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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 28 - 31

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Oct 1, 2014
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Mrs Christmas lay on her back and her daughter got over the top of her and in the 69 began to lick and suck on each others pussy.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 28

Helping the Disabled.

I had now been at the camp site for two weeks and Christmas was just a week away, since being here I had not left the site as it is so big and has everything I need, Chip shop, pizza shop, laundrette, and three bar and places to go and eat and this is with out the swimming pool which was great to relax in, I took a walk to one of the bars most nights just for a couple of pints and watch the big TV they have there and I got talking to this couple both in there mid 30's he was tall of medium build long brown hair, she was blond very pretty and had a great shaped body nice long legs and a nice pair of breasts and they stood out in the tight jumper she was wearing and she was disabled and was in a wheel chair, most nights we sat together and had a chat and they had come down for a break over Christmas and this was there first time away in 6 years, Donna told me that she had been in a fall and broken her back some 8 years ago and she would never walk again.

Andy got another drink in and as we sat there our conversation turned to sex and Donna still loved having sex and she still had all her feeling just she could not walk so she did not miss out on that side of it, the only thing she did miss was anal sex as Andy said he just did not like doing it but Donna had loved it and when she could walk they use to find a man now and again that would fuck her arse for her and but she had not had a dick in her arse for the whole 8 years, well I said as I took a sip of my pint if your looking for someone while your here let me know I would be happy to help you I love anal sex as much has pussy sex, Donna looked at Andy and said well what do you think my dear I must admit I would love to have anal sex again and we are on holiday , Andy smiled at her took her hand and gave it a kiss and said you know my darling I want you to be happy and if Dave would join us and make you happy then it makes me happy, right then Donna said that is that you can join us when ever you want Dave and I must say I can not wait.

So we had another drink and headed back to there caravan as it had wider door ways for wheel chairs, so when we got in Donna and Andy made a drink and said ok how do we want to to this, well I said how about if you undress me first then Andy and then we will do the same to you that should get things started, MMMMMMMMMmmmmm Donna purred and I stood up and she came over to me first thing I knelt down and she could then pull my jacket of over my shoulders and the pulled my tea shirt up over my head and she threw it on the sofa beside her and she started to rub her hands over my chest and lightly touched my nipples as she ran her fingers over them they grew harder and stood out she lent forward in her chair and flicked one nipple with her tongue making me shiver.

Donna asked me to stand up and she took hold of my belt and undone that then the button and looked up at me as she placed her hand on my zip, she looked over at Andy and he nodded as she then lowered my zip peeling my jeans back over my hips and eased them down until they fell to the floor, Donna ran her hands over the bulge in my tight boxers and once again Purred Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm nice very nice I am going to enjoy this big piece of meat in my arse after all this time and as she finished saying this she hooked her fingers into my pants and with one fast pull had them down to join my jeans and as I stepped out of them she took my rock hard cock into her hand and placed the head into her mouth making me close my eyes with the pleasure as her lips closed round below the head and her tongue pushed into my cock slit making me shudder as she did this her other hand cupped my balls and played with them Andy came over and took my nipple in between his fingers and thumbs and pulled and twisted them making me go weak at the knees.

Donna then started on Andy doing the same to him slowly undressing him his cock was not as big as mine but Donna soon had it hard and in her mouth and I kissed and sucked on Andy's nipples making him moan out as Donna pushed her tongue into his slit, after a while Andy and I lifted Donna from her chair and carried her into the bedroom where we lay her down on the bed I stood one side and Andy the other both had our cock hard and sticking out in front of us and Donna lifted her hands and took a cock in each and started to rub our cocks we both still had foreskins so she was puling them back and forth over our swollen cock heads making us both moan out as the pleasure of her fingers wrapped around our shafts ran through us and the foreskin pulled back over the head Donna rubbed her thumb over the sensitive head making us both shake and shiver and pre-cum seeped from the slit of my cock and she smeared it over my cock with her thumb.

Andy started to undo the buttons on Donna's blouse and then pulled it open to reveal a wonderful pair of breasts cupped in a pink bra that was pushing them up and together and her cleavage was magnificent and I could not want to lick between her tits and place my cock there to, we lifted her up and slipped the blouse back over her shoulders and took it off her and laying her back down, both Andy and I dropped to our knees and lent forward and we kissed her breasts that were poking out over the top of her bra making her take real deep breathes as we continued to kiss her we eased a hand under her and unclipped her bra pulling the straps from under her and down her arms unto her breasts were free and even without the bra her breasts stayed where they were they did not go flat and move they were so so firm and her nipples stood out dark against her pale skin and they were so hard I lent forward and just touched her nipple with my tongue and she placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed my face hard against her and then Andy done the same with the other one she also pushed his head tight to her breast and moaned out loud as we sucked her nipples into our mouths.

