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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 4 - 8

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 14-Aug-14 Revised/Updated 25-Aug-14
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I told then to lick my cum of each other and then lick and finger fuck each other until they came.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 4

On to Brighton

So I left Dover behind and moved on round the coast over the next few day I stopped off at Hastings, Eastbourne, end ended up in Brighton all very interesting places but real fun to be had, I reach Brighton on the Friday afternoon found a Motel and booked in for the weekend with the option of stopping longer if I needed to, I went out after having a meal at the Motel and was walking along the sea front just taking in the sea air I had walked for about a hour and turned to walk back and by that time I could call in a pub for a pint or two and back to the Motel, half way back I came across a young lady sitting on the sea wall and she seamed to be crying I was just going to walk by but no I stopped and asked if she was ok and could I help in anyway, she said Thanks but she was OK and just had a fight with her boyfriend and she would be OK, I said if your sure why not just walk back to the town with me rather then sitting on this wall getting cold and I don't like the thought of you sitting out here all alone, OK thank you she said as she turned she said my name is Kate by the way well I Dave please to meet you Kate, come on lets get you back to town.

On our walk back to town we talked and she said how her boyfriend had wanted her to loose her virginity to him and his mates when she had said NO they had dumped her out of the car and just left her there, very nice boyfriend I must say I said I think you would be better off finding someone else my dear Kate, I had told her what I was doing in Brighton and she said that it sounded interesting as we walked she was shivering as the sea breeze was turning chilly so I gave her my coat to put on as we got closer to the town I could see her more clearly and Kate was about 18 or 19, long blond hair flowing out behind her and hung down to her butt, nice size boos quite big actually and she was wearing a very tight top that showed them off very well, Kate had got on a a short skirt I could not really tell what colour it was in this light and 3 or 4 inch heels and she looked very very sexy, her face was sort of a roundish face full red lips very beautiful in fact, As we got into the town I said that I had planed to go for a drink when I got back to town before going of to the Motel as she was cold would she care to join me, Don't worry I said I am not trying to pick you up or anything god I am old enough to be your dad it's just you look as thou you could do with a drink.

Yes that would be nice she said thank you so in we went Kate went and found a table and I got the drinks we sat there talking and she said that her and her friend Lucy went to a local college, now I could see her in the bright light of the pub, she was in fact very beautiful she had piercing green eyes that went well with her blond hair, the skirt was pale blue and she had one great figure and she was in fact 18, she also said about that she would not be going out with that dick head of a boyfriend anymore that was for sure she went on to say when she was ready to loose her virginity it would be with someone special and not in the back of a car with three others there, good for you I said when someone takes it just makes sure they are there to please you not just jump on you and have their way and you are left wondering what it is all about, you should be made to feel special.

We had a few more drinks and I said come on let me walk you home, thank you she said that would be nice and as we walked to her home she put her arm thou mine and we walked slowly to her home, once there I said take care Kate she gave me my coat back and as she did she kissed me lightly on the cheek and said thanks again Dave for being my Knight in shining armour, she waved as she closed the door behind her. I spent the following day walking around Brighton and thought about Kate of and on, the pub we stopped at done evening meals so I thought I might as well go there for a bite and maybe a walk after, I sat down ordered my meal and was waiting for it when I had a tap on the shoulder and there stood Kate looking more gorgeous as she had not been crying tonight, hi Dave she said I was hoping you would be here sometime tonight just wanted to say thanks again for last night and that I told that boyfriend of mine to go get lost.

Good for you I said she started to go when I asked have you eaten Kate no just going home to get something, Please join me I said don't worry I said with a smile no funny business just a meal, are you sure she replied I would not have asked if I was not sure, then yes that would be very nice she said and sat down and ordered her food. She asked how old I was 45 I told her as I said last night old enough to be your dad so you don't have to worry I said with a smile, Oh I wasn't she said just thinking and when she smiled back she lit up the room my god she was beautiful and those green eyes sparkled in the light.

