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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 23 - 25

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Author: Deepprobsix
Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Published: 10-Sep-14 Revised/Updated 25-Sep-14
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That afternoon I had my chance at her big brown hole and I got Jen kneeling on the bed I fucked her pussy for a while making my cock nice and wet with her cum.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 23

Lands End.

Well after many stops I have arrived in Penzance, and book into the Carlton Hotel I have had my shower and ready for my evening meal I was going to stay and eat in at the hotel and sit in the bar and have a few drinks tonight and go out exploring tomorrow, I had a great roast for my main coarse and a wonderful chocolate whipped cream mousse for my dessert and this woman sitting on the table next to me and whipped Mmmm my husband likes that spread all over my and then licks it of what a pity he is not here we could have sent one up to my room, mind you how would you like to give it ago, I looked at her and she was I would say between 25 & 30 dark hair and big tits and I thought Oh my god would I love to see them covered in whipped cream yes I would was the reply, Well yes I said I would love to come up to your room and cover that wonderful body you have in chocolate & cream, and she moved over and sat at my table and we talked and had a couple of drinks, She was down here on Business and her husband was back home looking after the little one she told me that he knew she got it of with other men and he was fine with it as long as she told him all the details as they had sex when she got home, she also told me she never went with a guy more than once, she asked what I was doing down in Penzance so I told her my story and we agreed that we would spend the night together and that would be that, I ordered another chocolate & whipped cream dessert and we took it to her room, she wore a sleeveless top and black jeans and as soon a I placed the dessert on the table she spun me round and pulled me into her arms and we kissed she was a bit shorter than me so I lifted her up as we kissed and carried her over to the sofa and sat her up the back of it and she raised her legs up around my waist and we kissed, I ran my hands up and down her back and pulled her top up and over her head and as I thought she was not wearing a bra and those big breasts came into view.

I dropped my hand and sucked a nipple into my mouth and felt it growing hard against my tongue Mmmmmmmmmmm she moaned and pushed my head hard against her I brought my head back up and we kissed and pulled her of the back of the sofa and I took of her jeans and she did not have panties either so I lifted her back up and stood back and quickly removed my clothes and she just Oh My when my cock came into view I stepped forward and aimed my cock at her waiting hole and in it slipped she was eager for it as she was so wet already and it just slipped in fully and she brought her legs up and round my waist and then she lowered herself down the back of the sofa so she now lay with her arse on the top of the sofa and her head down on the seat and she held herself there with her legs, is really pushed her pussy up and I could easily get to her clit and as I touched it she moaned louder and her big tits hung down under her chin as we fucked like this it was not long with my cock hammering in and out of her and my fingers playing a tune on the clit that she climaxed and she up hooked her legs and fell back down onto the sofa seats panting for breath, I walked round and knelt over her as she lay there and placed my cock between her big tits and fucked them until I shot my load and as I did she opened her mouth and most of it ended in there and I lent forward and kissed her and we pasted it back and forth between us.

Then once we had our breath back we went into the bed room and she lay on the bed and I started to cover this heavenly body in the Chocolate & whipped cream covering all her tits and placed two half cherries on the nipples and then spread it down over her body and all over her shaven pussy pushing it into her slit and over her clit by the time I had finished the whole front of her body was covered and she had had two more climax's as I did it she was so worked up and sexually excites by having her body covered and I just stood back and looked at her my god she looked amazing and with that I moved forward and started to remove it by licking inch by inch and every so often kissing her to let her have a taste of the cream and chocolate, we were both moaning and getting so worked up as I licked her inner legs, stomach and neck, I had not touched her tits or pussy yet I was leaving them until last, I stood back again and looked she was panting for breath and she looked at me and said Oh Christ Fuck me please I can not stand anymore I what your fucking cock in me.

