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My Name is Lucy - Chapter 1


Author: Lucy
Published: 28-Dec-13 Revised/Updated 05-Jan-14

With his cock so hard my pussy was throbbing and he lowered my skirt to reveal my sexy thong.

* * * * * * *

My name is Lucy. I am 41. Recently divorced and living a rather sexless life. I say recently divorced it happened about a year and a half ago and in that time I have been trying to find myself. My husband (Ralph)and I were together for over twenty years and originally I was in love with how he looked in his fantastic suites and the kind of executive job he had. Of course there was money. Plenty of it. I had a job as well in the media industry which also paid well. Children for us were not a priority as we were party people who had a diary full of engagements. But as time went on we grew apart. Our sex life was overtaken by the party world of staying out late and having to get to the work place on time the following day. So we agreed to part. It was all quite amicable really. We both suddenly realised that we had married too young and although we had a good life we wanted more but not together.

So we sold our flat in Hamstead Village and both started a new life albeit in the same jobs. We agreed that we would both move out of the flat and place it on the market with no chain. We were overwhelmed with viewings and the place quickly sold for a good sum which we split down the middle. It was such a relief to us but a mystery to my friends that we were on such good terms in our divorce proceedings. They kept asking me "but surely he will not agree to this and that" to which I replied it was not a problem and all would be resolved amicably. They did not believe me especially those in work who had gone through ugly and messy divorces. I said OK I am lucky but it is important to talk and move life on. My God I thought I am only 41 and could live another 41 years and more. Let's have fun!

We had both moved in with accommodating friends who were happy to have our company and also help with their rents. I needed time to asses where I was going with men but here is the deal I fantasized and had done for many years about having a black lover.

I had seen women at parties and in the street or on the underground with men who were very dark skinned and looked gorgeous and wondered how do I meet one similar. I suppose it was my work environment that was very non ethnic and there was little or no opportunity to connect with someone who had a lovely black skin. There was a brief encounter with an attractive black guy when I was still married at work but our hectic and complicated lives at that time never entered a bedroom world. Never mind.

So how was I going to find my black lover. I was now beginning to feel very randy and frustrated as I had not had real sex since a brief encounter with a workmate over two years ago just before my divorce. I of course did not tell my husband as it could have unsettled the whole divorce proceedings.

I needed a holiday. Christmas was approaching and I was owed three week's vacation and I thought what the hell!! I am going to take the whole lot and have Christmas away. My family had never been that close and we had only been together on a few Christmas's anyway. So hey let's start looking for a nice hot sunny place to go.

Well, where do I go. I know the Caribbean. So which island. This is a big decision and I begin with all sorts of brochures from travel agents but nowhere ticks the boxes until I go online and do some research for myself. Well how refreshing. I can buy a flight and book my own accommodation in Barbados so much cheaper than the travel agent. So here goes.

I book a flight to Barbados leaving early December as it was so much cheaper at that time because it was before the Christmas expensive season kicks in. So I am flying at the end of November and returning three weeks later to bring me home for Christmas.

Now I have to look for accommodation. Well bingo! I found a hotel on the beach in the south of Barbados and not far from the airport at a very affordable price.

So it's all booked. I am so excited. I have never been to the Caribbean before and I was looking forward to beautiful beaches and handsome black men. Here we go!

Well, I arrived at the airport and checked in. Boarded the flight and took off. The journey was very pleasant and eight hours later I was walking down the steps from the aircraft into a lovely warm environment.

As I was travelling independently I came through customs and hailed a taxi. Where do you wanna go I told him the hotel and the resort and off we went. The conversation on the way was limited as I was trying to get my head around the accent(with which I was unfamiliar) and I was so excited to be in a new location with a predominately black skin. I am feeling randy already!!!

I arrived at the hotel at dusk. Reception were great and I was immediately taken to my room and accompanied by a porter with my bag who hoped that I would have a good stay in Barbados.

I unpacked and went for dinner in the hotel. It was a lovely location(I could have screamed) and I was so pleased it was right on the beach. My dinner was great and I had a couple of glasses of wine after before admitting I was tired and retiring to my room and sleep.

