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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 32 - 36

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Oct 10, 2014
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We kissed long and hard our tongues entwined as the water cascaded down over our naked bodies, water dripped of her hard nipples and it ran down her flat stomach and between her legs running over her slit.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 32

All Tied Up

Well it had been a month since I left Treco Bay and had travelled round the welsh coast stopping of but had not found anyone wanting sex but mind you after Treco Bay and how much I had over the Christmas time I was glad of the rest but I must admit I was wanting to get laid soon I had stopped off at some wonderful places in Wales and was now entering Colwyn Bay and I found a great hotel and booked in for the week and said I did not really know how long I would be staying so they said that as it was only February at it did not mater and they could keep it open as long as I needed it.

On the second day there I found a great Pub which done meals and a great couple of bar just to relax in, it was in one of these bars I got talking to a woman she must have been in her early 50's but she had long blond hair it hung down to her waist, and for someone in her 50's she had a great shaped body and nice big tits, she wore a dark blue dress that hugged her body and her tits seamed like they were trying there hardest to bust out for it, the dress short and her tanned shapely legs looked perfect and when she sat down opposite me I could see up her dress and she made no attempt to hide herself in fact she moved round in the chair making sure I got a good view I was not sure but I did not think she was wearing any panties as the light were not bright in this bar it was hard to tell.

As we talked I told her my story she said that she lived just down the road and would I like to come back with her from some fun, sure would love to, she told me her name was Jade and that she was married and her husband might want to join in and would I mind, not at all dose he fuck men and women or just women O he loves both she replied great lets go then I said I brought some beers to take with us while Jade nipped of to the Toilets , it took us no more than five minutes to reach her home and as I walk into the room her husband got up and came over and kissed his wife saying well done love think we are going to have some fun tonight and he turned to me and said hi I'm Stan hi I'm Dave come lets sit he went on and we opened a beer and talked while we drank and Jade had disappeared about 5 minutes later she came back into the room just wearing just a see through baby doll nightie and that was it no panties nothing and she had this thin strip of pubic hair running up each side of her slit and this was blond to so Jade was a real blond, looking at her standing there my cock grew hard and my god did I want that my tongue was hanging at the thought of running it up that sweet sweet pussy and tasting her sex juice Stan looked over at me and said go on Dave she all your the bloke she brings back is always the first to have her, in here the bed room or any room in the house you tell her and she will take you there and I hope you don't mind if I watch, Christ no I replied so where do you want me asked Jade kitchen table no wait bent over the back of this sofa first please and without another word she walked round and bent over the sofa putting her arms out and resting them on the seat in front of her, as she did this her big breasts were just hanging over the back seat of the sofa.

I walked round behind her and pushed her legs open so just her toe could touch the floor then I undressed and Stan said Wow your going to enjoy that one my love she went to turn and look round but before she could I dropped to my knees and pulled her arse cheeks apart and she had a very darker ring it stood out against her paler skin but I pushed my face between her cheeks and my tongue ran over that hole and she squealed and shivered as I worked my tongue round and round in and I worked my mouth down between her legs and touched her slit and could taste her juices already and I returned up to her hole and as I licked it I pushed two fingers inside her pussy Jade was started to squirm and moan as I worked my fingers in and out of her and my tongue into her hole OH Oh Stan she moaned his good really good Oh yes.

