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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 37 - 42

Woman showing boobs
Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Oct 20, 2014
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I had licked them both out they started to take turns to ride my cock changing every few minutes.

* * * * * * *

My sexual Road Trip Pt 10.

Chapter 37

Back on the Road

Well I was on the move again and called into places like Preston, Blackburn & Manchester but after four weeks stopping of at these and other places on the way I ended up in Blackpool I booked into the Cornhill Hotel and found a nice place to eat and drink it was called Twelve Restaurant & Lounge Bar also on a good long walk found a placed called the Devonshire Arms this was a nice friendly pub and I hoped maybe I would get lucky and get my leg over as it had been two weeks since my last sexy fun.

I had been to the Devonshire Arm three nights now and there was this woman that came in every time I was in there she was tall dark hair hanging down to her butt, a bit on the skinny side for my liking but you know what they say any port in a storm so If I could get her in bed I would, she looked about 45 ish her breasts looked big on her slim body but looked firm with not a lot of bounce as she walked, on this third night she was playing Darts with two others a woman about 20 and a man of around the same age as I was sitting up to the bar near to where they played this older woman said excuse me but you would joining me in a game of darts I need a partner, Yea sure I replied be happy to join in we chatted and played Darts for the rest of the evening as a joke I said what a pity we are not alone I would play you at strip darts, O would you now she replied laughing.

I got a round of drinks in and after a while her friends left as they said they had to be up early and that left me with this woman that I now knew as Liz we played another game and I found out that her boyfriend worked out on the rigs and he had just gone back on them and would be away for the next three months so she was glad she had her friends to go out with, and I found that she lived just round the corner from the pub so when the pub was about to shut for the night I said I would just walk her to the door so we left and within about 3 minutes she turned into her drive way and I just walked her to the door and said Ok Liz maybe see you in the pub tomorrow, you don't fancy a coffee then Dave I would not mind one I said but won't the people next door tell your boyfriend you have had someone in Oh he knows I have a man back now and again and he is fine with it as long as I tell him and give him all the details when he gets home.

So in I went and she made coffee and as we carried on chatting I found out that she hated being alone in the house and had asked her boyfriend to stop going of and leaving her but he said the money was good and he enjoyed the job, I asked why she did not like being at home along and she was very open and said that she had been raped by two men some years ago and hated being alone at night even now, so when I had finished my coffee she asked if I would like a whisky and maybe stay the night I am flattered I said and yes I would love to if your sure, yes I am she said but you must know one thing before you make up your mind, when we go to bed I will make love to you but you must not put your hands on me while we do I will do everything, if you can not do that then I am sorry but I can not sleep with you, I don't mind the cuddle afterwards but since the rape it is something that I have to insist on, I am sure I can manage that I said so we sat there and talked and then she got up and took me through to the bed room.

She undressed me slowly and when she dropped my boxers to the floor she growled in the back of her throat Mmmmmmmmmmmm very nice Dave and it was in her mouth straight away and she pulled the foreskin back to reveal the big purple head beneath it and it shore with pre cum and Liz licked her tongue round and round the head licking it clean of the sticky per cum and then pushed the tip of her tongue into the slit and pushed it open as far as she could, one hand was cupping my balls slowly moving them round and round as she slipped her mouth down my shaft and I felt my cock head touch the back of her throat as it pushed it open so it could slip down that bit further.

Liz just kept on moving her head up and down my cock and making moaning sounds as she did she love sucking cock and my god she was bloody good at it , taking it out of her mouth from time to time to run her tongue up and down the outside of it and to suck a ball into her mouth and suck very hard on it my knees begun to tremble as she carried on like this then she stopped and stood up and asked me to lay on my back on the bed and as I did Liz began to remove her clothes she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a red laced bra and as I said her breasts were big and pushed over the top of her bra and she reached behind her and let the bra fall to the floor, her nipples hard and they looked wonderful slightly darker than her skin and as she moved they gently swayed oh they looked so good my cock was twitching as I looked at them, Liz then let her skirt slip down her legs revealing her legs as they went and her legs were a bit on the skinny but she had on this red thong that matched her bra and she pulled the bows at the side slowly pulling the cord and letting it fall before doing the same with the other and she sat back onto a set of draws and showed me her wonderful pussy completely shaven her outer pussy lips pouting out showing the inner pussy that was looking very wet and wanted my cock to enter it and very soon, I was just going to jump up and grab her and pull her onto the bed and shove my dick fully into that begging cunt but I remembered my promise not to touch her so I had to lie there looking at her.

