restrained my urge, at least for now.

My mind snapped back into focus as I saw my husband and my male lover bend to their tasks and begin applying their best techniques. Soon Ruth's nipple was so large I wondered if it would pop, while Donna's mounds jiggled and shuddered across her chest.

Paul looked a little disconcerted. I slid over beside him. With one arm around him, I gently took his hand and moved it into the waist band of my shorts to place it on my slit. He smiled at me wanly, but removed his hand, then returned to watching his wife being devoured. Judy caught my cue and placed Doug's hand on her tit, then released his cock from his trousers. It was so thick, awaiting Donna's wet snatch. Paul just continued staring.

I eased my arm from behind him, then eased his zipper down. With three fingers I fumbled into his shorts and worked his prick out. He didn't seem to mind, he didn't even seem to notice. I found that it was just long enough to fit in my palm, with the head coming out by my thumb, perhaps a little more than five inches but still limp. How could any man watch these beautiful shaved cunts getting completely eaten out and not be hard Oh well, I thought, it should grow to a nice seven inches perhaps, and I can prime it for Ruth. The head was wonderfully flared and so I began to flick my thumb nail over it. Paul eased my hand away and pushed his cock back into his pants, pulling his zipper up. 'O.K.,' I thought, 'Be that way,' and let him go, returning my attention returned to the activities.

Donna shuddered, then eased Bob's head away from her crotch and I saw, for a moment, her clit, bulging tremendously through the slice Ruth had made in her hood. I felt myself getting ready to come and slipped my own hand into my sheer shorts. Quickly she was up off the bed, and taking Doug by the hand led him across the hall.

I thought again of Paul who was still standing with a blank look on his face. Perhaps he needed domination and I had a quick mental vision of Donna in black leather standing over him with a riding crop in her hand, then I thought of Barb in her leather pants and her pin leg, then back to Paul; Ruth had told me he had a magnificent cock - I sure hope so, but it wasn't there tonight. Oh God, I was getting close, breathing fast. Quickly I forced my thoughts back to Ruth on the satin sheets and Jack eating her to a peak.

Although Ruth's clitoris is fully exposed she is still less sensitive than the rest of us and it took Jack a little longer to get Ruth to the fine edge she craved. As we heard Donna's first scream Ruth slid off the bed and strolled, as though she was in a daze, toward Paul. The site of her beautiful tit did it. I came just as Paul took Ruth's extended hand.

The four of us left were pulling clothes off as fast as we could. Fumbling with each others buttons, not caring who was doing what to whom, just getting tits, cocks, cunts, all bare.

I fell back onto the bed, my eyes closed, and felt Bob's long pole push ever so deeply into me. I thrashed and ground under him, sliding on the beautiful sheets, coming, getting flooded, and coming again, rolling on top and taking him in my mouth to get him hard again, then dropping onto him, pumping onto him again and again, then coming once more as my quim contracted against his powerful tool.

All the time, my sister's cries are ringing in my ears. Now collapsed beside her I watch her glorious tit hanging in the air, dangling over my husband as he emits a deep groan. I grabbed that lovely breast and twinked the nipple. Judy came with a scream and fell beside me, only to start twinking my slit. I returned the gesture and we both gently orgasmed one more time.

About an hour later I came awake, sensing someone had entered the room. Ruth's shadowy shape came up beside the bed. She was crying. "Could I borrow a blanket, please," she sniffled.

"What's wrong darling," I whispered as I stood and comforted her.

"Paul is useless. He won't do anything. I'm going to move to the main room, to the couch. At least there I can bring myself off and then get some sleep."

"Oh darling, I'm so sorry. This is terrible. What an awful ending to your 'coming out". It was so difficult to express my feelings while whispering. "No, no blanket and couch for you. You crawl in here beside Jack, and I'll move to the main room." She stared back at me with a look of wonder, and love, and tenderness. I kissed her nipple and slipped from the room.

The Cottage was filled with pleasant outcries through much of the night.


When the men were all up ( well not all - we discovered that sometime during the night Paul had packed and left - to which Donna stated "Well then fuck him". She seemed not at all bothered) and busy we girls gathered in the big bed room. Judy and I made use of the shower while Ruth and Donna doubled up in the tub. Washed and shaved shining smooth we started to don heels and Alana tops.

It was while we were dressing that Donna hesitantly asked "Um, I was thinking, during the night, that, um, that I'm kind of out of place here. Um I.."

We all stared at her. God, I thought, how lovely our newest member looked. Her tight slit running up her almond shaped vulva was a treasure. Was she now having second thoughts about having come out, about her bi-femininity

"What is it darling What did we say.... or do" Ruth finally asked.

"Oh no, not that, no, I mean I love you all, and yesterday and through the night was wonderful. No, I mean that, well, um, Ruth, could you, would you take my left breast off"

A stunned silence followed that question.

"Um, I mean," she went on, "you are all so beautiful....."

"Donna!" Ruth cut her off, "Don't ever talk like that. Both of your tits are beautiful and you're not out of place. We are what we are!" she went on scoldingly. "Suppose, just suppose, that I did cut it away, and you know that I don't believe in doing that unless it is a must, what then So you'd then be a beautiful single breasted women instead of a beautiful double breasted one. Then, later, and remember the risk is going to be one in ten, that the right one got a lump. Then you'd have nothing. Sorry darling, but then you'd be titless. You don't have the weight for a rebuild. Please don't talk like that. I love you, and I'd love you anyway you came, but to run the risk of spoiling your beautiful build, well......"

"And who'd wear that gorgeous nipple bar" I asked with a grin, to lighten the moment.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I just thought you might like to see me as you are. I wouldn't mind, you know, if..."

"Nonsense!" Judy chimed in, and we all hugged and cuddled Donna, kissing her nipples and breasts, working our way around the bar.

"It's all right baby," Ruth finally consoled Donna. "I love them both. By the way, I think we'd better change the bar for some simple rings when we get back to town. You can hardly wear that bar to work every day and we've got to have something in those holes for at least three weeks."

"OK, but I hate to take it off. I love how my boobies look with it on."

"You see," I added, "there are advantages to having a pair of tits, and yours are special."

"Yeah, I know. It was just a thought in the night. I love you all. Hand me my red top please."

I wore my new black six inch heels again (they are wonderfully comfortable - I'll take Judy out this week for a pair, maybe red) and black top. Judy is wearing her white platforms again along with a new white top. I leant Ruth my gold wrap that zipped up the back so she could wear the gold shoes I brought her back from Paris, while Donna was back into her red open toes with the halter straps and the red Alana style top she had worn on her arrival.

We went out through the side door to the deck, picking up two lounge chairs on the way, then went to the landing. The morning sun was pleasantly warm and the four of us stretched out to await breakfast. Oh yes, I'd planned this gathering and left a note on the stove for the men to please join us for breakfast out here.

Before I lay back to doze I looked down the row and thought we made a lovely group. Five beautiful breasts covered only by flimsy material, four outstanding pairs of very high heels, and four truly magnificent, hairless and smooth, cunts soaking up the sun. Ruth was at the far end, her gorgeous gash spreading slightly, already warming, her little freckle almost winking at me. Judy was next to her; her tiny, tight, trim slit looking pert like mine. Between us, the vivacious Donna with her long lips, dimpled with their four holes, now swelling with pleasure. And to think that five years ago I told my sister that I wasn't really into girl/girl stuff, and now to realize that a woman loving a woman was one of the finest forms of loving that existed - to realize that many women really do love other women in this era. What a wonderful way to mark five years of shared love at The Cottage, to begin another five.

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