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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 18 to 20

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Aug 31, 2014
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I watched as my cock entered her arse opening it up each time she slipped down on it then she cupped my balls in her hand and she started to pull on them.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 18

The Surprise

It took me a week driving round the cost stopping of at Bed & Breakfast's just for the night and having a look around the towns and villages I stopped at but I was in no hurry and I saw places I would not done if I had just driven from one place to another via main roads as I went through this small village called Clyst Saint Mary there was this most beautiful woman hitching a ride and as I had said I would pick up any hitch hiker I saw and it work out OK with the first one I picked up so I pulled over and she said she was going to Exmouth great I said so am I jump in she put her bags on the back seat and we set of we were still about 80 miles from Exmouth and we got talking I told her what I was doing and she told me she had been visiting friends and now on her way home, it was getting to lunch time so I ask if she would mine if we stopped of for a bite to eat I said I was buying, that would be very nice she said but if you get the meal I will buy the drinks and that was that.

We had a nice couple of hours chatting and as I was driving had a couple of soft drinks then we started out journey once more we got to Exmouth about 18:00 or 6pm which every way you want to look at it, Jennifer said would I like to go round for a coffee as it was the least she could do as I have given her a lift all that way, Well I should go and find somewhere to stay really I said, tell you what why don't you stop tonight and find a place in the morning I have a large sofa it's yours if you want it, yes that would be very nice Jennifer call me Jen she said come on and she showed me to her home and took me round showing me where everything was, make your self at home as I say it was very nice of you to stop and for lunch, that's ok I said I will take you out for dinner and maybe I will find somewhere I can book into tomorrow, you don't have to do that she said I know but I want to so she changed and we went out now I was not driving I could have a drink so we came across a pub called the Bath House which done meals to, so we spent the rest of the evening there and strolled back to Jan's about midnight she took my hand as we walked and when we got back to hers we sat on the sofa and after a few minutes we kissed our tongues playing in each others mouths and Jan stood up and said why not spend the night with me instead of this old sofa, I you want me to that would be very nice I said and we kissed again and I took hold of her breast thou her thin top she had on and squeezed it and her nipple grew hard under my touch and she moaned in the back of her throat as I pinched it between my finger and thumb.

Jen took my hand and led me trough to the bed room where she turned to kiss me and she turned away and took of her top and she had this red bra on I went over behind her and put my arms round her and pulled her bra down over her well formed big breasts and I took them in my hands and squeezed then they were big and real not filled with silicone they were soft and her nipples grew at my touch as I played with them, she had let her skirt drop to the floor and she had this matching pair of red panties on but she stop me from running my hand down over her flat stomach Dave said said I have something to tell you before we go any further as she leaned back into me as I squeezed her big soft tits again, Oooooooooooo she said that so nice so what do you want to tell me well she said taking a real deep breath I she said then stopped you what I said squeezing her breasts again, I am not all woman she said Yes right you feel pretty like a woman to me yes she said there I might be and then she turned round to face me,

Oh My God she had the one massive dick and I fell onto the bed in shock as she pulled her panties down over it to let it spring out, this cock was massive and she /he was the first person I had ever seen in real life like this, she looked down and said I am sorry I should have told you earlier Dave please forgive me if you want to go back and sleep on the sofa I will understand, there is nothing to for give I said yes it is a bloody shock I must admit but don't think this has put me of you as I took her / his hand and pulled her/him into the bed she/he landed by my side and I ran my fingers trough her /his hair as I pulled him to me and kissed him.

I pulled Jen to me and it felt strange having I wonderful big pair of tits squashing into me and a extra large cock at the same time, this was one of the biggest cock I have ever come across and it was mine for the night and I was going to make the most of it that was for sure, I rolled Jen over onto her/his back and I went to and sat up over her and trapped this massive cock under me and I reached forward and took her tits in my hands and squeezed them and Jen closed her eyes as I did and moaned OH Oh Dave it's been so so long mmmmmmmmmmmmm that feels good so good, I bent forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and she arched her back as I did and started to rub her cock back and forth between us, then I started to work my way down kissing every single inch of her tanned body down the top half of her stomach but I did not even get to her belly button before I reach the top of her cock and I licked over the end and she shivered and took a real deep breath as I ran my tongue down the full length and round her balls OH Fuck Fuck she moaned as I sucked one ball into my mouth, then I sucked the other one before moving back up this fucking long shaft of a cock.

