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Thirty One Days - Chapter 15

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Author: Ronan Jackson Jefferson
Contact: Rojackjeff@hotmail.com
Published: 25-Apr-14 Revised/Updated 16-May-14
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This is the 15th part of the story Thirty One Days, a challenge that involves sex, thirty-one women, and will take 31 days.

* * * * * * *

It is Friday.

No scorecard tonight.

Charlene is off work and on her way over to my place. I have the camera system from Electronic City set up in both my bedroom and living room. It is a cheap ass black and white unit, but we'll see what it does. At nine sharp, Charlene is at my door. A true vision of perfection.

Black, shiny, tall boots, faded nearly white jeans, sparkly tight white tee shirt. Small pink jacket. No bra. Nipples up, it is cold outside. Hot smoke, she looks good. She drops her purse on the floor and we get right at it, two starving dogs. Good looking dogs, though.

She was exactly my height with the four inch heels. Actually, she was an inch taller. I was looking up to her. When this fact settled in my cortex, a tingle ran through my balls. I knew I would be servicing her for most of this session. She was the boss tonight. I felt loose, sort of weak, it was hard to describe.

We broke our embrace and took seats on the living room couch. I excused myself, slipped into the bedroom and fired up my recorder. The living room recorder was already running. Then back out to the kitchen. A bottle of Irish Crème, two glasses and some ice. Back into the living room. Charlene peeled her jacket and shirt off.

Hungry bitch, wasn't she

I poured the booze into the glasses, handed one to her. Staring at her tits. Not large, but perfect. She chugged her drink, I chugged mine. I was excited. This was all going to be captured on video. The spike heeled boots, the tight jeans, the perfect tits, the long hair reaching down to her ass. I took her hand, guiding her up from the couch. She looked taller with her shirt off. Why

I twirled her around; she was thrilled to show off the hot body.

What was on her lower back

I could see four colored stars. One red. One blue. One green. One yellow. There must be a fifth star twinkling below those jeans. Because this was definitely, a five star girl.

I escorted her to the bedroom. Dimmed the lights, but not all the way. I needed to see her, all of her, and I needed the camera to see her. I felt a twinge of guilt because of the cameras. Damn, I liked this girl. I think my plan to turn her over to Danny was done. The five star ass sealed the deal.

Sorry Danny, I did yours, but you aren't doing mine.

I lay her back on my king size bed. Peeled off her boots. Her jeans were a bit of a chore, but a fun chore. The jeans were sprayed on. Underneath those jeans was a black leather something. Some type of underwear. Charlene laughed as I tugged the black boots back on her. I hoped the camera was getting all of this. Her skin was smooth; the contrast with her boots and the panty thing was awe inspiring.

I crawled between her legs. Immediately, the pheromones crashed against me. My tongue was out and I was only at her knees. I began to pant and sweat, I needed this bad. I needed cunt. Her cunt. Wanted it. Would have begged for it. Could have, would have said please, if she made me.

Her hands were suddenly in my hair, pulling me forward. My face hit her pussy square on. Actually, the material thing pretending to be underwear. My tongue went out and tasted leather. My cock leapt in my pants. I sucked and mouthed away at the leather. Her wetness was coming through. I pushed the leather thing around with the tip of my tongue and was able to enter her. She was wet and ready.

Within seconds she was moaning.

"Right...fucking...there!" she commanded.

Her breathing was heavy. The words were difficult.

She spit out two more.


I kept the pressure on her spot. I felt a low frequency impulse at the tip of my tongue. Another new experience. My tongue seemed to be numbing as the impulse grew. How weird was this

She let go of my hair and grabbed at the blanket on the bed. She intensified her moaning as the electricity built up in my tongue. She was tearing at the blanket, her moaning was now speech. Words in some language yet to be invented. Bad Klingon or something.

Her legs weren't moving, but her ass and core were quivering. I kept the pressure where she said, not exactly sure what was happening.

Her smell was overpowering my senses.

A flood of hot wet came with the smell.

Along with the guttural scream of an ancient animal.


Frightened wasn't the word, but 'shaken' was.

I was about to pull away when a vice grip of two hands grabbed my skull and began to grind my face deep into her pussy. If I didn't get my cock off the bed, it would blow under my body weight.

