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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapter 1 to 3

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 09-Aug-14 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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Oh what a wonderful pair of breasts she had round firm and not sagging what so ever...

* * * * * * *

Chapter 1

On my way

I had just won some money on the loto so I brought myself a nice car and decided to take a road trip round the UK as there were so many places I had not seen, I left Colchester and I had said to myself that if I came across anyone wanting a life I would give it to them going up the A12 I turned left onto the motorway M25 and set of on my journey I was in no hurry when I came across the turning for Dover and Margate I had never been so of I set, on the way down I called into Leeds castle and had a look round, on leaving I was just going up the slip road back onto the motorway when there was this guy standing by the road with a sign saying Medway Town so I stopped and said put your bag in the back and get in, so we got talking and I found out he was 21 and on his way home from college and he thanked me for stopping as so many don't, as I drove I found out that he was gay and that he had had a tough time at college in getting to know anyone.

Well I said I know what you mean I know I am older than you 45 but I am bi-sexual and I find it hard to meet men for just a good time, but I am sure it must be harder to find a long term thing, yea he said but to be honest would not mind anything at the moment, we drove on and after a while I took the chance and placed my hand on his leg, when he put his hand on mine I thought he was going to take it way but instead he placed my hand on his hard cock which I could feel thou his jeans, Mmmmm I said that feels nice and big what size is it, why don't you get it out and see he said, not while I am driving I replied, what time are you to be home, Oh anytime my parents know they will see me when I get there well I can sort out your problem of not getting it for a while and I pulled of at a Motel and book a double room, as soon as we entered the room we were fighting each other trying to get each other clothes off as soon as we could, both of us wanting sex so bad, when I got his trousers off my god he had one hell of a dick it could not be far of 12 inches and at least 6 or 7 thick, God I have never had a cock that bloody big up my ass before but was willing to give a dam good try.

We pulled each other onto the bed and I pushed him back onto the bed and took this massive cock into my hand and it did not cover hardly any of it but I started to wank it and moving my hand up and down the full length and he started to moan as I did, then I lent forward and took the head inside my mouth and ran my tongue around it and he thrust his hips up as I did forcing half of it into my mouth and I started to gag but that did not stop him as he started to fuck my mouth and placed his hands on the back of my head making sure I was not going to take it away, I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat hard with each thrust he made, the more he thrust the more after a while I could take with out gagging, then he did push hard into my mouth and the head went down my throat further than it had ever before and my god it was big and it cut of my air so I had to breath thou my nose as his cock started to spurt his salty tasting cum down my throat he was grunting with each spurt of cum still holding my face on the end of his cock, finally his cock finished throbbing and he pulled it from my mouth and pulled me up and he kissed me saying now it's my turn to have a drink so I lay on my back my cock was only 7 inches but he took it all in his mouth and I started to moan and I said between heard gulps of air why not turn round so I can suck you hard again so I can sit on that big fucker so he moved round and put his knees either side of my shoulders and lowered his cock into my mouth it was still dripping cum so I sucked and lick at it as he sucked and licked on my cock, we kept on this like until I came filling his mouth with my white warm cum and he to took every little drop and the turned round and lay beside me and we kissed and cuddled and then he was hard once more so I rolled him over on his back and I knelt over him and raised myself up on my knees and placed the head of this massive cock up against my ass hole and pushed down at first I did not think it was going to go in and as I pushed down he suddenly thrust up and the head plus 3 inches shot into me making me scream out not only in pain but pleasure and he pushed up some more now half way in god this thing was fucking big, he could not raise himself any more so he brought his hands up placed them on my shoulders and forced me down until the whole 12 inches was fully embedded inside me and that brought the sweat out on my forehead as all 12 inches forced it's way deep inside me, then we started to fuck hard I was rising up and then fully down until our bodies slapped together both now moaning out with the shear pleasure we were giving each other, I was raising myself up so just the very tip was touching my ass so my ass hole had to open fully to allow this big cock head back in, and every time it opened my ass I cried out YES YES, I had never felt anything like it as it opened up my hole my cock hard again and he was wanking it as I thrust up and down then I took hold of his nipples and pulled them and twisted them he thrust up and filled me like I had never felt a cock cum before, he was so deep inside my I felt every little bit of his warm cum leave his throbbing cock and hit my insides, and as it spread out inside me it gave me a warmth I have never had before or since, his cock stopped pumping but I just sat on it for as long as I could but finally got of him and his cock popped from my well and truly fuck ass. I told him to lay on his stomach and I got over him and fuck his ass had and fast cumming as deep as I could with his ass and we fell asleep on the bed, when we woke we were both hard once more so it seamed a pity to waste a good hard cock,and we both wanted a shower so that's were we headed as soon as we got into the shower he told me to face the wall place my hands above my head and spread my legs and he got behind me and without warning rammed his massive cock into my ass he took hold of of my hips and started to bang my ass hard and fast he was pulling out all the way before ramming it back in again and again he thrust deep into my ass, I knew my ass was going to be saw after this but at this time I did not care I had not felt anything like this in my life this was rough sex and boy oh boy it was rough and hard, he grunted each time he pushed in and so did I and them one last hard push he filled me again where he had filled me before deep deep inside me and once more I felt every little drop and splash of his cum, Oh it was so wonderful we he remover his cock I turned and kissed him hard our tongue entwined as we did then I pushed him back against the wall of the shower and pulled his legs up and he clamped them around my waist and I push my cock into his ass and I slipped fully in side him he placed his arms around my neck and I lifted from the wall took him out into the bathroom and sat him on the edge of the sink where he placed his arms out behind him and took hold of the taps and I took hold of his hips and fuck him as hard as he had me until I exploded inside him we this times showered and dressed went and got breakfast and I dropped him right out side his front door.