Jen still had her bra and panties on so I quickly removed then and knelt on the floor I turned her so she was now laying across the bed and I pulled her legs wide open her cock stuck up in the air I put my head down between her legs and licked her balls once more and ran my tongue slowly up her shaft Oh Oh Yes yes she kept saying as I reached the tip and planted my lips around the head.

I eased my mouth down over it and felt it touch the back of my throat and I took a few inches more and it opened up my throat and I started to gag so I pulled back and then tried again and took it this time , Oh Oh God she was saying no-one has every taken that much before oh oh my god and even thou I had this cock right down my throat I still could get my hand round what was left but a started to suck this cock and my head started to bob up and down and each time it entered my mouth I felt it forcing my throat opened as the head slipped into it , Jen place her hand lightly on the back of my head and pushed it down just a bit more as her shaft went into my mouth this cock was not only long it was bloody thick to and it was sure opening up my throat each time, but on and on we went, I then brought up a hand and pushed two fingers into her arse and this took her by surprise and it made her push up with her hips and at least two more inches forced down my throat really making me gag until she pulled it back out but now Jen knew it would go that far she pushed it in that far each time Oh Christ Oh Christ she screamed I cumming I am cumming as she thrust her hips up and her massive cock went into my mouth and it was so far in that it shot it's load far down my throat I could not even taste it, all I could feel was her cock throbbing against the sides of my throat as it spat of it cum, even when her cock and finished and started to go soft it did not get that blood small.

I was still kneeling on the floor so I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and as I got up her legs raised with me until they were squashed against her big boobs and her cock was between us and her arse was there for the taking being pushed up and ready for my cock and I lined it up with her hole and pushed forward and she took a real deep breath as my cock forced it's way passed her arse ring and without stopping I pushed the whole thing into her squashing her soft cock between us as our bodies meet, Oh fuck oh fuck she moaned and I placed my hands up onto her ankles and raise myself up as this pushed her legs further back over her body and was now really squashing her tits but I did not care I was going to fuck this bitch hard and fast, I pulled fully out of her arse before ramming it fully home Oh Oh Fuck Fuck she screamed Oh Fuck yes yes oh fuck me hard fuck me hard and I was now slamming hard and deep into her arse Oh Oh Christ Christ she moaned and her cock started to grow again already, on and on I fuck this wonderful piece of arse until I hit home hard and held it there and filled her arse with cum OH OH I feel it I feel it she said Christ that's good oh yes as my cock gave it's last dying spurts of cum deep inside her.

I told Jen to go sit on a chair that was in the corner of the room and to sit so she was sitting on the edge and to lean back and I walked over to her and and stood facing her I moved in close and opened my legs so I was now standing over her, even standing up over her lap her long cock was touching my arse and I put my hand behind me and took hold of this throbbing cock and placed the head between my arse cheeks and the tip of it touched my hole and I took a deep deep breath and lowered myself down on it, now I have taken some big cocks in my arse in my time but this mother fucker was something else, I found out that it was 13" long and a girth of 7 1/2 so I eased the head into my hole and just kept it there for a second or two then slowly sat onto Jen's lap down and down I slipped fuller and fuller my arse got I had about 11" inside me now and it was starting to push and hurt so I stopped and then started to rise and both of us moaning out with pleasure as I started to ride this massive cock but I could get no more than the 11 to 12 inside but I was now rising and falling on this cock fast and even my cock had started to get hard once more.

