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Thirty One Days - Chapter 17

Author: Ronan Jackson Jefferson Contact: Rojackjeff@hotmail.com
Publish Date : May 28, 2014
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This is the 17th part of the story Thirty One Days, a challenge that involves sex, thirty-one women, and will take 31 days

* * * * * * *

The dog collar is being placed around the faggot's neck.

Holy shit.

Not again.

Better watch out for the Pit Bull Man.

Stevie violently tosses the fag back against the bed. The fag's head bounces up and down. Stevie is moving his hand quickly. The hand is dripping with grease and is on the fag's exposed ass.

"One finger," Stevie coos.

Stevie is fingering the guy. The camera is completely focused on the ass action.

"Two fingers, girl," I hear Stevie say.

My own cock is throbbing as one with my skull. I can barely keep my eyes open. My lids are heavy with surrender. Passion. Sickness. I fight to keep watching. This is too good to miss.

"Three fingers," I hear next.

I moaned aloud. In my condo. On my couch. What an asshole. My role playing skills are better than I thought. Any second, my cock is going to burst through my pants. I reach down and fondle my own leathered bulge. Suddenly, Stevie punches the prone fag square in the face!

My cock leaps against my pants, screaming for release. I manage to find the clicker and push pause. The pounding in my head is subsiding. Not my cock. This is nuts. This is way too real, this role playing shit.

I pull myself back up to my original sitting position on the couch. Fuck. I was nearly prone. I was being the fag in the video.

I move the footstool away from the couch. I pick up the bottle of Jack and slide my ass down on the carpet. I uncap the bottle and swig. Well over half gone. I am good and buzzed. I am hammered. Again. Every two weeks. A pattern is developing.

I am sweat soaked from head to toe. My cock has stopped throbbing. I grab the brown bottle and engage in a double shot. I recap the little brown devil and lay my head back on the couch seat.

I remember my new nipple sensations. I hit the play button and slowly brush my nipples as I exhale the brown bottle poison. The thumping returns between my ears and between my legs. The gorgeous black pouch is full. I want to touch it, but I have to rub my nipples and watch the movie. I keep rubbing, circling over them with one finger each. I am mesmerized by the direct link to my cock. I feel the warm heat from the brown bottle flush through me. I can barely keep my eyes open.

I am able to let one nipple go. To rewind the disc. I want to see the third punch again. Three punches, to go with three fingers in the fag's ass. I hit play. I fight to keep my eyes open. I toggle up the sound. Here comes the punch.

A loud smack!

Red blood sprays from the faggot's mouth. Along with a cry of pain. A cry of fear. My cock is pounding. Stevie is annihilating this bitch.

Go Stevie, destroy the cunt!

What a position of power to be in!

Dominating power.

The boss. The king.

I think my cock is going to blow any second. Stevie is pushing the fag's legs apart. I mimic the move by sliding flat onto my back. I part my legs. Stevie is pushing the legs back, exposing the ass. The cameraman hits zoom, angling for the hole. Disgusting, the fag's hole is dripping with grease. The hole is red and open, thanks to Stevie's three finger assault. On the carpet, I am spread and bent. The pressure of my pants is strangling my cock. With one hand, I reach for the zipper. I must release the fucking beast. Now.

I struggle to keep my eye slits open.

Please, I beg myself, stay with it!

The action on the screen is better than any porno I have ever seen. Mind blowing stuff. The fag on the bottom is beautifully muscled, with a rippling abdomen and deep tanned skin. He is sweat slicked and smooth. Exactly like me, I think. I am working a nipple with one hand, trying to free my cock with the other. I am staring at the dripping hole when the camera blurs. The camera quickly refocuses. My head and poor cock are near ready to blast off. The camera has refocused on something long and white.

Stevie's bare cock is out. It is pure white, and motherfucker, the thing must be a foot long. No wonder my ass was torn to bits. I had to admit, this was one amazing cock.

Why did I have to admit this

Never mind.

