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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 26 - 27

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Sep 25, 2014
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As he sucked and bit her nipples Samantha arched her back and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth as she came into it filling my mouth with her juice.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 26

I saw a angel

I carried on my travels and for the next three week I moved slowly up the west coast stopping off at B&B's and Hotels I had a few one night quickies but that was all I turned left from the M5 onto the M4 and headed to Wales and ended up in Cardiff after crossing the toll bridge I found myself searching for a place to stay, I found a nice hotel and booked in for a week to start with and said I might need another week depending on how things go.

I spend the next few days looking around this big city and found a few places to eat during the day and a few for the evening, on the forth evening I walked into this bar that I had seen during the day and it was early evening and there were only five people in the restaurant three sitting at one table and the other al by herself, I could have sat where I wanted but I took a breath and went over to the woman sitting on her own, Hi my names Dave may I join you I asked she looked around the room as if to say what's wrong with the other tables, but said yes if you wish, I know I could have sat anywhere but just did not fancy sitting alone when there was this most gorgeous woman sitting alone.

She smiled thank you she said it will be nice to have someone to talk to. So we chatted while we eat and I found that her name was Samantha and she came from Africa and she was over hear by herself on business and this was her first time in Wales and the UK as we talked I found out also she had a boyfriend back at home but he followed the traditional African way and as we drank she also told me that he did not like her to please herself when having sex, she could not touch herself Oh I said I love to watch a woman pleasing herself very sexual I said, Mmmmmm said Samantha what a pity you do not live in Africa I am sure we could have a lot of fun, well I said I am here now and smiled at her, that is true but I have a boyfriend and I should not cheat on him.

Anyway we dropped the subject and went on to what I was doing, when we finished our meals I asked if she would join my in the bar for a drink our two, I really should be getting back to my hotel room she said may I walk you then, thank you Dave that would be nice and she put her arm through mine as we walked, we turned up at the same hotel I was staying at out of all the hotels in Cardiff we were in the same one this seamed like fate, well I said as I opened the door for her now you can have that drink before you turn in, OK just the one she said with a smile that lit up the room.

Now Samantha was one sexy looking woman, she had the perfect figure for me as I do not like a woman to be stick thin but Samantha had curves in all the right places, her breasts were big but not over big if you know what I mean, she had shoulder length dark brown hair which was wavy and it shined and sparkled in the light looking wonderful, she was not overly tall but you know what they say that best thinks in life come in small packages and this was very very true of Samantha, she was the best looking woman I had seen since I left home and started this trip and well before that to in fact I would say to me I don't think I could ever find a more beautiful and sexy woman rolled into one body we sat and had a drink and she got up to leave and I took her hand saying please will you have dinner with me tomorrow night no strings attached just a meal and your most sexy company, without even having to take time to think about it she said yes that would be very nice thank you Dave OK great say 7:30 to 8 in here then we can go find somewhere, that will be fine and she walked away and my eyes followed that most sexy arse as it swayed it's way to the lift and she was gone.

That night I just could not get this beauty out of my mind my cock was hard as I thought about her and wondered if I would be able to have her to talk her round into letting me make love to her she was driving me crazy I took hold of my cock and started to move my hand up and down the long thick shaft as I continued to dream about Samantha and what she would look like naked laying on the bed waiting for me to enter her, was she hairy or shaven I wondered I did not care which but hairy I think anyway that's the way I dreamed of her I was now breathing harder and my hand still moved up and down my shaft the foreskin moving back and forth and pre-cum covering the big purple head I raised one hand and took a nipple between my finger and thumb and nipped it and pulled and twisted it sending pain and pleasure rushing through me Samantha was now sucking my dick in my dream and then I came and my cum shot from my cock all the way to my chin covering my chest, I was panting for breath and sweating as I just lay there my cock stating to go limp in my hand, after a while I had a shower and turned in for the night and still had Samantha on my mind when I woke.