We ate drank and talked some more then after another drink I said well Kate I am of for a walk would you like me to walk you home first as it was dark by this time, Dave would you mind if I came for a walk with you I could do with some fresh air, My dear Kate it would be a honer to walk with someone as gorgeous as you by my side and we left the pub and walked arm in arm once more, as we walked she said may I ask you a question Dave and I will not mind if the answer is no but I hope it's not, go right ahead well she carried on you know I said last night I was a virgin yea I replied well would you take it from me, I stopped in my tracks and turned her to me and looked at her and said Kate you need someone your age and who loves you to do that not some old bloke like me I am over the moon that you asked me and very flatted but I must said No, not I would not love to Kate, she looked sad that I had said no but she said please think about it Dave you have been so kind to me and it was not for what you could get and saying no proves that to me, but I have been thinking about what you said about wanting someone that will make it special and I know you would Please take me back to your Motel room and make love to me Dave please.

Well lets walk some more and let me think about it I said so that's what we did but on our return to the town she was still saying that she wanted me to make love to her so I said ok lets go to my room but know this Kate you can change your mind at anytime and I will stop there and then OK, thank you Dave she said that means a lot, so back to the hotel room we went and I poured us a drink and she put her glass down and came over and kissed me placing her lips onto mine and Oh they were so soft against mine they were plump lips but she had no need to have them pumped up this were natural and very very nice her tongue entered my mouth and our tongues entwined as she and I held each other close, my hands ran up and down her back ever so lightly and it made her shiver each time, Kate was kissing me harder placing her hands on the side of my head pulling me to her, as I continued to run one hand up and down her spine I brought my other hand round between us and cupped one of her ample size boos and squeezed it and I felt her nipple growing hard under my touch and she let out a MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm from deep down in her throat as we still kissed, her nipple grew and seamed big under my touch I could not wait to see just how big it was, I pulled away from our kiss and kissed down her neck and round to her ear lobe and she moaned out as I licked it and took it between my teeth and nibbled on it, she was shaking with excitement I took one step back from her and said are you ok Kate you still want to carry on, Oh Dave more than ever so I took hold of her top and pulled it up and it slipped up over her arms and I threw it on a chair and just looked at her, my god what a body she had her breasts were flowing over the top of her bra I wanted to pick her up throw her on the bed rip her clothes off and fuck her stupid but knew I could not do that I had to take it slow and gently.

I took a step back to her and kissed her lips and then down her neck but this time kept going and kissed across her full breasts down to the top of her bra and made sure I kissed each and every inch of her flesh, she had her eyes closed and was repeating over and over Oh Dave Oh Dave her whole body shivering with pleasure, I turned her round and slowly unclipped her bra and it slipped down her arm and fell to the floor, taking her arms I turned her back round to face me and what I saw took my breath away she had such wonderful boos her light skin looked so soft and smooth and for a blond girl she had really dark nipples and I was right about the size I do not thing I had ever seen such big long nipples they must have been 1 1/2 inches at least if not longer and rock hard.

I move close again and this time cupped her one of her breasts in my hand and it was as soft and smooth as it looked her nipple stuck out between my finger and thumb and I closed then round it and she moaned again and again as I played with it and squeezed her breast and lent forward once more and kissed her she put her hands round my back and pulled me close and tight I let her breast go and held her tight to me and then slipped my hand down her back and found the clip and zip to her skirt and soon had then undone it was only the fact that we held each other so tight that her skirt stayed where it was for now, put I pushed my hand down inside the back of her skirt and found she was wearing a thong and the cord was running down between her arse cheeks I ran my hand up and down one of her arse cheeks and she pushed herself back onto my hand my god her skin was so so smooth under my touch I squeezed her cheek and she pushed her tongue further into my mouth in response to my squeezing.

