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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 13 to 17

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 31-Aug-14
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Babs said come on boys show Sue that I can take two cock in my arse.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 13.

From Portsmouth to Weymouth

After Leaving Mia back in Portsmouth and Helen to I carried on my journey slowly moving on taking in the sights of the coast as I drove on often stopping of over night Southampton, Christchurch both beautiful places I stop for a couple of nights in each then it was on to Bournemouth where I stop for just over the week had a drink with a few sexy ladies but did not get laid then it was on to Poole and Weymouth where I got lucky and stayed there for two weeks.

Here I met Samantha I had booked into Riviera Hotel and took a good tour round the town and Harbour saw the Jubilee Clock Tower which was something to look at beautiful in fact and the Sanderfoot Castle these thing took up three days and on the fourth I found this foot path that ran along the side of the river and it was called The Fleet path so it was I nice day so I took a slow walk along it looking at the countryside and sitting here and there just taking in the sun shine, then I heard someone call Hey Hey I looked round and saw no-one so got up to start walking again, a few seconds later I heard the call again this time I could make out it was a woman's voice and she was shouting Help Help please someone help me I still could not see anyone but shouted back and told her to keep calling so I could follow her voice, about 5 minutes later I found her and she was sitting in the long tall grass hence why I could not see her what's the problem I ask, she looked up at me with tears running down her cheeks saying her foot had slipped down this hole and she could not get it free and she had been sitting there for nearly two hours, well I am here now my dear I said lets take a look I knelt down beside her and noticed how beautiful she was even with the tears running down her face, I gave her a tissue and she wiped her eyes and then she smiled and said thanks for this my names Samantha but call me Sam mines David but Dave please, right then lets get this foot out of there, it was jammed in and I started to dig out the earth from around her ankle, let me know if I hurt you I said with a smile and as I looked up at her I could see right up under her dress and I could see she had a wonderful pair of legs and I could just make out her panties but looked away quick.

Half an hour later I had dug her foot free but it had started to swell but she said that it saw sore but not painful, where were you off to I said oh just home I had been out of a walk had a fight with my boyfriend and just wanted to get out and this happened, Come on i'll help you back to town and she took my arm and she hobbled back to town it took a while and as we walked I told her what I was doing and in our chat said how I had been having some fun along the way, but had not been lucky in the last few stop overs well she said everyone needs to rest, true true I said anyway as we got back to the harbour we came to the pub called OLD ROOM INN look Sam I said I am not trying to pick you up or anything I know you have a boyfriend but it's been a long day can I buy you a drink you could do with resting that foot for a while you could call your boyfriend to come and pick you up, yea I would like that so in we went and while at the bar I asked if I could have a cold wet towel for Sam's ankle.

A hour later she was picked up by her boyfriend and was gone, she had asked where I was staying and I told her the Riviera she said Oh I know that place, anyway Dave that you for you help and the drinks you have been very kind, her boyfriend did not look happy when she kissed me on the cheek before she left.

I stayed and had a meal and a couple of more drinks before setting off back to the hotel when I got back I had a shower and just got out when I heard a knock on the door just fixing the towel round me I went and answered it as I opened it there stood Sam and she had been crying again, Hey Hey what's the mater I said come in come in Sam sat on the edge of the bed and I sat in the chair and said what's wrong, My boyfriend he is now my ex-boyfriend he started to shout and go mad just because I kissed you on the cheek as a thanks for the help you gave me and she started to cry again so I went and sat beside her and put my arm round her shoulder, Sam rested her head against my neck and I slowly rubbed my hand up and down her back, I know it was wrong but I was starting to get a hard on sitting next to this beauty and as I only had the towel round me there was not a lot to hide it as it pushed it's way up and started to look more like a tent pole.

When Sam lifted her head she was it and said Oh My Dave have I done that yes I replied you have and I am sorry you have not come here to see me like this you wanted my help just a second and I will go and get dressed, Oh please don't she said let me take a look and with that she took hold where I had twisted the towel to keep it done up and pulled , it fell open and my big hard cock sprang out and up, Oh Christ she said that is twice the bloody size of my old boyfriends and his was the only one I have ever had and before I could say a word her hand was round it ,she curled her fingers tight on my shaft and pulled the foreskin back over the head and gave a Wow as she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth and slowly started to move up and down the shaft taking as much of it as she could Sam moved round and knelt on the floor between my legs and stated to give me a great blow job.

