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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 9 to 12

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 25-Aug-14 Revised/Updated 31-Aug-14
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Her pink thong pulled to one side I could see her pussy lips and they were quite big lips and looked wonderful and I could not wait to get my lips and tongue on them...

* * * * * * *

From Brighton to Bognor Regis and on to Porthmouth

After Leaving Brighton ,Kirsty & Kate behind I was back on the road once more taking a slow ride to Worthing I stopped there for a few day moving onto Worthing and then Stopping of in Bognor Regis for a week, I booked into the Trents Hotel double room just in case I got lucky I had been so far, I sorted my self out and as it was getting late decided just to get something to eat and then take a look round in the morning.

The next few days I spent walking around and finding places to eat and drink on the third evening I took myself off to see a film the latest James Bond I sat near the back as I did not like to be to near the screen just after it started I had two guys sit behind me and they kept moving around in there seat and making a bit of noise and I turned to see what they were up to, when I looked one had he head down in the others lap and was giving him a blow job and from the quick glance I had it had a nice big cock, the guy that had his cock down the other ones throat saw me look and tried to get the other one to get up but I shook my head as if to say no you carry on, he smiled at me and I turned back to watch the film.

I got up to leave when the film ended and was going to find a pub and when I sat down with my pint the two men that had been sitting behind me in the cinema came over and joined me at the table, then men sat they hoped I did not mind them sitting there as they wanted to say sorry about what happened, I said don't worry about that would have joined in given half the chance I said with a grin, Oh your gay then no Bi-sexual I replied but do like a bit of meet from time to time as they say, we all laughed we sat and had a few more beers and I told them what I was up to and where I was staying, Oh yea know it well said one of them, I found out it was Paul, and James, I said well that's me done my friends I am back of to the hotel don't suppose you want to join me I said, No No said James tell you what Dave why don't you come back to mine then I know we will not be disturbed and we can really have some fun.

It was within walking distance of the pub so we got to James's home within minutes and they told me to take a seat in the main room and they went of to get some drinks we sat there for a while then Paul and James started kissing and soon were taking of their clothes and before long were naked and both had big hard cocks, I stood up and stripped of and when they saw the size of my cock they both said Wow Dave nice one there my son going to have some good times with that I am sure, I sat back down and started to slowly wank my cock while there carried on kissing and cuddling and rubbing each others cocks, then Paul got down and knelt between James's legs pushing them wide and bent his head forward and slipped his mouth over James's cock sliding it fully into his mouth and throat his head bobbing up and down as he sucked.

Paul stood back up and took James by the hand and pulled him up and sat on the kitchen work top and pulled James to him and wrapped his legs around his back as they kissed, James took hold of Paul's butt and lifted him from the work top and slid him down onto his hard cock and it pushed inside Paul's arse and they started to fuck like this James lifting Paul up and down on his cock while Paul had his arms on the work counter behind him helping push himself up each time, these two were really turned on by having me watch them but then I could stand it no longer and went over and got behind James and with a hard push my cock popped into him filling his arse hole with my cock, he grunted as it entered him and pushed back onto me and we fucked like this then I felt James arse tighten round my cock and then his cock throbbed and filled Paul with his warm cum Paul moaned out loud as he was filled up and I was still thrusting my cock into James.

Finally Paul got down and James bent forward and placed his hands on the work top and I took hold of his hips and really started to hump him hard when Paul came round behind me and pushed his big cock into me I was now the meat in this sandwich but hell it was great to feel my cock fucking this warm inviting hole and another cock filling my hole, soon I pushed hard into James and let my cum fill him up and soon after that Paul filled me, so by the time we finished we all three had our arse's full of cum.

We rested for a bit before James lay on the bed and I was asked to lay on my stomach between his legs so I could lick his big cock and then as I lay there Paul got over me and slipped his cock into my arse and that is how we fucked for a good while Paul ramming his cock into my arse pushing me into the bed with each and every downward stroke, the way he was ramming so hard into me I thought he was trying to get his cock to burst out the front of me, James was thrusting his cock fully into my mouth sending the head fully down the back of my throat pushing my throat open with the big head of his cock, I do not think I had ever been fucked as hard as Paul was fucking my arse right now, our bodies making so much noise as they smacked together.

Paul came filling my arse full and I felt every spurt of it as it hit my insides this was turning out to be one hell of a night and it was not over by a long way, as Paul pulled his cock from my arse I was told to stay there and they changed over places Paul eased down so his cock was now in my mouth and then James eased his cock into my open hole and soon he was trying to fuck me just as hard as Paul was on and on they both pumped into me until once more James filled my arse with even warm cum, he held his cock deep inside me as it finished pumping it's load deep inside me mixing his cam with Paul's.

