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The Taking of a White Family - Part 3

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Author: Frank S.
Contact: cum2me6101.tumblr.com
Published: 16-Aug-16
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NOTE: This is the second part of the story - you may wish to read chapter 1 first

Carol makes her way, Luke makes a deal...

* * * * * * *

Closing the bathroom door Carol open the box she was given by Master Tanvir. Inside was a note which stated "No questions slave, do as you are told and perform well for you masters and your family will be rewarded. Strip and put on your slave gear and report down stairs for the 10am bus". Moving the paper aside Carol found a box full of several size chains and clamps with leather straps. Holding it up she began to figure out what she was going to be wearing and after several tries she was able to put it on correctly.

Carol walked out of the bathroom and noticed she was in the apartment alone. Seeing that it was almost 10 she hurried into the bed room and stood at the full length mirror feeling her nipples burning. There she stood in a leather collar with D rings on four sides, on either side of the front ring chains were attached which draped down over her plump breasts and attached to the nipple clamp she had placed on herself. Around her waist was a two inch leather belt with several D rings, a chain going up and dividing at a large ring just below her breast also attaching to the nipple clamps. Two chains when down form the belt tightly running into her crotch on each side of her pussy and up her ass back to the belt. The chains were so tight that every time she moved her pussy lips were pulled apart. On her feet were flip flop type sandals that came up to ankle chains with D rings attached.

Seeing it was 10 Carol went down the stair from the apartment and exiting the building she saw a small brown bus with a sign in the window "Sluts Transport to Barracks". Two black men in camo, holding military rifles were standing on each side of the door. "Let's go Slut" one hollered "You were almost late, get your sorry ass in here." He pointed at the bus door. Carol climbed up the stairs into the bus the chains pulling her erect nipples and working on here pussy. The SLAP! On her ass as one of the men hit her as he followed her up the stairs. Turning Carol saw four other women of various ages sitting in the bus, "Sit you ass down here Bitch" the man yelled pushing Carol towards a strange looking seat. Looking down she saw a stainless steel shaped seat with two rods sticking up. One was towards the middle about 4 inches high and 1 inch around and the front one was about 6 inches tall and 2 inches around. "You want me to sit there" Carol questioned. "You bet bitch" the man responded, "this is the special seat for firs timers, now sit your ass down". Carol realized what she had to do, she slowly sat down. The smaller rod entering her ass as the larger one filled her cunt. "Come on, sit on down" and the man pushed her down impaling her on the cold rods. "Now that's better" he laughed and then grabbed the D ring just under her tits he pulled it forward, attaching it to a chain coming for the seat back in front of her. In doing so one of the nipple clamps came off after pulling her nipple firmly away from her aching tit. "What the fuck is this?" The man blurted out, "Look at this bitch, Dakarai, that bitch can't even get dressed the right way." With that the man grabbed Carol's breast pulling it roughly and taking the nipple clamp screwing it down as her nipple turned reddish blue. Carol let out a small scream, "Shut up Bitch", He said "Let's make sure the other one is right" and with that he cranked the other clamp down harder. The pain was intense but Carol tried not to scream. Now Carol's nipples were burning in pain and she was filled with hard cold steel. With that the men sat down in the front and the bus pulled away. Driving along a bumpy dirt road Carol could feel every little bump and pothole the bus hit as the chains pulled on her nipples and the rods slid deeper in her. The other women were in regular seats but were also chained. They all let out a noise when the larger bumps were hit and the chains pulled their nipples. The all of a sudden the man called Dakarai reached over and flipped a switch. Oh My God, Carol thought as the rods began to heat up and vibrate slowly. They were becoming hot and vibrating faster. Carol now moaning and wiggling could feel her orgasm building even with her nipples being pulled by the chains.