Liz brought her hands up and cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples and as she nipped them between her fingers and thumbs she pulled on them as if she wanted to pull them off Liz threw her head back and moaned out OH OH YES as she kept on twisting, pulling, and nipping them she was grinding her pussy onto the cupboard top and I wanted it to be my cock then she let one breasts go and slowly run it down her upper body lightly running her fingers all over her skin working down and then she reached her soaking wet pussy and I had to take my cock in my hand and start to wank myself as I watched her middle finger touch her clit and her body shook as a orgasm went through her OH OH YES YES she moaned out her eyes were fixed to my moving up and down my shaft I made sure that the foreskin popped back and forth with each stroke.

Then Liz curled her finger inside her and she screamed again as her finger touch her G-spot making her cum again now she got of from the top and moved over to the bed pulling my hand from my cock and planting her mouth back over it taking every inch inside her mouth and throat, when she removed her mouth she looked at me then said remember no touching Dave OK OK I said my god I have never wanted a wet pussy slipping down over my cock so badly as I did now, Liz moved up and sat herself over my stomach and raised herself up on her knees and took hold of my cock and slipped the head between her dripping pussy lips rubbing herself back and forth making the head wet and then it slipped inside her popping into her pussy pushing her lips wide open to allow the head inside her and as her pussy opened up her sex juice dripped out and ran down my cock and I shivered as it did, she pushed herself back and my cock slipped into her with ease and she started to rise and fall in my cock and O it felt good her wet pussy slipping up and down her juice running around my balls, her cunt making a slurping noise as she was so so wet, I was dyeing to put my hands up and cup those breasts that bounced up and down just in front of my to touch her nipples and lick them but she had forbid me to touch her and I respected that so I lay there closed my eyes and she fucked hard and fast

Her long dark hair hung down over her body as she fucked me I was thrusting my arse up pushing my cock into her as far as I could as she slammed down onto me, Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck she moaned out load as a climax built up inside her getting ready to explode, she sat upright and placed her hand down between us and started to move her fingers round and round on her clit and then she came as I looked down between us our body's as one I could see her juice flowing out of her and down over me, Liz got up and turned round placing her hands on my knees and started to fuck me again and this time I had her arse hole shooting up and down in front of me and Oh what a wonderful sight that was her darker coloured puckered hole pulled tight as my cock stretched her cunt open Oh Christ how I wanted to place my hands on her arse or push a finger into her hole as she rode my dick to heaven, YES YES YES she moaned as she rode on getting faster and faster and I could now feel myself getting ready to cum and told her so OH OH YES FILL me up yes cum inside me and she moved fasted and slammed down onto me harder and then my cock let go forcing my cum out with such force as it filled her insides and then she screamed and orgasmed once more and as she lifted herself of my cock my cum dripped for her and over my cock that still twitched she turned round and sucked my cock clean of the cum and her juice before coming back up the bed and laying beside me resting her head on my arm, I am sorry she said looking up into my eyes that I can not let me touch me but it is I just like to be in control now during sex after being rapped and feeling so helpless.

We lay there talking her arm lay across my chest a leg bent up over mine her wonderful tits pushed into my side Liz's nipples still hard and pushing into the side of my chest, as she had her leg bent up over me her wet, cum dripping pussy was against my leg and mine and her juice ran out and over me, she told me about where and how she was raped and now that she only had sex if she was in control as she could not stand a man laying over her or there hands on her I told Liz I understood and asked about her boyfriend O he is fine with it and as I told you he likes it when I can tell him about nights like this it gets him really worked up and he lasts for ages well I hope what we have done will give him a big hard on, did they ever catch the man that raped you I ask yes but there was not one there was three on them, O god what bastards I said and she pulled herself closer to me we fell asleep like that.

