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Part Time Pervert - Chapter 4

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Author: Anon
Published: 10-Apr-14
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It would make me happy if you were to lift up that pretty skirt and show me what panties you are wearing.

* * * * * * *

When I arrived home my wife was almost hysterical. She ran up to me as I entered the door.

"Oh, god oh god. . . Keith. . I. . it's horrible. . it's oh my god!"

Alarmed, I took her in my arms.

" it's ok honey. . . I'm here. . shhh. what is it"

"Keith. . . I . . . I killed someone. . . oh god"

"What are you talking about I know you didn't kill anyone. . . what the hell is going on"

She managed to calm down enough to give me the story. Even in her terrified state of mind she had the presence of mind to record the local tv news.

"Look at this" she said, turning on the recorder.

The story was that an old black guy was killed by a hit and run driver in the ghetto last night. The only witnesses were a gang of young men. Their details were sketchy. The car was a dark color and they were pretty sure the driver was a woman. Beyond that there was nothing to go on. " I got out of the car and asked if he was hurt, but he shook me off and started walking away.

I thought he was just shaken up. Then I saw a bunch of men down the block. I got scared and drove away, oh. Keith it was awful. . it's still horrible. . . what am I going to do"

She thought about turning herself in, explaining the circumstances. It probably would have been the best thing to do. . . . but. . . god help me. . . in the face of it all I thought. . . . this could be just the ticket!

My dick was thinking for me. Her car was going to need body work fast. Mr. Simmons friend, that Cecil guy, has a repair shop. Take the car to him, tell him about the hit and run. . . and he's got everything he needs to BLACKMAIL Susan!


But could I bring myself to do that to my wife What a first class heel I would have to be to do that. How could I even think of it I couldn't. . . I just couldn't. but. . . I. . . really. . really COULD.

Fuck, what a horrible person I am. . . what a perverted louse. I could feel my treacherous cock getting hard. I knew I was going to do it. How pleased Mr. Simmons would be with me. Shit, he'd be fucking ecstatic. To have a classy beautiful woman like my wife under his control. What a great thing for him. How else would he ever get the chance to have a woman like her

I told Susan to calm down, that I would handle everything. She would be alright. After all, confessing would not change anything. The guy was still dead. I told her that if she went to the cops she'd probably end up in prison. That scared her and she agreed to let me take care of it. I would. . . and how.

The next day I drove Mr. Simmons house. He was surprised to see me unannounced, but when I told him what had happened and what I was planning to do he became very excited, laughing and clapping his hands together like a kid at Xmas. And what a present he was going to get. I was trembling with all sorts of mixed emotions as he called Cecil on the phone and filled him in. i heard his end of the conversation. "Yeah, that's right. The wimpy shit is handing over his wife to me. Huh

Sure. . . of course you're included. Yeah, that's right. . . can you believe itYeah right. . . un huh, in just a few minutes. ok. "

He hung up the phone and turned to me.

"Since you are being nice enough to do this for us, I am gonna give you a treat. But first take your car to Cecil. He'll give you a loaner. You come right back here. My dick is gettin real hard just thinking about that good looking wife of yours".

I could only gulp drily. I felt the familiar pangs of warped desire start in my groin. I couldn't wait to get back here for Mr. Simmons to give me my "treat. "

He told me how to get to Cecil's garage and I headed there. Once I got there Ccil was waiting for me with a big, shit eating grin on his face.

"So. . . pansy boy's wife got her pretty little ass in a jam, huhWell don't worry. . . ol Cecil will fix her car so no one will ever know she killed somebody with it. Wouldn't want to see her in prison for twenty years or so. Got better plans for her. "

He told me that Mr. Simmons had told him to have me give him a bunch of money. They wanted to buy some room cameras to record everything that they planned to do with Susan. Also that way, I could see it all without actually being there. Wonderful. . . that way I could watch everything and my wife would never know it. Also, Mr. Simmons wanted to have a visual record of the very first time that he dominated my wife, since her distress and embarrassment would be at its greatest pitch then .

