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The Incident With the High School Girl - Chapter 2


Author: Oscar
Published: 21-Jan-14

Your legs spread wider as the head of my throbbing shaft finds your virgin opening and pushes inside.

* * * * * * *

It's almost two hours later when you slide out of bed and quietly get dressed. A thin cotton dress and your tennis shoes is all you need on a warm night like this. Your parents didn't turn the lights out right away and then you knew you'd have to wait until they were really asleep. The sounds their bedsprings made and the panting coming from their room just after the lights went out didn't help either. But now it's quiet except for the sounds of Dad snoring away down the hall thru their closed door.

Your nerves are on fire with excitement and your heart is almost pounding as you quickly slip out the back door and run down the sidewalk. Your juices are already flowing and you can feel the wetness in your crotch just thinking about where you're going and what's going to happen there. You've been dreaming of this for a long time and now it's coming true!

Just two blocks down and three blocks over. Now second house on the left, around to the backyard and, sure enough, the backdoor's open just like we discussed.

You kick off your tennis shoes and walk thru the kitchen barefoot and into the living room where you find me reading a book.

"Hi!" you say.

"Hi, I'm glad you made it" is my reply as I set my book down and get up to walk towards you.

I was your history teacher last year for your senior year in high school and you had a major crush on me. Only just before graduation did you find out that I knew about it and was having a hard time not coming on to you.

At 36 I was the youngest teacher in the history department. My brown hair is still full, and with just a hint of blond at the temples you think I'm both distinguished and about the sexiest man you have ever met. You know I spend hours at the gym each week; you've even snuck in and watched me once or twice as I worked with the weights. (Thought I didn't see you, right Well I did.)

Now I walk across the room and stand directly in front of you. I stare down into your eyes and with more longing and passion than I have had in a very long time.

Without a word we come together and kiss. Not the groping clumsy kiss of two teenagers, but a tender kiss that grows to hot and passionate as it lasts between a man and a woman. My left hand is behind your head with my fingers in your hair as my right hand holds you at the small of your back. The fingers of that hand are moving in small circles massaging the base of your spine thru your dress and this only heightens the excitement for you.

I know you can feel my manhood as it comes to life and starts to grow and rise in my pants. I think the feel of your young tender body as it molds itself to the front of me is the most sensual and exciting thing in the world.

The fingers of the right hand are now working their way softly up your back massaging as they go. They find the tab of the zipper on your dress and slowly start it down. As it reaches the bottom you shrug your shoulders without breaking the kiss and the dress drops to the floor. You are wearing a tiny lace bra and thong lace panties. The golden glow of your flesh at the top of the bra is accentuated by your rapid breathing as your chest rises and falls provocatively. You step back a moment. With a quick twist the bra comes apart between your breasts and you slide it off your tits and down your arms to let it fall on top of the discarded dress. Then you turn around and slowly wiggle your ass as you bend over and use your thumbs to push the tiny thong down to your ankles to join the other clothing in the pile at your feet.

When you turn back to me you are completely naked and the sight of what your body is doing to me brings a wicked smile to your lips.

Still without a word, you take my hand and lead me down the short hallway to my bedroom.

By now my dick is rock hard and trying to rip its way out of the front of my pants. My nerves are on fire too at the sight of you and I want you so much it's almost painful.

My hands find the soft mounds of your chest as you step back close to me. My fingers pass over the curves and find the nipples that are now stiff and hard. I use my fingertips to gently trace lines around each areola as I lean down and start to kiss your lips again.

Your left arm is around my neck but the right hand is slipping between us and tugging at my belt. In a few seconds the belt is loose and your fingers are working at the zipper. As my pants finally fall away you can feel the heat of my cock as it strains the front of my jockey shorts.

I release my hold on your body long enough to push my jockeys down and step out of them and the pants. My hard member is finally free and jumps to attention like the true soldier he is.

At the same time you seem to fold and flow from my arms to a reclining position on my bed. Your chest is still rising and falling nicely with the excitement of the moment as I join you there.

Again my arms go around you and I kiss your lips. As much as I want and desire your body and would love to just take you, I know that this can't be. Not this time. Not yet. I have to control myself to make this a great experience for you.

As I hold you close to me, my hand begins to explore all over your body. The softness of your wonderful chest, the tight muscles of your firm tummy and around to the wonderful globes of your ass. Again those fingers do a little dance at the small of your back before moving on across your butt and down the side of your leg. As they come back up I allow just the fingertips to glide along the back of your leg ever so slowly and up across the crack of your ass. Then my whole hand finds the roundness of your butt cheek and pauses to squeeze it a couple of times before continuing on.