Then I pulled away from her and her skirt fell to the floor and now all she had on was her thong it was pink and just covered her pussy she stepped out of the skirt and asked like what you see Dave are you kidding I said you and the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and it was true she was, I dropped to my knees and sucked one on these long nipples into my mouth and then closed my teeth round it and lightly bit down on it her body shook as she gave out a OH Christ yes yes, she placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed it hard against her breast and my face sank into it and I sucked harder and bit a little harder, Oh Oh Christ she said again oh oh what are these strange feeling I am getting down in my pussy Oh Christ Ooooooooooooooo Oooooooooo yes yes and I took the other nipple and twisted it in my fingers and her legs just gave way as she fell to her knees her tit came out of my mouth and we were now face to face and we kissed long and hard.

Kate I said can I ask you what had you do it the sex department, as what you said about strange feels in your pussy, I have had none Dave I am a complete virgin you are the first man that has ever touch my breasts apart from a doctor that is what about yourself I said you must have played with yourself and made yourself cum surly, No never I have tried but always got scared when I started to get these very strange feeling so I stop doing it, Oh my Oh My I said so that was the first time you had let yourself go any further that's why your legs gave way, I stood up and helped Kate up and she stood in front of me once more now I know that I want to ask you ask my lovely Kate are you sure you want me to do this, YES YES PLEASE Oh Dave you have pleased me so so much already please don't stop now, OK I must ask as I would never do anything you do not want to do and until I have my dick inside you I want you to know you can say stop at any time and even when I am fucking you I will stop, stop talking she said and come here I stepped close and we kissed again.

Chapter 5

Making her ready

I lifted Kate into my arms still kissing and walked over to the bed and gently lay her down on it and then stood back and lifted my t-shirt up and off, Ooo nice hairy chest she said I like that and as I sat on the edge of the bed to get my shoes and socks off she slid a hand under my arm and ran her hand up and down though my hairy chest and she kept on Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm nice nice, I stood back up and her hand dropped away and I faced her and popped open the button on my jeans as Kate looked on not taking her eyes of my jeans, I lowered the zip and then started to ease then down Kate was breathing hard and fast as the lowered down my legs and when I stood back up she could see the bulge in my pants Oh Christ she said Oh Christ and she put her hand out and touched it though the cloth and it twitched at her touch and she squealed with delight, I then took the top of my pants and was just going to lower them when Kate said can I Dave can I take them of you please Yea sure if you want to so she sat up on the edge of the bed and with trembling hands took hold of my pants and started to ease them down my pubic hair came into sight and Kate took a deep breath and said Mmmmmmmmmmm and then she pulled out the front of my pants so it went over my cock and then it sprang out and this time she let out a big squeal and looked as if she was going to faint with excitement and she held her breath as she dropped my pants to the floor, she put out a hand to place on it but looked up at me to see if it was ok to do so, I nodded go right ahead and she took hold of her first ever cock her fingers curled around it and she just sat there looking at it and she was not the only one now holding there breath that was for sure.

Kate started to move her hand up and down my cock I had to close my eyes as her touch was so gently and soft as she pulled my foreskin back over the head which was now a shade of purple and had pre-cum on it she just looked at it, then up at me and and then back down at this cock she was not going to let go of just yet, Kate started to move her hand faster as with each stroke my foreskin popped back and forth over the head and then she lent forward took a real deep breath and licked the top of it as the foreskin popped back revealing the head, it was like getting a shock as her tongue touched it and my body shook at her touch, Kate then placed the head into her mouth and started to suck on it for someone that had never held a cock let alone sucked one she was doing a bloody fine job of it, god she was blowing my mind as well as my cock, I place my hands on her head and started to move then back and forth taking her head up and down my shaft and she did not stop me, soon Kate had most of my cock going in and out of her mouth and by the noise she was making she was loving it she then cupped my balls in one hand took my cock from her mouth and ran her tongue up and down the length of my shaft and then sucked one of my balls into her mouth, I gave out a OH SHIT OH Christ Kate that is bloody wonderful you sure you have never done this before she shook her head keeping my ball in her mouth, soon I was getting ready to cum and I told her this and if she did not what to taste it that was fine but on and on she went and then I felt my cum rushing up my cock to escape from the head and I just shouted Now and with that she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could and it pumped cum right down her throat and she took it all when my cock had finished pumping she ran her tongue round the head making sure she got every little drop off of it, MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm she said finally that was nice Dave my god that was nice, to feel you cock throb between my lips and sput it's load out into my mouth WOW OH WOW I want you so bad now please take my virginity please please please Dave now.