All I had left was the cream on her tits and pussy I knelt beside her and she begged me again to fuck her but I lent forward and took a tit into my mouth and sucked the cherry from her nipple and started to lick the cream from it when she took hold of the other one and pulled it up and licked her own tit getting the cream from it, when they were clean she lay there legs spread wide apart where she was so wet the juice had washed away some of the cream and you could see her slit and I placed myself between her legs and as I lowered myself over her she shouted again FUCK FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME NOW and with that I rammed my cock into her cream covered cunt her back arched and she climaxed as our bodies met and squashed the cream between us, I started to fuck this woman hard the cream splashing all over the place as our bodies smashed together again and again she climax and then I pulled out and she screamed PUT IT BACK OH FUCK ME PUT IT BACK but I rolled her over and pulled her up onto all fours and shoved my cock back into her OH OH YES YES she said as I slipped all the way into her Fuck me fuck me hard she moaned and I grabbed her shouldered so I could pull her back as I rammed forward our bodies hitting really hard her arse was wobbling as we smacked together and she loved it, I then took hold of her long dark hair and pulled her head up as I now used this to hold onto her Oh fuck oh fuck I am cumming I am cumming she screamed and I took my cock out again NO NO she Screamed and I flipped her over again and rammed back into her and within a few long hard strokes she came her cum juice flowed and washed away the last remaining bits of cream but I continued to fuck her, she was now climaxing again and again big and faster with each one she had until she had the biggest orgasm her cunt gripped my cock as her juice flowed from her and I then filled her cunt with my creamy load to filling her insides.

We fuck once more that night a long slow fuck which ended in her have another massive orgasm, the following morning I was woken by this heavenly image looking down at me

Come on sleepy head she said time to get moving , I smiled and replied what no goodbye fuck before breakfast I have to go she said as I took hold of her arm and pulled her to the bed I soon had the pink nightie she had on off her and naked once more well she did not put up much of a fight as I rolled her over on top of me and she kissed me saying Oh well another hour will not hurt and she lent forward and kissed me, my cock was beginning to grow hard between us as we kissed and she wiggled around a bit and she soon had my growing cock inside her I was thrusting up with my hips getting some movement inside her and she sat up and started to ride my cock lifting her self up and ramming herself back down hard, her big boobs bounced up and down looking wonderful as I placed my hands on her hips to help her as she raise and fell on my cock,she dropped a hand down between us and started to play with her clit as she rode me bringing herself to a climax and then the big one followed and her cunt rippled against my cock as it released it's cum juice flowing down my cock and over my balls down over my arse crack and onto the sheets, she came so much it was like a river, I asked her to get off and she looked at me well I said if you have to go to work you will be needing a shower so lets finish of in there no sooner had I said that she jumped off me and dragged me off to the bathroom and I had her pinned face forward against the wall and her arms up high above her head I moved her legs apart with my foot and bent my knees and brought my cock back up inside her, OH CHRIST YEA she sighed as it slipped back into her filling her soaking wet cunt, after a while I let go of her arms and brought my hands down and round her cupping her big wonderful breasts in my hands and squeezed them pinched the nipple and she screamed and screamed as she climaxed she had another big orgasm and I came filling her full of cum and I held my cock fully inside her until my cock went limp and slipped out letting the cum I had put there run down the inside of her leg and then washed away, we washed each other of and as we dried off I said hope that will get your husband going when you get back home, Oh yea I am sure he will love it when I tell him, I left and we never met again just like she said I have seen her in the hotel on and of and with another lucky man just a few nights later.

Chapter 24

A comfortable ride

A few days later I was sitting at a table outside the Turks Head pub soaking up the last days of Summer and this large woman walked by and she stopped and asked if I knew where the nearest post office was, I said I knew of one but as I did not live here it would be easier to show her rather then try to explain it, so I finished my drink and we set of into the town I took her to the post office and we chatted as we walked and she said the she was down here visiting friends and they had gone out to work and as she had only arrived yesterday she did not know her way around.

When she had finished at the post office I said to her by the way my name is Dave Oh I am Jen she said so Jen how about as we are both first timers here we have a look round together, yes that would be nice and off we set, we came across a Art Galley so we walk round and looked at the painting and there were a few nude drawing and Jen said Mmmmmm like that one it was a woman and a man having sex she was sitting over him, Yea I said I like and I added and that position too, Jen turned red and I said sorry I should not have said that, Oh it's ok she said just that me being this size you don't get many offers of sex and not to do things like that, Oh that is a shame I said and we moved on and came across a few more nude painting and I could see Jen was getting a bit uncomfortable so I said come on I will buy us a drink if you will let me That would be very nice of you she said with a smile, we found ourselves back at the Turks Head and she sat outside while I went and got the drinks, we sat there and Jen told me that her friend would be at work this week and off from work the following week so she had to just do things herself for the rest of the week, I got got us another drink and asked what she was doing about something to eat and what time her friends would be back from work, I have told them that I would do my own food this week and then we would eat together next Jen said well in that case why not stop here enjoy the last of the summer sun and let me buy you dinner, Oh I could not do that I will stop if you let me pay my share, No No I said please let me, your not trying to get me to be one of your conquests on your journey are you you naughty man Dave, No No I said not unless you want to be I would never buy a woman a meal and expect something in return, eat and go make's no difference to me Jen just nice to sit here and chat.