Chapter 2

In Dover

So later that day I arrived in Dover found a B&B to stay in I booked for the week as I thought I could use this to go out and about from here and take a good look around Kent, So I asked the Lady of the B&B where there was a good place to eat and there was a restaurant just down the road not far from the castle, so after washing and cleaning up self up I went in search for the restaurant had my meal and the as it was a warm summer night went for a walk and came across this pub down on the sea front it was about half full or half empty depending on which way you look at it but I got my pint and went and at a small table and watched the TV that had some football match on, I drank that pint and thought I would have one more before walking back to the B&B when I sat back down a couple came and asked me if anyone was sitting on the other chairs at the table as the pub had started to fill up now, No I said help yourselves so they sat down and we started to chat, Mike was 30 and Abbey was 28 they were on holiday and had been here about a week I told them what I was doing and they seamed very interested where I was going and how long did I think it would take me I just said I did not know and it did not mater, I told them about picking up Jon and how we had spent the night in a Motel just of the M2 Wow said Abbey that seams wild so you are Gay or Bi she said Oh Bi-sexual and I saw them give each other a look.

Mike said he needed the toilet and once he had gone Abbey lent forward and said can I ask you a question Dave sure I will answer any thing go ahead, would you join us back at our caravan and we could have some fun it's just that we have had a threesome before by Mike has always wanted to try gay sex and the time we had a threesome the bloke was straight so would only fuck me would you please Dave, I thought about it for a good split second and said why not Ok she said I get us one more drink then we can be off.

We got to there caravan and Abbey got a bottle of wine from the fridge and we sat round the table and talked and they told me what they had done and liked, there said that to get things started they wondered if playing cut the cards would help so they got a pack and placed it on the table and topped up every ones glass at the same time, so we said ace high lowers card someone takes something of so first cut and I lost so off came the t-shirt, before long I was down to my pants, Mike just had his pants and socks on and Abbey had just knickers and Oh what a wonderful pair of breasts she had round firm and not sagging what so ever and what I would say was just the right size just over a handful and her nipples were pierced and had small gold bars thou each one, Abbey was looking at the outline of my cock though my pants and by the way she kept looking at it she like what she saw, as it is was 7 inches but thick to, so here came the next cut and I lost so it was time to loose the pants I did not worry as I would have just stood there and stripped of without the card game so I got up walked to the middle of the room and dropped my pants Abbey whistled and said wow Dave nice cock , so we said the next person that was naked had to suck my cock and drink my cum Mike did not look to happy but agreed so they cut and Abbey lost so she stood up and took of her small knickers to reveal one of the best pussy's I think I have seen she had it shaved and she had quite a mound of flesh and her inner pussy lips hung out from her outer ones I had seen photo's of women that had long inner lips but never seen one or had one in real life, and to top that marvel both her inner lips were pierced to and to more gold bars though each one I just had to take a gulp of air and said WOW my God that is one beautiful cunt you have Abbey your a bloody lucky bloke Mike, he smiled and said well you will be soon.