As I walked round the next day I was looking for somewhere to take Samantha for or meal that evening I found a place called Giovanni's and called in to see if I needed to book but they said no it would be fine, I sat around the harbour for the rest of the day and got back to the hotel showered and got ready and was in the bar just after 7, dead on 7:30 Samantha came walking out of the life and you could have knocked me over with a feather she was stunning, she wore this short dress with a low cut front and the cleavage she had my god was wonderful, her lips done in shiny red lip stick her hair freshly done shone and bounced as she walked towards me as did her boobs I could not get over how bloody gorgeous she was, as she reach me I lent forward and kissed her on the cheek and just said My god stunning you are stunning she smiled and dropped her head just a bit, would you like a drink here or go straight to eat let's go we can have a drink here later if you like she said taking my hand. I told her about the place I had spotted and she was fine with that we entered and was shown a table and it was very romantic as the lights were low candles lit on the table and soft soothing music very sexual and relaxing, we eat and talked and as we did I felt her foot curled round the back of my leg and was running up and down to my knee, as I looked at the beauty across the table she smiled at me and she did not stop moving her foot up and down my leg, we had just finished our main course and waiting for our desert and I lent forward and whispered you do know my darling Samantha that if you keep running your foot up and down my leg like that I will have to take you outside when we have finished here and have you up against the wall I just will not be able to help myself, well Dave she said with the most sexiest smile I have ever seen I will make it easy for you next time I got to the toilet I will leave my panties off, Oh Christ I said do you want my zip to burst open here, she put her head back and laughed, a few minutes later she went of to the toilet and when she came back she sat down and took my hand under the table and put something in it when I pulled my hand out from under the table there in my hand was a small thong in bright red to match her lips, Oh Jesus I said and looked at her and just said Christ Samantha you did it you took them off.

We had coffee and all I could think about was Samantha sitting across the table with no panties on I paid and she again took my hand as we left we walked down by the harbour on out way back to the hotel and I sat down on a bench quickly undone my zip and pulled my big cock out Wow O wow she said I turned her way from me and pulled her dress up over her wonderful full round arse and she put her legs either side of mine lent forward and eased herself back onto my cock no sooner had she sat down on it we saw someone coming and she went to get up but I held her there on my cock, we pulled her dress down over her hips and the sides of her legs as much as we could but I knew that if anyone looked this way they would see right up her dress and my cock buried deep inside her pussy.

Once he had gone she giggled at what had just happened and said to me did you see his face when he looked over this way but then she started to lift herself up and down on my cock pulling herself up to the top before pushing fully back down again, we were both carried away with the feeling we were getting having sex out here in the open and it was nearly to late before we noticed the same man coming back Samantha pushed herself down on my cock and sat there still again but this time she did not lower her dress and as this man got nearer he looked again and his eyes nearly popped out of his head and as he went by I saw that he had his mobile phone in his hand and he had taken a photo right up Samantha's dress and he just kept on walking and once more Samantha started to ride my cock but it was not long before I was ready to cum and I took hold of her hand and placed it between her legs and she knew what I was trying to say and started to play with her clit rubbing it hard she was trying to hold back her yelling and she was saying yes yes on my god yes but then she could not hold back any longer and as she came she screamed out OH YESSSssssssssssssss and with that my cock throbbed and shot my cum up inside her she sat on my cock for a while until it had gone limp and slipped from her and I had been right she was hairy thick bushy hair and I was hoping again hope that later I would be having that in my face as I ran my tongue through it, she got up pulled her dress down as I put my cock away, she took my hand and said my god Dave that was the most exciting thing I have ever done my god what a turn on and she laughed as we got back to the hotel, I don't know about you my darling I said but after that I need a drink great idea she said then we can go up to my room and carry on from where we left off if you want to, Oh Samantha I would love to but what about your boyfriend you said you did not want to cheat on him. O sod that she replied what he dose not not won't hurt him and it is not like I am going to bump into to you walking down the street is it.