I was asked to turn over and my hard cock stood pointing upwards and James climbed on top of me and entered my cock into him and he started to ride my cock while Paul came and sucked and bit on James's nipples and they kissed as James rode my dick, I was thrusting up into James and he pushed himself down and then they changed and Paul rode my dick for a while and they kept on like this taking turns ride my cock until I could not take anymore and James was riding my cock at the time and as soon as he felt my cock throb it's first spurt he got of and my cum shot into the air and landed on my chest splashing up my chin and neck, on and on my cock pumped and by the time it stopped my chest and stomach was covered and both of them started to like it of my and they took turns licking the cum from my cock.

James and Paul lay either side of my on the bed resting but I put my hands out and took there limp cocks into my hands and started to play with them until after about 10 minutes they started to grow once more and after about 20 minutes they were hard once more and ready for another fuck session, James lay on his back and I got over him and Paul aimed his cock at my hole as I eased down on it James started to thrust up into me and I lent forward so my chest was resting on his giving Paul a bloody great view of James's cock going in and out of my arse, next I felt Paul get on the bed and kneel behind me and I felt his cock rubbing up and down from the cock that was pounding my arse up the top half of my arse crack, then I felt it nudge against my hole that was already filled with a cock, but on and on Paul pushed up against me and then my Christ his cock entered my arse along side James, even after having there cocks in me for the last hour and a half or more this fucking hurt as the second one slipped in beside the first then I had both cocks fucking my arse never before had this ever been done to me as one cock went it the other was being pulled out, My god I was being driven insane with pleasure now I had never never in my lift felt anything like this, both were fucking my arse so hard and to feel their cocks pumping into me I was moaning out out telling them how bloody wonderful it felt, these two really knew how to fuck that was for sure and then they changed and started to enter and withdraw at the same time, OH MY GOD I have never know anything like this I was so worked up that I shot cum without even being touch and it went between me and James as they carried on fucking me, Then one of then shouted out as I felt the first cock shudder inside me and the cum entered my arse Paul continued to pump into me until he could not take anymore and he to filled my arse and both kept there cocks in my arse until they went soft and slipped from me and as they came out their cum dribbled from my over filled arse.

I meet Paul and James a couple of more times in the week and had some great sex with them but nothing they did would ever feel as good as that first time I had two cocks pumping my arse at the same time.

Chapter 10

The Ladies Night

It was the weekend James and Paul were going away for the weekend so I was going to be at a loose end but James had told me about a place called the Globe that was a good place to pick up men and women so I thought I would give that a look on the Saturday Night, I got my best togs on and set of for the Globe and when I got there about 10pm the place was getting full and yes there were right this place had load of girls and men of all ages and sizes and as I did not care what size, shape, or age, Male or Female I was in for a chance out picking up someone to night that was for sure so I got myself a drink and found one of the last empty tables , I was looking around the place and when I turned back to pick up my drink there were these two most beautiful girls standing there One Blond the other with dark hair, both stood around 5'10" tall and had amazing figures wow I thought if only I could get one of these two, the next thing I knew they asked if anyone was sitting at the table with me No No I said help your selves and they sat down and the music was pounding out and one got up to dance and the other one started to talk to me she said that she had never seen me here before so I told her all about my trip and that I was only here until Monday then I would be moving on to Portsmouth, well she said with a smile maybe me and my friend could make your weekend here something to remember Bognor Regis by, well that would be great I said and I went of to get some drinks when I returned they sat each side of me and I found out the blond was Sam and the dark haired one was Emma and they both live in Bognor and work there to, they even shared a flat together.

So I dance with the both of them and we had a few more drinks when Emma said well hope about if we go and start giving you that time in Bognor to remember fine by me I said so we finished our drinks and left it was just before midnight now and the flat was just 15 minutes walk so when we got back to there pad Sam said she wanted to get out of her good clothes and slip into something more comfy and she went of to her room leaving myself and Emma she took hold of my hand and pulled me to her and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and I did the same to her we held each other tight as we kissed and I could feel her nipples growing hard and poking into my chest as we kissed, I started to rub my hands up and down her back and she shivered in my arms when Sam came back into the room , Oh I see started without me I see smiling and she came over and pulled me out of Emma's arms and she started to kiss me her nipples were already hard and pushed into my chest as we kissed Emma came up behind Sam and but her arms round us both and started to kiss Sam's neck and then Sam pulled away from me spun round and kissed Emma fully on the lips, Oh great I thought I am in for a great night here now I know they like each other that way two,

Come on said Emma when they pulled away from each other and we all went though to the bed room, by the way Sam had changed into a silk dressing gown and when we got to the bedroom she let it slip from her shouldered and Oh Christ all she had on was a bra with nipple holes and her long nipples were poking through them and she had on matching stockings and suspender belt I could have just shot my load there and then when she got onto the bed I noticed that the small panties she had were crotchless and I notice that she was shaven and I saw for just a second her pink pussy lips, Emma was undressing and as she stripped off she revealed a red half cup bra and her tits bulged over the top of them and then her skirt fell to the floor and she to wore stockings with a red suspender belt and crotchless knickers but Emma had what I could see from here some pussy hair I did not know how much but I could not wait to find out.