I continued to kiss her breast and up and down her wonderful flat stomach to the top of her jeans over and over again, I please my hand onto the jean button and popped it open and lowered her zip and just slowly folded her jeans back revealing a pink pair of panties underneath them I moved round to the bottom of the bed and took hold of her jean legs and pulled and the eased down over her feet and slipped of leaving her laying there in just her pink panties, O what a wonderful sight she was and such a wonderful figure, Wow your a very lucky man Andy I said yes I know and you will be for a while to he said smiling at me, Andy knelt over his wife and placed his cock between her tits and squeezed them round his shaft and stated to fuck her tits and Donna pulled a pillow down under her head to lift it up so each time Andy's cock thrust forward it entered her mouth and she licked the head, I lifted her legs open and spread them wide and then got between them her juice was already dripping from her sweet smooth pussy lips and her inner lips were just visible and O they looked so wet and ready for my tongue so I eased myself forward and stopped about half inch from her pussy lips and pushed my tongue out as far as I could get it and gentle ran it up from down between her legs as I could get up to the top of her slit just touching her skin Donna moaned out loud OH CHRIST DAVE and more of her juice seeped from between her inner lips and ran down onto the bed lubing her arse as it went.

Chapter 29

The big Orgasm

As I ran my tongue back up and down her slit I pushed a little harder each time and then my tongue touch her clit which was hard and ready for my tongue to lick it and my lips to suck it in as I did Donna shouted out O ANDY this is so so good I have missed this yea me to honey he replied as he continued to fuck her tits hard I was now pushing hard onto her clit with my tongue and running it round and round I knew if she could she would have been pushing her cunt up into my face so I just pushed down harder onto her dripping fanny drinking as much of her juice as I could, then I slipped a finger inside her so smooth pussy hole and it just slid into her and then I placed another and another and I now had three fingers inside her and curled them up to make sure they rubbed her clit as they went in and out of her each time they squelched with the amount of sex juice she was releasing, and it was not long before she climaxed and her cunt gripped my fingers and her cum squirted out into my mouth and she screamed OH OH FUCK I AM CUMMING YESSssssssssssssssssssssssssss and her body trembled as must as it could Andy got of her and turned to me and said ok Dave time to do what you came here to do as I know Donna can not wait to get that big cock stuffed into her arse, fine by me I said and I lay down beside Donna and Andy held her up and was going to lower her onto my cock while facing me hang on I said how about you lower her facing away from me both gave me a strange look but both said ok so Andy lifted Donna over me and as he lowered her I could see her pink dark arse hole was wet from her juice that had been running from her and I held my cock upright and as it touched her hole she took a real big deep breath and she told Andy to take it slow as it was 8 years since anything had been in there I watched as my cock opened her tight hole and eased it's way inside her, he arse slowly opened and the head popped into her and as Andy lowered her down Donna was saying Oh my God Oh my God yes yes oh my god yes until she was sitting full into my lap and my cock was buried deep inside her arse filling it and stretching it open, Donna was still saying oh oh yes yes Oh Christ I had forgotten how fucking good that feels.

I sat up and cupped my hands round her waist and placed my hands onto her wonderful firm tits that were covered in Andy's pre-cum and I massaged it into her silky skin and played with her hard nipple and then I leaned back and pulled her back with me so she was now lay on her back on my chest and my cock deeply in bedded into her she was moaning out again now and her fanny was being pushed up into the air as she lay back on me, Come on Andy I said climb on board and shove that cock where Donna wants it inside her well wet cunt, You sure he said Donna do you want his cock inside you while I fuck your arse Oh Oh Yes well then Andy slip it in my boy, Andy knelt between my and Donna's legs and held himself up over us and pushed forward and his cock slipped into his dear wife and I heard it slurp as it entered her and squelch as he withdrew it, soon Andy was ramming hard into Donna I was into her arse deep as he was holding himself up over us I brought my hands up and cupped her breasts again she let out a long breath and moaned out OH yes yes oh fuck yes and she was getting nearer and nearer to cumming again, Oh harder Andy harder Oh yes yes that's it fuck that's it Oh Dave my arse is on fire with the pleasure Oh harder both of you harder Christ I am cumming again Oh Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and Donna did not cum she exploded her arse gripped my cock so tight and I could feel her cunt gripping Andy too and her body rippled with her shaking as her orgasm ripped throughout her entire body, it was to much and her tight gripping arse pushed me over the top and with one last push I held my cock as far inside her as I could get and let my cum fly, Oh Oh Christ Donna said again My God I can feel you cum inside me I have never never felt that before your so far up there Dave Oh My God that's good Donna was cumming so much I could feel it running down over my cock and balls then I felt Andy's cock throb and I knew he was filling her with his cum and she climaxed once more.

Andy pulled from her and as he did I felt more of her juice run down my balls and she still laid on me as I still had her breasts in my hands she was panting for breath after that massive orgasm and Andy pushed his face into her running cunt and licked his and her juice until there was very little left, I rolled over keeping my cock inside her arse and then eased it from her Oh Oh Christ that was good she said as my cock plopped from her, so you were satisfied then I said Oh you fucking bet Christ I am glad to meet you Dave, Andy joined us on the bed and Donna took my cock in her hand and said Oh Dave it is still all wet and covered in my cum and she pulled me up to her and started to lick my cock free of her and my cum.

