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My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 50 - 51

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Nov 23, 2014
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I brought one hand down and ran it back up her leg and under her skirt and round to find her pussy and my fingers found her long lips and pushed between them and worked on her clit.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 50

The last leg of the trip

Well I was now on the home stretch after a wonderful sexual trip round Britten and I was just coming into Gt Yarmouth about 70 miles from my home county in Essex and would I find any great sexual time before reaching home I wondered.

I booked into a sea front hotel and as this was my last stop I would be staying here for a while so I could sort out a house to buy back in Essex, the first week was spent sorting this out and I had found a nice two bedroom home and had arranged for builders and decorators to go in and get the jobs done before I got home, the next week I started to look round the place and I knew Gt Yarmouth well as I had been here many times since I was a young boy, I found a few bars and clubs, but my first contact with a wonderful young lady in a ten pin bowling club.

I was there having a drink and just bowling by myself when she came up to me and asked if I would like someone to bowl with and I was not going to say no that was for sure, she was mid 20's long shapely legs, a wonderful figure and long brown hair with the most beautiful green eyes I think I have ever seen she told me her name as Tina and as we bowled and talked found she lived not far away and she often came here to bowl and meet people and I told her what I had been doing over the past year and a half and she thought it very exciting, so you have had a lot of sex over the past 18 month's then she said with a grin I have had my fair share I told her why did you want to be one of my last on the trip I asked with a big smile, Tina did not answer and carried on bowling, when the evening was over she took my hand and said can you walk me home please Dave as it is dark, yes yes of course I can Tina so she lead the way and as we walked she put her arm around me and placed her hand into the back pocket of my Jeans and placed with my arse cheeks as we walk, I said nothing but must say I was getting hard with the way her hand was moving on my butt.

We got to her front door and it was a small house but stood by it's self with a small garden and as we got to the door she turned to me and Kissed me with her smooth, moist lips and our tongues entwined as we stood there, when she pulled away she said yes, sorry I asked what do you mean yes, the answer to your question the answer is yes then it clicked I had asked her about being one of my last ladies on this trip, Oh right I said fantastic so she opened the door and in we went, she told me to sit on the sofa which I did and she got us some wine and came over to to but instead of sitting beside me she knelt over me placing a leg either side of me facing me as she sat down in my lap and placed her hands round the back of my head and pulled me to her and we kissed once more and as we kissed I ran my hands up and down her long slender back making her shiver and I eased my hands under her top and released her bra, Tina sat back up and I took her top up over her head and her bra fell down her arms to reveal wonderful full breasts big and a lot more than a hand full as I found out as I placed my hands on them, her nipples grew hard in the palms of my hands as I massaged then and played with them making Tina close her eyes and sigh I placed a nipple into my mouth and she brought her hand up behind my head and pushed my head hard into her breast as I started to suck and bit on it, Oh Fuck Fuck she moaned as I pinched the other nipple in my hand Oh Fuck Yes she said again.

Tina was squirming around in my lap as I continued to play with her tits and she had pulled my shirt up and over my head by now I let her tits go and she got up and un done her Jeans and let them fall to the floor and as they fell her wonderful shaved pussy came into view and she was not wearing any panties and her pussy lips were the longest I had seen they hung down between her legs at least 2" I soon had my Jeans and Boxers of and Tina sighed On my god I have not had one that big for some time with that she leaped back onto the sofa kneeling over me again and knelt up and then rammed her wet dripping cunt hard down on my cock which was standing up rock hard, Oh Oh Fuck yes yes she said as the whole thing was taken deep inside her, her cunt opened up as my cock pushed it's way inside her warm, wet, slimy pussy until she was sitting fully down in my lap, her tits shoved in my face as she started to ride my cock for all it was worth, as she rode my cock hard rising and falling on it her hands on my shoulders I could feel her pussy lips slipping in and out as my cock went back and forth I had never felt anything like this I have had women with big pussy lips before but never this long and there were being pushed in and out beside my cock with each thrust in and withdrawal out, my god it felt great, on and on Tina fucked my cock she was screaming over and over FUCK YES FUCK FUCK OH FUCK YES her nipples grew even harder as I sucked them and then she rammed her cunt hard down into my lap and her cunt mussels gripped my shaft and her body shook as she had her first orgasm.

