My Name is Lucy - Chapter 3

Author: Lucy
Published: Jan 13, 2014
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I opened the door and the towel fell to the ground much to my embarrassment leaving me staring completely naked at this handsome young waiter.

That evening I awoke from my slumber at about 5pm and decided to take a swim. I put on my bikini and sauntered out of my room and headed to the beach. The sun was still up and it was a beautiful still Caribbean water that I entered.

I had been fucked so hard and good by Brandon and his friend Louis. My whole body felt rejuvenated by my wonderful sex and I just wondered where it would go next.

I was feeling in a very naughty sexy mood as I came out of the water. I needed cock again but I was not meeting Brandon till eight. Ah well I will have to wait.

I wrapped my towel around my body put on my flip flops and headed to my room. Turning the corner I met a young black guy who was delivering drinks to a room nearby mine. "Had a nice swim, lady", he enquired. "Yes thank you, could you get me a drink as well". "Sure", he said and what would you like" I thought for a moment and then said "A rum punch".

"No problem", he replied and asked me my room number. "I will bring it up in a few minutes, shall I let you shower first" I blushed and smiled and said "yes give me five minutes".

I could not believe how blatantly flirty I had been. I quickly went into my room and got into the shower. As I was rinsing the soap from my body I heard a tap on the door and shouted that I was just coming. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped my wet body with a towel that was hard to cover me.

I opened the door and the towel fell to the ground much to my embarrassment leaving me staring completely naked at this handsome young waiter. He smiled and looked me up and down and said laughingly "Your rum punch". I picked up the towel and held it in front of me. "Nice body lady". "Do you want to put the drink beside the bed", I said and he crossed to place it on the small table.

As he entered I closed the door and stood in front of him naked. "That is very convenient", he said "As I have just finished work for the day"

I pulled him forward and kissed him. His tongue probed my mouth and I was in no mood for foreplay. I wanted cock now.

I ran my hand to his now bulging trousers and told him I wanted fucking now. He took off his shirt to reveal a lovely muscled chest that I stroked before undoing his belt and taking his trousers and pants down.

His manhood was just brilliant. Not as big as Louis but equal to Brandon. "What is your name" I asked whilst stroking his cock. He replied "Lincoln and yours" "I am Lucy" and smiled before kneeling and taking him in my mouth.

He loved me sucking him as he was moaning a lot and kept telling me that this was the best blow job ever. I try to please I thought. I stood and he rubbed his cock against my wet pussy.

He lay me on the bed and I told him to fuck me now as I needed his big manhood to fill me up. Lincoln duly obliged. This boy was no amateur and he quickly had my legs in the air and was staring directly into my eyes. "You like my cock, do you" "Oh yes", I replied "Just keep fucking me like that"

The pounding he was giving my pussy was immense. I was loving it and feeling very slutty. This boy also had staying power and I just wished I had experienced black cock before as it was so exhilarating not only to feel him inside but to look at his face looking at me. There was an intensity in both of us and I did not want it to stop.

"Oh God you fuck so good", I said. "Fuck me , fuck me please. With that I had the biggest explosive orgasm. My whole body shook and I begged him to hold me tight and put all his cum inside me. He soon obliged and oh boy what a load it was.

That is exactly what I needed to set me up for the evening with Brandon.

Lincoln had fucked me for the best part of an hour and he then raised himself up and said that he had to be going. "Where I asked" "To see my girlfriend" he replied. I smiled and laughed as he dressed and left.

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