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The Incident With the High School Girl - Chapter 3

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Author: Oscar
Published: 21-Jan-14
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The heat of my juice as it coats the inside of your womb sets you off again and you experience another raging climax.

* * * * * * *

But the demands of your body are still intense and you slowly start to move your hips in the 'dance of the ages'.

I allow my movements to match yours as my arms go around you and hold you close to me. The hard nipples of your wonderful soft breasts feel like heaven against my chest as we start our motion all over again.

Your pussy wraps itself around my hard cock and seems to resist each time we pull apart. Then we start together again and the heat of your loins flows around my throbbing member and fills my being with total joy.

Our lips come together and this time your kiss is even more hot and demanding. Our two bodies are moving as one now with nothing between them but lust and desire.

I alternate between holding your body tightly to mine and using one hand to squeeze and play with your chest or run my fingers down your side and leg.

Both your breathing and your hips are speeding up and I can tell that you are on your way to a huge orgasm. I'm still thrusting into you and enjoying the sensation of that wonderful tight pussy as our hips come together and our pubic hairs intertwine.

The speed is really up now and I wrap my arms back around your body to hang on and give myself the leverage to stay on top of you. Your body seems to have a mind of its own as your hips thrust and gyrate trying to get more of that wonderful man-meat deep inside your cunny. Our hips have become a blur and lust has again taken total control.

The first deep rumbles of your orgasm are rising. You feel the sensations running down your chest to your stomach and loins and then into your cavern of love. This is a feeling that you have never had before, even when you masturbated, and it's all-demanding.

With your heels digging into the cheeks of my ass you intensify your movements. You can feel the muscles of your wet cunt as they try to tighten around the hardness there and keep it in place. The wetness of your blood and woman juice allows me to continue ravishing your honey-hole while the feeling of my chest as it rubs against yours has made your nipples painfully hard. It seems that all of your senses are amplified tenfold until you are having a sensory overload.

Finally you can't hold back any longer and it happens. The feelings that have been building in your body and brain come together in a rush as they wash over you to create a massive orgasm. Your head goes back on the pillow and your mouth is open as you go completely tense. Your body tries to recoil from the forces that are racking it and raging thru your being.

Huge hot waves of intense pleasure come again and again while you lie helpless and gasp for breath.

I have forced myself to wait until I was sure that you were cumming. The passion in my mind and the lust in my body have been tempered only enough to ensure that you got the full measure of pleasure that you deserve. I know that this first time must be about you more than me; but now I can fulfill the dreams I've been having ever since that first day you were in my class.

My arms are around you still and I'm holding you tightly to me as if I fear that you will pull away. The feeling of your chest heaving against my own intensifies my feelings as my body continues to drive itself deep into your loins in search of release.

Only faintly are you aware of my hard cock as it continues its relentless pounding into your hot tunnel. My climax has been fighting for release too. In only seconds the wild pounding of my heart is matched by the throbbing of my hard cock buried in the depths of your body. The white hot flash of my semen as it races from my balls up my shaft and leaps out into your body sends my mind reeling off into space. I stop breathing and it feels as if my heart has stopped too while my pulsing cock shoots a huge load of hot jism deep inside your wet and waiting pussy to surround your cervix and coat the walls of that cum catcher. The heat of my juice as it coats the inside of your womb sets you off again and you experience another raging climax. Stars dance before your eyes and your blood roars in your ears as your body gives way to pleasure and relief.

When I'm completely empty and spent I relax down to lie gently on your chest. Vaguely I note that your hips are moving ever so slightly and I smile to myself thinking of the tiny secondary orgasms or 'pops' that you must be experiencing. I enjoy the feeling of our sweat as it mixes on our chests and makes us almost as slippery on top as we are on the bottom. Now I have time to enjoy the smell of your hair, as I nestle my face close to your head. I think, "This is wonderful; she is wonderful!"

As this mixes with the smells of our recent passion I reflect on just how lucky one man can be. Very few men are ever given the chance to experience what I have just had. I find that I'm already dreaming of other things that we might be able to do if you are willing. I would love to be the man that introduces you to all the aspects of being a woman if you will let me.

My tired cock has gone soft and gently plops out of your luscious honey hole. The dribbling of my hot semen that is mixed with your whey goes unnoticed by either of us as it slips out of your pussy to run down along your leg and onto my sheets.

I carefully roll off you to lie by your side. Although I know you must get home soon, I allow myself to indulge and enjoy the sensation of cuddling with you. You have turned over on your side away from me to doze off and I carefully allow my body to mold itself to your back so we're like two spoons. My arm eases across you and my hand caresses and holds the tender flesh of your breast. Without waking your hand comes up to cover mine as it rests on your chest. I decide that I'm going to sleep for one hour holding you this way before I wake you and send you home........ for tonight.

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