On and on I rode her and then she pulled me forward and held me to her and stood up I brought my legs up round her waist and she walked over to the bed with me still impaled on her dick and she lowered me onto my back and started to fuck me like I had her as she brought my legs up and started to ram my arse hard, then she just took her cock from me and told me to lay on the bed on my stomach and Jen placed a pillow under my stomach to lift my arse just a bit then lay on my back she lifted herself up on her arms and her cock head knew where to go and ease once again between my cheeks and pushed right back into my hole, I was taking about 12" and Jen was really pushing hard into me I was getting light headed with wave after wave of pleasure I was getting from this fantastic fuck, Jen would pull fully out every so often and plunge it right back into me forcing my hole open as the head pushed in, Oh Christ Oh Christ Jen was saying as she pumped her cock and OH FUCK YES I AM CUMMING she screamed and as I felt her first spurt of cum hit my insides she rammed forward and pushed the whole 13" deep inside my arse I scream in Pain as it felt like my insides were being ripped open and then all I could feel was her cock twitching and throbbing so fucking deep inside my arse it was unbelievable Wow O wow my god it felt so good feeling cum so deep inside me her cock still twitching the head of her cock swelling with each pump to spurt out more cum, finally it stop and Jen just lay down on my back and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, Oh Dave it's been so long since I have had sex and you took it all o o thank you thank you her tits pressed into my back that felt strange to have a pair of tits squashed into your back and a cock stuffed into your arse but hell it felt bloody wonderful, well I said it was bloody good for me too hurt like hell when you pushed that last few inches in but now great, we have sex most of the night she covered my face in cum I covered her and we fucked in the shower, living room, kitchen, and up against the wall in the hallway, it was 11am before I left her laying in bed and I left my mobile number on the side saying I was going to be around for a week or so if she wanted to meet for another sex session before I moved on.

Chapter 19

Oldies but Goodies

I booked into a Hotel called Bay Grand Hotel it had nice big rooms and a big king sized bed, I spend the next few days walking around and exploring on about the forth day I was looking round Powderham Castle I spent the whole day there and about half hour before I left it started to rain but as I was undercover it was not so bad, when I went to leave I drove out of the grounds and was about a mile from the castle when I saw a car one the side of the road and a man bent over under the bonnet / hood and as I went passed I was that the man saw getting on in years so I pulled over and backed up and got out to see if I could help.

I introduced myself and asked if there was anything I could do to help when I notice a elderly woman sitting in the front seat I waved and she waved back, I took a look under the bonnet / hood and found that the timing belt had snapped and would need to go to a garage to be fixed so I offered to give then a lift as Ian said he could get someone to come and pick it up, Ian said that a lift would be nice but they lived 50 miles away so if I took them into the next town they could get a train or taxi home from there, Ok I said and Ian went and told his wife what was going on, Ian and Mary got into the car Ian got in the back and Mary sat in the front as she said she got travel sick sitting in the back of a car,

The rain got heavier and heavier as I drove along and I said look Ian you can not wait around for a train ,bus or what ever I will run you home so where am I taking you he told me and I punched the post code into the sat nav and off we went, about an hour and a half later we pulled onto there drive and Mary insisted I come in for a drink.

As we drank tea Mary asked what I was done in my travels I told them what I was up to on my journey round the coast and they looked a bit shocked that I was fucking men and woman as I went from place to place, I found out that Ian had had prostrate cancer and it had left him impotent so Mary said shyly that she had not had sex for over six years or more, she went on to say she knew sex was not what marriage was about and she loved her husband Ian very very much and turned to kiss him but even at her age she wished she still had sex now again as we were talking openly I asked Mary if she had ever pleased herself and there were other way for Ian to please her Oh I don't know said Ian I just think I am now to old and lost interest in it.

Mary said that she had not thought about how to please herself and did not really know how but I told her there were plenty of book on it she should get one you never know Ian might change is mind I said with a grin.