I lay Kate back onto the bed and said you will let me have a rest first before I am ready to fuck you but there are plenty of other ways to make you cum and orgasm before that I raised myself up on my elbow and lent forward and kissed her tenderly on her lips, and cup one of her breasts in my hand and played with the nipple as it was so long the tip stuck out between my finger and thumb and I bent my head down and flicked the tip with my tongue making Kate shiver then I started to kiss down between her heaving breasts and down her trim flat stomach kissing back and forth getting lower with each pass, I moved round so I was now kneeling between her legs and I could see her thong was wet from her juice and I wanted to see what was beneath but not just yet I carried on kissing down her body down over her thong I could taste her sex juice thou the cloth of her thong then on down her legs kissing down one then started up the other, Kate was moaning out loud now Oh Oh Yes Dave Oh yes OH OH YESSsssssssss and she trembled as she had a small orgasm OH CHRIST DAVE she said as I reached back to the top of her leg, then it was now time to take that thong from her it was tied at each side by a bow and I was kissing her pussy though the front of her thong and pulled one side undone then the other and this was it I was now going to be the first man to see her pussy and touch it, this 18 year old beauty wanted me to be her first, Kate was breathing very hard and fast as I raised my head and took the two side pieces of the thong and slowly pull it away from her and as I did it revealed her pubic hair that was well trimmed and was a thin line running down each side of of her pussy slit and it was blond to so I could see her slit very clearly and oh how sweet it looked, her pussy lips looked moist from the small orgasm she had had but what I noticed most was the length of her inner lips they were long and hanging out of her outer lips I had seen this in books and on dvd's but never in life so this was going to be special for me to and I pulled the thong from her as she lifted her butt up just a bit as she lowered her self back down I got my face close to her pussy and I stuck my tongue out and just touch her slit running my tongue from down between her legs to the top of her slit, Kate screamed out as her body shook OH OH DAVE OH YES YES and her pussy became even wetter as another small climax went though her, next time I pushed my tongue just a bit harder on her lips and kept on doing this until my tongue was fully inside her pussy lips her sex juice was now flowing freely and running over my tongue and down my throat I could feel her long inner lips folding around my tongue as it ran up and down her slit.

Kate placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her and she was bucking her pussy up onto my face as my tongue darted in and out of her pussy hole then she just let go of my head grabbed the sheets and gripped them tightly and her back arched as she had her first ever big orgasm she shouted FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK as she came her hips thrashing up and down forcing my tongue into her, when she relaxed just a bit she was now sweating and then nearly hit the ceiling when I sucked her clit into my mouth and nipped it between my teeth, OH Jesus Christ she moaned as I flicked the tip of her clit with my tongue she still gripped the sheets tight as I Sucked, licked, and nibbled her clit and when she was ready I pushed a finger inside her cunt that was still pouring her sex juice from it once more she arched her back and screamed as I moved my finger in and out of her dragging her inner lips with it and she was just getting ready for another orgasm when I curled my finger up and touched her little G spot and this not only made her hit the ceiling but shoot though it, she was thrashing around screaming out the bed was banging hard against the wall I was hoping there was no-one in the next room, and I felt her mussels grip my finger as she climaxed again and again, as she calmed down she was saying Oh Christ, oh Jesus, Oh Christ while trying to get her breath back.