When did I get hard

I tried to crawl up onto my knees. Charlene wrenched my neck as she twisted my mouth deeper. I inhaled and nearly suffocated on her wetness. She continued her loud, scary animal sounds, grinding out orgasm after orgasm, bucking at my face. I sucked at her pussy, sucked hard. Taking in her wet ejaculation, swallowing it down my throat. On her hardest buck, I began to squirt in my pants. I pounded the bed, squirming as my load shot out.

We both collapsed. She was soaked from head to toe. An outrageous, orgasmic flop sweat. I was soaked as well, my crotch hot and sticky and wet. I gasped for air, finally free of her wet furnace. The pheromones were thick in the room. Musty, damp and pungent.

Ten minutes passed by.

Our heart rates settled.

The fragrance called 'Sex by Charlene' began to restart my cock. My pants came off, then my shirt, finally my gooey underwear. I crawled up over her, mounting her face. I lifted her head, stuffed a couple of pillows behind her neck. Slid my cum covered knob into her mouth.

"Mmmm," she murmured.

Great. She loves cum. She loves my cum.

Charlene licked and sucked at the cum, then swallowed and began to work my knob. I pushed slowly in, then pulled back out. She was good at this as well. I wrapped my arms around her legs, pulling her boots up in the air. I could see her beautiful heels and watch her suck my cock at the same time. Was I ever going to pound her wet pussy. Pound it, jackhammer it. Obliterate the hot leather panty thing.

I began to fondle the outside of her boots. When the strange sensation of lightness and weakness began to come over me again. What the fuck was it

I ran my fingers over her heels. I wanted to lick her heels. To lick her boots. To suck on her heels. To have her step on me, grind on me. Beat me.

The pressure on my cock was hot and wet and powerful. As if a wet Shop Vac was swallowing me. I dropped her legs down on the bed and pulled out of her mouth, leaving her gasping and wanting. I slid back to mount her, but I slipped too far on the bed and ended up between her boots. I crawled up over her, and got whacked in the head with her smell. I stopped right there, knowing I wasn't going to fuck her tonight. Her pussy scent was not going to let me to get away.

I fell back in, face first. She was sopping. This time I got my hands under her ass. I was going to do her my way. I pulled her ass up, lifting her legs and boots into the air. I pushed back on her legs until her boots hit the headboard.

Now bitch, who is the boss

She was the boss.

Because I was servicing her.

Not even going to fuck her.

My cock began to twitch. I lifted up on my knees. This forced her further back on the bed. Forced her to spread open for me. I buried my face in deep, probing with the magic tongue. The poor girl was pouring out all over my face. The moaning began, and then the crazy language. My cock was twitching, despite being free and untouched.

Her mad fingers found my hair and tangled up. She yanked me deep into her pussy. Her powerful legs surrounded my skull, locking me in place.

Who was the boss now

She was.

Charlene began to thrust as her crazy language morphed into guttural sounds. Her pussy and my face were one as she wrenched against me. We were a giant facefuck ball, primitive and wet. I thought about the power she possessed. The tall girl in the black heeled boots with the amazing arm and leg strength. The power of the ages, the power of the orgasm. For once, woman ruled man. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. Loved being dominated by this chick. In fact, my unfettered, untouched cock began to spurt, not from anything else but my mind. This was truly my first mind fuck. Charlene came right then, over and over and over again.

Once more we collapsed, in the facefuck position, her tight thighs around my skull. I simply fell into her pussy and breathed her in. Drank her in. Ate her in. Beaten. Dominated. Defeated.

Before this night ended, I might actually fuck her.

It wasn't to be.

There was one more eating session, this one lasted nearly an hour. She came. I came. I came for the third time, eating from her mighty pussy. Unreal. The next morning video show was a grainy, shit quality movie. Cheap, big box, no name equipment. However. The action was amazing. What a porno movie. People would pay to see this stuff. A big powerful guy being totally schooled by this chick. Owned by this chick. Doing nothing but servicing this chick. The perfect skin and the black boots. Too much.

No, I did not actually have my cock in her.

No, I never did find the fifth star.

Not on this date.

I would though.

No entry on the scorecard tonight.

If there was going to be an entry, it would have read Charlene, ten. Charlene, twenty.

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