I started to strip myself as Emma joined Sam on the bed and they sat there and watched as I peeled of my top and my chest came into view and and I undone my trousers and they dropped to the floor and I heard Emma say O god look at that wonderful bulge Sam and when I dropped my pants both girls just stared at my cock then Sam got on her knees and moved to the end of the bed and reached out and took hold of my cock and pulled me so I was standing in front of her and she just placed her mouth over it soon Emma was kneeling beside her and they started to take turns on sucking my cock it was going from one mouth to the other and each had one of my balls in there hand and my god it was hard not to just explode there and then and I knew I would not hold on for much longer but these to seam to want me to cum as they were not going to stop what they were doing and then that was it my cock pumped it's first load of cum and it splashed over Emma and then next lot hit Sam and both girls were loving it with squeals of yes yes oh yes Dave cover us in cum.

When my cock stopped pumping Emma turned to Sam and started to lick the cum from her and Sam did the same to Emma, soon there were both cleaned up and they told me to lay on the bed which I done when Same took one hand and Emma took the other and tied it to the bed post and then they done the same with my legs I was now star shaped on the bed my limp cock lying down between my legs, Sam and Emma went of to the bathroom and then came back with some thing in their hands I had no idea what it was but I was soon to find out, Sam had this while strip of paper in her hands and was rubbing it between her hands then she peeled of one side it was then I knew what they were up to, I said now now girls not that please not that, Oh did we not say said Emma we don't like hairy men so it has got to go if you want to fuck us and without giving me time to answer Sam pushed the sticky side of the paper onto my chest and then ripped it off, I screamed out as the pain of having my hair ripped from my chest on and on they went until my chest was clear of hair, my chest was on fire with the pain and then Sam started to cut the hair round my balls and then picked up another piece of paper and she placed it round the base of my cock, by my I was pleading with them to stop but they had no intention of stopping and Emma pulled it off me ripping the hair out once more I screamed.

Soon all my hair was gone and I was smooth all over but my body hurt and stung all over when Sam sucked my left nipple into her mouth and bit on it sending pain and pleasure rushing throughout my body I noticed that Emma had gone and on her return I notice she had something else in her hands and she placed what she had on my chest as it touched my chest my back arched and I screamed out as she had placed ice cubes onto my burning skin, I was now in real pain but it felt so fucking erotic to my cock was hard and ready of acting, Sam and Emma rubbed my whole body with the ice cubes until I was not cold my nipples hard with the chill and Sam placed a ice cube on each nipple and left them there Oh the Pain I had not felt anything like it for a long long time but this was the first time I have to say that I was enjoying pain, once the ice cubes had melted I thought I might get to fuck them but boy was I wrong, Emma went off again and came back with two candles and a lighter, WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM I shouted OH you will see my love said Same and they lit the candles and the next thing I knew hot wax was being dropped onto my nipples I thought the pain of having my hair pulled out then the ice cubes so painful but this having hot wax drip onto your frozen nipples my god my back arched and I screamed out at each drop them Emma started to drip little drops all down my chest and stomach and then some hit my Balls but despite all this pain my cock was harder than it had been it was so fucking hard it hurt and then Sam pushed something into my arse and it started to shake and it was a vibrating butt plug and Emma Knelt over me placing one knee either side of me and Sam placed my cock up against Emma's dripping cunt and she lowered herself down onto my bursting cock and the feel of her sex juice on my cock was so bloody soothing, Emma was riding my cock hard and fast she was now moaning out OH OH YES YES FUCK YES as she rode my cock and Sam knelt either side of my head and she lent forward and kissed Emma and lowered her shaven pussy onto my face Oh that was such sweet sex juice that was dripping for her cunt, soon both girls were on there way to climaxes as Emma thrust up and down on my cock and Sam grind her cunt back and forth on my face her juice covered it then I felt Emma shudder as her orgasm ripped thou her no sooner had she cum they swapped placed and now I found out how much pussy hair Emma had got as she lowered herself on my face it was just two thin strips of hair running down each side of her pussy lips and then Sam's cunt closed round my shaft and she took over from where Emma had left off and started to ride my cock she to screamed out FUCK FUCK YES OH YES and the butt plug buzzed away in my arse it was hitting my prostrate and giving me so much pleasure as Sam rode my cock and Sam just gave one loud SCREAM OF OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssss as her cunt exploded with her orgasm and this took me over the edge and I filled her cunt with cum and as she still rode my cock she was saying OOOo OoO OOOO yes yes warm cum warm cum oooo yes yesssssssssssssssss as she climaxed again.