When Tina had got over her climax she took my hand and lead me down a hall way and into her bed room it was clean and tidy with bright pink walls and curtains and bed covers to match she pushed me back onto the bed and jumped on top of me and impaled herself back onto my rock hard cock and she placed her hands on my chest to help help ram up and down my shaft, on and on she rode my cock and then she done something I had never seen before she lent over and took out a bottle from her bedside cabinet and she started to ride my cock once more moaning louder and louder and when she was about to cum she pulled herself from me rolled over onto her back shoved the bottle neck into her cunt rubbed her cunt and came into the bottle and I was surprised at how much went into it, when she had finished she put the bottle back on the top and jumped on me again, as she rode my cock once more she said I had to tell her just before I came, she then got off me and turned round to lower her nice shaved cunt onto my mouth and took my cock into hers, Oh she tasted so nice as I licked and sucked her cunt lips, being so long I could suck them right into my mouth and lick and flick them with my tongue.

This drove her wild and made her grind her cunt hard into my face and once more she jumped up from me and came into the bottle, then she knelt beside me and started to give me a wonderful hand job as she brought her hands up my shaft she bent her thumbs over the top to run them over the very sensitive head this not only made me shake and shiver it took me to the point of no return and I told her I was going to cum so she grabbed the bottle and lay it on my stomach and with the neck facing down to my cock she rubbed hard and when I came she pushed the bottle down so the neck was against the slit so all my cum when into the bottle and it mixed with her cum that was already inside it, once more she placed it back onto the top before laying down beside me resting her head on my arm, as we kissed I ran my hand down over her smooth skin and pushed a finger into her wet slit and between her long pussy lips to find her hard clit below and as I touched it she arched her back and her body shook at the feelings I was giving her as I rubbed my finger round and round, fuck me fuck me with the bottle she begged me again and again, I reached over and picked it up and she opened her legs still begging me to fuck her with it and to fuck her hard so I pushed open her big long pussy lips to see her hole and clit wet from her cum and I eased the neck into her hole once more Tina arched her back shouting YES YES OH FUCK YES as I started to move it back and forth within her.

Soon she was squirming round on the bed begging me to shove more into her and to do it harder and she was now taking the whole length of the neck of the wine bottle and then she came again and more of her juice poured into the bottle on and on I went she was so bloody wet that she was now taking the widest part of the bottle and was down as far as the bottom of the label, YES YES she moaned again and again OH CHRIST YES YES FASTER FASTER she screamed as I rammed it as fast as I could into her and then once more she screamed but this time her body went ridged and stiff the bottle was as far into her cunt as I could get and was gripped so tight I could not move it for a while as her orgasm went through her and the bottle was nearly 1/4 full now as her juice ran into it.

Tina collapsed in a heap on the bed as her orgasm left her drained and worn out so I rolled her over onto her stomach and opened her legs allowing me to get down between her legs and run my tongue up and down her arse her cheeks shaking as shivers went thought her as I pulled her arse cheeks open she moaned low in the back of her throat Mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice Dave nice as my tongue touched her hole and moved round and round on it, I put a little pressure on it and the tip entered her arse once more she let out a MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm then I spat on her hole and pushed a finger inside her she was so worn out and relaxed she did not have the energy to clench her arse so my finger just slipped fully into her and she just lay there and took it soon I had three fingers planted deep into her arse moving inside her fucking her arse and she was getting worked up once more moaning for me to fuck her arse harder with my fingers, as I pushed them in and out of her wonderful shaped arse I kissed up and down her spine as she now moving again under me and pushing her arse too get more of my fingers inside her it was now time to fuck her arse as I pulled me fingers from her i got over between her legs and held myself above her and she brought her hands round and took hold of her arse cheek and pulled them apart for me and I placed my throbbing cock between them , my cock head touched her hole and she screamed out yes yes push it in I want you cock in my arse now as she tried to raise herself up to get my cock into her, with that I just pushed down and my cock just entered her arse with out any problems sliding full inside her until my body lay full on top of her, her warm arse tunnel wrapped round my shaft.