As we talked Mary poured another cup of tea and she was still talking about sex and why did I like men ans women I tried to answer it but all I could really say was I do and I don't know why, My God Mary said look at the time you must stop for tea Dave after being so kind to us No No I can not do that I am sure I will find somewhere to stop on the way back, no we insist don't we Ian yes yes of course Dave please stop, Ok then thank you I said well we have a great evening talking and and drinking tea when Ian brought out a bottle of scotch have a glass with me No sorry I can't I have to drive back then don't said Ian Mary hates whisky and I hate to drink alone Mary called Ian it's ok if Dave stop's over so I have someone to have a scotch with, yes that's fine she shouted back as long as he tells me more about how I can please myself, you got a deal I said and that was it I was there for the night.

A few minutes later Mary came back into the room this time she sat next to me on the sofa she had a glass of wine we had our scotch so Dave what would I need then to keep myself happy in the bed room, well lets see do you have anything like a Vibrator, or Dildo I could see Mary had not got a clue what I was on about so I got my phone and got a few photos up on the internet Oh My she said and what do you do with them, so I explained then and a load of other things and she was looking hot in the face I asked if she was ok yes yes just getting hot with all this talking of sex and things, you know I said you do not have to spend money you can use your fingers and even Ian can do that and his tongue, WHAT use his tongue Mary said in surprise yes don't tell me you have never had oral sex Mary looked at Ian and Ian at Mary.

Oh no that dose not sound very nice Mary said and I doubt very much that I ever will, Ian chipped in with oh I don't know my dear Mary gave him a funny look well Ian went on Dave is stopping the night, you want sex and Dave is having sex as he travels round so why don't you show my wife instead of telling her about it Ian smiled, What What said Mary you mean me and Dave yes why the hell not I can't give it to you anymore so why not let Dave while he is here might be the last chance you get that is if Dave wants to.

I well ??? yes I would love to but please it is all up to you two I am thankful for the meal and bed for the night so I am going to the toilet why don't you to talk it over and what ever you to want is fine by me so I got up and left, we I got back Mary was sitting on the side arm of Ian's chair and they looked at me and both said together yes we would like you to show my wife what you have been saying, fine I said how are we doing this then you coming in with us Ian you never know you might want to join in once we get started, No No I will sit her and use the single bed for tonight you to go ahead and enjoy it my darling he said to Mary, she lent in and gave him a tenderly kiss on his lips and as she got up just said That you my love she came over and took my hand and took one more look at Ian as she led me out the door.

We got to their bedroom and her hand was trembling in mine I looked at her saying you don't have to to this you know Mary Oh but I really want yo Dave I really do and with that I pulled her to me and our lips met, and as we kissed I pulled her tight to me and ran my hands up and down her back and I tried to push my tongue into mouth but she kept her mouth shut tight, I pulled back and said what's the mater Mary nothing why ?? you are not opening your mouth I said look when we kiss when you feel my tongue on your lips just open your mouth ok , so I kissed her again and this time she did what I asked and after a while she soon had her tongue inside my mouth to, as we kissed I lowered the zip on her dress and eased it back over her shoulders and it felt down onto the floor and she stood before my in Knickers and Bra, I asked her to turn round and I unclipped the bra and that to when on the floor I took her by her shoulders and turned her round slowly and she looked down at the floor so I took her chin in my hand and lifted her head and smiled at her and then kissed her again.

Yes her tits sagged but at 65 what else would they do anyway I took then in my hands and played with then for a while and soon her nipple grew hard and she had closed her eyes and breathing harder and I pinched her nipples and her eyes shot open as she let out a Oooooo my god and her body trembled, I dropped to my knees and I had her knickers right in front of me and I ran my finger up and down her slit and she shivered again at my touch, I eased me hands into the waist band and lowered her knickers down over her hips and onto the floor to join her dress and bra, and now I had this hairy pussy a few inches in front of my face I put my hands on her legs and opened then a bit wider and moved my face up to her cunt and ran my tongue up her slit cutting through her think bush of hair and Mary moaned out loud and shuddered as a wave of pleasure ran through her, I pushed my tongue further into her slit and found that magic button just inside and when I sucked it into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue Mary did scream out and she had a small climax just like that.