Chapter 38

Our second meeting

Liz and I meet again down in the pub and we once again played darts and had a laugh with her friends and during the evening she whispered in my ear if I did not put you off last time fancy some more sex with me, O lead the way I said with a smile, later you eager man she said later, we walked back to her home once more and we were soon undressed she told me to lay on the bed but keep my feet on the floor and place my arse so it was just on the edge on the bed this pushed my cock up into the air and Liz was soon between my legs sucking for all she was worth when she rammed a finger into my arse it took me by surprise and I moaned out load OH YES LIZ OH YES Liz started to finger fuck my hole as her head moved up and down I so wanted to touch her place my hands on her head run my fingers though her hair but I resisted it and just lay there enjoying her fucking me, Liz rubbed my prostrate and that made me start to buck my arse up of the bed as her finger pushed back and forth a crossed it sending shivers through my body my nipples hard with the excitement of what she was doing and then she just pulled her finger out and stood up turned herself around and sat right back down hard on my cock which was standing up to attention , Liz just took hold of it placed the head up to her pussy hole and with one hard push down she was sitting down on me filled full of my twitching cock, Liz rose up and slammed back down god she was smashing down onto me so hard that as her arse and my lower stomach met it stung I could tell that Liz was working on her clit as she rammed down onto me and I felt her have a small orgasm as I could not touch Liz I started to play with my own nipples pinching them and twisting them and then Liz turned herself round without even getting off my cock and as she turned she saw me playing with my nipples O you like playing with nipples then she asked between her gasping breath, yes but I would much rather play with your wonderful big nipples than play with my own are you sure I could not just play with them while you ride my cock Liz.

I don't know she said I might freak out I do want to have a man touching me again just I am frightened that it will bring back bad memories so why not let me try you say stop and I promise Liz I will stop it would be nice she said, Liz started to ride my cock again and she took my hands in her and brought them up to her heaving breasts and she gently placed the palms of my hands over her nipples and she took a deep breath as her hard nipple brushed against my hand and gave out a OH OH YES I HAVE MISSED THIS and she slowly moved my hands round over her making my hands rub her nipples which grew harder and now poked out Liz had stopped moving on my cock as the feelings of my hands on her tits was so over whelming for her Mmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm yes yes she moaned out as my hands moved over her and I squeezed her tits very slowly and gently making her moan even more, after about 10 minutes of holding onto my hands Liz let them go and placed her hands down onto my chest and started to move up and down my cock once more leaving me to carry on playing with her nipples and her full breasts she was starting to pound up and down the length of my rock hard cock I took her nipples into my fingers and twisted them not far nor did I pinch them as I did not want to give her to much pain but Liz closed her eyes and made this growling noise in the back of her throat and I knew she was really enjoying it.

We fucked like this for about 15 minutes and then I felt like my cum was not going to be long before I filled her full and I moved my fingers and hands harder on her tits and Liz responded by pounding even harder down onto me and then I had to ram my arse up once more and I came inside her my cock throbbing hard as my cum shot from me I pinched her nipples hard and she screamed and had a real big orgasm as she climaxed Liz ground herself down onto me moving her cunt round and round rubbing her clit against my pubic hair, she fell forward and lay on top of me and pressed her lips onto my and our tongues entwined as we kissed I slowly placed my hands on her back and I felt her tense up as I did but as I lightly moved my fingers up and down her spine making her shudder she started to relax and just kept on kissing me, my hands were moving slowly up and down her back and I moved them lower each time until I touch her bum cheeks and ran my fingers up and down her arse crack reaching down as far as I could, Liz moaned softly into my ear and was kissing my neck and biting my ear lobe as I did this, She was running her fingers through my hair as my soft cock was still just inside her and after about ten minutes it started to get hard again and Liz lifted her head and looked down at me and said O my god Dave I can fell your cock getting hard inside me OOOOOoo I have never felt that before it feels ?? I feels she said again so blood fantastic OOOOoooo yes yes she kept on saying as it grew harder and harder, Liz I asked her I am not trying to rush you but could I get between your legs and eat and lick your pussy I promise not to get up over you unless you ask me to Mmmmmmmmmmm come on lets give it a try.

Liz lifted herself off me and I stood up and she got onto the bed and lay there Breathing heavy as I got onto the bed with her are you such I asked again Liz nodded and she took a deep deep breath as I got between her legs and she opened them wide so I could see her pussy, I could see her folds of skin