I could feel her juices running down her inner legs she was so wet and I pulled my fingers from her and stood up and bending over the sofa made her cunt the right hight for my cock so took hold of it and ran it up and down over her pussy just pushing a bit in then taking it back out she was now shouting Fuck me come on I want your cock Tell him to Fuck me Stan fucking tell him, Stan sat there in his chair and replied up to him love when he decides to fucks you don't worry Jade you are getting it NOW and as I said that I lunged forward and rammed my cock fully into her our bodies slapped together and as they hit each other Jade screamed OH MY FUCKING GOD Stan laughed saying told you that it was going to be good O Fuck your right there Stan she replied as I took hold of her hips and started to ram back and forth into her, my cock making a loud squelching slurping noise as I fucked her hard she was so wet and I let go of her hip and thrust a finger into her dark brown hole and once more she shouted out and I now finger fuck her arse and fucked her pussy hard, I could hear her tits slapping back and forth on the leather sofa back as she swayed with each thrust, I fucked her this way for over 20 minutes and she had climaxed a number of times and she had done so much shouting and moaning that she was loosing her voice a bit , Oh Oh Fill my cum please fill me now she cried out but I pulled my finger from her arse and gripped her hips tight and started to fuck her much harder each time our bodies met she shouted Christ Oh Christ, then I felt my cum starting it journey rushing up my cock to find it's way inside this dripping wet pussy it wanted to plant my seed as deep as possible up inside this women bent over the sofa back, thrust after thrust I pounded into her and then my cock let it shoot coming out of the slit with so much force it is a wonder it did not shoot right out of her mouth Oh FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK she roll of her tongue as she felt my cum rush to fill her OH Christ there's so Fucking much she screamed as throb after throb filled her I held my cock deep inside her panting for breath when I felt hands grab my arms and pull me from her a bag was placed over my head, I shouted WAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE no-one said a word I was dragged from the room and then thrown onto a bed where my hands and feet were tied to each corner I could not move all I could do was lay there and listen what was going on, there seamed to be a few voices now at least two other women and the same amount of men but I could not be completely sure.

Chapter 33

Ouch that Hurt

So I was tied to the bed my cock still limp from the fucking I had just given Jade and I heard her saying I don't think I have ever had so much cum from one cock before I tell you it was like a bloody hose being turned on and I could feel the force behind it as he shot it from his dick, I felt someone get onto the bed beside me and who ever it was un-done a zip in the hood so there was now access to my mouth this person knelt with there legs either side of my chest and lent forward and a wet hairy pussy was shoved over my mouth, as this pussy was hairy I knew it was not Jade and I was told by this person eat my pussy and do it now so without wasting time I started to lick and suck on the pussy the juice was running down my throat as it poured out of her as I was licking I felt someone else getting onto the bed and another pair of legs straddled me this ones where over my lower stomach and I did not know what was going on at first then I felt the woman with her cunt in my face being shoved forward and I realised that this was a man or a woman with a strap on dildo fucking the arse of the person having there cunt licked out, by now my cock had begun to rise again and before long was at full hardness and standing up proud, as I licked this wet dripping pussy I felt a hand go round my shaft and it pulled my foreskin back over the big swollen head and then pain shot through me as something was clamped to the sides of my cock just under the head to stop the foreskin slipping back leaving the head exposed the pain got worse as the clips were done up tighter but I could not do or say anything just take the pain and lick this cunt covering my mouth.

A few minutes later the woman sitting on my face pushed down onto my mouth hard as she climaxed (come on you fucker lick that cunt drink that cum you fucker ) she shouted out as she rubbed her cunt harder into my mouth again and again she push her pussy down onto me as her cunt exploded in cum and this other person was still fucking her arse then I knew it was a man fucking her as he shouted Take that load you bitch as I felt him thrust forward filling her arse with his cum, he removed is dick and she got of my face turned round and sat on my mouth so I now had her arse hole in my mouth and I could feel his cum dripping from her hole and into my mouth mixing with her cum that was already there.

As she got of I felt pain like I had never felt before and someone was whipping the head of my cock I don't know what with but with each whip it hurt more and more but instead of my cock going soft through the pain it grew harder if that was possible then this limp cock was shoved into my mouth and I gust it was the man that had been fucking the woman I heard moaning from somewhere else in the room so some other must be getting it on to while they wait their turn with me, Clamps where then placed on my nipples and turn by turn they were tightened squeezing my nipples harder and harder I raise my arse from the bed as the pain grew and then the biggest whip across the head of my cock it was a wonder I did not bite off the stiffening cock I had in my mouth it was growing quite big and forcing it's way down the back of my throat as another whip across my dick the nipple clamps were pulled tight lifting my top half up so it was just touching the bed and the cock was still being shoved into me but then it was gone and was replaced by another pussy this one as smooth and a baby's bum as they say, this one was also not Jade and this one had very long pussy lips which I began to suck on and bit OH Oh Fuck she shouted as I continued to bit them OH YOU Fucker that is so fucking good go on bite them lips you fucked OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Myyyy GOD she screamed and as I licked her clit more clamps where placed all over my balls making me feel as if I were a pin cushion and then a hand went round my cock just below the clips that were still stopping my foreskin from going back over the head and I was slowly being wanked Oh Christ the Pleasure and the Pain mixed was fucking Fantastic the pussy lips in my mouth dripped cum and it tasted so so sweet as it ran into my mouth and over my tongue, again and again she screamed out for me to bite her cunt lips harder then she shouted out Oh yes bite my nipples , so I gusted that someone else was working on this woman too.