I was now licking her clit and slit hard and Mary was running her hand through my hair as I licked her juice, then I stood up picked Marry up and lay her on the bed and pushed her legs wide open and got back between them and this time entered two fingers into her wide open cunt and sucked her clit at the same time, Marry was moaning again and again so load I knew Ian must hear us and I just wished he was here to join in, I pushed one more finger inside her and hit her G spot and she orgasmed harder than she had ever had done so she told me later, I pulled her cunt walls wide open and saw that it was nice and pink and the insides did not look old in anyway yes there were age lines on and around the outside of her cunt but the inside was smooth,wet and looking beautiful, soon Mary was ready to cum again and as she did I clamped my mouth over her pulsating cunt as her juice flowed from her and as she orgasmed once more Mary screamed OH OH YES CHRIST YES and as she did the door opened and Ian walked in naked room for another one he said Oh my darling yes yes join me please Mary held her hand out to him and he lay on the bed beside her.

I could here you he said and I wanted to see what Dave was doing to you, why don't you come and take over I said and lean how to do it, so Ian got between his wife's legs and I took him step by step and he soon had Mary shouting out again, so I left him to that while I got up over her and now she was going to have he first cock in her mouth and she looked at me as if to say what do I do, open wide I said and slipped my cock into her open mouth and she closed it around trapping the head inside her mouth,

Then I said time to change and I lay on my back and Mary lent over me and she was on my cock as quick as lightening she was really getting into the suck the cock and she seamed to love the taste going MMMM mmmm mmmm as she sucked and licked my cock, Ian got round behind her and pushed two or three fingers into her and started to fuck her hard with his fingers, Mary shook again as she came all over Ian's hand and he was going to get something to wipe it off , no no I said Mary will lick that off for your and she took his hand and licked it clean and then straight back onto my cock, I was getting ready to cum but I did not want to just yet so I asked Mary to stop and I asked her to get on all fours she looked at me, like a dog on your knees and hands Oh she said and Ian and I now had a great view of her hairy cunt right Mary lets back to it and I told Ian to start finger fucking her cunt again and I lent forward and licked her arse hole and the moment my tongue touched her puckered hole she climaxed again OH OH Christ she said and I pushed my tongue just into her hold and Ian was still pushing his fingers in hard Oh Christ Oh Christ I cumming again she screamed and she just flopped forward on the bed totally worn out for now, but I was now ready to loose my first load so I rolled her over and knelt over her breasts and took her hand and placed it on my hard cock and said wank me off Mary make me cum and she looked at me and smiled and started to move her hand up and down my rock hard shaft Ian stood to on side and watched as his wife wanked me off, on and on she wanked me hard and fast saying Oh yea oh yea come on come on Oh yea and then I just shoot my cum all over tits and face she was covered in it but she licked her lips and I said Ian it's all your, What he said lick your wife clean

he did what I asked and as he licked his wife's face clean she tenderly placed her hands either side of his head and kissed him so tenderly on his lips it was heart warming to see, you could see how much they loved each other and what they would do to make each other happy, when Ian had finished I said ok then time for a drink I think before we get back to it.

We walked into the living room Ian wanted to cover up but I said no we keep naked and we sat and drank Ian and I had whisky Mary wine, well Mary what is your opinion on oral sex then, Oh Christ what we have been missing all these years dear well don't forger you can still give each other oral sex even if Ian can not get hard or cum he still has feeling in the head and balls, and one way is what's call the 69 that's where O let me show you Mary lay on the floor what here yea here so she got down onto her back and I placed my knees each side of her head and then lent over her and put my head between her legs and started to lick her pussy once more and she had my soft cock in her mouth, then I eased three fingers into her and we were soon lost in our pleasure until she climaxed and covered my fingers in cum this time I took my fingers from her and turned to make her lick my fingers clean, see that's another way you can please each other.