Well we had our meal and Jen got in the next round of drinks and then said she had better go as her friends would wonder where she was and if she was ok, sure I said how about we have another walk round tomorrow if you want that is, Oh that would be nice and thank you for the meal and she kissed my cheek, we meet the following day and had a great time and as we sat having a drink again with our evening meal Jen asked me about the Men and women I had slept with and why I did it, so I answered all her questions she was blushing again and I smiled, the way you blush Jen when sex is talked about anyone would think you had never done it, well if you want the truth Dave I have only ever done it once and that was a quickie, so no I do not know a whole lot about it, you must think me a sad old person, Not at all I said but why you are beautiful well it's nice of you to say that Dave but not many would the size I am, well you are better than them if anyone thinks size has anything to do with it, it's what inside that counts.

We had another drink and then I said I would walk her back to her friends house, I saw her take a really big breath and she said I would rather you walk me to your hotel room Dave I have told my friends I might be late tonight just in case, are you sure that's what you want Jen, Oh Dave she replied more than anything please take me to your room, it would be my pleasure Jen and off we went when we got there we sat on the sofa and I could see she was shaking and I took her hand and asked again if she really wanted to do this and that if she changed her mine at anytime time all she had to do was say stop and I would, so I kissed the back of her hand and up her arm and neck and then our lips met her lips were soft and plump and moist and our tongues entwined as they darted in and out of our mouths, Jen was starting to breath heavier now as we kissed and she had stopped trembling as she reached round behind my head to hold my lips against hers.

I gently pushed her back so she was laying against the sofa and placed one hand on her big breast and she sighed as I squeezed it, playing with her tit for a while before moving my hand down over her stomach and pushed my hand down between her legs which she opened up to allow me to touch her pussy thou her dress and she shivered and sighed out load as I moved my fingers up and down, I knelt in front of her looking her in the eyes as I pushed her legs open and placed my hands on her legs and ran them up under her dress and took hold of the band round her knickers and started to ease them down over her big hips and she lifted her arse of the seat so I could pull them down and off her and then I stood and took her hands and pulled her up and kissed her again, I now turned her round and lowered her zip and then turned her back round to me and pulled the neck of her dress forward and it fell down over her arms and down onto the floor I remover her bra and she was now naked her breathing was heavy as I stood and looked at this naked woman.

I asked her to now under me and she moved close and she was trembling again as she started to unbutton my shirt and pushed it back over my shoulders and it fell to the floor and then she dropped to her knees and looked up at me as she took hold of my zip and lowered it then popped the button and pulled my trouser down leaving me in just my pants and she could see the size of my cock thou the bulge and she ran her hand over it lightly making me sigh this time, Jen eased my pants down and my big cock sprang out and once my pants were on the floor she took hold of my big cock and started to move her hand slowly up and down it's length pulling the foreskin back over the head Jen said the only cock I have seen in real life never had a foreskin on it wonderful how it pulls back over the head like that then her mouth was wrapped around it and she was sucking it and running her tongue round and round the head licking off all my pre-cum as she did after a while she took my cock from her mouth and knelt up so she was up-right on her knees and she wrapped her massive tits round my shaft and started to move her body up and down so she was now tit fucking my cock, Jen had her eyes close mouth open and moaning softly as she moved.

Jen was loving this and so was I then after a while I felt my juice starting on it's journey up my cock it rushed and spat out the top all over her tits and in-between them Jen squealed as my cock erupted in loads of cum, oooooooooooooooooooooo such a lot she said and took my cock back into her mouth to lick the cum from it and pulling the foreskin right back as far as it would go, I took her hands and pulled her to her feel and licked my cum from her back and she could not believe I was doing that but I told her I loved the taste of my own cum and ran my tongue between her big breasts making her shudder once more, it was now my turn and as I lowered myself to my knees I kissed down her body and stopped at her nipples sucking them and then downwards and onwards until I was on my knees facing her hairy cunt