Sam brought her hands up and cupped my balls in her warm hands and massaged my balls mmmmmmmmmm she said your pre cum tastes nice as she put her mouth back round the head of my cock, her head was bobbing up and down my now rock hard shaft and my balls were sending wave after wave of pleasure thought my whole body as I get nearer and nearer to my first climax and she knew that and started to suck harder and harder and then my cock just let go and filled her mouth with my cum and she took most of it but kept the last few spurts in her mouth and came up and kissed me pushing my cum into my mouth and as we kissed she pushed me back onto the bed so I was now laying across the bed with my legs dangling over the edge.

Sam sat over me resting her butt on my lower stomach and squashing my softening cock between us, as she sat above me looking down at my face and she lifter her dress up and over her head just leaving her sitting there in her pink thong, my hands reach up and cupped her breasts and Oh there were so soft in my hands but her nipple were like bullets and then I took my hand ways, what's wrong Dave she said it's just that I think you are beautiful Samantha but this is not right you came here so see me because of your bust up with your boyfriend EX she butted in ok ok your ex boyfriend not to get fucked, Sam smiled and said look Dave you told me that you wanted to go and get dress it was me that sucked your dick it was me that got over you and pulled my dress off so this is down to me, I want you and I want you now and I promise I will not regret it and I will not say you took advantage of my when I was sad please show me what love is as I said I have only ever had my ex so please show me.

Ok OK I said returning my hands to her well forms breasts they were round and firm and her nipples where big and were begging for my mouth you take then in and suck them,

But I took them between my fingers and thumbs and pinched them and then pulled and twisted them making Sam squeal out OH DAVE and her body shook and I played with her nipples and she was now grinding her cunt up and down on my soft cock and it was getting wetter and wetter as she slipped back and forth on it. After a while of this she had had climaxed over my cock and it was starting to grow at the wonderful warm cunt sliding on it and she lent forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips and eased her tongue into my mouth and I put my hands round over her back and she lifted her butt up and took hold of my harding cock and placed it up against her pussy and it slipped beside her thong and slipped into the still not fully hard but as she was so wet it went in and Sam sat back up and started small movements on my cock she smiled down at me and said Ooooooooooooooo Dave I can feel it growing hard inside me getting bigger and bigger pushing my hole open Oh god Dave and she move higher and higher on my harding cock it's so fucking big oh God Oh God yes yes she moaned and she now had my cock hard and she was riding it taking all of it from top to bottom our bodies meeting in a slapping sound, Sam was now pounding up and down on my cock and I took hold of her nipples again and she climaxed again but on and on she went and I then pulled her down to me and rolled over and now it was her laying on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge, I stood up and she butt was right on the edge and I took hold of her legs and brought them up to my sides and lent over and kissed her as she brought a hand down between us and played with her clit.

Sam was now moaning out loud as I thrust into her and I knew I could keep this up for some time as once I had cum the first time I could go a while before cumming again I then stood up straight and raised her legs so they were pointing up to the ceiling and resting on my chest, I wrapped my arms round her legs holding them tight to me and I thrust hard into her wet fanny it was now running with her juice and Samantha was moaning YES YES OH FUCKING CHRIST YES YES and I brought her closer to another orgasm and she still had her hand down between us rubbing her clit hard round and round her finger was going and then she forced her head back into the bed gave one almighty scream of OH FUCK YES and her body shook as her climax ripped it's way through her entire body her cunt gripped my cock to tight it was hard to move it but I forced it in and out of her riding through her climax bringing her to yet another one her body was covered in sweat and again and again she climax her cunt making the bed wet beneath her butt wet with her cum and as I kept on fucking this beauty I felt my balls tighten and then my cum rushed up my dick and shot of into her wet insides and it was like her cunt sucked my cock into it as she felt me release my cum and her mussels squeezed ever little drop of cum from me, we rolled over onto the bed and moved round and lay side by side and I placed my arm under her head and we kissed.