My fingers move slowly up your side now to find that wonderful chest again and play with your hard nipple. You roll from your side onto your back as I release you from our long kiss.

The feeling that my playful fingers are sending thru your body is exciting you like never before. The sweet smell of your musk begins to permeate the room and your juices are flowing again as I continue to pay homage at the temple of your body.

With your eyes closed and your body aware of my every touch, your hand moves to find the hardness of my cock beside you. Long soft fingers wrap themselves around its hardened shaft and begin to gently slide up and down. The heat from my stiff member against your palm is almost as exciting as the feel of my fingers on your body.

My lips have found their way from your mouth to your cheek and down your neck. A few gentle nibbles there to excite you and the lips move on down slowly to find your chest. My tongue flicks out now and traces the lines around your areola. This caused little goose bumps to form on the skin and your nipple gets even harder. Soon the tongue is flicking back and forth across that nipple and finally my mouth comes down and surrounds it.

My hand is gently squeezing the other breast and twisting the nipple as I suck on your hard tit.

Now the fingers are moving again. This time they slide along your stomach to find the softness of your pubes. They glide thru the soft curly down between your legs and one finger begins to gently probe at the opening to your love nest.

You are wiggling about in obvious excitement and the moistness there tells me that you are ready for more. As you spread your legs apart slightly to allow me easier access, I carefully slide one finger into your cavity.

The electricity this sends thru your senses is dynamic and you begin to bump and grind on that finger.

Your hand around my hard dick becomes more demanding as I let my thumb start to work against your clitoris while I finger-fuck you. I'm using a circular motion with my thumb as my digit slides in and out of your tight virgin hole.

Now your hips are gyrating and bouncing up and down. Your breathing is faster and the movement makes your wonderful boobs slide up and down on your chest. You release me and your hands are at your sides pressing on the bed. All that exists in your world is the feelings that are emanating from your crotch and rolling across your body and mind.

I quickly slip a second finger into your moist canal and continue to frig you. I know that your nerves are on fire and carefully do the things that seem to help intensify your feelings.

Your eyes are clouded with lust as you reach and pull me on top of you. With my arms holding me up in push-up position I have to force myself to stay calm and controlled. My heart is beating like a trip hammer in my chest as I feel your soft fingers grab my hard cock and start it towards your waiting cunt.

Your legs spread wider as the head of my throbbing shaft finds your virgin opening and pushes inside. The moistness there speaks of a willingness and desire that makes my rock-hard cock even stronger. This is the hardest moment of my life. With all my being I want to drop on your chest and drive my aching hard-on deep into your hot belly. It takes every ounce of my self-control to go slowly as I push gently into that tight opening. The feel of your virgin pussy as it wraps around the head of my cock and tries to suck me inside of your hot dripping cunt can't be described. In only a few moments I feel the beat of your body as you start to bump and grind against that invading hardness. The rhythm of my hips matches yours as we start to move together. I can feel the head of my dick as it encounters the barrier inside your body. That flexible skin that has never been passed bounces off my rod each time our hips push together.

I can also feel your body heat rising and your hips become more demanding. Now your arms are around my shoulders as your fingers dig into my back. Your head moves from side to side on the pillow. Your eyes are closed and your mouth is open as you gasp for each breath. I don't know how much longer my self-control will last. My desire and lust are growing with each stroke until I feel like I'm on fire in your arms.

Just when I'm sure that I can't stand this for a minute more I feel your legs wrap around my hips. Your heels dig deeply into my back as you thrust your hips up hard against mine. Again. And again. Each time the force of your thrust drives my rod against your hymen but without breaking the maidenhead.

I am beyond control now. As your hips thrust up one more time I drive myself down and the head of my hard shaft breaks thru the resistance in its path and plunges deep into your forbidden cave. At the same moment my arms give way and I lower my full weight onto your chest and force the last possible bit of my manhood deep into your love tunnel and I feel my balls resting against the opening to your sweet ass.

Your eyes fly open and your hips stop for an instant as you feel the dam burst and your virginity flows away. The pain is so intense that you scream in my ear, but that is short lived and the passion and lust soon roars back into your being and body taking total control again. When I felt your hymen give way and my hard dick drove to the top of your womb I too stopped for just a second.

I watched with trepidation and then joy as I saw the feelings of pain, realization and finally joy sweep across your face. It was done! You are now truly a woman and know what that means.

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