When they untie me the took me to another room where they had this machine it was like a long bench and at the far end was this big rubber dildo and when they switched it on it rammed the dildo back and forth, Emma ordered me to stand over the bench with my arse facing the dildo and the butt plug was removed and I was told to walk back until the dildo entered my arse so I did by Christ it was big but in it went and then they switched it back on and it started to pump my arse slow and then after a while my cock started to grow once more and this time Same took my cock first as she lay back on the bench eased herself down and placed her legs up my chest and eased my cock into her and started to fuck my cock while I got fucked in the rear, Sam soon came and pulled of my dick and Emma took her place her legs up my chest I wrapped my arms around them holding her tight to me as I pumped into her cunt and as this machine fuck my arse Sam turned it up and now it really went to town on my arse and then she to stood over the bench that Emma was laying on and put her cunt onto Emma's face and this time it was Emma's turn to take my cum and she did as with the machine fucking the hell out of my arse I shot mu cum in buckets load after load shot for my cock and into her most beautiful body and she took every little drop the Sam cam on her face and Emma climaxed but could not shout out as her mouth was still full of Sam.

We fucked twice more that night or was I morning but the time I left I know it was getting on for Midday on Sunday and I was completely worn out I went back to the hotel and slept until 9 that evening went for a meal and this woman came over and for the first time ever I was two worn out to take her back to my room and fuck her it had never been know before for me to turn down a fuck but these two young ladies had screwed my silly.

Chapter 11

On to Portsmouth

Wow Portsmouth what a great city this is, plenty to see and do so I booked myself into the Royal Maritime Club Hotel and settled in for the night as I had stopped of here and there as I drove from Bognor Regis so need a good nights sleep I booked in for a week for a start and see how it goes so I turned in and watched some TV before falling asleep.

The next morning was bright sunshine so I went for breakfast then decided to take a stroll to have a look around by lunch time I was hot and thirsty so I found a pub that done meals and took a seat by the window as it looked out over the harbour and it was beautiful looking out over the water and the boats bobbing about in the slight breeze, my meal turned up and the waitress was quite a big woman friendly but on the large side but as I have said that dose not mater to me big or small as long as they like sex then I will make love to them.

I had my meal and told the waitress that it was great and the service was top class and gave her a good tip as I left, she said thank you sir please come back Oh I will I said I am here for a week or more so I will be back, and the following day I was and this time I had decided not to leave until I had a date with this big friendly woman it had been a while since I had made love to such a woman but this one was big but beautiful to and I wanted her I was hopping she was not married but even if she was would that mater well not to me anyway.

Once I have ordered my meal I started to chat to this wonderful woman and found her name was Helen and she was 28 years of age and not married as we chatted I found out she lived in a flat above the pub and she finished work in about an hour so I asked her if I waited around would she join me for a drink and she said she would love to so an hour later she came and sat at the table she was wearing this fawn coloured dress and my god did it show of her magnificent boobs, I wanted to reach over the table and take them into my hands and play with them.

Helen said she loved living here in Portsmouth and loved her job as she met so many different people, how we got round to talking about sex I don't know but we did and I found out that Helen love sex and she liked Old and younger men as long as they treated her right and left her satisfied she was happy and that she had never wanted to get married or have kids just a good happy life, we I said am I going to get that chance to see if I can please you and leave you satisfied I smiled, Oh Christ yes she said and I am sure you will completely please me by what you have been telling me you have been up to, to tell you the truth Dave I am wet know she said leaning over to whisper in my ear and laughed, so how about one more drink and then lets put that to the test shall we my dear Helen Oooooo yes please so I went and got the drinks and as we talked I started to run my foot up and down the back of her leg and she smiled and gave out a Mmmmm you trying to get me even more worked up you Naughty Boy laughing. Might be I replied is that so bad as I ran my foot higher and now eased it between her legs and pushed my foot up under her dress, Oh Christ she said I am so bloody wet I want you now Ok I said lets clear this table and get to it she laughed again took my hand and pulled me up and took me to the flat.

The moment the front door shut Helen pined me up against the wall and kissed me hard pushed her tongue into my mouth her big tits squashed between us and she started to grind her body against mine she stood back after a while and within seconds I was naked and she was on her knees sucking my big cock and she was taking the whole lot down her throat sucking the pre cum up as the dripped from the top of my cock, she cupped my balls in her hand and pulled on them and twisted them sending pain and pleasure running up my cock after doing this for a while she stood and she undone her dress and it fell to the floor and she stood there in just her small knickers as she did not have a bra on, no wonder her tits looked so fucking good in that dress and out of it wow oh wow these tits were the best big and god know what size they were but they would fold around my cock while I tit fucked her that was for sure, I reached out at took hold of them and Helen closed her eyes as my hand touched them and squeezed them her body shivered as I pinched her nipples and she gave out a long Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I lent forward and took one in my mouth and sucked it then I bit down on it and gave her some of the pain and pleasure she had given me when she pulled and twisted my balls, Oh Oh fuck she said and once more her body shook with excitement, Ok Helen I said where is your blood bed room and any room come to that I fuck you anywhere you want it my love, I want your beautiful body and I want it now, she took my hand and lead me to the front room and turned and pulled me to her and her breasts squashed against my bare chest and we fell back into a chair and Helen put her legs up over the arms of the chair I took hold of her knickers and ripped them from her and Helen gave out a OH CHRIST YES YES as I pulled the ripped knickers from her.