Sam started to cry on my shoulder, I said I told you this was a bad idea and you would feel bad Oh Oh Dave she said that is far from the truth I am crying because I am so bloody happy I have never been made love to like that in my life I have never had so many orgasm in one sex session go two I think was the most, god I feel completely worm out, can I stay the night and rest with you she said looking up and me, who am I to refuse a beautiful woman such as you.

Chapter 14

The Following Morning

Sam am I woke as she was still resting her head on my arm so I kissed her forehead gently and she raised her head and I kissed her fully on the lips, no regrets from last night I ask No never she said we showered to together and I went down and washed her pussy before licking her clit and entering two fingers into her and as I was down kneeling between her legs she brought them up and placed them on my shoulders and I licked her and her juice ran over my tongue and into my mouth and then down my throat and it was not long before she came, I stood and entered my cock into her waiting pussy between her wide open legs and we fucked like this as she lent up against the wall, she then raised her legs again and wrapped them around my waist until I came filling her with cum she stayed with her legs wrapped round my until my cock went soft and slipped from her pussy, she lowered her legs and she pushed me back against the wall and it was her turn to drop to her knees and she took my soft cock into her mouth and sucked all the cum for it.

Sam and I went for breakfast at a small cafe on the harbour front and she said that she had to go home and sort a few things out and she took my mobile number and said she would call later, she did call but it was sad news for me she said that she had made up with her boyfriend and that she had told him all about lest night though he was hurt he had promised to try harder to please her and that now I know what you done to me I can tell him what to do she said, I am sorry she said to me I hate letting you down, but did not just not want to turn up No No don't say sorry you have to live here and I move on so you have to do what is right, but I am glad we have had the few hours together so it should be me thanking you for such a wonderful time and I hope you will be happy with your boyfriend, Bye she said and she was gone.

Well what to do now I wondered a looked at a map and found that there was placed called Bowleaze Cove near by so I decided to go take a look ,

It was a beautiful place rock and sand caves to look round and I sat on a rock with the sea lapping up to it and the sound of the water I close my eyes and drifted off into a day dream of the night before with the warm sun on my face I was happy just sitting there when I was brought out of my day dream by a man and woman shouting and laughing I looked round but could not see anyone then I heard then again and it sounded as if it was coming from just up the cost from around the rock just to my right so I climbed up over the the mound of rocks to be confronted by a man and a woman both naked and the man had the woman over her left shoulder and has he held her there he was pulling her arse cheeks wide open and I had a very clear view of her most wonderful arse hole.

When he saw me looking he did not put the woman down but pulled her arse open even more and I could she she had two big rings through her pussy lips Mmmmm I thought very very nice he looked about 35 to 40 she I could not tell as I could not see her face as yet he had a nice sized cock and I licked my lips as I looked at him and her when he waved me to him and I climbed down and walked up to them just as he put her down and as she turned to see me standing there with shock or surprise she just said Oh Hello there and she went on with out trying to cover up and said I am Babs and this is Ron, do you come here often she asked No I said and told them why I was in Weymouth Oh that sound nice she went on we are down here on two weeks holiday we found this small cove and we love to sunbath naked and felt it was out of the way, well I would not have known you were here if I had not heard you laughing I said, so said Babs want to join us we have plenty of food and drink for the three of us but of course it's clothes of if you stay, I looked at Ron he said yea stay Babs is right we always have plenty on food and it would be nice to have some company, well ok then thank you I said, I walked over to a rock and sat on it and removed my shoes and socks and I saw Babs was looking at me and I pulled up my t-shirt and I placed that with my shoes, then I undid my belt and popped the button and lowered the zip and then pushed my jeans down just leaving my boxers and when I stood up to fold my jeans I heard Babs say wow look and that Ron Mmmmmmmmm looks big he said in return, I lowered my boxers and stood there naked and looked at them looking at me and I said well now do I get a drink, Oh Christ yea said Babs and took a beer out of the cooler.

Chapter 15

The swim

We drank and eat for a while and they said they came from the Midlands and that this was there first time down this way and I told them all about me and what I had been up to on my journey so far, Oh Babs said you like you sex then so it's not just woman you like men to Oh hell yes I said I am just as happy with a man as a woman but to be honest I love both at the same time I said this to see what there reaction would be and all they done was looked at each other and smiled, mmm might be ok here I thought.