My god she could suck a cock that was for sure damn I said your good at that Donna you real are, she finished off licking it and I took her face in my hands and kissed her on the lips very gently and tenderly and as our lips parted I said you are one wonderful woman Donna well I don't want to love and leave you but I better let you to get your rest I really wanted to fuck them most fantastic breasts I said as I got of the bed, Oh do you have to go Donna said you could stop, I would love to but you ask me to fuck your arse and I have done that and if you want me to do that again before you go after Christmas then I would only be to happy to but you did not ask me to fuck your tits or cunt and I know that is what I would want to do if I stopped and I looked at Andy and said I do not want to over step the friendship we have built up over the last week, why don't you to talk it over and we can talk about it tomorrow over a drink how about that, Oh Ok said Donna I dressed and left then to talk and rest.

Chapter 30

Oh those Firm Breasts.

I meet up with Donna and Andy that evening and we had a drink and chatted over what happened the evening before and how much Donna had enjoyed have her arse fill with my cock and cum and how she could not believe how she could feel my cum filling her arse up as it pumped from my cock, we finished our drinks and I suggested a walk before going back to the caravan and carrying on from where we left off, sounds good to us they said and we set of along the sea wall the wind was chilly but not that bad and we walked for about 15 minutes and then turned to return we were out in the dark now and I stopped and turned to Donna and said how longs it been since you last had sex outside, never she said I have never had sex out doors why ?? well it's dark no-one else around just wondered if you fancied sex here I asked her she turned to Andy what do you think dear want to try it I would not mind she went on, yea why not sounds like fun, I took my jacket off and placed it on the ground and lifted Donna from her chair and I asked her if she could kneel yes that ok why well if Andy sits in your chair you could suck his dick while I fuck that wonderful tight arse of yours OOOOOOOooooooo that sounds great Donna said and with that Andy dropped his trousers and pants and sat in the chair Ooooooooooo you randy thing hard already Donna joked with him and I help Donna kneel up and she took hold of the arm rests of the chair and lowered her head into Andy's lap and took his cock straight down the throat and started to bob her head up and down sucking the cock inside her mouth hard and fast Andy put his head back and closed his eyes and just moaned softly, I knelt behind Donna and as she was wearing a dress I lifted it up and over her back revealing her soft smooth arse cheeks and she had I sexy thong on I could not tell the colour of it due the it being dark but I could see enough to see it was a frilly lace thong and I just dropped my Jeans pulled her thong string from between her arse cheeks and spat on her puckered hole and eased my cock forward and her arse just opened up to except it and as my cock pushed inside her arse folded round my cock head and soon my body was fully against hers and I pulled back and forward once more taking hold of her hips and started to fuck this tight arse after a while I lent forward and placed my hands round her and cupped her breasts through her dress and squeezed them and Donna gave a long moan in the back of her throat as I did this, her head was moving fast on Andy's dick and he was moaning loud now and I knew it would not be long before he let his cum flow so I let Donna's tits go and took hold of her hips once more and started to really pound into her forcing her forward each time and that made her take Andy's cock further into her throat and then I saw Andy lift his arse from the chair and push his cock as far as he could get it into his wife's mouth and filled her with his cum, while she sucked every little drop from him I could feel my cum starting to rise and soon it thrust from the top of my cock splashing her insides at that Donna raised her head and screamed OH Christ Yes as I pulled her heard back against me making sure I filled her fully and deep.

Andy and I dress and helped Donna back into her chair and we started back of to the caravan Donna saying she could not believe we had just done that and it was so exciting, as I was walking beside her she put her arm out and her hand found my zip which she lowered and pushed her hand inside and pulled out my limp cock, she asked Andy to stop a minute and he came round to her and she did the same thing to him, OK you two if you want to fuck me when we get back I want you both to walk all the way back to the caravan like that with your limp cocks on show you up for the challenge, if it means I can fuck your firm tits and maybe your wonderful pussy if Andy does not mind then hell yes I am up for it hell I would walk back in the nude to have you again Donna, yea why not said Andy and off we set again we turned into the camp site and at first we saw no-one but there caravan was on the other side of the park we had to walk through the main shopping area which was well lit up and as we got there we could see people walking and sitting around but on we walked.

As we reached the square I saw this older woman looking at me and her mouth dropped open as she saw my cock swinging for side to side and she nudged her husband and pointed at us but I made no attempt to hide my cock nor did Andy we just kept walking then there were a group of teens, there saw us and shouted Oh someone's cocky tonight and things like that so I turned and said jokingly that I maybe mate but at least I am going to have a beautiful woman sitting on it in about 15 minutes what are you going to have on yours and that shut him up, we reached the Caravan and went inside Oh my god Donna gasped I can not believe you two just done that that was so bloody wild wow O wow I so want you two right now so with out another word Andy and I stripped off in front of Donna Christ I am wet she said fuck me fuck me now please fuck me now, so we un-dressed her and first we went to the bedroom and I asked Andy if I could fuck her cunt as I know you just wanted me to fuck her arse but I would love to feel her pussy round my cock, yea go for it he said I want to take some photos it you done mind Dave , fuck no snap away I said, I soon had Donna kneeling up over me and as I entered my hard cock into that dripping wet pussy.