Abbey came over to me and as I stood there my cock hard and sticking out in front of my she placed her hand on it dropped to her knees and pushed it into her mouth, I closed my eyes and whispered OH MY GOD Oh my god as she slipped the whole length into her mouth and I felt her throat touch my sensitive cock head and I shivered, Mike had now undressed and Abbey had been kneeling in front of me sitting back on her legs but Mike lifted her so she was now on all fours and he going behind her and just slipped his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her from the rear,each thrust he made pushed Abbey forward onto my cock so she had to let the full length into her throat, Mike was looking up at me smiling as he pumped his cock into her harder and harder we kept like this for some time until I felt me cock ready to spurt it's load and without saying anything I pushed Abbey's head forward and let it fly from my cock fully down her throat, on and on it pumped filling her mouth so full that it was seeping out round my cock, Abbey took her mouth from me as Mike came inside her and when he was done she turned and took his head in her hands held his face between them and kissed him but as she did she still had a mouth full of my cum and she pushed it into his mouth and because she had hold of his head he had to drink it down.

I wanted to lick her cunt and those lips, so I took hold of her and lifted her to the table and lay her down on it her legs handing over the edge and her toes just touching the floor I pushed open her legs and now I had a real clear view of her pussy, not a hair in sight and her lips looked wonderful hanging out as they did from the depths of her pussy, she had Mike's cum dripping from her big long lushest lips and I pushed my face into her opening up her lips with my tongue and Mike's cum ran from her over my tongue and down my throat, it tasted salty but not that bad as it had her cum juice mixed with it, Abbey began to moan and I gently ran my tongue up and down her pussy and eased it in further with each lick, and my tongue ran over her swollen clit she shivered and shook, her little gold bars twisted and pulled at her long pussy lips and I sucked one in my mouth and as I twisted it in my mouth she climaxed hard and her juice rushed from deep within her flushing out all of Mike's cum and now it was just hers that I had running down my throat and it tasted wonderful her body shook as her climax when thou her, Mike had climbed onto the table and was sitting across her stomach and he was twisting her nipples pulling hard at her nipple bars really twisting them round and round Abbey was screaming out with shear pleasure at this and she came once more.