I am off from a swim I said getting hot just laying here and I ran into the sea, a few seconds later Babs came running down followed by Ron we splashed about and had fun when Babs came up to me from behind and put her hand round my waist and then down onto my cock , I did not try to move her hand I wanted her to know I was happy for her to do what ever she wanted to do to me, mmmmmmmmmmm she said in my ear that is one large cock my friend how you you like to share it with me and Ron, I turned and she kept hold of my cock as I turned and I said thought you would never ask and pulled her to me and I kissed her on the lips and her body came right up against mine and then I felt Ron come up behind Babs and he started to kiss her neck and back as she was held in a sandwich between us, my cock was now growing as she moved her hand up and down it length when we parted from our kiss she said Oh Christ that is a fucking whopper feel this Ron and he put his hand round her body and felt my cock My Christ he said your going to love that fucker inside you dear when we get back to our caravan, Fuck that said Babs I going to fucking have that now and she asked Ron to lift her up and and then to lower her and as he did my cock slipped into her fanny pushing her cunt lips open and popped into her, she put her head back onto Ron's shoulder and opened her mouth took a deep breath as I slipped fully inside her and then let out a OH CHRIST RON as my cock sat fully into her and then I started to move fucking her as we stood waist hight in the sea, Ron had got up behind her and he slipped is cock into her arse and I could feel it as it entered her and opened up her arse channel and as there is only a thin bit of skin between our cock I could feel his cock slipping back and forth against mine.

On and on we both pumped into Babs and she was so enjoying it so much all she could do was pant and breath hard no really moaning out she was so short of breath, she did say god god this is so fucking wonderful I am light-headed, and Ron and I just kept on fucking her and then I felt Ron's cock swell and knew he wss about to fill her arse and he did his cock pulsing against mine shooting it's cum deep into her arse and she now found her voice and screamed OH OH RON YES YES as he pumped more and more into her, he pulled out after a while and and said I will leave you two to it I want a drink after that and he was gone I pulled Babs hard against me running my hands up and down her back as I forced my cock into her and I was kissing her neck and ear lobes and then I was my turn and I pushed hard into her and I filled her cunt with my cum thrusting still into her as I shoot my seed into her and then Babs just went limp in my arms as she climaxed and if I had not held her up she would have gone under the water, once my cock slipped from her I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the beach and lay her down next to Ron she had just enough energy to say Oh Thank you Dave that was fucking wonderful and she fell asleep next to Ron, Ron looked at me and said well I have only know her to get that worn out from one shag before and that was many years ago get yourself a beer Dave you have earned it, and Ron told me how they always went on holiday looking for a threesome as they could not do it when at home as they lived in a small village, so always looked forward to there holidays, Ron said well Dave you have her approval and mine after that so we hope you will come back with us and finish off what we have started, Oh yea I said I would love to.

Chapter 16

The Caravan

We got to the Caravan and Babs made some sandwiches and we had some wine and without saying a word Babs stood up and just stripped off just leaving her stripped thong on and then Ron did the same and as soon as Ron took his clothes off I followed suite, we were all now naked and sitting round the table, Babs sat in between us and she put her hands out and took hold of our hard cocks and started to wank us both off I rested back and close my eyes as her smooth hands guided up and down my shaft pulling my foreskin back and forth each time were as Ron had no foreskin Babs stood up and moved the table out the way and told us to sit sit by side and then she knelt down in front of us and started to wank us again but this time she was taking one cock in her mouth and sucking and licking that one and then doing the same to the other, I put my hand over onto Ron's chest and took a nipple into my hand and twisted it I think I was a bit surprised but as I twisted it he thrust his cock up and rammed it into his wife's mouth saying Oh God Oh God as I twisted it one way then the other, Babs was really sucking our cocks now taking each of them down her throat and I could feel her throat open up each time my cock reached it, this lady was no stranger to a big cock in her mouth I could tell, and Ron and I were both breathing hard and if she kept this up I would soon be shooting my cum that was for sure, I was still twisting Ron's nipple back and forth and he was still moaning when Babs took him in her mouth and he gave one big thrust forward and shot his cum into her mouth and Babs did not loose a drop but she raised herself up to kiss me and she placed some of Ron's cum into my mouth and it was salty but nice and I drank it with pleasure, with Ron's cock going soft Babs took my cock into her mouth and now sucked it and rubbed it with her hand until it was my turn to cum but she pulled my cock from her mouth and let it splash all over her face she had her mouth open still so she got some of it inside and she just licked her mouth once I had finished she turned to Ron and said come on darling lick my face clean and Ron did.