By the time Carol was on the bus Luke was in his cubical in the makeshift office building where he worked. On the way to work and the hour or so he was there his mind was full of thoughts about his girls. He was very worried what they were learning in school and what would happen to them over the next four years they were to be there. He was most concerned about Amy his 12 year old. She had not be with a boy like her two sisters have been. Carol had told him that Cathy and Mary had there cherries broken the year before and were fucking boys from school from time to time. Luke did not like this and attempted to restrict there after school activities and chaperone them when they went out. But, his baby girl was very naïve when it came to sex. So he decided to risk the anger of his "employers" and requested a meeting with Mr. Akinyemi the Camp Master. Luke sent a message thru his supervisor requesting the meeting and waited for the response.

Two hours later a soldier came to the cubical "You have your meeting, get up!" he stated and then took Luke's arms behind his back and handcuffed him tightly. Once out of the office building while walking towards a black sedan a black hood was placed over his head and he was pushed roughly into the rear of the car. After what seemed like an hour on bumpy then paved roads Luke was pulled from the car, hood still on taken into a building and he felt like they went up an elevator, then down a hall. Luke heard a door open then slam behind him and as the hood was removed one of the soldier said "Mr. Akinyemi, here is the white trash that wanted to speak to you". Luke's eyes were adjusting to the light, with his vison clearing he could see Mr. Akinyemi sitting behind a large wood desk. "Kneel before your God and Master" the soldier ordered as he pushed Luke to his knees.

Barely being able to see over the desk Luke looked at the man sitting behind who he had not seen since the families' arrival. "So, what does the white pig want?" Mr. Akinyemi questioned. "Well sir", a hard SLAPPPP to the back of Luke's head interrupted him almost knocking him over. The soldier barked, "You address him as Lord and Master pig!" Luke started again "Lord and Master Akinyemi I came here because I'm concerned about my youngest daughter." Luke continued that he wanted her to go back to the states, that she was too young to be there, etc, etc. After he was finished a hush fell over the room and the laughter broke out from behind the desk. 'And what will you do for me?' Akinyemi asked, "after all I will be losing the services of prime white pussy and ass that can be trained to our desires." Luke not really knowing what to say just knelt there. "Well, since you have nothing to say", Akinyemi continued, "I think I'll start training your little Amy tonight!" "No, Please No" Luke fired back, "I'll do anything Lord and Master". Akinyemi stood up and thought for a few moments. Then he got on the intercom and called in his secretary. Luke could not believe his eyes as a stunning young white woman walked into the room dressed in a blue bustier with blue lace top stockings and black 6" heels. "This is slave Cathy," Akinyemi stated, "I started her training 6 years ago when she was 11. She learned her place well so I kept her around but I'm thinking your Amy could be a good replacement." Luke again objected the best he could trying not to offend Akinyemi. "OK then", Akinyemi barked, "Slave get the extension papers for this pig to sign. And while she is getting them here are my terms, that are non-negotiable, understand pig." Luke nodded his head in agreement. "Good, you will extend your families stay for 2 more years, I will take your oldest daughter, Mary I believe is the cunts name, and she will serve and live with me starting tonight for the next 6 months exclusively. You, your slut wife and other daughter will be transferred tomorrow to the compound of my Executive Guard for 6 months. You will no longer work as you have been. Your families' sole purpose is to service and serve the Executive Guard. Y pig!" Luke again just nodded in agreement. "You will work cleaning the grounds and barracks and you and the females will serve the Guard as they are ordered. Understand worthless Pig!"