Hey Mike I said want to swap places I asked him yea great he said as he got of the table, but he did not know what I was up to he got between her legs and he and dived right into her pussy sucking her clit but instead of getting on the table I dropped to my knees behind Mike and pulled his ass cheeks apart and before he could say anything I pushed my face hard against his ass and rimmed his tight ass hole round and round I ran my tongue soon he was back at eating out his girlfriends cunt and moaning with his mouth full of her pussy lips as I push my tongue just inside his hole and I brought up a hand between his legs and found his cock really hard and place my fingers around it and started to play with it wanking him slowly as I carried on rimming him, Mike was now lifting his head from Abbey's pussy and moaning GOD GOD OH Christ OH GOD as I carried on, I felt Abbey shake again and knew she had just orgasmed once more, when she had her breath back I heard her say Oh Shit I wanted to see Mike's ass taken you have not fucked him yet please tell me you have not fucked him yet, Mike answered no it's just his tongueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as I pushed it in further, I pulled away from Mike and said ok if you want to see Mike loose his ass cherry then lets get to it and I helped Abbey up from the table and ask Mike to lean over the table which he did his cock was just lower then the table top so it hung below the edge and he lay there arms up above his head and I pushed his legs apart a bit more and pulled open his ass cheeks again and Abbey was right beside me looking at his hole, she squealed Oh Oh I saw it twitch I saw his hole twitch, I let some spit drip over his hole and I placed a finger there on his hole and pushed and the tip of my finger eased into it, Abbey was like a kid in a sweet shop dancing up and down while she watch my finger enter her boyfriend ass, oh oh wonderful wonderful go on push it in push it in, I spit down again and eased my finger back and forth and Mike was moaning Oh Mmmmmmmm nice nice as I pushed in after his ass had gotten use to one finger I entered another one beside the first, OH Christ he said as I pushed forward yes yes said Abbey fuck him fuck him and I did with my fingers and then more spit and then three fingers Jesus Oh Jesus cry Mike as all three finger when into him after fucking his ass with my fingers for a while and Abbey dancing beside me with the delight of watching Mike take my fingers I pulled from him and said to Abbey want to help me, Oh Yea oh Yea yea she said ok well I can not stretch his hole enough with my fingers while I am trying to hold his ass cheeks open so how would you like to hold then open for me please my dear, yes yes I yes and with out another word she pulled his cheeks apart and now I pushed a finger from one hand and another from the other and pulled his hole easing it open further and further stretching it ready for my cock, Abbey watched with her eyes bulging OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo she said as I pulled it wide, Mike was enjoying it saying Oh Oh MY GOD YES YES OH MY GOD YES and then Abbey squealed again OH MY GOD I can see right inside his ass oh my god. Want to put your finger in there I asked , now I have it open you can let his cheeks go Oh Oh can I can I she said yea go on and she let go of his cheeks and placed two finger between mine right in the middle of his stretch hole and as she pushed them in I let the sides go and his ass closed round her fingers, Oh Oh fuck my ass babe go on fuck it Mike said to Abbey and she started to move her fingers in and out and she spat on his ass to give it a bit more lube, Mike was really enjoying this OH OH CHRIST that's it fuck it he said Abbey was now ramming her two finger hard into him and I stood up and nodded to her and she gave one more hard push with her fingers and then pulled them out, please open his cheeks again will you Abbey yea yea oh tea she said and as she pulled them open I took a step forward and please the tip of my cock up onto his hole once more lot of spit and I pushed forward and he was very tight even thou we had stretch him but I pushed harder and the head popped inside him, he screamed out OH FUCK FUCK but to my surprise not in pain but it sounded like shear pleasure, as he was saying all of it all of it I want all of it, so on I pushed and Abbey was shouting OH OH darling Half in half in, then OH OH three quarters in On my love then it was YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa it's all in my babe it's all in, Oh yea I know he said and it's bloody fantastic and then I pulled out and pushed back in, Abbey was transfixed at the sight of my cock going back and forth inside her man's ass how it pulled out and pushed his ring back in with each stroke, she snapped out of it in the end as Mike was still moaning in pleasure as I now had his hips in my hands and was really starting to hit into his ass hard and fast, Abbey disappeared from sight and the next thing I knew she was sitting on the floor between my legs and Mikes and she had his cock which was hanging down under the table fully into her mouth and she had my balls in one hand this was more than I could stand a tight ass clamped round my cock and a tender pair of hands cupping my balls and massaging as I banged in and out of her boyfriend, Mike shook on the table beneath me and I could hear Abbey drinking his cum as it shot from his cock and as it shot it's load I could feel it pulse around my cock with each pump, then I shoved into Mike hard and I held my cock fully into him and I filled his virgin ass with it's first ever load of warm cum and I knew it would not be the last the way he had enjoyed it, I held it fully inside him for a while and then let it slip from him, we had another drink and I got dress and left them to it, but Abbey did ask me back tomorrow night as I did not get to fuck her and she wanted to feel it inside her, Ok if you really want to I would love to see what it will feel like having those golden bars rubbing my dick as I fuck you, then lets say 7 here tomorrow night, Ok that's a date tell you what how about if I get us a take-a-way before we get started, sounds great see you at seven, I walk back to the B&B and turned in with my hand on my cock I fell fast asleep.

Chapter 3

Next Evening

At 7 I was knocking on the caravan door only to be opened by Abbey completely naked

Good job it was me I said with a smile and she said come on in, we ordered a meal eat and we were all naked and ready for the evening ahead, I asked Abbey that now she had seen Mike loose his Virgin ass had she ever had a cock up her ass, no she said Mike was not into that but I think he has changed his mind after yesterday I have had butt plugs but not big ones she said, well fancy it I said with a smile as long as you don't mind Mike I asked, if Abbey wants your cock up there go for it my friend Mike smiled back, so what's in the carrier bag Dave asked Abbey well I wondered as you were so excited at seeing me fuck Mike yesterday I wondered if you wanted to fuck his ass while I fuck yours, What she asked surprised how can I do that well I have a gift for you so you can fuck Mike's ass when ever you want to and with that I pulled out a strap on dildo Abbey jumped up and down and clapped her hands squealing Oh Goody Oh Goody and took it from me and put it on right away, out in front of Abbey was a 9 inch plastic cock and she started to rub her hand up and down it like she was wanking herself off, Oh I love it Dave thank you so so much and she came over and gave me a long hard kiss her tongue shooting into my mouth and it was a really sexy thank you kiss, as she pulled away she said ok Mike my love bent over that bloody table I want to try this baby out on that ass of yours, Oh I said I got some KY gel to as you need it more then just spit when you use a plastic one.