I pulled myself up and started to kiss her tits and my cock filled her cunt pushing in and out of her Oh Oh Fuck Fuck she cried out as I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit down on it, Andy was clicking away with his camera saying that's it Dave suck her tit Oh yea fuck her that's it wow great shot I can see your cock opening her cunt lips and her juice running from her Oh Christ yes yes she was crying out as I thrust up into her and then I felt her climax as her cunt gripped my cock and her sex juice ran down my cock and over my balls Oh Dave yes yes Oh Christ Dave yesssssssssssssssssss she cried as her body trembled with her climax.

I lay back down and thrust up hard into her and I pulled her forward so she now lay on my chest and her firm tits and hard nipples pushed into me I placed my hands on her arse cheeks and slapped her she screamed out and climaxed at the same time Fuckfuckfuck she screamed out as I slapped her again and again Oh Oh Fuck fuck fuck yes yes god yes Donna said , Andy was still walking round the bed taking photos and his cock was hard out in front of him as he watch me fucking and slapping his wife both of them really enjoying it, Donna climax once more and then I filled her full of my warm sticky seed deep inside her pussy OH Dave she sighed as my cock emptied out inside her OH OH Dave and she kissed me on the lips and for the first time she pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed hard and our tongues entwining within each others mouths she kissed me long and hard when she did stop is just looked me right in the eyes and said Oh Dave thank you so so much for this Oh Andy I am so happy thank you darling for letting me do this I love you so much, she turned to me again and lower her lips to mine again I placed my arms around her back and pulled her tight to me.

Andy stopped his photo taking and came over and lifted Donna from me and lay her on the bed lowering himself down and placed his mouth over her pussy where my cum and her was leaking out and started to run his tongue up and down her slit licking off our juices then with one push his tongue entered her and Donna screamed out as his tongue pushed it's way inside her my cock was still limp but I knelt over her and placed my soft cock between her very firm tits and wrapped them around my cock and started to move back and forth soon my cock was growing once more and when it had returned to full hardness Donna done to me what she had done to her husband taking my cock head in her mouth each time I pushed forward, I was soon moaning out as Donna raked her teeth across the head of my cock each time it entered her god that felt good.

Donna she going wild with pleasure at my tit fucking and Andy's licking and eating her pussy then between gasps for breath she managed to say will you both cum over me I want to see both of you cum Please please only if your the one wanking us I said, Donna smiles and panted out you got a deal and both me and Andy knelt beside her with our cocks hard and hanging over her body Donna took our cock and started to run her hands up and down our shafts each time pulling the foreskin right back over the head then popping it back over as her hands came forward, my head was swimming with pleasure as she got faster and faster Andy was moaning out to, so I felt me cum starting to travel from my balls and up the shaft and I screamed out I am cumming and it shot from my cock like a shot from a cannon Donna moved my cock round and round to spray it all over her body on seeing this Andy came to and Donna done the same with his load when we had finished pumping our cum Donna was covered I bent over to start licking it off her but she stopped me and instead placed her hands on her body and started to rub it into her skin moving her hands all over her body down between her legs and over her heaving breasts round and round on her nipples, running her hands up and down her arms and neck and while she done this she was purring like a kitten Donna rubbed the cum all over her until it had completely soaked into her skin Wow I said that was so fucking erotic Donna and I kissed her tenderly on the lips and I said thank you both of you for letting me join you and having so much fun, if you want anymore fun while we are here let me know you know where I am and then I got dressed as Andy lay beside his wife and I left them cuddling.

Chapter 31

Mrs Christmas

I had been with Andy and Donna once more in the week leading up to Christmas and fucked her ass three times in one long night I also got to tit fuck her and eat out that wonderful cunt of her but never fuck it they both said I would get the chance to fuck her wonderful smooth pussy before they left but they hoped I would not mind if they had Christmas day and Boxing day alone but would meet for a drink on Christmas Day Evening, so come Christmas Day Morning I got up about 10 and showered and dressed, I decided to got for a walk around the big holiday park, I had been walking around and as I got half way down this one road I was this sign on one of the caravans.

Well why the hell not I thought I had nothing to do for the day well at least until tonight but if I was not going to get laid with Andy and Donna tonight then it would not really mater if I did not turn up, was this door going to be locked was someone already in there fucking either Miss Christmas or Mrs Christmas well there was only one way to find out I climbed the steps to the door and took hold of the handle and slowly twisted it and the door popped open I was in luck on-one was in there fucking so I stepped inside and looked around the main room had a Christmas tree in one corner and was well decorated and there was glasses on drinks on the table each had a card under it saying what was in each glass and a pile of minces pies have a drink and a pie then please follow the directions on the list , Thank you Mrs Christmas so I took a whisky and had a pie then I looked for the list and this is what I found.

So I made sure the door was locked then I stood in the middle of the room and stripped of my cock was getting hard at the thought of what I was going to find and once I stood there naked I looked round at what I needed to do no then I saw a notice on a door down the hall way so I went to look and on the first door there was this sign.

Then on the second door was

so which to choose Miss or Mrs what a pity there was not a door 3 with both of them never mind at least you could have one then the other so as I was standing outside door 2 that was the one I would enter first so I took hold of the handle and pushed the door open once again the room was decorated out with Christmas items and on the Bed there was Mrs Christmas.