We had our drink and we walked to the lift hand in hand and as the doors shut I push her against the lift wall and took her arse cheeks in my hands and squeezed them as I kissed her our tongue enter each others mouths and I played with her arse as we continued to kiss, the lift stopped and I moved away from her and we got out and walked no nearly ran to her room, neither of us could hardly wait before we got into the room before we where ripping each others cloths off, Samantha did not have that much to take off her dress and bra and that was it as her panties were in my pocket, she soon had my shirt off and then started on my trousers and down they went and then my pants, both of us now fully naked and her body looked even more beautiful if that was at all possible.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed and lay her down and as I stood over her looking down into her most beautiful hazel coloured eyes she looked just like a angel laying there, I opened her legs and knelt between them and foreplay was out the window this time I and she want a good hard fuck so I held myself over her on my out stretched arms and eased my big hard cock fully into her she arched her back and gave a long OOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo Christ yes as my cock fully embedded deep inside her, I was soon pumping hard and long strokes into this angel laying beneath me Samantha was moaning over and over Oh fuck Oh fuck YES YES Oh Fuck Yes as time and time again I rammed into her hard our bodies smashing together again and again Samantha came time and time again and then I came to filling her insides once more we rolled onto our sides and keeping my cock trapped between her pussy lips and legs we just kissed and cuddled running our hand over each other her black skin felt so smooth and silky soft to my touch and she shivered each time I ran my hand lightly down her spine.

After a while I started to get aroused and my cock stated to get hard I rolled Samantha over and knelt beside her as I lent forward I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it in and then bit down around the bottom of the nipple she ached her back as the pain and pleasure ran through her, OH Dave as I flicked the very tip of her dark brown nipple with my tongue, Oh God Oh god she said as I placed my hand on her other boob and squeezed her big nipple it grew even harder to my touch, with my free hand I reached for one of hers and eased it down her body until her fingers touched her hairy pussy and she pushed a finger through her black thick pubic hair and found her clit and stated to move her finger round and round on it Oh Oh Dave it's so good to touch myself while you make love to me Oh Dave Dave and I felt her body give a little tremble as a small climax ran throughout her body, she was now panting hard as she got nearer to her orgasm and I was kissing all over her tits and neck she shivered as the pleasure ran over her, then I knelt over her and as she continued to play with her clit I placed my hard cock between her big wonderful tits pushing them together to enclose my cock between them and I started to move back and forth tit fucking her finger fuck yourself Samantha I told her, she looked at me surprised at what I had told her to do yes you heard finger fuck yourself Really yea I said I told you I love it when a woman plays with herself and I knew she had done what I asked as she raised her back as much as she could with me sitting over her and she cried out OHHHHhhhhhhh Yesssssssss and I could feel her hand moving back and forth.

She was now fingering herself faster and faster pushing her fingers as far as she could get them inside her wet cunt, I continued to tit fuck her and soon she came again and it was so forceful she nearly threw me off and onto the floor, she body shook and jumped as her orgasm ripped through her, I slid down her body and between her wide open legs and just watched as she rammed her fingers in and out of her sweet pussy I could see her sex juice dripping from within and it ran down her arse crack and onto the bed as it was running over her arse hole I pushed a finger into her arse and she climax straight away her arse gripping my finger as it went through her and I started to pump my finger in time with her fingers going in and out of her cunt, Oh OH Yes yes yes she moaned her legs and body trembling as she built up to another climax, as her hole was so wet I eased another finger in beside the first and as it went in her back arched and she screamed out OH FUCK FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssss as she orgasmed once more.