As she sat there she pulled her cunt open for me to see and she was shaven and I could see right inside her and knew that before very long my cock would be sliding up inside that pussy, I knelt on the floor and as she held her cunt open I placed my mouth up against it and pushed my tongue fully inside her and she was so worked up she screamed letting her pussy lips go and she climaxed , OH OH YES YES YES she moan of fuck it's been awhile OH O YES baby suck that fucking clit, I done just that sucking it right into my mouth and biting down on it moving my teeth from side to side Helen was going mad her juice was running from her as I sucked and bit her clit and for time to time pushing my tongue fully into her love tunnel drinking her juice as it flowed from her.

Helen loved my tongue inside her but when I pushed in two fingers she went ballistic her body shook and she shouted out again and again that she was cumming as I push two fingers in and out of her hole and still sucking on her clit, she climaxed drenching my face as her cum oozed from her, Helen still had her legs stretched wide over the arms of the chair then she brought them and placed her big thighs on my shoulders and my head was now trapped between her meaty thighs as I continued to lick her cunt but I wanted my cock inside her it felt like it would bust if it did not get her wet cunt wrapped round it soon, but with her legs on my shoulders and she had them crossed and her ankles I could not pull away and just kept on licking and finger fucking her Helen orgasmed again and as she did her legs slid of my shoulders and I managed to get up and I took her hands pulling her from the chair and I lay on the floor and she knelt over me and slipped my cock into her cunt and now this big woman was thrusting up and down on top of me, I have had some good fucks in my time but Helen knew how to use her cunt mussels to grip my cock as she moved up and down on it, again and again she rammed down on it and just sat there as she climaxed and moved again then climaxed again, My cock and balls were drenched in cum.

I was getting close to letting my cock explode inside her as she fucked my cock hard, her body slamming down onto me I reached up and took her bouncing breasts in my hand and squeezed them hard and Helen came again and this time as her mussels squeezed my cock I filled her with my own cum at the same time and as she felt my cock throb filling her she climaxed again for the second time without even moving, she fell forward onto me panting for breath her boobs squashed between us and her large body resting on top of me, she put her legs out straight and we rolled over my cock still inside her.

As we lay there kissing and cuddling I was running my fingers lightly up and down her spine and making her shiver as the door bell rang who the fuck is that at this time of night she said, leave it they will go away but who ever it was kept ringing the door bell for fuck sake Helen said and got up and grabbed a towel and went to the door to find the owner of the pub there saying sorry but he could not find one of the keys to the pub and wondered if Helen had it Hang on she said I will take a look.

She found it and took it back to the door and then came back to me as she walked across the floor she let the towel drop and I saw some of my cum and hers drip from her pussy that looked so erotic that my cock started to twitch already, I got up and said come on where the hell is this bed room Helen I want to make love to you slowly and in comfort so she just said ok this way my dear and took me down the hall and into her bedroom and she had a big kingsized bed I pulled her onto it and lay her on her back and started to kiss her first on the forehead then on each eye and down her face and neck slowly kissing her tenderly each time and as I kissed her breasts all over she raised her body as she sighed as I took one nipple and then the other into my mouth and kissing them and licking them moving from one to the other covering the whole of her big breasts and then down over her stomach and I reached her shaven haven and it was still running with cum as I moved her legs apart and pushed my tongue back into her Helen arched her back as I did this and she pushed my head hard against her clit and she came once more.

I was licking for my life as her cum ran out of her and Helen was still shouting YES YES OH FUCK YES as she came I wondered if she had ever had a finger or anything else in her arse but I guest she had but could not ask as she still had my face buried into her pussy, so I took my cum covered finger and pushed it into her arse and as I did she screamed NO NO NOT THERE but it was to late my finger was fully inside her arse tunnel due to her cum on my fingers it just slipped in and as that one was there I did not see the point in stopping so I pushed another on in beside it, Helen was still screaming out NO NO PLEASE NOT THERE PLEASE but as I started to move my fingers gently back and forth pulling out until my fingers were just touching her hole ring and then eased then back into her, her pleas for me to stop were getting lower and lower and as I started to move then faster she started to moan instead of telling my no she was now saying Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice nice oh yes yes more more as I started to move my fingers harder into her, as I did this it seamed that her clit grew even harder and she shot her cum once again all over my face.