Chapter 6

Virginity Gone

I was now laying beside her and she was still sweating and breathing heavy her breasts lifting and falling fast and those long nipple jutting up into the air, OH Christ Dave she managed to say god that was fantastic I never knew feelings like that were possible well the night is not over yet unless you want to stop now I said, You have better bloody not she replied with a big smile and brought her head up to kiss me,she put her hand over to me and felt that I was nice and hard again Oh you sure want me she said so why not take me and do it now I want you in me, I reach over to the bedside cupboard and took a box of condoms of the top and put one on OH she said I wanted to feel your cock bare in side me Dave looking at me sad faced, Kate I would rather fuck you bare but I do not want you to get pregnant now do we, Oh she said I would not do that I have been on the pill for over a year just in case so this would be the first time it will have work to do so with that I ripped it off and rolled her on her side to face me our bodies tight together and my cock between us I kissed her tender lips and ran my hand down her back and then rolled over again so she was now on top of me as she lay there in my arms I could feel her long hard nipples digging into my chest and I told her to kneel up which she did, and as she did I said OK now reach behind you and take my cock into your hand and aim it at your most gorgeous pussy hole and then you can control how much you want in at a time, don't forget Kate it will hurt just for a spilt second or two but once that has gone you will be in heaven all the way, she eased down so the tip of my cock was just being held in place by her inner lips and she took a deep breath and pushed herself down and the head of my cock popped inside her, her face showed the sign of a sharp stab of pain then she smiled as I reached up and took hold of her breasts and pulled her nipples as Kate started her downward slid until she was sitting fully down on my shaft and she let out the breath she had been holding in, OH OH MY Kate moaned Oh Christ yes that feel wonderful and you were right about the pain Dave Oh that feels great and she started to move up and down on my cock reaching the top before sliding back down again, I could feel her long inner lips moving back and forth as she rode my shaft, YESYESYES she screamed as she moved faster and faster she slammed down harder and harder FUCKFUCKFUCK she was saying as I still pulled and twisted her nipples, then she came banging down onto me hard and she exploded her juice shooting from her covering my balls and running down my ass.

She lay forward onto me and we kissed as she put her legs down from the kneeling position she had been in and then I rolled us over just onto our sides for a while my cock still deep and hard inside her we had a long and tender kiss and then I rolled us over again and Kate was now on her back and she opened her legs wide and I raised myself up on my arms and then started to move in and out of her pussy, she was really wet and as I pushed in and out you could hear my cock squelching with her wetness, Kate had her hands on my bum pulled me harder into her forcing me in as far as she could get me I then took hold of her legs and lifted them up and placed them on my shoulders and her knees were pushing into her boos they were so far up but like this I was getting even more into that wonderful 18 year old pussy and as I looked down between us I could see her inner lips folding in and out with each and ever thrust Kate exploded again and this time as she did she dug her long nails into my arse and that forced me forward even harder, once she had finished cumming I said put your hand down between us and play with your clit my love Really she said yea really and she did and as soon as her fingers touched her tender clit her whole body shook again, she kept on moving her finger on her clit and I was getting ready to shoot my load into this virgin pussy, you sure you want this inside you I said to her, Oh YESYESYES fill me fill me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she said as she came again, then I felt my cum rushing up my cock and with one hard thrust I held my cock as deep as I could get it and I let my load spurt out filling her virgin cunt with it's first ever load of cum, Yessssssssssssssssss Yessssssssssssssssssss Yessssssssssssssssssss she shouted with each spurt of my cum inside her OH Christ yes yes she said again and again, OH OH Dave Dave I am cumming againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn she screamed as her cunt mussels gripped my cock as she had the biggest of her orgasm's she was sweating and shaking as she tried hard to get her heavy breathing under control, OH Christ oh Christ that was good, that was fucking wonderful Dave oh shit that was good, and she lowered her legs and my cock still inside her we rolled over again onto our sides and started to kiss once more, OH Dave she said I am so glad it was you that took my Virginity and not my old boyfriend, you said it should be special and it so was thank you thank you so so much, and we kissed again, after a while my cock slipped out from her and I got down between her legs and licked her cum and mine from her dripping pussy and she orgasmed once more, after a while we got up and got dressed and I walked her home, sorry I can not stop the night I would have loved to Dave I really would, look I said I am here two more night so if you want to come round again before I go that is up to you my dear Kate I hope you will but as I say it is your decision, we kissed on her doorstep and she was gone.