Babs bent over showing me her thong covered arse and how the thong was resting between her fanny lips and her pussy lips rings I could not wait to have then in my mouth and play with then with my tongue I put my hand out while she was bent over and ran a finger up the whole length of her slit sending a shiver throughout her body, she moved over to the sofa and pulled her thong of and lay back and hooked one leg up over the back and one out on the floor and she started to play with herself and as we watched she rubbed her clit and with her other hand she pushed two finger into her cunt and stated to fuck herself as she really went to town on her clit, soon Babs was shouting FUCK FUCK I AM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGgggggggggggggg and she did cum I have never in all my years seen cum shot from a cunt so far as Bab's did I had to taste it and moved over between her legs and pushed my face hard against her and she climaxed again as soon as my tongue her clit, Ron came over and shoved his cock into her mouth and she sucked him while I sucked and licked her, I sucked her pussy rings into my mouth and with my tongue I twisted them round and then pulled my head back pulling the rings with my teeth and Babs shook and had to moan in the back of her throat as it was still full of Ron's cock as a big wave of pleasure rushed through her body and she climaxed again and this time it was a big one and like before her cum shot from her but this time my mouth was there to catch it and it shot right down my throat as it spurt from her.

We had to rest after Ron and I came again this time we had stood over Babs as she laid on the sofa and wanked all over her and we covered her tits and stomach and she rubbed it all over herself mixing mine and Ron's together and we both licked it from her body and she licked her hands clean. Once we had rested for a half hour or so with a glass of wine it was back to the fucking and we were going to fuck Babs this time and not waste our cum it was going inside her,

Ron lay on the sofa his big hard cock sticking up waiting for his wife's cunt to lower on it and Babs went over and lowered herself down over it and took it fully into her and then lent forward and I came up behind her and entered my cock into her arse that was pointing at me begging to be filled with my cock, I placed the head up against her puckered hole and pushed Ron was pounding into her cunt and as I pushed forward at first it did not want to go them her hole opened up and allowed my cock to pop into her and it slid fully into her arse and Babs screamed now she had both holes filled like when we were in the sea but this time our cock were the other way round,we both pumped hard into her and we could feel our cocks going in and out of her, then Ron took is cock from her fanny hole and brought it up just under mine and he thrust up and his cock entered her arse along side mine, this time Babs did give a ear splitting scream as her arse open up to take our two big cocks but after shouting and swearing she did in fact have both in her arse, and now as I pulled out Ron thrust in and we kept this up Babs screamed FUCK FUCK you two bastards FUCK FUCK THATS FUCKING GOOD fuck that arse harder harder you Bastards fuck it harder Oh Yes fuck that arse you pair of cunts come on is that the fucking best you can do you mother fuckers, and then she orgasmed hard and she covered Ron in her cum and she nearly past out after wave after wave of shear pleasure ripped her body apart as we kept on fucking her I came first filling her ass full on my warm cum and Ron's cock kept on pushing into her and pushed my cum further into her and then just before my cock slipped out I felt Ron's cock throb against mine and he to fill her arse full of cum, Babs screamed once last time and she climaxed once more that eyeing and flopped down onto her husband under her and she fell asleep on top of him.

I went to get dress and leave but Ron said you welcome to stay the night Dave I am sure Babs will want to fuck again in the morning, are you sure I asked yea yea there is a spare bed first door on the right loo's are on the left see you in the morning good night I replied and went of to bed.

I was woken in the morning by the bedroom door opening and I felt this Babs slip into bed and cuddle up to my back and I felt her soft tender lips kissing my neck and then ran down my back over my spine making me shiver her hand came over my side and ran down my stomach and found my harding cock and she took it in her hand and as she did she whispered Oh My as my cock reached it's fully size, Babs started to run her hand gently up and down my cock and still kissing my back she went down under the covers and I turned over onto my back and she was soon down between my legs giving me a bloody great good morning blow job alarm call I wish all alarm calls where this bloody good, Babs was deep throating me again taking all of it and she cupped my balls and gently rolled them round and round in her hand she then ran her tongue up and down my shaft and licked my balls in her hand, I wanted her to slip up the bed and sit on my cock so I could feel her lip rings running up and down my shaft as she bounced on it.