and it was so inviting and I wanted to just dive down there push my tongue between those folds of pussy lips and drink her cum and mine that was still deep inside her but I did not want to frighten her she was tents enough now so instead I started to kiss up and down her inner legs stopping short of her pussy Liz was now moaning out out I got close to her pussy and then I got to within half a inch of it and she was saying yes yes oh Christ yes yes and Liz was now pushing herself up as I kissed up her leg and the next time I got to the top of her leg I licked up and slit touching her inner pussy lips and she Screamed out OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkk OH FUCKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yes yes yes and I kept my mouth planted over her cunt and pushed my tongue into her lips and found her clit and she climaxed her head shaking to and fro and she moaned out load, I carried on licking her as she got wetter and wetter her juice was now running into my mouth and my tongue entered her cunt hole pushing it's way through her pussy lips and into that smooth wet tunnel allowing her juice to run free down over my tongue and down my throat I could still taste my own cum mixed in with hers, her body started to tremble again as she got closer to her next orgasm and as I sucked her clit into my mouth I pushed two fingers inside her Liz arched her back and she brought her hands down onto my head and pushed it hard into her cunt forcing her clit as far as she could between my teeth and she orgasmed yet again and it was the biggest one I had know her to have since we had started to fuck her cunt clamped onto my finger her body shook as it ran up and down her body Liz was screaming yes yes yes over and over as her cunt let go of so much cum it was hard to drink it all down there was so much running out of her.

Then once her climax eased her body went limp and her hands let go of my head but I kept on licking and sucking at her then I thought it was time to see if I could fuck her with me on top and I started to kiss slowly up her pussy slit and I felt her body stiffen as soon as I did but I went a bit higher and she started to take deep breaths again and as I got up over her belly button she put her hands on my head and said no no stop stop please stop, so I rolled of from her and lay beside her and put my arm under her head and she looked at me and said sorry Dave Nothing to be sorry about my dear Liz you have done a lot more tonight than you have done in a long time you will get there if not with me but your boyfriend, and she kissed my neck and ear again as we lay there I placed a hand on her breast and played with it as she took hold of my cock and started to wank it, I was pulling on her nipples and she was wanking me hard and I moved my hand down and up over her stomach and my hand reached her pussy and I slipped a finger into her and rubbed her clit and then slipped two fingers into her curling them up and rubbing her g-spot her body gently trembling under my touch we kissed as I moved my finger faster and faster over her clit until she raised her back from the bed and orgasmed again and again her body going limp once it past but Liz did not stop working on my cock and with one swift movement she swung herself over me and was sitting full down on me, her hands resting on my chest as she started to rise and fall on me gripping my cock between those wonderful pussy lips on and on she rode me until I could not take anymore and emptied my second load of cum deep within her deepest parts and she climaxed once more before she collapsed down onto me and I held her to me as we rolled over onto our sides and as we kissed she ran her hands up and down my back, we both lay there getting our breath back and we fell asleep like this my cock going soft inside her.

Chapter 39

In the Morning

We woke late in the morning and Liz was still in my arms as she gently woke she said good morning Dave was I dreaming or did I let you eat my pussy last night Oh my dear Liz I replied that was no dream and my god your pussy was great and such a wonderful taste would not mind that for breakfast well it's there help yourself, really I said yea go for it I want to see if it was as good as I remember if and with that she rolled onto her back and spread her legs so wide I was soon knelling between her wide legs and once again her pussy was there in front of me I put my fingers onto her pussy lips and ran them slowly up her moist slit and pushed them slowly inside her and she was soon pushing her head back into the pillow YES OH YES and my fingers moved on her clit and then inside her it was not long before she was wet and dripping juice so I lent forward pulling her lips apart with my fingers showing me her light pick pussy walls that were covered in her slimy sticky cum juice and I pushed my tongue inside and licked her cunt walls and she raised herself up pushing her cunt into my mouth Liz was loving it and moaning over and over telling me to bit and lick her cunt and then she orgasmed into my mouth and as she sank back onto the bed she said OH YES THAT WAS BETTER THAN I REMEMBER oh my god wonderful, I got back up beside her and kissed her and she took hold of my cock but I took her hand from it and got of the bed and took her hand pulling her up and lead her through to the bathroom where I turned on the shower and we got in and we soon were washing each other all over and I asked her to turn round but she looked nervous but did what I asked lean forward and place our hands on the wall and stick your arse out for my Liz and as she did I pulled her arse cheeks apart and I had a great view of her arse and pussy and I eased my cock into her cunt and she took a deep breath as it slipped into her and I told her what I was doing I am now placing my hands on your hips ok Liz nodded and I too hold of them and started to pull her back against me as I thrust forward, OH FUCK Oh Fuck she shouted as I rammed into her she climax again and again as my cock rubbed up against G spot with each thrust, then I exploded into her filling her insides once more we finished washing and then I left her laying on the bed worn out and happy, I returned three more times and the last time I saw her I did in fuck her with her under me and my cock did she love it in the end so she will have some great stories and some new things for her boyfriend when her gets back.

