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The Incident With the High School Girl - Chapter 1

Author: Oscar
Publish Date : Jan 21, 2014
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The hand job has been an interesting first time experience for you but it has also left you feeling neglected and unsatisfied.

* * * * * * *

You arrive home after your Friday night date with your boyfriend. It's still early and the two of you spend some time parked in front of the house.

The dance was really fun for once and the last several tunes were slow songs. As you danced with him you could tell that the rubbing and closeness had given him a major 'woody'. Now, in the car, he is kissing you the way you love and his hands have brushed across the top of your dress several times exciting the tips of your nipples and making them hard.

At 18 you are now just starting to enjoy the feelings of being a woman and the excitement that is building deep in your being. Your kisses get hotter and your heart starts to race with the wild thoughts that you're having. Unfortunately for him, those thoughts are of someone else, but you aren't about to tell him that now!

When he finally gets up enough nerve to try and get his hand inside your bra you don't resist. He's never gotten this far with you before and you can tell his pulse is racing as his fingers work their way down and locate the hard bud of your nipple. His fingers feel wonderful as they massage the warm soft mound of your tender breast.

Now you are really getting excited and he is too. Your hand goes from his shoulder down into his lap and brushes across the front of his pants. Your fingers softly brush across his jeans and you are rewarded with a hard twitch as his enlarged manhood responds to your attention.

He leans you forward and attempts to unhook your bra. His hands are shaking and he's somewhat clumsy being so nervous. Without missing a kiss you smoothly lean a little more forward and reach behind you. A quick sure movement and the straps separate. With only a gentle tug at the front you release the warm firm flesh of your breasts from their restraint.

Now he is free to play with your chest, but it's as if he doesn't know what to do first. He starts by opening your blouse enough to free those mounds of flesh from the fabric. Then his head goes down and he immediately starts to suck on a nipple. All else is forgotten as he gets that hard brown nip between his lips. Soon he is switching from one tit to the other and back. He is sucking and biting and totally enjoying your body.

Your hand has been on the front of his pants and you know that he is really hard and throbbing. While his mouth works on your chest, you carefully unzip the front of his jeans and slide your hand inside. You work your way thru his boxers and your fingers grasp his shaft. You can tell he is terribly excited and almost ready to cum. You slowly ease his hard pecker out of his pants and start stroking it very gently. All the time your mind is dreaming of someone else and wishing that time would fly faster.

By now he is pretty wound up. The combination of your hard nipples in his mouth and his hard shaft in your hand is almost more than he can stand.

You're getting tired of his suckling but he doesn't seem inclined to stop. His teeth are beginning to hurt you slightly as the tender flesh around your nipples gets sore. This was fun at first, but now you want something else.

He knows he's in front of your house and he's afraid to try to undress you even if you would let him, so he doesn't try to do anything else. Doesn't this guy know that women like to be masturbated too Can't he figure out that you want some relief from the passions building in your body just like he does

Just then you see the porch light come on and you know that Mom wants you inside. He hasn't noticed anything with his head down like it is. Your hand begins to stroke his rod in earnest now as your fingers close more firmly around his shaft.

That is too much. He can't even concentrate on your jugs now as all thought is transferred from one head to the other. With his head against your chest and his hot breath blowing across your nipple he starts his climax. The heat that has been building deep in his balls is now racing for freedom. His cock is literally throbbing in your hand as the first beads of cum slip from the head. He has been trying to hold back and make the sensations last, but your fingers tighten ever so slightly on each upstroke and loosen again on the down stroke. It's as if you're milking that hard pecker like a cow's teat. Your hand speeds up and the movement breaks his final hold. He lets out a huge "aaaah!" as his seed races from his tight balls up the shaft and explodes out the head of his cock.

You continue to stroke him as he shoots all his cum on to your hand, the seat and the floor. When he finally stops and slumps back in the seat, you remove your hand and lick a small amount of his warm spunk off your fist. "So that's what it tastes like!" you think as you quickly lick the rest off your hand and begin putting your clothes back together.

The hand job has been an interesting first time experience for you but it has also left you feeling neglected and unsatisfied. "What about me" you think as you get out and run up to the front door while he drives away. "Hell, he got his and the bastard didn't even walk me to the door!"

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