Just then the soldiers grabbed Luke under the arm and lifting him up dragged him to a coffee table that was in front of a couch in the office. They threw him across it and in a flash his pants were off and his legs were being tied to the table legs. "Time to earn your keep pig" one of the soldiers said as his pants fell to the floor unmasking a massive black semi hard cock. The throat taking hold of Luke's hair pressed his member against Luke's lips and said, "Open up pig and suck my meat". And with that the black snake slid passed Luke's lips and into his throat. Luke struggled as his mouth was full of the dark meat, the soldier holding his hair as he began to forcibly fuck his face harder and faster, then Luke felt a tearing of his ass hole as the other soldier forced his cock deep into Luke's bowels. The two seemed in rhythm as Luke was filled with hard black cock going in and out of his mouth and ass. After what seemed like hours the two exploded into Luke's mouth and ass. Cum was everywhere as massive amounts of seed was spilled. Luke just lay there on the coffee table as cum slipped from his ass and corners of his mouth. He had lost track of time with the fucking he received and became more aware as he heard the office doors open and Akinyemi say "Hello dear, aren't you just the little hotie." Luke turned his heard and was horrified to see Mary taking Akinyemi's hand as he walked her into the room. She was in her school uniform, a white short bare midriff top, short pleated brown skirt and one inch brown pumps. "Ohhhhhhh DADDY!!!!" she was in shock, "What is happening? What are they doing?" Deep down Mary knew what was happening. After all before leaving school state side she was fucking boys at least once a week. But seeing her father, handcuffed, ankles tied to the table legs and covered with come was still a shock.

"Your dad has agreed to help us here a little longer Mary" Akinyemi explained, "your little sister will be going home and the rest of you will be staying longer holding very special positions at the camp. Your father was just getting use to his as you will get use to yours". Akinyemi then sat down on the couch in front of Lukes head, "Come here Mary" Akinyemi motioned to her as he unzipped his pants. "Sit here next to your Master, Mary, come and feel what a real man's cock is like". Mary sat down next to her new Master and remembering what they were starting to learn in school reached over and took Akinyemi's growing cock in her hands. Her father was horrified but could do nothing and was resigned to the fact that he had placed her and the entire family in this position. "That's a good girl, Mary, feel how hard it's getting for you". As Akinyemi's cock swelled to 12 inches he readhed up putting his large hand on the back of Mary's head, "Go ahead, kiss your Masters cock" he said as he guided her head and mouth to the monster cock. "But Master, its soooo big, I don't know….." she hesitated. "You must do your part Mary as your dad and mom are doing theirs. And with that her tiny mouth opened and embraced his tool. She was no stranger to sucking cock even at her tender age but nothing like this had ever crossed her lips. She took what she can in her throat working on the black cock best she could. "Now look at your father and learn from him" Akinyemi instructed. Looking over as she licked his cock she saw her father sucking a large cock that belonged to one of the guards.

As Mary was licking and sucking on Akinyemi's meat he had reached down lifting her skirt and sliding his fingers under her panties finding her moist love hole. Mary began to moan, wiggle her body and suck his cock harder as he drove two of his large finger inside of her. It wasn't long before she was exploding with pleasure as her Master finger fucked he cunt as he began to forcibly fuck her tiny mouth. She bucked with pleasure as she came so hard that she tighten her jaws on Akinyemi's cock which caused him to let loose with a massive explosion of his black seed into her mouth and down her throat. Mary rased her head, cum dripping from her mouth and just watch as her father was face fucked by the guard till he blasted cum in Luke's mouth.

When they were done, Mary was told that she would be living with her new master and her things would be brought to her. Luke was to be taken home, meeting up with Carol and Cathy so they could pack their stuff for the move to the Executive Guard Barracks. As he was being driven to the apartment Luke could only wonder how Carol had faired and what she would say about the new arrangements.

(***NOTE – This is one of what I hope to be several more chapters of this family's now 6 years living in Uganda and serving the Uganda Petroleum Company and its men. In part four to come, we learn how Carol's day with Charlie Company went and the family moving to the Executive Barracks)


*Please NOTE - This is a work of adult fiction and he author does not condone child abuse or brutality. This story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the author does not condone any perceived illegal / immoral behavior in real life.*


Due to the content of this story it is posted on my Tumbr, here is the link - cum2me6101.tumblr.com Please let me know what you think!

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