I had a marvellous sleep. Best for a long time and awoke so refreshed. I must go for a swim. I love swimming in the sea so I ventured out of my room, found the beach and in the sea I went. Oh how lovely!!

I came out of the sea and walked back to my room to shower and then have breakfast.

That done I decided on sunbathing. I got a sun bed, stripped off to my very sexy bikini and lay down. I put on some sun protection cream as I was very pale and then relaxed with my book.

The thong of my bikini was very slim and showing my pussy and I wondered if I might be in real trouble, but I was on holiday and many women do the same thing to attract men.

I lay there reading and sunbathing. I went swimming and I was suddenly feeling so relaxed.

I was approached by a guy selling coconut milk. Do you want to try some He inquired. Yes OK I said let me try some. He poured a portion into a plastic cup and said "There try that". So I took a sip and then more and drank the whole lot. Very nice! He looked at me and said "You enjoy" I was almost embarrassed. He said you just arrived. I stuttered "yes". He continued that the coconut milk was a very good nutrient for the body.

I then realised that this was a very sexy black guy on the beach selling me coconut milk. Why

So he sat down beside me on the sand and being very British I said you can sit on the end of the bed. He jumped at the chance and had a better view of my pussy in a thong. I was feeling wet and horny all of a sudden. My pussy lips were not that well hidden and I was getting wet. We talked for a while and he asked what I was doing here. On vacation I said. Great he said I hope that you have a good holiday. My heart sank for a while. He had not lifted off the sun bed and then I said out of the blue "Shall we meet later". Why did I suddenly say that But the outcome was positive as he said "Yeah O.K.Where I said you tell me. After discussion about places to eat he told me to meet outside the hotel at 7pm and we would go somewhere nice. By the way I said I'm Lucy. Good to meet you Lucy I'm Brandon. WOW!!!!

My heart and mind and body were all over the place so I went for a swim.

I then sat and sunbathed on my bed till late afternoon.

I returned to my room late afternoon. My God. I had a date. I had only been in Barbados for 24 hours.

I was feeling so randy. This guy was for me perfection. Oh, I am getting carried away. I need to wait till later and after we have had dinner.

I had a rest and awoke at 6pm. OK shower and dress. When I looked at myself naked in the long mirror I decided to shave my pussy a little more. I had shaved before my holiday but I wanted the perfect pussy with no hair. I ran the small electric razor around my pussy lips and felt so horny!! I stopped the razor and ran my finger along my pussy. I was so wet. I put my finger in my mouth and said this is for later. I hope!!

I searched out the sexiest thong that I had bought with me. Oh boy it did not cover much up but did the job! Shall I wear a bra No need I thought my breasts are nice and firm and I had the perfect tight top for my date. I dressed and did my makeup and slipped into a pair of comfortable shoes that were perfect for my night out. I felt a tinge of great excitement and shut the door to my room and headed just before 7pm to road just outside the hotel.

Brando was just coming along the road as I looked either way and he waved to me. "Hi how are you doing" he said eyeing me up and down. "Fine " I said " I have had a lovely relaxing day and now I'm ready for a nice meal with you". "So which way are we heading".

Brandon pointed along the road and said that we had the best choice of all types of cuisine in that direction. So off we set. He then stopped and said that I looked very lovely and very well dressed. That made me feel so good and happy that I immediately took his hand and said " I think that you are very handsome and I love your smile". He had dressed very casually in jeans with a white loose shirt hanging over the waist. He had put on a pair of shoes and his braided short hair looked great.

We walked silently for a few moments until I broke the ice with "what sort of restaurants are along here". He replied that apart for traditional Bajun cuisine there was Italian and Mexican. "What do you think you might enjoy" Brandon asked. "Mmmm I think that as it is my first night out in Barbados I would like to sample something close to home". "Ok" said Brandon "We will go to a little restaurant that I know that serves brilliant fish or chicken".

So off we went. Hand in hand. Boy I felt so happy. Happier than I had felt in ages. This was not only fulfilling a fantasy but mentally my mind was clearing all the hassle of the last two years.