I felt a tongue licking round the head of my cock and up and down the shaft and balls and then a hand clamped round it and something cold and it felt like metal touch the top of it as I licked the woman's cunt that was still riding back and forth on my face who ever had hold of my cock pushed the what felt like metal rod down into my cock slit then pulled it out before pushing it back in and this time went further with it at least half way before once again being pulled out when it was pushed in again it was raised up and down inside my shaft tube and each time it went in a little bit further until it was in the full length of my shaft on and on it was pushed back and forth and then one big push and it shot though the hole in my prostrate and I took a big gulp of air and sucked in this woman's long pussy lips as I did so the rod or what ever it was seamed to had a flat top to stop it disappearing inside me the top sat against my cock head and the clips that were stopping my foreskin from coming back over the head were taken off and the pain of the blood rushing back into the skin was lick a thousand needles being pushed into it I tried to moan but this cunt was clamped hard down on me she was moaning and screaming out with each and every climax and she was having one after the other.

Now I felt a mouth slip over my cock and I still had this rod pushed down it and through my prostrate so there was not much movement and this mouth belonged to someone who knew how to give a fucking good blow job as they knew when and where to lick and suck to get me so aroused even with this rod blocking my cock shaft, there hands rubbing my clip covered balls and then another tongue joined the first each taking a side of my cock and a ball each with all this going on I still had my nipple clips being pulled every so often sending sharp pain rushing throughout my body the tongues taken away I felt the whip slap across my body again and again then my cock head took a few lashes and with the rod in it it hurt even more, the whipping stopped and the tongues returned I had had the pain now the pleasure again this went on and on for some time and the pussy's that were sitting over my faced changed to and I worked out that there were four woman and it was two or three men as between the women's pussy I had to suck cock.

Then I felt it deep down in my balls that were now being licked my cum wanted to erupt I wanted to cum but I still had this rod blocking of my shaft the feeling grew and grew as I had one cock in my mouth, a tongue was licking my balls and then a mouth eased it's way over my cock taking most of it before starting to bob up and down I was thrusting my arse up of the bed I wanted to cum the pain was building and building as they all worked on me and then I did my cock twitched as much as it could my balls seamed to swell up as my cum had no where to go again and again my cock tried to pump it's load out but finding no-were for it to go my eyes were now watering with the pain but I was still getting the please to it felt so strange I had never felt anything like this in my life and as you know I have fucked a few times but this how I did not pass out I do not know, the nipple clamps were then pulled on but this time the pressure was kept on then harder and harder they were pulled and the mouth over my cock disappeared and I felt a hand on the rod top I had never felt pain like this as someone just kept on pulling and then I had the most powerful surge of pain rip through me as the clips were given one hard tug and they sprang of my nipples the blood rushed it's way back into them my whole chest felt on fire as a mouth was placed on each one and it was sucked into it, as this happened the rod was pulled in one long yank from my cock and the release of my cum which had been bottled up deep down inside my balls was released and it shot from my cock slit with so much pressure it splashed up the back of the woman still sitting on my face Jade said I told you he could shoot for England look at that amount of cum it's all over Val's back Yea and I am going to lick it off said another Ooooooooooooooo me to someone else said.

Chapter 34

Now the Men

OK OK I heard Stan saying you women have had your fun now it's our turn and I was un-tied from the bed and walked through into another room I was bent over a table but only so the top half of my chest was laying on it there was a gap between the table and my dick which now hung limp my legs had a long rode tied to them making sure they were kept apart and some cold gel was smeared over my arse hole and a finger or two worked it inside me as I was getting finger fuck I let out a long low moan as the pleasure went up through my arse and into the rest of my body O that felt good, as this was happing I felt something being tied round my ball sack and then something heavy was hung from them my god more pain ripped up from my balls and made me feel like I had just been kicked in the nuts the pain brought tears to my eyes and what ever had been hung from them was now swung back and forth between my wide open legs, one of the men stood behind me and I felt a cock running up and down my arse crack then the head stopped at my hole and with a big hard push this cock ripped into my arse forcing my ring open and the whole shaft follow into me until his body slammed against my arse.