After we had our drinks and talked about what we had done so far my cock was hard once more and I saw Mary keep looking at it so I said ok lesion two how to please ourself, I took Mary by the hand and we went back to the bedroom Ian took the chair in the corner now if Ian is not here or your in the bath and just want sometime to yourself then this is what you do, Ian do you have any of the white candles yes somewhere Great do you think you could find me one please we will wait so you don't miss anything when Ian came back a few moments later he had the candle and I asked him to give it to Mary, right you will have to imagine your in here by yourself and you want to please yourself so just lay the candle beside you to start with and get your hand and lightly go over your body with them just touching your skin as you move your hands close your eyes she did and now up onto your wonderful tits that's it gently now find your nipples and run each finger round them making them hard and we watched as her nipple grew under her touch, Mary's breathing became heavier and heavier as she continued to do this Ok Mary now with one hand it dose not mater which hand lightly move it down over your stomach once again all over your skin and just touching yourself Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm escaped from her lips that's it that's it now down through your pubic hairy and find the top of your slit Oooooooooooooooooo found it she breathed right now push your finger into it slowly and you will find your clitoris or clit as it is called, her finger touch it and she squealed out Oooooooooooooo Christ it take it you found it ok then right now rub it with your finger round and round push on it firmly but not to hard, Oh Oh my God my god she said and her body began to shiver as she took herself nearer to a climax, come on Mary you have stopped using your other hand on your nipple Ian could come and suck them if you want no no I want to do this myself for nowwwwwwwwww she said as she pinched her nipple, ok now Mary ease your finger from your clit slowly down your slit and pushed two fingers into your cunt, OH OH YES YES she said as her fingers entered her OH Ian Oh my love and now push then in and out of your pussy like a dick if you want to let go of your tit you can bring that hand down and play with your clit while fingering your hole that will really take you over the top, but just before you do the fingers you have inside you curl them up as you push then in can you feel like a patch of rougher skin, Mmmmmmmmmmmm yes well that's your G spot as you fuck yourself with your fingers each time you push them in curl them up and rub that, so Mary started doing this and with in a few minutes she was ready to explode, she was now screaming out loud her body rising and falling of the bed OH OH YES YES OH CHRIST YES and then one long AaaaaaaaaaaaaRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as her orgasm ripped her body like it had never been ripped before wave after wave rushed through her her cunt ran with juice, she just lay there panting hard Christ oh Christ she was saying.

Mary lay on the bed still getting her breath back Ian asked me would I mind if he took so photos no no you go right a head it's just for us to remember this wonderful you have given Mary and me to

while Ian got his camera I got between Mary's legs and started licking her juice up from her very wet cunt, Ian came back and started to snap away right I think I have one more fuck in me tonight I said what about you Mary want it once more Yea I think I can Manage it she said don't want to give up this time with you Dave, Ok move over please and I lay back on the bed and told Mary to sit on my stomach facing away from me and then lift herself up on her knees and I slid my cock into her cunt that was still dripping cum, and it slipped into her and Mary took a deep breath as she sat fully down on it Oh my she said you do have a nice big cock Dave and Ian was taking photos of my cock stretching her cunt open as she start to rise and fall on my cock I placed my hands on her waist and helped her to move up and down and I pulled her down hard so my cock rushed into her hard as she slapped down onto my body, Ian move up along side us and Mary took hold of his limp cock and placed it in her mouth and she sucked on that while I was forcing myself into her Mary was getting ready to cum when she moved her hand down to her clit which was sticking out between her pussy lips and started to rub it like mad her body started to shake and she climaxed and even thou she was 65 her cunt gripped my cock like a vice but as it did she still pushed herself up and down my cock she was cumming again and again and as her cunt was so tight round my shaft I filled her insides with my cum shooting it right up inside her filling her with my warm seed, OH MY FUCKING GOD that was the first time I had heard Mary use that word OH MY FUCKING GOD she said I can feel your cum so far up inside me and my cock pumped more into her, when Mary was ready to lift herself from my cock Ian got up close and snapped away as she lifted up and frame by frame it showed my cock coming out and then he snapped away as she knelt over me and my cum dripped from her cunt down onto me.