We sat at a lovely corner table for two. The place was ideal for a dinner together. Not too crowded and lovely service. Brandon kept smiling at me and saying how lovely I looked. My ego was so boosted by now that I was ready to fall into his arms at any moment. But wait I said to myself. Let's enjoy eating together first. A prawn starter arrived which tasted beautiful and was washed down with some lovely dry white wine whilst Brandon had a beer. Barracuda with rice and macaroni followed which we both ate. It was gorgeous.

I must have had three or four large glasses of wine and felt so relaxed. We had taken a long time over our meal and talked at length. Brandon was selling coconut milk as a holiday job as he was studying to be a teacher. "Great" I said and he told me all about the process of qualifying in Barbados. I then asked how old he was. Thirty two came the reply."And you" he asked looking intently at me. "Ok " I said taking a deep breath "I'm forty one". He said "no way, you look so much younger. How to get inside a girl's knickers huh!! I thought.

We both laughed and he held my hand and squeezed tight." Have you had enough to eat and drink" he enquired. "I think so" I said. "So shall we hit the road" he said. "Yes please" I said. So we paid the bill or should I say that I insisted on paying as I was on holiday.

We walked back toward the hotel. The moment that I had been waiting in anticipation for had finally arrived. I felt a little nervous and my heart was racing. But I did not have to worry. Brandon placed his arm around my waist and said can I come to your room. "Of course" I said. He suggested that he did not accompany me past reception but meet me at my room. I told him the number and I went in and collected my key and was wished goodnight by a lovely smiling lady.

Luckily all the rooms of the hotel were set away from the main reception area and there were many routes to access rooms so Brando had no problem in arriving at the door first.

I unlocked the door and we slid inside. I turned on a bedside light and closed the louvered shutters. Brandon approached me and I immediately fell into his arms kissing him passionately. His tongue delved in my mouth and I stroked his beautiful braided hair and felt that lovely black skin of his face. I felt so horny and wet. I could feel his enormous bulge against my stomach. God it felt so firm. just the sort of cock I needed. I pulled his shirt off and began to stroke his beautiful chest that was lovely and firm. I was trying not to get carried away so I slipped out of my shoes and got on my knees. He looked down at me and smiled whilst stroking my hair. "I know what you want" he said. "Oh Brandon" I sighed" I just want to take things very slow and gentle" . To which he replied "Of course".

With that I undid his trousers and took out the most enormous shaft I have ever seen. It was fantastic. So I started to lick his shaft up and down and then suck it deep into my mouth. He groaned with pleasure and leant down to take my tight blouse of to reveal my firm breasts. I stood up whilst he did this and he lowered his head to suck my nipples. It felt like heaven. With his cock so hard my pussy was throbbing and he lowered my skirt to reveal my sexy thong.

He lay me back on the bed and took his trousers off from around his ankles. I was naked apart from the thong which he moved to one side and slid his tongue up and down my pussy lips. It was my turn to groan. "Oh that's beautiful" I whispered as his tongue found my clitoris and began to lick it in earnest. Oh boy could this man lick a pussy well. I was in ecstasy.

After a while he eased the thong down and over my ankles and threw them on the floor after smelling them and saying "Baby you are so wet". I was as well. He went down on me again and began to lick me harder and faster until I could hold off no more and my whole body jolted as I had the most enormous and fantastic orgasm. This was a real man. I had waited a long time in my life for this but it was worth it. I lay there and stroked and felt his beautiful black body. I especially enjoyed feeling his hair and his head. It was so different and sent a wonderful warm feeling right through me.

After a while he teased my pussy with his cock. He ran his long shaft up and down my lips and then worked the tip of his penis on my clitoris. After a while I begged him to enter me. I needed to feel him inside me so bad. I was not disappointed. He gently drove his manhood into my pussy. I placed my hands on his bottom and drove him in and said "Now please fuck me". He engulfed my body with his and started to pump. His mouth went from mine to licking my neck and ears. I had never felt so taken in my life. "I am yours" I said and his reply was "I want you to feel me inside you and you will come with me again". "Oh yes please" "Oh yes please, please don't stop. He kept pumping and I could feel his shaft against my clit as well. It was fantastic.