Chapter 40

Up The Tower.

Over the next few days in Blackpool the weather was picking up a bit not so cold and I still had not been right up to the top of the Blackpool Tower so I decided to go the next day as the weather forecast was for a nice clear day, so just after lunch I went for a long walk along the sea front I ended up at the Tower at about 5pm I went and paid my fare and rode the lift up the what is know as the Blackpool eye where from there you get a view of the whole of Blackpool as the Eye is Glassed walls all the way round and from floor to roof and there is even a new part of the floor that is made of glass and you can walk out onto it and it feels lick your floating on air as you look down and see the people that look like small ants so far down, when I got to this part of the flooring there was this most gorgeous woman standing on the glass floor gripping the hand rails as if her lift depended on it and she was crying, I went over to her and asked if I could help and she told me that she was so frightened that she could not move and that her boyfriend had walked away and left her there saying she was a looser for being so scared, I talked to her asking her name, where she worked, where she lived to try and take her mind of the glass floor she was standing on.

I found out her name was Alice she was 45 and lived in Blackpool but this was the first time she had been up the tower, her boyfriend had pushed her onto the floor she did not want to go on it, Ok I said to her I will come over to you and help you off NO NO she screamed it won't take our weight not together so I carried on talking to her and placed my hand on the rail and lent over the floor and took hold of her hand she was trembling with shear fear and her hand was so cold, I asked her to just slide one foot just a bit towards me saying I have you don't worry I will not let you go she did finally shuffle one foot then the other her finger nails pushed into my skin she gripped me so tight but she got to the main floor and stepped onto it as she did she flung her arms around my neck and hugged me tight to her and as we parted she kissed me on the lips saying thank you thank you over and over, what can I do to say thank you Dave well I replied how about coming for a evening meal with me that would be nice since your arse-hole boyfriend has left you all alone, she looked at me then said why the hell not come on lets go, we found a nice place to eat soft lights and music and we ate and talked while having a few drinks.

We went out after eating and as I walked her home she placed her arm into my and pulled me close to her it was still only 9:30pm so I asked her if she wanted another drink in the pub before going home yes please but I feel I should get these to say thanks for saving me, Alice I said you being here on my arm is thanks enough, so we went in had a few more drinks and she opened up as she talked saying her boyfriend cheated on her and he was useless in bed and always came within 5 minutes, then she realised what she had said and went bright red, O don't worry I have heard a lot worse and she asked me my story OH MY God she said when I had finished that sounds blood exciting all that sex you lucky sod, O come on I said back don't tell me a gorgeous woman like you has not got them knocking down the door, I wish she said back I bloody wish.

When we left the pub she pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips and it was not long before our tongues were darting in and out of our mouths I put my arms round her and pulled her to me her breasts squashed between us and she gave a long low moan in the back of her throat, I pushed her back against a wall and brought my hands up and ran then trough her hair as we kept kissing, she was wearing a dress that came down to her knees and a light weight shawl over her shoulders I ran a hands down over her wonderful curved body and placed them onto her bum cheeks and squeezed them Alice moaned again I started to pull her dress up and I then reached the hem and placed my hand under it and onto the soft skin of her cheeks Alice took a deep breath as my hands touched her soft flesh and squeezed them MMMMMmmm she moaned and I found that she was wearing a small pair of panties and as I ease a finger under then she put her hand down and stopped me not here not here she said I have never done it outside someone might see us, that's what makes it much more exciting but if you want to come back to my room then fine with me put she let go of me hand and placed her mouth back onto mine, as I brought my fingers to the front between us I hooked her panties out the way and touched her pussy and she shivered as my finger ran up and down over her slit and I found that she had pierced pussy lips as I touched them her body trembled and I slipped a finger inside her Alice was panting hard now sucking in breath between her teeth as I played with her clit ring pulling and twisting it O O O yes yes she cried into my ear O Christ Dave yes yes and her body shook again.