She lay on the bed hands behind her head legs wide open Well Merry Christmas Big boy she said as I entered the room, Mrs Christmas was wearing red gloves,and a silk top that covered her big tits and this had a white fur round the bottom of it below that was a pair of red crotchless knickers and red fish net stockings so you here for some Christmas Spirit then are you big boy well I have loads to give you so come to Mrs Christmas and lets give you my Christmas Pussy Juice shall we,.

She sat up as I moved over to the bed and pulled her silk top down over her very big tits and revealed a red lacy bra that was split to allow her nipples to poke through and she had a red feather boa her legs opened some more and I could see she still had some pubic hair ,it had been a while since I had had a cunt with hair and as she laid there I dived on the bed and landed between her legs and my mouth went straight to her hairy cunt and my tongue entered into her parting her pussy lips and her hair allowing my tongue to hit her clit and I started to lick and suck on her cunt and it was not long before Mrs Christmas was panting for breath her legs came up and rested on my shoulders and as she pushed down with her legs it pushed my head harder against her.

I raised my arms and took hold of her big tits as I licked her cunt and found her nipples and pinched them and she squealed out as I twisted them and pulled on then OH FUCK FUCK she squealed and she had her first small orgasm well with me that was, on and on I licked and pinched her playing with her tits which were to big to hold in one hand and very spongy not firm at all but who the hell cared not me that's for sure as I played with her tits I started to kiss up her body she was not a small Mrs Christmas and had a bit of padding but hell more to love and kiss as they say her stomach was heaving up and down with her hard breathing, she was saying Yes yes oh Christ yes yes as I kissed my way up over her stomach and reached her tits and as I squeezed one in my hand her nipple popped up and I sucked it into my mouth and she orgasmed again as I sucked on this nipple I pulled the other and really twisted it hard and Mrs Christmas arched her body and screamed out her legs now bend up and the knees so she could push her body up against mine as my cock slipped into her wet cunt it slurped as it entered her and she took a deep breath as the whole length slipped full into her and she pushed up as far as she could to get every little bit into her that she could.

As my cock slipped in I placed my lips on hers and we kissed tenderly at first then getting heaver and heaver our tongues darting back and forth between our mouths her breathing getting harder and harder as I started to really slam my cock into her our bodies making a very loud slapping noise as we hit together I am sure Miss Christmas must have been able to hear us or at least feel the caravan rocking as I rammed again and again into her I raise myself up on my arms so I could look down at her and her big tits wobbled and bounced as our bodies continued to slam together her cunt was now running with juice as I felt her pussy tighten against my cock and knew she would be cumming very soon and it was going to be a big one, I lower my head again and kissed her once more then as I raised my head she opened her mouth and let out one long FUCKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as her fanny mussels gripped my cock and I could feel her mussels rippling as she orgasmed again and again as her orgasm slowed she kept saying over and over oh god oh god oh god as she tried to get her breath back, I pulled out of her and started to kiss my way back down her body until I kissed her fanny lips and a big shudder run throughout her entire body and I saw her lips open at my touch and I could see fully inside her cunt her inner cunt so wet and the light pink skin still quivering after her big orgasm, her hole was wide open and I could see her juice running down her walls and I pushed my tongue back inside her to get as much of her sex juice as I could get.

It was not long before she was starting on her way to another orgasm and I stopped licking her and entered two fingers inside her big fanny hole and I watched as her walls opened up to allow them to slip fully inside her then I pushed two more in and with my four finger inside her and as I pushed them in I curled them up to run round against her very sensitive skin and her G spot and as my finger rub on that she did cum again and again and her cunt was so tight against my fingers it was hard to keep fucking her so I just kept them fully inside her and just moved my finger tips stroking her G spot and this sent her into orbit her body shaking and cum running from her cunt like water from a tap, as my fingers worked on her g spot I lent forward started to drink down her Christmas Juice and she and I loved it but I was getting so I wanted to fill her with my own juice so when her orgasm slowed and I was allowed to get my fingers from her I lay on the bed next to her and asked her sit sit over me and she did not need asking twice Mrs Christmas stood up first and turned away from me.

She lifted her bright red Mrs Christmas top up over her head and threw it onto a chair and then she picked up her boa and placed it around her neck and turned back to me,

I could see her juice running down the inside of her legs as she got back onto the bed and then she got over me and soon hard my hard cock inside her her wet thighs rubbing against my outer legs as she rose and fell on my stiff cock she was loving it rising up so just the tip was touching her pussy lips and then she plunged down hard and fast with each thrust down until our bodies meet with a loud slap and she screamed out OH FUCK YES YES each and every time, I reached up and took hold of her bouncing tits and squeezed them very hard and she closed her eyes and climaxed again my balls and crotch soaked with all her cum but on and on she went her nipples now red and puffy where I had been pulling and pinching them but I did not stop and Mrs Christmas did not want me to or if she did she did not ask, I was now getting ready to fill Mrs Christmas with my own warm Christmas cheer and I now placed my hands on her large hips and held her up and down on my hot hard cock now I had let her tits go these bounced up and down like beach balls as on and on we went then the hot fire of my cum started it's journey up my cock and as it exploded from the head to inside her drenched pussy I shouted out MERRY CHRISMASS Mrs CHRISTMAS and my cock filled her deep and I did not think my cock was going to stop pumping it seed but as it did Mrs Christmas orgasmed once more and her juice flowed all over me once more, when my cock had gone limp she got up and bent down and lick my cock so I told her to get over me so I could lick her while she did me and that is what we done, by the time we finished I was starting to get hard again, and she said I think it's time for you to go and see Miss Christmas as I am sure she would have been listening to us and will be wanting her fill now.