I eased her legs open and wow oh wow what a pussy this was, hidden away under all this hair I put my finger between her legs and ran my finger forward from her arse crack all the way to the top of her cunt slit and it was moist and her hair just folded out the way as my finger slid forward, I did this a few times and she shivered and shook each time and then as I brought my finger to the top of her slit I pushed it into her slit and found her head clit and I could see it was about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long and I saw it twitch as I touched it and Jen let out a OH MY FUCKING GOD and her legs nearly gave way under her , I move my head closer and just as my lips touched her pubic hair Jen shook again and had a small climax and I placed my mouth over her slit and sucked her clit into my mouth and she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed it hard into her screaming OH OH FUCK Lick that clit lick it please and the moment my tongue touched it she orgasmed again her sex juice flooded from her and her whole body rippled as she climaxed and I got to work licking her clit and then I entered two fingers into her and found she was very tight then I remembered what she had said that she had only ever had sex once. I curled my fingers and found her g-spot and this sent Jen through the roof screaming and shouting as wave after wave of pleasure ran thou her I carried on until she climaxed again then lead her to the bed room where she lay on the bed and I got back between her open legs and started to lick and suck her pussy once more, she but her big legs up over my shoulders and pulled me hard into her my head was covered in her fat thighs but shit I did not care she wanted sex and by Christ I was happy to give it to her and she came once more quite a big orgasm it was, then I started to kiss up her body and there was a lot of it to kiss and them I reached her big heavy tits after licking and sucking them I was now above her and raised up on my arms and my cock head rested between the folds of her pussy lips waiting to be thrust forward into this wet hairy cunt, I looked down at her and kissed her lips as I pushed forwards and my cock found the hole but it was tight so with a bit more pressure it opened up the hole and the head popped in, OH OH FUCK she screamed OH OH YES YES OH FUCK YES as my cock continued it's journey inside her until our bodies meet and there was no more to place into her, OH DAVE she sighed as I reached full length that's so so wonderful.

I held it there for a second or two the withdrew it and then back in it went Jen was sweating as we started to fuck hard again and again I rammed my cock into her she was screaming for me to fuck her hard and she climaxed again, but I continued to fuck her as she came her cunt was soaked with her juice, on and on we went until she had one almighty orgasm her body shook and her whole body ripples as the fat shook as her orgasm ripped through her again and again she shook, and I felt the start of my cum rising Oh Christ I have not asked if she was on the pill or not, I looked down at her and said my cum in or out OH OH IN PLEASE IN ME DAVE and with that I rammed it into her and my cum shot from the head filling her wet rippling cunt and we lay there panting for breath.

She was so worn out that she said she could not manage it anymore that evening well I tell you what Jen why not spend the day with me tomorrow and we cam have sex all day how about that, Oh fuck yea she said we got dressed I walked her back to her friends and arranged to meet at 10 in the morning.

Jen was knocking on my hotel door just before ten and she kissed me as she entered took hold of my hand and lead me to the bed room I was pushed back onto the bed and she took hold of the belt that held my dressing gown together and pulled that undone then she opened my dressing gown so I lay there naked and my cock growing hard, Mmmmmmmmmmm glad to see you like what I am doing she said and started to undress peeling off her clothes slowly until she was just standing there in a bright red bra and panties, Wow I said you look fantastic Jen why thank you she said glad you approve and she opened my legs and knelt between them and took my now hard cock in her hand and started to repeat what she had done the day before, tell you whattttttttt I said as she pushed her tongue into the hole at the top of my cock head why not turn roundddddddddddd as she did it again and we can get into a 69 taking my cock from her mouth she said ooooooooooooooo never done that mind you there a lot I have not done, and while she moved round I took of my dressing gown and lay back as Jen placed her legs over each side of my head and her large stomach pushed

down on my chest and her big thigh's clamped each side of my head her hairy pussy lowered onto my face and it was already dripping with her cum as she took my cock back into her mouth, her massive tits and stomach pushed down into me as she started to suck my cock hard and with one hand she took hold of my balls and gently ran then round and round in her hand as she took more and more of my long cock into her mouth I was finding it hard to breath with her weight and her cunt clamped over my mouth but hell it I die I die happy and started to lick her slit and push my tongue into her as far as I could get it she was moving her mouth up and down my cock faster and faster as she got near a climax an then she came flooding my face with cum there was so much it was running up my nose and I was licking for what I was worth.