I felt her hand go down between us and she soon had my zip down and dragging my cock out and as her hand clasped round it she said o my god what a nice size cock and she pulled her dress up as I bent my knees and pushed my cock up between us and I felt the head of my cock brush against her pussy rings and then found her hole and I just pushed and it slipped fully into her and Alice let out a OH MY GOD right into my ear as our bodies meet together, I started fucking her hard Oh yes Oh yes she said as I rammed into her pulling her to me by gripping her arse cheeks and yanking her forward each time I thrust into her she was getting wetter and wetter and then she had a small climax, we stood in a dark corner of the pub car park and we heard someone come out of the pub and get into there car and as they backed out out of the parking space there rear lights lit us up they just stopped there as if they were watching in there rear view mirror then as they drove away someone yelled out of the window go on give it to her hard mate and they were gone, I carried on fucking her and Alice was now moaning over and over as our bodies meet, Oh (deep breath) My (another deep breath ) God (deep breath) how lone can you (deep breath) keep going ( yet one more deep breath) For Alice panted as I fucked her hard, a while yet I said OH Great because this is so fucking great I don't think I have ever been fuck this long beforeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she screamed as I bigger orgasm went trough her and her sex juice just ran from her cunt and down over my cock, after about another ten minutes I was ready to come and I asked if it was ok to cum inside her OH you have bloody better she said I want that in me for sure still gasping for breath between her words, then with a final push I filled her cunt deep my cum shooting inside her with so much force she nearly passed out as my cock twitched and throbbed as my cum splattered her insides, my cock ease out from her hot wet cunt and I placed her panties back over her pussy to catch the juice as it dripped from her lips. We walked back to hers and hardly said a word but when we got there she did not ask me in she dragged in me and pushed me back onto the sofa.

As I lay there legs dangling over the arm Alice move round and soon have my belt, button and zip undone as she moved round she took hold of the legs of my trousers and pulled them off leaving me in just my shirt and boxers, it did not take Alice long to get them from me either so I lay there naked with a throbbing hard cock sticking up wanting someone to pay it some action and that's what it got Alice dropped to her knees beside me and soon her head was bobbing up and down on my shaft my balls cupped in her hands and being massaged I was moaning out as she squeezed them and sucked really hand on the head of my cock , after a while she stood up and undressed slowly in front of me and her wonderful tits came into view and her nipple were a light pink and nearly the same shade as her skin and then her dress dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it and peeled down her pink panties and stood there naked in front of me next thing I knew she was climbing over me into the 69 and her shaved pierced pussy lowed down onto my face and I took her pussy rings in between my teeth and pulled them making Alice shiver and shake with pleasure and she pushed her cunt down hard onto me as I continued to play with them in my mouth, Alice was soon back at my cock taking all of it into her mouth then running her tongue up and down my shaft, Alice pushed down hard as she climax into my mouth then turning round she sat above me and lowered herself down onto me then leaning forward so we could kiss as she rode my hard dick, I put my arms round her and pulled her tight to me her breast pushing into my chest as we carried on kissing then I rolled over and we fell off the sofa onto the floor and she was now under me and I lifted myself up on my out stretched arms and started to fuck her hard, Alice ran her hands up and down my back her fingers bent so the tip of her nails ran down my skin we were both moaning and grunting as we fucked hard and then I felt Alice go stiff under me her cunt gripped my cock as a massive orgasm ripped through her and as it did her nails dug into my flesh sending a searing pain throughout my body taking me over the top and as her orgasm died away I filled her with my second load of cum, pump after pump rushed into her she dug her nails in even further as she felt my cum being forced out of my throbbing cock, our bodies covered in sweat we lay there in each others arms both out of breath and I could feel some blood running down my back where her nails had broken the skin as they dug into me.

After we rested I said to her has your boyfriend got a key to your home I would hate from he to walk in on us laying here on the lounge floor naked and all sweaty, Dave I have to tell you something I hope your not going to be mad at me but I don't have a boyfriend, I go to the tower when I am feeling down and the first person to come out of the lift by themselves I put on that act to get them to help me and most times we end up here men and women I don't mind, but I do have to say Dave I have never met someone that can go as long as you before shooting, well next time will be even longer and don't worry about the lie I am glad it was me that came out of the lift, so do you have a bath or shower I ask just a bath sorry no that's great tell you what Alice you go fix as a drink and I will go and run the bath, I filled the bath and put some bubble foam in and Alice joined me in the bath the warm water relaxing us as we lay back drinking our wine and my foot was running up and down the inside of her leg making her shiver each time my toe touch her pussy rings.