Mike got up and walked over to the table and bent over it Abbey then opened the gel and placed a big dollop on his ass and soon had her fingers going in and out of his hole stretching it open read to take her strap-on-dick Mike so already enjoying it and moaning loudly as Abbey fucked his ass harder with her fingers, then she placed herself up behind Mike and took hold of the head and placed it on his hole and just pushed the head popped into him and he screamed out as inch by inch it was pushed into him until Abbey had the whole 9 inches inside his ass, Mike was taking big deep breaths as Abbey kept shoving forward trying to get even more inside him, I told Abbey to stay there fully inside Mike while I got behind her and placed Gel on her ass and played with her hole with my fingers and then as she had just done to Mike I did to her with my own hard cock, I pushed forward and in it popped and Abbey screamed out that it hurt like fuck but as she had not shown mercy to Mike I showed none to her and just pushed the full length into her until I was fully up against her butt and she was still shouting FUCK FUCK THAT HURTS but as I held it there she started to quieten down and her voice changed and she started to say Ooooo Ooooo that is starting to feel good Ooooo yes I like that and then I pulled back MMMmmmmm she said and I told her to pull back from Mike and as she did she slipped back onto my cock , so as Abbey pushed into Mike my cock came sliding out then when she pulled back from him she slipped my cock back into her ass, Within a few minutes we were all moaning in pleasure as we fucked like this then I came filling Abbeys ass with her first load of cum it had ever had, OOOOoooo Oooo Ooooo she said I can feel your cum so far up my ass ooooo that feels wonderful so warm and wet inside me, OOOoooo she said again, my cock popped out from her ass and she carried on fucking Mike hard and fast I then did what Abbey had done and got on the floor between their legs and started to suck Mike's cock it was already covered in pre cum and his cum did taste salty but not that bad, With Abbey pounding his ass and me sucking his cock and playing with his balls he did not take long to shoot his load right into my mouth and down my open throat, once we had finished we sat and had a drink and Abbey said to me you still have not fuck my pussy yet Dave it's about time you did, yes it is I agreed and she came over to me knelt down and started to suck my cock it was not long before it was hard and ready for action once more Abbey got up and lay on the floor she placed a pillow under her butt to lift her wonderful fleshy pussy mound up in the air and I knelt between her wide spread legs and licked her cunt and sucked at her long inner pussy lips and once more sucked her gold bars that pierced them I twisted them around and round in my mouth sucked her clit and by now she was shaking her head from side to side as she moaned out loud then she filled my mouth with her first climax of the evening and I then moved up her body sucking and licking each and every inch of her it as I went, doing the same to her nipple rings as I had done to her inner lips rings sending her into another climax, then my cock head touch her wet cunt and it was if mu cock was sucked into her as the whole length was inside her before I even knew it my balls hitting her butt and her clit squashed between us Oh and those gold bars in her inner lips dug into the side of my cock sending my into orbit Christ that felt good as I started to move back and forth inside her, I pounded into her harder and harder Mike came over and placed a hand between us and played with her clit while I pounded into her then I felt his finger enter my ass and he started to finger fuck my ass as I fucked Abbey and he also rubbed her clit she was now climaxing again and again her body shaking hard and her sex juice running from her cunt like a river and then she exploded I one big orgasm that made her lift her ass even higher of the pillow and force my cock as far into her as I could get it, her pussy clamped onto my cock squeezing it as it rippled as she came and came, Abbey was shouting out so loud as this massive orgasm hit her and then Mike pushed his fingers hard into hit rubbed my prostrate and I came filling Abbey with my seed and she screamed again as she felt it hitting her insides warm and wet.

By the time I got dressed and left for the B&B it was around 2 in the morning and we had all fucked each other and Abbey said she love it when I was bent over the table with Mike fucking my ass and she was behind him fuck his ass, we carried on like this for two more days then it was time for them and me to move on they were going home me carrying on with my travels.

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