As I did not have my clothes I left her laying there with a big smile on her face and I said once I have been with Miss Christmas can I come back to you , No sorry dear just the once with the both of us that way other get a chance to, and I closed the door as I walked over to the other door I heard someone try the door to get in your out of luck mate I thought to myself and had a smile on my face as I pushed open the other door and was greeted just like before with a Merry Christmas my dear come on in and lets carry on the fun shall we, Oh so you have been hearing us then I laughed oh yea I have been wanking myself silly while laying hear listening to you fuck my mother Christmas now it's time for you to do the same for me, I see your already getting hard again.

Now when I first opened the door on Miss Christmas I could not believe what I was seeing Miss Christmas was blood gorgeous she a fantastic body her firm tits standing there begging to be licked and sucked and tit fucked with any luck,

She was up on her knees a arm stretched down under her and she was just going to put her finger onto her cunt, now Miss Christmas was blacked skinned her cunt already dripping cum from where she had been wanking herself her head rested on some pillows and the only things she had on was a red Santa top which was pulled down under her tits and a red Santa hat Oh my god I said your are so beautiful Miss Christmas and your pussy looks wonderful and wet and she started to remove her hand and turn round Oh please don't stop carry on doing that to yourself I would love to see you finger your cunt before I get to work on it Miss Christmas, with that she got back onto her knees and placed her hand back onto her fanny and entered two fingers into her dripping cum covered cunt.

I took a seat on a chair and watched as this young Miss Christmas started to finger fuck her fanny with her two fingers her fingers squelching with the amount of cum that she was making inside her my cock was now hard once more and watching her and I told her to keep on as I moved over to the bed and knelt behind her and I was so close to her as she eased her fingers in and out of her pussy and as she withdrew her fingers I could see inside her and her light pink inner lips glistened with her juice and I then placed my mouth over her Arse hole and ran my tongue up and round her hole she screamed out again and again as my tongue licked this puckered hole and pushed a little way into it, Oh Fuck Mr Oh Fuck Mr that's Good, I raised my head and said Dave my Name is Dave, well Dave that is fucking wonderful \oh fuck I going to cum yes yes oh fuck yes and her body trembled her legs and arse shook as I big climax went throughout her and her legs just caved in under her and she she dropped down flat onto her stomach I looked at her wonderful figure heaving and she gasped for breath this young lady could be a model in any fashion magazine her skin was so smooth and soft her arse was such a wonderful shape and those firm trim legs I could not wait to have them wrapped around my waist.

I kissed from her arse up over her cheeks and up her spine as she lay there under me and she shivered with each and every tender kiss I gave her I placed her hands up above her head and held them there stretched out and I lay down on her back my cock wedged between her arse cheeks, I kissed up and down her nice long slender neck and nibbled on her ear lobes as she moaned with pleasure I raised my bum up into the air and my cock pointed down to her hole which was just inside her arse cheeks and I gently pushed forward and her arse cheeks slowly opened allowing my cock head to slowly ease forward opening a way to her hole and then my cock touched where I had been licking and my spit made it wet and the head opened her arse slowly as I pushed harder and then she pushed her arse up forcing my cock into her OH FUCK FUCK YES Miss Christmas shouted as my cock slipped into her bark tunnel of love, soon she had it all inside her and my body lay fully on top of her pushing hard against her arse making sure it was deep inside her before I let go of her hands and raised myself up above her I pulled completely out and then pushed back down and my cock popped her ring open and rushed back she screamed again OH OH FUCK YES YES DAVE FUCK MY ARSE and I did for a long time pounding down into her then I pulled out and she shouted NO NO Please don't stop please Oh have no fear Miss Christmas I said I am not stopping but I pulled her back up onto her knees and then thrust my cock fully back into her but this time I could take hold of her hips and really smash my cock hard into this tight wonderful young arse, OH OH YES the I slapped her a few times OH Christ Yes Yes she screamed harder smack me harder OH YES YES and I felt her playing with her clit OH CHRIST I AM CUMMINGgggggggggggggggggggg she scream and she shook under me as it ripped inside her her arse throbbed round my cock as her cunt convulsed and pushed her juices from it her back was running with sweat as she climaxed.