Chapter 7

She returned with a friend

The following evening I was down the same pub having my evening meal when Kate turned up and she had a friend with her her friend was only about 5'4" tall long dark hair and on the stocky side not fat but lets say well covered and her breasts looked massive in the top she was wearing, I ask them both to join me and got them both a drink Kate started to run her foot up and down the back of my leg and I gave her a smile showing that I liked what she was doing, she lent forward and said this I my Best friend Kirsty and I had to tell her what we did last night as I could not keep it to myself as it was so bloody fantastic and she wanted to meet you be for you go on the next part of your travels, Oh I see and Kirsty did she tell you all what we done last night Oh yea every little detail she took me though it step by step god you sound bloody fantastic bed bed Dave bloody Fantastic she said again.

As we drank and talked Kate told me that Kirsty was a Virgin to but she did play with herself and had had orgasms UN-like me, and she has sucked a few dicks to, I know this is a lot to ask of you Dave but would you do for Kirsty what you did for me Last night and take her virginity for her, I looked at Kirsty and she had turned bright red and I said do you really want me to take it from you Oh yes yes please she replied straight away, after what Kate told me I would love for you to take my cherry from me please she said with a smile.

Ok but on one condition I said it will have to be both of you there not just Kirsty and you have to do what ever I say but I will say this Kirsty like I told Kate I will stop at anytime if you change your mind, Oh I won't I won't, I am going to go and get us all a drink you to talk it over and let me know what you want to do, with that I got up and got some more drinks for us and when a sat back down they both said together Ok OK we will both come and we will do anything you ask us to do, we finished our drinks and got up the girls walked out with me and as we walked back to the motel I said Oh I have one question Kirsty I forgot to ask you How old are you I don't want to be doing anything illegal oh don't worry Dave I am 18 the same as Kate, that's ok then I said and I had one girl on each arm as we walked, we arrived back at the Motel room and I poured us a glass of wine and I sat on the end of the bed at looked at the two girls, first my last time of asking Kirsty are you sure you want to loose that cherry of yours, Yes she replied, two you know you can say stop at anytime even if I am about to but my dick inside you Yes she said again, and you two are going to do every thing I ask you do do, they both said yes, Ok then let's get this party started I said,

Kirsty take of Kate's blouse she looked at me but then UN-buttoned Kate's blouse take it off her I said, and she slide it back over Kate's shoulders, Ok now you do the same to Kirsty I told Kate and she did Kate had a red frilly bra that clipped at the front Kirsty had a big bra on to hold these massive boobs my god there were big how the bra was holding them up I had no idea but they did, Ok Kate please undo Kirsty's skirt and let it fall to the floor she followed my orders, and now Kirsty undo and let Kate's jeans fall to the floor and then turn and face me, they did what was asked of them they both turned and Kate had a small pair of panties on that matched her bra while Kirsty's were just big and black, very very nice I said to the both of them I am going to enjoy having you both you sexy things you, ok lets carry on I said turn and face each other again please, Ok Kate remove you bra she unclipped it and let it fall back of her shoulders onto the floor, Now you please Kirsty I asked and when she dropped her bra onto the floor my god she had such wonderful big breasts these babies were big, now both girls stood there facing each other with just there knickers on.