Chapter 41

The long Fuck

we spend over half an hour in the bath and we kept playing with other keeping as sexed up and wanting sex more and more, I got out and helped Alice out and I dried her off and then myself and we took some more wine into the bed room and lay on the bed kissing and cuddling our hands running all over each others bodies touching ever little place we could find kissing each bit as we went by the time we were finished we were both out of breath and we lay in each other arms and kissed long and hard , Alice was laying on her back and I was on my side and I gently ran my hand down over her flat stomach and onto her outer pussy lips as I touched them Alice opened her legs and my finger slipped into her and curled up as they entered her and touched her G-Spot and that was all it took to give her a orgasm as we were so worked up with all the foreplay we had done, as she climax her legs clamped together and she shook and after a while she relaxed and I brought my cum covered fingers up to her mouth and she eagerly suck the cum from them and I did this over and over working on her cunt and then bringing my cum covered fingers up for her to lick, I lowered my head and sucked one of her light pink nipples into my mouth and as my fingers entered her I bit hard onto her nipple she arched her back and once more shook as she climaxed Alice was now begging for me to fuck her and fuck her hard but I wanted more foreplay before that so I kiss slowly down her body until her pussy was half inch from my mouth and with one fast movement my mouth clamped down over her cunt and my tongue shot into her love tunnel making her scream again and again as I licked her juice from inside her I pushed her legs up so her knees rested on her breasts and placed her hands behind her knees so she held her legs up that high and to free my hands as I licked her pussy I entered a finger then two and in the end I was fucking her pussy hole with four fingers Alice was thrashing her head back and forth as climax after climax ripped through her and as her juice ran from her it ran down over her arse hole and with one hard fast push I entered a finger from my other hand into her arse sending Alice's body into fits of spasms as she had the biggest orgasm I think she had ever had, I was now fucking her cunt and arse hard as well as sucking her clit into my mouth and twisting her clit ring inside my mouth.

With Alice's legs bent up I pulled my fingers from her arse and cunt and moved my mouth down over her arse hole I ran the tip of my tongue round and round her hole making Alice shout out OH OH FUCK FUCK OH CHRIST YES YES OH OH FUCK YES then I stated to move back up her slit reaching the top of it and I lowered her legs and I slowly worked my way up over her body Alice was taking real deep breaths and saying O O O fuck me fuck me please fuck me Dave fuck me now, as I eased my way up her body I stopped at her breasts to kiss and lick them again the head of my cock was just touching her pussy and she was trying to force it inside her and then I moved quickly and within one fast movement I push myself up and my cock slammed into her our bodies hitting together and as they did Alice really screamed out OH MY FUCKING GODS YESSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS as I started to pump back and forth into her on and on I thrust my cock hard her pussy squelching with each thrust Alice was digging her nails into my back but I did not care the pain of that drove me on and on as she exploded again and again her cunt gripping my cock tight each time a orgasm went through her wonderful body she was shaking and trembling under me when I pulled out, OH OH FUCK DON'T STOP DON'T FUCKING STOP but I got of her and told her to get on all fours and I was soon behind her forcing my cock back into her pouting pussy lips I held onto her hips as again and again I rammed hard into her, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK she moaned over and over and she had climaxed so much her legs gave out and she fell flat onto her stomach and I went with her my cock still buried deep inside her with her legs together it trapped my cock and her pussy was clamped tight round it as I raised myself up and continued to fuck her OH OH DAVE OH FUCK FUCK OH CHRIST YES YES she screamed as she came again and now I was getting to the stage were my cum had started it's journey and wanted to fill her insides up through my balls and on up my cock before forcing it's self out and splashing again her trembling cunt walls as my cum splashed against them Alice orgasmed again and I am sure it was so violent that Alice past out for a few seconds as even thou her body was shaking with her climax she went completely limp with it my cock continued to pump it's load inside her as I lowered myself down and rested my body on her back and kissed her neck gently, I looked over at the clock and saw that from the time we came from the bath room we had been making love for over two hours with all the foreplay, I pulled myself from her and she rolled onto her side and I lay down with her and as we cuddled we fell asleep and did not wake until very late morning, before leaving her I asked if she would like to go for a drink that evening and I said I would come and pick her up at 7 and not to worry about eating I would be buying us dinner, love to said Alice.

