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Thirty One Days - Chapter 13

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Author: Ronan Jackson Jefferson
Contact: Rojackjeff@hotmail.com
Published: 07-Apr-14 Revised/Updated 17-Apr-14
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This is the 13th part of the story Thirty One Days, a challenge that involves sex, thirty-one women, and will take 31 days.

* * * * * * *

Thursday is bowling night. Yes, hard to believe. Our local bowling alley has the fancy black lighting, an excellent sound system and flat screens for sports. Pool tables, darts, table hockey, cheap food, cheap booze, it is a regular bar with bowling lanes.

The Four Amigos were together again. Rico was grumbling about his loss, but getting better. He was trying to find a way back in, but we told him he would have to gut it out until January before he could reset. 'Fuck you all', was Rico's response.

Danny was ticked at me. I reminded him it was totally his idea. Not mine. I wasn't getting what the big deal was. He hardly knew little Susie. We boys passed chicks around before. My legendary night of six girls at one house party All of the Amigos participated with at least three of the girls. Only I did all six of them.

I was thinking it must have more to do with little Susie being on the rags. She wouldn't let Danny into her, but she let me pound her bloody. When Danny saw the sheets a few days later, still stained after doing laundry, well, the dead blood might be messing him up. Fine. I would even up with him at the first opportunity. I was already thinking of Charlene. I could do her a few more times, make her my girl. Then maybe offer her up to Danny. I could pretend to like Charlene, then Danny would be chomping at the bit to get into her pants and even the score. I would graciously allow it to happen. Pretend to be miffed. Danny would be happy. Then he could stop the wounded, moping, puppy dog shit.

One problem.

I think I wanted this Charlene chick all for myself.

Meanwhile, Donny was flying high. He was matching me bang for bang. Last night was tough for him. When I dropped the bomb about the Oriental chick, he went into a panic. By the time I finished telling the tale, there was less than sixty minutes to score. The window of opportunity was closing on the evening. The midnight bell was prepared to strike Donny from the competition. The ugly chicks and the fat chicks were in play.

Poor Donny. He went with the fat chick. His story was gross and disgusting, but as the evening went on, it became funny. The fat chick session became a badge of honor amongst us soldiers. Donny took one for the cause. He made it clear; he wouldn't be taking any more for the cause. Lesson learned. Donny was starting early, on this night number six.

Darla was going to be my number six. Darla was my age, with a hot body and a pretty face, but she was black. This would be another first. Many new things were going to end up on my blood stained sheets before this journey was over.

Darla was a basketball chick, she was long and lean and tight. She was also bowling in my foursome tonight. I swear, when you get in a groove of something good, it attracts people. If you are grooving your way into money, or success or fitness or fame, or having tons of sex, certain folks know. They attract to you. Darla sensed something was up with me, and she was sticking close. You know how flowers look before they open Or a fifteen year old girl looks as her tits and ass start to bloom onto the world

I don't know where I am going with this train of thought.

All I know is, if a chick comes within ten feet of me, my cock begins to stir. When this happens, I smile more, I am a little more outgoing, I flirt a little more and I am sugary sweet to the ladies.

Or, I am completely full of shit, I am twenty-six years of age, I am in my prime, and many girls wanted to take advantage. This is probably closer to the truth. Anyhow, the seeking is done and Darla is looking for action. I am thrilled with this development, if not overwhelmed at who it is. Don't want to be prejudiced, but the dark chicks have never turned my crank. I am hoping tonight will change my perception. I want to be an equal opportunity pussy pounder.

I am also thrilled because it is only eight thirty. Eight thirty means I can set myself up for a double. Because tomorrow, I have a date. With Charlene. I tell myself it is to begin the Danny set up. To get my Amigo back on track. Not true. I think this Charlene chick is way more than what I have seen. Friday, I will find out. Friday is date night. This means I need one before midnight, and one after midnight. I must be free and clear for tomorrow.