Mary said Oh Dave we did not use the candle never mind I will nip out into the nearest town in the morning and get you a proper vibrator so that is what I did and I watch and Mary and Ian had fun and I left them to it, I drove back to my hotel and rested for the day after last night at about 8 pm my mobile ran and it was Jen she said how longer was I going to be around O couple of days or so, great want to come and have some fun again before you move on, yea sure when tomorrow night sure be there for say 7 see you then said Jen.

Chapter 20

Back to Jen

I knocked on the door and I heard Jen shot Come on in Dave the door is open, I am in the bedroom she shouted come and join me, when I got into the bedroom there was Jen

shoulders down on the bed and up on her knees she had crotchless tights on and a anal bead string in her arse and she was just pulling them out one by one Hi Dave just thought I would get in the mood before you got here well it's a great welcome I said and stripped off and joined her on the bed and took the beads and pushed them back in and pulled them out once more, then I pushed my cock into her arse and fucked her hard until I exploded inside her she screamed as my cum filled her insides,

I rolled her over and got between her legs and took this fucking big cock into my mouth and once again I found it hard to take all 13" but knew I could after last time I was sucking like mad and each time taking a little more but still had about three inches to go when Jen pushed me off her cock and placed her hand round it and after a couple of strokes she shot her cum up all over her tits and belly and I moved up and licked it from her well tanned body, we lay there for a while then I rolled her over on top of me and we kissed and her breasts pushed into me and her nipples were really hand I ran my hands up and down her back as she lay on me and I could feel her cock growing hard again already and she pulled my legs up so they rested on my chest Jen took hold of my ankles and pushed herself up and her cock entered my hole and she pushed the whole 13" into me and it took my breath away as she pushed it in god it was fucking big nice but big, Jen started to really ram into me hard much harder then she had last time we meet but hell I did not care this was sending wave after wave of pleasure rushing through me again and again she rammed my hole I was the one shouting out as she hit my body with hers Oh Christ this was good and then Jen pushed hard forward and cum filling me deep once more my god did that cock shoot cum deep in me it was a wonder it was not in my throat.

Jen got off me and I asked her to lay on her stomach and I got over her and entered my cock into her and fucked her as hard as she had me, I then lay down on her back and rolled over so she was now laying on her back on top of me and I placed my hands round and cupped her magnificent tits and squeezed then pulled them and pinching them Jen was really moaning and grinding her arse onto my cock as I pulled her nipples and then she sat up and folded her legs under her so she was now kneeling over me as she fucked my cock I watched as my cock entered her arse opening it up each time she slipped down on it then she cupped my balls in her hand and she started to pull on them this was not only sending pleasure but pain to as she was really pulling on them and squeezing them hard but then the feeling of my cum starting on it's journey towards the head of my cock started deep within my balls and it rushed up my cock and shoot into Jan's arse but even with my cock pumping cum she still rode up and down on it until it went limp and slipped out from her arse and I watched as my cum oozed out from her puckered hole and I wiped it with my finger and licked it clean.

I stayed the night and we fucked in the bath and on the chair again and then it was time to leave Jen, and move on once more, I went to the hotel picked up my things and hit the road, as I drove a wondered what was next in store for me and my cock.

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The Daily Dogging Diaries - CatFishEggs

The Saturday Dogging Girl - Anon

Sophie's Afternoon Dogging Session - Mac016

Teachers Pet - Bash Ivy

Looking after Jane - Chapter 1 - owlman

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The Daily Dogging Diaries - CatFishEggs

The Taking of a White Family - Part 1 - Frank S.

The Taking of a White Family - Part 2 - Frank S.

The Taking of a White Family - Part 3 - Frank S.

Thirty One Days - Chapter 29 - Ronan Jackson Jefferson

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