He wanted to be able to relive those hours over and over. And. . . so did I.

I drove the loaner Cecil gave me back to Mr. Simmons house, parked in the yard and went inside.

He wasn't in his usual place in his old armchair. That was the place I had first become his oral servant. I shivered with shameful pleasure as I recalled the things he had had me do there. I vividly remembered the humiliation I felt at licking the nasty floor, cleaning his spit off of it, while he laughed at my subjugation.

"Get your ass in here, sweetie boy. My balls need lickin. "

He was in bed naked straddle legged, with a raging hard on. His dick was standing stiff out of the growth of his wiry pubic hair. Scattered around him on the dingy sheets were Susan's sexy photos.

"Your wife has been gettin me hot all fuckin day. But not as hot as she's gonna get me soon. . . when I actually stick old Peter right in her juicy little cunt. And it's all thanks to you.

So come up here and get your treat. As I started to undress he said"You don't need to do that. I'm in a hurry for you to start lickin my balls. I know you want to, dontcha"

Gulping drily I replied "Yes sir. "

"Then you need my permission. "

"Yes sir. Sir may I please have your permission to lick your balls"

The old lecher cackled in amusement. Then he said slowly "Permission granted. "

I climbed up on the bed and started licking his scrotum all over, sensing the coarse, wispy hairs that my tongue encountered as I did. His grunts of pleasure spurred me on, as did his crude comments about all the things he had in mind to do with my wife. "I'm looking forward to watching her squirm with embarrassment when I get to work on her. "

Hell, I thought. . . so am I.

After a few more minutes of slurping at his nutsack, Mr. Simmons had me use my tongue to give him long licks from the base of his rigid prick right on up to the head, shiny with love juice.

He had me start on the underside of his cock, then move to one side. . . then the other. . . and finally to reposition myself so I could slide my open mouth down on it. I was so hot thinking that my lovely Susan might soon be forced to do the same, I sucked lovingly at the grubby old man. It must have been a good blowjob, because it wasn't long until I got the now familiar taste of lubrication coming from his shaft. It suddenly became much warmer and more tangy and moments later spurted into my mouth as Mr. Simmons grunted and thrust his hips against my face. I obediently swallowed most of his load, but "accidentally" let a few drops spill into the forest of his cock hair right above the base of his dick and a dribble down the side. I licked it up , swirling my tongue into the wiry pubic nest as he made sounds of satisfaction. unbidden, I continued softly licking all around his groin, letting my tongue caress him on the tender place between his balls and his asshole. Then beside myself with masochistic desire I tickled that orifice with just the tip of my tongue.

"Goddam if you ain't the best sissy cocksucker I ever had. . . you really love this shit. You must just love to be degraded. . . . I can't imagine a man setting his own wife up to be blackmailed into fucking another man. But, he'll, I'm just glad you're crazy enough to do it. "

Just then the phone rang on the table beside the bed.

"Hello. . . . yeah, he's here. Just finished suckin me off. Yeah. . . ha ha. . . huhSure, ok. I know he will. Alright, see ya later. "

He replaced the phone and turned to me.

"Cecil says your car will be ready in three days. But don't you come get it. Make sure your wife comes for it. "

On the drive home in the loaner, I rehearsed what I would say to Susan. I would tell her I had to be away on a business trip that was scheduled last month and couldn't be cancelled, so she would have to get the car.

When I got home she was anxious to hear how it went so I told her that the guy at the shop said the car would be ready in three days and it looked like we were in the clear, but she would have to go pick it up. She didn't like the sound of that, but agreed. I was so hot from my episode with Mr. Simmons and mainly with the progress of the blackmail plan that I was dying to fuck my wife. Susan begged off, saying she was too distraught and preoccupied to be in the mood.