I pulled her fingers from her and placed them in my mouth and licked them clean and then replaced them with three of my own fingers and as I did this she took hold of her big tits and started to play with them and her nipples and I eased a forth finger into her and her outer lips stretched to allow them to slide inside her, as they opened up I could see into her pussy and her light pink inner lips were so wet and moving back and forth as my fingers move in and out Samantha was really pulling on her nipples and moaning again and again as I curled up fingers up and rubbed her G-spot the moment my finger hit it she shook as it she was fitting as a massive orgasm hit her she started to cry tears running down her cheeks when I asked if she was OK she said Oh yes sweety I am great just so so happy I have never in my life felt anything like this is so wonderfulllllllllllllllllllll as she came again, I now wanted to taste this most sexy woman so I still left my fingers buried deep inside her as I lowered my head as I could smell the sweetness of her juice as I got close.

I got closer and her thick black hair touch my lips and I push my tongue forward and as it pushed it's way through it found the top of her wet slit and it was like static spark jumped from my tongue and her outer wet pussy lips making as both jump then my tongue touched her clit and she pushed upwards and my mouth was now clamped onto her pussy and Samantha's sweet sweet juice rushed into my mouth and now I knew she was a angel sent for above as her sex juice was like tastes nectar from the gods I have never never tasted cum juice like this before and I doubt I ever will again, it is hard to tell you what it was like as there is nothing I can compare it to it was just a wonderful tasted and I pushed my tongue down and in beside my fingers and drank from this heavenly well.

Samantha was going mad with pleasure as I licked and sucked her cunt that was now flowing like a river, orgasm after orgasm went through her I nibbled on her clit and then eased two finger back into her arse and turned my other fingers that were inside her pussy round and I started to rub the thin skin between her cunt and arse and this drove Samantha wild and she pasted out for a few seconds as the biggest orgasm of the night ripped through her entire body she when she came round she was moaning Oh Christ Oh my God Oh my Fucking Christ as I pulled my fingers from her and kissed up her body kissing between her tits and up her long slender neck sending shivers up her and then my cock touched her pubic hair and she took a great deep breath as it pushed it's way through and opened up her lips and the head touched her clit and as Samantha let out her breath she moaned OH YESssssssssssss as my cock slipped down her slit and found her pussy hole and just slipped inside her fully entering her until our bodies met and her pubic hair entwined with mine as if it was hold my cock inside her not wanting me to ever pull out, and I let it just keep deep inside her not moving for a while just letting my cock soak in her sex juice then I started to fuck her slowly pulling fully out before pushing fully back into her very slowly we kissed as we fucked and her hands ran up and down my spine and then she placed her hands down on my arse cheeks and pulled me hard into her each time I pulled out slamming my body against her hard with each slap of our bodies Samantha was saying Yes Yes Oh Christ Yes.

I started to fuck her harder with long strokes I pushed into her fanny that wanted it harder and harder . Samantha shouted Harder fuck me harder fuck my cunt hard Please please and I was now really pounding down into her her finger nails digging into my arse and back making me even more worked up on and on and then she came once more it was with so much force it almost pushed my cock out of her pussy but I pushed back and after a few more strokes I filled her with my cum, I know I have said this before put my god did I cum and cum hard it shot from my throbbing cock like a bullet for a gun again and again my cock pumped it's load inside her she wrapped her legs round my back to hold me tight to her as I emptied out filling her so full it was running out of her beside my cock, we were both covered in sweat and we kissed long and hard our bodies as one, Samantha looked at me and she my god Dave I don't think I am ever going to let you go I have never been fucked like that in my life that was so wonderful come back to Africa with me and I will kick my boyfriend out, I smiled at her and said I wish I could my darling Samantha I really wish I could, at least when you get home you can teach your boyfriend what he needs to do to please you, I could but half of that he just would not do or would not let me do, well maybe it's time he was gone from your life Samantha a gorgeous sexy woman, who knows what she wants should have men lining up down the street to go out with you, I wish she said the trouble is a lot of men in my home land think like that she said as we rolled over onto our sides.