On and on he rammed into me and the harder he pushed into me the more the thing between my legs swung back and forth making more and more pain the next thing I knew was a mouth clamping over my cock and being sucked the foreskin being bushed back over the head with a tongue and my cock was being sucked like mad it was not long despite the pain in my balls my cock was hard once more then the cock fucking my arse as if it was the last one on Earth rammed home and held inside me and filled my arse with warm cum, there you fucker take that the man said as he held is cock inside me pump after pump filled me and then it was pulled from me and another took it's place, this cock was fatter but not so long as the last one and this did open my ring up forcing it wide and as the cock changed so did the mouth on my dick I had no idea how long I had been here getting fucked one way or another it seamed like hours but it was sure different from what I was expecting the night to turn out like.

Cock after cock fucked my arse until it came filling with more and more cum, and by the time the last one shot his cum inside my the first one was ready to go again I was still being sucked and then I came and filled a mouth who's mouth I had no idea but who ever it was thrust her mouth and throat fully onto my cock as the first load of cum shot into her mouth then when I had finished shooting the rod was pushed back into my cock to try and keep it stiff and with the rod in place the sucking started again the heavy weight still swinging between my legs my balls felt on fire with the pain more cum filled my arse there was no chance for any to come out because as soon as one cock was removed it was filled with another one, I did not know how much more cum my arse would take but the way this lot were using my arse I was about to find out.

After they had been round a second time the last one came into my over filled arse and as his cock was removed a butt plug was forced inside me now this fucking thing was wider than any of the cock's that had fucked me and by god it hurt as it went in even after all the fucking my arse had had it still hurt, but as the widest part went inside my arse ring snapped shut pulling it tight inside me and the mouths stopped there sucking to the only thing I had now was the butt plug and the weight on my balls and I heard then all leave the room laughing and talking about how they had fucked me and once they had rested a while were going to do it all again, Christ I thought I will be here getting fucked all night and there was nothing I could do nor wanted to do about it.

After what seamed like hours they came back into the room and the weight was taken from my balls and when the cord or what ever it was was taken from my balls and the blood rushed back into them it was a worse pain than the weight I had to scream out as the pain of the blood rushing back through my balls and then the pins and needles that was worse then anything I had ever experienced in my life and I still could not more so I was un able to do anything to help the pain.

I was finally untied and turned over and laid back onto the table and my arms and legs tied up once more this time nipple clamps were squeezed onto my tender nipples and I felt something being tied to them and that was then hung down off the edge of the table and these things had weights on them and they really pulled on my nipples and as they were being pulled someone was licking the tip sticking out of the clamp and soon my cock rose up to do it's job once more, someone climbed up onto the table and soon this very wet pussy slipped down on my dick and started to fuck me, a hand was placed on my head and my head was twisted to one side and a cock shoved into my mouth so again I was being ridden and faced fucked this time the cock rammed down my throat as far as it would go and when it came it shot it's load straight down I did not even have to swallow I was made to lick his cock dry and the next cock was pushed into my mouth and the pussy riding my dick gripped it tight as she came her cum running down over me as it flooded from her, she got of licked my cock free of her cum and someone else climbed on and started to do the same as they finished I heard them leaving so I knew this would soon be finished or would it I had to wonder it was all change once more and there fucked me but this woman she sitting on my dick the other way round so she was facing my feet and with her hands on my knees she really pushed herself up and down on my cock, come on come on fill my cunt with cum she screamed this I knew was Jade, cum cum you sod fill me I want your cum in my cunt and soon after that I did and I let go of more than I did the first time again and again it pumped inside her as she still rode my cock banging herself down onto me again and again OH OH FUCK YES FILL ME FILL MY CUNT she was screaming as the cock in my mouth let go of it's load as pushed it down my throat, after a while things quietened down and Jade got of me and the cock was pulled from my mouth as it was going soft my arms and legs were untied and the hood taken of my head I had to blink many times to adjust my eyes to the light and I saw Jade and Stan standing there smiling as if the cat had just got the cream well Jade had at least my cream, anyway they said that I hope I did not mind then asking friends round God know I said that was bloody great and pain was bad at times but all the pleasure made up for it, Jade said that as I had been such a great team player as she put it she would come and spend the night and next day with me Stan will need a bloody good rest and I am sure you could go again soon Dave Oh yea I said that I will, so we had a drink and when I looked at the time it was now 4 in the morning we had been fucking nearly all night, Jade and I left Stan to go off to bed and he said if I wanted to come back for more before I moved on I knew where they were.