Now I wanted to taste her juice so I pulled from her and flipped her over onto her back and I saw her sweet body fully for the first time and Oh was it a sweet body and she had such a gorgeous face and I was right she would not look out of place in any fashion magazine I could see her pussy gaping open where her fingers had been pushing in and out of it her lips look puffy and swollen from all the finger fucking they had had, so I took hold of her legs and bent them up so her legs rested back onto her tits pushing her fanny up and open even further and I lowered my head and took the first lick from this young sweet pussy and as my tongue touched her outer lips the taste was like honey and I just had to have more so I pushed my tongue fully into her hold and licked out her juice from deep inside her, Miss Christmas she thrashing her head from side to side on the pillow as she enjoyed the oral pleasure I was giving her, OH DAVE DAVE yes yes yes I'm cumming again she shouted and her cunt filled my mouth with her honey tasting sex juice I was not going to waste a drop of this sweet nectar and I sucked it from her sending her over the top again.

Miss Christmas lay there and started to play with herself as I watched for a minute or two my cock throbbing up and down as the blood pulsed through it as I watched her enter two finger into her wide open pussy and started to ram them back and forth as she moaned out as the pleasure of her fingers ran throughout her entire body her legs shaking with the feeling she was giving herself and the fact that I was watching her doing it.

On and on she rubbed her clit and pushed finger deep within her until she arched her back high of the bed and screamed out OH OH YESsssssssssssssss and then her body flopped back down onto the bed totally warn out and exhausted but that did not stop me I knelt between her leg once more took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs and placed them on my shoulders and moved over her her legs bending up over her body pushing her shaven wet pussy up to meet my cock which was easing down too and as they met she took a real deep breath as I just pushed the whole length into her and she took it with a big gasp and saying OH OH CHRIST YES as I started to fuck her hard, I still had hold of her ankles and pushed her legs back as far as I could get them her knees where near the side of her head give me full access to her pussy and making sure I could ram it fully into her giving her my full length my balls slapping against her arse cheek each time our bodies met, her cunt was running with juice and I then let her legs go and placed my hands beside her head and she lowered her legs and now I could ram into her real hard and fast Miss Christmas was sweating and shaking as we fucked then she brought her legs up and wrapped them round my waist as she climaxed again and with her legs so tight round me it was hard to thrust into her but I carried on as best as I could for now and as she relaxed I started to pound into her once more and without warning my cock erupted inside her as it did she pulled me tight to her again with her legs making sure she had my cock fully into her as it spat out it's load she came again and then just dropped her legs back onto the bed as I pulled my wet sticky cock from within her fanny, as my cock popped out her and my juice dripped from her and down her arse and she lowered her hands and pushed two fingers into her cunt and two into her arse and gave herself one last big climax. Merry Christmas Dave she said and Thank you for my wonderful Christmas Orgasms and I left the room and went back to the main room where I dressed and took another whisky as I left another man was just starting up the steps, you going to have a fucking Great Christmas if you go in there my Friend I said as I walked past him, good is it Fucking amazing I replied and left him to it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing of my walk then going back and have a long sleep I felt totally relaxed and fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow I work about 9 pm and showered and dressed and went to the club and was just having something to eat when Mrs Christmas walked in she smiled as she walked past and went to the bar and got a drink, there was no sign of Donna and Andy so they must have decided to stop in so when Mrs Christmas came over and asked if she could sit with me I said sure no problem and she asked if I had enjoyed the morning I had spent with her and her daughter, yea sure did so how many men took up your great offer four including you the last one is just finishing up with my Daughter now we were talking earlier and we both said you were the best today why thank you I said that is great to hear you two were bloody fantastic too just wish I could have had you both together but then I must not be greedy today was one of the best Christmas days I have ever had I wonder what father Christmas would say if he knew what Mrs and Miss Christmas was up too I said with a laugh.

I got us another drink and it was just coming up to 11 pm and her phone rang and I heard her talking and worked out it was her daughter, Mrs Christmas said Oh I am just having a drink with Dave you coming to join us, yes I can do she said and hung up, I have been asked to ask if you you would like to come back to the caravan for a Christmas drink and another Christmas fuck and you may get your wish and have both of us, what are we waiting for I asked and we finished our drinks and headed back she walked with her arm through mine so I asked have you and your daughter been fucking together long we have done this for two years now but as for fucking together we never have we always keep to different room I have never seen her fuck and she has never seen me , as you know we can hear each other while we are in the caravan but that's it.