I put my hands under the covers and ran my fingers through her hair it was strange it felt different some how but I push her head hard down on my cock forcing it as far as I could get it down her throat, I had my eyes closed with the pleasure I was getting for Babs when I heard the bedroom door open and I assume it was Ron when this woman spoke my eyes shot open and there stood Babs with this big grin on her face then she said O I see you have met my sister then Dave, I threw the covers back and this beautiful young lady was looking up at me she took my cock from her mouth just long enough to say Hi then took my cock into her mouth again.

Babs said as her sister was still bobbing her head up and down on my cock Sue has a caravan on the other side of the site and after the fucking you and Ron gave me last night I only thought it fare to give her ago, Sue husband is not into this sort of thing but he dose not mine Sue enjoying herself as long as he knows he dose know Sue she asked the reply she got was a Hhmmmm as her mouth was still full, Sue was sucking and licking for all she was worth and Babs looked on and then Ron poked his head round the door and watched as I arched my back in pure pleasure and filled Sue's mouth with my white warm cum, she move up my body and kissed me sending streams of my own cum into my mouth and we passed it back and forth with our tongues until we both swallowed some each.

She lay beside me and she said Good morning Dave my name is Sue pleasure to have you cum for me No No I said the pleasure was all mine and now I thing I should return the favour, Mmmmmm that sounds nice she said as she lay on her back I lent over her and kissed her tenderly and Babs and Ron said we will leave you two to it come through when your ready for us all to have fun enjoy as she shut the door behind her, right then where was I Oh yea as I lent over and kissed her again and took a nipple into my mouth as I squeezed the other one, Sue had a great pair of tits firm and very smooth but her nipples were rock hard and as I bit onto the one in my mouth she moaned out OH Oh Yes Dave and then I let her tits ok and started to run my hand down over her very flat stomach just touching her skin as I went but when I reach her pussy she was different to Babs she had a full bush of hair, Sue was breathing hard but said hope you don't mine a hairy cunt Dave just hubby likes it like that, I let her tit go long enough to say Christ no Sue Shaven or hair all good to me.

I sucked her nipple back into my mouth and just touch the tip of it with my tongue and sue moaned out as I did this and my finger fed it's way down through this thick bush of hair and found this wet slit beneath, I eased my finger down between her cunt lips and as I pushed into them I hit the top of her clit making Sue shudder and moan out again Oh Oh God as I moved my finger round and round the clit pushing on it hard sending shivers running through her, Sue was forcing her head back into the pillow eyes shut and moaning as I moved my finger from her clit further down her slit and found the entrance to her love tunnel, I just teased her for a bit running my finger round the opening to her cunt hole, OH OH she Screamed for fuck sake for fuck sake shove them in shove them In and as she said the last word I did Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she let out as my finger pushed into her fully inside her wet creamy cunt as my fingers entered I curled them up hitting her G spot as they entered and this sent Sue into a massive orgasm, as she came Babs from outside the door said Told you he was good Sue and laughed as she walked away.

Poor Sue was breathless and could not talk as I pushed my fingers in and out of her now using three fingers I rammed them into her and I was moving from one nipple to the other she was shaking and rocking her head from side to side as again she climaxed my cock was hard again by now so I moved my body over between her wide open legs and she opened her eyes and looked at me and said between gasps for breath Take me take me now I want your cock now and I raise myself up on my arms placed the head of my cock into the pussy so it just touched the hole and she still looked me in the eyes Please please fuck me she said and with that I pushed forward the head opened her wet fanny hole as it popped inside her and I just carried on until our bodies became as one and without stopping I withdrew and plunged into her again and again, Oh fuck oh fuck she screamed out as I thrust into her Oh your cock oh your cock yes yes fuck me fuck me hard please fuck me hard,