Jen lifted of me and I took a real deep breath and she turned round and sat over my cock which after that sucking was really sticking up to attention Jen lowered her cunt right the way down on it and was now sitting on my dick and she looked at me saying I have always wanted to do it this way and she placed her hands on my chest and started to rise and fall on my shaft, her big breasts bounced up and down as she bounced on my cock, swinging back and forth, her large stomach pushing hard against mine as it shook as she pushed herself up and down, she just kept on and on then sat back upright and her tits look wonderful as they moved in time with her body a reached up and took her nipples in my hand and she gasped of air as I nipped them and pulled them OH FUCKING HELL she screamed and came again and I was not going to be far behind her and then I pushed up with my hips and filled her trembling pussy with my cum, she sat still and just kept my cock inside her holding in my cum until my cock softened and slipped out of her, Jen eased herself down my legs and licked my cock and balls clean then came and lay beside me.

Dave I want to say thank you for making love to me as I said the other day I have only ever had sex once before and you have shown me how good it can be no not good that is the wrong word bloody fantastic she smiled, I put my finger to her lips to stop her and raised my head to kiss those sweet lips and tasted my cum on them, you Jen are very sexy and it is only what you think of yourself that is stopping you getting laid more often, but I am glad we have had this time together and you are happy Oh Christ I am happy she said as she took my limp wet cock in her hand and started to wank it slowly I closed my eyes as slowly she moved her hand and then she took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it and flicked the end with her tongue sending shivers rushing through my whole body OH JEN I sighed as she moved over to the other nipple, about 10 minutes later my cock was showing signs of life again and was growing hard in her hand, I told her to get on her hand and knees and I would fuck her in another position so she got up on all fours and I got round behind her and entered her pussy from the rear OH OH FUCK DAVE THAT IS FUCKING GOOD and as she said that I slapped her big fat arse cheek and she squealed out as I slapped it again and again making it red and then I rubbed it gently soothing it cheek before slapping it hard again and again, Jen was having climax after climax and I knew it was only a matter of time before she exploded in a massive one,

I fuck the cunt from the rear and her cunt was so wet it was slurping and squelching as my cock hammered in and out of her my balls swinging back and forth just like her big tits were then she lowered herself down onto her elbows squashing her big tits between her and the bed on and on I rammed into her and then I pushed a finger into her big brown puckered hole and she shouted out Oh fuck Dave fuck fuck fuck and I was now fucking her arse in time with my cock and again without warning I entered another finger into her more screaming hit my ears OH Fuckfuckfuck you fucker do you want me to stop I asked Jen Oh fuck no no no Oh Fuck I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg and Jen exploded her cunt just let go as if it had just been hit with a bouncing bomb and broke the dam,her cum juice oozed out of her running down her legs and making the bed soaked ohmygodohmygod she was said over and over as her cunt mussels gripped my shafting cock and tried to keep it still while she came but I forced it on fucking her through her climax I was getting near myself and I was not going to stop now and she just seamed to go on and on and then I came filling her with my warm spunk filling her insides it shot from my cock so hard it felt like my cock was on fire as it shot from it, I cried out OH FUCK FUCK YES as my cock throbbed over and over again.

Jen just went limp and fell flat on the bed and I followed her down laying on her back as my cock just kept inside her cunt, OH CHRIST DAVE she said I did not know sex good be that fucking amazing oh my god, your fingers in my arse Jesus that was so fucking good, I kissed her neck and down her back as my cock came out of it's warm hid-a-way and some of my cum dripped out, we rolled over and hugged and kissed for the next hour or so and we fell asleep to for a while, when we woke Jen looked at me and asked if I would fuck her one more time, only once more I said with a big smile, I wanted to fuck your arse if you will let me then take you to the shower and fuck you there to, OOOOoooo really not sure about the arse bit your fingers were nice my cock would be even better I promise, well ok you can try if you think I will like it, no Jen you will fucking adore it I said laughing.

That afternoon I had my chance at her big brown hole and I got Jen kneeling on the bed I fucked her pussy for a while making my cock nice and wet with her cum and then I pulled open her big fat arse cheeps and placed my cock up against her hole and pushed Jen let out a long loud scream as my head entered her and I just pushed on until my cock was fully in bedded deep inside her arse and my body was fully hard against her ass cheeks.