As we walked back we chatted and when we arrived at the caravan we went in and Miss Christmas sat there completely naked and was just pouring out some whisky for us, nice to meet you again she said as Mrs Christmas close the door and locked it you to I said and your looking bloody fantastic at that she opened her legs to show of her shaven pussy well don't just stand there get your clothes off and get that cock inside me she said, I took a quick gulp of whisky stripped off and dropped to my knees lifted her legs onto my shoulders and pushed my face in between her legs and started to lick her out, I knew there were at least three other men's cum inside her put I did not give a shit about that her pussy was now mine and that was all that mattered her legs clamped round my neck pulling my head in hard against her wet dripping pussy my tongue going into her as far as I could possibly get it, I licked and licked until she climax and released my neck allowing me to sit back in a up right kneeling position and I pulled her from the chair and down onto my lap where my cock found her hole and it pushed fully inside her OH FUCK FUCK YES she screamed, and then Mrs Christmas came and sat on the chair that she had just been sitting on and spread her legs as wide as she could get them and I reached forward while her daughter was pumping up and down on my cock I pushed three fingers inside her wet open fanny and rammed them in and out of her as she brought her legs up and rested them on her daughters shoulder that were just in front of her, I said to Miss Christmas I have a better idea why don't you turn round and sit back onto my cock facing your mum and then you could lick her cunt while I fuck yours Ooooooooooooooooooooo you dirty minded sod she said but I like your thinking and with that she slipped of my cock turned round and slid right back on it and then her mother put her legs back up onto her shoulders and Miss Christmas pushed her head right into the wide open pussy of her mother and shoved her tongue right into it, YES YES screamed Mrs Christmas Oh how I have always wanted you to do this my love yes yes lick out your mothers cuntttttttttttttttttt as she shook as a climax went through her filling her daughters mouth with her juice I reached round and cupped miss Christmases firm breasts and squeezed then and it made her bit down on her mothers clit making her scream and climax once more, Mrs Christmas was now playing with her own tits and she gripped her nipples and was pulling then so hard it was a wonder they did not detach she was screaming out in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm ripped her entire body but she did not stop on and on she went and then her Daughter lifted her head from between her mothers legs and screamed out herself as she climaxed and rammed herself back hard onto my cock as her cunt let go of so much juice it covered my balls and dripped from them onto the floor.

Once Miss Christmas finished her climax she lifted of my cock and asked me to lay on the floor which I did and she turned and said to her mum come on mum I want to see you get fucked as I never have and with that Mrs Christmas got up from the chair only just able to walk after such a big orgasms, but she came over it me knelt over my waist and I felt her daughters hand curl round my cock as she said lean forward mum I want to see this cock open your cunt as I slides into you as she leant forward her daughter placed my cock head up to her mother open cunt hole and said OK mum back you come and as she moved back on her knees my cock slipped into her and her daughter took a deep breath saying OOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo mum that looks so bloody wonderful I can see it opening your inner lips and slipping deep into you Oooooooooooooooooo that looks so fucking erotic it really dose mum, once I was moving in and out of her mother she moved round and sat down on my face facing her mum and as her cunt covered my mouth she lent forward and kissed her mum fully on the lips and they cupped each others tits and were playing with them as they climaxed again and again and I was nearing my time to unload too and then I let go and my cock emptied out inside Mrs Christmas filling her once more, OH MY God that was good I said mum mum don't get of him yet she said I want to watch it come out of you so Miss Christmas got of my face and knelt behind her mother and watched as she lifted herself from my cock and as my cock came out I felt her hand go to her mums cunt and wipe the cum that was dripping from her onto her fingers and then place it in her mouth Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very very nice, I was done for a while so I asked them why they had never fucked each other before and why now, I don't think we had ever found the right man to do it with until today and you have made it very special for us well I am glad I hope I can stay to fill you Miss Christmas with cum once more, OH yes that would be great she replied as I took another drink of whisky.

Tell you what why don't you to make love to each other while my cock gets up to working order again, they looked at each other and then Miss Christmas put her arms round her mums neck and pulled her to her and kissed and their tits squashed together and then knelt down slowly still kissing and then lay on the floor and they were running their hands all over each other and then Miss Christmas put her hand between her mums legs and pushed two fingers inside her and then Mrs Christmas done the same to her daughter both finger fucking each other hard ramming their fingers in as far as they could until they both came at the very same time both shaking and screaming as there orgasm rushed through them, when they had they breaths back Mrs Christmas lay on her back and her daughter got over the top of her and in the 69 began to lick and suck on each others pussy's, got what a wonderful sight this and hearing there fanny slurping as they licked, they had been going at it for 15 minutes or so and my cock was now had again so I got up and went round behind Miss Christmas and knelt over her mother head and opened her arse cheeks and pushed my cock into her tight hole and once more she must have clamped down on her mother clit as she screamed beneath me, she then said O my god that looks good seeing a cock go into your tight arse my love oh Christ that is the first time I have ever seen that and it making me CUMMMMMMMMMM she screamed again, I held onto her hips and was now ramming hard and fast into her but after about 10 minutes that was it I filled her arse with my warm cum filling it full and I just held my cock inside her until it started to go limp and as it slipped from her my cum oozed from her tight puckered hole and dripped down onto her mothers face and I saw her open her mouth and catch it as it dripped from her daughters arse.

I got dress and walked back to my caravan after fucking them both again and this time I had them side by side and I fuck one then the other going back and forth between them and so one did not feel left out instead of cumming inside them I shot my cum over them and I left them rolling around on the floor kiss and rubbing it into their bodies, I stayed in bed the following day I was so worn out myself, but the next day I met up with Andy and Donna and that last night they were there I fuck Donna's arse

twice more and I was lucky enough to fuck her wonderful pussy once more, I found out they came down from Manchester and they cave me there phone number and said when my travels got me up that way I would be welcome to stay with them and by them Donna arse would want fucking again, I will do that and I am glad your happy and I promise I will phone.

They left the next day I never saw Miss and Mrs Christmas again I stayed on site until the first week in the new year and then it was time to move on as they was much to see and women and men to fuck I hoped.

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