So I had no choice but to go to the bathroom later and jerk off, visions of her, Mr. Simmons and Cecil fueling my masturbation session.

The next three days seemed to crawl by. Susan had finally started to relax and was dressed to drive down to pick up her repaired car. As I was about to leave for my bogus business trip, the phone rang. It was Cecil.

"Tell your wife the car is ready"he said.

"Oh, fine. Thank you, my wife will pick it up. What Yes, I have to be out of town on business. Yes, of course, she has the money. Alright, about two hours or so. " I hoped Susan did not hear the nervousness in my voice or sense anything in my demeanor. Evidently she didn't because we kissed goodbye and I left. I parked in a place where she couldn't see me and waited for the loaner car to go by, headed for the repair shop. When I was sure she was gone I went back home, stripped to my underwear, fixed a scotch and settled back to watch some porn to get me even more in the mood. I dozed off and when I woke up it was dark. Susan had been gone all day. I went to the computer and opened an email. It was from Mr. Simmons.

It read: sissy boy. . . Cecil had a talk with your wife and told her he knew she did the hit and run. . . and if she didn't play ball, she was going to jail. Then he brought her over here. It took a lot of threats and hard talking, but she finally . . . . . well. . . why don't you just play this video and you'll see for yourself. Have fun sweetheart. . . we sure are.

With shaing fingers I started the video.

The first shot was a close up of Susan's face. Her mascara had run down her face and she was crying. then the scene expanded and I saw Mr. Simmons in his chair in the dirty room. My wife was standing in front of him. . . just where I had been.

"So Susan, what do you want to doYou can either get in your car and go home, or stay here awhile and have some fun. Of course, if you decide to go home there will be a police car waiting to take you to jail. Then you'll be there until you are tried and convicted of vehicular homicide. Then I would guess you'll be in prison for oh, say, twenty or twenty five years. Or" he paused dramatically, "You could be real nice to me and keep me happy for awhile, then just go home and be free. Now I ask you again, Susan. . . what do you want to do"

My wife was trembling before the evil old lecher and her voice was shaky as she quietly replied, "I want to stay here for awhile".

The old man smiled in triumph. My cock sprang to attention.

"It would make me happy if you were to lift up that pretty skirt and show me what panties you are wearing. You want to make me happy"

With a low moan of resignation Susan said what she had been coached to say. "Yes Mr. Simmons. I very much want to make you happy. "

"Fine. But you need my permission. "

Reluctantly she said "Please sir, may I have your permission to lift my skirt and show you the panties I am wearing"

Damn this was hot!

Smiling smugly, he said "Permission granted. " Then he leaned forward and waited for the show.

Slowly and grudgingly, my wife lifted her skirt inch by inch, revealing her magnificent legs as the hem was raised. She stopped about mid thigh, but the old man told her to keep going. Soon her skirt was up to her waist , her pink panties clearly on display. He helped himself to a feel of her bare legs, encircling first one then the other with his hands and rubbing higher and higher. Then he reached behind her and slid his hands all over her ass, his fingers teasing under the leg bands of her panties. They were not see through, but sheer enough to make it totally obvious that the dark triangle at her crotch was her unshaven pussy hair.

"Mmmmm, ni love a nice hairy snatch. Dont you Cecil"

CECIL Ohmigod. . . there was Cecil, watching from another chair across the room.

" I sure do Earl. And this bitch has sure got some pretty legs too. "

Simmons laughed. "Susan, Cecil likes looking at your legs. Why don't you walk over there and invite him to have a little feel too that would make me happy. "

Face flaming and groaning with shame my wife went over to the crude mechanic, her skirt still up to her waist.

" Cecil, would you please feel my legs!"

Grinning like a jackass, Cecil replied "Sure honey. I'd love to. "

And he did. He felt her up every way he could think of while she just had to stand still and take it.