Helen was now thrusting her arse up and down on my fingers and so as I pulled out and my fingers reached her arse ring I placed yet one more finger there and it slipped in with the other two OH FUCK FUCK she screamed YES YES OH FUCK MORE MORE as her whole body shook with excitement at having her arse finger fuck and now I was fucking her arse really hard and I brought my other hand up and pushed two fingers into her cunt and as soon as they were fully inside her for a second she stopped breathing her back arched and her body shivered and shook and her pussy gripped the two fingers that I had just pushed into her and then Helen let out one of the loudest screams of OH FUCK FUCK as her body convulsed as a massive orgasm ripped thought her entire body and when I say entire I mean just that her whole body from her toes and the top of her head were shaking as this orgasm ripped through her.

Helen went completely limp once her orgasm had died down and she just lay there panting and in her breath she was saying over and over fuck fuck oh fuck, as she lay there I moved up and knelt over her stomach and my hard cock lay between her breasts and by god these were big puppies and as I push on either side of them they folded round my cock enclosing it completely and I started to move back and forth fucking these massive boobs her nipples grew really hard as if fucked between her tits and I could just manage to pinch them as I held them round my dick, Helen was now panting for breath again and was looking me right in the eyes and smiling as I pumped away, I was getting near to shooting my cum so I told Helen to open her mouth and she did without question and after a few more strokes between these wonderful tits my first shot of cum hit dead centre of her mouth and splashed into it and landed on her tongue as she swallowed it down, I made sure every little bit of cum went into her mouth and then she licked the head clean of all traces of my cum and licked her lips when she had finished.

I lay beside Helen and she said well you have done what you said you would do my love and that is take me to heaven and back, I looked at her and smiled and said oh but I still have at least one me fuck in me yet unless you want me to go, OH OH god no she said stay the night if you want, sorry about your arse I said I thought you might like it and would have had it done to you before, I have had a few that tried and I have never wanted it there but now you have done it and I have found out how bloody wonderful it is I want more of that. Well I am sure I can work something out I said, and we kissed my tongue licking round the inside of her mouth her hand came over and took hold of my limp cock and she just held it in her hand and after a while she started to slowly move her hand up and down and it was not long before I was starting to grow hard once more, Oh my god you are getting hard again she said with surprise told you I said with a big grin, I ask Helen to roll over and face away from me she did without asking why and I told her to bend her knees up and I got close behind her and I slipped my cock into her pussy and stated to fuck her slowly at first and she moaned out OH OH FUCK FUCK YES as I pushed into her and I started to move faster and I placed my arm over her body and took a tits into my hand or what I could grab in my hand being so big and squeezed and pulled it sending shivers up her body once more.

I kept this up for a while then I pulled out and asked her to get on all fours and she did and had her legs wide and I knelt between them and I saw that as she spread her legs cum dripped from it and I once more pushed my cock into her cunt and I had this big ass right in front of me as I thrust into Helen her big tits bobbed back and forth under her and I could see this as she had a big mirror on the bedroom wall and I watched as they swayed with each thrust Oh they looked beautiful hanging there moving back and forth, but I returned my thoughts back to Helen and her arse and as her hole was now right in front of me I spat on her hole and just pushed two fingers into her as I fucked her pussy, OH YOU BASTARD she screamed OH YOU FUCKING BASTARD and I added a third finger in to her tunnel and before long Helen was moaning out loud again as she was getting fucked in both holes and by god she was now really enjoying it as I bent my fingers forward as I moved then and by doing this I was running my fingers along the skin that was between my fingers and my cock and she went fucking wide as I rubbed this skin and Helen climaxed again we kept like this with me fucking her pussy with my dick and her arse with my fingers for a long while and Helen had at least four more climaxes before I pulled my fingers from her ass gripped her big hips and pulled her back against me and I thrust hard forward into her and my cock let out it's last load of cum for tonight, Helen was so worn out she dropped down onto her elbows just whispering fuck fuck oh Christ oh fuck as my cock pumped it cum deep inside her and then we both lay on the bed how we started laying on our sides her facing away for me and my cock inside her cunt giving it last little twitches before starting to go soft and slip out of her, Helen said Dave that was the best fuck I have ever had and as I put my arm over her and pulled her back into me I kissed her neck and we fell asleep and were still like that when we woke together in the morning.

Chapter 12

A Few Days More left.

Helen and I fucked every night for the next four nights then she said that she had to go away to see her mother at the weekend and she had to work late the next couple of night but she knew of someone that I might like to meet and she was sure I could hook up with them for a few days or so, yes great I said how about asking them if the would like to join me for a meal tonight and take it from there, Ok said Helen be here say 8 tonight Ok by me so I went of and had a good look round the H.M.S Victory for the day and went back to my hotel room and showered and got ready to meet this friend of Helen's I was sitting at the table waiting and Helen came over and said she was on her way, I asked Helen what she looked like and her reply was wait and see and she came me a big smile as she walked off as she turned to go I caught her hand and said Thank you for the last few night Helen I hope I did not disappoint in anyway, she lent close to my ear and said you must be fucking joking that's the best fucks and orgasms I have ever had.