I started to fuck her hard long strokes pulling out and ramming it hard back into her my lower stomach slapping against her firm but well rounded arse cheeks< OH FUCK OH FUCK she cried out as I rammed into her I want your cum in the bottle she screamed out don't forget, but I was to busy fucking her arse to worry about that for now Tina was pushing her arse up to meet my downward thrust as our bodies continued to slap together, I am going to cum she screamed get off get off and I pulled out and she rolled over and once more came into the bottle then Tina got onto all fours and I rammed my cock hard back into her arse, but now like this I fucked her arse then after a while took it out and rammed it into her wet dripping cunt before ramming it back into her arse a few minutes later.

Again she took hold of the bottle but as she was now on all fours she just pushed the bottle into herself for below and cum once more she continued to fuck her cunt with the bottle when I had my cock in her arse on and on until I was ready to cum once more and I took the bottle from her placed the tip of my cock over the end and came into it once more my cum mixing with her, both of us were now nackard and as soon as she had placed the bottle on the side she collapsed in a head on the bed and I followed her.

We must have fallen asleep as it was daylight when we woke and Tina looked at me saying would you like to stop for breakfast Dave yes that would be nice I said thank you but before we do how about letting me fuck you again, What this time of the morning she said, yes right here right now and I took her arm as she was getting of the bed and pulled her back into my arms, laying her down I kissed her and then down her neck and breasts kissing slowly and tenderly as I moved down between her widening legs and then my mouth sucked her long sexy pussy lips in and my tongue played with them sending Tina mad with pleasure and her juices started to flow and this time there was not going to be any bottle I wanted to drink it down when she came, i pushed three finger between her lips and found her g-spot and as I stroked it she screamed the bottle the bottle but I took no notice and she thrust her cunt up and exploded inside my mouth and I drank hard and fast as her juice flowed from her I was now licking her clean and started to work my way up her body reaching her tits and sucking her nipples again and again I wanted that it my bottle she said, well I wanted to drink it I replied and she did not say anymore, soon I was above her and my cock nudged against her pussy and as I pushed forward I felt her long lips curl inside her allowing my cock to enter, I was not going to take it easy and I just pushed the full length into her forcing her up the bed as our bodies smashed together.

I was fucking her hard and she was crying out with the pleasure and she was ready to cum again and she screamed out again bottle bottle but I just kept of ramming my cock hard into her and took her over the top and I now knew what that bottle had felt like her cunt mussels gripped my cock harder then any woman I have ever fuck it was impossible to move it, it was gripped so so tight, as she relaxed I started to fuck her once more but knew I was not long from cumming after feeling her cum like like, and then I rammed hard into her and held my cock as deep inside her as I could my cock felt like the head had just blown off as it released it's load of cum in her wet womb, pump after pump filled her, Oh God Oh God she shouted as she felt me cum OH MY FUCKING GOD and her cunt gripped my cock once more and felt like it was sucking every last drop of my cum from it.

We went to the kitchen and Tina made breakfast and this was when I fund out what she did with the cum she had collected in her bottle she poured it into a glass and then drank it while eating her food,in al my years I had never seen anyone do that before but she said it was something she like to do and who was I to argue.

