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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapter 21 - 22

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 03-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 10-Sep-14
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I finished fucking her from the rear and I finger fucked her arse while fucking her cunt.

* * * * * * *


Well my next part of my trip took me round the great Devonshire coast line and it took me two weeks to get round to Torquay as there was so much to see on the way round, stunning coast line and old villages and town, but I got to Torquay and booked into the Grand Hotel, it was 15:00 when I booked in so I showered and when out for a walk and find somewhere to have a evening meal. walking along the sea front was nice there was a light fresh breeze and about two hours later I stopped of for a meal at the Offshore Restaurant and Bar spent a few hours and wandered back to the hotel.

The follow morning after breakfast I asked if there were any nice walks and was told a place called Becky Falls was very nice and it was only a 20 minute drive so of I set, Wow it was stunning big waterfalls in a forest setting it was breath taking, I climbed to the top of the falls and there was a foot path along side the river and as it was still only 10.30 and I had my map I set off along the path.

I had been walking for about half an hour when I heard this woman and it sounded like she was getting well and truly fucked to say the least, she was screaming out O MY GOD YES YES over and over it was coming from across the field so I had to have a look at what was going on well I jumped the fence and walked beside the wall and reached the other side of the field and I knelt down and looked over the wall and there was this woman a bloody gorgeous woman at that bent over trying to get a horses cock shoved inside her cunt.

She was pushing back onto this massive horse cock when all of a sudden it slipped into her and she started to scream again OH FUCK YES YES OH CHRIST as she worked herself back and forth on this big cock, she was taking at least half of it inside her and the cock on this horse was thicker then her arm but she was taking it and loving it by the noise she was making, she was pushing back faster and faster and making more and more noise as she was getting close to cumming on and on she rode this big cock then she screamed at the top of her voice OHOHOH FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkk and she came and I could see her juice shoot from her cunt as she continued to ride the horses cock still shoved inside her, then I saw the horses cock shudder and I guessed it was filling her with it's cum she screamed again OH FUCK OH FUCK and she took the cock from her cunt and turned round quick and put the cock in her mouth as it was still spurting cum, as she bent over to take this big cock into her mouth which only just fitted by the way cum shot out from between her legs the horse had placed so much cum inside her as she bent over it just shot out of her.

I got down behind the wall so she did not see me and when I looked back she was getting dressed and untied the horse but then she turned and spotted me and she called out for me to stand up, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING she shouted at me, look I am sorry but I was on the foot path and I heard a woman's voice your voice and I wanted to make sure you were ok so I came and then saw you bent over with the horses dick inside you and I have never seen that before well not in real life so I am sorry I just had to watch I am sorry but it was wonderful to watch you take that fucking big cock in your pussy, well it has taken many year for me to get it in there but now I love it yes I could hear that I said with a big smile and she laughed too.

So this is what you do for fun round her is it I asked sometimes she smiled back, just wondered why someone that has your gorgeous looks and such a fantastic body would want to do that I would have thought you would have a line of men waiting to take you out, Oh I have but men have so much baggage where with a horse it is fuck and walk away, anyway why are you in Torquay do you live near by?? Oh no and I told her my story as she lent on one side of the wall and I the other, HHHhhhmmmmm a man with no baggage you sound just want I am looking for you up for some fun then, Dave my names Dave, Hi Dave I am Hanna Hi Hanna nice to meet you.

So you up for some NSA fun then Dave as your not going to be around for long Yea you bet Hanna how far away do you live just I have my car down at the Becky Falls car park, well I will come with you and show you where I am, we walked and talked and she asked me how many I had slept with since starting my trip and so I went through them all and she said Wow I can not wait to get you back home, so Hanna do you live alone then or still live with your family no I live alone well apart from a couple of dogs and the horses as you have seen Oh yes I have seen the horses alright and we laughed as we walked. I found out she owned a big farm house left to her when her mum and dad were killed in a traffic accident and she has lived alone since she said she had had a few boyfriends but they never came to anything and that when she turned to fucking the horse and she thought it would stay that way for now at least, well I said to her I am sure I will make a nice change to the horse for a while, mmmmmmmm I am sure you will.