I started to fuck her nice and slow but making sure my cock popped in and out of her arse hole to open it up OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo fucking hell Jen said Ooooooooooooo that is so fucking nice Oh my god and now I knew she was enjoying it I started to fuck this big arse hard my body slamming into hers smack smack smack it was going with each hit of my body, yes yes yes she said as we hit together and I lent over her and was just able to reach her clit once I had my arm round under her fat belly and the moment I touched it she orgasmed hard my cock gripped by her arse mussels as her cunt climaxed again and again, on & on I pumped my cock into her arse she was still climaxing when my own cum shoot from my throbbing cock and fill her arse with warm cum for the first time, Jen orgasmed hard once more before again falling flat onto the bed totally worn out.

This time when I lay on top of her my cock easily stayed inside her arse hole keeping my cum inside Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm that feels so warm inside me she said I did not know arse sex saw so bloody good, Glad you enjoyed it Jen I said Oh yea it was great, after a while I said lets shower so we went into the shower and I washed her all over and gave her another orgasm as I washed her pussy, then pushing her up against the wall while the hot water ran over us I got just get my cock into her and fucked her standing up against the wall, she slid down onto the floor panting for breath once she had cum again but I had not given her my last load yet so I sat on the floor of the shower putting my legs out in front of me and told Jen to slide up my legs put her arms round my neck and get on my cock, she slipped down onto it and we fucked like that until she came again and I pumped my cum deep inside her mmmmmmmmmmm thank you thank you she kept saying it has been the best week of my life one I will always remember Dave thank you, we sat there for a few minutes the warm water flowing over us running down her big nipples and dripping of them, when we got up I washed her down again and dried her off, well it's a pity you are going out with your friends all next week I said we could have fucked all next week to, well I am grateful for the time we have had Dave and you never know I might have a little one in here to remember you by, What I said in shock you are on the pill heavens no why would I be on the pill I told you I had only ever had sex once before you and that was some time ago I never thought I would have met someone like you but but but I said I asked you if you wanted me to cum inside you and you said yes, well I am 29 I would love a baby and never thought I would ever have the chance but then you came along and I thought why not give it ago, if I fall for a baby well that would make me happy if I don't then so be it, but don't worry Dave I will never contact you either way, just thank you for showing me what sex can be like, with that she dressed and was gone.

Chapter 25

Man O Man

The next three days were spent lazying around catching up on some well earned sleep re-charging the old batteries, in the evening on the third day I met these two guys as I sat on the harbour front with a bag of chips and just watching the boats bobbing up and down on the waves, they came and sat next to me and started to chat and then as they got up they said would I like to join them for a drink back at their place yes I said that would be very so we walked and talked as we went and I found that they lived together and had been a couple for 20 years and every so often they liked a third to join in and as I had told them I was into both sexes we could have some fun.

We got to their home and once inside I was told it is naked from there on in so standing in the hall way we stripped of and Jon said Wow look at that Tom what a nice size cock we can have some fun with that, we had a couple of whiskeys each and then they said ok Dave do you mind if we blind fold you for a while, no no go ahead Jon, I had the blind fold on and lead upstairs and was laid out on the bed my arms and feet tied up leaving me in a star like position and my cock was really hard and sticking up wow O wow I heard Jon say again as a hand curled round my shaft,it started to move up and down very gently pulling my foreskin back over the head and then a pair of lips curled over the head and closed round my shaft and the lips pushed down my shaft taking all of my cock and I could feel it far down either Tom's or Jon's throat. A pair of hands gripped my balls and started to pull on them and rubbing them in the palms of there hands there was pain when pulled and pleasure when rubbed it felt wonderful, it was then that my head was lifted up and a ball gag placed into my mouth and done up and my head laid back down, I heard Tom I think it was talking on the phone but could not make out what he was saying but I caught the last bit he said ok see you soon, I then felt someone kneel on the bed and something was placed onto my nipples and it got tighter and tighter my god this hurt like hell as my nipples were squeezed.

I was starting to sweat as the pain grew worse and worse but there was nothing I could do but take it the mouth left my cock and I felt them get of the bed and the next thing I knew was my cock was being whipped right across the bare head as my foreskin was still pulled back over the head,my god I had never felt pain like it then this nice wet soft mouth came back over it soothing the head then it was back to the whipping, then a second whip started on my squeezed nipple my body jumped with each whip my body was stinging as the whipping got harder and harder, then the door bell rang and as one left the room the other one put what felt like a nylon cord round one of my balls the cord was then run up trough a hoop that was fixed to the thing on one nipple back down to my other ball where the cord was pulled very tight not only stretching my ball sack but pulling on my nipple to then tied round that ball and pulled up and the cord was put through the other hoop and tied off.