Chapter 42

My Cunning Plan

I picked up Alice and I took her to the pub where I had met Liz and as we sat there eating in walked Liz and I beckoned her over and asked her to join us Alice looked at me but said nothing, Liz came over with her drink Liz Alice Alice Liz I said they said hi and I said to them you both know my story and that I will be moving on soon but I feel that you two could help each other out both looked at me with what are you on about all over there faces, look Liz you do not like men being over the top of you during love making, Liz turned red and lowered her head but said yes you know that and you Alice get feeling down so want sex right yes she said well why don't you to get together that way Liz you will not have to worry about a man over you and Alice gets her sex when she wants it when your boyfriend is not around, Oh I don't know said Liz I have never done it with a woman well I said why not just try I am sure you two could be good for each other, well I am up for it said Alice how about giving it ago Liz, she was still not such look Liz I went on a woman knows how and what another woman wants to do and feel so you have no need to be frightened that you will be hurt, Liz lifted her head and said yea why the hell not, after we had a few more drink they went off together leaving me to finish of my drink then walk back to the hotel.

I was going to leave Blackpool on the weekend coming up and had not seen Liz or Alice since they went of together so I guest they had got on ok, I was walking alone the sea front when my mobile rang and it was Alice saying how her and Liz had hit it off and that they were having great sex and a great time and she said that both of them wanted to thank me by cooking me a meal tonight if I was free, yea sure I said what time and where say 8 at mine said Alice Ok see you then I will bring wine.

At 8 I was knocking on the door and Alice called out it's open come on in so entered and took my shoes off and the food smelt wonderful as I walked down to the lounge and as I turned into the room there was Liz and Alice sitting at the table completely naked your a bit over dressed there Dave they said together and got up come over to me and without saying another word started to strip me naked too, so I was naked and we sat at the table drinking the wine I had brought Alice served the meal and it was wonderful Liz and Alice cleared the table telling me to sit on the sofa while they cleaned up, Ok that's done now for desert said Liz taking my hand and leading me down to the bed room and pushing me down into a chair in the corner, Alice entered the room and they climbed onto the bed and started to kiss and cuddle and before long they were fingering each other and licking and sucking each others nipples Alice cam first closely followed by Liz but they carried on fingering and licking each others pussy's and Alice shoved her tongue into Liz's arse and she went wild at that and she did not flinch when Alice got up and lay over her which was great to see both came again, Alice turned to me and said well this is where we would now get out the strap on but as your here we would rather have the real thing so come on get on this bloody bed and I was on there so fast I nearly burnt the carpet.

Lay on your back please said Liz and then she brought out a can of fresh spray cream and started with my nipples and covered them and then ran a line of cream down my stomach and then my dick and balls were covered in the cream it felt cold but good.

Once all my parts were covered in cream the two ladies started to lick me and kiss eating the cream as they went, each one taking a side of my cock and ran there tongues up and down sides and then sucked a ball each into there mouths licking it sucking it then Alice took a nipple licking off the cream before sucking my nipple into her mouth and biting down on it quite hard making me scream out then Liz did the same to the other one once they had had there fill Liz and Alice knelt up and Liz sat across my lower stomach and placed my cock into her very wet pussy while Alice took hold of the fresh cream spray can and filled her pussy hole with it then knelt over my face facing Liz and sat her pussy down over my mouth and I started to lick her and the fresh cream from within her pussy, when I had it all they swapped places |Liz filling herself with the cream this time, once I had licked them both out they started to take turns to ride my cock changing every few minutes and the other one sat on my face, they kissed and played with each others tits and nipples as one rode my cock and the other ground her pussy into my cum covered face, then Alice said when you want to cum tell us Dave as we both want your cum so I just said ok as Liz pushed and ground her dripping pussy into my mouth, this went on until I felt my cum starting on it's way I'm cumming ladies I said and Liz jumped of my cock and Alice off my face Alice placed her hand round my cock and Liz placed her hand over Alice's and they wanked me off together, when my cum shot from my cock it was with so much force it was like a rocket taking off from the Cape it blasted out shooting it's way up over my chest and the first lot landed on my face and the next on my neck until most of my chest and stomach had some over it, the ladies started to lick it from me making sure they did not miss a single drop ending up licking my face before taking turns to kiss me making sure I got some of my cum from them.

Once done they lay either side of me and asked if I had liked my desert O yea I said that was the best I have ever had, thanks again Dave for putting us in touch with one another so you like sex with another woman then Liz I asked Oh Christ yes and I put out my arms and each of then laid there heads on then and each placed a arm over me and we all fell asleep, the following morning I said good bye to the ladies wishing them luck in there new found friendship and they would not let me go with out giving me one more blow job between them and when I cam they knelt side by side and I had to cove there faces in cum and I left them licking it off each other, it was time to move on I would spend one more day in Blackpool and the back on the road on to the next adventure.

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