We reached the car and she showed me the way and when we got there it was a big house and farm, I have some workers to run the farm she said but they keep themselves to themselves unless there is something wrong so let go in and have a drink I could do with one after that long walk, you were reading my mind I said, we went in and she poured me a big whisky and one for her self and we sat on the sofa and talked about what she wanted from our meeting, and if today works out did I want to stay with her for the rest of my stay now that my darling Hanna dose sound like a plan.

So I put my arm out and reached round the back of Hanna's head and pulled her to me and our lips met and our tongues entwined as we kissed and she still had the taste of the horses cum in her mouth and it tasted like nothing I had tasted before but I would not call in unpleasant well with that and the whisky she had drunk the tasted was not bad, we kissed like this for sometime and then I took the glass from her hand and along with mine placed them on the table and pulled her to me again kissing her lips and neck she was already taking deep breathes and I lowered one hand to her breast and held it in my hand and gently squeezed it and she gave a soft moan and pushed her tongue further into my mouth, she pulled away from me and said I must shower after fucking the horse, you finish your drink and help yourself to another if you want one, well I could or how about letting my come up and join you I could wash you back and other parts that might need washing, Really she said to right ok then let ok and she took my hand and pulled me to my feed and dragged me up stairs and into this massive master bedroom.

So we whet into the big walk in shower room and as she ran the warm water she started to unscrew the shower head from the hose and I just could not work out what she was doing but said nothing we got into the shower and shut the door and she bent her legs at the knees opening her pussy and the next thing I knew she shoved the shower hose up inside her filled herself with water then pulled out the hose and let the water drain from her cleaning out her inside, it looked amazing as the water poured from her cunt then she started to fuck herself with the hose while the water still ran from it and her, I took hold of the hose and took over and she started to rub her clit working her finger round and round Hanna was get very worked up by this point as she legs were shaking as she got nearer to her orgasm, the water was still pouring out of her as she climax and as she did her legs gave way and she ended a big heap on the floor of the shower and as I was kneeling at the time I brought her head forward and kissed her.

Oh Christ that was good she said trying to stand back up I helped her stand and washed her body and worked a long time on those wonderful breasts her nipples stood out like organ stops as I rubbed them with the palm of my hand, Hanna had her eyes closed and moaning slowly as I moved one hand lower and found her fanny and pushed a finger into her slit and found her hard clit and she shook again as I rubbed it for a while still working on her breast she but her arms out behind her against the wall and she lowered herself back onto it she now stood legs apart and leaning back and I took my hand away from her fanny and tit and stood up close to her and bent my legs and slipped my cock into her Oh Christ you feel as big as the horse she breathed out as my cock fully in bedded itself inside her her arms came up round my neck and I started to fuck her, Oh Oh Christ she was saying Oh Dave yes yes it's been a long time since I had a man's cock Oh Christ that feels good, as we fucked I lowered a hand down between us and pushed a finger back onto her clit and as I touched it she moaned out load and her body shook as she orgasmed, I felt her cunt clamp my cock as it ran through her and she bit onto my ear lobe as she climaxed.

We dried of and went back to the bed room and soon we were on the bed in a 69 and her pussy was coming down onto my face Oh what a wonderful site that was some men think a pussy is a pussy but they are not each and every one is different and this one was beautiful, completely shaven, her skin was soft and silky, her lips were not long and her inner lips were hidden from sight until you opened her outer lips and then there was this perfect clit hard and sticking out begging to be licked and sucked, the folds of her inner lips where wonderful to look at and I knew they would be sensitive to my touch and I pushed my tongue out and it pushed through her outer lips and found that wonderful clit just beneath and as soon as my tongue touched it Hanna pulled her head away from my cock and let out a loud OH OH YES and then replaced my cock back in her mouth but she was breathing very heavy thou her nose as her climax built deep down inside her , I ease my arms up and started to stroke her bum cheeks and pulling them apart as she sucked on my cock, and then slapped her hard and she squealed out as I smacked her again and then without warning I pushed a finger into her arse CHRIST OH CHRIST CHRIST she moaned out as I started to work my finger in and out of her arse.