Tina went over to the skin and started to wash the breakfast things and I came up behind her and placed my arms round her and hugged her she had put on a short very short skirt and I brought one hand down and ran it back up her leg and under her skirt and round to find her pussy and my fingers found her long lips and pushed between them and worked on her clit she was soon moaning and her cunt getting wetter and wetter with my other hand I un-did my zip and pulled my harding cock out and pushed it up under her skirt and it found her arse crack and I pushed and the head slipped in between them pushing her cheeks apart and my cock found her arse hole and with one hard pushed enter and slipped into her pushing her against the sink, oh oh Dave she moaned yes yes as I started to fuck her as we stood there, oh oh Christ she moaned out as my cock rammed harder and harder into her Tina lent over the sink to allow me to enter as much as I could into her arse, then I pulled from her and spun her round and lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the sink and opened her legs her lips were spread open as her juice ran from between then I aimed my cock and pushed forward and Tina put her arms round my neck and pulled me to her bringing her legs up wrapping them round my waist we fucked as if it was the last one either of us would ever have and she gripped my cock again as she climaxed again and again, then I rammed into her nearly pushing her back into the blow of water and emptied on cum deep within her, we kissed and held each other for a while her just sitting on the edge of the sink and her legs gripping me to her making sure my cock stayed inside her even when it went soft, we fucked twice more before I went back to the hotel and showered and spend the rest of the day in my room resting.

Chapter 51

Thank you Great Yarmouth.

So the following day I was out wandering around and I got talking to this man as I sat on the sea front eating my fish and chip dinner and as we talked I noticed that he moved closer along the wall we were sitting on until his leg was touching mine and he started to rum his knee on my leg and not wanting to turn the chance of a fuck I returned the movement and a few minutes later he put his hand on mine the on my leg and ran it up and down curling his fingers over the top of my leg so they ran up the inside and each time his hand reach the top he rubbed my cock through my Jeans then leaning in close he whispered so no one could hear would you like to come back to mine for some fun, I turned to him and said lead on, so off we set walking back to his it took us about 20 minutes and when we got there I was surprised to find that it was a big posh house, I found out that it had four bedrooms and a heated swimming pool out the back and that was under cover.

As soon as we entered his home he locked the door and pushed me back to the wall and his mouth clamped over mine and his tongue forced it's way into my mouth and we kissed hard our tongues going mad entwining with each other his hands nearly ripping my clothes off I was naked within minutes of entering his home and when he dropped to his knees and saw my big cock it was in his mouth and fully down his throat and his head was bobbing back and forth, it was as if he had not had sex for years, he cupped my balls in his hand and squeezed them played with them kissed them and gently bit them making me moan and groan out with pure pleasure my cock was twitching in his mouth I could feel the pre cum forming droplets on the head and he quickly licked them up, on and on he went sucking kissing and biting my cock and about 15 minutes later I was ready to un-load and I took his head pushed it forward and shot my cum straight down his eager throat, he took the lot and wanted more sucking on the head to make sure he had every bit of cum for down inside my cock.

When he got up he said sorry but I have not had sex in months and my god I wanted that badly yea I could tell I said smiling at him, he then stripped of leaving his clothes on the floor next to mine, he told me that as he was well off it was hard to just go out and pick someone up so he was glad when I told him my story as we sat on the sea wall he thought I might be up for some fun, come he said lets get a drink what would you like O" a whisky if you have one please, he poured two glasses and we walked out into where the pool was placing the glasses down he just dived into the pool and said come on Dave so I dove in and we swam around for a while and then as we just stood by the edge of the pool our arms resting on the side he moved round behind me and placed his arms over my shoulders and I could feel his long think cock wedged in my arse crack and he moved himself up and down rubbing it between my crack and pushing it forward do you like that Dave do you want it Dave do you want it in your arse Dave he said over and over and each time I replied Yes yes Oh Christ yes and then he pushed into my crack and the head of his cock found the place it had been looking fore and he pushed hard and his cock was so thick that it had a hard job to enter but finally it popped into me and with one hard push he buried it fully into me his body fully against mine OH MY CHRIST I moaned wow What a cock fuck me James fuck me Hard please fuck me hard, Jim pulled out and slammed back into me pushing my growing cock up against the pool wall, the water splashing us as he thrust into me, My god this was a good hard fuck his long cock pushing my arse open as it entered me over and over and I felt his hand come round and take my cock into his hand and as he fucked my arse he wanked me at the same time.