Chapter 27

The Next Few Days

When I left that night to return to my room we arranged to meet the day after as she had a lot of business to sort out so I stayed in bed thinking about the angel I had made love to the evening before and just went out for something to eat that evening, so the next day we met as planed and it was I nice evening though a bit on the chilly side we walked and had a bite to eat and as we sat there once again Samantha started running her foot up my leg and I said to her you know what happened the last time you done that my dear Yea can we do it again she said with a wide grin across her face, well we will have to see how naughty you are between now and when we leave to see it you should be punished or not, and with that she placed her foot up between my legs and started to rub my cock through my trousers making it hard and hard for me to eat, Samantha went of to the toilet but when she can back there was something different about her I could not work out what it was until she past me something under the table it was not only her panties but bra as well that what was different her boobs were swinging when she walked, is this naughty enough for you she grinned.

Well I told her it might be but to make sure I thing you should go back to the toilet and but this on, I was going to put it on you as a surprise later but I think you should go do it now, what is it as she took it from me under the table, it's a strap on clit stimulator and I want you to wear it and switched on until we finish in here, she took it from me and went back to the toilet and came back a few minutes later as she sat down she gave a Oh Jesus, what's wrong my love I asked Oh you Bastard she whispered how the fuck can I sit here with this going between my legs, I don't know we will have to see that for running your foot all over my cock, the waiter came with our main meal and just as he put down Samantha's plate she gave a a low OH OH Shit and her body shook, the waiter looked at her and ask if she was ok, yes yes she said just a shiver cum over me and she stared at me as if to say you will bloody pay for this, we ate our main course and order desert and coffee Samantha was finding hard to sit still as this thing quietly buzzed between her legs, every so often she would moan as another climax went through her.

Please please let me go take it off I can feel a big one coming on and I am not going to be able to hold back, O what a shame I said and no you can not take it off so she had to sit there trying to hold back a big orgasm that I knew would over take her soon her hands were shaking as she tried to eat her desert and as for picking up the coffee cup well she had to hold that with both hands, then it hit her, OH SHIT she cried out OH Jesus Christ and she found it hard to keep seated on the chair as her body shook and trembled as her orgasm ran through her the waiter looked over and wondered what was going on, I asked for the bill and as we left poor Samantha's leg would hardly hold her up and I took her arm as another climax hit her, Oh Christ she said my cum is running all down my legs I will lick that clean later I told her as we walked well I walked and Samantha stumbled over to the harbour when we were in the dark I pulled her round and placed my lips on hers and kissed her hard thrusting my tongue inside her mouth which she opened to allow it in.

Tonight Samantha was wearing a light coloured top which was very tight and even without the bra her tits were big but firm and stuck out and now her nipples tried to poke there way out the front of the top, bursting to get free, as I looked down at them I brought a hand up and placed on her breast and she cried OH OH Dave Dave yes yes as I pinched her nipple thou her top Oooooooooooooooooo came the response and I kissed her again, Samantha was also wearing a shirt skirt which had a zip running all the way down the back I put my hand round behind her and pulled her to me hard and squeezed her butt cheeks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she said in my ear, I pulled the skirt up and placed my hands on her bare arse and her skin was so so soft and smooth I eased a finger into her arse crack and found her hole and played with it just pushing it in and out I let her skirt drop back down and I ran my hand back up over her skirt feeling her wonderful round arse cheeks and the I touched the zip and without warning pulled it down and her skirt fell from her, she pulled away saying Christ what are you doing I am going to fuck you right here and now after all the climaxes you have been having and I took her hands and pulled her back to me and she did not resist.

I held her close to me and I was now running my hands over her now bare backside and she was rubbing her cunt that still had the clit stimulator running away up against my hard cock, I pushed my hands up her back taking her top with me and I pulled it over her head and she was now naked in front of my standing in the moon light with the sea behind her she look ravishing and she lower my zip and tried to get my cock out but as it was so hard she had to undo my trousers and they fell down around my ankles now standing there her naked me half naked I pulled her to me again I spun her round and bent her forward over the railing I un-cliped the her little climax giver and I threw it on top of her skirt and as she bent over the rails her wonderful round arse stuck in the air and her breasts hanging down over the other side it it I got up behind her pushed her legs open with my foot and pushed my cock into her wet dripping fanny OH YES YES she shouted out OH FUCK YES as I started to fuck her hard her tits swinging back and forth as I pumped into her then I smacked her arse hard Samantha cried out, and came at the same time again and again I slapped her arse and again and again she came then I bent over her and put my hands round her and cupped her swing breasts and played with them twisting her nipples she pushed back onto my cock.