I heard someone come back into the room and move round the bed and I jumped when a tongue flicked the end of my squashed nipple and either Jon or Tom got onto the bed and knelt over me and slid my sore cock into there arse and started to move up and down on it sliding up and slamming down hard and when they sat hard down it pulled on the cords and sent pain running through my balls and nipples my gag was taken out my mouth and I took one gasp for air before a cock was shoved into it and it was pushed right down my throat making me gag but I got use to it and was taking this cock fully into my throat, on and on it pumped and the which ever one it was came and his cum spat down my throat and as I licked the head getting all the cum from it it was taken out of my mouth and replaced with a shorter cock but much thicker and I thought if one is riding my cock and one has just cum then this must be a third cock.

The person got of my cock and another person took there place on and on my mouth was fucked and my cock ridden, the door bell ran three more times and I heard someone go to the door but they did not talk at all in the bedroom then the gag was replaced in my mouth and I was untied and I was tied up with my hands behind my back and over my chest and my legs were now up in the air and I was having my arse fucked hard and fast no sooner had a cock filled me with cum it was taken out and replaced with another one, my arse would not take must more cum it was getting full and each time a cock pushed it my arse squelched and some of the cum oozed out round the cock that was being pushed into me.

When they were done I was taken off to another room where I had my hands pulled up behind me so I hung with my feet just touching the floor my cock and balls were bound up and tied round my body, My blind fold and gag were removed and I could see once my eyes adjusted that there were at least 8 men most naked and all had big hard cocks and they were all for my arse as I hung there one came round behind me and pushed his cock into my already over fill cum hole, another came round in front of me pulled my head up by my hair and pushed his cock down my throat I was being pounded in the arse hard and he finally came and as he pulled out the one from my mouth took it's place and a different one was shoved into my mouth yet again, and this went on for a long time one would fill my arse then it was all change, in the end I counted ten cocks and all had filled my arse with cum there was so much cum in my hole that it was running down the inside of my legs and then the first one came back and shoved his cock into my mouth it had been almost a hour if not more since he had first fuck me and it was hard again and his cock still had a mixture of all the cum that had been in my arse when I had been fucked on the bed, once I had sucked him for awhile he started to really fucked my face holding onto my hair as he rammed his cock back and forth down my throat then he shot his cum down my throat and he made me lick hid cock clean and then left the room, this went on until they had all done the same until the only two left were Tom and Jon they done the same as the other and then let me down and untied me.

Well Dave what did you think to that then well at first I was not sure I replied but I have to say that was fucking fantastic god I have never been so bloody worked up I had not even shot my own cum and my balls feel so so full and they want release but Tom and Jon both said that they did not do that I was there for fucking not cumming, so I had another whisky and left, on the way back to the hotel I wanted to get rid of my load of cum and then a thought struck me so I text Jen that I had just been fuck by 10 men I had not cum yet and my balls ached with the amount of cum in then and if she wanted it inside her then be at the hotel in half a hour or it would be a wank and waste it all.

I got back to the hotel and sitting there waiting for me was Jen as big and beautiful as ever and she ran to me and kissed me on the lips and we went to my room, I said I had better shower she said OK I will come and help added and followed me into the shower after we undressed, soon the warm water was running down over our bodies and Jen was washing me all over pulling my foreskin back and washing the head and every little bit of me, she dried me off and led me back into the bedroom as I turned to face this big woman she pushed me and I fell back onto the bed and she knelt over me and within a few seconds had my cock deep inside her cunt, she was pumping up and down like a piston harder and harder she pushed down on my cock and after the amount of fucking I had had it was not long before I just let out one long YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss as I arched my back and drove my cock into her and filled her pussy with so much cum, as I got my breath back I said well Jen if that fucking lot dose not get you what you want then nothing will, Jen kissed me on the lips got off me and left just saying sorry my darling I have to go my friends are waiting for me a the pub and she was gone, I fell asleep and did not wake until noon the following day.

I spent two more days there and then it was time to move on and now travel up thou Cornwall, travelling around the cost line taking in the sites that you just do not get to see when your just there for a week or two on Holiday.

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