Stevie is maneuvering on the bed. His hands have lifted the poor fag's ass in the air. Stevie is pressing his monster cock against the fag's hole. I feel the first spasm deep in my balls, somewhere near my ass. With both hands I rip my zipper down, unsnap my leathers and yank out my cock. One last look at the screen. Stevie's purple knob is pushing hard at the fag's ass. Any second, it will disappear inside.

The camera angle switches to an above view.


The little red light on the ceiling was a camera. Not a smoke detector.

I should have known this, shouldn't I

Stevie is climbing on top of his prey, hooking his arms under the fag's legs, pinning the helpless creature back on the bed. The two of them are prone, Stevie on top, the fag spread eagled on the bottom. The camera has switched back again to side view. Stevie is biting at the fag's mouth. The camera zooms in tight on the face. My face. Stevie is licking and sucking at my blood. Blood is spattering all over our chests and faces. It looks as if the lion is eating the gazelle. The biting turns to kissing. The TV speakers clearly pick up the strong moans of the gazelle on the bottom. The gazelle is whimpering, suffering and scared. Begging to please the lion, sucking and slobbering in oral passion.

The second spasm is rocking through my balls. My body is flushing out completely. I can barely follow the perversion on the screen. Stevie pulls off, returning to a standing position. The camera lingers on my face, panting, gasping, smeared in blood and saliva. The camera pans down to my cock. Thick, pounding, full and monstrous. Alive.

The audio pops and hisses.

Goes out completely.

Suddenly, Stevie is hovering over my cock. His white fingers lift it straight up. The cock looks heavy; a foot long and a half a foot in diameter. His thick lips are brushing my knob. My knob disappears in his mouth. A third spasm begins in my balls. My chest begins to rise and fall as my breaths come quicker. I am mesmerized at the sight on the screen. The camera is in tight on Stevie. Stevie is sliding down, down, down on my cock. I see his throat bulge as he takes it. An anaconda swallowing an anaconda. His face is pretty, he is a girl. Doing what girl's do best. And he is definitely, performing for the camera.

The camera jerks around, from Stevie's close up to mine. The camera moves in tight. There is sharp red blood splotched all over my chest, neck and face. I look like I am being slaughtered. It doesn't appear to be me, the face is contorted and messed, bruised and battered. The camera lingers on the defeated face. Stevie must be continuing his oral assault, because my face is beginning to squirm, possibly in the throes of a major ecstasy, or possibly terrified of being punched again.

The lights have been toggled up to full intensity. The sound is back. I hear my voice, clearly. Quivering. Not in control. A nightmare to my ears.

"Fuck me. Fuck me please."

I said what

"Are you kidding me" I exclaim aloud.

I fumble for the clicker. My balls spasm a fourth time, mightily. The camera has pulled back again. Stevie is in fuck position. Perspiration is pouring from his thick shaggy hair, dropping as rain. He struggles to penetrate the cherry beneath him. The sound is echoing from my surround sound speakers. Stevie is breathing hard and grunting, a true animal. The fag on the bottom is whimpering and moaning. The ropey muscles in Stevie's thin arms begin to flex as he tugs hard on the fag's ass. The camera work is professional.

How do they get these angles from another room, I wonder

And there it is!

Stevie's bell punches into the fag's ass!

Perfect audio, the grunt of the pusher, the splat of the compressed lubrication, the cry of the faggot on the bottom.

I was stunned.

This was too much!

My cock began to spurt, shooting streams of white across my belly. I slammed my head back against the couch. Again. Again. My entire body shook. I emptied my balls all over myself. Heaving, breathing hard, sweat soaked. Cock jerking the last of the juice out. Depleting me. No girls in sight. No girls in this room. No girls on the screen. No girls in my head. No girls, period. Only two men. Two animals.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Shocking. Shocking and dismaying at the same time. An actual full on, anal penetration shot. Except. This wasn't too faggy actors in a movie, was it This was real. My real.

I tried to settle my breathing.

Gather my brain cells.

Understand this new reality.

I couldn't begin to think. I was done. I could take no more of my movie tonight. I felt strangely empty.





Stupidity times a million.

Take the thing out of the DVD player and destroy it.

Toss the stupid brown bottle in the garbage.

Keep the pants and boots for Halloween.

I must get off this track I am heading down.

My personal highway to hell.

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