Ok this is were we see if you will really do what I ask you I said Kate on your knees she knelt down, place your hands either side on Kirsty's knickers and pulled them down without waiting she did want I asked, Ok well done now you stand up and Kirsty you do the same Kirsty took down Kate's small panties, ok now move close together and kiss each other they both turned they heads and looked at me to see if I really meant it but they could see I did so they moved close they breasts squashing together and they kissed, my cock by now was rock hard and wanting out of it's confined space inside my jeans, they really seam to enjoy it as Kirsty put her hand on the back of Kate's head and held it there and I could tell their tongues were in each others mouths as they kissed, their breaths getting heavy and when I asked them to stop they did, OK that's very very good I said standing up now you are going to UN-dress me Oooooooooo yea please they said and I asked Kate to that my top of and Kirsty my jeans, Now Kirsty could see the bulge in my pants Oooo Kate you were not fibbing about the size of that thing were you, you want until you see it out of his pants she said, Ok girls take a side each and you can take them from me, Both girls got down and took a side each and with one fast pull my pants were on the floor, OH GOD OH GOD Kirsty said I have never seen one that big, and she put a hand out to touch it, NOT yet I told her and she took her hand away, Ok you two on the bed and lay on your back to start with I had seen Kate's Pussy with her little strip's of pussy hair running down each side of her slit, But looking at Kirsty's well her cunt was covered in a full thick bush of black curly hair I could not see the slit beneath it, OH my Kirsty I said what a pussy I can not wait to find out what you have under that mass of pubic hair there my love, she smiled at me saying be my guest Dave it is all yours for tonight, so I got on the bed and lay down between them and I took there hands and place them on my cock and they both started to move their hands up and down my shaft I then stretch out my arms and placed them on the girls pussy's and entered a finger onto their clit's both girls shuddered at my touch Kirsty pushed her head back into the pillow and moaned out as my finger moved round and round on her harding clit, Kate had brought her other hand down and was playing with her pussy hole as I worked on her clit to. Kirsty was now using her other hand to squeeze her massive tit and she was pulling her nipple so hard I though it was going to come of in her hand. Both girls climaxed and I let there clit's go and I got up and told them to move close to each other both girls scooted over to the middle I reached forward and took Kate's hand and placed it onto Kirsty's cunt and Kirsty's hand onto Kate's and told them to play with each others clit's neither hesitated and moved their fingers round and round and if was not long before both were shaking with excitement as another orgasm was rising inside them, first I bent Kirsty's legs up at the knees and then Kate's so it gave me excess to both pussy's with little movement and while they were getting ready to cum I got between Kate's legs first and pushed my tongue right into her slit which was now wide open from where she had had her fingers, I pushed my tongue into her hole sending her over the top as she arched her back and cum shot from her orgasming pussy, Christ Christ Oh Christ she shouted as her body shook and her juice just ran down my tongue as it poured from her, then with a little flip of my body I was now looking right into this forest of pubic hair and I could see the juice running from it but still could not see the slit underneath it all.

Kate was still running her finger on her clit working it hard round and round and I took my middle finger and ran it down from Kate's finger and traced the length of her wet slit Kirsty screamed out OH FUCKING HELL she said That is fucking fantastic as I pushed a finger inside her pussy but she did not have long inner lips like Kate but her pussy was very very fleshy and her mound was large as I pushed my finger fully inside her I felt her cunt grip my finger as it entered and she screamed out once more OH FUCKFUCKFUCK as she orgasmed once more, I pushed a second finger beside the first and then started to finger fuck her fast but not hard she was a virgin after all, what with my fingers and Kate's finger she was on the verge of yet another climax and when it came I pulled my fingers from her and placed my mouth right over her hole and let her juice flow into me her juice was now as tasty as Kate's but still bloody good, once Kirsty had finished shaking and screaming I move up her body getting ready to take her Virginity.

Chapter 8.

Virginity 0 my cock 2

I asked Kirsty to keep on playing with Kate's clit and for Kate to do the same to Kirsty and I moved up her big body and stopped of at her tits and they looked even bigger this close up but I sucked one hard nipple then the other making Kirsty moan out again and again, and I told her the same as I had Kate the night before about the pain and she said she understood and that she was sure she wanted me to carry on, as I raised myself up over her heaving body as she was gasping for air as she got ready to loose her virginity, I told Kate to keep moving her finger on the clit and when Kirsty was just about to explode into another Orgasm I pushed forward and the head popped into this big wet hole and she screwed her face up as the pain shot though her and I held my cock there for a few seconds then pushed all the way into her trapping Kate's hand between us and I could still feel her finger moving on the clit, FUCK FUCK FUCK OH FUCK shouted Kirsty as my balls came to rest on the arse cheeks, then with one fast pull back and then back in again she climaxed once more.