Chapter 35

Back at the Hotel

Jade and I returned to the hotel and stripped of the moment we got it the room and I lead her to the shower and as we stepped in I pulled her to me and we kissed long and hard our tongues entwined as the water cascaded down over our naked bodies, water dripped of her hard nipples and it ran down her flat stomach and between her legs running over her slit as it went and when we pulled away for each other I dropped to my knees and planted my face fully into her cunt pushing my tongue between her long pussy lips and into her slit hitting her clit, as I did Jade jumped and gave out a OH MY GOD as she pushed my head harder into her, her body beginning to shake as a climax built inside her and then she screamed OH YES YES YES as her legs shook as a orgasm when through her, as I stood back up I lifted her legs and forced her back against the wall and rammed my hard cock deep into her and as I did Jade wrapped her legs round my waist as I fucked her hard against the shower wall, Jade lowed one leg and placed the other up my chest so it rested on my shoulder God she was supple with her like this I could real ram into her pussy on and on I fucked her and she came again but as I was no where near cumming yet I pulled from her and we dried of and went into the bed room where I bent her over and pushed my cock back into the cunt that was sticking out between her legs and wet with her cum.

Jade placed her hands onto the bed to steady herself as I thrust into her on and on our bodies smashed together her sex juice splashed from her each time I rammed into her, her lightly haired cunt opening up to allow my cock to enter her hard and deep I held onto her hips as we smashed together with each thrust Jade saying OOo yes OOOo my god mmmmmmmmmmm more more I pulled from her and turned her round laying her back onto the bed so her arse was just on the edge of the bed I then took hold of her legs and pushed them up so they lay over her chest squashing her breasts as I lay on top of her and pushed my cock fully home into her waiting cunt which was wide open as she lay there waiting again and again I rammed down into her, over and over she climaxed the juice running down over her arse which was only just on the bed each time our bodies hit together it was knocking the breath out of her as her legs hit into her breasts Oh Oh Fuck she Panted Oh Oh yes yes Oh Fuck and then once more my cock was ready to let go of the cum it had been holding back and as I pushed into her it let my cum force it's way from the slit and was ejected inside her with all the force it could and she screamed and screamed as Jade felt it hitting her insides and my cock throbbing deep inside her climaxing cunt, as we got out breathes back Jade still had her legs bent up and as I pulled from her I held them where they were as I knelt down onto the floor and lowered my mouth onto this wonderful pouting pussy that was gaping open so I could see inside her and my cum juice deep inside her love tunnel as her cunt began to close I saw my cum being pushed to the outer rim and out between her lips and that is when I touched her cunt with my mouth and licked my cum juice from her making her body shake and shiver once more as it brought on another climax we crawled into bed and fell asleep kissing and hugging each other.