This beauty walked up and said Hi there you must be Dave yes I said you must be Mia yep that's me she said with a big smile Please Please sit down I said I must say you are looked extremely gorgeous Mia Love that wonderful long black hair Helen has not done you justice she said you were beautiful but that my dear Mia is a understatement you are gorgeous , stop it she said you will make me blush and gave that wonderful smile again.

Mia was between 25 27 years of age I would have said about 5'10" tall and a wonderful slim body She also had just a nice sized pair of boobs and she had that Spanish look about her and wore a bright red and white dress, she was wearing high heels which matched the dress and she had the most sexy smile, we ate and had a couple of drinks and Helen came to see if we were Ok and we both said yes we were getting on OK, it's a nice evening I said fancy a walk around the harbour for half an hour, sure why not walk of this wonderful meal and we left the pub she took my hand and we walked down along the harbour wall, the sound of the sea lapping against the wall and the warm breeze made it a great night for a walk we were chatting and we did not notice how far we had gone and found ourselves out of the street lights reach so it was quite dark and I stopped and turned her towards me, she lent back against the railings and I said I take it Helen has told you I am only here for the next few days Mia, Yes she also said you were fucking great in bed to and that's way I am here it's been a while since I had a man, WHAT you I said I would have thought a woman as beautiful as you would have men lined up, not round here she said and I leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips, as I pulled away I told her well I hope I can end this famine and let you pussy have some food, Oooooooooooo now that would be nice she said and pulled me to her this time and we kissed more passionately and our tongues entered each others mouths and we held each other tight, My god Mia could kiss I pecker was hard in an instant and Mia felt it between us, as she pulled away from our kiss she said O Dave are we excited then You better believe it Mia I said pulling her to me again.

As I held her close I started to run my hands up and down her back and through her long black hair I ran my hand down over her perfect shaped butt and it was firm and round under my hand I squeezed it and she gave a little Mmmmmmmmmmm in the back of her throat so I lowered my hand further and reached the bottom of her dress and my hand touched her leg, and I started to bring my hand up under her dress and her skin was soft and smooth and as I reach her butt I squeezed it again this time Mia shuddered and moaned as I rubbed her butt cheek in my fingers and she had this small thong so I could feel all her butt cheek with trying to get my hand under her knickers, I felt Mia's hand slip between us and the next thing I knew she was un-doing my trouser zip and reaching inside and she took hold of my big hard cock and as her fingers folded around it she pulled from our kiss and just said Oh Dave and put her mouth back onto mine, I pulled the front of her dress up between us and she opened her legs so I could stand between them and I pulled the front of her thong to one side and placed my cock up against her pussy which was shaven and she was wet as my cock eased into her she took a very deep breath and I pushed fully inside her and held it there just for a second or two.

Yes yes she whispered Oh fuck me Dave it's been so long fuck me and so I did pulling in and out of her hard and fast she put her mouth against my neck to stop herself from screaming out as we fucked while leaning up against the railing on the sea wall at this point neither of us would have cared if anyone had come along we wanted this and wanted it now I was pushing fully into her and she moaned in my ear fuck Dave oh fuck yes and then she had her orgasm and as she came her body went lips and I held her up as I then filled her with my cum and she kissed me so hard on the lips as she felt my cock pump inside her, soon after that I pulled away and out of her and her thong snapped back into place and and pushed her dress down and I put my cock away we looked at each other in the dark and laughed and walked back to the town hand in hand.

We arrived back at my hotel room as she said she lived with her brother so we came back here, after our fuck on the harbour wall I said how about a shower Mia as long as we do it together she said is there any other way I said with a grin, so we started to strip and it was then that I was where my cock had been half and hour or so ago.

Her pink thong pulled to one side I could see her pussy lips and they were quite big lips and looked wonderful and I could not wait to get my lips and tongue on them so I did not wait as she sat on the chair undressing I dropped to me knees and pulled the thong to one side and planted my mouth over these long pouting lips and sucked them into my mouth and ran my tongue over them she threw her head back and moan out as I carried on licking her, she placed her hands on the back of my head and ran her fingers through my hair saying yes yes oh Christ yes and she shivered as a small orgasm ran through her, she soon became wet and her juice dripped onto my tongue as I pushed it between her lips and into the dark warm wet love tunnel hidden within now she pushed my head forward into her as she climaxed once again.