Kirsty sucked in air as I pushed hard into her filling her love channel with my hard cock, Kate was still paying with her and Kate's clit's as I fucked Kirsty hard and fast Kirsty was now screaming out each time my dick entered her and Kate brought herself to a big orgasm as Kirsty reached another one, I pulled out of her and told her to get on her hands and knees and I was soon fucking her dripping cunt from the rear holding onto her hips as I pounded into her again and again, I told Kate to ger under her friend and start to lick up her friend juice as I ran out of her for a second she looked at me as if to say are you kidding, but then she could see I was not and she lay on her back and slid under Kate and then I felt her face against my balls and she started to lick her best friends clit Kirsty shook as the tongue touched her clit and she had yet another climax and Kate was drinking down the sex juice as it flowed from her.

I told Kate to move round so her body was between Kirsty's arms and then told Kate to lick the pussy just below her and she did and now all three of us were moaning and groaning as we all have sex at once, I licked my finger and pushed it into Kirsty's arse and it slipped right into her and as it did she had the biggest climax so far, as it ripped though her she must have bit down onto Kate's clit as she screamed and climaxed at the same time, and then it was my turn as I finger fuck her arse hole I rammed home my rock hard cock and filled her cunt with it's first ever load of cum Kirsty raised her head from between Kate's legs and shouted out as she felt my cum filling her insides, CHRISTCHRISTCHRIST, OH FUCKFUCKFUCK, I can feel you cum OH SHIT THATS GOOD and she was really panting for breath as she came down from her massive climax, we all lay on the bed panting hard and sweating we were in one big heap in the middle, in the end I got up and poured us some more wine, Kate said that if I wanted they would stop the whole night, Yea you bet I replied, Kirsty looked at me and said Thanks Dave Kate said you would make it special and by Christ you did, this will be a night I will never forget, the night I lost my virginity, well I said I have taken your cunt cherries now are you going to let me take your other cherries they looked at each other as if to say what the hell is he on about, Your arse Virginity I take it neither of you have had a cock in there so how about it they looked at me then each other and when they turned back they said why the hell not lets do it lets loose the whole lot to you, we kissed and cuddled for a while and both girls climaxed again, then I got them on the hands and knees side be side Kate's firm round arse and Kirsty's bigger fatter one but both looking inviting and so I got up behind Kate first and spat on her hole and eased two fingers into her and started to finger fuck her I then leant over to my side and spat on Kirsty's arse and did the same to her I now knelt behind both and had two fingers from each hand ramming in and out of there arse's both forcing themselves back onto my fingers as I pushed forward, then I got right up behind Kate and placed the tip of my cock onto her hole and pushed forward FUCKFUCKFUCK she said as my cock tried to open her arse FUCKFUCKFUCK that hurt she said but I pushed on and the head popped into her and she let out a sigh as it did, I held still for a few moments then pushed forward again filling her up with my cock until it was deep inside her and she had now lost her arse virginity after I had fuck her for a few minutes I pulled out and got behind Kirsty and did the same to her as I pushed forward Kate said I hurts just for a bit then once it is in my god it's wonderful and I pushed forward and to my surprise the head popped right into her and my cock slid down fully home and I started to fuck her hard and fast Kate was soon moaning and then I slipped it from her moved across and back into Kate and I kept on like this until both girls had climaxed then I told them to turn over and as the did they laid on their backs and I but a knee between each of their legs and started to wank my cock as I knew it would not be long before it shot it's load, Both girls watched as my foreskin went back and forth over the head both playing with their nipple then My cock just let loose and Cum shoot from the top of it and both girls squealed as it hit them both I made sure it got the both of them covering their tits, when I had finished I got of the bed and sat in a chair next to it, I told then to lick my cum of each other and then lick and finger fuck each other until they came which they did with great pleasure, that night I fucked both of them again twice and it was getting on for 5am before we finally settled down to sleep.

I left the day after that and both girls came and saw me before I left and we had one more fuck before I said good bye.

Then it was back on the road and on to my next stop.

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