I pulled he legs up and her pussy stared at me and my cock thrust in and out of her and she lowered a finger and rubbed her clit while my cock was taking her nearer and nearer to a massive climax, Oh Oh fuck yes yes oh fuck she kept repeating and then she climaxed and I don't know about Babs and Ron hearing her I think the whole caravan site must have done as she screamed OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss she shook all over as her cunt let a stream of cum flow from it her mussels gripped my cock as again and again her mussels rippled up and down my shaft, but I did not stop until I filled her insides with my cum, it shot harder then I think I had ever known it my cock felt like the head had exploded inside her and shot after shot filled her fanny I was gasping for breath as I held myself above her , she placed her arms round my neck and pulled me down onto the top of her and her firm tits squashed between us and we kissed the sweat just running from both our bodies, OH Oh Christ she said what a fucking orgasm that was fucking hell that was good fuck my old man has never given me one like that ever, we rested before going through two Babs and Ron who were sitting at the table waiting for us, both still naked of course.

Chapter 17

Now There's Four

Well myself and Sue joined Babs and Ron at the table and I needed something to eat and drink before we got going again so Babs made toast and a cup of tea and as I was eating and drinking Babs got down on all fours under the table and started to suck my limp cock cleaning it of any cum from myself or Sue that was left there while she did this Sue and Ron got into a 69 on the sofa and Ron licked my cum from her dripping hairy fanny running his tongue up and down her slit making sure he had every last drop as I found I could eat no more with Babs sucking my cock and playing with my balls I pulled her up and kissed her hard on the mouth then said how about we do that my dear yea yea she said and pulled me down on the floor and was soon knelt over me lowering her shaven cunt down on my face while she then took my cock back into her mouth, her juice was just running from her as I licked her cunt and clit and as she came she rubbed her pussy all over my face covering it in her juice and as she came I heard Sue cumming over on the sofa with Ron.

When we had all cum once more Sue got up and said she needed the loo so of she went us three sat at the table for a wile and then I got up pulled Babs to the sofa and lay her on it, so while I waiting for my erection to return I opened Babs legs and pushed two fingers into her as Ron sat and watched but he could not stand it for long and came over and started to lick and suck on his wife's tits biting and sucked her nipples by now I had three fingers inside Babs and was just to push in a forth when Sue returned and as she walked down the hallway from the loo I looked and she had shaven off her pussy hairy and was as bald as Babs, I said Wow O wow looking good Sue Ron looked up and said Christ that looks nice Sue what made you do that I know Tom likes you Hairy, O fuck Tom she said I want it bald for a while I will she walked over to us and sat on Babs face and she screamed as soon as her Sisters tongue touch it as it was still tender from her shaving it.

After a while we move and Ron got on the sofa and Babs got over him just like we had done yesterday and Babs said come on boys show Sue that I can take two cock in my arse, Yea right Sue said but within seconds Ron had his cock up Babs arse and I knelt behind her and over her and placed my cock on top of Ron's and pushed Babs screamed once again as her arse opened wide and let my cock slip into her O my god sue shouted out as she watched my cock entered her sisters arse, my God Babs that must fucking hurt she said but Babs was gasping from breath as Ron and I fucked her arse hard and fast Babs had sweat running down her as we pumped into her and then Sue walked round and stood at Ron's head so Babs could lick her pussy while we fuck the hell out of her, every so often Babs had to pull away from Sue and scream out as a orgasm ripped thou her body and Sue had her hands up on her tits squeezing them and pushing her fanny forward into Babs mouth and she to was having climax after climax with Babs tongue on her clit.

When we had finished Sue slumped to the floor totally worn out Babs had two more loads of cum planted inside her ass me and Ron where knackered after that and needed a rest, we meet a few more times before it was time for me to move on, before I left Ron and me had got Sue to take two cock in her arse she was very tight and need a lot of lube to get even one in and she screamed the camp site down went we first tried to get two cock inside her but she kept saying if my sister can do it so can I and in the end she did, but that was not all as we fucked her arse Babs fingered her cunt and Sue did pass out when she came as it was such a violent orgasm but she said when she came round that she had never thought it could feel that good and wanted it again and we did once we had our cock back hard, Sue also said that she could feel our cum shooting so deep inside her arse when we came she said that it gave a warm glowing feeling all over her insides.

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