"Susan, I just thought of something else that will make me happy. that's if you was to strip NEKKID for me and Cecil and strut around the room, real proud like. Course you're gonna have to ask my permission. . . . and Cecil's. " The old scumbag was obviously delighting in humiliating my wife. She had no choice but to obey so she said "Mr. Simmons, may I please have your permission to . . . st. . . str. . . strip. . n. n. naked and strut around the room real proud like "

"Well, that's fine with me darlin. What about you, Cecil"

"She ain't sat my permission yet. " Susan once again turned to face the burly mechanic, her skirt still held high.

"Cecil. . . may I please strip naked and strut around the room"

Cecil pretended to consider it.

"Permission granted. "

So I watched my wife let her skirt back down only to unzip and drop it. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off, standing in only her bra , panties and heels. Reluctantly she reached behind her, unhooked her brassierre, and dropped it the floor, folding her arms over her now bare breasts.

"Hands down, honey" said Mr. Simmons, opening his robe and boldly stroking his hard cock.

Susan's eyes flashed to the old man's crotch and she gasped at the revelation.

Nonetheless, she did as he instructed and let her arms fall to her sides, totally revealing her beautiful tits to the lustful gaze of the two old reprobates. Cecil rose from his chair, his pants tented, and rubbed my wife's boobs brazenly, kneading the full soft mounds with pleasure. Susan flinched as he lightly pinched her nipples, causing them to harden and stand out from the puffy pink aureoles surrounding them. Both men were entranced at the sight of this classy wife so helplessly tolerating their crude touches and degrading comments. She was then told to slowly roll her panties down and step out of them. Their eyes followed her every move as the panties were lowered, revealing her pubic hair an inch at the time . At last they were off and Susan stood stark naked except for the sexy shoes, which only amplified her nudity. Without being told, she walked across the room, strutting and wiggling her ass. Mr. Simmons rose from his chair and ordered my wife to face him, open her mouth and stick her tongue out as far as she could. Then he kissed her deeply and Wetly, their tongues licking each other. Cecil by now was also naked and walked up behind her, reached around her body and ran his hands all over her, playing with her tits, then dropping to her bare midriff and further down til his fingers were entwined with her pussy curls.

"Damn, Earl" he exclaimed, "this bitch is soaking wet down there. "

"Well, let's take advantage of that. Come on Susan baby, we're gonna all get in bed. Then you're gonna find out what it's like for two grown men to fuck you good. "

As they headed for the bedroom, the old son of a bitch looked into the camera, smiled and turned it off. Shit! he wasn't going to let me see them actually fucking Susan. I knew that if I wanted to see the rest, ni would have to go to him and beg. And maybe after I licked his feet, balls and ass, he'd let me watch him and Cecil fuck my wife. Then he knew I'd be so turned he'd get the best blow job he ever had.

In a frenzy, I jerked off right there on my couch. Damn him. . I hated him. . . and I couldn't wait to humbly serve him again.

I had no idea what to expect when my wife got home. Would she tell me all the hideous things she had been put through Would she be traumatized beyond repairWould she cry for days

Finally she came home. When she saw me she said "Oh, you're here. I think you had a business meeting. "

" It got postponed. Guy was sick. Sorry, I could have picked up the car after all . "

She just shrugged.

"I'm gonna take a shower. "

I heard her go in the bathroom and turn on the shower. Poor thing was probably bawling her eyes out. I listened closely. She was humming. HUMMING In a few minutes she came into the living room wrapped in a towel.

"Keith, do you think I look pretty good to be an old gal"

Then she dropped the towel and posed prettily for me. I was flabbergasted .

"Of course honey. Youre drop dead gorgeous, you know that. "

She smiled. "Thanks. It's always good to hear. "

What the fuck, I thought. Then she said "Oh, by the way. . . the nice man at the garage said the car was gonna need some more work. So I guess I'll take it back in a day or two "

She smiled invitingly. "I'm going to bed now. Want to join me Funny, but I'm really in the mood. "

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