I took hold of her thong and just ripped it from her and she cave out a Oooooooo Christ yes yes and I stood up pulling her up with me I wanted my cock inside that warm wet cunt again so I pushed her up against the wall and took hold of her legs and lifted them so my arms were under her knees holding her up off the floor and I pushed my cock hard into her and she climaxed as it entered her and she pushed her head into my shoulder and neck to muffle her screams of shear pleasure, I pounded into her again and again holding her pinned there I could force myself hard into her wide open cunt and she took every thrust and gave a Yes Yes each time out bodies hit together, Oh Oh Christ I am cumming she shouted and her cunt let go of her sex juice and it ran down my balls and the inside of my legs but on and on I pumped her body was shaking none stop by now as she climaxed again and again oh fuck fuck fuck yes yes oh yes yes she kept saying then I felt my balls tighten and I knew my seed was on it's way and I could feel it rising up my cock stem and then it exploded deep within her wet womb filling her and her cunt tightened around my throbbing cock as she came again at feeling my cum spurt into her.

We finally did shower and we needed it now and we washed each other and she started to get my cock twitching again by the way she rubbed the soap gel over the head of my cock cupped the head in her hands and running them round and round rubbing the soap into it and using the other hand on the soft but harding shaft, 10 minutes later I was hard once more and as the water washed away the soap she dropped to her knees and took the head into her mouth and I lent back against the shower wall and closed me eyes as she gave my a blow job like no other, god this Mia was blowing my mind and my head was getting dizzy and I panted for breath she was taking all my cock into her mouth and throat and not once did she gag, then she stood up and kissed me on the lips saying I can see what Helen loved about you my darling I real can.

I kissed her back and then turned her round and as she placed her hands on the wall opposite she lent forward and she knew I wanted her arse and she pushed it out to me I dropped down and pulled her cheeks apart and kissed her puckered ring easing my tongue inside and she moan once more and she shook and shivered and I stood back up after a while and eased my cock between her cheeks and the head found her hole and as I eased forward she pushed back and my cock slipped inside her and was soon fully inside her and I started to fuck her arse and from time to time gave her well formed arse cheeks a hard slap and with the water still running down over us it made the slap sting but she pushed back and shouted out Harder oh fuck harder slap me fucking harder so I did and my god she loved each and every slap and she had a small climax with each slap, Then I lent up against her back and placed my hand round her slender body and eased my hand down her flat stomach and down between her legs and pushed my finger onto her clit at the first touch of my finger she climaxed and pushed back hard on my cock, I rubbed her clit round and round Mia was now making a lot of noise as she got nearer and nearer to a real big orgasm, I thrust harder and harder into her arse and rubbed her clit faster and faster and then Mia orgasmed and it was a massive one I had to take her weight in my hands to stop her from falling onto the floor as she came.

We ended out shower and went through to the bedroom where we both collapsed onto the bed panting for breath we need a drink and a rest before we carried on, Wow oh wow Mia said you are one hot lover you know that Dave fuck you have worn me out and I have not said that very often, well I am sure after a little rest we can carry on some more, so we drank and talked just propped up on the bed with the pillows, about half an hour later my pecker started to rise once more and Mia knew she was in for another fuck.

I laid her on her back and bent over her and kissed her gently on the lips and then carried on down her trim body her tits were firm and just the right size to squeeze in your hand and her nipple stood up like organ stops she was so sexually aroused as I sucked one into my mouth and flicked the tip with my tongue making her take a sharp breath in and as she let it out with a Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Yessssssssss and I took the other nipple and twisted it between my fingers her body shaking again as another small wave of pleasure went through her, I slowly kissed down her body over her flat stomach all over her soft skin and as I reached her down between her legs she opened them wide allowing me to move round and kneel between them and I placed my mouth over those most wonderful pussy lips and pushed my tongue inward as I ran it up her slit her lips opened up and close round my tongue which then hit her clit sending her into a convulsion as her body orgasmed her body arched as I sucked her clit into my mouth hard Mia cried out OH FUCK DAVEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as I then entered two fingers into her wet wet pussy hole pushing them into her as far as I could before pulling them out and and ramming them back into her.

Mia screamed again and again as she orgasmed and I started back up her body until I was up over her with my arms holding up above her and my cock pointing at her very wet hole and I lowed my head and kissed her and as our lips met I thrust forward and entered her hard and fast pushing her up the bed a bit as we hit together I was now thrusting in and out of Mia's cunt giving her my full length each time I pushed into her , she grabbed her tits and started to pull and twist her nipples shouting YES YES OH FUCK YES and her pussy was squelching and slurping away with each thrust as she was so so wet, on and on I fucked this most gorgeous woman laying under me screaming out at the pleasure my cock was giving her until she had one Massive orgasm her cunt clamped round my cock as her insides rippled again my shaft taking me over the top and I filled her quivering cunt with my warm cum and as it filled her she climaxed again, Mia stayed the night and we fucked again in the morning before she left, she called back the following two night and we had some of the most amazing sex and she said she was sorry to see me leave, I kissed her good bye and drove away to continue on my journey.

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