I pulled from her and spun her round and lifted her up onto the railing and she clamped her legs around my waist and my cock slipped back into her and Samantha put her arms around my neck and pulled me so she could kiss me as my cock forced it's way in and out of her her cum now running down my legs as well as hers, then we heard some footsteps coming our way but it was to late to do anything now and we were right in a dark spot so we should not been seen so I stopped fucking Samantha and just held her close and kissed her she clung to me and this person walked by Werther they saw us or not I don't know but they never said anything and once the foot steps went I started to fuck her again so we both came me filling her cunt with my warm cum, when we were getting dressed she said my god Dave that was close yea but bloody exciting thou yes it was god it got me so worked up when he walked past I am sure he looked at us, can I have my panties and bra please asked Samantha, you don't want them I said come on just put your skirt and top on and we will go for a drink before I take you back to my room tonight and fuck you silly again, that sounds good and ok I will leave my panties of if you leave yours off, it's a deal I said.

We headed back to the hotel and the bar was nearly empty with only three others there one woman and two men the woman was with one man and the other man sat by himself over in a conner, I got our drinks and I said to Samantha go sit over at the table next to that bloke over there and make sure you sit facing him please, she did what I ask and we were having our drinks and I put my foot between her and pushed open her legs just a bit and I knew that the bloke sitting there would be able to see up her small skirt and that she had no panties on just her hairy cunt on show, it was not long before the man could not take his eyes from between my honey's legs and he kept pulling his Jean legs down trying to give himself room for his growing cock, Samantha knew what I was doing but made on attempt to close her legs in-fact she opened them a bit more giving this man a better view and I am sure he would have seen that her pussy hair was covered in her and my cum with her legs as wide as she now had them.

I got up to get us another drink and Samantha got up and turned round so her back was now facing him and she bent over from the waist full well knowing that this would show her wonderful round arse and her cunt, she smiled at me as I looked back to her and then she turned round and after taking something from her bag and went off to the toilet the man followed her with his eyes and her butt swayed as she walked away then his eyes came back to me, I smiled and got our drinks and when back to the table sitting down side on to him, Samantha came over from the toilet and came and sat back down and she gave me a sexy smile and just opened her legs enough for him to see that she was now wearing the little gift I had given her at the restaurant and it was buzzing away on her clit, the man stood up and headed of to the toilets and we could see a big bulge in the front of his jeans and he was finding it had to walk.

I lent forward and said ever fancied a three some Samantha Oooooooooo yes so I got up and followed the bloke into the Toilets and he went into a cubical and as I stood there having a pee I could just about hear him grunting as he wanked his dick, I said through the door if you don't want to waste that cum my friend why not come and join us and not just for drinks and I left telling Samantha what I had said when I returned to the table.

When he came out of the toilets he picked up his glass and went over to the bar and we thought that he was not interested but then he came back with drinks for us all and sat down with us and we started to chat and found he was only here for the one night, well my friend I said you might not get to much sleep in your one night here, Mmmm sounds good to me, he told us his name was David to so we sat talked and had another drink and then went of to my room, it was not long before we were naked and on the bed Samantha lay on her back and I got down between her legs and David started to suck on her nipples.

As he sucked and bit her nipples Samantha arched her back and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth as she came into it filling my mouth with her juice, OH Fuck fuck she screamed and then it was all change and David dropped between her legs and once he had tasted her cum he raised his head and said my god that is a wonderful taste and dived his head beck into her thick bush of hair and pushed his tongue fully into her Samantha was moaning louder and louder as she got ready to have one of her big orgasms and David entered two then three fingers into her and she came her body shaking as I got over her and placed my cock between her breasts and start to fuck them.