On and on he pushed his big long fat cock into me and wanked me hard and then I felt him ram once more and held his cock deep as he could inside me and fill my arse with his warm sticky cum his cock throbbed stretching my arse each time it spurt out some more cum into me he was grunting with each spurt of cum and then I came my cum shot from me into the water of the pool and I shot so much as I could still feel his cock twitching deep inside.

Oh my God I needed that he said as he pulled his cock from within my arse fuck that was so good Dave and we got out of the pool and sat in the pool chairs and drank our whisky and then he said come on let go to bad and do it some more if you want that is Oh hell yea I replied and of we went when we got to the bed room he had this massive bed much bigger than a king size and was a four poster and he jumped onto it and I got on the bed with him, James said do you mind being tied up Dave No No love it I said so he took out four pairs of handcuffs and handcuffed my arms and legs to the bed posts and I lay there spread eagle and he got out a few toys first were nipple clamps and these had wires fixed to them, Ball clamps were next these to had wires, both had been done so tight the pain as so intense and James lent over me and where my nipples had been squashed out of the nipple clamps he flicked them with his tongue, being squashed made the very tip so sensitive that my body shook as his tongue touch them and I had to let out a loud moan as the sensation of pleasure ripped through my entire body my cock started to grow once more he them licked up and down my cock and over my now squashed balls, god my body shook and shivered and he placed a butt plug into my arse that had had opened up with his cock a few minutes earlier, it slipped into my arse and then he started to pump on I hand held pump and the butt plug expanded inside me filling me stretching my arse wider and wider.

Next came the shocks first into my nipples and then balls the shocks going back and forth from one to the other and with each shock my body arched and my cock throbbed as they ran up and down my body, as this carried on James took my cock into his mouth and started working on it licking it sucking it and biting it once I he had me so worked up James got over me and lowed himself down onto me letting my cock enter his arse and as I got the shock from either the nipple clamps or the ball clamps he received a shock to through my cock and into his arse he was soon ramming himself hard down onto me as our bodies received so much pain and pleasure, his cock slapped my stomach as he moved up and down, he took hold of the nipple clamps and twisted them OH MY FUCKING GOD I screamed as pain ripped through me making me arch my back as much as I could, on and on James went twisting and pulling my nipple clamps, the shocks still running up and down my body my balls felt like they were going to explode there felt so much cum in them and the pressure of the butt plug pushing onto my prostrate I was going to explode soon and it was going to be one hell of an explosion that was for sure.

After about 20 minutes of this I felt my cock grow that bit more and knew it was going to fill James with so much cum, James must have felt it to as he looked down at me and said Yes yes Dave fill my arse fill it up you sexy fucker as he continued to ride my cock then I did explode far more them I think I have ever done in my like OH FUCK FUCK FUCK I screamed as my cock shuddered inside his arse shot and shot of my warm white cum filled every small space inside him yes yes yes moaned James as he just kept on riding my cock, my cum now running from around his cock as it went in and out of his arse dripping down over me my god I was drained of energy I went limp breathing so heavy but I still had the shocks running into me and the butt plug expanded inside my arse, James left the clamps in place and still running but undone my handcuffs and told me to turn over and I lay down on my stomach and James soon had the butt plug out and had his cock pumping away deep into me both of us still getting shock after shock until he once more filled my arse with his cum, both of us laying thing sweating and panting for breath.

James asked me how long I was in Great Yarmouth for I told him at least another month so he said why not move out of the hotel and move in with him until I left and this is what I did we had sex every day and at least three times a day I do not think there was a place in his home we had not had sex by the time it was for me to leave,

I finally got back on the road and to my new home what a wonder time I had travelling round and the men and women I had fuck on the way something I will remember forever.

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