Damn if Darla is not all over me, giggling and tugging on my arm. She is whispering in my ear, we should get out of here. No problem I answer. My eyes are already wandering, searching for the next one.

I laugh out loud to myself. LOL. Because Saturday night, after my Charlene date night, is the big house party at Rico's. Fuck central, fuck me. This whole thing is getting more and more ridiculous.

I ask myself.

Why didn't I start this a year ago Why not

I was certainly enjoying it. Actually, I loved it. This quest was becoming my reason for living. I thought about it twenty-four seven. The planning. The discipline. The challenge. The success. Hell, I might carry this into the New Year. I might set an unbeatable record. Unless your name is Hugh Hefner, or Tiger Woods.

Darla is a 'her place fuck'. Good. Gives my sheets a rest. Wasn't sure if I wanted her at my place anyway. I don't know why I was thinking this.

I followed in my car as she drove home. Her car would be safely tucked away, and when I was finished, I would be splitting in my car. No loose ends.

Darla lived in a bachelorette pad, small, clean and neat. Three floored building, about fifty years old. Quaint and nicely kept up. A girl friend lived with her, apparently sleeping on the pullout couch in the tiny living room. The girl friend would be home at ten. I needed to be out by ten. Perfect. No after intercourse cuddling, or talking, or shit. It would give me two easy hours to find my after midnight score. The World Fuck Record gods were obviously looking out for me.

The kissing was okay, not the best. Feeling her body was better. Long, lean and muscled from the sports. Beautiful. Getting her naked was the best. Her skin was dark but not deep. Many white chicks had darker tans. Darla was terribly inexperienced. Her large teeth and small mouth got in the way of anything remotely resembling a blow job. She was very uptight. Tense. Mechanical. Perhaps this wasn't the right thing for her to be doing. I got more action out of teenagers back in high school.

I actually clicked off number six before it was over. Twelve minutes later, I was walking out the front door. I managed to cum, but barely. My balls were turning blue. The twelve o'clock girl was going to get a load and a half. I don't think Darla came. I don't think she was capable. I don't know if it was a race thing or what. I am pretty sure it was a 'no fuck' thing. An inexperience thing.

As a matter of fact, I had only seen Darla around town with one black dude, another basketballer. I didn't have a problem doing her with my cock. I would put mine up against any black dude's, any time. No matter, I was done. Bottom line was, six up and six down. Time for number seven. The scorecard would read Darla, seven and three. Yes, not a big deal. I anticipate a few dead fucks on this quest. Because most of the girls I fucked thus far in my life were dead fucks. Inexperienced fucks. Awkward fucks. Painful to be with, swallow my load, then get lost, fucks.

Ten o'clock. Keep it simple, studly. Back to the bowling alley.

The other three Amigos were still there. Drinking, yapping and eating. I reported in and received high fives all around. Even from Danny. Danny and Donny had never done a black chick. What was the mystery, the two white boys wondered It was okay, I answered, but I wouldn't be looking for it in the future. I appreciated the hotness of Beyoncé and the 'When Love Takes Over' singer, but yes, I could pass.

While I was out, Donny cooked up a plan. His plan involved me. Donny was strictly doing one per night. The doubles I was pulling didn't interest him. He'd been sending drinks to a table for the last hour and a half. With my return, it was time for us to amble over for the big intro.

It dawned of me. We guys were pretty dense creatures. We only think girls want to fuck on the weekend. This is pretty stupid. All the guys' pussy hunt on the weekends when there is tons of competition. Poor results, for most guys. Hey, there are five other days guys don't look for it. The work weekdays. Do the math. What were the odds of scoring during the work week The odds were astronomical.

Some things I was still learning.

We went over and introduced ourselves to the ladies.