David sucked her clit and fingered her hole if I had not been sitting on top of Samantha I thing she would have shook herself right of the bed she was screaming out as she came again and again David came round and shoved his cock into her mouth and she took it all and he started to thrust into her hard making sure every bit of his cock went deep down her throat he had placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her head forward as he thrust inward as far as he could get it on and on he fucked her face and I fucked her tits and then I came and I covered her neck chin and David's cock and balls with my cum, once my cock had stopped pumping I slipped down her body and started back on her pussy which was dripping wet with her sex juice, her black inner thighs glistened as her juice ran out of her cunt and over her skin and I started to lick it from her then David shot his cum down Samantha's throat and they must have been a hell of a lot of it as Samantha started to choke as she could not swallow it fast enough.

I licked her clit and had four fingers now fucking her hard and as she orgasmed again her cunt tightened round my fingers squeezing them hard as a massive orgasm ripped through her Samantha was now starting to lick David clean and she licked my cum which had landed on is cock and the cum left round his cock head from when he came in her mouth she was licking like it was the last drop of cum she would ever have and I knew that this was not the case she would have plenty more of it tonight, looking at David getting his cock licked was making my cock hard again and the taste of her sweet nectar which was flowing freely from her fanny and into my mouth, so I lay on the bed and told Samantha to get on my harding cock and as she moved herself round and over me David lifted her up and I held my cock up straight and he lowed her right down on it and Samantha slide right down until she sat on to me, Samantha was still crying out in shear pleasure Oh Oh yes yes she cried, Oh fucking hell yes yes as David took hold of her tits as they swayed as she started to ride my cock, FUCKFUCKFUCK she was shouting out as she now slammed herself hard down on my dick.

Again and again Samantha rose and slammed down and I saw that David now had a hard back on and he knelt behind Samantha and he pushed her forward so her body was laying on mine my cock still buried inside her wet cunt and he got in close and ran his cock up and down her arse crack and then stopped at her hole and pushed, Samantha screamed at him David David No I have never had it in there Please no, but it was to late he had pushed with such force his cock entered her arse and her virgin hole was no more, now he was in David did not stop and continued to fuck her very tight arse and after a few minutes of pain Samantha had turned from shouting oh fuck that hurts stop please stop to Oh Christ Christ harder David harder both of you fuck me harder and that is what we did,

I was ramming Samantha's pussy with as much force as I could give it each time squashing her clit hard against me and David was ramming his dick hard into her no non virgin arse, again and again we rammed into her I could feel David's dick pushing against mine with each and every thrust Samantha was going nuts screaming out as she had climax after climax her curt was just flowing with her juice then David gave once last hard thrust making Samantha shout out OH FUCKFUCKFUCK YES DAIVD YES as he filled her arse with his cum his cock throbbing against mine as I continued to fuck her hard David pulled out just as I un-loaded my cum into her wet fanny pumping her insides full, as I pulled out I could see Samantha's arse and cunt dripping with cum David started to lick my cum and her juice so I started to lick his that was seeping from her arse, again Samantha screamed as a orgasm ripped through her body making her tremble all over.

David and I stood back looking down at Samantha laying panting for breath of the bed her body still jerking as small climax's went throughout her body, her breasts heaved up and down and her nipples stood up about a inch long rock hard her cunt lips were swollen and so wet where I had fucked her so hard and her arse hole looked red where David had been pounding away and opening her arse for the first time, but the sexiest thing was how her black skin looked, it shone and glistened with her sweat my god I had never seen a woman look so fucking beautiful in all my life, she had such a sexy face and that smile she gave us we knew she had loved every minute of it so far Samantha sat up and stretched out her hands and took my cock and David's and started to stroke them we stood side by side and Samantha knelt in front of us wanking us and then she started to such one then the other.