I suddenly gripped Brandon tight. I was coming again. "Oh my God", I cried, "Oh my God I'm coming again". And so I did for a second time. This man has got staying power I thought. Just what I need. He carried on pumping me and the pleasure was immense that I wanted to cry. Brandon sensed there was something wrong but I assured him it was the pleasure he was giving me.

"I want to give you pleasure as well" I said. "You are and you will" he replied." I want to see you cum all over me Brandon". With that he withdrew from my pussy and placed his cock between my tits so I could lick the tip. "Brandon you are going to come for Lucy", I said. With that he gave out and enormous moan and shot the biggest load all over my breasts and face. I licked it all up, it tasted so good."Wow", I said "That was a load."Now lie beside me and let me feel your lovely body".

We lay together both happy and satisfied. I just loved feeling Brandon's beautiful black skin. My hands ran over his stomach and I then reached for his cock again. It was only slightly limp and with my hand around it the blood made it rise again. "You know how to please a man" said Brandon. "And you know how to look after my pussy!" I was feeling a little cheeky and he laughed and kissed me warmly.

I could feel his erect penis hardening again quickly and I immediately jumped onto him and guided that beautiful beast into my pussy. I was so wet again and wanted it so badly that I said to him "Fuck me please, my pussy needs you inside me". I rode the massive erection like a rollercoaster. It was so good and Brandon had a great technique of holding me tight around my buttocks and being able to thrust that mighty cock into me. I seemed to ride him for an eternity. I then turned myself around so I was facing away and being able to take his cock from a different angle and stroke my clitoris. It felt sensational.

Brandon suddenly had his energy back and said I want to be on top of you again. I obliged and lay on my back. He raised my legs in the air and drove his beautiful cock inside me again. Thrust after thrust made me scream. I was not normally a screamer but something made me do it. It did not hurt it was just the fulfilment of having a big black cock inside me and wanting him to just take me. I was his. At that moment I would have done anything. Low and behold I did. Brandon drove his cock close to my arse and slowly went inside. I had never had anal sex before but look what I had been missing. It was lovely and he rode me very gently and stretched me very wide.

After a while he dipped alternately into both my anus and my pussy. "Where do you want my load", he suddenly said." I want you to make me come and come deep inside my pussy" . I replied. So he worked his cock in my pussy and rubbed my clit at the same time. He was so good at this I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure until I could feel myself coming again. I said "Give it to me now, all that beautiful cum from your big black cock". At that moment he lifted me from behind my buttocks and let out an enormous groan whilst I screamed. We came together.

I could feel the stream of cum entering my pussy. It was like a river and just kept coming and coming."Oh Brandon, you are a fantastic lover. Please fuck me again. And so he did. It was quite fantastic feeling this hard black rod between my legs pumping away at my pussy. I did not realise before how much I needed good sex. But now I know and Brandon has in a short space of time shown me how to make love properly and really enjoy it. How many women must there be out there who have never experienced what I have. I am so lucky.

With all these thoughts going through my mind whilst caressing all that lovely black skin I was suddenly on the verge of coming again. Brandon sensed my excitement and slowed a little."You're going to come again" he whispered. "Oh yes, please fuck me hard". With that he started to pound me. It was so fantastic the feeling of being fucked properly by a real man. We both came and I gripped Brandon so tight. He kissed me passionately probing my mouth again. I was exhausted and so was he. We then just lay there with me nestled with my head on his chest and fell asleep. When we awoke at about 7am the sun was up and I felt exhausted with all the activity. My whole body had been stretched with the sex but it felt so good. We kissed and made love once again. I had another shattering orgasm and Brandon came over my face as I had requested. I licked all the warm semen from my breasts as well and it tasted so good.

I was ready for a swim. Brandon said he had to go and get ready for his sales of coconut milk. "You must try it with rum sometime" he said and gave a beautiful wry smile. "I will see you on the beach" I said. "You bet lady" came the reply. "Till later then" I said. With that Brandon placed his hand on the door handle and gave me a parting kiss. I could not help smiling. My whole body felt so good and my pussy had been well and truly fucked. Great!!

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