Lindsay was a college girl. About twenty years old, pert and perky. When she stood up I could she was tall and slim. With long skinny legs underneath a super short skirt. Our little town hosted a campus affiliated with one of the big city private girl's schools. Hot chicks in hot uniforms. Crisp white shirts. Green ties. The green and red tartan skirts riding about eight inches above the knee. Yep, those. Thursday night was pub crawl for the young ladies. A rented school bus cruised them from bar to bar. Spending about an hour at each place. Tonight, there was one more bar to hit before signing back onto campus. Their curfew was midnight. Not good. I needed this bitch after midnight. I might have to let this one go.

Lindsay reminded me of a colt. Unsteady on her feet, gawky of limb. My cock was already stirring. My unclean cock. Unclean from Darla. My cock stirred some more. This skinny white colt was going to lick the black pussy off my cock.

Why did such a thought make me horny

Lindsay was such a cutie. I would not be letting this one go. These college girls were a good choice by Donny. I understood my pal would be a serious competitor in this game we were playing.

I listened to Lindsay talk. About what, I have no clue. School, or back home, or something. My mind was busy, plotting to score. I checked the clock on the wall behind the bar. Ten forty-five. The bus would be leaving soon. I told Lindsay I would catch up with her at the next stop. She giggled and hugged me as if we were long lost buddies. I felt her ass and smelled her perfume. Sweet.

As the group of nearly twenty identically dressed girls left, a noticeable sag rippled through the bowling alley. I returned to my seat with the Amigos. Donny was perturbed. Not the smartest guy on the planet, he was already tossing the college girl plan out the door. He didn't want to go bar hopping with the girls, and wasn't convinced any of them would put out. What a waste of money, he complained. Almost two hours' worth of drinks. There was only seventy-five minutes left for Donny to score. I was already done for the day. I was thinking ahead, to midnight.

Midnight and Lindsay.

At the next bar, I met up with her. We shared a few drinks and she 'convinced' me to show up at her campus at midnight. She would sneak out. She was the bad girl. This was getting stupid, it was so easy. Sure enough, two minutes past midnight the drunken college girl was sucking Darla's pussy juice off my cock. In my Toyota. In the school parking lot. I was close to ejaculating, listening to the colt slobber away, unknowingly eating another chick out.

At the last minute, I pulled her mouth off my cock, lifted her ass and skirt, and set her down gently on the end of my pole. She was nice and wet, from the booze and from eating my stick. Another super tight fit, but I was going to make it happen. The girl bit back on the pain to accept her trophy. Her head slammed the ceiling of the car as I bucked. I thought she might break her skinny neck.

Five minutes later, I blew a nice load into her tight pussy. Jesus, my cock wasn't even a third of the way into her. Oh well. Click. The counter turned over to seven. I lifted her off my cock and decided to return the favor. I had fucked Darla. Darla was all over my cock. Lindsay sucked Darla off my cock. I fucked Lindsay. Now I would suck me out of Lindsay. Made sense, didn't it Especially since I spotted security walking in our direction and was about to give the old guard something for his spank tank.

I pushed Lindsay back against the door, lifted her little uniform skirt and crawled into her pussy. My legendary tongue found the mark as I tasted my own cum mixing with her juice. Kind of gross. But not. It was me after all. Genetic nectar.

My timing was perfect as the poor girl began to moan, running her hands through my hair, pulling me deeper into her. The legendary tongue of the town was hers.

Clink. Clink. Metal on glass.

The flashlight beam turned on. The windows were steaming, but the old guard got enough of an eyeful to light up his balls.

Anyhow, after letting him scold us about security violations and with me apologizing, the guard escorted Lindsay back to her dorm. The old bastard did turn and nod towards me as they walked off. I gave him a salute in return.

After all, we were on the same team. From different generations. I'm sure the old guy owned memories of his own. At least I hoped he did. If not, I certainly gave him one.

Lindsay was on the scorecard as hole number seven.


Eight, for her young good looks.

Nine, for helping me put on a good show for the old timer.

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