Samantha then placed her big boobs around my stifling cock and started to run her big black smooth skinned tits up and down my shaft and each time my cock head disappeared between her most wonderful breasts a shiver ran throughout my body and my legs felt as if they would give way and any moment I had to close my eyes as she run her tits up and down the length of my cock and each time she ran her tits down she took the head of my cock into her mouth, then her tits were gone and she had moved over to David and started to do the same to him, then it was back to me we were both rock hard by now and Samantha was really tit fucking us she was bouncing up and down on the bed when she did not have a cock in her mouth she screamed ( come on come on you fuckers cum over my tits I want to see you to cum come on shoot it all over my tits you two fuckers), and then when she came back to me each time my cock popped into her mouth she raked her teeth over the head and it was not long before my cock could take no more and my cum shot from me covering her tits in my white creamy warm cum spurt after spurt covered her and then my knees just cave way and I crashed to the floor, Samantha turned to David and she carried on doing the same to him until he also covered her tits in his come and he to fell to the floor.

Samantha slid from the bed and joined us on the floor and was soon making David and I lick our cum from her tits once they were clear she turned round and lowered her dripping cunt onto my face I opened my mouth as it got closer to me and stuck out my tongue and it hit straight onto her clit and as it did she forced herself hard down onto me David knelt over my legs and Samantha took his now limp cock into her mouth again as I licked her fanny juice from her she climaxed again and again and by the way she was moaning even with David's soft cock stuffed into her mouth I wondered how she was not biting it of as with each climax her body shook and shuddered, after about 15 minutes of this my cock was starting to revive and I felt a hand take hold of it and start to run up and down it's growing length and the hand felt rough and I knew it was David's hand that had taken hold of it, then as it got to full hardness he sat on my cock and slid down the whole length taking each and ever inch inside him and as he fucked me Samantha was still sucking his cock as I drank her sex juice, we stayed like this until Samantha could take no more her pussy red and swollen with so many orgasms, then I filled David's arse with cum and he in turn filled Samantha's mouth and we all just got up and fell onto the bed in one big heap and fell asleep, when Samantha and I woke the next morning David had gone so I cuddled up to Samantha telling her how beautiful she was and I kiss her neck and then got up from the bed and took her hand and helped her up from the bed to, I have to go she said I have work to go to, but I held onto her hand and lead her into the bathroom and on into the shower where I started to rub her body with shower gel before running my hand between her legs and washed her wonderful pussy Samantha closed her eyes as my hand ran back and forth between her open legs she leaned back again the wall and her legs spread open a bit more to allow my fingers to enter her and she was now moaning out, OH OH DAVE YES YES THATS WONDERFUL and it was not long before she trembled as a small orgasm went through her, I lifter legs up and she wrapped them around my waist and my cock entered her soaped up cunt and it slipped into her and she moaned out OH CHRIST YES as it slid all the way into her Samantha wrapped her arms around my neck and we started to fuck I lifted her up and let her down on my cock by placing my hands of her smooth wonderful round bottom and as I did this I pushed a finger into her arse and she orgasmed again her big hard nipples pushing into my chest as she rose and fell on my throbbing cock it was not long before she had a big orgasm and her legs clamped round my waist as her cunt gripped my cock and she bit down into my neck as her orgasm seamed to carry on and on, still lifting her up and down on my cock before I filled her with my warm seed I held her there until my cock slipped from her pussy the warm water from the shower washing away any cum from me and Samantha, I left her to finish her shower and she dressed and left I never saw her again but I know she returned to Africa and her boyfriend a well fuck and different lady whether he noticed the difference in her I don't know but she had sure done things she could not do with him.

I stayed for a few more day before moving on I was not going far about 30 miles up the road as it was now only three weeks until Christmas so I booked into a Caravan holiday park called Treco Bay and planed to say there for the next month.

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