As she climaxed she pushed her fanny down hard onto my face and her cum juice cover it as it poured from her and I was licking her juice as fast as I could, she ground her fanny down into me and I was finding it hard to breath but there was nothing I could do but keep on licking, then my cum shot from my cock and she sucked it all into her mouth and swallowed it down and licked my cock as it twitched and pumped a few more drops of cum onto her tongue, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she said in the back of her throat as my cum ran down it.

We lay there for a minute or more just getting our breath back and we kissed from time to time you know I said if that offer of a room until I more on is still there I would like to take you up on it, Great she said that's settled then tell you what I said how about I take you for a meal we can pick up my things and take it from there, sounds great to me she said and rolled over on top of me saying but before we do that I want you again, now I have a man's cock in the house I want it well you can just help yourself when ever you want it my dear Hanna I said with a big grin, she sat up my cock soft under her dripping pussy and I raised my hands and took hold of her tits and played with them, Mmmmmmmmmmmm that's what I miss she said a horse can give you a climax and fill you with cum but it can not touch you tenderly like you are doing as I ran my hands lightly up and down her sides Hanna closed her eyes and titled her head back as I touched her body lightly and tenderly all over running my hands up and down her legs, her inner thighs, over her flat stomach and of course her soft tender tits and up her neck, she shivered as she sat astride me and ground her cunt onto my dick as a small climax when thou her as I touched her tender skin.

After a while my cock grew hard as she still sat over it and she lent forward and placed it into her while it was still growing Ooooooooooo she said as she moved herself on it I can feel it getting big and big inside me I have never felt that before it grew until it was stiff inside her and she was now moving her body up and down my rock hard shaft taking every little piece of it slamming down on it until our bodies hit together, I still had hold of her tits and pulled her nipples that were getting more and more tender each time I pulled them and each pull sent like a shock throughout her body I thought I had heard girls scream before but nothing like this surly one of the workers must hear her screaming and will come and she what the mater is but no, FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK OH CHRIST she screamed bouncing as hard as she could on my cock when I let her tits go so I could place my hands on her hips to help her up and down her tits bounced like rubber balls her nipples were like a blur as she moved, on and on she rode orgasm after orgasm she was having but she was not stopping she could win a gold medal if sex was a sport as she could really fuck for England, then she had the biggest orgasm she had had and I thought my cock was going to be cut of as her cunt mussels gripped it so tight and hard as her orgasm continued to rush thou her most beautiful body the sweat was running down her chest and back as she still gripped my cock, then she just fell forward onto me completely worm out and I rolled her over onto her back and I still had my cum to get rid of so I raised myself up and started to fuck her her legs were wide open and I could hear her cunt squelch and slurp each my my cock entered and pulled out she had so much of her cum there and then I felt my cum rising up and then I filled her womb with it and she climaxed again as she felt it hit her insides we hugged and kissed and fell asleep like that and woke up two hours later, we showered and went out for our meal and pick up my things.

Chapter 22

The next few Days

Over the next few Days we had hardly gone outside at all Hanna went out from time to time to check how things were going on the farm but apart from that all we did was eat, drink, fuck and sleep, so I said to Hanna you know I would really love to see you fucked by your horse again it's a nice day how about taking a walk up to the field and let me watch as you and the horse get it on with each other, yes yes she agreed that sounds like fun so we dressed and of we went, when we reach the field Silver came bounding over to Hanna I think it's missed your pussy I said like I will when I move on, she smiles and we entered the field and moved out of sight of anyone and without another word Hanna tide up the horse and striped off I still could not get over her fantastic body, she bent over and took the horses limp cock into her hands and started to wank it and before long it had a hard on and Hanna bent over and took the horses cock and placed it up against her and started to more it up and down her slit I don't know if horses get pre-cum or what but there was like a clear liquid being smeared over Hanna's cunt lips and then she pushed back and she screamed out as it slipped into her just a little at first and then she removed it and spread more pre-cum over her and then pushed back again this time it slipped into her.