The following morning we woke just before midday and after going to the toilet we got back into bed ordered room service and had out dinner in bed and then fucked for the rest of the afternoon I think we fucked in every chair and on ever flat top there was in the hotel room Jade stayed again that night so instead of a shower we filled the bath with hot water and loads of foam and we slipped into it and just relaxed after all the fucking we had been doing but with the warm water and the foam bubbles I was getting aroused once more while looking at jade sitting there with her tits just touching the water and her nipples hard and just above the water line, I eased my foot up between her legs and my toe found the place I was looking for and I ran it up and down her slit and she closed her eyes and rested her head back on the bath and a long low MMMmmmmmmmmmm left her her lips as my toe pushed into her slit and found her hard clit beneath and touched it I saw her whole body jerk as it pushed against her sensitive clit, I move my toe round and round working on her she opened her legs as much as she could and had a small climax I asked her to turn round and kneel in the bath and place her hands up onto the end of the bath once Jade moved round I got behind her and first fucked her cunt good and hard once more before pulling out and then pushing it fully into her arse and after fucking that for a while I went back to her cunt and just kept on going from one to the other, Jade was by now shouting out with each thrust YES YES FUCK THAT CUNT HARD and then when I turned to her arse she shouted OH OH DAVE FUCK MY ARSE FUCK IT HARD COME ON HEADER HARDER then I said which hole do you want my cum in Jade OH OH IN MY FUCKING ARSE FILL IT UP CUM IN MY ARSE PLEASE PLEASE and with that I pushed forward held my cock buried deep into her arse and let my cum wash her insides on and on my cock pumped spurt after spurt filled her arse and Jade was saying OH OH YES YES OH MY FUCKING CHRIST YES YES, as I say Jade stopped the night and we fucked once more in the morning with her arse on the bed and her head resting on the floor she then got dressed after a shower and kissed me good bye saying that was the best and longest sex she had ever had and she was gone leaving me to my empty bed, I curled up and did not move apart from the toilet until the following morning.

Chapter 36

The Maid

I had rang down and told them that I would be in my room all day and not to worry about the bed or towels and I ordered my dinner and what I would like for breakfast, the following morning I was woken by a knock on the door and it was my breakfast which I ate and then I was so worn out I fell back to sleep naked on the bed I was woken by a mouth closing round my cock my eyes snapped open and there on her hands and knees banding over me was the maid she looked no more than 19 20 at the oldest she had black shoes, black stockings or tights a little black dress and a white blouse her head was going up and down on my hard cock her finger raking up and down my shaft as her head moved and the other hand was playing with my balls, Wow I said this is what I call room service and I placed my hand on her leg and ran it up and down the back of her leg and up under her skirt and found out that she was wearing tights but soon I was rubbing her cunt through her tights and she was moaning from the back of her throat as I ran my fingers back and forth pushing them hard against her, she had long black hair which was tied back into a pony tail and she had a very pretty face as to see it going up and down my shaft was even better, I was now thrusting up each time she brought her head down and she was eagerly taking it all.

I felt her body tremble as a orgasm when through her and she pulled her head up and got of the bed saying don't you dare move or I am gone ok, fine fine I said and just lay there as she flicked of her shoes and pulled her tights down and off she had nice tanned skin and very shapely legs and as she got back onto the bed she pulled her skirt up and I saw that she had a really thick bush of black pubic hair and as she knelt over me I saw it open up the slit underneath all that hair and it was a nice light pink line and looking very wet she took hold of my cock and pushed it under her and lowered herself down onto my cock inch by inch I saw it slowly enter her until she was sitting fully down on it and then she let her skit go and lent forward and placed her hands on my chest as she eased herself up and down my shaft, soon she was pounding on it forcing her self back down with the help of pushing herself on my chest and by now I was pushing my cock upwards to meet her downward thrust, OH FUCK OH FUCK she was saying as she got closer and close to a big orgasm on and on she rode my cock until she slammed down onto me and her pussy mussels gripped my cock and rippled up and down my shaft as she had one big orgasm, and she just sat there for a few minutes panting for breath and sweating as her body relaxed then she started again 10 minutes later she orgasmed again even harder but this time it was me that shouted out keep going keep going I am almost there so on and on she thrust on my cock riding herself through her climax and she was just getting ready to cum once more when I thrust up as she landed down on my cock her cunt once more gripped my shaft and as her mussels rippled against it my cock let go of it's load and she shouted out OH MY FUCKING CHRIST as a massive orgasm ripped through her she just sat there my cock throbbing deep within her, her mussels trembling against my shaft as if trying to milk every last little drop from it. She just sat there hands on my chest not saying a word just panting for breath, after a while my now limp cock slipped from her hairy pussy and she lifted herself of me and walked into the bath room when she returned she was dressed and left the new clean towels and was gone without a word just a big smile as she close the door.

That was my stay in Colwyn Bay I paid my bill and set back out onto the road wondering what the next stop would bring if anything...

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