Soon she was riding it taking as much as she could and I was so bloody hard I stripped of and stood in front of her and pushed my cock into her mouth and she took it from both ends as I stood over her bent body I could see the big horse cock going in and out of her cunt where the hell she was putting it all I just don't know but she was and then like before I saw the horses cock twitching and knew she was getting filled up and then as there was so much of it it was forced out round the sides of its cock but this time she could not turn to drink it as my cock was still firmly inside her mouth she let the cock drop and she could not take anymore of its cum and as it dropped away some of its cum splashed onto the ground and then like before it poured out of Hanna, watching this made me shoot my cum and I pushed forward as it shot down her throat and pump after pump of my cock sent spurt after spurt of my warm cum into her, when my cock slipped out of her mouth she looked at me as she stood up you know for shoving your cock into my mouth like that I think I should get you to lick my pussy clean, I took her hand and pulled her into the lean-too and lay her across a bail of hay got down on my knees and did just that, just before I placed my mouth on her dripping cunt she said I was only joking Dave you don't have to, but I pushed my tongue into her and she screamed again as another climax ripped through her as I licked and drank the horse cum down, she must have come two or three times while I licked her out but by then my cock was hard and I raised myself up over her and fucked her across the bail of hay, half way through I got her to get on all fours and I finished fucking her from the rear and I finger fucked her arse while fucking her cunt, it occurred to me that we had been fucking for the last few days yet I had not fucked this most beautiful arse that was staring at me now.

I was going to stay with Hanna for another two day before moving on and that would be hard as she was such a great girl and we were having a lot of fun and we fucked again all the next day and she showed me something I had never seen in real life before she pushed her whole hand inside her cunt.

and on the final day I walked into a bedroom to find Hanna on her hands and Knees

and her dog was up over her back and it's cock was inside her wet cunt and this was taking doggie fashion to a new level, Hanna looked over at me and smiled as the dog humped her good and fast its cock was pounding in and out of her Hanna was moaning out as she climaxed and the dog was not finished yet on and on it went until it finial y cum and filled her insides up and it just hung onto her back panting away with its twitching cock still deep in her cunt, when it did get down Hanna turned over and lay on her back and the dog knew what to do as Hanna opened her legs wide the dog stood between them and licked her pussy and its tongue was pushing right inside between her cunt lips and with each lick it hit her clit and each time it did Hanna gave out a Oooooo Yes Ooooooo Yes and then she climaxed again, when she had finished she told me to drop my pants and without any question I did Hanna then told me to sit on the chair in the corner of the room and spread my legs as I did this the dog came over and started to lick my balls WOW it's tongue was rough and as it ran up my cock my god what a feeling Hanna took hold of my dick and pulled the foreskin right back over the head and when the dogs tongue lapped the head of my dick Christ it sent a shock wave right through me making me shiver and shake again and again it licked my cock head I was shaking like a jelly( that's Jello to some of you )on a plate and then I saw Hanna lay on her back and slide under the dog and she started to suck the dogs cock and it soon got hard again but did not stop licking my cock this was to much for me my cock let go of its load and I do not think it had ever shot so far and hard in its life it came out and hit my face and then down over my chest and stomach, I heard Hanna drinking the cum shooting from the dog and when she let go of it's cock it put it's front legs on mine and started to lick up all my cum.

Hanna and I headed for the shower when we had finished with the dog as it was time for me to move on in the shower we washed each other and hug and kissed as the water ran over us Hanna saying that it had been a wonderful time and thanked me for sharing my time with her, I told her it should be me thanking her as she had got me doing things I had not tried before and I liked trying new things, I dressed kissed Hanna and got in the car and drove of as she stood there waving goodbye, where was my next long stop going to be I did not know but all I knew was there would be one night stop all over the place and when I got to somewhere I wanted to stay I am sure there will be another part to this story.

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